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  1. Well, David was right. It’s incredibly upsetting and I don’t like it. But, I don’t like it a lot less than the end of s5.

    More later.

  2. Wow.
    Holy Crap.
    And a whole bunch of four-letter exclamations I’ll keep to myself.


    • At least no one was killed that we knew. There were alot of rumors that someone like Booth or Brennan were going to die. I was 99.9 percent sure it was wrong and I’m so glad I was right.

  3. Wahhhhh! I’m glad Booth & Brennan are solid as a couple. Max will keep her safe. But how is Booth going to get his family back?????

  4. I loved the way that Caroline said that Cam was the hero of this piece so far, By keeping her integrity and reporting what the Jeffersonian’s findings were, no matter how damaging to Brennan those findings were, Cam thereby avoiding having the Jeffersonian staff pulled off of the case the way that others had been pulled off the case. Thus the Jeffersonian staff is “still in the game” and can still work to find counter-evidence to eventually exonersate Brennan, whereas Booth, Caroline and Brennan herself have been removed from working on the case.

  5. WTF!!!!! I can’t even think right now!! She has to come back. She is the main character of the show, right!?

  6. I thought it was an AWESOME episode: everything about it was absolutely excellent. The writing, the directing (kudos to DB), the acting, the plot! And as for the ending, I think it was exactly what Bones (the show) needed: a kick in the rear to get it into next season with a bang. It was awesome, but not sad. All the characters said and did exactly what they should have: Cam, Angela, Hodgins, and especially Max. I can’t say enough about it. I think everything was perfect!

    And as for Bones’s line to Booth at the end – I had heard she was going to say something and I guessed it would be along those lines: It’s exactly what Booth (and the audience) needed to hear.

    HEAR HEAR FOR SEASON EIGHT…. Now we just have to get through the next three months. ugh.

    • How can you say it wasn’t sad?

      It was horribly sad at the end. Poor Booth. Not just Bones leaving, but taking Christine with her. His family is gone. That made me cry.

      • Well, no you’re right: I actually did tear up three times – when Cam was crying, at the Christening, and at the end. I guess what I’m saying is that it wasn’t depressing sad, like when Vincent died and there’s no way to turn that back. I was just so afraid that somebody was going to die or something absolutely awful was going to happen – but this ending was ok with me because I can see so many ways out of this mess…It didn’t end badly – I’m actually excited about how it’s all going to work out. Does that make sense?? I don’t mean to be all heartless and stoney!

      • Going into this, I was scared for Caroline.

      • OK. In fact, I totally agree with you on this. The ending was horrible in its way and once again Booth loses his Bones and this time that includes his daughter. But, they are solid and Bones told him she loves him. So, this ending is a lot less horrible than the end of s5, when you didn’t know if they could ever come together again.

      • Incredibly sad! And the catch in his voice when he was talking to Max how that was his family….*sob*. (Kudos to DB for that last scene that broke my heart!) It’s going to be a long several months waiting for next season

  7. The clock said 4:47 on the clock that Pellant swapped out in B&B bedroom.

  8. It is going to be a loooong summer. My heart is still racing…my blood pressure must be through the roof right now!

    And, of course, the local Fox channel was all jacked up from 8:15 to 8:30 – so I could hear it – but not really see it. Ggggrrrrrr

  9. I thought it was great! Not as bad as I thought it would be be. I’m glad B&B are solid as a couple. Loved their scenes together & Christine’s baptism. And the two of them together, Booth’s arm around her looking at Christine in her crib! Wahhhhh!!
    Bone’s line to Booth at the end…perfection!
    It was so hot Booth beating the crap out of Pallant!
    It makes me feel better that Max is watching out for Brennan & Christine.

  10. Loved the episode. It wasn’t as bad as I feared; no one died, Booth and Bones are solid, etc. And what she said to him was so perfect. I know some will say she should have told him; but for his own sake, he couldn’t know ahead of time. Couldn’t be an accomplice. Max will keep her safe.

    Loved Angela in this and also loved Cam. They showed the heart and the brain. I also liked how Caroline said that Cam did the right thing and that is why their team could still be working on it. Everyone else was taken off because of their emotional ties to Booth and Bones.

    I will rest during the summer knowing it will all be okay in the end.

  11. Booth was SOO HAPPY at church….and then his family drives away and Booth is SOOOO SAD! Heart breaking.

    Stand out things for me:
    -Cam crying was very sad
    -Booth beating the crap out of Pelant was awesome! Good for him!
    -Booth and Brennan cuddling by Christine’s crib
    -Wendell being all “Brennanized”
    -Caroline and Max in one episode!
    -Happiness that Brennan came to the christening
    -Loved Brennan’s parting words to Booth!

    -Why did they leave their house unattended for Pelant to enter? Booth couldn’t have a sniper friend watching the perimeter? Something?
    -Why did Booth leaving his family alone on the street to get his car? While a murderer is on the loose??

    Overall, classic Bones creepy episode. I hated it but also loved it. 🙂

    • I thought the same thing about Pelant going into their house, BB. You think they would have had an alarm!
      Booth was soooo HAPPY at the church, happy they were all together as a family. Which made it all the more heartbreaking they are being torn apart!

      • Well I assumed Pelant would have easily disabled an alarm. But Booth coulda had a sniper buddy or FBI guy be on the lookout?

      • Maybe he did and we will see it when the new season begins? Can always hope, huh?

    • How do we know that the B&B house was unattended? For one they had monitor system running and recording Pellant in the house. Pellant could have diverted anyone visiting the house with another fake message.

      I felt sad that Brennan felt she had to run and I felt sad that Booth lost his family.

  12. That was so excruciatingly painful to watch; and poor Booth was so happy about the baptism. It just ripped my heart right out when he realized she was driving away. There’s no doubt that they’re setting up some conflict between them the next season; her inability to trust that he could keep them safe (and he probably really couldn’t) is probably going to have many repercussions for both of them, especially if there’s a time jump. Think of all the “firsts” he’ll have missed-can’t be good. Also makes me wonder how she’s going to handle following somewhat on the heels of her dad. Waaaaaah!

    • Any fan of the Godfather can tell you that a baptism on film is usually juxtaposed with some kind of…..bad thing.

    • Ok, that has me really worried about their relationship, mariu100!

    • Booth can’t keep her safe once she hits jail. She never would’ve made it out alive.

      • Right, all the people she has helped put away, their would probably be a price on her head in prison

    • One thing I am worried about, maybe the stress of all this might send him over the edge back into gambling. His gambling addiction seems to have been alluded to a bit

      • Booth needs to stay super focused right now, he wants to get his family back. Although, yeah, there have been a lot of references. Plus, he has to keep his son safe. Right? How could he have left with Brennan and Christine with Parker still there? That would have been a REALLY difficult decision for him to have to make, and Brennan had to know that as well, another reason why she didn’t let him have to even make that choice.

  13. Um….Can i get an amen for some reunion love making up in here?! Helloooo!

    No Spoilers, just pondering… When we rejoin the Bones universe this fall, will there be a time jump? How long will they be seperated….longer than the seven months in Maluku and Afghanistan? Will they communicate in some secretive way or will they go totally without any communication at all? I’m thinking there is going to be a time jump so they don’t have to work with a little baby anymore.

    • Definitely, Amen!! Hot reunion! Can I say how Hot Booth looked this entire episode?? Loved his casual clothes again. Loved the blue suit at the baptism, plus his smile while Christine was getting baptized. Phew!

  14. Hopefully there won’t be a huge time jump. I hope they start from the time that she left. In order for Booth to remain FBI, he had to stay. For Bones to remain Bones, he has to be FBI. This is the only way it could go. IMHO

    Can’t wait to see how it will resolve. I think Angela is on the trail of how he did it all. And, again, thanks to Cam, they can keep working on it.

    • My gut says time jump…I think they will use it as an opportunity to age Christine to maybe a toddler, I really do. I can accept that. If she’s any older than a year….that would be heartbreaking:(

      • Nothing against the infant playing the baby;) She IS adorable. And, seriously, she totally looks like she could be their daughter:)

  15. The thought of Booth not seeing his daughter for an extended period of time is just…just… WAHHHHHH!!!

    • The thought that Booth is feeling what a 15-year-old Brennan probably felt after she realized her family left her….SOB!

      Oh, man. I just had an image….. What if…. What if the next time Booth sees Christine she says Dadda or Daddy??!!!!! SOBBING.

  16. Here’s radical idea, and I’m not one of those “bring back Zach” people: Maybe they’ll need Zach to help them solve it. It is a numbers and decoding problem.

  17. That was absolutely gut-wrenching but completely riveting from beginning to end. I know everything will eventually be “okay” but wow…just wow! That was superbly acted, written, and directed and it’s going to be a loooooong summer.

  18. FUCK THIS SHIT I WILL KILL PELLANT BY MYSELF, JUST WAIT FOR IT GUYS, next week i’m going to the set and then………….. HAHAHAHAHAHAH ok no

  19. How creepy was it he WAS actually in Christine & B&B’s bedrooms. Did he plant a bomb in the alarm clock???

    • That seems rather obvious for Pelant, although that’s where my brain went immediately too.

      I’m thinking some kind of bug so he can keep even closer tabs on B&B. Perhaps a way of sending them subliminal messages, so they go crazy and don’t know why.

      Now we have four months to discuss it.

    • I was actually relieved that Brennan was on the run in part because she would now be sleeping next to weird replacement surveillance or subliminal message clock. Super creepy!

    • I literally recoiled at the shot of Pellant calmly walking in their front door – He’s inside the Mighty Hut! He’s in their home!

      I didn’t think ‘bomb’ – more like some kind of surveillance device. Which is incredibly creepy. No, it’s beyond creepy. It’s terrifying. And he went into their bedroom and the nursery – what’s up with that – did he put something in there, too??

      Was the Polaroid he took maybe for his horrid wall of photos and newspaper clippings?

      I think one of the scariest things about Pellant (and I thought this the first time we met him in “Crack in the Code”) is that he’s always so pleasant-looking and smiling and boyish. To me that’s way more disturbing than if he were surly and villainous.

  20. i think that, in the clock may have a camera or some audio device, dont know.
    A BOMB
    OMFG shit just got serious

    • For real!! That is the first thought that came to my mind! When the alarm goes off (4:47), a bomb will go off.

      • im kinda scared for the next season, seriously. This season was so adorable and perfect. AND NOW THIS
        If someone dies in season 8 , i’m gonna stick a fork in hart hanson’s eye

    • Um, if that SOB blows up the mighty hut Booth will kill that mutha.
      If they have this show end with a bomb going off and B&B wake up and it was all a dream, the Bones fandom might have to cut a Hannah.

  21. im violent right now, thie season finale almost kill me. hahaha 😦

  22. You know what? I was totally spoiled, but this time it really didn’t matter. The spoilers didn’t tell you exactly what was going to happen, you just knew that it was horrible. And, that was ok. I was riveted the whole time wanting to see exactly what the monster Pelant would do even knowing where he was going with it (meaning framing Brennan). It never occurred to me that she would go on the lam, although Max’s presence obviously suggests that.

    Just a fantastic ep!

    • This season was so perfect! B&B as a family, adorable & perfect. I knew we were in for a looong fall. Family was so important to both of them! I hope their relationship is still solid next season! Booth may be very angry she took off with Christine & didn’t trust him to protect them.

      • It WILL be interesting to see how this affects B&B once Brennan is cleared. I think Brennan has FAITH in Booth. She trusts him to help bring her back so they can be a family again. Somewhere deep down though, I think she took the risk that he may never be able to forgive/trust her, just as she has difficulty – to this day – trusting her father. She has to have faith they will find their way back.

  23. On a lighter note….. Brennan LOVES being undercover! Ha:)

  24. A poster on the IMDB made me feel a better with this comment:
    “How many episodes do you think they can get away with having Brennan be on the run? She can’t work cases because she won’t be able to testify in court. They will have to clear her and bring her back in fairly short order…I think some people go a little overboard with their angst. Even a strong law and order guy like Booth would have to realize that Brennan being on the run would be better than being in jail. The predicament they currently face is much more suited to a Max solution than a Booth solution.

    • yeah, that really makes sense!
      but i think bones will be back in the second, third episode, she wont be able to live by herself like that. She’s not alone anymore, and she love booth for gods sake!

    • Dr. Temprance Brennan as …. The Fugitive! Seriously, Dr. Kimmel was able to still help people on the run….. I bet Brennan finds a way to use her knowledge for good on the run too:) And we all know Brennan CAN kick some serious ass if she needs to.

      Man, I could be okay with maybe one or two episodes where Brennan is able to help Booth from far away….they haven’t had contact, but she wants to help him – on an unrelated case to Pellant….. and maybe he realizes it’s her helping….so close, but so far…… Oh, man, that could actually be REALLY, REALLY good.

      • And really really sad.

      • Oh it will rip our hearts out! LOL. Remember the longing look Booth gave Brennan as she listened to that sea shell last season? Or the look on Brennan’s face after she witnessed Booth move in with Hannah? UGH, these two can bring longing/angst! Think about that times 100!!! They’ll miss each other SO, SO, SO much!!!

      • Your right. We could have a lot of tears on our side watching them longing for each other.

        Man this is going to a long summer.

    • Let’s just think about it for one sec…. If the reason this season was cut short was because the network didn’t believe that us fans would continue to watch episodes of Bones without Emily playing Brennan, why would they agree to have Brennan missing for more than one episode come the start of S8? Surely this reasoning alone tells us that the character Brennan will not be missing from a heap of episodes come September?

      I for one would be more than willing to have watched this season with the Character Brennan MIA knowing that it was because Emily was spending some precious time with her son. If I have to watch the start of S8 with no Brennan, and for no other reason than to develop this storyline, I’m going to be PISSED!

      …….and can I just say……this episode went way to quick. Please Hart, can you convince FOX to air a double episode for the S8 return?

      Anyway, that is my rant over with.

      • Brennan wouldn’t have to be absent from the show in the beginning. She could be separated from Booth for a couple of episodes but still be on the show. They just wouldn’t be together. We will just have to see what the evil genius of HH gas planned for us. It’s way to early to worry about season 8. There are a lot of exciting ways this could go and still have Brennan and Booth in the show.

  25. Oh, the thick hitch in Booth’s voice when he tells Max to tell Brennan that he’ll get his family back. So sad.

    • Wahhhhh! As we saw this season, family is everything to Booth! Brennan & Christine are his life, everything he always wanted. He was so happy at the baptism with them! I can’t even…

      • Yes, it’s difficult to think about, but that’s the reality. There’s no guarantee that the team would ever be able to prove her innocence. When you run, you’re accepting that never coming back is a better alternative than what’s waiting for you there. That is true – she stays, and Pelant kills her in ‘the system’.

        But still, she can’t assume she’ll just be able to walk back into her life. When she left, she was risking everything she and Booth have, risking bringing Christine up without a Father, risking separating Booth from his daughter forever.

      • I think if things were really looking impossible for the team, I would like to think that they would brainstorm for another plan. Maybe they would try to convince the FBI to cut some kind of deal. I don’t know. Point is, I think Brennan was “okay” with temporarily being separated, but if started to look like forever, she might reconsider her options.

        As far as Booth choosing his family over his integrity and values, I can understand that. But he would never see himself the same – we all know the kind of guilt complex he has. Who knows what kind of strain that would put on his relationships. If that’s the worst that could happen, I guess a strained relationship is better than none at all?

        Yes, I’m seeing italics, too, and I don’t know why.

      • Ultimately, I think Brennan making the decision for Booth was the best thing that she could have done for Booth. If he had decided to run that would have meant that he would have had to choose one child over the other. His grandfather is very old and leaving now meant that he ran the risk of Pops dying before he could ever see him again. His job is very important to him. His sense of right and wrong are very strong and he really tries to live by the rule of law.

        By Brennan leaving without him, she made sure that Booth didn’t have to choose something that could have ultimately destroyed who he is, that which makes Booth Boothy.

      • I understand what you’re saying Lenora (because I said half of the same stuff), but I understand Sophia’s point, too. Yeah, he didn’t have to choose one child over another, but what did that leave him with? I talked about whether he could stay Boothy on the run, but how Boothy can he be when he doesn’t have all his family with him to take care of? All their options just sucked either way. But I still hold to me opinion that it was better that he did not run with them for the long term. I just don’t think Brennan is committed enough to stay away for years and years. I have to believe they would have worked something else out – like running away to Fiji, as MJ suggested. 😉

      • I agree with you. I don’t think Brennan would be willing to give up Booth permanently. I do see this as a short term solution to Pelant. I know a lot of people have already said that and I agree.

        If Pelant was trying to tortue Booth then he couldn’t have found a better way to do it. Booth lost with whatever happened. Whether Brennan stayed and ended up in jail (and risked getting killed) or Brennan running with their child and he being put in a situation where he can’t protect them and doesn’t know their fate is just as horrific.

        Seperating Brennan from Booth is just as horrific for her. Taking their daughter from Booth had to be horrible for her. She has experienced seperation from family and she knows what family means to Booth.

        Pelant is evil and so far the worse antaganist they’ve had on this show. (my opinion)

        There have been so many comments made for this topic that it is hard to keep from stepping on something someone else has already said. I’m definitely not taking credit for original thought here. Just reiterating.

  26. I know this going to sound bad but when Max showed up in the episode I thought “Max, go kill Pellant and then that will take of the problem. I knew that wasn’t going to happen now; but, it could happen later. Max has connections and he wouldn’t think twice about eliminating a threat to his family. Just saying….,

    • How many people did Max kill or have killed?? He had his wife’s killer in prison killed , then he shot, gutted & burned two people who threatened his family. So, yeah, I wouldn’t mess with Max!
      Oh, and he tried to snipe the gravedigger, but Booth stopped him.

      • From Tumblr:
        Okay, did anyone else get the feeling that Booth was actually going to run with them, but she went on her own, to save HIM too?
        The way him and Max were talking…
        “I should be with them!”
        “I know how to be a fugitive a lot better than you.”
        That’s why he wasn’t pissed at all. He knew he needed to stay in the system. So that he could help find Pelant.

      • Everyone in the strong arm gang died. They weren’t clear that the FBI did them in or some unknown person did it do we really don’t know how many people he’s killed. Pellant would just be one more waste of skin eradicated.

      • The gang murdered each other according to the agent who had overseen their case in that early episode.

        As much as I’d like Max to take Pelant out, taking Pelant out won’t necessarily help Brennan. They may need him alive to prove that Brennan isn’t the killer, etc.

    • I totally thought max was going to go off and kill Pelant himself. After Booth and Brennan basically dismissed him when they were arguing about it I was terrified that he would matters into his own hands. Sure, I want Pelant dead, but I didn’t want Max to have to leave Bones again.

      • I have to say, I didn’t factor Max into the Pelant situation, or really any deaths at all. My theory was that something was going to happen to separate B&B. They’ve been so loving and happy and settled and adorable…I thought that the worst possible thing Pelant could do to them would be to break up this family. Also, shock was the cliffhanger theme last season (VNM death, baby reveal) so I knew they’d have to do something different. This season’s was not so much an “OMG shocker” moment, but a more subtle, but agonizing set of circumstances. As the episode progressed, you could slowly see the options getting narrower and narrower for Brennan, until she ultimately left. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down exactly, but I must say that I was quite pleased. (Not that my babies are hurting!) but I thought it was well executed and was a cliffhanger that will keep fans wondering.

        (One thing I really like about the show is how they can integrate the guest stars in and out of plot liines when they have them for such a limited time. Caroline and Max especially just come right in and its like they never left. I thought they did a great job especially bringing in Max this season just a little bit in a couple of episodes to give him the opportunity to be around to help Brennan escape. Its also a nice bookend to Brennan’s parents leaving and all those feelings and emotions. Very full-circley. I like that.)

      • I think next season when Brennan is back home we aren’t going to hear any more comments to Max from Brennan about being abandoned.

      • Agreed Lenora. I mean, she’s been working on it since early in the series, but finally becoming a parent and facing a tough decision herself, I think she finally “got it”. And while it doesn’t erase her parents’ decision to be criminals in the first place, or her foster care experiences, she can see her parents finally from an adult perspective and not as a child. Once you get to that place, you can more easily forgive and understand what your parents did that as a child you can’t see.

      • Who knows, when push came to shove, she did not leave her daughter. Perhaps now that she’s a mother she’ll find it even harder to understand why in the world someone would leave their kids and not look for them for 18 years.

      • She didn’t abandon her child but she did abandon Booth. Different circumstances that is true but she did abandon someone whom she loved and who loved her. Even though she took her daughter because she couldn’t bear to abandon her child she did take Booth’s child away from him. Things aren’t always black and white and Brennan now knows that with certainty. Her parents crazy life style endangered their children that’s true; but, Brennan’s job endangered her child. Differences that make little difference in the end.

      • We don’t know that Max never looked for Brennan. He certainly looked for Russ and he knew enough about the difference in his kids to say that Russ did better with him and Brennan did better without him.

        There are plenty of clues that indicate he kept tabs on her even if he didn’t contact her, including that he had her phone number when he left that message on her voice mail at the end of “Limbo.”

        Max and Ruth also ran away WITH their children when Brennan was an infant. They left behind a 15-year old and a 19-year old – an adult and a teenager on the cusp of adulthood.

        Brennan isn’t doing what her mother didn’t do, she’s doing the same thing Ruth did. Ruth ran away with Max – and so did Brennan.

      • I think it’s a cop out to say she did better without him, how would he even know? He never actually tried until she started poking around for clues. Otherwise he never would’ve contact her. Regardless of whether he kept tabs on her or not, she didn’t know, she still felt abandoned and knowing that he was in contact with Russ but not her only hurt more. Don’t get me wrong, I like Max quite a bit despite the obvious short comings and it would be good for Brennan to finally let herself heal from that painful chapter in her life but I can’t say that what she did compares to what her parents did to her. For starters, her parents were criminals, she’s not.

        Brennan left Booth, but Booth is a grown man who can take care of himself and she made sure to let him know she loves him and that he knew why she was doing what she was doing. Also, it’s not her intention to never look for him again and to separate him from his daughter forever.

        I’m pretty sure the writer’s intention is to end the Max-Brennan tension with this development, I’m just saying there are other ways to go with it.

      • I also didn’t like when he told her that she did better without him. I mean, really? She did better without her dad? On the surface, sure, she was doing well for herself. If he was able to keep tabs on her emotionally as well as he could physically, I wonder if he would still make that statement. However, I think part of Max staying away had to do with him having evidence in the Marvin Beckett(?) case, so I’ll give him that.

        I still can’t get down with the idea that just because Brennan was a little older, she somehow was supposed to deal with the situation a little better than if she was younger. If it was any easier, I don’t think it was by much. And even as an adult, I don’t see how it could have been easier when she found out that her parents didn’t disappear because they died, and then to find out what felt like her whole life had been built on lies with the stolen identities. There’s a part of me that will never totally be in Max’s corner because of his own bad choices that put his family at risk that way. Yes, Brennan and Booth have dangerous jobs fighting crime, but that’s not bad.

        Did Brennan do the same thing as her parents? In short, yes and no. The reasons why you guys have already explained.

      • I also don’t hate Max, because I think he has always been sincere about mending his relationship with his daughter (even if it started with Booth urging him to turn himself in.) But I’m not prone to overlook things for him like I do the other characters.

      • I don’t believe Brennan actually did do better without Max than Russ would have but I can see why Max would have thought that, especially if he was keeping tabs on her. She went to college, earned several degrees, had a great career, etc. If he was only watching from afar, Russ was the one in trouble, in jail, on parole, etc. Ergo ipso facto Columbo Oreo, Russ needed him, Brennan didn’t.

        That was absolutely not true (as we’ve seen proof of) but I can see why Max would think that was the case.

        What I find really irritating is what I’ve seen mentioned in several different places, including a lot of post-finale fanfic: Even though Brennan did a bunk, she’s not as bad as her mother because she took her child with her. Well, Ruth took her child with her, too, when that child was a baby.

        And frankly, if we want to split hairs, it’s worth pointing out that Ruth and Max ran away the second time to save their childrens lives. Brennan ran away to save her own.

      • “What I find really irritating is what I’ve seen mentioned in several different places, including a lot of post-finale fanfic: Even though Brennan did a bunk, she’s not as bad as her mother because she took her child with her. Well, Ruth took her child with her, too, when that child was a baby.”

        Personally, I prefer not to go the “who’s better than who,” and I hope the show doesn’t either. Certainly, parallels can be drawn. I think it would make sense for it to make Brennan really think about what her parents did through a parent’s eyes, but not in a way that damages the relationship she’s building with her father.

        “And frankly, if we want to split hairs, it’s worth pointing out that Ruth and Max ran away the second time to save their childrens lives. Brennan ran away to save her own.”

        And if she did (okay, she did), I’m not mad about that. But a lot of times beyond that, people also don’t want to die because of the people who love and depend on them. Most of all, since she felt her life was threatened by staying, that would mean Christine would risk losing her mother. So I can very well see those things being more of a driving force other than just “I don’t want to die.” I still maintain that the situations are different in that Max and Christine brought that situation on themselves dealing with such dangerous people (even for just that one job), while Booth and Brennan are being targeted for the good work that they do.

      • I agree with you there. Pelant is afraid of Booth and Brennan’s ability to capture bad guys. They are geniuses at what they do and Pelant needs to eliminate the threat they pose to him.

        Right now, Pelant thinks he’s won; but, the fact is, Booth and Brennan don’t work in a vacuum and because Cam did her job Pelant didn’t eliminate the threat completely.

        Pelant may be a genius but he isn’t God. He killed Sawyer but Hodgins , Csm and Angela have his coded message.

        Brennan ran to protect herself and her child. She also ran to protect Booth. We already saw that Pelant knew how to get to Booth. By separating herself from Bootb she removed Pelant’s ability to manipulate Booth. She did the things she did for everyone’s good.

        Max and Ruth ran to protect themselves and their almost adult children. The separated themselves from their children so McViker couldn’t kill their children. True their horrible lifestyle choices caused this to happen but none the less they did it to keep their children from being murdered,

        I wrote this on my phone so please forgive the typos I always have them.

      • For me the difference lies in what preceeded the leaving. Max and Ruth Keenan were criminals, who associated with criminals, utimately leading in what transpired. Max, we also know, is quite adept at killing and using gruesome methods (though we can argue if it was justifiable). Brennan and Booth found themselves in this mess through no fault of their own, and while the actions are very similar, the reasons it had to take place were vastly different. I also believe that Booth was not “abandoned” per se because from what we can see, he will allow it. He did not chase after the car, he did not call his FBI pals, and he sat on the church steps. I think Booth agreed that it was necessary, he just couldn’t bring himself to actually implement the plan. If Booth did not believe it was the right thing, he’d have been gone in a flash after them. Max and Ruth’s actions led to some terrible things down the road for their family, way before their disappearing/Ruth’s death. They had to change identities, their names, their lives. That’s some serious stuff. And Russ was old enough to be very confused. And the actions just trickled down from there.

        So I think Brennan’s leaving was 1) not abandonment because Booth indirectly is on board with the plan and 2) it was not her actions or fault that brought this upon them. The big connection that I see to the past is that they can use the skills Max learned to assist in the current plan. And though Max had been in the wrong before, and that Brennan’s anger about that is justifiable, I think it will give Brennan some empathy as a parent and an adult to feel the struggle about leaving a loved one behind/sacrificing for your child and see how her parents would have suffered during that time as well as her and Russ.

      • very well said, bb, and i agree completely

      • Totally agree with you bb. I think what made that final churchstep scene so sad was Booth’s deep-down knowledge that as much as he might want it, he really couldn’t protect his family from Pelant and all of them knew it. For a man who’s identity has always been tied to the idea of doing the impossible to keep his loved ones from harm (and generally succeeding,) this has got to be hard stuff to digest.

      • I agree with this too.

        Booth said, “Accomplice? They’re my family. I should be with them.”

        That’s such a Booth-y line. Protecting his loved ones is the heart of the man. To know he can’t do that must be killing him.

      • I found it interesting that dicussions on other sites actually had people thinking that Booth could have possibly been forced to arrest Brennan in the Pelant situation. Some people even thought that he might have called in the FBI and turned her in after she ran, as if the choice between loyalty to his job or to his family would ever cross his mind. There’s no contest; if Booth thought that Brennan would be better off without him, he would throw himself to the side without even thinking about it. His first duty has always been to those he loves first, always, even at his own expense. He would have done anything for Brennan as his partner; now that they’re together, the sky’s the limit.

      • I agree with you Maria. No way Booth would ever put his job before his family. We’d already seen Booth give up a big RICO case for Jared and he doesn’t even like Jared. He’d give up his job for the woman he loves. No way Booth would arrest her. That’s just crazy talk.

      • Booth’s not as defined by his job as he used to be – I think he was genuinely tempted by the quality of life they could have in California. Although I imagine he’d be bored stupid by being an average-joe security guard, it would be a waste of his talents.

        My main point is, I can definitely see the day when B&B decide they’ve done enough crime fighting and choose safer, more pedestrian jobs. So of course he’d give up his job to be with Brennan and Christine. He told Brennan once. ‘I’d do anything for you, I’d die for you, I’d kill for you’. That was when they were just colleagues (haha). Imagine how much the stakes are ramped up now they’re together.

        I’m interested in what Brennan’s situation is going to be when she returns – is she a criminal now? Max mentioned getting her fake papers, which shows quite a big commitment to the fugitive thing. Will she be able to work with the FBI? (I mean, I know the show will make it all ok, but really – how?!)

        I think saying she ‘abandoned’ Booth isn’t quite fair, they had little choice and she didn’t tell him to protect him. But in the long run, they might have done better to take their chances and run together. At this point, their life as they knew it in DC is as good as over, realistically. Her father was on the run for almost 20 years, Brennan knows this might not be a short term thing.

      • I actually disagree that in the long run it would have been better if Booth ran with them. Being on the run I have to imagine is psychologically destructive. I don’t like to agree with Max, but I don’t think Booth would make a good fugitive. And it’s not just because he’s an FBI agent; I think he just tries to be an upstanding citizen. So yeah, he would be with his family, but would he stay “Booth”? Would it cause him to slip even further into shady territory? The flip side of Booth being all about family is the kind of life he wants to provide for them, which would be limited, not that great, and much trickier if they all went on the run, even if they changed identities – it’s basically Max and Christine, take 2. They’d have to be really, really good to not get caught (no surprise a con-man made it work), because if they failed, they risk Christine being taken from both of them.

        Booth probably wouldn’t have arrested her if he knew, but he would get deeper into trouble.

      • I agree, I think Brennan did the right thing for them in the long run. Once this is over and she’s cleared they can reclaim their old life, as much as possible. If Booth had ran with them he never would be allowed to stay with the FBI and that’s a huge part of his life. She protected his future. While Max talked about getting her some fake IDs, I don’t think Brennan saw this as a permanent fix to her problem. It was also clear from Max’s ”instructions” to Booth that this was only to buy her some time “you stay in the system, catch that son of a bitch and bring your family back home while I keep her safe”

        Whether it is realistic or not that she’ll be able to go back to being an FBI consultant after all this, I think it’s less of a problem than an FBI agent breaking the law by protecting a fugitive, even if she later ends up being cleared of the chargers.

      • I don’t even think it’s just about Booth keeping his FBI job – though at this point they need that. I don’t know if he considers it as important as he used to since he was talking about moving to California recently. I think even if Booth changed jobs, he’s still want something with a protection and security element, something that still involves upholding the law. He has more to lose in terms of credibility to his career. I’m not suggesting that Brennan can’t lose some credibility, but with her running, I don’t think anyone can say that affects her ability to be a forensic anthropologist the same way one would question if Booth could still uphold the law.

      • I think I’m thinking of it very much from the perspective that when Brennan left, she didn’t know whether she’d ever be reunited with Booth again.

        Sure, I’m sure she hopes it will all be sorted out but her father was on the run for 18 years. She knows it can be a ‘forever’ kind of thing.

        When I say it might have been better in the long run for Booth to go with them, I thinking in terms of the fact she might never be able to come back.

        Given a choice over keeping his integrity and values in tact, or never seeing his daughter again – Booth would choose his family every time.

      • I have a real hard time with the notion that Brennan would be leaving forever without Booth, especially given Max’s words to Booth about staying in the system and catching Pelant to bring his family back. This was a temporary fix up to give Booth and the team some time to catch Pelant. She trusts her team and Booth to find something to clear her, they’ve always had; but she didn’t have the luxury to wait around for it because her arrest was imminent and once imprisoned, she knew she would be toast.I just don’t see her willing to live a life as a fugitive forever like her parents did and separating her daughter from her father permanently.

      • Now there’s a fanfic waiting to be written. Pelant happens . . . Brennan & Max leave, planning on coming back in a matter of months . . . months stretch out with no progress . . . Brennan comes back, convinces Booth to skip the country with her . . . they live happily ever after in a hut in Fiji, or somewhere else without extradition laws.

        Don’t look at me, I have enough on my plate. But I’d read it!

        (I have no idea where this response will end up in this stream. I found a ‘reply’ button, pressed it and hoped to get lucky. We’ll see.)

        (Also apropos of nothing, every post from about mid-page down is in italics. Is that just me or are you people getting fancy on me?)

  27. Before I go do something silly — work — I just have one last comment: I love it when Booth kicks in a door. One of the reviews had the pic and it just made me squee. Later!

  28. What! This was Carla Kettner’s last episode of Bones?!! NOOooooo!

  29. I just hope someone has the freezer stocked with ice cream for the B&B reunion! 🙂

  30. Wasn’t as scary as everyone said would be. It was sad though breaking them up but like most have said, she needed to leave. Max will be the link between the two of them. He does that VERY well.
    Booth is going to be accused of helping Brennan escape so he still needs to face questioning from the FBI about the whereabouts of Brennan so it is better he knows nothing.
    Brennan running might throw Pelant off his game and he might make mistakes then. Old Brennan would not have run – remember the New Orleans incident in S1 or S2.
    Been apart could help their relationship even more. Like Brennan said, she is not with him because of Christine but because she loves him and this will be a test for them and make them grow closer than ever before.
    Been a while the whole team have had their hands tied. They will find a way and it will be interesting how this is all resolved.

  31. The title ‘Past in the Present’, could that be Max repeating what he did with his own family but with Brennan with her own family?

  32. oh wow…loved it!
    My thoughts:
    – I definitely thought Booth was going to run. He didn’t seem freaked out. The exchange with Max earlier, when Max suggests that Booth had thought of running, and Booth confirms it, set it up for me.
    – I’m actually would have loved to have seen them run off together…
    – I think we’ll have a few eps of Booth & co trying to frame Pellant, and Brennan on the run.
    – loved the directing and score
    – I was spoiler free, but figured after last week that tonight’s ep would involve leaving some way…but it was supposed to be together…

    Sigh. And that was Season 7. All the family fluff ending with a centre that holds and a shit hot Booth ready to take down Pellant. Bring on Season 8!

    • I agree, linda! Very Hot Booth last night! Booth knew he needed to stay in the system so that he could help find Pelant. I need to watch this again! One thing we can all agree on…it will be a long 4 months wait, but not as long as the 6 months we had to endure after Season 6!

  33. Truly a very different Bones, but great. Every twist and turn tied the noose around Brennan’s neck until she either had to get out of there or be put into further jeopardy. And everyone was either cut from the investigation or unwittingly compiling more evidence against Brennan. Wow.

    There are so many ways to go with this– really a great episode because there are so many ways they could go come season 8.

    Seeing Cam fall apart was crushing, but seeing just how Angela refused to give up was really heartening. Caroline declaring Cam the hero was a nice touch (because Pelant is the real bad guy in this) as was Sweets trying to steer the investigation toward Pelant.

  34. Oh, and how many ‘Brennan on the run’ fanfics is this going to generate…

  35. I just kept thinking the whole time “nothing is as it seems” so while I got the feeling she was going to run and that Booth was going to trust Max to help her. That Booth was was setting it up by letting the FBI have the car but not come into the house. Also I love when Booth said that “he said were the evidence goes” to Angela that he was setting something up. He is FBI and he knew about the car being on the street. But he left it there plus he left them on the street “alone”. That was just a little to easy for me. I may be alone here but while Booth handed in his gun and badge he was still working that case. There is a level of trust for Angela, Caroline and Hodgins that along with Max they could figure out this case so that together they would be smarter the only one missing was Zack. Sweets and Cam didn’t fit in as well to me. I was happy to see Sweets get kicked off the case because of how he works and is always studying Bones or picking her apart. While he may be the “little” Duck he is always going at her and now he sees it as he see how other’s are going at her. Plus I didn’t like Cam since Bones has been missing things all of season 7 and while she cried it didn’t hit me as true. I don’t think she is trying to “frame” her or anything thing it is just that something that you get when people stick it a little bit to the smart person in the room when they are wrong. Kind of like when she showed up in S2 or how pissed she was that “Brennan left” at the start of S6 and she almost lost her job…I didn’t like Booth and Brennan being apart but every time they break apart they come back together stronger.

    • I think both Cam and Sweets were trying in their own way to help. Cam did the right thing, the thing that Brennan would have probably insisted on– informing the FBI of all of the evidence. Cam saw how all the pieces were fitting together and it just about broke her heart. (Listen to Wendell recite Brennan’s mantra about following the evidence where it may lead.) Sweets was trying to steer everything back to Pelant, but the evidence was just stacked up against Brennan. (Listen to what he was saying about Brennan– it was truthful and kind, but at that point it just wasn’t enough.)

      Caroline was right to say that Cam was the hero in this piece– she told the truth. If she hadn’t, the Jeffersonian would never be allowed to touch another piece of evidence and no one would have the tools at their disposal to help Brennan in the future. Caroline, Booth, Sweets and Brennan might have been eliminated from the case, but not the Jeffersonian.

      It will be interesting to see how the team functions next time we see them. Cam and Brennan have butted heads in the past, but that’s because they both have enormous amount of pride in their work. With Brennan, it practically sank her– she provided her own evidence to implicate her in the murder. (And she almost couldn’t see how things were stacking up against her.)

    • I felt this way too Angy.

  36. I have a question. I haven’t rewatched the episode yet and, admittedly, I was flipping back and forth between Bones and the season finale of How I Met Your Mother at the end of the hour! Was the car Booth was going to get at the end his own? If it is, man, when did he get that sweet ride? Right??

    • Oh, I was curious about that, too! I kept rewinding hoping for a better shot of the whole vehicle. Ugly color but otherwise, nice. Very nice.

      • In the first season he told Brennan that he likes to restore old cars. Maybe that was one of the cars he restored? (Didn’t seem to have a car the last time he needed one when he was suspended from the FBI. Had to use Caroline’s, eh, classic.)

    • DB had been tweeting while filming Past, they were looking for a ’65 mustang, I believe it was.
      My question is, who’s car was Brennan driving? Max’s car??

      • I thought about the car Brennan’s driving too. I assume it’s a car that Max got with cash and that is not properly registered or is registered to someone who has no obvious or not so obvious connection to them. She can’t be driving anything that can be tied back to any of them.

        ’65 Mustang is about right for what we saw of that car. It’s funny: from the Tweet I thought the car was for David himself. Didn’t realize it was for the show. He has Tweeted a pic of something similar.

  37. How did Pelant know that Brennan got a plant from Hodgins? How did he know what type of alarm clock to buy? How did he know the B/B house would be empty? He keeps tabs on them quite closely like he has bugged their computers/phones. That is creepy. Hope he does not use the traffic cams to find Brennan.

  38. Bones & Christine alone in that car. Just thinking about that closing image is making me cry – again.

    • I also keep thinking of that scene, and the follow up details. Like they’ll find a hotel /room somewhere and Max will join them and I have these flashes of Brennan going out for a run while Max watches christine;Brennan pouring over books in a local library; Brennan with short or dyed hair…and then the pinched look on her face when she called booth back to say she loved him and that they weren’t together just because of Christine …and then Brennan in the dark driving…

    • Brennan is strong enough to cope and no matter how hard it is for Booth and his fans. It’s lonely, sad etc but Brennan has been through it before and this time, she has her daugther and father to help her through. Christine will miss her dad – she would know his voice and smell but she can forget if the break is too long.

      • I would like to know Booth’s smell…I bet he wears a nice manly cologne….oh where was I?
        The traffic cam thing- Pellant can’t know what kind of car she is driving…can he??

      • If Pelant traces their location for that day, he might see a traffic cam showing her getting into that car or see Max driving it.

      • Heaven-I think that’s what Hart said, and I believe him. A while back another interviewer said the same thing about DB-must gather my own evidence. Ahhh….

      • A fan who met him said the same thing.

        BTW, the gushing tweets over his birthday today are just a tad over the top. I’m a big fan, but I do have one last shred of dignity. On the other hand, there are some “interesting” ways to celebrate there. ;-D

      • Angelena, you’re on Twitter? Am I following you? If not, why am I not?

      • MJ, I opted for direct response: watch for my email.

    • If this doesn’t have you in tears, nothing will! Little Christine in the back seat…Booth all alone on the steps… rstand-i-should-be

      I’ll say it again….Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • This was very cool. Watching it made me realize something: DB really likes shooting from on high with a crane. Hart has “complained” about how David always wants to spend lots of money on stuff like that when he directs.

      • Karen –

        On your comment on Booth smelling good: Hart tweeted a pic of him and DB hugging. Hart had a sad face, and he commented that DB smelled good. I forgot what the exact adjective was. He smelled like ____ and it was something nice. ;-D

  39. DB smelled good…. I need to open some windows…*THUD*

    • I don’t know what DB smells like – god i wish i did – had a dream about him last night…but that’s another story…

      Where was I? Oh yes. Booth doesn’t wear cologne. He said it sometime early season 6. I remember this because every second fanfic I’d read to that point mentioned his nice semlling cologne (btw… here is Australia it’s ‘aftershave’) so when he said I just laughed. No more cologne mentions since…

      • I had a long comment on aftershave v. cologne. I lost it and don’t want to reconstruct it. I will only state that i think that cologne came along with two things: regular men becoming more attentive to their appearance and when they started to have big designer labels. Armani wouldn’t make aftershave. I bet Booth wears aftershave, maybe even one of the old school ones that his dad had in the barbershop. This is better than the lost post.

  40. Bones Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions-
    I know, no spoilers! This is just a link if anyone is interested in what HH has to say about Season 8.
    Don’t go there if not interested!

    • Thanks for this. Just wanted to say that the comments in response are crazy – rude, biting, nasty. Wow! Gees I like this site:)

      • Linda –

        You’re so right. I couldn’t believe how nasty some of the comments there were. Some of them were also pretty dumb. I generally don’t read stuff in those place. This reminded me why.

      • I never look at comments anymore other than at sites like this for Bones, or anything else on the internet, for that matter. I’m totally perplexed by the syndrome that compels people to bother to look up websites only to post about stuff that they clearly hate. If you don’t like either Brennan or Booth to that degree, why on earth are you watching in the first place? It must be a sad, sad life when you choose to spend your time spewing negativity everywhere you go-talk about living in your own private hell. All I can say is that they shouldn’t allow crazy people to have access to computers-look at what Pellant can do!

      • You’re right Maria. Also very funny. It’s not like someone is forcing them to watch Bones. Why aggravate those of us who love the show. I quit looking at other sites last year. It was too upsetting.

      • Besides, it is JUST a TV show. When things got so awful in s6, I considered stopping watching until things got less upsetting, but I didn’t go around spewing that kind of venom. I did comment, but politely.

        mariu, loved your comment about computers with Pelant as the example.

  41. I rewatched and I liked it even better the second time around. One thing though…

    Was the timing of Brennan’s declaration of love to Booth good? If it had come earlier in the season, while she was still pregnant, would it have fit? Does it mean more now that they have been together and have experienced parenthood -the ups and downs – together? Did it have to be said at all? Does anyone believe Booth would really believe Brennan was only with him because of Christine? If Brennan had said that she loved him and that their life together has made her happier than she ever knew possible have carried the same weight?

    Just some thoughts…. Again, I loved the episode. Loved B&B. And bless Christine, she looked so sad in that last shot:(

    • No. I don’t believe that anyone,least of all Booth, believed that. I was actually happy that he didn’t really dignify her comment with a straightforward response, as if he knew that she was really not saying what her words were actually saying. And I don’t think she would have chosen such a grandiose statement if she hadn’t been about to leave. Booth may have ptsd every time Brennan declares her love in the future!

    • Brennan has declared her love to Booth before, this wasn’t the first time she told him she loves him. It was her way of saying goodbye and reassuring him that she wasn’t running from him and kidnapping their child, she was running to protect them and their life together remaining the same in the long run.

    • Also, “That’s my family, I should be with them” made me think he thought he was going on the run with them. Had he done that, he never would’ve been allowed back in the FBI and Brennan knew that, she was protecting him and their life together after all they fix this mess. If he had gone with her, they would never be able to continue doing the work they do together. Emotional Booth would probably say “to hell with the FBI” but rational Brennan thinks things through a bit more.

      • I don’t think Booth would have ever let her turn herself in and Brennan knew that. I think the coversation with Max at their house, when Max stated that Booth had been thinking about running, brought it all home to Brennan. She couldn’t let him make that choice, the implications would have had a long-reaching impact on their lives. She is protecting their family and I do believe Booth knows that.

      • No, no, you are forgetting that that was Booth’s second statement.

        First Booth said, “Where are they going?”, to which Max replied, “If you know, then you’ll be an accomplice.”

        THEN Booth responded, “That’s my family! I should be with them!”

        So Booth DIDN’T know that Brennan and Max had actually made the decision to go on the lam, despite the fact that he’d earlier admitted to Max that he HAD been considering doing that over the past several days.

  42. I thought Brennan’s line about ‘I’m not with you just because of Christine’ dropped like a massive clunker of dialogue straight out to the audience members who’ve been complaining of that since this time last year. It completely took me out of the moment and reminded me that I’m watching actors speak lines of dialogue written by someone else.

    There is no way Booth thought that’s why they were together. I mean, HELLO! This is the woman who a couple of years ago asked him point blank for his sperm, if she wanted to raise the baby alone or with him just as visiting rights, she would be. Also, they haven’t alluded to that insecurity once in the entire season. In fact, they’ve gone to pains to show that Booth is completely secure in her love for him.

    Other people seem to think that’s the most romantic thing she could have said to him, but it didn’t sound like Brennan talking to me. It sounded like HH talking back to accusations. I’d much have preferred something like, ‘I love you, I love our daughter, I love the life we’ve built’

    Also – can I just take a moment and say, damn Booth was hot in the episode. (Kicking the door down and beating the crap out of Pelant were very Angel reminiscent.) DB sure does know how to ‘direct’ himself…ahem. My mind just shot into the gutter, apologies.

    • Sophia, I have to say, I didn’t mind the dialogue there. Sometimes we can be so dense, people have to hit us over the head with the truth. Just because they have their “new life”, doesn’t mean there won’t be doubts. Booth’s past with women haven’t been stellar, he’s again with someone without the marriage commitment, and even if you believe someone loves you, sometimes its good just to hear it flat out. Maybe in the back of his mind he might wonder if Vincent’s death and the baby had forced the relationship and I thought it was good of Brennan to reassure him that she is just flat out happy to be with him no matter what.

      Plus it was a goodbye speech of sorts. So now when Booth thinks of them or is missing his family, he can think on her words. Direct and said with meaning. And that will comfort him I believe. So I was happy with her saying it that way. It was very “Brennan” to me.

      Also, I concur with everyone else when I say Booth was HOT! 🙂 My favorite part? When he shove Pelant through the window and there’s broken glass everywhere. I don’t want to know what that says about me 🙂

      • I think my knee-jerk reaction was like sophia’s, but after thinking about it I realized why it still worked for me. Booth’s character is a strong alpha-male, but he definitely has his insecurities when it comes to “daddy” issues and romantic relationships. Daredevil and Warrior, anyone? And how about when he thought Brennan thought he wasn’t any different from Broadsky? It’s crazy based on their history, but his mind went there. But did you see how good it was for him to hear her say that she thought he was good and would always stand beside him? Now, I’m not saying Booth really thought that she was with him because of Christine, but it never hurts to hear such declarations. It certainly made him smile. I think her statement was saying that it was more than just being parents, that she understands and appreciates the love they share just between them, and she intends to honor their commitment.

        Maybe it was a response to certain fans. I know I didn’t feel that way about either one of them, but other fans were probably very vocal about that. But unless HH admits that, I can’t say for sure.

      • “Also, I concur with everyone else when I say Booth was HOT! My favorite part? When he shove Pelant through the window and there’s broken glass everywhere. I don’t want to know what that says about me ”
        bb- when I rewatched the ep. I kept playing that whole scene again! Booth beating the crap out of Pelant, smashing his head through the window, then stomping on him, was very gratifying to see!
        When he told Pelant if he touches Brennan “I will kill you”, it reminded me of the episode where a hit was put on Brennan & Booth threatened the guy with his gun & said the same thing. Protective Booth = Hot Booth!

      • Definiitely a goodbye speech. One that Booth can remember while they’re gone. Imagine Brennan having the foresight to know he’d need that — not so long ago I bet it never would’ve occurred to her.

    • She has to say goodbye to Booth somehow and it was a way of saying, “I love you” and “What I’m about to do is for you.” Booth might have wanted to take off with Brennan, but she wasn’t going to allow him to give up his career for her and put them both in jeopardy.

      It works. It’s awkwardly Brennan and it is very direct without cluing him in on what she’s about to do. Yes, she’s said, “I love you” before, but she’s made it all about him. That’s a way of protecting him without just disappearing. Even if she wasn’t one step ahead of Pelant ever in the episode, she was several steps ahead of Booth.

      • I don’t know if this will get anywhere near what I’m commenting on, but so what?
        bb – That scene in Harbingers where he tells Brennan that he loves her is one of the saddest scenes in the whole 7 yrs of the show. He loves, adores, this woman and he is terrified of telling her that. He has so much difficulty getting it out, then immediately backs off it when she just gapes at him, afraid that she is about to freak out. The look on his face just crushes my heart every time.

    • I didn’t hate it but, yes, I just feel it was….the wrong episode to say this. I actually feel there could have been a moment – hey maybe even in the first episode of S7 – where Brennan could have said this. “I think we should move in together – yes we are building a family, but that isn’t the only reason.” Something along those lines would have worked for me. Then she could have just said ” I love you and I love our life together” to Booth before she left. Oh, well. Again though, I still loved the episode and the ending.

      • I re-watched the episode last night. Some thoughts, things I missed the first time around when my brain was not processing everything!

        -We saw B&B’s bedroom!!! Booth taking off his tie made my heart skip a beat!
        -Discussing the christening in their bedroom & Booth says, “Religion is my thing. I Love You the way you are, Bones” Another I love you!! The way Booth said ‘no it’s okay” that Brennan not come to the baptism gave him away that he wished she would.
        -Talking about reading books, Booth said “Well, no one is you Bones”.

        -I can’t say enough about the whole church scene interspaced with Pelant at their house. Booth’s smile was dazzling at the baptism! The church was lovely. Booth was lovely in his blue shirt!
        And I noticed the song playing this time. Whaaaaaa! The words “It grows & grows..Our home sweet home”. Pelant is in the nursery & smiles at the camera as the words “our home sweet home” plays. He took a polaroid of the crib!

        I think now, there is definitely a bomb in the alarm clock that will go off!
        Max told Booth to “Stay alive. Stay in the system” Yikes!

        I do feel better knowing Max is there. He told Booth, “I’ll keep her safe”. I trust he will!

        Look at Booth’s face here as he looks at Max. HEARTCRUSHING!!!

      • Don’t forget: she did include that he also helped her sexually when she told him she thought they should move in together in ep7.1. He got that “You are so cute and I am so lucky” smile that he gets when she’s done or said something that is kind of surprising but sweet. He had one of those smiles in the opening scene in the kitchen. And, with him pantsless, that was a squee-worthy moment.

      • haha I loved his face when she said he was always prepared to help her out sexually. He was so proud of himself, he literally puffed out his chest.

        Booth likes to keep his lady happy :). Lucky Brennan indeed.

      • I think my favorite scene was Booth and Brennan watching Christine in the nursery.

        I know some people don’t think that they are “epic” anymore, but I think their love still is. I truly feel that the love, grace, and acceptance they show each other is like no other. Like Booth said, he loves her just the way she is. It’s probably an overwhelming feeling, but she doesn’t just discount it. And honestly, she probably knew why he was suspended and at home. She could have been mad at him for acting before thinking and risking his involvement in the case like that. But no, in the next scene we see them leaning on each other. Brennan is putting a whole lot of faith in Booth to put things right so she can return safely. She knew he would have gone on the run with them, but that would have been an entirely emotional decision, not a good one. Booth would never be able to provide for his family the way he really wants like that – his integrity would be compromised even more, and she couldn’t bear to allow that to happen because it’s part of why she loves him so much.

      • Lucky, lucky Brennan. If I didn’t love her, I’d be so jealous. Okay, maybe I am a little bit anyway. At least she really does appreciate what she has. No one loves Brennan like Booth, but it’s also clear to me that no one loves Booth like Brennan.

        I think what’s fascinating to me is that Booth’s feelings have always been intense, while when we first met Brennan she was avoiding intense levels of emotion like that. Even in the 100th, it seemed like it was too much for her. Sometimes I think I don’t know if I would be able to handle it if a guy loved me in such a way, because not all guys are so intense about it. But I think Brennan’s own love for Booth is intense, even if a bit quieter. It really rocked her for a bit, but I think she’s gradually learning to be okay and comfortable with that.

      • Brennan’s ability to say “I love you” to Booth is so-o epic. It took a lot for her to get there. Remember how shocking it was when she said, “I love you too” to Hodgins at the airport in the s5 finale. Then she explained that it was because Booth had told her that excessive concern for someone’s safety is love.

        Had we ever seen her say “I love you” to anyone before that? That statement is everyone’s excuse to go back and re-watch all of s-1 through s-6. Now I must go and do my filial duty.

      • angelena76, don’t recall Brennan saying ILY to anyone before that (to Hodgins at the airport, S5). And now in this ep she also says it to Angela, when they’re on the phone toward the end. Yes, what a chore, to rewatch the earlier seasons. Purely for research purposes. Of course.

      • Well, she did say I love you too to Booth, in an atta boy kind of way.

      • Oh Mar, you just made me think of the moment when Booth said the IYU and then a half second later, freaks out that she’ll reject him so he throws in that “atta girl” after, so nervously! Aghh!!! I just wanted to give him a hug! My poor brain-traumaed Booth. Such a rough time for him!

      • This didn’t end up in the right place so I’m reposting here which I think is the right place.

        bb – That scene in Harbingers where he tells Brennan that he loves her is one of the saddest scenes in the whole 7 yrs of the show. He loves, adores, this woman and he is terrified of telling her that. He has so much difficulty getting it out, then immediately backs off it when she just gapes at him, afraid that she is about to freak out. The look on his face just crushes my heart every time.

      • Angelena–I know, right? I think my heart literally stopped at that moment in between his “I love you” and the “in an atta girl kind of way”. Agh! So glad B&B are together now. I couldn’t stand one more moment of them longing for and needing each other but nothing happening. I know they are experiencing that again here for the cliffhanger, but I know its temporary so I’m OK. So glad Emily got pregnant! 🙂 haha

    • Hi Sophia; I would agree with you that the item about B/B being together not just because of Christine was somewhat of a nod and a promise to the audience. But I would also suggest along with C-bones and bb that the line directly addresses some of Booth’s most blatant insecuties, most of which Brennan has had a good look at through the years. You can know that someone loves you and still feel like maybe deep down you’re not enough for that person. Remember when she questioned his alpha-maleness many years ago? I think a different man would have brushed off the comment but with Booth, it really stung that she could have this opinion of him. And in Daredevil, he questions what’s wrong with him that women don’t want to be in a committed relationship with him. Booth has been prickly about him and Brennan’s significant financial and intellectual differences all along, and has often displayed doubts about his ability to be a good father and a good mate-look at all the fussing he did when H moved in.

      B/B getting together happened courtesy of a traumatic, arbitrary set of circumstances and even though the audience knows better, it isn’t unreasonable for his character to wonder whether on some level she isn’t with him due to an accident, and not entirely out of free will. She told him “we’re shaing our lives *for the time being*” not that long ago. I think that from Brennan’s point of view Booth needed to hear what she said, particularly since she was going away without an explanation. To me it’s sort of a way of telling him that he’s important to her romantically beyond any impact the baby may have had on their lives and that she’s planning on coming back and ressuming their relationship once the threat is over.

  43. Sorry to blather on, but I saw the episode again last night, and the ending only gets harder and harder to watch. It really is awful to see an innocent, clueless Booth all happy, knowing that Bones is going to drive away with Christine in just a few minutes in order to try to save all of their lives. Just thinking about him all alone in that house without any clue as to when-or whether-his family will return is a killer.

    I was also struck by the scene where Max steps in and says that Brennan needs to go off the grid. She’s not really responding until he appeals to her logic; you can see her expression change the minute the words are out of his mouth, as she begins to consider running as the only rational option available. Right after that she tells Booth they should baptize Christine, and you know at that point that she’s made up her mind to go with her brain because that’s the only way she’ll be able to defeat Pelant. The scene is really amazing on a rewatch, given that now you know what’s going to happen. You have Max on one hand telling her to use reason, while Booth is telling her to have faith that they’ll get out of this. In the end she goes with Max because that’s more of the person she is, but she does allow for some of Booth’s faith in her life by agreeing to go to the baptism-it’s her concession to him. Until then Brennan’s been making major mistakes (Ethan and the puncture mark) because of her emotional involvement with the case, but as soon as she goes into this detached scientist mode she immediately thinks of and finds Ethan’s book, the one that’s probably going to get all of them out of the mess. The following scene has her in church telling Angela that sometimes you have to step back and see the bigger picture at the expense of feelings, which is what she just did and continues to do as the ceremony goes forward. Emily and David did a wonderful, subtle job in this episode all around, but especially in those final scenes.

    • Another comment worthy of the greatness we saw Monday night.

    • oh yes! I rewatched last night and cried. Knowing what is to come is worse than watching first time round. The subtle changes in Brennan’s facial expressions & demeanour are just enchanting. Watch her face when she kisses Booth in that final scene – it’s heart breaking.

      Did Brennan do what Pelant expected? I think not. I think he expected her to stick to the system that she believed in so much. Did Booth? Probably not either.

      • I agree it was harder to watch the second time around knowing what was coming. It was hard to watch Booth so happy knowing that in a few minutes it was going to go bad for him. It was really hard to watch Brennan trying to give Booth good memories about Christine and herself knowing what was going to do. I think I took it harder the second time around.

      • It’s also hard to watch Brennan being so naive and rational throughout. Brennan doesn’t often make mistakes, but in this case they are huge– consulting with a paranoid schizophrenic (may or may not work out), not telling Booth about what she was doing, missing the hypodermic needle, finding the cuts on the bones (and not immediately figuring out what they meant)– it makes me wonder if she’ll shut down emotionally again because her emotions got in the way this time. And the rational part? We’ve seen her act so rationally as to put the evidence into the hands of the prosecution (in New Orleans), and here she does the same thing.

        When she decides to go off the grid, she has to say goodbye to Booth and Angela subtly so as to not tip her hand. She thanks Angela for something that for Angela is a given and reassures Booth– there’s something just so sad about both. Then she keeps watching Booth as he takes off for the car. I know how so many people have remarked about poor Booth, but I think Brennan put herself into such a difficult position and then had to leave without “putting her affairs in order” — but still found a small way to do so– is just as heart crushing. I hope they show us just how difficult it was for both of them.

      • i think so too bluedeviljournalism.

    • yes mariu100.

  44. Anyone hope that when we see Booth in the premeire, he’s not wearing his “cocky” belt buckle? I had that thought today. I hope “cocky” doesn’t return until Brennan and Christine come home.

    • Maybe Brennan took it as a memento. I’m curious about how much we will actually see of fugitive Brennan and Christine. My guess is not that much.

      • My gut tells me they will probably reunite them quickly. However, I think having 2 or 3 episodes of Brennan on the run would be pretty cool.

      • TPTB have already commented on this. I will say no more because that’s a spoiler.

      • Yes and I’ve read their response. I will not comment on it either but I will say I’m really looking forward to seeing how they manage to clear Brennan from this mess, we all know eventually she’ll be back, otherwise it wouldn’t be Bones.

      • Ok, I was good with TPTB not showing us B/B’s first time together or the beginning of their courtship. However, if they magically reunite them at some point and we don’t get to see it, I swear I will send Fox and friends a box of exploding, overripe tomatoes. Harrumph….

      • Not giving anything away, I read an interview that said that won’t happen. We will see the reunion.

      • Bless your heart, Lenora; I was worried.

      • I just hope that the person wasn’t fibbing.

      • I’m not aware of any details, but I believe we will see their reunion. One reason why we didn’t see it before was to ‘shock’ the audience with the pregnancy revelation. By now, they’re together, no need to shock us with sweet and intimate scenes.

      • Hmm, assuming it will be a sweet and intimate scene. Wouldn’t surprise me if they downplayed the reunion and made it fairly insignificant. The Bones writers avoid at all costs anything they perceive as obvious or cheesy and a big, emotional reunion would, I imagine, not be something they’d entertain.

        I’m just cautious these days – after spending much of the summer after the season 5 finale waiting for the ‘big reunion’ at the reflection pool that never happened…twice burned and all that.

      • I totally get that, but the way I see it this is a very different situation from the reunion in the season 6 premiere.

        I’m not saying we will most definitely get an intimate, bedroom, sex, whatever reunion. What I mean is that I think we will see the actual moment when Booth is reunited with Christine and Brennan and that alone would be a very sweet scene that doesn’t have to be overly dramatic or cliche.

      • Yeah, I know you didn’t mean a kind of bedroom-encounter 🙂 I just meant that I can’t see them doing an emotional reunion, with hugging and stuff, I bet they’ll play it down. We’ll see. It’s only 119 days (approx) till we find out haha.

  45. I think the writers/producers have an opportunity here to do some of the things that they couldn’t do previously because of how they were taking the story or physical limitations of one of their stars. (Personally, I don’t think a very pregnant Brennan/ED needed to roll around in bed with Booth for use to get the idea that they were a couple.) I think they can do some of the things this coming season– the idea of Booth still “courting” Brennan would be fun. I think the looming threat of someone like Pelant will make every B&B intimate moment more important to them.

  46. No Bones this Monday? Here’s how I’m going to get through. Staring at this for a few hours: Ah, feeling better already! 🙂 Thanks for this website, Sarah!

    • Thanks for the link. Whenever I watch The Pain in the Heart I always hope the camera will slip and scan down too far when Booth is standing up in his bathtub but It never does though darn it.

    • Good gawd, looking at those photos – at the way he’s looking at her and she’s looking at him – God bless Aunt Bea. Seven years? It took them seven years??????

      Sheesh. How did they – how did WE – stand it?

      • Luck for me it was only three years since I started watching in the middle of season five. I didn’t know what I was missing; but, once I started watching I couldn’t stop.

  47. That heart-stopping list needs a little updating. You’ll have to supply your own visuals (tough assignment, I know,) but how about:

    The “you really think I look good in fatigues” Booth from Mastodon in the Room.
    Orange-vested “this old thing?” Booth from Prince in the Plastic.
    Red-bowed, “are you ok Bones” from Maggots in the Meathead.
    The “why doesn’t any woman want what I’m offering” Booth from Daredevil in the Mold. (I want it! I want it!)
    The “I hold my daughter all the time and I love it” Booth from Family in the Feud.
    The “you’re basking in your virility” Booth in Memories in the Shallow Grave.
    “Look, I done good, Bones-I got us a mighty hut!” Booth from Crack in the Code.
    “You deserve to have good memories” Booth from Male in the Mail.
    The “don’t you ever hit a woman in front of me” Booth from Signs in the Silence.
    The “I can’t believe you want to give us a chance and I can’t do a damn thing about it Booth” from Doctor in the Photo.
    “I finally get to comfort you in just the right way” Booth from Pain in the Heart.
    The “you’re having my baby, Baby” Booth from Change in the Game.
    “I wash my nipples” and “I’m not done” Booth from Family in the Feud.
    The “I finally get to have a real family” Booth at the end of Prisoner in the Pipe.
    “Gun-table-Booth” Booth from Bullet in the Brain.
    “I love you” Booth from, well, every single episode he’s ever uttered those words in.
    The “I’m bringing my ice-cream with me” Booth from Do in the Don’t.
    And finally, from Past in the Present:
    The “I have no words-you’re here in church with me letting me baptize my kid” Booth; the “I’ve never been this insanely angry in my entire life” Booth; and the most heart-breaking Booth of all, the “don’t leave me this way-that’s my family” Booth.

    Please feel free to add to the list…

    • I love your list. The one outside the church is the most heart wrenching.

    • 1) OMG! I may have to do this.
      2) Shout out to HH. Someone asked him what software he uses. He included Evernote. I tried the free version. It’s fantastic AND it is the perfect place to put the 100 Days of Booths of the Day, so that I don’t even have to go online to lustily gaze upon it. Easy to put it there too.

      • I love Evernote. I’m still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles but it’s great.

      • Read the introductory note that came with it. That got me started with the bells and whistles. There’s some really cool stuff you can do — stuff that actually makes life easier. One key thing is to install the Evernote clip thingy into your browser. Then all you have to do is click on that to get stuff rom the internet into your Evernote and in exactly the notebook you want. You can also email stuff into exactly the notebook you want and lots of other cool stuff.

        I may have to Tweet Hart a thank you. I think I will right now.

      • Thanks for the tips!!

    • Wow, that was like the best list ever. I need to do a Season 6&7 rewatch, stat. And rewatch “Blizzard”. And imagine I’m there and I push Brennan aside so I can give a Thai massage….oops…saying too much….


      • I forgot the “you’re staying at my apartment tonight” Booth from Pain in the Heart. Double yes on that, please. Also from that episode, the “you want me-I can’t believe you really want me” Booth at the end.

      • Of course I would also want I Booth delivering Christine too.

      • On a roll, here. The “rats, I still love her, and have I dug myself a huge hole or what” Booth from Bullet in the Brain, and the “I’m putting this medal on you but what I really want to do is lean in and kiss you” Booth from The Finder.

  48. Was I dreaming, or did my favorite Booth accessory of all make a comeback in Past in the Present? When he was standing in front of the mirror, didn’t he take out of his pocket what looked like a St. Christopher medal and set it on his dresser? This one looked silver, so it may not be the one he gave Jared, but still…Wish he’d wear it-and that we’d get to see it on. It’s soooo bad to get all excited about religious iconography; first ring of hell for me, at the very least.

  49. Ok, I have been a fairly late convert to Bones. I watched it off and on over the years but, frankly, I just couldn’t deal with the gruesome stuff. However, in the last year I was able to get past that so I’ve been catching up on Seasons 1-5 (I’m just finishing S5) while watching Season 7 at the same time. I can’t help but notice that Brennan has changed, and not in a good way. In Seasons 1-5 she really seemed to be learning how to open up, how to trust, how to love. In Season 7 she comes off as quite condescending towards Booth, and more closed up than she has been for several seasons. Is this the same women who cried in Booth’s car and told him she thought she had missed her chance?

    I am not one of those who bash Brennan all the time. On the contrary, she is a very complex and strong female character and I’ve enjoyed watching her journey over the years. But the more I think about the this episode, the more disgusted I am with her. First, she finds herself being framed for murder, largely because she was consulting in secret with her friend Ethan, who is crazy and has threatened her daughter. She keeps all of this from Booth, who is not only her partner in a personal relationship (and the father of said daughter) but is also her WORK partner and an FBI agent. Hello? Then, when she finds out that a warrant will be issued for her arrest, so she decides to flee and TAKES Booth’s daughter away from him. We all know thet developmental changes that an infant goes through in the first year of life, so no matter how you slice this Booth is going to miss out on something very significant. It seems to me that when Booth finally fixes all this, and he will, she should rush back to town, beg his forgiveness, and plead with him to marry her. One can only hope.

    Compare statements by each of them to the other: From Booth….”you’re my partner, always” compared to Brennan’s “I love you Booth…no pause…I don’t want you to think Christine is the only reason we are together”. Wow…really romantic there Brennan. Way to assure him of something he probably wasn’t even worried about, but now will be.

    In the end, it’s only a TV show and I guess will just have to go where the writers take us.

  50. I see a lot of change in Brennan, but I see the opposite of what you see. I’m not really sure if it’s worth listing all the things I do see in Brennan this season that were missing in season 5, we all see what we see and it’s very hard to change that.

    For what it’s worth, one thing I will say, season 5 Brennan never would’ve agreed to having her daughter christened, much less be there at church for the christening and she did it all for Booth.

    • Brennan retreats into the realm of rationality when she is overwhelmed by emotions. I think we’ll have to wait on some of the explanations as to why she did some of the things she did and how Booth reacts to them. Who knows? Consulting with ES might be a brilliant move in the long run. I think the big question is why did Brennan feel the need to seek out his help? She’s never done that before and I hope we get more of an explanation later because Brennan generally does not make mistakes like she did. She rarely misses things in the bones. (Besides missing the cancer in Feud which would have “aged” the bones, she did miss something in the season 5 finale, I think. Daisy pointed it out to her. And she missed the hypodermic needle, most likely, because of what she said, Ethan Sawyer meant something to her.)

      Brennan is not a romantic. Her rationale for moving in with Booth is very rational and even Booth realizes that. I cannot recall a “romantic moment” from her this season, but we’ve seen a lot more emotion from her. Booth has always been the heart person, while Brennan has always been the brain person. The real romantic of the two is Booth and it’s part of the reason why he’s wildly happy at the christening despite the looming arrest (or flight.) He has a lot of romantic notions that are fabulous and endearing, but overly idealistic sometimes. Brennan is overly realistic to the point of being cynical about the nature of love. Look at how each reacts to the growing evidence against her– he’s arguing against being rational and she remains firmly rational. It’s their natures at work.

      It’s quite possible that the newly emotional Brennan who is deeply connected to both a man and to their child is unable to separate completely from the emotions she’s experiencing. But she’s really a neophyte in feeling those feelings and expressing her own. That’s why she goes to Booth and Angela to find her way through the emotions.

      Is fleeing a good thing overall? If it is the thing that Pelant does not expect, it is probably the best thing for her and the baby. It is obvious that Pelant wants to harm/control/manipulate them and his foray into their bedroom and Christine’s bedroom clearly indicate he’s got more things planned for them. Booth cannot take off because his career as an FBI agent would be over. Brennan isn’t FBI and her skills are valued, so she can get away with fleeing if and when they clear her name. Brennan is fully aware of what harm there is in leaving someone behind since she was abandoned as a child and she knows full well how important Booth’s children are to him. Her last words to him were essentially, I am in this relationship because of you, because I love you. By fleeing, she lives to fight another day because we know that if Pelant was able to have a corpse destroyed preventing an autopsy and the collection of evidence that could implicate Pelant, then the man could very well have Brennan incarcerated, transferred, institutionalized, drugged, whatever, and Booth would be powerless to help her.

      We don’t know if Booth meant to flee with her. He tells Max that he should be with them and I’ve tried, but I can’t see clearly enough into the back seat of the car to see if there’s a bag back there. Max’ comment, “I know how to be a fugitive better than you do,” suggests he knew that Booth was going to take off. If that’s true, Brennan has saved the emotional Booth from giving up his career for her and has given him an opportunity to save her life and keep his job.

      Everybody who got kicked off the case screwed up– Brennan for probably talking to Sawyer in the first place, missing evidence and looking guilty in the process; Booth for going ballistic on Pelant; Sweets for trying to defend Brennan; Caroline for trying to warn B&B. They all erred on the side of trying to protect someone. Pelant could predict what each would do because he’s studied the trial transcripts. He’s the bad guy here, not Brennan. She screwed up, but I think one of the people she’d looking for in the rear view mirror is Booth– if he’s following her, he’s destroying himself for her and that won’t do. Someone’s got to, in Caroline’s words, live to fight another day.

      • oops…posted first time in the wrong place…reposting as a reply:

        Mar and bluedeviljournalism,
        You both make good points, and I agree with some of what you said. I do think that Brennan not only agreeing to have Christine christened but to attend the event is major for her, and does show her love for Booth. I guess the romantic in me just wants her to show it more (and no, that doesn’t have to mean “sex” scenes….just affection). There were some good moments this season…”I trust you completely”, “let it melt”, but there was also “the baby is in me Booth” and “we’re sharing our lives for now” among others. I just cannot get over the enormity of taking someone’s child away…the more I think about it the more awful it seems. I have to think the writers will try to redeem her actions in some way. I’ll be very interested in Booth’s reactions and how she acts towards him when she returns.

        One observation: I’ve watched the scene where Booth, Brennan, and Max discuss fleeing several times, and I really think that when Max said to Booth “You’ve been thinking about this for days!” it sort of gave Brennan permission to do it…does that make sense? I do think she really trusts Booth are respects his judgement about things like this and when she heard that he had been considering it she decided it was the right thing to do, but she couldn’t let him blow his career by going with her. I still think Booth, given the chance, would have chosen his daughter over his career, but maybe it would have ruined him in the long run.

      • I think we should consider the fact that due to Brennan’s childhood, leaving her child behind while she ran for safety would never be an option for her. She will never walk away from her child and Booth absolutely knows that.

        Brennan couldn’t allow Booth to flee with her because that isn’t who he is. He believes in the law. I think about the time Brennan said she might not be able to respect the law but she respected him (paraphrasing). She respects Booth enough to know that living outside the law would be something that Booth couldn’t do. He also would not be able to give up contact with his son and his very old grandfather. Brennan loves Booth and she knows what makes him tick. After all she’s been studying him for years.

      • Well said bluedeviljournalism.

      • It always takes Brennan a little longer to catch up, she’s always been very blunt. Just remember “I know how stupid you are, I don’t care how stupid you are”. I actually think she’s been a lot better lately about what she says and how she says certain things to Booth. Both of those things you mentioned were pre-baby. After the baby was born, we got a softer Brennan, a more emotional one. There’s one thing from The suit in the set that doesn’t get a lot of attention but to me is a huge indication of what Booth means to her. She was willing to leave the Jeffersonian and move to LA if it made Booth happy. I think that speaks volumes of what she feels for him and their family together. Also, reassuring him that it wasn’t his fault and that the manger was the perfect place for their baby to be born may not be romantic, but it shows me how much she wants to protect him from his own self doubts. The way she reacted the first time she was in their house, that could’ve potentially been a horrible moment for Booth, but she saw past the physical state of the house and more into what it meant for them.

        Like others said, she’s just not a typical romantic but Booth loves her just the way she.

      • You’re absolutely right about Brennan– she really knows Booth and has tried to see his perspective on things (beyond the weird but funny empathy lesson in Hot Dog.) That’s why I think her last words to Booth in The Past in the Present was meant to reassure him, but also let him know that what she was about to do was done out of love. She knows him because she’s spent years studying him and it’s the way she goes about everything. (The exception is her relationship with Christine; while she might want to keep it rational, she can’t. Love makes her irrational when it comes to her daughter.)

      • I like your statement, “Love makes her irrational when it comes to her daughter.”

        That is one character development of Brennan’s recently that I really like. She has softened just being in a relationship with Booth, but it really took having that baby to change her. I’m not a parent, but I’ve heard so many times the story that they look at their new baby and they are overwhelmed with how much they love that new little person. Brennan for so many years of her life lived with the fallout of her parents’ leaving. And now, she’s actually accepted her dad back into her life, and now has run away with his help. I believe the overwhelming love for her daughter gave her the strength to face her old demons, head on, and go on the run herself. All the emotions she and Russ felt then, she must be reliving, while also knowing the pain Booth is feeling, because she’s been on that side, being left behind.

        Having a daughter not only makes her irrational and emotional at times, but its also made her “live wider”, to borow Sully’s phrase. Christine and Booth have helped her experience events and emotions she never thought she would, and also they give her the courage to do things that she never would have before.

        But she is different from her parents in major ways. She is bringing her child along, and though Booth remains behind, she gave him parting words of assurance, so he didn’t wake up one day and just find them missing. Our little “I can’t change!” Brennan is growing up! (And so is Booth, for not running after them, and trusting his daughter to her and Max’s plan.)

        I know there is debate on this season finale, but I thought it was 100% right. One of the most agonizing things Pelant could do to them is separating this new family.

      • When Brennan tells Booth she doesn’t want Pelant to change their lives, it tells us that she’s very happy in what she has. It also foreshadows the creepazoid messing up their lives, but that’s another story. Having the baby ups the ante on what Pelant (or anyone) could do to harm them and with both Booth and Brennan’s tortured childhoods, it’s clear that everything isn’t as black and white anymore.

        For Brennan to stay to turn herself in and then be lost to Booth and Christine in some of way within the prison system (read Pelant’s torturous world) would be cataclysmic for Booth. For the family to head off into the sunset would destroy Booth’s credibility as an FBI guy no matter how hard they tried to sell us on the idea. It also goes against his nature as people here have pointed out. Brennan’s forced to make a horrible decision– if she leaves Christine behind, will Booth be able to keep her safe or will Pelant cause Booth to lose control again? if she leaves with the baby, what can she hope to go home to once this is all said and done?

        For Brennan, it’s a lot of bad choices and the only one left to her is to leave with the baby so that she can protect herself, the baby and Booth, in her own way. I get why people are mad at Brennan, but she’s being true to her nature and her last words to Booth might not have been lovey-dovey, super romantic, but she doesn’t do that.

      • I get that some people are mad at Brennan but I’m not one of them. She’s logical and she sees this as the path available for her and her family. I can Booth being angry wit Prlant and the circumstances but I don’t think he will be angry with Brennan. If snyone knows Brennan it’s Booth. Of course that’s not to say he won’t be sick with worry and sadness. It took him too long to get together with Brennan to throw his relationship away

      • I just don’t think Brennan was out to trash Booth’s heart. I understand how some people see her a cold-hearted for leaving him as she did, I see her as being in an impossible situation with lots of bad choices. The bad guy in this is Pelant.

      • Absolutely

  51. Mar and bluedeviljournalism,
    You both make good points, and I agree with some of what you said. I do think that Brennan not only agreeing to have Christine christened but to attend the event is major for her, and does show her love for Booth. I guess the romantic in me just wants her to show it more (and no, that doesn’t have to mean “sex” scenes….just affection). There were some good moments this season…”I trust you completely”, “let it melt”, but there was also “the baby is in me Booth” and “we’re sharing our lives for now” among others. I just cannot get over the enormity of taking someone’s child away…the more I think about it the more awful it seems. I have to think the writers will try to redeem her actions in some way. I’ll be very interested in Booth’s reactions and how she acts towards him when she returns.

    One observation: I’ve watched the scene where Booth, Brennan, and Max discuss fleeing several times, and I really think that when Max said to Booth “You’ve been thinking about this for days!” it sort of gave Brennan permission to do it…does that make sense? I do think she really trusts Booth are respects his judgement about things like this and when she heard that he had been considering it she decided it was the right thing to do, but she couldn’t let him blow his career by going with her. I still think Booth, given the chance, would have chosen his daughter over his career, but maybe it would have ruined him in the long run.

    • I think it definitely would have ruined him in the long run. Booth believes in family, and he believes in serving his country. Now, he has put family before country, but both are still very important to him.

      I’m one who thinks that Booth was more inclined to go on the run with his family than let Brennan go to jail based on how I interpreted some of his comments. It may not be true, so it’s just my opinion. But I’m pretty sure Booth has certain ideas on how he wants to raise his daughter, and the kind of home and security he wants to provide Brennan and Christine with – a life on the run would allow him to be with them, but I’m pretty sure eventually he will feel like he has failed them in so many other ways. In this way, I think Brennan felt like she had to save Booth from himself. Sure, her running away doesn’t look good, but them all running would be so much worse. Even if I don’t like that she ran, I don’t see it as her being selfish and untrusting of Booth. He knew that there was very little he could do for her if she got arrested. She trusts that he can clear her – she just knows they needed to buy more time. In fact, at this point, she is totally dependent on him in order to gain back any stability in her life right now.

      If I’m going to be upset at anyone right now, it’s whoever came up with this idea to force them to “separate” like that (I’m not upset because I refuse to let a TV show do that to me.) It just seems unnecessarily cruel to do that to the characters knowing the issues they have. That being said, I actually am okay with how it played out, and am eager to see next season and see them hopefully become even closer because of the experience.

      As far as Brennan’s development goes, opinions vary as the the number of species of flowers. All I know is that I don’t really have many problems with her development, unless I think the writers have her do something I think is OOC (I’m looking at you, ultrasound.) I think it’s more fair to say the development issue is a mixed bag – going back some years to change what you don’t like now may sound good, but you’d also be letting go of some of the really good changes (because there have been some). In my mind, the good changes outweighed the bad ones. But hey, others feel differently, and it’s not even hard for me to understand why.

    • Brennan is not romantic. Yes, she is overly rational, and usually very composed. She’s not going to say romantic things. She’s more practical in her approach. “The baby is in me” line I didn’t care for either (for reasons outside of this show I don’t care to get on a soap box), but I know that she did think things over and by the end of the episode agreed that they should have their own place. And the sharing their life for now seemed a matter of semantics. She doesn’t believe in forever, and is much less likely to make statements that far into the future. If anything, I thought it was an odd choice of words, because everything else suggested she was in the relationship for the long haul.

      Some people thought Booth could have been more affectionate (“It would have been perfect if he had just kissed/hugged her at this moment.”) We all look for different things as signs of a real, loving relationship. People looking for a romantic relationship might be a little disappointed. But I don’t think they would be if they were looking for a loving relationship. For me, the fact that Brennan is happy to have this family with Booth already speaks volumes. She was not looking to have that kind of life – her change of heart pretty much hinges on how much Booth means to her. I do see that Brennan has her sentimental moments where she is very receptive to Booth’s affections and returns her own.

      I also didn’t mind that before leaving, she wanted to reaffirm her love for the Booth, and not just as an excellent father to her child. Maybe he didn’t think that, but it was important to her that she reiterate that fact.

    • It is huge for Brennan to take away her child with Booth and I don’t think she entered into that lightly. But like you said, we’ll have to see the consequences. I do think seeing Pelant in their house and especially in Christine’s bedroom was meant to show the danger to their child. By taking her away, it’s quite possible that Brennan (unwittingly) saves her life. Again, we’ll have to see.

      But there are a lot of unanswered questions:

      1. Do they even get away?
      2. Can they counteract the evidence? Or put it squarely on Pelant?
      3. Will Brennan contact Booth in some way? One of the horrors that Brennan faced (and we’re reminded of in Feud) is that she didn’t know what had happened to her family. She’s much more empathetic and it’s possible that she risks her freedom to let Booth know they are safe.
      4. What kind of evil things did Pelant do/leave behind in their house?

      I like your observation that Brennan might have taken some sort of tacit permission from Booth to run. It’s not outside the realm of possibilities. Her, “What me, be a fugitive?” to her father is the central question.

  52. I think it’s interesting that when B&B were talking in their bedroom (we saw their bedroom!) Brennan said she didn’t want Pelant to change their lives, and Booth said that in that case, she shouldn’t come to the Christening because he knows that’s his thing, not hers. (That scene was also a complete mirror to the bedroom scene in EitB, but that’s a different point)

    Good foreshaddow for what was coming later, because we should have known that as soon as Brennan agreed to go the Christening, their lives were about to change.

    In terms of storytelling, the separation makes sense. You can’t just have your characters happy and content, you have to create drama otherwise the show dies. Most shows that have a ‘will they, won’t they’ dynamic break the couple up for a while after the initial big ‘get together’ because they have to create drama somehow. HH knew that to break B&B up at this juncture would be untenable for the fans and untrue for his characters, so he found a different way to separate them. It makes sense.

    • Exactly, separate them without breaking them up, it creates conflict, it creates drama but it isn’t the soap opera type of breaking up. They separated out of necessity without losing trust in each other and it had nothing to do with their romantic relationship, quite the opposite. I thought Angela and Hodgin’s break up was complete nonsense so I’m grateful that Hart and Co. didn’t go that route with B&B.

      As for fugitive Brennan, it’s obvious that if that was the solution they were going for, Booth was 100% in, which is why she had to leave without telling him. Back at the house when Max brought up the idea, Booth said running away would “only make US look more guilty”. He used the word ‘us’, not “her”. Brennan and Brennan alone is the one accused of murder, yet he sees her as an ‘us’. He was definitely thinking of the possibility of taking her away, breaking the law and risking his entire career for her. Brennan knew it, she protected him in the long run and I think he realizes that. Her calling out to him to tell him she loves him, for him and not just because of their baby was her way of leaving him with the hope that it’s not a permanent goodbye and that she’s doing this for him too. I hope when we come back from hiatus we get a hint that somehow she has found a way to communicate with him, whether it is through her dad, Angela or some other way.

      • In Feud, Brennan tells Booth that she tried to contact her parents when they left and she couldn’t. I think it’s entirely possible that she try to send some kind of reassurance to Booth in some way that she’s all right since she’s been on that side of the situation.

  53. Wonderful defense of Brennan, y’all, and I agree wholeheartedly. I would also like to add that she wasn’t just leaving to protect herself, but a vulnerable infant and a mate who’s known loss of control when it comes to his family makes him a perfect target for Pelant. More than Brennan, Booth finds it impossible to act rationally when it comes to his family and the people he loves. He made a huge mistake when he went to Pelant’s house; he should have called in the whole FBI, maybe should have tried to reach her to make sure that Mr. Computer Genius wasn’t messing with him-but he couldn’t; he just barreled in. It’s total tunnel vision for him. It worked for him the time he crawled out of that hospital bed to save Brennan, but it didn’t when he pressured Cam to do something rash when his son was involved. What if the next time Pelant sets him up, it costs him his life?

    If Brennan asked Booth to go with her, what would be the price they would pay as a family? Booth is inherently not a runner, and he never has been; it’s completely against his moral character. Add to that the utter destruction of his career and possible jail time, not to mention skipping out on Parker, and you’d end up with a man whose soul was destroyed even if he was physically there. I’m not sure those are things he could ever recover from, and Brennan has to know that.

    And of course Brennan would have to take the baby; as someone said, no way is she leaving her child behind like her parents did. From a practical standpoint, she’s also nursing. And could Booth, in his dejected, vulnerable state, be able to effectively protect himself and their infant on his own? There was no good solution, and her brain told her to pick the most rational one. She has “insider” Max on her side; she was bound to end up in jail with or without her child; she’s resourceful and can continue to work to beat Pelant even outside the system.

    I pointed out in another post that being rational worked well for Brennan in this episode. Prior to her “reason” kicking in she had been making big mistakes. As soon as she switched gears and decided to leave (which happened the minute she told Booth they should baptize their dauther,) she remembers the book that Ethan gave her, the one with the coded message that may eventually give them the break they need. Max appealed to her logic and she took a step back and saw “the big picture.” Now she has to hope that Booth can understand and forgive and that they can be a family again when she gets back. My guess is that her actions do poison the well a bit for both of them, and therein lies the drama and the tension for part of next season. Both may know why she ran, but it’s still gotta hurt. I personally love this scenario, because as far as I’m concerned, no one is the “bad guy” here except for Pelant, and yet there’s got to be some lingering repercussions for B/B as a family. Hope TPTB don’t just sweep this part under the rug and ignore this juicy storyline. Not too much angst, just enough. I’d like to see them rebuilding what they have.

    • As to an unromantic Brennan, I saw glimmers of her this season. Their first kiss in the Mighty Hut and the way she leaned on him as they were watching Chrisitne in the crib come to mind. But yeah, she’s not your typical sweet, gooey female partner-that’s all Booth’s territory. It doesn’t matter though; he loves her the way she is. He also knows that when she says “I love you” it really means something huge; it’s not just some throwaway line, same as when she says “we’re not together just because of Christine.” Her incredible honesty is what Booth values the most in her, even when it hurts sometimes.

      • “It doesn’t matter though; he loves her the way she is.”

        This. I think sometimes people still want Brennan to change in certain ways. But from his actions and words, Booth loves Brennan as she is. He gets exactly what he needs from her. Not that he doesn’t ever get frustrated, but he doesn’t try to change her because that wouldn’t be fair; she doesn’t try to change him, either. Remember in season 5, when Brennan didn’t believe that she didn’t have his kind of open heart? She made the mistake of deciding for both of them that she wouldn’t be enough. But she is. It’s so easy to look at Booth and say he loves her so much. Brennan is more complex, both subtle and direct. Sometimes it’s in what she doesn’t say (not denying something, or not pointing out an improbability or irrationality).

        Basically, Brennan wholeheartedly loves Booth and is happy to be his family, building a home together. She trusts him, is open with him, cares for him, supports, and affirms him. I think if we tally up what she did right vs. what she did wrong, she’s got more on the side of right. Even some of the times she has been wrong she wasn’t being cruel, just misguided. If people want to focus on the negatives, that’s their prerogative. I just don’t think it’s fair.

      • Yes, I liked both declarations of love coming from them, “I love you the way you are” and “I love YOU, not just because of the baby”, not because I didn’t already know that but I think some viewers out there still don’t get that and in terms of their characters, sometimes they do need that reassurance. It’s good for Brennan to hear that she’s loved just the way she is, she knows she’s not an easy person. It’s also good for Booth to hear that she’s in it for him, not just the baby.

    • Lovely. TPTB can’t really break them up with another woman/man scenario, but to have all those annoying little arguments about typical couple stuff would get old, too. Conflict is at the heart of a good story and while they have lots of differences to explore, how they approach this situation can be full of lots of juicy storylines, too. I, too, would like to see the repercussions. I’m with you. If in “rebuilding” as you say they have to reconnect or they have to “court” each other, so much the better. They’ve done the whole relationship thing backward anyway and while I wouldn’t change a minute of it, it would be nice to see a bit of that.

      • You’re right, bluedevil; it could (cross fingers) theoretically be a stand-in for some of the tentative relationship stuff we missed when they first started going out. And if they had to be separated for any reason, better this than a third party or some stupid personal dispute. I’m not terribly hopeful though, because they’ve wasted awesome opportunites before. September will tell…

      • hmm I wouldn’t get your hopes up for any kind of ‘courting’ or ‘rebuilding’ vibes if I were you. There was a reason the writers avoided it the first way round, they have absolutely no desire to show us that, despite how much we want to see it (hence why they won’t show it to us, it would take away the yearning!)

        I’d imagine they won’t spend much time on them getting back to normal next season, they always seem to avoid the juicy, but obvious, storylines unfortunately.

      • I wouldn’t mind tag scenes like the one at the end of The Don’t in the Do– it’s intimate and rift with potential and seems to flow naturally from them and from the B story. I’m fine with that kind of scene and I don’t think it would break some special Bones’ producer code. But you’re both right– there’s something about going there that they don’t like to do. But, you never know. (Hey, I’m a Cubs fan and it’s part of my DNA to be hopeful despite the odds.)

      • Bones’ seems to be about having things take place off-screen. Maybe it is to let the viewers’ imaginations fill in the blanks or maybe the cast has asked not to go there. We all know this last season was different with pregnancy stuff, so that might explain much of the romantic stuff being unseen. I don’t know if I’d go with the cast/producers not wanting to do it though, because they have on limited occasions. Coma dream anyone? Or the mistletoe-trading-gum kiss? (And the whole lot of Season 7 makeout scenes!) It seems to me as though it has been a deliberate course of action to give us just a little bit…and then leave the rest. As frustrating as it can be, its also rather intriguing. It sets the show apart and it does leave the viewers wanting more. On tumblr, there is a set of pics out there of all the big moments of Season 7 and stating something along the lines of it being a “fangirl” season because we did get so much. It’s just weird with all the hiatus pauses to get a sense of it. I truly can’t wait for Season 8 and a non-pregnant Brennan/Booth situation! hehe 🙂

      • It would be nice if someone put together one of those “best of season 7 in pictures” thread from a shipper’s perspective hehe…hint maybe?

      • Here’s the one! The comment under it reads: All this is ONE SEASON?! It’s like freaking fanfiction!

      • Thanks. There sure are a lot of talented fans out there.

      • It’s probably wise to sprinkle the good stuff here and there, as opposed to getting us to expect it every single time. Frustrating for us, but wise; gets me to tune in every time, and when we do get it, it usually really clicks. Instead of hitting the Moonlighting Curse head on, Bones made a giant detour around that black hole that leaves the fans with something to look forward to.

  54. Found a really awesome video of their 7-year journey:

    • It’s wonderful. So very well done. There really have been so many incredible moments between them over the last 7 years.

      • I wish I could be that creative! I don’t have the computer-wizardry skills to create videos, but I like being able to appreciate those that can! I know sometimes I get lost in nitpicking an episode or a character on Bones, but when you watch clips of all the great moments throughout 7 seasons, it really makes you realize why we all love this show so much. Many, many great moments throughout the series! (Random one that just popped into my head: Brennan shoving Jared off of his bar stool! Made me LOL 🙂 ) hehe

    • I can’t even imagine how much time and effort that took someone. Really, really wonderful; Thanks for posting it!

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