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The Suit on the Set: Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode? The comments are open, and just remember–now more than ever, please no spoilers or comments of any kind regarding next week’s finale!



23 thoughts on “The Suit on the Set: Post Episode Discussion

  1. A very strange episode. I’ll have to think about it for awhile. I did love the kiss scene between Booth and Brennan.

    I think it was funny that the victim was Hanson Stephens. I think Cam’s part as a vampire in her movie was hysterical. There sure was a lot of blood.Whew. I’ll wait for other comments.

  2. I can’t write down any coherent thoughts after rewatching a few times. All I remember is laughing out loud at many points during the episode and how cute Brennan gets when she’s all excited. BTW, it’s adorable how Booth just can’t say no to her.

    It was such a fun hour and I can tell they had a blast making this one.

  3. Haha Lenora! I loved “Hanson Stevens” too! I was wondering where they were going with all the talk of moving to LA…maybe that’s how they’ll finish out the series instead of them owning a nightclub? I did like the fake Brennan and Booth, they were so cheesy and awesome! Also loved Cam in the bad movie. Booth was also looking good with his shirt open at the collar haha. I liked the team eating doughnuts and beer watching Cam’s movie all together. Very cute. Although I’m fairly certain Cam hasn’t been near a doughnut in YEARS!

    The promo for next week? Freaking me out! Yikes!

    • I think this was the first time we’ve seen Booth in light colored pants. Just thought I would mention.

      Did anyone catch the fact that Brennan slammed the podiatrist and his left hand dropped to the table. That was so funny

      The writers name was a bow to the creative forces of Bones too.

      • Yes Lenora! I saw his hand drop and i LOVED IT! 🙂 I loved how Brennan’s “apology” to him was so very Brennan. Poor Canadian 🙂

      • The light colored pants threw me for a loop – but I liked them. Nice change of pace…like the entire episode.

      • Booth wore light pants in the episode where Angela’s boyfriend goes missing in season 1.

      • You’re right, I forgot about the light pants he wore in the desert. Well twice in seven years is pretty stand out.

      • I adore the fact that we know exactly when Booth wore which pants! Is that creepy, or have we just learned to be observant from Brennan? 🙂

      • bb. I think it comes from watching every episode at least 10 times and because we pay way too much attention to what Booth wears below his belt buckle. Not creepy at all. Nope perfectly normal. Isn’t it?

  4. OMG – It was so over the top!! I loved it!! I have never laughed so hard!! So many references and knocks on themselves.

    Huckleberry’s and donuts
    Hodgins’ saying “I’m not an actor”
    Hanson Stephens
    The bad “Mother Sucker” movie
    “cooky” belt buckle

    I so need to watch it again!

    • I forgot the end, where B&B are in front of the hearts background and it just pauses like a movie ending 🙂 Delightfully cheesy and really cute! 🙂

  5. I liked it when booth kept trying to get them to keep the body with his “FBI!” And flashing his badge. This one was fun. I might have to watch next week’s with my hand over my eyes…Michele

  6. Um ….er… not my favorite episode. Sorry. It just didn’t do anything for me. Did Max make the trip to LA with Brennan-Booth clan? Would Booth really move that far away from his son? Really??! I mean, come on, that just seems OFF for Booth. Brennan always dreaming about a movie? Her being okay with examining remains on a movie set? Weird. I do think the cast and crew had fun but it was a little too loose for me.

    Bring on next week!

    • I think he just thought about it because of the money and the safer aspects of the job. He turned it down because he doesn’t want to give up working with Brennan. I think they were giving us some laughs because next weeks episode is going to make us feel very nervous. At least the promo did it for me.

    • I can definitely see why Booth would consider that job offer. He has a family now. A safer, less stressful job with good money sounds pretty good, except for that part where he doesn’t get to work with his lady.

      • Yeah, and I also don’t think Booth would be satisfied in such a job for long time. I think it would be almost a waste of his talent and abilities. I did read a fan fiction once that had Booth take a temporary position teaching at an FBI academy….and I think I could see him as a mentor for new FBI agents before I could see him in a Hollywood environment.

      • It was sweet that he didn’t want to loose his partner but, um, how about not wanting to move away from his son?! Helloooo. I don’t know, it may have been better if he was offered the job and he turned it down but listed all the benefits but said none of those benefits came close to getting to work with his Partner….. Also, I was waiting for Brennan and Booth to bicker a little over Andy Lister being Booth and Brennan finally giving in and admitting that, yes, Lister was based on Brennan. Then Brennan could say nothing came close to the real thing;) Oh, well.

    • There are planes that go from DC to California and Brennan can easily afford to fly Parker out for his weekends. And based on Family in the Feud, he might be living in England permanently not just visiting.

      Divorced parents move out of state for work all the time. It doesn’t mean they don’t love their children.

      • I agree with Barbara. We don’t know for sure where Parker actually lives and we do know that Rebecca hasn’t always been cooperative when it comes to giving Booth access to him. Even if he does live locally, there’s no guarantee that Rebecca wouldn’t move him out of state at some point anyway. Booth can’t necessarily be expected to make decisions about his job based on proximity to a son for which he does not have primary custody.

        But anywho. My hubs was watching the Caps game last night and when we went to go watch Bones during the first intermission, we discovered that the DVR wasn’t recording it. So, I missed the first 22 minutes. I’m hoping OnDemand has it tonight, otherwise I’m going to have to wait until next week to watch the rest of it. Although if I had to miss any episode, I’m glad it was this one.

        We picked up on the Hanson Stevens and I also noticed that the screenwriter’s name was Liam Toynan which I thought might be a nod to Ian Toynton (EP/director). Did anyone notice any other shout outs?

  7. Just finished watching the ep. Totally love the funny stuff through out the whole thing

  8. I picked up on the name Liam Toynan right away also! I thought this episode was funny and really enjoyed it! Loved the kiss, and “You’re my partner…always” *gah*. I loved the casual Booth this ep. The tan pants, black shirt & leather jacket was awesome! The light pants he wore in the desert were more a cargo pant, these were more dressy.
    Very nervous for next week!!

  9. Christine loves the beach!

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