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Morning After Q: Did Booth Overstep?


Top o’ the Tuesday to you! Hope you are having a great day so far!

So, in last night’s ep The Family in the Feud, Booth took it upon himself to ask Max to watch Christine.

Now, back in the day, Booth actively pushed (in a nice way) Brennan toward Max and family reconciliation. I think this reconciliation occured, and we have many examples of that, including last season’s conversations between Max and Brennan and of course the season finale where wily old Max Keenan knew something was different about B&B.

As I watched last night, I was reminded of the times that Booth encouraged Brennan to give Max another shot, and I thought the show did a nice job with realistically bringing up some of Brennan’s anxiety without overdoing it. Does that make sense?

What do you think? Did Booth do the wrong thing by bringing Max in to watch Christine? Was it another example of him prodding Brennan toward a relationship with Max, or do you think Booth saw it only as a realistic option…meaning…it’s not so much that he wanted it to be a growing experience for Brennan/Max, but more that Max was free, he and Brennan were good, and it seemed like a win/win?



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  1. Given my adoration of all things Brennan, I would never have thought it possible but they are writing a version of her that I’m really beginning to dislike. The seagull parenting in particular is a nightmare – I find myself pitying future!Christine at times and I most definitely would not want to be on the PTA with this version of Brennan.

    I thought the reaction to Max went way overboard. Max is the one who came back. Max is the one who killed to protect her and Russ. By her own admission, Christine was the one who insisted they leave the kids and she gets a namesake. Max gets the cold shoulder when he takes his granddaughter to the park and misplaces his phone.

    Booth encouraging her to consider Max was in character for him, I thought, and well done.

    • Outside of the ‘adoration of all things Brennan’ phrase you used (I’ve never been able to identify with her, but I like her), I agree wholeheartedly with everything you stated. It’s almost like the writers are trying too hard or something. The acting is great as usual, but the scenes…? Can’t put my finger on it.

      • Part of my issue is that I think they’ve turned Brennan into a caricature. At first the “send me a photo every hour” was cute but it’s like Sweets going from Booth’s “we’re friends” to “hey, we should hang out at a soccer game!” Woa the horsey.

        I don’t like this Brennan. I’ve known mothers who were this version of Brennan and they are anything but funny.

      • MJ – I agree. It seems many of the characters are becoming caricatures. It feels like there’s been a loss of the art of subtlety that was such an integral part of the show.

      • At least now we know why they’re keeping Sweets around. By the time Brennan is done micromanaging every facet of Christine’s life, the girl is going to need some serious therapy.

      • Haha! She is! I like Sweets though. I like what he adds to the group dynamic. The geeky little brother who will always try to find a way to fit in with the big kids. It works for me. I was actually glad to see him stand up to Booth last week.

    • I am so glad you posted this MJ. I thought I was the only one who thought Brennan was over the top with her distrust of Max-like he was going to run away with Christine or something. I felt so bad for him when he said he wouldn’t make the mistake again of thinking she trusted him. Booth being the one to invite Max in while Brennan has him standing on the doorstep spoke volumes.

      I thought Booth was the voice of sanity and reason. He did not ‘patronize’ Brennan, he tried to calm her down and kindly offered to call a police officer he knew to look for Max.

      • It was obvious that “I won’t make that mistake again” comment hurt her to hear and I honestly had a spiteful, “good!” when I saw it. It should have hurt.

        Max and Ruth didn’t leave them when she was a baby. They ran away WITH their infant daughter and her older brother and created a new life. And when they did run away (and yes, that was awful), they didn’t leave her alone. They left her with Russ. They should not have run away and Russ shouldn’t have either but to blame Max for everything while letting everyone else off the hook is wrong.

      • You have to wonder how horrible foster care was for her for this issue to continue to resonate so with her. While I agree she’s uber-Tiger Mom here, I also think they are trying to set up the finale and show just how devoted Brennan is to the littlest Bones.

      • Bluedevil, have you ever watched the show, Bethenny Ever After? It’s one of those Bravo channel reality shows, but I’m hooked 🙂 The show’s title person, Bethenny, had a rough childhood and is scarred to this day. It affects her relationship with her new husband, her career path, how she wants to parent her new baby. She’s very Brennan in a way. Its interesting.

    • MJ, I think we should give Brennan a little break. Sure she is a helicopter mom and those can be the worse; but, those types of emotions come about for a reason. She has a dangerous job. Booth has a dangerous job. They see the results of bad parenting, murdered children, abused children and for Brennan, this probably affects her more than she would ever admit. She saw first hand what abandonment and child abuse is like and the only one alive that she can really blame is Max. Her mother is dead and Brennan knows she was murdered. She will probably never blame her mother for anything that happened because she was killed.

      I don’t condone her actions towards her father; but, I can understand them. She has to see the trust first hand. Booth is a great judge of character and would never put Christine at risk. Brennan knows that and if Booth remains the calm in the storm, she will eventually see that Max is not the dangerous criminal she’s afraid he still might be.

      All in all, Brennan is very wound up tight when it comes to her daughter. Booth will eventually get her to see that she can relax around her baby and by trying to be the voice of reason she will eventually hear him. She actually already does. That was the reason for the kiss at the crime scene. She heard his concern that she may not trust him and she let him know she does.

      • I love Brennan. I mean, really, she’s my favorite character. She’s the reason I watch the show. And I definitely don’t want to turn today’s post into a litany of “What’s Wrong with Temperance Brennan Day.” She’s flawed (who isn’t?) but I love her in spite of her flaws and, sometimes, because of them.

        But in this, someone needs to remember they gave her a “disturbingly steep learning curve” and let her use it. She put herself in a position where she could have gone to jail instead of Max but when he doesn’t answer the phone she sends the police looking for him?

        Between that and the Terrifying Uber Tiger Mom thing, I was not one of those who got a case of the warm fuzzies last night. It wasn’t a sweet, mushy Brennan/Max moment for me.

        (And I love Brennan. Really.)

      • You’re right about the Max/Brennan moment not being warm and fuzzy. It really was tense and Max was doing his best with the hand he was dealt. I felt awful for him. I just think that Brennan is over thinking Max, her baby and herself. I think it’s more a matter of lack of trust in her abilities to be able to read people and so far the only one she will allow herself to trust with her baby is Booth. If she lacks confidence in her abiltity to read and understand the people in her life then she would double that with the people in Christine’s life. Brennan does have a steep learning curve; but, not when it comes to emotional bonds and her abiltity to read people. It took her over six years to trust Booth. I can imagine that total strangers are still a problem for her. Total strangers associated with Christine will be mis-trusted until Brennan can see for herself that they are who they say they are.

        MJ I do know you are a huge fan of Brennan. I wasn’t trying to say you aren’t. I know you give her a break more often than most. I just think we still need to give Brennan the benifit of the doubt when it comes to her lack of trust issues. I’m still a big fan of yours. By the way, where’s my update for 160 characters or less. Come on you can do it. I TRUST you.

      • I don’t know what it says about me that I’m totally on Max’s side in this. I mean, he and Ruth did abandon Brennan and Russ and he is a killer but still . . . It probably reveals something very scary about me – I’m not gonna look too closely at it. *lol*

        “By the way, where’s my update for 160 characters or less…” But no pressure, right? 😀

      • I think the point that the writers are trying to make is that when it comes to her baby, Brennan is not thinking, she’s all feeling. I’d say she could benefit from advise from her mother or another older female family member with children she could talk to, but hey, they are all dead.
        This is why I’m not sure that having a job dealing with dead everyday is good for a person when they have children. It’s easier to “compartmentalise” thoughts about all the dangers in the world when you don’t have children I quess.

  2. I love how this played out. I think they did a great job of setting up the no-daycare issue (see writers? you CAN do stuff off screen and include it in the plot in 15 seconds – take note!) And it was very Booth-y to ask Max – because he knows that Max would take great care of her, and at the same time, move (not push) Brennan forward to really trusting her father. Also, in that first scene with all the kissing (yay!) she declared her trust – which created the opening – again, good move for both of them – growing, moving forward etc.

    Side Note on the Adoration of TJ Thyne: Hodgins and the Interns (great band name!) are my new favorite duo on this show. He makes Daisy hilarious.

    • Side Note 2: Love all the great Ryan O’Neal screen time, and the greatness of the end, since he just announced he has cancer. Couldn’t help but cross over the character with the guy.

      • The man (and the actor) are just so passionate about what they’re doing that it’s a joy to watch him. He’s so good with all the interns, especially hapless Daisy.

        I really thought O’Neal was just so great with the baby and with Brennan and I’d love for him to be their babysitter– even off screen.

  3. “but more that Max was free, he and Brennan were good, and it seemed like a win/win?”

    I think ^ this theory. It seemed as though Brennan and Booth were running out of options and Booth was tired with interviewing tons of well qualified people. I think also that he and Max have a genuine bond with each other, and we know Booth can read people. If someone is trustworthy, Booth will know it, and wouldn’t subject his daughter to someone otherwise. It could have gotten into mean, pushy territory, but I don’t think it did.

  4. Brennan is a helicopter parent now, but so much of that is related to her 1) being a new parent, 2) her abandonment issues and 3) being a perfectionist. When there’s a baby involved– and we’ve seen just how attached she is to the child– no matter how well she’s dealt with the issues in the past, they are going to come roaring back to life.

    I think Booth did the right thing. Max is perfect as a substitute parent and I think it was clear at the end that she was going to meet him part way– she hands over the baby to Max while she goes to help with dinner. It took her 7 years before she could trust herself with Booth and a romantic relationship and it’s going to take a lot longer for her to throw some of that trust toward her father since she’s not with him everyday. We’ve seen the softening of Temperance Brennan, a work in progress, and I think she’ll soften, too, for her kid and her father.

    Booth might have put Max into the fray mostly because it was a quick fix, but I think it is a smart fix. I really want to see more of Max in their lives since he knows Brennan before she lost her trust. He kept saying that she was such a happy child and I know it was meant to contrast with how she is now.

    • I’m with you. It seemed perfectly natural for Brennan to regress a bit in this episode. I thought the whole thing was beautifully played — Brennan’s anxiety, Max’s contrition and fear, Booth stepping in and helping them both get past a dangerous moment.

  5. Booth would not leave Christine with Max if he didn’t trust him. I think Booth was very in character last night and he really has been a rock for Brennan when it comes to her adjusting to this new life. I am SO happy she kissed him at the crime scene….it seemed very real to me. Brennan rationalized why it was okay – she was technically done with her work;) – and she went for it. She loves him, trusts him, and appreciates him and that is wonderful to see. I do hope Brennan relaxes a bit and I do believe she will. I kind of believe they are building up her bond and love for her new family and child to create a bigger affect in the season finale….. I don’t know what’s coming, but that’s my belief.

  6. I said in the other thread that I thought Brennan was “BRENZILLA” on rewatch I stand by that. I get that she is a new mom with issues. But treating people like crap daycare provider, implying Parker was Chucky and now OTT ragging on Max until it made me cringe and wanted Max to go live with Russ, at least his kids liked him. I mean gesh. Brennan is in her mid/late 30’s not a 15yr old girl. Grow up. Booth has had a horrible childhood too. At least Bren had her early yrs happy…I mean 6yrs of Bren ragging on Max. Get over it. Either accept who he is/was or cut him loose. It’s unhealthy now, this tit for tat r/ship.

  7. I wish Brennan would get her head out of her ass. She is darn lucky to still have her dad. Unlike Booth. I mean look at the end scene. Look how longingly sweetly Booth was watching Max hold Christine. You could tell he wished his dad or mom could of held her or Parker too. Brennan needs to wake up and smell the good life she has NOW, stop living in the past.

  8. Booth’s father was “a violent drunk” who abandoned him & his brother. He never had a relationship with his father, and now he is gone. Booth & Max have bonded & Max is the only grandparent Christine has. Booth asking Max to babysit was his way of getting him involved & being part of their family. Booth inviting him in for dinner a patting him on the shoulder says volumes. He told Brennan, “He loves her, you can’t buy that.”
    I don’t think he overstepped his bounds. He was thinking about what was best for Christine & Brennan. He trusts & respects Max-which is more than he could say about his own father.

    • I think Brennan invited Max in for dinner first.

      • Booth is the one who invited Max into the house. Brennan had him standing on the doorstep. I think she said “we have more than enough” after Booth invited Max to stay for dinner. I don’t think the original idea came from Brennan.

      • Just watched the end scene again and I’m going to agree with C-bones on this one.
        As Booth’s approaching from behind, holding the baby, Brennan’s saying to Max, “I want to forget about this…I want us to be a family…”
        Max replies that’s what he wants too, but then, to both of them, says, “I was just leaving, OK?”
        And Brennan steps back from the doorway, no longer barring him from entering, and says, “No, Dad, we were just going to have dinner. We have plenty.”
        Max is still going to leave, and Booth says, “Max, don’t be ridiculous. C’mon inside, huh?”
        And Brennan motions him in with a tilt of her head, saying “Come on.”
        So, a mutual invitation and almost simultaneous, but Brennan is first to encourage Max to stay.

  9. I posted this up with the bluedevil, but I just want to elaborate a little bit. it’s slightly OT but I’m relating it to Bones in my mind so bear with me. “Bethenny Ever After” is a guilty pleasure reality show, but it also gets quite serious much of the time. The title person, Bethenny, is an early 40s New York businesswoman who looks like she’s got it all together. She has a thriving career, a new husband, and a new baby. However, she is deeply scarred from her childhood. Apparently her dad was out of the picture for a number of years and she was emotionally distant from her mom. Her parents, when they were together had horrible fights that had each of them dragging her into it to pick sides. There was verbal abuse. One episode she relates how she would go to the roller rink as a child ALL DAY by herself at age 9 just to have people to spend time with her. As an adult, she hasn’t spoken to her mother in over a decade. She calls herself “damaged”. She does try to be a great mom to her daughter because she wants her daughter to feel the love that she never had. I see parts of both Booth and Brennan’s backstory in her. Bethenny is trying to make this new nuclear family work but she struggles every day with it. Trusting people to help, trusting herself to know what to do, worrying if she’s going to mess up her daughter like she herself was messed up…its actually quite heartbreaking.

    All that to say, I have to give Brennan “Brenzilla” a pass on this one. I see her like I see this Bethenny person, she has scars, invisible scars, that maybe the world can’t see. But they are there. And Brennan is trying. She has a house, a “husband”, a daughter, a new life she is adjusting to. Looks like she has it all under control right? Nope, because the scars don’t just vanish. Her dad left her…for years. That’s going to stick with you. Was she unfair to Max? Yeah, a little. But that doesn’t mean the pain isn’t there for her. I think she’ll get past it, and I don’t think we’ll see her do that to Max again. And remember that Max isn’t perfect here. Yes, he’s charming and all that but he does have a criminal past. He has made decisions that have lasting consequences. One of those being he has to earn back trust. But I’m not worried. I think that last dinner scene shows us that they will figure all of this out in time 🙂

    • I agree with you bb. Brennan has said in the past that she doesn’t really have many memories of her early childhood. She has either blocked them subconsciously or consciously but they are blocked to her. The things she does know about Max is that he took off with her mother and left her in the care of a 19 old who in the end couldn’t handle or understand Brennan. She does know that Max was a bank robber who ran with a very bad crowd of heist men. She does know that Max ordered a man murdered in prison, he personally killed two others and tried to kill the Gravedigger. He was a dangerous man. He probably is still a dangerous man. Don’t get me wrong, I like Max and I know he loves his kids. He wants to love Christine and he’s gotten close to Booth. Brennan has to get through her lack of trust for her father. It’s still there and she won’t overcome it in a matter of weeks or months or even years. It took over seven years for her to get into a relationship with Booth and she was around him almost all of the time. She sees Max once in a while. Heck, Booth trusts him with Christine; but, we know even he still doesn’t trust Max and his lifestyle. We can get that from comments he’s made to Sweets.

      It will take time. This show has always been about time. Everything will eventually happen. Not right away but in time.

      • Remembering those happy times would have to be horrible when she was left behind by everyone and then shuffled into homes, a socially awkward smart kid. Kids like that have a hard enough time in school but in foster care?

        I would love to see more of Max and I think his presence will help her heal some of those wounds. I loved how he kept saying that Brennan was such a happy baby– it contrasts with what we know about her as an adult/teen. Later when she learns that that life was a sham, she probably can’t trust any of her past especially the one living parent that’s left to her.

        Obviously, she forgave her mother to name her child, Christine. But as Lenora pointed out, eventually eventually comes on Bones.

  10. Booth did not overstep at all. Brennan could find no one to look after Christine and they both have to be at work. If everyone is unsuitable, then having Max compared to all these other people would make Brennan see things in perspective. It could just be a case of the lesser of all evils.
    It will also help Brennan get over her abandonment issues if she sees that Max is there for the long haul.

    I don’t doubt that Brennan trusts Booth but all the reassuring makes Booth look ‘needy’. They are working things out, without Sweets, which is great and I love them for that.

    If I tried to contact whoever was taking care of my son when he was a baby and could not, I would have hit the roof too – even if it was my mother. :-D. I do understand but after the apology and seeing my baby was fine, I would have chilled. Glad Booth was there too invite Max in.

  11. It’s interesting how polarizing the last few episodes have been. I didn’t have a single problem with Brennan this episode other than how unrealistic her expectations about chidcare seem to be. I have a feeling that even she wouldn’t measure up to her own standards if she looked too closely. Except for this, I was completely sympathetic towards Brennan for a number of reasons, the main one being the kind of person Max is. Sure, he’s now all sweet and touchy-feely, but this is the same guy who killed two people, gutting them and setting their bodies on fire, I know he killed them to protect his kids and that they weren’t nice, but the fact remains that the act was pretty methodical and horrific. He’s also the person who’s whereabouts and associates are never really known by anyone, including his daughter. In fact, I’m surprised that Booth isn’t more careful about him because the skeleton’s in Max’s closet could potentially be following him around wherever he goes. I just think that Booth’s desire for a normal family life for him and for Brennan makes him gloss over some of the facts about his girlfriend’s father.

    From Brennan’s point of view, her dad abandoned a fifteen year old with pretty severe socialization issues to the care of an immature, 19 year old brother who clearly wasn’t the right person for the job. Max reconnected with Russ eventually, but didn’t think to check up on Brennan at some point until it was too late for her. How long was she in foster care? A while, it would seem. And he left her again, handcuffed to a bench while he went on his way with her brother, leaving Booth to deal with the aftermath. So no, I wouldn’t entirely trust Max either. He knew about her issues with him, understood that she needed to be able to reach him anytime he was with Christine, and accidentally or not, he dropped the ball. Maybe if they’d been doing this longer I could have been more annoyed with Brennan’s anger, but I fully got it this time.

    If Brennan’s being overly-fussy with Christine I can forgive her because so much has happened to her in the span of a year that she can’t control: her feelings towards Booth, her pregnancy, the start of a new family life for her with all the accomodations it entails. This includes her fear of failing Christine, who is so vulnerable and completely dependent on her, in any way. She’s trying to control what is rationally not controlable in real life, the safety and happiness of another. It’s the only way she seems to be able to move forward, right or wrong. but as with Booth in Twister, control may prove to be just an illusion to make her feel better when it doesn’t actually make a difference. Im curious to see whether any of these issues will come into play soon.

  12. The Brennan hate washing through this site is sad/ridiculous.
    Some people obviously did not paid attention to the character at all.

    • Some people don’t love the Brennan character unconditionally the way you appear to. I thought she was completely out of control in this episode. If she has such issues regarding control and trust then maybe she should swallow her feelings about “soft sciences” and schedule some sessions with Sweets.

      Max has never been anything but a loving father towards Brennan. He and Christine left her Russ to protect them, not to harm them. She has no reason to think Christine wouldn’t be safe with him-especially since Booth trusted him.

      Just because people didn’t like how her character was portrayed in this episode and voiced that opinion doesn’t mean they were bashing her. Sometimes her character warrants criticism. Just the same as all the others.

      • I love Brennan and I do think she was very controlling. Yes, she went from photos every half hour to a phone call every hour, but she wasn’t terribly trusting of her father. Should she be? We’ve seen her troubled by leaving her daughter and she’s an open wound still about being abandoned. She’s new to the emotions of motherhood and she’s new to being open about them and I think that’s partly to blame for her behavior.

        We’ve seen Max as the man who wants to be a part of his daughter’s life; we’ve never seen the ruthless killer. The abandonment and the time in foster care must have been hellish for her to feel such distrust toward him. But she’s feeling distrustful of everyone who they bring in to take care of the baby and that’s the point.

        Saying that Brennan is controlling or out of control isn’t meant to be bashing. She’s really struggling with motherhood and letting go and letting Max in. If she’s this cautious and anxious about her flesh and blood baby, how is she going to feel about her creative baby next week? Is it too much Brennan as helicopter mom? Maybe. She doesn’t trust easily and it’s going to be something she’ll need to learn.Look at how long she took to let Booth in.

      • Still it wasn’t Booth who called in Max, but Brennan.
        I don’t like Brennan unconditionally, I just don’t expect her to be someone she’s not.
        She is not an easy character, nor to write, neither to play, but is very realistically portrayed. She always had control issues as well as trust issues. And not everyone can be “fixed” by going to some sessions…
        it’s much easier to be/play Booth, the good guy or people’s guy or being charming as Max.
        But people here seem to forget already, that Max was a con-man, and lived from robbing people out of their money/jewelry, even before he killed, even if for his family.

        Brennan was never a ‘normal’ person as far as social kills and processing emotions goes, even before being abandoned. That some of the prize extraordinary people like her (geniouses in many field) have. Being abandoned just made things much worst, while she had to survive alone, in a world that so hard to accept “different” people. Those scars won’t go away ever, they can be worked, but a trigger will push all the rationality aside.

        Some of the comments here make for me clear, that a lot of Brennan’s character were overlooked by some, and they are expecting her to react like anyone would. that won’t happen.

      • “Max has never been anything but a loving father towards Brennan.”

        Well, loving a person is one thing. Showing it is another. As someone else mentioned, he got in contact with Russ and not Brennan, claiming Russ does worse without him and she does better. Ummm, I know she’s all educated and at the top of her field, but it’s pretty ballsy to say you’re daughter did better without your presence in her life. And leaving her chained to a bench? Going in and out of your daughter’s life until her partner has to drop enough hints that that affects her and you decide to turn yourself in. Max is really trying to do better, but there’s so much that he has done wrong that I don’t see why his daughter should easily forgive him. Then the whole stolen identities thing really makes her feel like whatever life she had before was all a lie, or she at least has a hard time distinguishing what was real. I think she’s been mostly okay, but that time in her life really, really hurt. And really, the issue was more about trust than forgiveness.

        I wasn’t surprised that her dad issues weren’t fully resolved. Booth’s dad issues don’t seem like they ever will be resolved. Will he always need reassurance? It happens. When she said it was a sore spot, I really understood why. I also don’t expect linear growth in the characters. What I did see is that Brennan handed the reconciliation a lot better this time around. I don’t think she was permanently shutting her dad out – she was just upset because of how worried she was and wanted time to cool down.

      • Another thing that Max told Brennan was that if she found somebody she could trust to hold on to them. I think that says a lot. I think that a good father would make sure he was someone his child could trust always. It’s like he didn’t even put himself in the running (he was probably hinting at Booth, am I right?) I think right now he wants to be someone she can trust again, and I’m glad Brennan wants that too and is working toward that.

        It might have been a bit much for Brennan to really think that Max was going to run off with Christine. Like others said, if they are trying us to show that Brennan loses a lot of her rationality when it comes to her baby, they are accomplishing that. Take that as you will.

        Until we get further evidence, I don’t assume she’ll be this way always. So I’m okay with it for now, as long as we see her ease up some in the future. But Brennan has never been and never will be laid back about anything she’s passionate about, so I still expect a certain amount of intensity and for her to have strong opinions. And though the spotlight is on Brennan now, I don’t think for a second Booth won’t get irrational about his daughter either. I could totally see him doing background checks and threatening boys saying he was a sniper, – these are just some of the things we’ve already seen him do. There are many instances in which I feel like Brennan will have to be the voice of reason. They balance and check each other – that’s why I like them.

      • Yes, we won’t get to see Booth with a teenage Christine but I can imagine those will be challenging years for him with his daughter. We saw his thoughts with Cam’s daughter in regards to dating, etc., so just amplify that by 100. I could also see Booth and big brother Parker working together to find out all about Christine’s boyfriends/guy-friends, etc. and Brennan being the voice of reason in those instances. For some reason I image Brennan being a very good with Christine when it comes to issues of love and sex. Brennan will have her rational thining and the experience of being in love and trusting her partner.

      • I could see that going one of two ways. I could see it being like you said, where she is understanding and rational about love/sex/marriage with her daughter…OR…we’ve seen that being a mother can shove aside the rational part of her brain and cause mini-freakouts. She could think of all the dangers of Christine dating guys, all the horror stories. Mama Bones can be pretty fierce about protecting her offspring! I could see her also thinking of the relationships she’d had before Booth and comparing them with what the “real thing” is, she might be all on Christine to hold out for the right kind of alpha male man that will be a great partner and be there for her.

        I so wish Bones could be like the “Truman Show” and we could just tune in whenever we wanted 24/7 for the next 15 or so years and watch them grow into a family…no more hiatuses! (hiati?) 🙂

  13. Did anyone notice that two people referred to Booth as Seeley last night? The cop and Max both said Seeley. It was odd, to me, to hear Max say Seeley.

    • Camcat, I noticed when Max did but that’s all I remember. If you put that with Parker calling Bones “Temperance”, maybe in their “new memories, new life” mindset, B&B are getting more comfortable and happy in their own skin, and are maybe shedding some of that bad memories they might have associated with their first names. Now they are “owning” them, so to speak. In this “new life”, maybe its just good ol’ Seeley and Temperance, hanging out in the Mighty Hut, being happy 🙂

      • I think many people in Booth’s life that know him either personally or professionaly call him Seeley. Jared and Pops do. Hannah did. Now that he and Brennan are a couple, I’m not surprised that Max has changed over from “Booth”.
        I didn’t have an issue with Brennan referring to herself as “Temperance” with Parker. When have we ever heard him call her Bones except the the Season 3 Christmas episode when he says “Merry Christmas Bones.” I’m not sure if he’s ever called her by name since then. Even in the diner scenes, I think he’s looking at her as they’re talking, but I’m not sure if he’s ever called her Bones again. The nickname “Bones” is special to her. It’s Booth’s name for her. Maybe she prefers that Parker call her Temperance.

    • I noticed it too. I wasn’t sure why Max is calling Booth, Seeley. He’s always called him Booth in the past. Maybe he’s trying to connect on a more personal level.

      Also Caroline say Cher’ twice and Cherie once. It’s weird the things you can notice.

    • I don’t think they hate their given names as much as we sometimes think they do. When Angela mentioned naming a daughter Temperance and then snarked “we won’t call her that, it’s awful” I thought Brennan looked a bit hurt. Everyone in her personal life (but for Booth and the people in the lab) calls her Temperance or Tempe.

      Cam and Booth have that “don’t call me Camille/Seeley” joke but I’ve often wondered if there’s not something else behind that exchange, sort of a when-they-were-dating, inside joke going on.

      • I had to comment on this Seeley/Camille thing. It seems to be something that happened between the first B&B case and Titan on the Tracks, because in the 100th they call each other their given names and there’s no ‘Don’t call me___’ exchange then. I have often wondered about what that means.

      • I think it’s just their thing – booth and cam’s flirty game from when they dated. That’s why it doesn’t come up any more, they’re past that. But back in the day, it was a way for the writers to establish a history between them. That they shared something.

  14. No one has mentioned it; but, I laughed my self silly when Hodgins and Daisy ate the truffle pasta. Once one of them started to gag the other started to gag and the minute one said the work poop they both were gagging. Makes me laugh everytime I recall the scene. I don’t really care for Daisy; but, when she is with Hodgins they have some of the funniest scenes. They play off of each other perfectly. Their comedic timing was wonerderful.

    • Lenora, I always love the Hodgins and Daisy scenes. No matter how inappropriate she is or how much I dislike her with Sweets, her scenes with Hodgins are always comic gold.

    • That was the one scene that actually made me laugh out loud. I like Daisy with Hodgins and with Booth, because it’s always snarkylicious.

    • Yes, as much as I dislike Daisy, I love her scenes with Hodgins, I think, because he shows her how ridiculous she is. I do wonder though if Daisy is really Brennan in her younger years.

  15. I have no problem with how Brennan reacted last night. It was as I expected her to act. And I can’t say that Max has always acted as a loving father towards her. Yes, he loves her but he still does things his own way and when he wants to do them.

    As a newbie to fanfiction, I think(and this is only my opinion) that sometimes people are thinking of how the characters are portrayed in fiction rather than what is actually on the show itself. Brennan is never going to do things or react the same way as normal people. That is a given. That is what makes the show work for me. To watch her evolution from the first episode to this one.

  16. I think Brennan’s problem with Max last night boiled down to the fact that Max said he would stay in constant contact and he didn’t.

    Booth called a cop friend to find Max and their daughter. When the cop brought him home Max then said he lost his phone, knew he lost his phone and when he didn’t hear from Brennan he didn’t call her because he thought Brennan trusted him. This wasn’t a very good move on Max’s part. He knows that Brennan got Christine suspended from day care and that they haven’t found or been able to keep a sitter. He knew that Brennan is being over protective of her baby right now and didn’t behave accordingly.

    If I couldn’t find my father and baby and I had to get my significant other to find them using the police then I would have been upset too.

    Brennan is well aware that people disappear all of the time, willingly and not so willingly. It’s part of her job description. She was hard on Max; but, really, Max was hard on her too. He scared the bees out of her. If Booth hadn’t remained as calm as he did then it could have turned out a whole lot worse. She’s not a Vulcan, she’s human and she’s trying desperately to be a good Mom. That comes before being a good daughter.

    • “She’s not a Vulcan, she’s human and she’s trying desperately to be a good Mom.”

      I love this, especially the Vulcan bit, made me snicker but also think. It’s very true, she’s obviously not immune to emotions and much more now that she’s this new life she’s fiercely protective of.

    • Yes and I thought it was very telling when she was trying to call Max and Booth was telling her not to worry, she said something along the lines of I tried calling back then too. That was alike a kick to the solar plexus. I was just thinking of the 15 year old Brennan desperately trying to call her parents, and I do believe that in that moment she was back there, but no also worried about her baby girl. I believe one of the things they are trying to show right now is that the emotions of having this tiny little person who her happiness is now so wrapped up in has completely knocked her for a loop and she’s doing everything within her powers to make sure nothing happens to Christine because if anything happens she’ll be devastated, and at the same time she also has to protect Christine emotionally try to protect her from suffering the same kind of hurt that she did when her parents abandoned her and never returned.

      Now while Max did eventually return, he didn’t return when his wife died. The story is that it was her mother who insisted they leave and for this reason many seem to think she should be more forgiving of Max, but then why didn’t he return and get his daughter out of foster care when his wife died. He says he wanted to run with the kids, so why not do that then? He also didn’t return when Brennan aged out of foster care when no authorities would have interfered with him. He didn’t return for many years for something like 15 years; and then only because Booth and Brennan were looking for him and stirring things up. I’d imagine their search was a much a danger to him as it was to Russ and Brennan. So yes he did return and Brennan really is working on building a relationship with him, but he is not an innocent victim in this; he has manipulated Brennan. Remember the if you’re alone at Christmas it means nobody loves you? This from the man who abandoned his children at Christmas. It seems like even now he comes and goes on a whim. I mean everyone thought he was someplace different when Taffett was killed and he was being looked at as a suspect. And at that time he had a ready false alibi. I imagine things like that play with Brennan’s ability to trust him. I know it would mine.

      Now as for Sarah’s question. No I don’t think Booth overstepped, I strongly believe he did nothing wrong. He was at a desparate place, the person currently watching Christine was leaving, and Brennan ruled out all applicants they were interviewing. Here was Max a man who would love that little girl and who has proven will go to great lengths to protect those he loves…and I do think after the loss of his father, he might be thinking he doesn’t want Brennan to have to face the loss of her father without having first made every effort for a close relationship. Max is also Christine’s only grandparent. Yes she does have a great grandfather too, but hey every kid deserves to have as many people around them who loves them as they possibly can.

      • I love your point here– if Max was the reluctant parent, why didn’t he try to contact his daughter at some point after his wife’s death? I hadn’t thought of that. There are probably a lot of good reasons for him not showing up, but there’s a greater reason to show up and that’s to prove to her that she wasn’t abandoned for who she was but because her parents had made some really bad choices.

        As someone said earlier, some people seem to be very forgiving of Booth questioning his own parenting decisions because of his father, but we seem to jump on Brennan for her own issues with her dad because Max is so charming and really wants her approval. I really think Brennan understands more than other people see. I think Max got it more right than anyone– he knows just how difficult a time she has with trusting him. The fact that Brennan wanted “to forget about this” says a lot about her growth. It bothered her, she knows it wasn’t malicious or hurtful on his part, and she doesn’t want to hang onto it. Her intentions with Max are pure– she wants ha family.

      • I always wondered how Brennan attempted to call her parents after they left. That was 1991 and cell phones were not something that regular, working class people had. They were still very new and very expensive.

      • Good point, Lisa. I think that makes it sadder. Her and Russ’ options were very limited.

  17. I noticed right away when Max called Booth “Seeley” because he never did before. I think he is trying to be part of their family and start treating Booth as a future son-in -law.

  18. I was a little surprised at a few comments regarding Brennan in this episode. That got me to thinking about how I see her character and why I did not find her actions objectionable here.

    Brennan’s character is what first drew me into “Bones”. I loved her fierceness, her passion, her genius, and yes, her social ineptitude. And as I discovered that this beautiful woman, seemingly so self-assured, could also be very vulnerable, it only served to make her more endearing.

    And like many, I soon found that the arrogance, the easy dismissal of those she deemed ‘beneath her’ (which was just about everybody! lol), the abrasive self-confidence, were defense mechanisms, built up to guard against ever being hurt or left helpless again.
    If you don’t get close to anyone, you’re less likely to be hurt.
    No one can ever be fully trusted.
    Everyone will let you down eventually.
    Strong emotions interfere too much with intellectual pursuits.
    She’s the best in the world at what she does, and what she does is Who She Is. She doesn’t need anything else.
    Opening up to other people, to care for and trust them, can only lead to pain and confusion.
    So it’s best to avoid anything and anyone that could breach those walls.

    But then Booth happened. Like an avalanche. A slow avalanche, one that over the years we’ve seen overtake those walls of Brennan’s.

    What she once vehemently avoided – loss of control, insecurity, being responsible for another’s happiness, relying on another for her own happiness – has now arrived in Brennan’s life. She’s bound to be scared sometimes, and one reaction to fear is…anger. I for one am not surprised if she lashes out, at Max or anyone else, as she struggles to find her footing on these still-slippery slopes.

    Not that Brennan’s a victim, far from it. She’s quite the willing participant in this dance of theirs, she and Booth and now their baby. But the loss of those protective walls, those “rules” she lived by for so long, must be overwhelming at times. And just as overwhelming is the flood of emotions that have been set free, so foreign, so terrifying, and yet so wonderful.

    She has both fought and welcomed this avalanche – fighting it as she hangs on to pieces of those crumbling walls, welcoming it as she finds she can revel in this new life, in her new daughter and in loving and being loved by Booth.

    Of course, only time (and HH & Co.) will tell what comes next, but I know I’m along for the whole rocky ride.

    • I like this. She spent most of her whole life trying to avoid intense levels of emotions. Should we really expect her to handle everything like a pro?

      I don’t get why it should be “easier” for her to get over being left behind or abandoned when she was 15 than opposed to if she was younger. That’s more time to get used to the life you have. And I think Brennan has always been different, special, socially awkward and maybe even a little inept. Her family was her safe zone. They understood her. All that got taken away, and older kids in foster care have less hope than the younger ones. I also don’t get the whole Max has been so good to her and she better be grateful attitude. Nobody told him to live a life of crime and then start a family and steal identities – that was a risk he took. He decided to bring up a family in that situation – his family suffered because of those choices he made. This was not your average “turn-your-life-around” story – Brennan’s parents were not who she thought they were. One lie can make you question EVERYTHING. Now I don’t think he’s really a murderer even though he’s killed a few people, but a con-man doesn’t exactly scream trustworthy. I know he turned himself in for Brennan, but he should never have put himself in that predicament in the first place, so that really only scores a few brownie points for me.

      I think Brennan had forged a relationship with the Max now, but the scars are still there. I think she had mostly been okay, but the thing with Christine brought her back to that dark place. And like you said, Max didn’t look for Brennan, she looked for him. In fact, at the end of S1 he told them to stop looking for him. Believe it or not, I like the character and the dynamic he brings. It’s interesting to note how this issue has been really polarizing. From some thinking Brennan should get over herself, to people who will never forgive or trust Max even if Brennan does.

      Just because I’m not bothered with Brennan’s behavior doesn’t mean I love it, either. I guess I don’t mind not liking everything Brennan does. I don’t like everything Booth does, or any of the other characters, for that matter. Even if they never get “fixed”, I find that realistic. That’s how I have to live with the people around me, and that’s how people have to live with me. I just believe any person is capable of most anything – the good and the bad.

      • Well said! *applause* 🙂

      • Look at how Brennan has lived– she values honesty, almost to the point of being cruel or brutal with that honesty. Angela tells Booth in the pilot that Brennan does what she does, in part, as a reaction to her parent’s disappearance.

        I think Brennan has made some conscious life choices as a direct result of that abandonment. It’s part of the fabric of who she is and her life just as Booth’s issues with his father’s alcoholism and parenting are part of him. Her reaction to being a parent and dealing with caregivers seems very much in character. When she first considered having a baby, didn’t she come up with schedules for play and whatnot for the kid? This Brennan is in a better place to be a parent (and in a better situation than before) but she didn’t magically change overnight because of the love of a good man. She’s a work in progress as is her relationship with her father. Being a parent now is only going to intensify her reactions.

  19. I haven’t had time to read the rest of the comments so forgive me if this is repetitive, but I thought the way Brennan reacted (or should that be over-reacted) was really weird.

    I get that they wanted conflict and a ‘family feud’, but that was an odd thing to have it about. It was previously established in canon many times that Max would kill to protect the ones he loves – he’s done it before! The idea that he’d hurt Christine by abandoning her while she is in his sole care is ridiculous. It would have made more sense for Brennan to be worried that he’d be over protective and aggressive to anyone that tried to come too close to her.

    Having said that, I thought the scenes between Ryan and Emily were beautifully done, probably the most touching I’ve seen between them so acting-wise, they knocked it out the park. It was the context of the material that was out of character.

    Loved Booth’s role in the episode – he trod a delicate but loving line. I loved the way he came wondering up the hall with Christine in his arms, inviting Max in and then patting him on the shoulder in a way that showed real affection. Did anyone notice how Max called him ‘Seeley’? That’s new I’m sure. I liked it though. I definitely don’t think Booth overstepped a boundary inviting Max to look after the baby – he was right about the fact you can’t buy the kind of love Max has for his granddaughter.

    As a moany aside, I’m really sorry to say this but it’s starting to annoy me the way Brennan pronounces ‘Christeeeeeen’ with the prolonged vowels. I’m still hoping Booth is going to revert to calling her ‘Stapes’ ha.

    Good episode though – case was boring as sin which unfortunately seems to be the norm these days, but I’m still loving the B&B stuff.

    • Ooh I just remembered something else I wanted to say – I thought it might have been nice to see a reference to Booth being keen on Max being in Christine’s life alot because she only has one grandfather left…

      There’s an interesting comment in there somewhere about how Max isn’t a threat to Christine in any real way – unlike perhaps Booth’s father (back in the day obviously) who was physically violent and dangerous towards Booth. Thought it would have been interesting to juxtapose the imagined threat that Brennan was worried about with the very real threat Booth lived with. A missed opportunity to compare their fathers perhaps.

    • I’m so with you on how Brennan pronounces ‘Christeeeen’. It’s my best friend’s name and I’m starting to dislike it… I found myself thinking ‘Give the kid a nickname’ as I was watching this latest episode.

      I’m starting to feel like the baby is around/mentioned a lot. Perhaps my irritation is less about the baby and more about how her mother pronounces her name.

      Picky I know, but hey, some people don’t like Daisy. I find her amusing. I’m allowed to have my ‘grates on me aspect too!’

      • I’ve gotten so used to calling her BBB, I’m going to stick with it 🙂 It works nicely with having an MSVH too. It might be blasphemy, but I’m not a fan of Christihe Angela as a name. And the initials are kind of funny, CAB! So in my head, she’ll always be BBB 🙂

      • bb that’s just made me realise that we’ve never heard what Christeeeen’s surname is! Those sneaky bones writers, not confirming stuff they know will be controversial ha.

        In my mind, her surname is definitely ‘Booth’, but it’d be nice to have it confirmed.

        ps: Linda – I’m with you, I quite like Daisy!

  20. I love this quote from Sarah’s (Seels) review of this episode from GMMR:
    “I think Booth has had a long history of sort of pushing Brennan toward Max and family reconciliation (while resisting his own family sometimes, but that is another story!)”.

    Totally!!! This is SO True! In Male in the Mail Booth had a difficult time opening up about his feelings about his father’s passing with Brennan. Brennan pushed him to open the box and keep his good memories of his father. She didn’t want him to shut her out, and she wanted him to find some peace. In a way, I think Brennan has let Booth and her friends in more easily than Booth has. This fits with Booth wanting to be the “fixer” but not easily allowing others to help him “fix” his problems/issues.

  21. Happy Bones day everyone! Last one before the finale! 🙂 I’m both nervous and excited thinking about what we got as the cliffhanger for last year’s!! I wonder what will happen this year?! At any rate, I’m super excited that it’s Monday! ….And I think that’s the first time I’ve ever said that 🙂

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