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The Warrior in the Wuss: Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open; just remember–no spoilers for any future episodes!


31 thoughts on “The Warrior in the Wuss: Post Episode Discussion

  1. So…..I did not like this episode. It felt really, really akward and chopped up to me. I think I would have rather had Parker honestly say to his dad that he is jealous….that he wished he could have his dad as much as Christine gets to have him or that he’s concerned he’s not part of this little family B&B formed while he was away. He could come around in the end, of course, but this just felt like B&B are the most clueless parents ever. And, hey, I think Brennan’s original idea sounded GREAT! Parker would totally want to put together the skeletons of dead animals!!! duh!! Ding, Ding, Ding! I don’t know, it was just off tonight.

  2. Hm..camcat, I agree with you a little bit. I think the part with Hodgins and his “toys” was weird and out of nowhere. But I thought the Booth family issues actually worked well. I liked Brennan wanting to intervene but being tactful in approaching Booth about his son. I liked Sweets calling out Booth about actually wanting Sweets’ advice. And Sweets actually touched on an important matter, Booth wanting to discipline his son, but as a good dad. I thought that part was authentic. I just didn’t get Hodgins. It just didn’t make sense to me. And then Cam just does worm autopsies and drinks with him instead of making him return the equipment? I’m not sure about it.

    • What about Cam asking Angela to help her with manipulating Hodgins? WTF?! Booth asking Cam to help him with making Brennan feel better last week, that felt okay to me but this….. this was just wrong.

  3. Don’t know how I feel. I think they tried to do too much in one episode. I did like the Sweets/Booth dynamic this time though. I thought Sweets was correct in saying that Booth just needed to come out and ask for help. And that Booth was probably “holding back” talking with Parker because of his own issues with his dad.

    I think some will be upset with how Brennan was talking about Parker and protecting Christine. I have read so many fanfics where it is shown how close she and Parker are. But I don’t get that in the actual show itself. So, I will be interested in seeing the comments.

    • I think it started out good with Brennan wanting them to do something together as a family. But when she said Parker’s behavior was disturbing and that they had to think of Christine, yeah, that turned me off. Brennan and Parker DO have a history. If Brennan had just said to Booth that she was concerned, that something seemed wrong and it needed to be addressed, I would have been okay. They really didn’t need to write it the way she said it in Booth’s office – especially after they did talk about how step-mothers are portrayed in literature, etc. I mean, God, it’s not like Parker wad some drug-addicted child setting the House on fire or something.

      • Ummm, reword, maybe but I got where she was coming from. Christine is her first child and the big brother comes through the door (after being reclusive and getting caught up in lies) is cutting you and his sister out of pictures……yeah, we have Christine to think about. Parker wasn’t coming off friendly at all in this situation.

        I don’t think they were coming off as bad parents at all. Booth hadn’t seen his son in four months and he’s acting way out of the norm. Booth doesn’t want to get mad because he isn’t primary caregiver (and he’s afraid to be like his dad). Booth didn’t know what to do because his child wasn’t behaving like the child he knows.

        Brennan loves Parker but feels (based off evident and behavior) that he’s angry at Christine, her infant/his sister (unable to fend for herself)….his behavior/anger needs to be dealt with before being around his sibling.

        I don’t know…I felt for all of them including Parker.

      • *evidence

  4. I wonder why Parker had been in England for the past 4 months? Nothing was said to imply that Parker’s mother had been in England for any reason and it sounded as if Parker would be arriving at the airport alone, as though he had been traveling as an unaccompanied minor.

    • Maybe he was off filming Yanks in the UK: Part 3? I think they just wanted a quick explanation for Parker’s departure. It doesn’t really matter where they say Parker is, but they had to say he was somewhere :). I don’t really know how what would be a better solution to explain his long absence?

      • But has he really been missing? It’s not like he makes numerous appearances each year, right? He makes, what 1 or 2 appearances a year? So, I don’t know,it didn’t seem that weird to me. Having him off in London with no real explanation seems more odd. Oh, well.

  5. I liked all the throwbacks to older episodes:
    Hodgins distilling his own alcohol (S1’s Man in the Fallout Shelter)
    Cam talking to Angela about talking to Hodgins (S3’s Player Under Pressure )
    Comparing the bruising on the body to hands (S2’s Woman in the Sand)

    There was a lot of lab/science work that made the whole fight over the new equipment work for me.
    At least Angela and Sweets were in the lab looking at evidence, not the diner. lol

    I liked the B/B/P/C story and the wonderful gift Parker made for his sister – even though I don’t know if that would really happen in “real life” – but maybe. I didn’t think that it made B&B seem clueless and they tackled it together – like a family would. Loved that.

    Overall, I liked it – and have already watched it again. 🙂

    • It shows that Parker has Booth’s smarts for sure 🙂 I bet under Brennan’s guidance he’ll get even smarter! And that Christine will be a clever kid for sure, hope B&B is ready for it!

    • A couple other thoughts:

      What was with Parker calling Bones “Temperance”? THAT seemed very weird – he has always called her Bones.

      Loved the mobile and all the pictures. Booth in hockey gear/Bones’ Jeffersonian patch/”Finger in the Nest” picture etc.

      Clark dishing back out to Angela/Hodgins – “open-close-open-close” – too funny!

      • As far as I can remember, the only time Parker’s ever called her “Bones” is in “Santa in the Slush,” and that was at Booth’s instigation. We’ve only seen them in a few scenes together over the course of the series, so we don’t really know what he’s called her all this time.

      • >>What was with Parker calling Bones “Temperance”? THAT seemed very weird – he has always called her Bones.<<

        Maybe Brennan asked him to call her Temperance, because although it had previously been okay for him to mimic his father and call her Bones when he was a little kid and she was just his father's friend and co-worker, if they are now going to be part of the same family and he's getting older, then he needs to call her by an appropriate name.

        After all, she wouldn't want to hear some random friend of Parker's address her as Bones, but if Parker consistently referred to her as Bones, then that would surely happen as the friend wouldn't be able to remember her actual name, if Parker almost never referred to her by it.
        Therefore, the necessity to retrain Parker to refer to her by an appropriate name.

      • Haha! I think what was weird to me was Temperance calling herself Temperance! (and I usually call her Brennan) And not when she’s saying “I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.”

        I know people took issue with one of her lines, but I think that’s really about wording, because I thought Brennan showed that she wanted Parker to feel a part of the family but was concerned about his behavior. She was just about to invite him to go on a walk when she found the stuff in his closet. I thought it was interesting that she was more concerned about Parker having to adjust than Booth. She was even anticipating it so she wasn’t overly concerned. Even if she was looking it from the lens of sibling rivalry having an anthropological explanation.

        All in all, an okay episode for me. Every episode can’t be a favorite. And, oh yeah, Brennan/Emily is stunning.

  6. Hodgins saved this episode for me with his line about neoclassicists. You, me and Krugman, Hodgins.

  7. I really liked this episode. I have been looking forward to seeing Parker this season and wondering how he would deal with the fact he now had a sister. I found the angle used to be believable. Parker wanted to do something nice for Christine and B&B were being over cautious about how Parker felt and misunderstood his behaviour (although it was reasonable on the face of it that they would.) Loved that the tackled their perceived problem together as a family.

    I didn’t feel it strange that Parker addressed Brennan as Temperance which he’s done before and given that they now form a family it seems appropriate she would encourage this rather than have him call her “Bones”. After all its only Booth that does call her Bones which is now an endearment.

    For once I liked the way Sweets was used with Booth and liked how he challenged Booth to stop dancing around his issue. Sweets acted like an adult throughout this episode which was a relief.

    The scenes in the lab worked for me and the autopsy on the worm made me laugh. As someone else commented above the exchanges between Cam and Hodgins in particular reminded us of wonderful episodes in the past. Cam will never defeat Hodgins when he is in smiling curmudgeon mode and I hope never will.

  8. I liked the ep. It was how I thought it was going to be. Parker is a cool kid. He has always been a cool kid. Fans who speculate non stop, on how they want/think the ep should go? Well it is your fault that you set it up for a fall because what you want didn’t happen. Parker isn’t a jealous kid. He never has been. He acted very Parker. Booth knew that. Which is why he wasn’t worried about sybling rivarly until Brennan banged on about it. Oh and also Brennan should of apologised she treated Parker like Damien: Omen. Shame on Brennan

  9. I loved Booth and Parker. Loved Booth. Loved Parker. Thought Brennan came across a bitch of a step mom to be honest. She black listed Parker in a heastbeat. Then tried to get Booth to turn on Parker and make him feel negative towards him. When infact he was just being a super cool kid. No impressed with Brennan at all.

  10. Parker has called Brennan “Bones” once. It isn’t ‘always’. Once. He called her Temperance, cos guess what? THAT IS HER NAME. Geesh. Seriously some Bones fans need to get out of fan fic land and talk about the show canon. Show canon is that Booth is Parker’s son. For years Brennan was just his father’s work partner who let them use her cool pool. Where they had fun times. And Parker knows that Brennan is smart. That his dad got her an Xmas tree. End of it. Brennan and Parker don’t have a uber close relationship on screen. Again fan fic world. So give the kid a break.

  11. Parker is a co6l 11yr old. Growing up. Finding his way. But still a kid. On the other hand two grown men acting like idiots: Hodgins needed a Gibbs slap. What a tool. And Sweets mature? Give me a freaking break. Oh yeah real mature threatening to jump out of a moving vehicle. Booth? Next time let him.

  12. Booth was so freaking HOT! I mean from the wet shirt scene, to the holding the baby, in that dress shirt, too being an ADOREABLE concerned father. How he loves Parker so much. Christine too. I don’t know what made me melt more! Heavenly sigh.

  13. I liked the ep. Enjoy the sweetness now cos it won’t always be that way….that being said Hannah dealt with Parker waaaaay better than Brennan. Cos she actually talked and listened to the kid….Brennan came across like mommy dearest: judge first, make him out to be a bad kid, then bad mouth him to his father. Owned: Hannah/Parker > Brennan/Parker….Booth KNEW Parker wouldn’t be jealous, not until Brennan planted seeds of doubt in his mind that esculated to other things not right either. Which made him walk on eggshells with Parker rather than nipping it in the bud.

  14. I liked the episode well enough. I think the ep would of worked better if there were just two stories ongoing: Case, Booth/Parker….it has been an ongoing bugbear of mine. Ever since the Interns got introduced in S4 and Sweets S3, there are too many plots and not enough time to do them all service….some weeks there are the case, B&B drama, Hodgela B plot + Sweets/Daisy B plot and/or Intern B plot…that is too many balls in the air to juggle.

  15. I don’t think Brennan acted wrongly in the episode. She went to the airport to greet him as a family, and actually suggested a family activity for them to do together, but Booth shot it down. Also, she did not barge in with her ideas as a stepmother, she asked Booth his opinion and easily let him make the decision on how to handle his son’s homecoming. Secondly, when you come home to go on a walk with your child (again, more bonus points for Mama Bones to me) and your lab coat is found in your child’s closet, toys and picture frames are in pieces on the floor, plus Booth has said Parker was acting funny…I don’t think it was an unreasonable conclusion at all. I teach kids and let me tell you, they are adorable, but they can be sneaky as all get out. 🙂 And then as soon as B&B realized their mistake, they all had the wonderful bonding moment. I think they all forgave each other there. I think Brennan is doing a remarkable job as a parent so far.

  16. Brennan was not a bitch to Parker, at all. She was concerned about integrating him to the family and making him feel at home. She merely anticipated there might be sibling rivalry because it is a common thing for some kids. Parker was acting weird, Booth said so himself. He was laying, sneaking out of the house and then when she went to try to spend time with him, she finds he has left his room again and a bunch of stolen items, broken toys and chopped off pictures of them and their baby. How should she have reacted to that? Simply dismiss it? She didn’t go off on him or even get angry at him. She went to his father with her concerns, as they do have another kid who is a baby, not an 11 year old. Then they simply talked to him together and once he explained his behavior it was all good, even if I think they should’ve told him that his behavior worried them and to next time just be clear about his intentions. Brennan is dealing with all the changes in her life spectacularly if you ask me. This is Brennan, “I’ve always been on my own, I’m not having children, I don’t believe in love, fate and forever” Brennan. Give the woman a break, she herself is still adjusting to a life she never thought she would have.

  17. Just my two cents, but I agree with Mar and bb. I also find it interesting that Brennan didn’t seem to worry about the sibling rivalry issue at all until Cam and Clark planted the seed in her head at the lab. She was excited for Parker’s arrival when at the crime scene, and seemed to be pro-active about any potential issues, i.e. the family project to make sure he doesn’t feel left out, and asking him to go out with her and Christine. That doesn’t scream “evil stepmom” to me; quite the opposite, in fact.

    Should B&B have come right out and asked Parker what was going on right from the start? Of course, but the writers wouldn’t have had a story to write had they done that, for better or for worse. (I do agree with those that said it was very clumsily done, and it wouldn’t have been my first choice for how the story was handled.)

  18. After watching the episode a few more times, I find that I think Brennan handled things correctly. She didn’t confront Parker; she went to Booth with her concerns. And I loved that Booth included her in the resolution of the situation. Blended families are hard.

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