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The other day I was thinking about Booth and how his (former) gambling addiction made its way back into the show after episode 100 and showed up in small pockets in seasons 6&7. I am not sure if it was just an easy fall back ‘issue’ for Booth to give him some conflict, but when I was thinking about it, I realized he is the only character who ‘officially’ has an addiction—that is, he’s the only one who has admitted it and gone to support groups, etc. But other characters… Brennan, Sweets, Hodgins, Angela, Cam could have addictions. Not secret addictions that we don’t know about, but current personality…traits, I guess, that guide and shape their lives and actions.

So I’m wondering what you think about that.  If you had to pinpoint a vice or addiction for those other five characters (and any others you want to mention), what would it be? Do those issues harm or benefit other characters and their actions?




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15 thoughts on “Bones-Character Addictions

  1. The point can be made that Brennan is addicted to the truth. Sometimes her need to tell the truth can seem to be callous or cruel but that is clearly not her intention. Those that know her accept it. Those that don’t know her take it or not depending upon their own securities.

    Hodgins is addicted to conspiracy theories.

    Fisher is addicted to sadness.

    Cam is addicted to the law and justice. We saw how that isolated her from everyone at the end of season 7.

  2. Vincent was an alcoholic and so was Jared, though I guess they’re not regular characters. Would it be right to say that Sweets and Daisy are addicted to each other? It’s the only explanation for their immature behavior around each other.

    There was a time when I would’ve said Brennan was addicted to her work, but I don’t see her like that anymore. Booth and Christine have given her something other than work to live for and love.

    • We could also say that Sweets is addicted to Booth. He’s constantly seeking him out for approval and friendship.

  3. The one thing that comes to mind immediately is Hodgins and his anger-management issue. I can’t remember if it was ever said where he got the rubber-band snapping thing that he did in S1 (and S2? or was it gone by then?).

  4. I think Booth has an addition to love (cue the song) and that it has caused him to make poor decisions (ie Rebecca and Hannah). He loves being in love. For Brennan, I do agree with Lenora that she is addicted to truth, but more than that, she is addicted to holding onto her childhood feelings that led to her truth obsession. It had become her constant companion to feel hurt and alone. Booth and her team has poked away at that and she is much better, but she is still holds those feelings when dealing with her father and how she deals with Christine. I’d also say that Sweets is addicted to “belonging” to something or someone, since he has lacked it for so long. Most of our beloved cast is overcoming (or trying to overcome) their childhood traumas and feelings. The things they are “addicted” to now are products of these feelings, it just comes out in different ways based on the person.

  5. Most of them are addicted to the idea of ‘family’ and the need to possess one of their own. Cam had a smoking addiction she kicked; Hodgins had the anger management problem and Angela had a sexual addiction that Sweets talked her into working on for six months as a celebate. I agree that the whole ‘you abandoned me as a child’ thing has been hit on so much it could be labeled an addiction. It’s really time the writers move on from that. Bringing up Booth’s gambling habit which has never been in evidence except for the flashbacks in the 100th episode was such a non sequitor. Why bring it up at all if there is no follow through which there obviously wasn’t. Sweets would probably say that Booth was addicted to violence due to his violent alcoholic father, another plot point that could be put to rest.

  6. I think that for a while Angela was addicted to sex, or maybe to the rush that comes from having a revolving door of romantic partners in your life. As she matured she came to realize that those initial feelings can never last very long, and that often they leave you feeling pretty empty.

    I could see Sweets having a video game obssession, but he’s definitely got an issue when it comes to needing to know every little thing about Booth’s life, like he’s partly living through him. He reminds me of early Brennan, always trying to get inside Booth’s head in an attempt to figure him out-except she was less annoying about the poking and prodding.

    In addition to what others have already said, I also think that Booth is addicted to self-sacrifice; it’s almost second nature to him to always put himself last. And of course, he’s addicted to his Bones…

    • I think it’s probably fair to say Booth and Brennan’s primary addiction is to each other — and now Christine. I’d throw Parker in there for Booth but that is a wave that seems to come and go with the poor kid unmentioned for months.

  7. I am uncomfortable with throwing the term “addiction” around about behavior and character traits that would not medically be considered addictions.

    I think that we have at most two true addictions and probably only one; i.e., Booth to gambling. I’m not even sure that Angela is a sex addict, but at least a medical professional has weighed in on that.

    Hodgins had (has?) anger management issues and is prone to find conspiracies everywhere, but those are not addictions. BTW, the rubber band was season one.

    • I agree with this. Character personality traits or interests shouldn’t be described as addictions. “You keep using that word..I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • um…yep…I have to agree with this. It’s like saying someone is ‘a little bit OCD’, or ‘a little bit aspie’… I think we can joke about ‘addictions’, but really what we’re talking about is ‘needs’. They all have very specific and strong needs which may -or may not- be healthy.

      • My shrink, who is also a Bones fan and has done some forensic work, thinks that Brennan is a bit “aspie.” Ditto for Zach, although, more so.

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