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Morning After Q: What Difference Does a Year Make?


Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

I think there is a lot to discuss for the BONES season finale. Once again, if there are sites out there discussing spoilers for the next season, please don’t discuss them here!

Last night/this morning when I was thinking about this ep, it made me think of the beginning of End in the Beginning (sidenote: I know I’ve hated on that season four finale many times, and I stand by that, haha, but last night’s episode did make me appreciate it a little more), when Brennan returns to her bed. Obviously a lot would have to happen between now and then to make that scene and dialogue fit (but hey, her hair is longer! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but…I did think about it.

That moment is several years ago or a year in the future, however you look at it. But as I thought about each character’s reaction to B&B and their situation, the season six premiere came to mind (all of the lynchpin talk) and the season six finale–where Booth and Brennan were sort of separated from the group.

Obviously, the situation is different in that Brennan’s being framed for a murder she did not (presumably) commit. But do you think the team reacted differently at this time than they would have a year ago, two years ago, etc?

What other thoughts do you have as well? Feel free to discuss!




198 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Difference Does a Year Make?

  1. My babies!

    But honestly, that was the best angsty ending, because we’ve seen B&B so happy that they are together, finally, they had their Mighty Hut, they’ve got Christine, and life was good. The perfect ending was to separate them. Gosh, Booth ripped my heart out when he looked at Max and he just KNEW. Bravo, DB, on acting and directing this one! **applause**

    And I was particularly happy with the christening scene. Booth did not force, guilt trip, or whine until she came. He was just happy she was letting it happen. She chose to come on her own, which made him very happy, but he did not make her. I thought that was very lovely.

    Max did a good job at coming through when needed. He knew that by themselves, B&B would always “do the right thing” and they had to be sort of forced into it. At least this time he is with his daughter and granddaughter instead of abandoning them. And I think Booth will be able to have confidence that Max would not let harm come to them.

    What a wonderful storyline they gave Cam as well! I love when they give her “boss things” and give her character a purpose! Like when she was upset at having to inform VNM’s mom and have his body transported. The boss has to do the tough jobs sometimes. Someone had to make the decision to handle the evidence and procedures properly. The squints were too invested, Cam had to be the bad guy and make the unpopular decision, though we could see she was conflicted as well. Caroline was absolutely right on that!

    I was so worried, but then I actually enjoyed the episode. I think they struck the exact right tone, even Sweets did his job well. (Much like Cam, he tried to step back and follow procedure to make sure things were done right.)

    Bravo, Bones crew! Well done.

    • I don’t usually tear up at tv shows, but Booth’s line: “That’s my family!” as he approached Max in the end was so emotional!

      • I totally agree! I know some people thought the ending was anticlimactic because no one blew up into pieces, but honestly, separating Booth and Brennan is about the worst thing you can do to them right now. They’ve both had it so rough in relationships and with family, and now they are building their own little world and leaning on each other. The worst thing you could do is split them up with a killer on the loose, unsure of what will happen. It’s a more subtle finale finish, but there is a lot of intensity and emotions within it. Its more than just someone just driving away.

  2. The premise for the murder of Brennan’s friend last night was they she could have done it to protect her child. If she didn’t have a child then there have no reason to believe she had killed her friend.

    As Brennan repeatedly said last night, she is capable of killing someone if it was to protect someone she loved. The only two people that didn’t agree with her was Booth and Angela. They know she could kill someone; but, wouldn’t and that is loyalty, love and understanding of someone they love. Brennan is the one Booth loves the most and Brennan is the one that Angela loves as a sister and as her true best friend. It doesn’t make them blind to what Brennan is capable of, it makes them more understanding of what she is capable of.

    I just loved that Brennan told Booth that she loves him and not because of their daughter. He needed that and she knew it.

    • FYI, Brennan has already killed another person to protect Booth, in S2 Ep 4 “The Blonde in the Game.” She killed the killer who was fighting with Booth. Just to let you know.

  3. I think Angela would have reacted the same or about the same even if it was a year or so ago. As for the others I may have to give this a little more thought. I am not sure that they would have.
    I think this episode was written wonderfully, the acting was amazing, and the direction (thank you DB) was beautiful.

    It was heartbreaking watching Booth watch Brennan drive away with Christine. So much. I want to know exactly what Pelant was doing in their house. As in what’s with the clock switch (4:47 that number drives me mad), or you know the picture. Pelant was just so so upsetting. I got so so so so mad at him. I want to say hate but that’s a strong word and…screw it I hate Pelant. I said it.

    I was on edge the whole episode waiting to see what would happen next. It’s interesting that there are parallels to The End in the Beginning (I simply loved that episode even though it wasn’t real).

    I have to stop here. I shall hash it out more, watch it again. Maybe have more to say.

  4. I think everyone acted in character, including Brennan. I do believe she is capable of killing someone in defense of her daughter but not in these specific circumstances: Ethan was locked up (so she thought) and he was mentally ill. But someone physically threatening Christine – or Booth? Dude is dead.

    I’m not buying the “she has to earn his trust again” that I’m seeing elsewhere. Booth KNEW she was going. He wasn’t surprised when she left even though it devastated him. For me, his reaction to Max proved that. He’s going to get his family back and he knows they’ll come back.

    As far as I’m concerned, this episode brings a season that was sort of a C up to a strong B+. I’m good with that.

    • The only thing, I think, that is ripping Booth up right now is that he can’t be with them. He has to trust that Max can help Brennan and Christine and keep them safe. We know how Booth needs to feel he can always help/protect the ones he loves so…yeah…this is what probably hurts the most.

    • I haven’t visited any other sites so I haven’t heard the talk about trust. I agree with you, Booth does trust Brennan. He may not have liked that she ran; but, I also got the feeling that he knew she would. At first it surprised me that she took Christine even though she knew how horrible that would be for Booth; but, then I thought about it and knew that there was no way she would ever abandon her child. Booth knows that too. I give the seaon an A-.

      DB did a great directly job and last night and his acting, WOW. Everyone really did a great job last night. ED was totally in control last night and was terrific.

  5. Did anyone notice that Brennan was wearing post earrings last night? They had a diamond in them…..”Bren” is wearing diamond post earrings in the EITB too…. different type of diamond earrings but, still, that’s pretty unusual for Brennan.

  6. It is all brain and heart again. Logically, all the evidence pointed to Brennan and she accepts that so does Hodgins and Wendell – they are the brain people. The heart people knw it’s possible but they know she did not do it so the refuse evidence. Brennan gave herself up in the New Orleans ep years ago and she twisted evidence in her fathet’s case t herself though she was never charged. This is not new to Bones as a whole but because it is one of our fav characters that is being framed, we are up in arms.
    Angela and Booth would have been the only one a year/two years ago to believe Brennan did not do it and they still are the same ones today.

  7. Booth, Angela, Max, Hodgins, Caroline…they acted the same as they would have yrs ago. I think Wendell reacted differently because he’s seen the importance of not assuming anything, thanks to Brennan’s instruction. I think Sweets was far more protective and less willing to concede that Brennan could/would kill. Before, he would have acknowledged that up front. Last night, he pointed fingers at Pelant first. Cam reacted differently for sure. She was the first one to change up how evidence could/would implicate people in The Girl in Suite 2103. Last night, she did what was right even though it killed her and it saved the team. Brennan definitely reacted differently. She’s grown. She has Booth. She has a child. She has her father. She is part of a family and can now recognize that what happens to her and what she does affects them all. She’s learned that doing the right thing isn’t always the right thing. She’s learned the lengths people go to in order to protect their own…but the motivations for her leaving last night are different than the ones she had when she was willing to throw herself under the bus for her father at his trial. Years ago, she never would have taken off like she did last night.

    I loved the episode last night. I can’t wait to see how it plays out in S8.

  8. Did Brennan kill someone before? I know she shot a guy in the leg, but am I remembering correctly that she killed a guy to protect Booth? I’d have to search through episodes, but it was the one in the end that he gave her the pig, Jasper. Did she kill the bad guy or was it Booth?

  9. I think TPTB went to great lengths to show a solidarity with the team this year, rallying around B&B at times as a family/team. Last night’s episode worked really well because of that set-up; it was really about life and death consequences because the possibilities of Brennan becoming lost in the prison system and possibly being killed given Pelant’s ability to manipulate computers was extremely great. There is so much more here to lose. And they are all still targets (although I think Pelant really feared Brennan more than any of the others. He wanted to crush his enemies and he did in a very calculated and decisive manner.)

    This was more than just a broken heart or a lost job– this was about lives lost (or potentially lost) and potentially broken alliances between the team members. Loyalty was at the heart of season 6’s premiere and loyalty is at this heart, too. But do you remain loyal to a person or to an ideal? to truth or to evidence?

    • I think that for Pelant, it’s all about taking Brennan down — and then out. Hers is the brain he wants to prove he’s smarter than. The team only matters because Brennan needs them to do what she does. Sidelining Caroline and Sweets is about ensuring that Brennan has no one in the legal system that can help her.

      I’m not sure about Booth, but I think that his main interest in Booth is that he is her strongest protector as well as her closest link to the legal system. Also, hurting him hurts Brennan.

      That it’s so completely about taking Brennan down will probably be what takes him down in the end. He probably doesn’t appreciate exactly what Brennan has taught her team and how much they strive to find the truth no matter what. That the team itself is still working the case will be his downfall.

      • Isn’t there also the factor that Pellant hates, HATES, the FBI? They alluded to this in Crack in the Code (and Carla Kettner mentioned it in the interview FOX posted last night on YouTube). Booth represents the FBI and he represents the heart. Pellant is after the FBI part of Booth, and he is also hitting him where it would hurt the most: Brennan. Pellant is after both Brennan abd Booth, and while he’s getting to Brennan through the brain, Pellant is also keenly aware of the heart side of the team and he’s not going to neglect that.

      • Can’t respond directly to you treadsoftly, but this should come in the right place.

        That’s true, but I don’t think that Pelant would be interested in Booth if he weren’t attached to Brennan. Pelant would have gone after some other FBI guy.

        One of the really interesting things in all this is why Pelant is going after B&B. Up until he started doing stuff that got their attention, they hadn’t done anything to him. They aren’t the people who caught him for his hacking crime.

        I realize that it’s because he wants to prove he’s smarter than Brennan and her team, but why? What got him fixated on Brennan and her team? Was it just because he had all this time with nothing to do during house arrest, so he read the newspapers more thoroughly?

        I hope that TPTB will answer this question. I assume that we will learn about some tiny link that fed his psychopathic urges. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I have the same questions. Part of me is willing to accept the premise that he just is, but the other part of me remembers the end of the Crack when we see Pellant’s apartment with all the newspaper clippings and Brennan and Booth’s names circled. Those newspaper clippings went all the way back to the first case they worked on (100th episode); so apparently Pellant has been following them for a while. So, like you said, why? Why them?

      • The question is: did TPTB put all that detail into the highlighted newspapers and all without having some more specific meaning in mind? I wonder if one went back and scrutinized those clippings whether one would get some hints. HH and his evil geniuses love planting those little annoyances … er … hints. There’s another word for those, but I can’t think of what it is.

      • Ha! I often wonder if we, as viewers, think too much into stuff like this, and the writers aren’t awere of the coincidences; or if the writers do know what they’re saying/doing.

      • TPTB do mean it with at least some of the stuff. If they didn’t, the references in the Hollywood episode wouldn’t work so well. Also, HH and SN have commented at times about some of these things meaning something. Hart has explicitly said that 4:47 has meaning, but that we won’t find out what until the last episode of the series. So, I suspect that it’s a mixed bag. Some of the stuff means something and some is there just to tease us. Evil geniuses! ;-D

      • I wonder how many blogs/tweets they actually take notice of…and if they laugh with fiendish glee at what they’ve done? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I don’t think they would have responded very differently a year or two ago.

    Brennan’s impact on the team members has been clear for a long time.

    Hodgins has acknowledged that numerous times, but perhaps most clearly in Science in the Physicist when he says that the future is only one direction and science goes in all the directions, which he learned from her.

    Angela has believed the best of Brennan since the beginning. They are closer now because of time and the sharing of motherhood, but I can’t imagine Angela ever doubting that Brennan is innocent.

    Cam, with the exception of the proposed shading of the evidence in Woman in Suite whatever, has always been by the book and says what she thinks. She might not have felt so badly about having to present evidence against Brennan, but should would have presented it. She has always put the Jeff’s reputation first. In one ep she was concerned that one of Hodgins crazy experiments would hurt the Jeff’s reputation. Ditto why Zach had to mature his appearance. At the end of s5, Cam acknowledges that Brennan is the real boss. Then at the beginning of s6, Cam was the only one to tell Brennan how badly her running away had hurt the team.

    Sweets – ditto. He has always admired Brennan and her mangos. He has said that she was hot on other occasions. In the last few years, he has come to appreciate that his comment about her excessive rationality was not entirely correct.

    Wendell is just being exactly what Brennan taught him to be.

    Caroline also had begun to appreciate Brennan herself more than a year ago. I also think that seeing how happy Booth is with her and the baby has to have impressed Caroline. Again, we have always been able to rely on Caroline to speak the truth — and she did.

    Max, of course, was Max. He will do whatever it takes to protect his family. This time he won’t have to abandon them to do so — quite the opposite, in fact. Again, I don’t think that there’s anything new there.

    Finally, Booth. There has never been a point at which Booth would have thought she was guilty of this crime. At the beginning of s6, though, he would have had a hard time believing that Bones loves him. He would also have been skeptical about her returning, although Christine complicates that assessment. But, then again, if Brennan had disappeared in the Indonesian jungle, he would have been the first one to go looking for her even though she had crushed his heart. Today that translates into “I will get my family back!”

    BTW, I just loved when he held Max by the collar and said “That’s my family.” As said as it all was, that blurt shows just how much he believes that and that he believes in Brennan. I agree with whoever said that the discussion of trust issues between them in s8 is overblown.

    The build up to the end of s5 (beginning with ep 100) seemed to be leading in a different direction. They did that even more diabolically this year. The real evil genius is Hart Hanson. ;-D

    • I agree with everything you’ve said. The business about trust issues will only come up, I think, more for Brennan than for Booth. She’ll be outside the system, on the run, not sure who to trust. She’s the one who has real trust issues, but I could see her distrusting the system more than the people on her team, especially Booth. It will depend, I think, on her experiences and how hyper-rational she remains. (Max will have some influence on her.)

      As a best-selling author, a world-renown forensic anthropologist and with a movie in the works, I would think it’s going to be difficult to hide especially with a baby in tow. Even when she was undercover she was never quite completely undercover– bits and pieces of TB come through. The “public” identity/notoriety will have some impact on where/how she hides, I think.

      The issues they’ll have to deal with as a couple may have less to do with trust and more to do with how long or how they finally nail Pelant and what kind of stresses tug at both of them. Booth went tearing into Pelant without a thought to call her and I can see him acting rashly or giving into despair (gambling? anger?) Brennan could retreat into her impervious mode as a means of protecting herself and the baby. For all the steps forward, they might be retreating backward because of the separation and their issues with trust might have more to do with the world around them than with one another.

      • It’s funny, but the issue of her ability to hide struck me too. Will we see a blond Brennan with short hair when s8 starts?

        I agree with you about the trust issues. How can you work for/in a system that has treated you so badly? On the other hand, what will ultimately save her is following the evidence (the evidence they are now developing) to the truth, so how can she/they not trust it again. That whole dilemma could make for some interesting character issues once she’s cleared. Maybe Booth should quit the FBI after all, and the three of them move to CA. Brennan can teach at UCLA and/or USC. There are research institutes in LA too.

      • Regardless of who they trust outside the centre, the fact is, that the centre holds. The conenction between B&B last night was strong, and for me, Booth understands why she left. His anger will be channelled into taking Pellant down so that he can get his family back.

        Anyone else get a tingle with Booth’s ‘I’m the one who decides where the evidence points’, or whatever it was. HOT.

      • Linda –

        My have hot moment was kicking in Pelant’s door.

      • that should have been FAVE, not have

  11. Actually, I’d be hard pressed to find a single moment with Booth on screen last night where he wasn’t hot. Sweet, vulnerable Booth, dejected Booth and kick ass Booth all in one episode? Wow…

    • Well, that goes without saying.

      Hot chasing after Bones. Hot confronting Max. Hot holding Bones looking at Christine in her crib. Hot all dejected – every time he looked dejected.

      You get the drift – generally HOT!

    • And to think that the man directed the ep too. So Many Talents.
      It’s a bit mind boggling actually that he can be on screen so much and calling the shots too. He clearly knows his best angles…

      • Does the man have a bad angle? ;-D

        To quote Pops, “I don’t think so.” ;-D

      • oh angelena, this reminds me of old boneyard days ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I know, linda. I’ve had all these thoughts over the last 24+ hours and there’s nowhere to discuss them now. The BY had its faults, but it was somewhere to hang out and just chat about Bones and there were lots of topics to choose from. There is Bonesology, but it’s not the same.

        I also had a whole bunch of fanfics book marked and that’s gone too. Some of them can probably be found in other places, but not all and i still have to go look for them.

        BTW, Angel is on now which means I really must get to sleeping. I guess that’s the only thing that will keep me off the various discussions. ;-D


      • He really is a great director. Most of my favourite DB performances are ones he has directed and the shots he chooses are beautiful. His episodes are just very stylish.

        However, in this ep I did feel that Emily D could have brought out the big guns a bit more. I’d have liked more emotion in the church and as she said goodbye. Perhaps tears as she drove away. Afterall, we (the viewers) know that they will most likely be reunited in the season 8 premiere, but Brennan doesn’t know whether her name will ever be cleared. It took Max 18 years to return to her. That moment in the church stands a genuine chance of being the last ever time Booth, Christine and her are all together…

      • sophia – now I’m crying again.

      • See, I think Brennan DOES have a lot of faith in Booth. I think she BELIEVES that he WILL find way to get them all back together. I think she BELIEVES him when he says everything will be okay. At that exact moment when she left, she did it because she knew being in prison wouldn’t be safe with Pellant on the loose. Brennan IS strong. She survived loosing her family the first time by becoming rational and I think she went into that mode again the moment she decided she was going to run. She had to, it’s the only way to get through this and keep her and Christine safe. She has to trust Booth will be okay and that the past will not repeat itself.

      • camcat – I love when Max told Booth to “Stay alive.” He has faith in Booth too, if he can keep himself alive. i wonder if there’s some foreshadowing there. Not that Booth would die, but that Pelant may try. Notice how I didn’t complete that last sentence. Maybe it was bomb in the clock. Hmm.
        Mostly I think it’s TPTB screwing with us.

  12. It really was nice seeing the essence of the characters come through in the finale-no OOC moments for anyone, as far as I’m concerned. Booth has always been Booth in the show-hot (theme here), heroic, big-hearted, moral, impulsive when it comes to his loved ones, but Brennan’s character hasn’t always been written as consistently. This isn’t a criticism-she would be a very difficult character to write for because her perspective is meant to be so different from what a normal person’s would be.

    Last night, though, she was perfect. A little off her game now that she’s allowed her feelings to have more prominence in her life, but still rational to the last, even in her love for Booth. I didn’t know she was going to leave without telling him, but on rewatching you could see how she was setting up a good memory for Booth when she agreed to the baptism; she knew how important having his daughter blessed and thus symbolically protected would be for him once he realized they were both gone without his guardianship in tow. You could also see her starting to build up her dettachment in the church; without it, she wouldn’t have been able to leave him behind. She didn’t look at him as she drove away, and what we were left with in the closing scenes-the seemingly cold, clinical scientist from before, which the dim nasties love to trash. For the rest of us, though, it was clear that she knew how much this would hurt him, thus her “we’re not together just for Christine” comment-as much a reassurance about their relationship as an apology. But things also had to be done; she couldn’t allow Booth to run with her because it would have compromised the essence of who he is as a person forever, and she couldn’t stay knowing what Pelant’s resources are and realizing that Booth would end up paying the price for keeping her and Christine safe-maybe even losing his life in the process. So deeply emotional about Booth and his needs and also about her trust in Max, but also perfectly logical as to her only available choices and their execution.

    • mariu – comment worthy of that fantastic episode. Kudos!

      • 100% agree with this. Carla Kettner writes Brennan so well, it’s too bad this was her last episode.

        I loved every single character in this episode, from Angela’s fierce determination to find something to Cam’s heartbreak at the evidence pointing to Brennan.

        Even Max. Some people are angry at him for convincing Brennan to run, but he’s looking out for her and her family, Booth included. I was watching that scene where Brennan and Booth are watching their baby sleep, Max’s face as he enters the room and watches them is very sweet. He seems so happy that his daughter found someone who loves her like Booth does and that she’s happy in such a good relationship. Also, in the church when he tells her “forget about everything for a moment, just think of Booth and Christine”, I can’t help like Max.

      • Max has always been all about Brennan (and Russ). HE wasn’t the one who wanted to leave them. HE killed for them.

        I adore Max and I’m glad Brennan got over her snit (yes, I’m still bitter about that ep).

    • I thought ED played Brennan perfectly well, too. If you expect her to act how someone would normally act in that situation, then that’s not Temperance Brennan at all. I also saw how subtly her demeanor changed when Max talked about the system turning on you. I understand people not liking that Brennan left, but calling her a cold b**** is not fair, IMO. It’s not like she was just ready to run again – I guess for some people her past transgressions are ever before her. The idea didn’t even occur to her until Max said something – it seemed like she was going to turn herself in to the police. On top of that, Booth hadn’t come up with any alternatives short of them all going on the run, and the results of that would be more disastrous. She didn’t leave because she didn’t think Booth could do anything, but if she stayed his hands would be tied. She just needed to do something to buy time so that he COULD do something. Going on the run was quite a risky move. If Pellant is out and about, can’t he still catch her? Maybe. Going off the grid takes away some of his power. If she went to prison, we were lead to believe that he would definitely get to her in there. So they lowered the odds somewhat, and even if it was just by a tiny fraction, they are going to work to beat them anyway.

      She wasn’t all out blatant about what she felt, but there were tells. It reminds me of how DB played Booth in tDitP after Brennan’s confession. A lot of people thought that his response was cold, but many others saw much more under the surface. So no, she did not act like a woman about to become undone, that’s not her style. And acting too differently would put Booth on alert. The way she called out for him and had the urgent need to say she loves him, I felt that. After their kiss, I caught a flash of pain on her face. And the last part where she was driving away, I could see gloss in her eyes and she had just slightly raised her chin, as if gathering strength or any second she could lose her composure. But having amazing composure is something Brennan is known for having. And yeah, like mariu said, she had to have some detachment to go through with it. It was really painful for her, and she knows how much pain it was going to inflict on Booth.

      • One thing that’s always bugged me a bit is how DB gets raves and OMGs and kudos every time he winces or sheds a tear but ED’s work is, by comparison, relatively overlooked. It’s difficult to play someone who doesn’t over-react to every event. If anything, I think it’s more difficult for an actor to project thoughts and feelings using the smallest of physical reactions instead of the big gesture.

      • Amen to that! Brennan is a really tough character to play and Emily does a fantastic job. I see everyone thinking “poor Booth” but very few people think “poor Brennan”. I could see so many conflicted emotions in Brennan’s face from the christening scene until the very end of the episode, all of that with no words.

      • Do you think so MJ? I’m always hearing far more vocal appreciation of ED’s work, while I find people don’t notice or comment on the subtleties in DB’s acting any where near as much. Maybe we are looking / reading different things? I’m always glad when either of them get the kudos they deserve as it wouldn’t work without both of them being awesome. Emmys are totes overdue.

      • Emmy’s are definitely egregiously late in coming for both of them. And I didn’t mean to (and hope it didn’t come across like that) denigrate DB’s work. They’re both fantastic.

      • I completely agree that the Emmy’s are long overdue, but I think that they are both hobbled by certain prejudices that their fellow actors hold in these matters.
        Angel may have made David a star, but it’s a big hurdle to get over for the Emmy voters. He didn’t play it campy (I keep wanting to say campy vampy) or cartoony, but I think that that is way the Academy members probably see it. Angel matured as did David as an actor over those 8 years, but the voters won’t seriously consider anyone playing that kind of role. He’s even better as Booth, but Booth is just a regular old cop. He doesn’t have any “super powers” like the Mentalist. He isn’t in a wheelchair – you get the idea. So he gets lost in a crowd of “just cops.”
        Maybe he’ll get one for directing. He has been really impressive there. Hart’s comments on that are quite interesting. When David was going to direct the Bones that Foam, Hart was very concerned about whether David could focus the way a director needs to given what a zany, crazy guy he usually is. Obviously Hart has been more than pleased with the results. David now directed 4 pivotal eps (100, Bullet in the Brain, Blizzard and this week’s ep) of Bones as well as a The Finder ep.
        Emily is new AND she plays a character of questionable likability. If you’re not likable, you’ve got to be over the top unlikable. Query: Has Hugh Laurie gotten an Emmy for House?
        So, I’m not holding my breath on them getting their well-deserved Emmy’s – it’s all politics.

  13. Alright, this is ridiculously childish and superficial, so sue me, but take a look at DB’s latest pictures on Forensic Mama’s Bones Spoilers Blog. Made. My. Day. Nothing on a computer screen should make a full grown woman so incoherent. There-had to say it!

    • The man is a stone fox no matter how you look at him. And, he just keeps getting better. I hope the A/C is on now. If not, I’ll have to take a cold shower. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Ok, how about this for full out, embarrassing-to-admit shallowness? I’m really excited to see DB’s even hotter bod after a few months of working out with his new personal trainer. (I’m literally blushing at being known to harbour such fan-girly, squeesome thoughts. I’m an adult for goodness sake)

        However, I believe season 7 was missing even a single scene of topless Booth, which surely must be rectified next season.

      • Sophia, its ok. I think 99% of us are in your shoes as well ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

        I agree that Shirtless Booth needs to make a reappearance, and maybe some actual ice cream
        scenes? I’m not a creeper, just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I noticed a difference in his abdominal area in PITP! Totally. The workouts are working and, I hope, we get to see some results when B&B reunite in S8:)

      • “I noticed a difference in his abdominal area”

        Hehehe…I am cracking up at that ๐Ÿ™‚ Gotta say, I ljust love my Bones-friends!! You all brighten my day!!

      • Count me in the squee-y fangirl club.
        I have to admit that I’ve been studying those abs closely all of s7. I have been following the tweets about the new trainer, and I too think that we are seeing the results. BTW, the trainer is referred to as something like dbdominatrix which I think is hilarious.
        And, I too noted that we had not one shirtless Booth in s7. That is, in fact, my only quibble with the season. I wanted me a little DB skin. (We did get us some naked Angel on TNT the other day – I Will Remember You which makes me teary eyed every time.) The tight t-shirt in Twister will have to suffice for now.
        I have no longer have any pride, although I am proud that I did not go all fangirl on Twitter about his birthday. Some of them are completely over the top.
        All hale DB’s abs!

      • Good news: the A/C is on now. (I live in a big condo building with HVAC all centralized and they don’t usually switch to A/C until about May 15.) I am really needing it with all the visuals this discussion is putting in my mind.
        Yum, the beginning of Truth in the Lye. Let us all have a moment of silent meditation.

      • His face looked better too.

      • I think the lack of shirtless Booth during season 7 is because he wasn’t in top shape like he used to be, which I think is hilarious because a lot of guys put on weight during their first year of marriage and during a partner’s pregnancy.

      • Haha Mar! He was sympathetically eating with her ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I also think the fact that Emily was really pregnant and post-pregnant contributed to it too. Shirtless Booths tend to require a scantily clad female, and that was definitely somewhere Emily didn’t want to go. She said as much at some point.

      • We didn’t need to see a scantily clad Brennan, think back to The pain in the heart ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • That’s true, but a lot of them have featured a scantily clad female. Rebecca in Truth in the Lye. Fake Bones in EITB. She who shall not be named did give us one good thing: I think she was responsible for more than a couple of eps with shirtless Booth?
        And, now I shall meditate on the bathtub scene. Somebody open a window.

    • Ok, we got a reference to a shower and some pretty good visuals earlier in the season, but no actual scene. I think that the fans have earned the right after years of loyalty and all this angst to see a wet Booth-getting-out-of-the shower scene as a tiny reward. Can I mention that I even got more than just a little bit interested when Booth fell into the the icky water, wet shirt, damp hair and decomposing skull in view? I’m not kidding; I acutally replayed that scene several times. No hope for me, I know. Very, very sad…

      • That’s right: I forgot pantsless Booth. What with the holster, that was extremely prime.
        I’m trying to recall the shower reference.
        And, we had tight t-shirt Booth in Male in the Mail. How could I forget?
        I must admit that I too studied muddy Booth very carefully.
        I believe that I am even more far gone: I have a Powerpoint presentation of shirtless Booth’s and shirtless David’s jogging in West Hollywood. Given all the fabbo pic of David, it is quite a large file. I include Army Booth because even tho’ he’s dressed, Booth in fatigues makes me swoon. I also have a couple of sleeveless Booth’s in there as well. I’ll have to add pantsless Booth.
        I am happy to share. You can email me directly at
        You know, it’s a shame, but I think I am going to have to go back and watch all of s7 right this minute.
        Please take a moment for silent meditation on the shirtless Booth of your choice while I take a cold shower. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The shower reference “Did you remember to wash the nipples? – Yeah, this morning when I showered but I don’t think the daycare people are going to check that”

      • Oh yeah, that was good. I thought you were referring to something earlier in the season.

      • Lol at this whole discussion. I missed seeing some abs, too.

      • What a fun day we’ve had here at BonesTheory. May you all have sweet dreams of a shirtless Booth.

  14. Um. I have so much to respond with that I’m going to have to think about how I write it down, without dragging on and on

  15. Yeah get him Booth!

    Wipe that smirk off his face! ๐Ÿ™‚ In the words of Cam, “I think I like this just a little too much!”

    • Anthropologically speaking, it’s an evolutionary imperative that a woman responds this way to an alpha male acting on his evolutionary imperative to protect his loved ones. ;-D

      There – you can’t like it too much. ;-D

      • Haha thanks Angelena! That was so Brennan of you ๐Ÿ™‚

        I just found this on the Internet I respond to this too! I just wanna “post-Vincent” comfort him if you know what I mean! hahaha There is a good chance something is very wrong with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man kicking ass in protection of his family must be in want of some oogling.

        /Jane Austen, circa 2012

      • Brava, MJ. *applause*

        IN reference to DB and his singing…abilities.
        “So what do you recommend to encourage affection?โ€ โ€œSinging. Even if oneโ€™s partner is barely tolerable.” ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

      • Pedantic as I tend to be naturally, I channel my inner Brennan far more often than is good for my relationships with others.

      • And, bb, OMG, that screen shot is just scrumptious. The man does angst like nobody’s business. I really need that cold shower now! ;-D

      • Jane Austen has successfully infiltrated Bones Theory.

        My work here is done.


      • On DB’s singing:
        One of the first questions I asked when I “joined” the Boneyard was whether he really can’t sing or he just likes to sing very badly.
        I got this answer: Christian Kane, an accomplished singer songwriter who played Lindsey on Angel and is friends with David in real life (I’ve seen some re-tweets) says that he is deliberately singing badly. He shouldn’t quit his day job, but he can sing.

  16. LOL at the whole convo about showers and shirtlessness!

    On another note – I gotta say I’m absolutely loving the ‘home sweet home’ song that’s played during the baptism montage. (It’s ‘Sleeping At Last’ by From the Ground Up)
    Check out the lyrics:

    One by one the knots we’ve tied will come undone.
    Like picking locks, we’ll sow our seeds beneath the sun.
    Our accomplice is the rain, with patience, that of saints.

    It grows and grows, our home sweet home.

    It took me 27 years to wrap my head around this –
    to brush the ashes off of everything I love.
    Where courage was contagious, confidence was key.

    Right as rain and soft as snow,
    it grows and grows and grows, our home sweet home.

    We’ll try to document this light, with cameras to our eyes,
    in an effort to remember what being mended feels like.

    We’re home sweet home.

    Wow, right?

  17. I just watched it again and I thought I would make a couple of observations:

    If Pelant switched out the clock that means he knew what clock was in the bedroom before he did it. That means he has been in their house before.

    We saw Pelant in the house through the security system B&B had set up to monitor Christine. Pelant knew it was there because he smiled for the camera. He could have used it to keep track B&B and even listen to them when they were in Christine’s room.

  18. Did anyone see Christine’s pink turtle on B&B’s coffee table? LOL. Pink turtle! Turtles are not pink. This is wrong.

  19. Angela, Caroline and Booth were the same as they always have been working cases. They worked the case and they did what they always do to give Booth time to figure out the answers to โ€œwhyโ€, โ€œwhoโ€, โ€œwhatโ€ and โ€œhowโ€. Booth and Caroline had worked before in season one on a case in the same manner. Brennan is being framed and Booth looked for the โ€œwho and whyโ€ while Caroline worked the law. Booth withheld things that he thinks will draw things in the wrong direction and Caroline slowed or hurry the law to give him time to work. Angela stands by Brennan no matter what. Cam has been known to use the evidence to show the outcome that she wants so she leads it rather than follows. You never know with Cam and for someone who wants people to follow her rules you never know if she is going to follow the rules.
    In the Crack in the Code they everyone admired how smart the killer was and even with not being able to figure out the โ€œhowโ€ didnโ€™t rule out Pelant. This killer was endowed with the knowledge that allowed for him to dismember and reconstructed the spine of the victim, write malware on the bones and process things through the system without having the means and lacking a how they didnโ€™t rule him out. When Dr Brennan missed the code on the bones it was no big deal. Cam losing the body (evidence) to cremations was credited to being out smarted by Pelant. It was like I donโ€™t know โ€œhowโ€ he did it but all of the evidence points to him so he did it.
    But in The Past in the Present Pelant is ruled out as the killer because he is endowed with less knowledge and doesnโ€™t have the motive. Dr Brennan is shown to have motive, means and opportunity so is suspected of committing the murder. Booth and Angela look for evidence to prove that Brennan didnโ€™t do it or to prove that someone else could have done it. Cam looked at the evidence stop when it pointed to Dr Brennan and handed it over. Cam keeps changing with the wind. So her handing over the evidence wasnโ€™t that big of a deal it was her job to do so. She will always do her job you just never know how she will do her job.

  20. One thing that is interesting about this episode are the parallels between this finale and the 4th and 5th season finales.

    On another note, a pretty impressive season run for our show, despite the setbacks and the number of things they had to work around:

    • It would probably be doing even better had it not been for the move to Monday, but I understand why Fox did it and I think they’re holding on in a very competitive night. Not too bad for a 7 years old show going through so many interruptions during such an irregular and short season.

      • With the demise of House, Bones is one of, if not, they’re best drama. I think I read one of the Fox execs saying something to that effect.

        Bones has certainly done a much better job of putting its couple together than House did.

      • I made one of the mistakes that I always chastise students for: that should be their, not they’re. OOPS!

      • That is interesting reading. Can’t believe all those awful reality TV shows are so high up, bit of a shame. Also – surprised that Castle is top 20. I gave it a try for a couple of seasons and was just never grabbed or impressed by it. My (albeit, extremely biased) view is that Bones is streaks ahead in quality, intrigue, chemistry and humour. But what do I know? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I don’t watch Castle because “Castle” himself is very annoying to me at times. Like he’s cocky, but not Booth-“Cocky” if you know what I mean. Same with the “Mentalist” and the “Finder”. It’s that smarmy, snake-oil-salesman kind of cockiness that just bothers me. I think the difference is explained well by Brennan, “Iโ€™ve come to realize that the quiet man…who is always there for friends and family – thatโ€™s the real alpha male…” When I compare all those other male leads to Booth, they just pale in comparison, and their version of cockiness just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll take Booth any day….please! hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hey, BT buddies! Check out my new B&B vid:

    Hope you enjoy it!

    • WOW! Great video. Loved the scenes you used. Into the favorites folder it goes!

      • Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s a lovely video – what software do you use to do it?

        I have to say, watching it does make me miss the earlier seasons. Still annoys me that they didn’t kiss when she said she was pregnant, or after the birth of the baby. It’s just unrealistic, but the writers leave it out because it would give the audience too much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • @sophia7470 – thanks! I use AfterEffects (Adobe’s professional motion graphics/video/animation software – kind of like Photoshop-on-wheels lol)

    • Beautiful. Great video. Also enjoy Bones Bedazzled. Thanks:)

    • A big, belated Thank You! for that wonderful video. I don’t know how you found the time, but the scenes you picked were great. BTW, where’s the “feeding Booth” scene from? Can’t come up with an ep. Again, thanks for the great surviving-the-hiatus pick-me up.

      • You’re welcome! I do these for myself mostly, but it’s a huge plus to share with other Bones fanatics. More to come soon.

        The feeding Booth clip (“The Care and Feeding of your Booth”? lol) is from the end scene of “Doctor in the Den”, extended version, S4 dvd. A shame it was cut from the aired episode – it’s a great little vignette.

      • Thanks for the info-not one of my fave eps, but I’ll be watching the extended version tonight. Who knew?

      • I immediately pulled out my s4 DVD’s. It is an absolutely wonderful scene. However, I can see why they left it out. The story really did end with Cam and Michelle.

  22. hey guys,

    So I came accross this video on youtube where these people are walking around the Fox Lot and I know we saw a ton of it on Bones but I freaked out when they found the Royal Diner! I thought it was really cool to see THE Diner outside of Bones itself so I thought I’d share it with you guys. so heres the video:

    they show the Diner at 7:14-7:45

    another thing, before the Diner, they are at the New york set of How I Met Your Mother and when that block ends, you cross the street and there’s the Diner. What I noticed is that the same set might be used for both shows. Like they have they new york style buildings but it looks a lot like when B&B were walking on the side walk and stopped in the corner and Brennan told Booth they were pregnant. so maybe I’m just crazy but I think they share sets to save space.
    Also if you watch HIMYM then you know the stairs that lead up to the building Ted lives in? well if you watch this video and I’m right abut them sharing sets, then those same stairs might be the ones Booth and Avilon were on in Harbingers when she warned him that Brennan was in danger and then took a cab as soon as Booth left? or maybe its the stairs right next to the ones that lead to Ted’s building, I’m not quite sure but I would love it if someone saw it and let me know what they think!

    • You are correct that the sets are the same. Fox has only one set of outdoor sets. They are used over and over and over again. The Royal Diner keeps popping up in lots of other shows.
      Anyway, they “dress” the outdoor sets differently for the different shows, but as with the Royal Diner, sometimes they don’t.

      The same is true at Universal and the other studios. They all have generic big city streets, for example, that can stand in for NYC, Chicago, etc. They have generic streets that stand in for European cities. The same is true for neighborhoods of homes. And, so on.

      If you are ever in Orlando or Southern California, take the Universal Studios tour or in FLA the Hollywood studios tour. All is explained and they usually point out exactly what was used for what show or movie. My favorite thing on the tour is the small door frames. These make short people look taller. It kind of kills the illusion, but I guess, like Brennan, I seek the truth.

      • Thanks angelena!

        I never knew the Diner was in other shows too. Have you seen the Diner on other shows? I would be very interested to see it.

        Thats really cool that they do tours of the studios, now I’m really tempted to go to one over the summer to learn a little more about hollywood haha. And im with you on seeking the truth, I find it even makes it more fun to know how things work behind the scenes despite the fact that knowing might ruin the illusion they create.

  23. I must say that the more times I watch the Season finale (3rd time last night) the more I love it!

  24. Hey, BT friends….do you guys want to continue discussing different topics on here this summer? I guess we can just start here, someone could bring up a new topic every day or so and we could still chat! I miss hearing everybody’s different opinions!

    In fact, we can start here with Linda’s comment about liking the finale more upon rewatching it. Who else feels that way? Personally, I liked it right away, the first time I watched it. No, I don’t “enjoy” watching Booth or Brennan be sad, but to me it was a good way to introduce angst and a cliffhanger of sorts without breaking up the couple or something like that. I’m really looking forward to buying the DVDs and watching the season in its entirely to really get a feel for the season without the gaps. But back to the finale, I liked it. Did anyone hate it completely?

    • I’ve been bugging Sarah for a new post per week until the premiere, now that we know when that will be.

      Maybe if I did my best Marlon Brando impression . . .

      Saraah!! Sarrrrr-aaaaah!


      I did not hate the finale. Even though I think they could have gone in other directions, HH&Co made that particular story line work for me. My only real complaint is that we’ll probably never see any of the Adventures of Max and Brennan (plus one).

      • that’s what fanfiction is for ๐Ÿ™‚

      • LOL at a Brando impression – complete with torn shirt and lots of anguish, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Great to see some life in BT – I’ve so missed the discussions that get us through the hiatuses (hiati?)

        You know, back in February, Sarah did mention she could “use some help” – it’s in the PS at the end of her post that day, here:

        Maybe some of you gifted thinkers/writers could take her up on that and act as “guest speakers” for awhile? I’m not much of a writer – I just do videos ๐Ÿ™‚ but I love the food-for-thought discussions here and all the comments – no other board can quite compare, imo.

        In that Feb. post, Sarah did say she could put the new posts up – which means we could get pictures and stuff too…. Just thought I’d put this out there…

      • jigs, I emailed her about that at the time and even sent a post but I have not heard anything back. That’s why I just started up a discussion on this thread. And jmg, thanks for the links! I knew you had some good ones ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the B&B dressing in the bedroom parallel…now if only we could get some more pantless Booth…

      • I could go for some pantsless Booth.

        Oh, you mean PHOTOS of pantsless Booth. Right.

        Yea, those, too.

      • OK, thanks bb. Odd there was no response. Appreciate the initiative and I’m in, too. Obviously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        MJ mentions the date for S8’s premiere – think I read Sept 17 – one month down, “only” 3 to go… :-O Oh well – I’m just having fun with major re-watching, pretty much starting from the beginning – finding different perspectives on many of the earlier eps, as others have noted.

        I watched the S7 finale 4 times in a row the night it aired (what, me obsessed?). Still savoring it.

    • Great idea; I’d be game. I liked the finale and hope they follow through on the personal storylines because there’s a lot of potential there, and not just the Pelant thing. One thing I found really interesting is the fact that this finale mirrored the season 5 (almost) finale of “The Boy with the Answer” almost perfectly. There, B/B were confronted by the Gravedigger, a woman who seemed to be personally menacing Brennan, but Brennan sided with Booth and allowed the justice system to work. Max was involved as well, trying to take matters into his own hands just in case.

      In this last finale, the threat was more immediate and Brennan went with Max’s idea that the justice system would fail this time. I don’t know if the similarities were accidental, but I always like to find parallels between episodes.

      • I like finding parallels too, especially because we know that nothing happens without intent on Bones. I love trying to go back and find those things. It will be interesting to see the pairing with ep 8.1.

        Here’s something we could discuss: In Proof in the Pudding, when Angela thinks she might be pregnant, she points out to Hodgins that a baby joins two people much more profoundly than marriage because they are joined by the soul they have created. I have always wondered if there was more to that statement than met the eye at the time. B&B are now joined through a soul. (officially even, according to the Catholic church ;-D ) Was this foreshadowing of some kind?

        That idea also makes me think about going back through s5 looking for more of those things. Mariu has found another one.

      • The boy with the answer mirrors parts in this finale a lot, I noticed too a few weeks ago upon re-watching. However, in this finale, the threat directly to Brennan was more immediate. While the Gravedigger pretty much broke Brennan down, enough to push her away from Booth, I think in the end, Pellant will drive them even closer. Brennan isn’t running away scared like she did back then, she’s fighting for a chance to survive.

        I think there has been foreshadowing of a baby between B&B for a long time, I’d even say since season one.

    • 1) I think having some topics and “talking” would be great. I too miss the discussions. I’m willing to take responsibility for several topics.
      2) I loved the finale from the first time I saw it, but it ages extremely well like someone we know.:-D I re-watched the first six episodes last week. I find that it all gets better on re-watch.

    • I loved the finale the first time I saw it, and loved it even more on rewatching it! B&B are solid as a couple, secure in their relationship. Loving it!

  25. I’m in ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my students ( an 18 yr old boy) has just watched all 7 seasons in a row. For the first time. And today he said to me ‘I feel so let down, after 6 seasons that’s how they get together?’ Yes, the young’ un will need some counselling.

    • Do you think that gender and/or age have anything to do with it?

      • lol – I added in that detail because it sort of surprises me how much he loves this show. My experience suggests that its definitley older women who are fans!

      • I was over at the ATT store the other night and we were trying to get some stuff going on my computer. On my desktop were the scene when Brennan tells Booth she loves him and isn’t with him just because of Christine and a pic of range master Booth. I said that I ought to hide it all. The guy who was working with me said he watches the show sometimes and likes it.

        At the Apple store, every “Genius” I’ve worked with recently (all guys, BTW), said they were big fans when they saw my desktop. I think at one point, it even had shirtless Booth from Truth in the Lye on it. Kind of embarrassing, but not enough to take it down. ;-D

        My only rule: no shirtless Booth’s on the desktop when I’m running power points in class. ;-D

      • The shirtless Booth from Lye should come with a medical warning attached…

      • I agree. That picture really does require some kind of warning – at least.

    • My 6 year old nephew likes the scenes where Booth is doing athletic stuff. He likes the hockey scenes from Fire in the Ice and the bowling from Change in the Game. He loves to do “Buck’s on the truck.”

      I turned his big bro’ into a Days of Our Lives fan 20 years ago. Auntie Robin strikes again. ;-D

      • lol – I went bowling recently – or Bogan Bowling as I called it and could not resist a bit of the Buck Truck Happy Dance after a strike. Everyone thought I was nuts ๐Ÿ™‚ Bowling will never be the same again!

  26. I think Mariu and Angelena bring up a really good starter discussion about parallels that we are seeing in recent episodes of Bones versus past episodes. Another poster on BT, Karen G. (@X2JMG), has sent me some delightful links of Bones parallels and I asked her to round some up for us over here. But here’s a quick one to start us off, a Baby Andy parallel from Baby in the Bough. Remember this?

    Booth: Bones, thereโ€™s a baby involved in here. If you hear gunfire or anything like that, drive AWAY.
    Brennan: Iโ€™m not leaving you, Booth!
    Booth: Yes you will. Because this is about the baby. Not me. (pauses) Promise me?
    Brennan: (pauses) โ€ฆI promise.

    Intentional parallel with our present situation? I don’t know. But it kinda made me a bit emotional all over again to think about it! What other parallels have you noticed?

    • Interesting parallel with Baby in the Bough. I see it, although it’s kind of inverted. It’s Brennan who is in danger, not Booth. She takes the baby because the baby is really too young to be separated yet. She’s still nursing. But, the basic thing that there being a baby changes what they would normally do applies. Question: if they didn’t have Christine, would Brennan still have gone on the lam? (Originally I wrote “run,” but “gone on the lam” is more fun.) ;-D

      I have a silly question: what’s with the hats? Somebody observed that “apparently babies come with hats.” In RL, babies don’t have hats all the time. Maybe it’s because studios tend to be cold because of the heat of the lights. Or, perhaps because it’s always sunny in LA.

      • It’s easier to hide a hat wearing fake baby.

      • Honestly, I think it’s because they use twins (usually) for those roles and it’s easier to hide the fact that the babies are different from scene to scene if the head is covered in a hat. We see what we expect to see, etc etc etc

      • Yeah you’re right Angelena, its not the same exact situation, but I liked the quote because of how Booth was so fierce about Brennan and the baby leaving him when their was danger present, and its not even his or her biological child. And how Brennan did not want to leave him there, but Booth made her promise to get that child (and herself) out of any danger. Isn’t Fierce Protective Booth the greatest?! But applying that logic to their current situation, in my mind, Brennan is remembering this event as she’s driving away. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mar & MJ – thanks for your thoughts on the hats. That all makes sense.

        bb – I love me some fierce Booth. ;-D

      • Mar –

        It’s funny that you say that about the fake baby because it was so-o-o obvious that Brennan was holding a fake baby when she bent into the car to put the baby in the car seat, and then it was the live baby in the seat — and the hat comes right off. ;-D

    • Such a great scene-the whole episode was great, and knowing what we do know, I can’t help but smirk throughout the whole thing whenever I see it. *Our little guy* Ahh! You’re right though, it’s almost the exact situation and I think Booth would have ended up agreeing to let Brennan go with Christine like he did in Baby if he’d had enought time to think about it, assuming he could see that he needed to stay behind to improve their odds of survival-he’s a gambling man, after all.

      I think under normal circumstances Booth would be upset by what happened in the finale but not really angry. It’s just that with all of Brennan’s trust issues (and they did bring up how much she trusts him in the Family Feud ep-probably to help us cope through the hiatus), the fact that she freaked out about the Gravedigger and upped and left once before, and all of his countless insecurities about their relationship, it’s probably going to be kind of a bumpy ride for a little bit next season after she gets back. But ultimately she will come back, and having gone through that harrowing experience together can only make them stronger.

  27. I also noticed how in the finale and ‘Boy’ it’s implied that Brennan has lost her edge somehow and isn’t in a position to compete effectively with the villains. In Boy she’s upset that maybe all the relationships she’s involved with have made her less rational and she tells Booth that she needs to distance herself from them. In the finale, she doesn’t discover her friend’s all-important book until after she appears to reach the decision to leave with Christine, right after.her dad tells her to use her brain and think logically. Up until the point that Max talked to her it seemed that she had reached a dead end and couldn’t contribute anything new to the case-stepping back gave her almost immediate perspective. Although I note how far she’s come since Boy-she herself never questioned that her involvement with Booth might have been tampering with her ability to be objective, nor did she ever say that to him.

    I wondered why in the family feud episode they had Brennan making a mistake about the victim’s bones; it’s something that we rarely see and it didn’t have much purpose other than maybe to give Cam a tiny story line. Now I’m wondering whether it was a bit of an omen.

    • Remember Brennan’s comment in Shallow Grave, something like “I would’ve seen it if I weren’t awash in hormones. I think that that’s been undermining her all season. At least she now sees that it’s the hormones and not attachment to the people.

      SN noted in some interview that Brennan would be an emotional “open sore” with all the hormones and new emotions that Christine would invoke. We saw that in ep 8? when she doesn’t want to put Christine to bed.

  28. Here is another parallel pic- plus we get to see Booth without his pants again!

  29. I just started watching Bones at Christmas after a friend recommended it. I started at the beginning and have quickly become obsessed (I admit I did skim a couple of the Hannah episodes…just hurt too much). Then over Spring break I found Bones Theory and all I can say is WOW!!! Love the thought provoking discussions, the literary and movie/tv references. I agree there are so many parallels and foreshadowing instances with this show. I just watched Baby in the Bough again, and Brennan was so torn with who to protect, Booth or baby Andy. Brennan seems to be struggling like most of us moms with balancing work feelings and responsibilities and family feelings and responsibilities. I can’t wait to see her figure it out so she can get back to Booth and catch Pelant! Keep the discussions coming! You guys challenge my thinking! Love it!

  30. It would be great if we could have a retrospective on season 7. What were your favorite character moments and lines? What worked for you, what didn’t work for you?

    • Every episode had B&B moments to love! Some of the highlites for me:
      -Memories- B&B kisses, “I love you’s”, talk of marriage, new memories, new life, rubba da belly. I think this whole episode made my head explode!
      -Hot Dog- I loved the end scene with the ultrasound, “Of course I’m happy”.
      -Prince in Plastic: RangeMaster Vest, Booth coming home to Brennan at his apartment, Nerf ball fight!
      -Mail- Booth’s tears, Pops telling Booth “Love that woman & the little girl you’re going to have”, Brennan helping Booth deal with his father’s death.
      -Twister: Overprotective Booth! Angela’s dad babysitting Michael.
      -Crack in the Code- Creepy Pelant! Booth looking for the MIghty Hut, “You found our house Booth” “We have a home” Kisses!
      -Prisoner: The birth of Christine! “Look at us, we’re a family” The surprise party at The Mighty Hut, B&B’s looks at each other, Brennan wearing Booth’s FBI jacket!
      -Bump in the Road- Brennan going back to work, B&B winking at each other, together as a family in the Mighty Hut.
      -Don’t in the Do- Sexy lingerie, “I know your body”, “Let it melt” with those kisses!!
      -Warrior: Parker meets his sister, everyone together as a family looking at Christine in her crib.
      -Family in Feud- Return of Max! “She has your eyes”
      -Suit on the Set- “You’re my partner, always” Kiss!!
      -Past in the Present: The whole ep. was awesome! Booth so happy at Christine’s baptism, then our hearts ripped out…”I’m going to get my family back” Oh, and “I love you Booth. I don’t want you to think Christine is the only reason we’re together”

  31. BTW, I am willing to do some posts to get “conversations” going.

    • You mean start new posts? That would be cool. I’d love to go over this past season some more while we wait for September 17.

      • I’m on my phone so god only knows where this will end up but I think Sarah will have another post up on Monday.

        My Marlon Brando impression has always been irresistable.


      • Sarah might return soon? That’d be fantastic. She should know her public is bereft, restless, and clamoring! (And insert Marlon’s wail here, too – cover all bases lol)

      • Watching season 7 again, it is still hard to believe B&B are together! Think about the dark days of season 6 with Hannah. I really didn’t know during that time if B&B would ever get together.
        When season 7 was starting, I didn’t know what we were going to get. I remember thinking, will they kiss? Will they say I love you? Will they live together? We got all that and more!
        I’m still pinching myself & I can’t wait to see what season 8 has in store for us!

    • Yes, anything to get new conversations going. I miss them so much. There were a couple of days when between BT and Twitter it was all Bones all the time. That was such a fun day.

      Let us know what we can do, Sarah.

    • Angelena, why don’t you start us off with a new topic to get us through the weekend? ๐Ÿ™‚ A thought you took from watching this last season maybe or a question that it raised?

      • OK, bb, here’s a topic:

        I’ve written about this before, but didn’t get any response, so I’ll try again.

        In Proof in the Pudding, when Angela thinks she might be pregnant, she points out to Hodgins that a baby joins two people much more profoundly than marriage because they are joined by the soul they have created. I have always wondered if there was more to that statement than met the eye at the time. B&B are now joined through a soul. (Officially even, according to the Catholic church ;-D )

        Was that a message to the fans? A foreshadowing?


        It also leads to another thing: were there other such foreshadowing moments/hidden messages in s5? Some have suggested parallels between the last two eps of s5 and the last two eps of s7, which we’ve discussed a bit already.

      • I tend to think that when Booth and Angela make major speeches, what they say sort of reflects the viewpoint of the show’s creators. Bones is really a very optimistic, life-affirming series at heart (Hart?!). It’s full of things like “everything happens eventually” “there’s someone for everyone” and all the other stuff we love to hear. Brennan and Sweets provide the contrast; theyโ€™re the voices of reason, the doubting Thomases who refuse to believe in the possibility of magic or fate. So when people like Booth, Angela, GG, Hank or Avalon say significant stuff, I tend to think weโ€™ll see more by way of that at some point. Which is generally a good thing.

      • I don’t count Angela’s statement as intentional foreshadowing because I don’t believe that at that point, HH&Co had any idea/inkling/plot to get Brennan pregnant.

        I don’t disagree with the meaning behind what Angela says, I just don’t think “they” had her say it as a way to foreshadow what happened at the end of S6.

      • They may have had the intention all along, given that they planted that seed (metaphorically of course) during season 3’s The baby in the borough and of course season 4’s The critic in the Cabernet. Brennan wanted to have Booth’s baby, they just needed time and a little (huge) push to get them to that place where they could do it “the right way”.

        I think they always planned on a B&B baby at some point down the line, if they had enough seasons to do so.

      • Mar, I tend to think that you are on the right track, but I’m not sure that they would have worked it into the actual series, especially with Hodgela’s happening. I think it would have been in the last episode or two of Bones as they fade off into the sunset :). I think we would have seen B&B get together, but not with baby until the very end. Perhaps their “I’m pregnant” scene at the end of season 6 would have been the last scene of the whole series. But I am happy that Emily’s pregnancy pushed up the timeline for them, because its nice to see main characters going through this family stuff in a procedural, which is usually reserved for the side characters like Hodgela. I’m still crossing my fingers for a B&B wedding. Just because I’d love to see how TPTB and ED/DB would envision it. I can imagine more than one possibility in my mind, but how would it actually play out? **crossing fingers** ๐Ÿ™‚

      • bb –
        Hart has said that they were planning to go to the baby place, but it wasn’t until Emily told him that she was pregnant that they decided to go there so soon. Not only did he say that this year, but at some point after Critic, he said that they would revisit the issue eventually. It’s not something they could put out there and then just forget about. Like her grandfather, for example. ;-D

  32. I just watched Boy with the Answer and Beginning in the End on reruns last week. How depressing those 2 eps. are! Brennan is “tired of sadness & murders” & Booth is anxious & nervous trying to keep her as his partner. He tells her “Not everything is changing, we’re still partners.” & “we’re not going anywhere. Our jobs are here.” And Angela tells Brennan she is running away from Booth.

    But it was the beginning for B&B. They had to separate & go through all the crap they did in order for them to finally be together. Brennan had to see Booth with someone else to realize she loved him. (Doctor & Blizzard).
    In contrast, season 7 B&B separate, but this time they are stronger than ever in their relationship & as a family. It was heartwrenching, but in a good way compared to the season 5 ending. We saw B&B kiss, say” I love you” &” it’s going to be ok,” Much better this time around! I feel confident about their future together.

    • When the episodes between the 100th and Bullet in the Brain come on in reruns, I boycott them. I just can’t take it. Why get so upset when you know you can wait a few days (or just to a later hour) and see something that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach.

      • There are Hannah-less episodes in between that are good and The boy with the answer is excellent.

      • Mar –
        You are correct. Boy is a wonderful ep, as is the 100th, Doctor in the Photo and several others. But, they are just too upsetting for me, so I don’t watch them. There may come a time when I can watch them, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

    • I definitely agree with you, “They had to separate & go through all the crap they did in order for them to finally be together.” In this I am on Sweets-side, that someone had to break the stalemate of their surrogate relationship. Brennan was content to let it stay where it was because she didn’t want to risk giving her heart and being abandoned again. Booth knew that she was scared and was scared himself to reveal himself and have her reject him as other woman had rejected him before. They both would have continued this limbo for who knows how long until Booth “went for it” and told her he wanted to try to be together. Something had to change. And yeah, it sucked to go through. DB and ED were both so good I felt their pain almost physically. But you know, I was glad that Brennan kind of got smacked in the head with facing her feelings. Yeah, she initially ran, but eventually came to her DitP realization. I was also kind of glad Booth went out and tried to move on. I think it helped solidify his feelings that Brennan was “the one” and he could be absolutely sure. I just never was threatened by Hannah or worried by the developments because I knew that B&B was the endgame, it was just a matter of time. I never want my babies to be in pain but sometimes we gotta go through that stuff to get to the good times. And boy, have we seen some good times in season 7! We have a Mighty Hut! A baby! “I love you”s! Max the babysitter! Buying lingerie! Kisses in the Kitchen! (hm…sounds like a Bones ep! haha) Bones, Booth, Parker, Christine bonding time! I mean, come on! Truly a fan’s dream. At least this fan’s dream ๐Ÿ™‚

      All that to say…Season 6 is fine in my book because when you take all the seasons of Bones together, the good and bad times have all led us to where we are today. All in all, best show ever!

      • While I will acknowledge that MAYBE it was all necessary, I will never be thankful for it, or otherwise think it was wonderful. I hated it and it made me physically ill.

        One issue for me was that I had come not to trust anything that anyone at the show said. As such, I didn’t trust HH, et al. when they said that B&B together was the end game. I had a lengthy debate with rynogeny about this. She argued that they had to deliver, and I argued that they didn’t have to if they (or any other of TPTB) didn’t want to.

        B&B felt so far apart at some points that I didn’t see how they could bring them back together in a credible way. I also took issue with the quality of the Hannah story line and the quality of its execution. KW was terrible, although that may have been the writing, not the acting. If Hannah was truly a “straw woman,” then what was the point? It had to be believable that B&B could be kept apart or why bother? I do agree that everything about Hannah made her truly replacing Brennan unbelievable, however, I still felt that, Hannah aside, they had driven such a huge wedge between B&B that I didn’t see how they could get them back together, even if Hannah was sent packing. I didn’t see how either of them could ever trust their heart to the other ever again.

        I know I am contradicting myself, but that’s the way I felt. They were too far apart to ever get back to where they had been, let alone to get them together. Yet … I felt that Hannah was never really believable as someone that Booth could make a life with long term.

        Net net: I hated the whole thing. And, I will never fully accept that this was the ONLY way to get them together.

        Fortunately, that’s all in the past where I don’t have to look at it again. Now I can bask in the glow of s7. YAY!

      • Agree wholeheartedly Angelena.

      • I agree with you bb. I think everything that happened with the separation and Hannah etc happened for a reason. (In terms of the character’s growth rather than the need to keep the show on air for more seasons)

        I personally always felt their relationship wasn’t that balanced. In earlier seasons, it was always Booth who (I felt) was primarily doing the chasing, or being open about his feelings (if not in words to Brennan, then very clearly to us as the audience). For a long time, Brennan was quite content in their surrogate relationship, ignoring the wider implications and avoiding any and all confrontation with the truth that there was clearly something between them.

        Booth was pretty miserable at times, with displays of the typical emotions felt during unrequited love. This is why I didn’t begrudge it when the tables turned in season 6 and Brennan was confronted with the truth of her feelings and actions.

        It meant that when they finally came together, they were both in an aware and emotionally honest place (imagine how awful it would have been if Brennan was still all ‘I don’t believe in love’ and ‘this is just chemicals in your limbic system’ after and Booth got together.)

        I feel that they’re equal now.

  33. Here is another Then & Now…. (I am SO glad we are where we are now! Esp. after watching last 2 eps of season5!) -pipe-2-02-mother-and

    • Wow – that one’s the most dramatic “Then/Now” change yet! (really enjoying these you’re finding, thanks for posting the links.)

      As to the last two eps of S5 – I agree they’re very depressing and unsettling – and I sure don’t see how you guys survived the summer after S5 ended like that! There must’ve been a whole lot of wailing and tearing-of-hair going on! It’s bad enough for those like me who saw those eps for the first time already knowing that “eventually” does indeed happen! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wailing & gnashing of teeth! But season 7 made it all better!

      • jigs –
        The end of s5 is what drove me to the Boneyard. I was so-o upset and I needed to discuss it with someone. Like so many people, no one in my RL got it. The Boneyard and later BT were such a relief to find.
        I actually was glad to be spoiled about Hannah. Had she shown up with no warning, I would have been even more upset.
        BTW, I got to the point in s6 that I didn’t see how TPTB were going to bring B&B back together. I lost faith in eventually, and I came to believe nothing that TPTB, especially HH, SN and DB, said on the subject.
        It was a nightmare. If not for Sarah and everyone else here at BT, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. I know that that sounds ridiculously dramatic. It is just a TV show, but I was on the verge of stopping watching because I was physically sick about it. Then we had Bullet in the Brain and the look on Booth’s face as he looked at Bones through the window of the diner finally gave me a glimmer of hope. Of course, I didn’t know then that the nightmare was definitely not over yet. There was still the proposal to get through. That nearly killed it for me, but the Tommy guns brought back some fun after that, and hope again flickered on. When Booth “ran into” Bones running in the park, I finally began to believe that maybe everything would work out – eventually.

      • Angelena & jigs: the same was true for me after the s5 finale and i did the same thing. i held out hope until the proposal, which i still haven’t gotten over. till then i thought the 100th was the worst. yes, it’s a show, yet there’s so much that’s real and that hit home for me.

      • Of all the things that happened in S06, Booth proposing to Hannah was the only thing I could not wrap my head around and still can’t.
        In SinsitSisterhood, Booth said you can love a lot of people but you only love one the most. Brennan asks how you know, he said you just know. Brennan then asks what if you let that person get away and Booth syas “THAT PERSON IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE”. This is after looking longingly at Brennan and getting caught in the process. How do you then calmly go and propose to your girlfriend? Beats me. It was such a major thing that I just can’t discard it. I tried to explain it away but it niggles at the back of my mind.

      • Tonia, I feel the same way. I’ve commented on this as well. I can not wrap my head around Booth proposing and what he said there, and all he’s ever said and how’s he’s been. This was worse than how he handled the end of the 100th. I have many issues with how Booth handled that. Brennan said she couldn’t do what he wanted and was putting Booth ahead of herself – because she loved him and maybe without realizing that part. Then Booth lectures Brennan on that very subject at the end of 6×02 “The Couple in the Cave”. For me, that was unbelievable.

        I didn’t like Season 6 except for very few episodes. My favorite being “The Doctor in the Photo”. I especially liked when Brennan said “Some people are very adept at hiding their pain.” and also how she used the word “sad” at the end of the episode, the very word she used to console Booth at the end of the 100th. Brennan admitted her mistake to Booth which was monumental for her. A very underrated moment. The episode where Booth skips out on Angela & Hodgins’ baby announcement, also unbelievable.

        I find it hard to respect Booth and have the faith in him since the 100th that I had for him before the 100th. There have been serious issues that needed dealt with that have just been ignored. And special moments – like the pie – that have just been thrown away.

        I could go on and on. All just my humble opinions. Sorry for the rant.

      • I don’t think Booth was wrong to try to move on after Brennan shot him down. The guy wanted to find some happiness and not pine after something he couldn’t have forever. I took his actions (like leaving the announcement) to show he was distancing himself from the team and therefore Brennan. Because it was painful for him. I don’t blame him. I think he and Brennan both made poor choices along the way but they are together now. I’m good ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Blame Sweets. He made Booth feel like shit by saying he didn’t want to get to his age unmarried and living the life he was living. Booth got caught up, pressured into it. Brennan had confessed that she had regrets, that’s all. She never said she wanted to marry him and have his baby, which is what in his mind was the next step for ‘an old guy’ like him. Booth had no guarantee that once Brennan’s emotionally charged moment passed she wouldn’t retreat back to rationality and take it all back. So he stuck to second best and tried to make a go at it. You could also say that subconsciously he needed a reason to break up with Hannah if he was going to be with Brennan. He wouldn’t just dump her because Brennan said she had regrets. What kind of wishy washy man would that make him?

      • Much has been written about the proposal, trying to make sense of it. I’d direct you there, but I can’t remember where the best one was. There is discussion at various places in BT, so you might peruse older BT’s.
        I made sense out of it this way: Doc in the Photo put Booth in a terrible place. What he really wanted was suddenly available, but he was in no position to do anything about it. What effect must Brennan’s tears have had on him? The Seeley Booth we all love would never walk out on a woman like that. He never had and wasn’t about to start to cheat now.
        I have been of the opinion that the proposal was subconsciously a way to get rid of Hannah. He might get hurt, but at least he wouldn’t kicking a woman to the curb. Many believe that Hannah was pretty clear about not being the marrying kind. I tend to think that her actions (following him to DC) belied her words. So, Booth, if he was going to have to give up Brennan, wanted to be sure that it was for something or someone who would give him what he wanted: a family. There may also have been a bit of, “If I marry and make a life with Hannah, over time that will weaken my feeling for Bones.”
        One of the issues with this take is that he was so-o-o by Hannah’s refusal. I have no problem with that, as rejection hurts even when you might actually want it. Further, I think that Booth recovered pretty fast, at least in terms of his anger at Brennan. Granted that we have no idea what the time frame was, but catching Brennan running in the park clearly indicated that he wanted to be with her as much as possible. I loved when he explained his interest in the Pelopponesian Wars as “It’s war, Bones.” Liar! It was because it was Bones, Bones.
        Anyway, that’s my take on it. There are many others. At this point, however, it doesn’t really matter any more, at least for me.

      • This is addressed to Lindy, but it won’t quite be in order. But, I have to respond about Booth.
        I have my problems with Booth’s response in the 100th, but nothing like yours and I don’t quite understand. My issues were two: 1) I will never understand why he didn’t at least point out that Brennan had changed and taken chances/bets on Max and on Booth. 2) Booth did himself no favors by agreeing to stay partners with her in spite of what had happened. If anything that set him up for tons of more heartbreak. So, that all he asked for was that she accept that he would move on, seemed quite reasonable to me.

        On Couple in the Cave: I have no problem with what he said there. Brennan, in fact, had just told him he was foolish. She had pointed out that people who had made that kind of sacrifice might be doing it with no good result. They might be giving up their own life and not save the other or the other may turn out not to be worth saving. I took that as a direct insult to the man who had taken a bullet for her.

        I really had no problem with anything Booth did. Everything that Brennan found hard was because of her own reaction in the 100th. I don’t say that in a negative way, but to say that she made a decision at that point and then she had to live with the consequences. Booth clearly wasn’t sure that she would even want to continue to be partners. In Mastodon, she was talking about going back to Maluku.

        I have never gotten why everyone was so upset about his not attending the baby announcement. And, while I don’t quite understand it, I ultimately don’t care about the proposal. The role of Sweets in both that the 100th is not to be ignored, BTW. One of the great ironies is that this stuff that bothers so many fans, clearly did not bother Brennan. I think that all she had learned from Booth finally came into play. She realized that things like the proposal happened because she had rejected him. I think she had finally also realized that in her attempt to protect him from the hurt she might cause him, she had only succeeding in hurting him terribly. So, Brennan didn’t have these issues, even if some fans did.

        Goodness, I never meant to go on so long, but I always do on these topics. Especially in defense of Seeley Booth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • No idea where this will end up, but I want to say “amen” to bb’s post today. Both of them made poor decisions because of the intense emotions they were experiencing.

  34. I’ve got another wacky idea for the summer. Last summer we played some Bones games. We did Bones Mad Libs and 6 Degrees of Bones, inter alia. We had a lot of fun with it. I have an idea for a game this year. Here it is:

    Good evening, Ladies and Germs. Now for the humor portion of our discussion.

    Let us now have a Squintern Jokeathon (or even a Joke Off). The idea is to come up with jokes, riddles, puns, daffynitions or other bits of humor of a squintern-y type. The more groan inducing or the more explanation required, the better. (We could turn it into a Joke Off by determining who has the best worst joke.)

    This idea grew out of my attempt to figure out the riddle below. Feel free to groan loudly and otherwise turn a bone down as you see fit. My apologies for what I am about to put you through.

    What would a squint call the drum beat that Bill Clinton’s vice president danced to?

    Wait for it.


    This is room so you don’t see the punchline right away.



    I know, I know, it’s just terrible, but it’s terrible in a very squint-y way. Don’t you think so? ;-0

    So, should we have a Squintern Jokeathon?

  35. It’s kind of pathetic, but I am totally stoked because Bones Traveling Sweater responded to my Tweet. Maybe HH will reply to my Tweet in response to his comment on DB being a sexiest crime fighter. That would make my year. ;-D

  36. In my rematch of s7, I noticed something and it raised this issue:
    At the end of Warrier in the Wuss, we see the happy family through the window. Does this somehow references the last time we saw a shot through the window; i.e., a sad, wistful Booth looking at Bones through the window of the diner?

    • Seeing the happy family now is so much more satisfying than seeing sad, wistful Booth looking at Bones. That was heartcrushing! Seeing B&B together as a family, so happy, was heartwarming!

      • Karen –
        I thought of another through the window moment. The party at the diner after Zach gets his Ph.D. and gets made over. Just after Booth tells Bones there are other kinds of family. Not sure it’s precisely the end.
        There’s also the moment where GGW and Angela are discussing B&B and Booth is picking up Bones in the window.
        Or, Bones watching Booth talk to the kid who is the baby daddy for all those babies at the end of Salt in the Wounds.
        Now I have to think through all the episodes. Tough work. ;-D

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