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Top Five Tuesday–Who Do You Want to See More of in Season Eight?


Hello everyone! I’m not writing you from the grave, though with the zero posts lately, some of you might have thought I was no longer of this world!

MJ tweeted begged pleaded threatened wrote me an email and mentioned there were 13 weeks left until the premiere. I thought I could do Monday posts until then. Obviously it didn’t happen yesterday, but I’ll try from here on out until the premiere (which my math skills indicates is September 17th).

For now, how about a discussion on side characters you’d like to see more of in season 8? Sorry I don’t have pics today—next time!

I’ll start. Here are five minor characters I’d like to see more of in season eight.

1. Wendell—I think he’s my favorite squintern. Most of the time, he’s the least caricature-esque of the grad students, and he’s usually there to actually do work and not create some sort of drama on the side (exception: that one episode where he thought telling everyone the absolute truth was the best). I also like that of all the interns, he fits the best in terms of everyone on the team, including Booth.

2. Jared / Pops—It doesn’t matter to me which one, but I think it would be nice to see Booth interact with his family some, and please…Pops needs to have some Christine time! 🙂

3. Agent Genevieve Shaw—I like her character a lot, and I love the idea of Booth having someone who sort of follows him around/admires him, etc. I also hope they touch on her being a mother again—otherwise, it will have just been a lousy emotional plot in that one episode. And I hate those.  And yeah, I’m a Sweets/Shaw shipper, and not just because I hate Daisy so much. (Side note: If you haven’t seen the Bachelor-esque spoof “Burning Love”, do yourself a favor and check it out on Yahoo. Carla Gallo (who plays Daisy) is in it, and she’s hilarious. She’s hilarious as Daisy, I just hate Daisy you understand. Check it out!)

4. Dr. Douglas Filmore – I know that many, many, many people hate this character, and I’m not saying that I love it…but he does make me laugh. Most of what I think is funny revolves around his Canadian sensibilities. And I also really like when the show actually talks about Brennan’s status in the scientific community.

5. Max—Since season two, Max has had a relationship (of sorts) with Booth as much as with Brennan. I think it will be interesting to see how Booth responds to Max in the future.

How about you? Which five minor characters would you like to see more of in season eight?


69 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday–Who Do You Want to See More of in Season Eight?

  1. I also Marlon Brando’d. That’s a verb, right? (It is now!)

    1. Clark. I’m not in the Wendall fan-girl camp but I love Clark. I need more Clark.
    2. Hank. We absolutely must have more Hank. Must. Have. And soon (he’s not getting any younger).
    3. Max. Because the world needs more Max.
    4. Caroline. Ryan O’Neal and Patricia Belcher need to be signed as regular characters, not guest stars.
    5. James Marsters. (I re-read the post – there was nothing that said the character had to have already been on the show!)

    • P.S.
      Welcome back, Sarah! We missed you! (Obviously!!)

    • They could bring him in as Hackers replacement. That would be a lot of fun.

      • I’d be happy if he played a dead body!

        I also can’t believe I forgot Gordon Gordon. I heart Stephen Fry.

    • MJ briinging in James Marsters as a dead body? No No No. That would be a waste. Unless they flash back his story. I heard that we’re supposed to see a relative of Hodgins this year. It would be cool if we had James Marsters come in as a cousin and he developed a crush over Angela. Hodgins would go out of his mind. Or better yet, he could develope a crush over Brennan. I love me some jealous Booth (and Angel for that matter).

  2. I would to see Sam Cullen back on the show. Booth needs backup from management and not from Hacker.

    I would also love to see more of Pops and Max. What I really would like to see is them in the same scenes.

    It would very nice if they would flash back yo show Booth’s parents to give us more background.

    I think more Wendell would be great. He’s kind of the squinty version of Booth. A normal surrounded by eccentrics.

    Finally I really really really want them to bring back Gordon Wyatt. Chef psychologist to the rescue. Oh yeah.

  3. Yay, a new Bones Theory post! So exciting! Welcome back Sarah.

    Side characters I’d like to see more of:

    1. Caroline – she’s smart, funny and always on Booth’s side
    2. Wendell – he’s lovely, and my favourite Squintern because he’s the least caricature-like
    3. Max – so we can see him bonding more with Booth
    4. Jared – it’s always fun to watch Booth sort out his brother
    5. Agent Shaw – I like seeing the inner workings of the FBI and enjoy her interactions with Booth. It’s nice to see him respected as an expert in his field.

    Characters I don’t care if we never see again:

    1. Daisy
    2. Clark
    3. the boring depressed squintern played by Joel David Moore
    4. Dr Filmore – really dislike his character, and the way Brennan behaves when he’s around
    5. Angela’s dad – feel they’ve taken that storyline as far as they can.

  4. Welcome back, Sarah! You were sorely missed.

    Gordon Gordon! Yes, definitely need him back. Often.
    Avalon – she could now do some serious “I told you so” to B&B, right? Or maybe she could have some insights that would help nail creepy horrid Pellant…
    Max, Caroline, of course. And Hank – we So need to see him with Christine. And I agree it would be fantastic to see him interact with Max – maybe they could somehow both be babysitters at the same time – now that would be entertaining….
    Dr. Filmore – I for one liked him in “Feet on the Beach”, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him show up in “Suit on the Set”. And when his arm dropped on the table was a real LOL moment for me.
    Not a real fan of Clark, but he’s OK. Wendell’s OK too. (I guess I just miss Vincent especially). And it’ll good to see more Finn.

  5. 1) Sarah – thank you

    2) For you, MJ, since you got to Sarah, James Marsters. I’ve been through several different ideas for him, but I finally got it: he runs/works at a blood bank and someone (preferably Booth) should be giving blood reluctantly and Marsters is the person trying to convince him to give blood and his interest seems rather excessive.

    3) Others I’d like more of:

    GORDON GORDON and CAROLINE – I’d love to see them interacting with all the other characters, primary and secondary.

    Wouldn’t you love to see GGW with Harmonia or Max or Hank or Caroline?

    I am one of those who thinks that Caroline and Max would make a very wacky couple.

    Although I’m not one of the big “bring back Zach” people, that could be fun too.

    Booth’s friend in the wheelchair (Hank?) because Booth needs a friend who has nothing to do with the Jeff or the FBI. It would especially make sense if they revisit his Army Ranger days.

    Good to hear from you, Sarah.

  6. I’m going to avoid secondary characters like the squinterns and Booth and Brennan’s family, all of which (family) I would like to see more frequently and go with characters who have only appeared once but who made an impression on me.

    (1) Becky, Brennan’s chemistry partner in high school who’s now in law enforcement, looking for love and feeding cats. Becky was a wonderful foil for both Booth and Brennan.
    (2) Mr. Buxley from the same episode, The Death of the Queen Bee. Mr. Buxley as played by Robert Englund was a great character.
    (3) Nak, Booth’s Japanese friend from The Girl in the Mask. I don’t care that much for Agent Shaw and that actress has a new gig so I doubt we’re going to see her again anytime soon. It was such a refreshing change for Booth to actually have a grown-up male friend for once. The only other one he’s had is Sully, who got short-stopped by the whole fling with Brennan storyline.
    (4) Overage squintern Scott Starret from The Finger in the Nest. He’d been everywhere, done everything and knew more than most of the lab people. He could give Brennan a run for her money and his interaction with Hodgins was great.
    (5) Teddy Parker. Again another foil for Booth even if he is a ghost. And Booth doesn’t have to have a recurring brain tumor. If Brennan could see him then he wasn’t a symptom of the tumor anyway. So what’s to keep him from popping back in again? Brennan interacts with all of the people in the lab but since the producers in their wisdom (sarcasm!) have decided Booth shouldn’t be in the lab, we’re left with the execrable Sweets and the occasional Caroline. I love Caroline but again too much of that character would wear out fast.
    (6) And one for the road, Hacker. Remove the whole Brennan-Hacker romance which was silly and totally unconvincing at best and irritating at worst, Hacker and Booth again had very funny scenes together. Reading this back I guess I feel that Booth needs a mature male buddy beyond his relationship with Brennan, someone he can confide in occasionally without it being creepy as it is with the vastly over-used Sweets.

    And a last wish that Cam finally gets a storyline beyond the fiction of her motherhood to Michelle.

    • Yes, the overage squintern (EL’s #4) – he was great! Really like to see him return.

      btw, what is up with no-Booth-in-the-lab? Did I miss something somewhere, or, why did the producers decide he shouldn’t be there?

      • Stephen Nathan gave an interview awhile back stating that Booth’s natural element was in the field and not in the lab. This came as a surprise to viewers who had happily watched Booth interact with the lab and its people for 5 seasons. Who knows what strange permutations happen in the minds of producers?

      • I read people saying Boreanaz doesn’t like filming in that lab. Maybe that’s it.

    • I love this idea!!!

    • yeah, he hates it.
      wants to drive through it with a tank when they eventually finish filming Bones.

  7. Who I would like to see.

    1. Max is a given of course. I just love the dynamic between him and Brennan as well as with Booth. After the events of the finale, I would like to see how that dynamic changes, if at all.

    2. Caroline, I just LOVE that woman

    3. Relatives, any combination of Jared, Pops, Russ, Parker or even Margaret. I just love family lol

    4. As for the squinters, I think my favorite is Clark. Wendell is kind of dull. I don’t care for Fisher, I like him even less than Daisy. I like her as long as she’s not interacting with Sweets.

    5. Agent Shaw, I like her. I would actually like to see her interact with Brennan at some point.

  8. Welcome back Sarah. Trying to think of someone that hasn’t been mentioned. Lots of great choices posted. I’ve always liked Riku the Japanese reporter from the 99th episode The Bones on the Blue Line written by the best – Carla Kettner. She had excellent lines like: “Those are the things that mean everything”.

  9. 1. Gordon Gordon is probably #1 on my list, followed closely by Max, especially after last season’s finale.
    2. Russ.
    3. Jared.
    4. Pops.

    Caroline is in just the right amount of episodes now. She’s one of those characters who would be easy to use too much and have the audience tire of, like Glee did with Sue Sylvester. I’m not a fan of any of the squinterns really, but I could use more Wendell instead of Clark or Daisy. I like Fisher okay enough, but he’s barely cast anymore to really matter now.

  10. 1. The Ghost of Vincent Past. I’m looking forward to Alphas coming back next month, but I still miss Mr. Nigel-Murray.
    2. Russ. I want to know if he kept his nose clean like Booth told him to.
    3. Walter Sherman. I liked The Finder a whole heck of a lot more than I thought I would and I’m sad that it’s gone. Regardless, Geoff Stults and David Boreanaz were awesome together!
    4. Clark. I like him. His shipper-fangirl speech in The Couple in the Cave is probably one of my favorite scenes in Bones ever. I enjoy him best when he’s mellow, but not too mellow.
    5. Gordan Wyatt. I would love to see B&B have dinner and a counseling session at his place.

    Thanks for the post Sarah. It was nice to see Bones Theory pop up in my inbox again.

  11. it would be interesting to have another question about who do you want to see less of.

  12. Since it’s on TNT tonight I should also add Bunsen Jude, the Science Dude. A little bit goes a long way but I would take a little bit more.

  13. I too like when they talk about Brennan’s status in the scientific community. I wish they would do it more this coming season. I wouldn’t mind seeing Angela’s father again. I think it would be cute to see him with his grandson some more and I’ve always wanted to really see how he and Brennan get along. I’d think they’d like each other, but that Brennan would have no idea what he was saying and that they would both find that amusing.
    I want to see Gordan Gordan again. I’d really like to see what he thinks of Booth and Brennan together. They should definitely bring back Pops, especially if that meant we could see him, Booth, Parker, Brennan, Max and little Christine all together. If they could get Russ or his family in on that, all the better. Wendell, definitely. He’s also my favorite squintern. And Agent Shaw is cool.

  14. Hi!
    1. Gordon Gordon
    2. Caroline
    3. Micah (I’m on ‘team real!’)
    4. Pops
    5. A cool new female squintern or Agent Shaw (but I hope they don’t have her follow Booth around like a pathetic fangirl. He has Sweets for that) because I like teacher!Booth.

  15. I got all excited when I got a email notification saying there was a new post on here :D. Anyway…

    1. Caroline- I think she needs to get made into a main character. I love her so much.

    2.Daisy- I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but she is my favourite squintern in the absence of poor VNM. I love her scenes with Hodgins. She’s just a Brennan fangirl at heart and some of us are more then a little guilty of that.

    3. Michelle – because I think I could really ship Michelle&Finn, plus it might give Cam a storyline, and recently I have a real OMG love for Cam.

    4. Gordan Gordan – cos Stephen Fry! But also I think he’s far more successful at helping Booth&Brennan then Sweets is. I’m actually really worried about what Sweets will make of what happened between B&B in the finale.

    5. Angela’s dad cos just lol but poor Hodgins. Although a far more sensible answer is Pops.

    • Ahhh! You’re number 4! I hadn’t even thought of that. I wasn’t worried before, but that worries me.

      • Sorry! I just think Sweets has a real annoying habit of making a even bigger deal out of a situation then what it already is.

      • Plus he’s already meddling in Booth and Brennan’s personal life.

  16. Good question! We definitely need to see more of:
    1.Max. He will be crucial to the season 8 premier.
    2. Gordon-Gordon. I can’t wait to see his take on B&B’s relationship.
    3. Pops & Jared & Booth’s Mom need to make an appearance!
    4. Avalon- “It’s in the cards Agent Booth” She was right, it did all work out eventually!
    5. Parker- He needs to spend some weekends with B&B and Christine

    Who I would like to see less of:
    Daisy & Agent Shaw. They both get on my nerves!

  17. 1. Gordon Gordon! We totally need to see his take on the B&B partnership/lovers/parents dynamic!

    2. Avalon – I LOVE Cyndi Lauper so I’m always happy to see her. Plus, I would love to see what she sees in the B&B family cards….something tells me she would predict that another little bb isn’t out of the cards.

    3. Max/Pops – We need another Christmas with the blended B&B family. I TOTALLY want to see Christine with her grandfather and her great-pops. I could see Pops and Max making dinner in the kitchen and entertaining Christine:)

    4. Agent Shaw – I really like her. I would really like to see her and Brennan interact. I think Shaw would have a lot of respect for Brennan. I think it would be nice to seem them bond they bond over being women in male-dominated fields and working mothers. Agent Shaw seemed to have a lot of empathy for Brennan and the challenge of returning to work after having a child.

  18. 1) Russ and a one-shot storyline of what’s been up with him and his wife Amy (?) and the two girls.
    2) Jared and Padme…did they ever get married?
    3) Nak, Booth’s Japanese friend from The Girl in the Mask.
    4) Normally I’m not in the “bring Zack back” camp, but given that Ethan Sawyer was a mental hospital in-patient and that Brennan consulted with him regarding Christopher Pelant, I think that Hodgins and Cam should show Zack the hieroglyphs that Ethan Sawyer wrote in saliva on his hospital room’s wall, and have Zack be the one who breaks Ethan’s code to allow the Jeffersonian team to decipher what Ethan Sawyer was trying to tell Brennan about Pelant.

  19. And it would be nice to see Booth going to Cam for her friendship/emotional support during this time of stress when Brennan and Christine are on the run. Cam and Booth’s friendship has been sort of set-aside as B&B are each other’s primary friendship relationship, but with Brennan & Christine on the run, it would be a wonderful opportunity to allow Cam to be there for her longtime friend Booth.

  20. First and foremost, welcome back Sarah! We’ve all been tilting at windmills without your guidance! Life has been bleak indeed without BT! Well…to address your post:

    1. I agree with Wendell wholeheartedly. He is very Boothy to me (I could see them going to a game and having some beers together for sure), yet he’s got Brennan’s lab skills. He’s got a foot in both worlds. I feel that could open up some interesting storylines. But maybe he’s busy doing other things? Also, could he be shirtless? 🙂

    2. On that note: Shirtless Hodgins. I would like to see that minor character some back. Yes, please. Or at least Sleeveless Hodgins.

    3. That woman who investigated/found Angela’s first husband. She was weirdly interesting, with her “alabaster skin”. Maybe she could come in and find out what happened to Booth’s mom!

    4. Which brings to mind: Booth’s mom. We’ve heard mention of her, and nothing more. I want answers! And I believe they might be working on it for Season 8. Crossing fingers for it!! Would it be weird if she was alive and subsequently fell in love with Max? Creepy? Eh, they did it on The Simpsons so its cool.

    5. The preacher from Hodgela’s first attempt. So she can give B&B a knowing wink and a smile when she performs their own wedding ceremony. Hey, a girl can dream!

  21. At the Paley center evening with the cast thing, I feel like they said something about Hodgins’ having a brother – Booth’s mom/sister, Angela’s mom…all of whom would be interesting to meet. I would like more from everyone that people listed (for once trying to jump on the bandwagon) including Daisy! (oops, there I go, right off the bandwagon, sigh) Also, put me down for any Buffy/Angel cast crossovers, like a Xander guy that booth hates, Marsters – either good or bad, Gunn – no shirt please! Amy Acker in an evil role…ok fine, I will stop, but you know what I mean.

  22. Caroline and Gordon Gordon and Hank, always. Love some more Dr. Fillmore, Jude the Science Dude, Avalon and the cool intern from Suit on the Set. And I would really like a story about Booth’s mom, but not her in it-that would just be weird. Ooooh, and the sinister Russian mobster from Predator in the Pool who kind of threatened Booth. Spike as a guy hitting on Brennan would be hilarious. And in my wildest dreams, a tiny cameo by Sully and Hannah, just to show how far we’ve come (emphasis on tiny.)

  23. mmm….
    ok, here’s goes:
    1. Shirtless Booth. Surely we deserve some topless Boreanaz this season. He’s a minor character because we haven’t seen him enough.
    2. Daisy. She just cracks me up – especially with Hodgins
    3. Caroline. She’s the lynchpin.
    4. Gordon Gordon. Because whenever I say/read/think of the word conundrum, I hear it in that fine pommy tone!
    5. Wendel. He’s this nice mix of Booth and a squint.
    6. Andy Lister. That guy from Suit on the Set was priceless.

    So, my delete list (just for fun…but don’t shoot me)
    1. Sweets. I’d rather analyse B&B on my own.
    2. Christine. *ducks tomatoes* A little baby overdose in S7.
    3. Angie’s dad. I hate scaredy cat Hodgins.
    4. Fisher. He depresses me.
    5. Boreanaz’s singing. Even though that scene in ‘double death’ is just Gold.
    6. Gun play. Nope. Not funny. Both the tommy gun & nerf gun fight just seemed so…wrong.

    • Minor correction, Linda. What we haven’t since is “enough OF him.” 😉

      • Oooooooh, we get a delete list? Excellent!
        1. Finn
        2. Finn
        3. Finn
        4. Finn
        5. Finn

      • I think I agree with you on the Finn list, Lucy. Not because I hate him, but the addition of Finn and also Agent Shaw to me just don’t feel quite right. Shaw has not done anything that a quick cameo walk-on actor couldn’t do, and I’m not sure why they hired a recognizable and gifted actress to do the basically boring work of following Booth. I don’t see what her character is bringing to the show. I don’t hate her, but I don’t see the need for her. Personally, I don’t need to see the need to see more FBI characters as the show is “Bones” and I think works very well based out of the lab and Booth in the field. Finn, I’m starting to guess, has been added to be a love interest for Michelle/storyline for “Cam the mother” because they needed someone young enough to date her. If you want a “regular guy who’s also a squint”, we already have Wendell. (See my above post regarding Shirtless Wendell 🙂 ). Both characters seem good on paper, but I’m not seeing what they are bringing to an already cohesive team, with a good panel of rotating squinterns.

      • Yes, the show is called Bones, but Booth is a huge part of the show and he needs people to talk to other than Brennan. He’s an FBI agent, as much as I like seeing him in the lab, there’s really no reason for him to be there, especially now that he doesn’t have to show up just as an excuse to spend time with Brennan, he has her at home. Agent Shaw is more likeable than Sweets who seems to be the only other person Booth interacts with other than Brennan these days. If we’re eliminating people we don’t care for, then I’m all for offing Sweets instead. At least Shaw actually is an FBI agent, not a psychologist who somehow is always in the field and is certified to carry a weapon, when they wouldn’t even allow Brennan to do.

        As for Finn, I don’t care for him but I can take him or leave him and I certainly wasn’t impressed with the “love” story between him and Michelle.

  24. oh and lastly, Hannah – bring her back so that she can have a right royal SMACKDOWN.
    ‘This isn’t over’ my a*se.

    • No, NOT Hannah! I still can’t watch certain episodes of season 6 because of her.

      • Ditto, ditto and ditto. I can’t even type her name. I guess I need a session with GordonGordon to understand why I so detested all of season 6 and particularly that character. (Mutters, ‘It’s a tv show; it’s a tv show).

      • Gawd, no – not her. But some of those eps are good otherwise, so I compromise – there’s a Hannah-button on the remote, see, – I’m sure you know which one I mean. That and squinting helps. 😉

      • Not even the mute button and squinting can make those episodes palatable. From headboard hitting to sunglasses to ring tossing, they are a carnival I never wish to visit again.

      • So-o-o completely agree on this. I simply cannot watch those H****h eps.

        I don’t need no stinking smack down. Besides,Temperance Brennan would never do anything like that. She’s much too classy, and she understands that whole nightmare.

  25. 1. Agree with Wendell…he seems to be a good squinty/Boothy combo.
    2. Also, I agree with those who are wanting some family interaction…Pops, Jared, Russ…just curious to see the reactions/realtionships with BBB.
    3. I love the mature insights that Gordon Gordon and Avalon have into B & B, so scenes with them would be great. Curious what will happen in the Avalon episode.
    4. Having just re watched the Baby in the Bough, I wonder what happened to the town that Brennan built the bridge for? Did it get done? Is it thriving? How is Baby Andy?

    Thanks so much for doing these posts. I am new to Bones since December and have been reading and re-reading all the past posts to get me through the breaks and feed my obsession. Bones Theory is awesome!

  26. Glad to see a new post on BT, Sarah! I’ve missed popping in and seeing what’s new in BONES discussion. 🙂
    It’s so fun to read everyone’s lists over since they’re all over the place. 🙂 Daisy seems to be quite the point of contention for some, hahaha!
    Here’s my wish-list, in no particular order:
    1) Russ – I really enjoyed the Brennan family-oriented storylines of Season 3, and I feel like we need to see his interaction with Brennan’s new family, if only for one episode
    2) Ken Nakamura – I really loved The Girl in the Mask episode, because it allowed us to see Booth interact with a friend that was outside of the FBI/Jeffersonian world. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Nak asked B&B to come to Japan to investigate a murder there? I think so…
    3) Avalon Harmonia – I thoroughly enjoyed the role Cyndi Lauper’s character played in the S5 premiere. I think bringing her back would be so much fun.
    4) Micah – I’m still on the fence regarding real vs. not, but I really enjoyed his character or at least the concept of him, of someone other than the usual rag-tag bunch that truly cares about Brennan. If they had another emotionally raw episode, I’d want him to be in it.
    5) Clark – I love all of the squinterns in their own way, but for some reason Clark really sticks with me…maybe because he was so brilliant in helping with Max’s case, or maybe because I feel like he deserves more work time since he actually does have a doctorate. Now that he’s sort of normal again, I’d like to see a case that really challenges him.

    I love most of the peripheral characters that BONES brings in, so really many of the ones others have listed would be just fine by me too. More of everyone I say! 🙂

    • Hi. I have been following this blog from day one and have REALLY missed the daily posts. Especially since I am going through a divorce right now. Although I had never posted before, I felt a connection to this community–so I am doubly (is that a word?) glad to have it back. I was going to continue to sit back and just enjoy the interactions, but when no one (until Ana) mentioned Micah, I promised myself I would post just to get his name in the running. I loved his interaction with Bones (ipso, facto, oreo). So thank you Ana, and thank you all for many a smile or vent or thought provoking insight into the world of Bones

  27. Did we mention Dr. Goodman yet? I just thought of him….I loved him in season 1. If we have a B&B wedding, he must be invited!

  28. I’d love to see Goodman and Cullen back, even if only as cameos to tell us what happened with them. Ditto Russ and Jared.

    More Gordon Gordon Wyatt, obvsly! Also Hank Booth.

    Agree with whoever up there said Max and Caroline need to be regulars, if their schedules/health permit it.

    It would be nice to get an update on Zack even though I’m not in the Bring Back Zack camp.

    Cam needs a story that doesn’t involve hijinks and ethical dilemmas with Michelle. Like following up on her investigation of brain injuries in veterans.

  29. Pregnant Brennan part deux 😀

  30. Hey, BT pals! For your viewing (and listening) pleasure….

    • Oh my God- that is incredible!

      Did you make that? Wow – the effects are amazing!

      • I did. “How I’m spending my summer vacation”, right? 🙂 Thanks, and to Mar too. Fun to get reactions from fellow Bones fans!

      • well, that seems like a perfectly wonderful way to spend your summer! I spend my holidays watching and reading (Bones & fanfic)…maybe I need to start creating too!
        Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • I watch a LOT of Bones videos on YouTube and this has to be one of my favorite. This was fantastic. The time and effort really shines and the choices just made me so happy. Love!

      • Jigs, you are so talented! That was awesome. Your other video, “Bedazzled” is one of my all time favorites, one of the best I have ever seen. When I posted the link on the IMDb boards, everyone went crazy over it! Chills went down my spine!
        Here is the link if anyone else wants to be dazzled!

      • Thank you Pam!

        And Karen – wow – thanks so much. I hope Sarah doesn’t mind that we’re turning this page into a vid-orgy LOL. Oh well, we should keep ourselves entertained, right – just trying to do my part for fellow Bones fans 😉 (And like I said before, it’s a real blast hearing what you guys think!)

      • oh wow – so many eye sex and Booth puppy dogs all in one vid!

        And this, my dear fellow Bones peeps, is why I can’t keep reading Shades of Grey with the bastard Christian.

        Booth has ruined me.

      • Booth has ruined me for other ficitional men as well 🙂 hehe

        Great vid, jigs. Enjoyed it very much!

  31. 1. Pops. Love him so much!
    2. Gordon Gordon
    3. Caroline
    4. Max
    5. Clark (Wendell is okay, but because he is more “normal” I don’t care much about whether I see him or not.)
    6. I just want a grown-up male friend for Booth. They don’t have to be best friends. I just want to know he has someone to talk to when he needs it. My head canon says he talks to Pops and Gordon, though.
    7. Michael Vincent. He’s a cutie!

    I don’t need side characters as much as I need the regular cast interacting among themselves more. I know it’s unpopular, but from a job perspective I understand why they think Booth really belongs in the field more. What they lost was the social component to that. So instead of him interacting with the whole team, it’s just Sweets, Brennan, and occasionally Shaw.

    Which reminds me, as much as I love to squee about that Hollywood kiss with the infamous “You’re my partner, always” line, I sometimes wonder whether Sweets has started to fill a good chunk of that role. I guess one can argue that Brennan doesn’t need to be in the field as much, either. I can compromise with B&B interrogations. We can at least still have those.

    • I bet Booth would rather spend his time with Brennan, but the writers don’t know what to do with Sweets these days. I think it was a mistake to make JFD a regular cast member. Sweets worked so much better when he was just a recurrent character showing up only when he was actually needed, as a therapist or profiler, not as whatever the writers need him to be this week. I can’t help but feel like he’s replacing Brennan as his partner and we’re losing out on some of those awesome car or interrogation scenes with B&B. Part of the charm of this show was seeing them sort of ‘invade’ each others’ space, him in the lab, her in the field.

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