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The Family in the Feud- Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open, so discuss this episode! But remember, no spoilers for future episodes!


31 thoughts on “The Family in the Feud- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Fabulous episode with lots of field scenes, guests and lovely family scenes. I adore Max and Brennan. Poor Brennan is so damaged but they both try so hard. Plus, Brennan and her gun, Caroline! and somewhat less annoying Daisy, always a good combo.

  2. Enjoyed it. Can anyone tell me what Booth and Bones said to each other at the very end in the kitchen. The person I was watching with began talking to me!! And I missed what was said.

  3. Loved it. Made me laugh, think and tear up. More thoughts later…

  4. First reactions:

    Lovely ep. I adored the ending where Brennan’s at the front door, then Booth walks up, holding their daughter, they welcome Max in, and come to sit for dinner as a family. So great!

    And doesn’t Booth look so great with a baby in his arms?? Swoon!

    The cynical part of me is wondering what drama might be around the bend with all this loving going on! Yikes! 🙂

    And Booth, after Brennan kisses him unexpectedly….HE’S NOT DONE!!

  5. I enjoyed this episode, especially near the end and all the Max scenes. I loved the ending of this episode, it was too cute :). and while i think Brennan may have overreacted to Max, I think she had all the right to react the way she did. Still dont know how i feel about the kisses at the crime scene, but hey B&B kissing always makes me smile lol.

    On Daisy: I did not particularly LIKE her today (not like i ever will lol) but she wasn’t annoying and I definately respected her need to find the truth behind the feud in the family. That was very Brennan-esque of her. Honestly I think the main reason they put that story line in for Daisy was because clearly Brennan was too busy with her own problems and might have been too much work to try to fit in another story line with Brennan finding the truth. But overall I enjoyed this aspect of Daisy’s character. This sort of reminded me of Man in the Outhouse (I think thats what its called, that christmas episode in season 1 with Lionel Little?) and how important it was for Brennan to find the truth when no one else really spent as much time as she did.

    Hodgins loving science-y stuff as always made me happy, plus this time it made sense with the storyline and wasnt awkward like last week haha.

    Overall good episode but not the best by a long shot

    • Oh, I don’t think it will be known as an epic Bones episode, but it was solid. Good crime solving, good use of Max (and Caroline!!!), Booth with a baby, Sweets and Daisy were used in a decent proportion, and Brennan’s hair looked lovely. I was happy with it.

  6. I wouldn’t even blink if I never had to see Sweets or Daisy ever again. LOL

    • Daisy didn’t annoy me much tonight, but I really don’t miss her when she’s not around. Sweets can be funny sometimes, but he’s a bit much lately. He’s always pushing too far. He needs to pay more attention to his life and stay out of Booth and Brennan’s private/family/love life.

  7. So….if Booth “wasn’t done” yet, what happened next??? Hmmmm…..
    LOVED Brennan hanging out the window to make a phone call! Ha!
    We got an “I love you too!” from Booth to Brennan on the phone, which means Brennan had to say ILY first! Ha:)
    Anyone feel a comment from Caroline regarding B&B is long overdue?! She made a little comment regarding them not having found a home yet in CITC but that is it so far…
    Booth + baby = HOT

  8. Loved Booth’s expression as she was hanging out the window. He is certainly seeing a “new” Bones since the baby.

  9. S1 Brennan I felt sorry for, regarding her family issues. S7 Brennan I want to tell to “grow the hell up”. Either forgive your father or don’t. If you do, then stop upcasting the past. Max and Brennan can’t heal if she constantly lives in the past with him. Srly. Grow up Brennan.

  10. Is Brennan going to be 40, 50, 60 and still be a bitch towards her father? It is boarderline unhealthy her holding onto her parents leaving her, for her own good by the way. It was done out of love, for safety to save her life. And if she can’t see that at 36yrs old then she better just cut Max out of her life once and for all….Let it go. Stop rubbing salt in their wounds….Cos I am getting tired of 36yr old Brennan: in love with Booth, mother, who has a great little family & home, amazing job, supportive friends – using her 15yr old girl abandonment to treat Max like crap….oh and Sweets STFU. Go away. Take Daisy with you.

  11. Ever since Brennan has had Christine she has turned into BRENZILLA!!!!!! I actually am saying that without a smile. Can we have back at least a more rational Brennan? Of course having a baby changes you but this “Brenzilla” version of Brennan is an overbearing control freak. First treating the DayCare provider like crap, literally, then giving Booth the death glare every two minutes as SHE was uncomfortable in her clothes, practically implying that Parker was Chucky: danager to all, then treating Max that he was some kind of uncaring child snatcher….give it a break. Tone it down. Lets have a more balanced rational/emotional Brennan please.

  12. I may be alone in this but I like Brenzilla, I like seeing an emotional side to her. As for the way she treated Max, those are some deep rooted issues. Getting over it is easier said than done.

  13. LOVED? Booth and Caroline: adore their scenes. Booth holding the baby: hot papa! Hodgins truffle hunting & wanting to work with Booth. Sweets being told he was irritating. B&B with guns: hello holster….DISLIKED: Brennan ragging on Max: I mean what did she think that Max was going to do with the baby? Seriously Brennan needs to build a bridge and get over. Cam & Brennan: acting more juvenile than Daisy in the lab. Daisy: graduate already from being an intern. Somebody make her stop. Sweets doing interogating scene alone: writers stop giving Sweets, Booth’s scenes cos you can’t think of valid way to have Sweets in the ep. Annoying. Capital A (watch S1-S3, Booth doing his job, kick ass, without Sweets. Shocker)….Enjoyable Bones ep. B+

  14. Nice episode – guessed the culprit fairly early so no surprises at the end.

    Brennan should have known that Max would not disappear with Christine in tow. If Christine had been left alone at home and Max gone, then maybe, yes.

    Brennan did not have reception in the car and had to hang out the window of a moving car just to get a signal – she should give Max the benefit of the doubt.

    It still is great to see B/B working things out in a loving way. It’s not saccharine sweet but comfortable and not forced.

    Christine needs a brother/sister. That will make Brennan chill. 😀

    The ep did not feel rushed like the last one. Liked it.

  15. @mar Being more emotional is more than fine. It is good for Brennan. But being an over the top control freak, i.e. BRENZILLA is not good. It is like watching a different character for the reasons stated. There is a fine balance, don’t you think, of someone being emotional and someone being highly strung and unreasonable to others.

  16. Forgot. How could I……LOVED: Brennan kissing Booth. It was hot. And Booth’s little face after it. He’s not done! Loved it. Sweet scene. Plus Booth’s little “I love you too….kiss the baby” someone said I love you to Booth first <3…again B&B sweetness is so darn cute.

  17. the kiss was definitely hot! And unexpected! Hello no spoilers 🙂

    Loved the ‘his & hers’ crime solving trenchcoats…feels like a parody of themselves though…won’t go further with that train of thought…

  18. To the Brenzilla comments: Yes, I agree that she is being a bit Brenzilla, but I’m OK with it, because I think its within her character. All the somewhat OCD things that made her a world-famous forensic anthropologist/helped her build her solitary walls around her, are now manifesting themselves in different ways. Brennan is still Brennan, but she’s in a COMPLETELY different place than when we first met her. Her characteristics are now coming out as she navigates a partner and a child. Now, I’m not saying that she will always be such a strong Brenzilla, because she does learn and adapt, but for right now, her initial nitpicky ways are coming out in this manner.

    I’m OK with her being anxious about her dad in the first place, I think it was a natural knee-jerk reaction because of her past and because she did calm down and invite him in for dinner. Now, if she does it again, I’ll be annoyed. With the encouragement of Booth, she ended up facing her feelings and accepting her father. It was a nice moment there at the end. I loved that she was going to help Booth with dinner while Grandpa held the baby 🙂

    And Booth’s “I’m not done!” look is absolutely priceless! I also liked Angela’s comment about not liking it when “Mom and Mom” fight. And Caroline offering to kiss Booth? Yes, please! haha There was definitely a lot to like about this episode for me!

    • I agree. I think it was more knee-jerk than anything else. She and Max have been having a pretty good relationship. I think saying she ragged on Max the whole time is rather inaccurate. She was pleasantly surprised to see him, and despite having her reservations, she did leave Christine in Max’s care (even if she was calling every so often.) I think for Brennan’s own peace of mind, she just wanted Max, and especially Christine to be within reach. Brenzilla, maybe. But she’s a new mother, and with time and Booth by her side I think we could see that changing somewhat. She will always be intense, though. Her anger wasn’t just about the past. She had a spoken and agreed upon arrangement with her father about communication – I think that was the real kicker. Anger is always the easiest reaction to show first when feeling hurt, pain, or fear.

      But like you said, now that they’ve had this talk, I don’t want them to have to do it again in the future.

      Someone mentioned not wanting to be in PTA with Brennan. I think Brennan would have more problems with administration than with the other parents. In daycare, Brennan said the others agreed with her idea, and even Booth’s words suggested that they didn’t like the others siding with her and thought it would eventually turn the tide not in their favor.

  19. I liked the episode and I liked the “team” feeling throughout. We’re seeing a new side to Brennan because of the baby and because of the old issues with her family that haven’t really healed and I think this is more in keeping with the character than her forgiving and forgetting what he did to her.

    Is she over the top? Yes. (Who else but Brennan would have a cool microscope in her own home?) But as Max kept reminding us that Brennan was such a happy baby, it’s reasonable that her entire world came crashing down and she’s slow to trust.

    I like it when Daisy goes all investigative– she seems driven like Brennan but she manages to offend Cam in the process but even that turns out for her. (Cam is prickly with both Brennan and Daisy– kind of like it.)

    It has some lovely moments throughout– B&B, Hodgins trying to win over Caroline to get more field work, Max, Caroline offering to give Booth a piece of heaven, the bonding time on B’s sofa.

  20. Good episode!
    Natch, countless replays of the sudden-kisses scene at the beginning – and besides the obvious (what’s not to love about B&B smoochin’??) – Hodgins’ expressions are priceless. Can just imagine what he told Angela about it later…
    And yes, Booth’s “I’m not done”, along with that smile (!) – yowza – but I love how Brennan said, “I’m done now.” There’s something so Brennan about that, how she has to announce that her little love-attack on Booth is finished now, time to move on! 🙂

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