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Morning After Q: Favorite Reference?


I must admit, it’s hard to come up with questions when there is little to no drama in the episodes 🙂

So here are just a few qs:

Did you have a favorite reference from a past episode? Is there another reference you would have added?   What did you think about Barry?



43 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Favorite Reference?

  1. I liked how the dead person’s name was “Hanson”, the doughnuts made me think of the Paley Center panel, and the poor Canadian doctor’s hand froze after speaking with Brennan 🙂 Very glad that B&B aren’t moving to Hollywood, I don’t have a desire to watch Bones: LA. haha

    I adored the fake Brennan and Booth, and Booth’s happiness at having two guys think he had elements of Steve McQueen. I think that was an interesting Booth moment. Having Sweets agree I think was nice for Booth too.

    The “Cooky” belt buckle reference was funny, and I liked how the actor playing Hodgins’ role was also a trained scientist as well and how Brennan was horrified he had chosen acting :). It reminded me of how Hugh Laurie’s father is a real doctor, and Hugh gets paid WAY more money for being a fake one!

    The promo for next week is concerning though. This was a nice bit of fluff before the DRAMA!

    • I definitely need to watch it again! The Hanson Stephens name was hilarious – even the photo! I did like Barry (he looks familiar – what else has he been in?), and the Cam backstory was mildly humorous as well. But yes, the promo. Oh my. I got goosebumps!!

    • Agree bb! Very fun episode, as it was meant to be! I’m glad there was no big bombshell dropped.. But next week is very concerning! So nervous…..

  2. Let’s not forget one of the suspects was Mandy Oh and Cam was a bad a– vampire.
    Sneaky references to Angle are always fun.

  3. I don’t get any of the Angel references since I’ve never watched the show, but I thought it was just a lovely, sweet episode. I loved how the victim was HH/SN and how they tweaked HH and SN (the composite photo seemed more SN than HH), The funniest part, to me, was when the Canadian doc’s arm went limp. Brennan’s love of the movies was nice to see and how she talked Booth into solving the murder. The kiss was very sweet, too.

    I think this cast is a hoot and very, very gutsy. Tamara Taylor does Blackula– lots of fun.

    I know this blog is about this week’s episode, but I do have to say that I wonder how much this episode foreshadows events in the finale. Booth could have gone West– Brennan seemed open to it, but his decision to stick with his partner– coupled with that preview. . . yeesh!

    • Angel, a vampire, sings “Oh Mandy” in an episode. He is a very bad singer by the way. His singing is so bad it’s actually cute.

  4. That was pure, charming escapist fare, set up very nicely by the movie promo stuff that was released earlier in the week. Loved it! It was nice to watch the episode knowing that there would be nothing to angst about or to pick at and that they had set it up with the fans in mind. Sweet! That scene in the end with the picnic and the missile had me in stitches, and I loved the kiss. I too am left wondering though about Booth’s comment that they’ll be together and partners always, given the dark tone of what we were shown about the finale. So sad that there’s only one to go-it kind of brings to bear the fact that this was such a short season.

  5. I don’t know Angel references either, but I so completely love episodes that give nods to fans and make fun of themselves in. A sense of humor is a wonderful thing.

    Some of my fave faves…cuz I really loved WAY too much, included:

    Huckleberry’s reference and donuts
    The whole scene in Booth’s pseudo-office
    Watching the movie at the end in the lab. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    When Booth turned around at the end in the studio lot to face Brennan, it was so much like TCITG ending, I did a double take.

    I could go on, but I am at work, so, :-\

  6. Did anyone notice that the picture of Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, that was shown to us twice, is from a scene from their movie “The Seven Year Itch.” I love old movies so I recognized it right away. Google the movie to see why they may have used this as a tease.

    • I’m not getting the reference, now I feel dumb.

    • LOL, yes, I noticed that. I’m saying that I’m not getting the importance of the 7 year itch poster, unless it’s because this is the 7th season…got it now. Now I feel less dumb haha

      • It’s about a guy who is tempted to have an affair behind his wife’s back with a very glamorous actress and in the end flees NY to be with his wife and ignore his temptation.

        Booth is tempted by a new job and donuts made in heaven. In the end, he won’t give up working with Brennan and flees back to D.C. with her.

    • Apparently there was a 447 sighting if anyone cares to see it: I haven’t been able to verify because I can’t check Tumblr because I’m….not home… 🙂 🙂

      • If you’ll look at the promo for the show it is on a wall in the background in black, red and white

  7. Booth mentions the Ox-Bow Incident in which men are killed by a lynching party because it’s believed they were rustling cattle. The Sheriff returns to tell the lynching party that they were wrong and they won’t get any mercy from him. Wonder if this is meant to foreshadow something.

  8. Seven Year Itch– when a man’s family goes away for the summer, he’s tempted by next-door neighbor played by the very blonde Marilyn Monroe.

  9. Definitely 447! Also did anyone see this pic of Hanson Stephens? A cross between Hart & Stephen Nathan!

  10. OK – get your pitchforks ready.

    If 75% of this season hadn’t been THE WORST EPISODES EVER I would have enjoyed all of the above.

    But come on. This season has been weak, phoned in by the writers and (you know I love you but) Hart. Forensics have been crappy, new guy is terrible and contrived, and all the plot(s) are all over the place. One creepy episode out of 12. For a show about dead bodies and murderers. What?

    In the years since Firefly was cancelled, fans have been getting little tidbits (stuff on Castle, Chuck, ComicCons etc) which is great, WHEN THE SHOW IS NO LONGER ON, but season 7 of Bones is like 11 eps of tidbits, a couple of cute things or great moments in a sea of derivitive slop (this ep, for example, is an exact ripoff of Castle).

    Is it that Hart has The Finder also going on (not for long as it looks now), the pregnancy (I doubt it), or Emily’s movie (doubt that too)?

    It is possible that the finale will remedy some of this, but I am very skeptical.

    • LucyC, in the first season, episode 10 called “The Woman at the Airport,” B&B went to California to investigate a woman’s body found near the airport, and Brennen was to meet with a director to discuss making Brennen’s first book, “Bred in the Bone,” into a movie. So this is not new. So, I can see you do not like this season of Bones, that is your opinion, which is fine, so I will give you mine, I have enjoyed this season of Bones, I will admit, some episodes were dull, but given the obstacles the cast and crew had to overcome, I say they did a fine job. I am glad Emily and her husband David had a healthy baby boy, I am glad the Bones will have another season to air, and I am very glad my two favorite TV characters are together. To say that Bones rip offed Castle, is far fetched, hell, Castle has been ripping off the Bones storyline since it first aired, and hell yes, I do not care for Castle, period. I am waiting for the season finale to see what my favorite show will do. I am looking forward for the DVD set to come out, (I have already preordered it). In closing, LucyC, if you do not like Bones anymore, go watch Castle, and let Bones be and if Castle ever reaches season 8, good for them and have a nice day.

    • Someone saying that Bones ripped off Castle is the funniest and most ironic thing ever.

      • Oh sorry, I didn’t mean that Bones itself is derivative of Castle…I agree that it isn’t…but that episode was done on Castle 2 seasons ago.

      • As plestex716 mentioned, the foundation for this episode was set all the way back in Season 1 when Booth & Brennan went to LA in The Woman in the Airport. That was a good five years before Castle did the same thing.

  11. No pitchfork, but have to disagree with your assessment of the season. I have loved every eppy, some more than others. This has been a transitional season in the show. And last night’s eppy made me smile. Which is good because I think I will need to remember it after next week’s.

    • I agree, this has been transitional and we’ve only had half the normal number of episodes to fully develop that transition. Even so, they’ve done a fine job for me and I’ve really enjoyed this season.

      I am one who isn’t really into the baby storyline, but I expect that to wane as season 8 rolls around. And even though I am not goo-goo, gaa-gaa over baby, I still think they’ve done a nice job with those B&B scenes. I also plan to watch the entire season uninterrupted over the summer since I think that provides one with a better flow of how the writers saw the season progressing. This season was aired in such a way that it was difficult to get the “vibe” of the season watching on TV.

      • I get that it is a short season completely, but so was 3 – only 15 eps, and we got the entire Gormogon story, santa in the slush kiss, mummy in the maze (wonderwoman!), and Max’s trial. The Finn intro and the Finn>Michelle thing wasted 2 eps that could have developed the crazy computer guy thing…totally could have done that later – when they had 23 eps to play with (or eliminated it completely).

    • I’m with the “I loved this season” crowd. After the angst of the end of s5 and most of s6, the fans deserved some happiness and light. And, now we get more angst, but this time B&B know they love each other and have a beautiful baby. As Angela told Hodgins in Proof in the Pudding, having a child with someone is much more binding than marriage. The child binds you because you are bound through the child’s soul. I love that speech and I wonder if that was some foreshadowing.

  12. So your point is? LucyC. Season 3 was short due to the screenwriters’ strike, and there was some stories that could have gone into more, such as Booth taking the bullet meant for Brennen, I have always felt it could have been told with alittle more detail. Season 7 is short due to Emily’s pregnacy, delivery, and family leave, which by all means, is fine with me. Remember, there are 4 other episodes that were filmed, but no release date has been announced as far as I know which brings the work done is 17 episodes. I still love the show, it is a welcomed distraction to my hectic life,and if Hart Hanson only did 10 episodes, that is 10 shows I will watch. I have the season on my DVR and am lovin’ it. I like Finn, and his relationship with Michelle is just a story within the story. In other words, LIFE. Pelant is coming back through season 8 I read somwhere, and he is supposed to be a badass serial killer. All in all, I get it, you are unhappy with this season of Bones. All I can say to you, is ….. have a good day!

    • P.S. Andrew Marlowe said (creator of Castle) that this is a good time for Beckett and Castle to get together. I wonder why all of the sudden he decided this……………?

  13. I horoughly enjoyed this episode – all the in jokes, movies references and “Angel” references. (The last brought back memories of DB as Angel singing Oh Mandy because he loved Barry Manilow songs and felt that one was beautiful – very funny.) Tamara Taylor was brave too and I bet she had fun as Blackula. The entire episode was funny and sweet and as pure escapism it was great entertainment.
    I am also very happy that B&B are together and in love so series 7 has been blissful watching for me. Another season of will they won’t they would have worn very thin indeed and if Emily’s pregnancy pushed forward the decision to have them together at last I for one am grateful. I have faith in HH/SN and their team so will wait for series 8 with the same anticipation as I’ve experienced in the past.

    • I’m with you. It was light-hearted throughout, filled with typical Bonesy stuff, but with the added bonus of in-jokes, references and whatnot that made it fun. (I didn’t get all the in-jokes about Angel and Freaks and Geeks and I still liked it.)

      What I find quite refreshing about the show is that the characters are allowed to be flawed and flaky at times and just plain human. I think the entire season was meant to be a give-back to the fans who wanted to see B&B together. It’s been sweet and sassy with some conflict or angst, but I really think that has been a setup for the Pelant story arc. They have so much going for them right now– a great team, a beautiful home and family, small conflicts that are usually fixable– and the idea that all that could come apart because of some creepazoid serial killer who’s smart, maybe smarter than Brennan, takes the show into new territory next season.

      So, sweetness and light works for me for now.

  14. I loved this episode – my absolute fave was the Andy Lister character around Booth. That was so well done! Running around saying he was in character was so funny.

    For someone who has been a bit blah about the fluff & sweetness & light, I must say after this episode (which will become an all-time fave) that I’m not ready for it to be trashed by a psycho. I’m spoiler free…but everyone’s comments are worrying me a tad…

  15. I am nervous about the finale tonight! The promo made me nervous! I usually watch the sneak peeks they release before the episode airs, but I have not watched for this week because I didn’t want to prematurely stress myself out 🙂 I’m curious about what other people think who saw the promo but I don’t want to be spoilery in case some people don’t even watch the promo. I just figure that the nice-ness this season was to lull us into a false sense of security and that something is going down. Though for once I have no idea what!

    • I don’t watch the sneak peeks either, but just the promos were enough to send my pulse racing. Gonna be good tonight!!!

    • I’m with you. I did see the promo and I broke down and watched the sneak peeks. ( I recommend that no one do that today ) I wish I hadn’t. Now I am very nervous and there isn’t anything I can do about it. HH is going to torture us and make us all tightly wound up for the summer hiatus. I figure as as nice as the ending was last week, we can expect the total opposite this week. Wow, I love this show; but, sometimes I hate that I care so much about fictional characters.

      • I was strong and managed to stay away from the previews, but I have read some interviews and saw the promos. I think we’re in for a bumpy ride.

    • I’ve seen only the promo that aired after last week’s ep, but it’s hard not to get the feeling of impending…angst.
      The multiple prior episodes’ sweetness-and-light (and silliness) is all just to make whatever happens in the finale that much worse. I think TPTB absolutely relish freaking us out and leaving us that way over the next long hiatus.

      They’re evil, I tell you, evil! :-O

      I’m simulaneously very excited for the finale tonight, and dreading it!

    • I read and watched all the spoilers, but it was ok. We knew something awful was coming. You didn’t have to be very spoiled to know that Pelant was going to frame Brennan. It was still a riveting episode even with the spoilers. All the spoilers really did was tell you where they were going, but the getting there was chilling and the ending was terribly sad. David was definitely right in his assessment that we would not be happy about it.

  16. On favorite references: I loved them all. I guess my favorite was all the business with the donuts because HH, SN, DB have been making such a fuss about the donuts over the last few months. And, Mandy Oh. If Angel singing Mandy doesn’t bring a smile to your face, nothing will.

    One that hasn’t been mentioned, there was a character, Liam Toynan, which is a lot like Ian Toyntan, one of their regular directors and, I think, a producer.

    I’m not sure it’s such a good thing that i recognized so many in jokes, but I also wonder if I missed any. That’s a project for the summer: scrutinizing Suit on the Set for references.

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