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The Future in the Past: Post Episode Discussion


After the screeners for this episode came out, the resounding opinion for the ep was “WOW!” I know I felt that way, but I’m curious to know what you all thought too.

What did you like? What didn’t you like? The comments are open, but please remember to be kind and that when it comes to future episodes…

Oops, I mean…


90 thoughts on “The Future in the Past: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I thought this episode was S1-3 good. The whole thing. Loved every minute. And now it sets a bar for the rest of the season that I demand be met.


    That’s about all I’ve got as far as clarity. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Ditto, MJ!

    It was freaking awesome. AWESOME! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time…everything was fabulous! Booth looking was looking good. I loved Fierce Hodgins too! I love how Max really wants to murder Pelant. And I adore how DB made his Comic-Con dreams come true! Thank you, DB! I’m just, wow. Very pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yay for BT! Missed you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! That was THE BEST!!!!!

    I hope can discuss specifics soon because there are so-o many wonderful things there. Especially at the end.

    David Boreanaz, BTW, is the world’s biggest tease! Hot as all get out too.

  4. Loved it! Loved how Cam was sneaky about the email. The whole team was great tonight.

  5. I can’t even form a coherent sentence to describe what I just watched. That was awesome! What a great twist at the end and I absolutely LOVED every single member of the team, doing everything in their power to bring Brennan back. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

  6. I loved it!!! Why, oh why, did B&B get interrupted on the washing machine?? Damn that Palant!
    Is it wrong to love when Hodgins was choking Palant? And Max saying Palant needs to be killed has set up Max to be in future episodes.
    Booth shirtless! My only issue is they didn’t show a full frontal!
    I was on the edge of my seat also!

  7. I repeat all of the above and WELCOME BACK BonesTheory!!!

  8. Does it make me a bad person that I grinned when Hodgins was chocking Pelant?

    Yes, WOW pretty much sums that one up for me.

    Two things: Booth without his shirt, mmm

    Agent Flynn picking up the flower at the end creeped me out.

    • Lenora…my first thought at the little party at the end was that Agent Flynn was WAYYY too friendly. And then the flower thing? I’m suspicious. And now I sound like Hodgins. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • bb I am with you. There is something about Flynn that is so wrong.

        He didn’t want to connect Pelant to anything until he was forced to. He humiliated Booth and then acts like it was all part of the job at the end. Then when he picked up the flower and smelled it well my stomach tightened a little.

      • I also think that there’s something hinky about Flynn.

      • YES! I was totally suspicious of him at that party and THEN the FLOWER! He has to be involved with Pelant… that would make so much sense.

    • Does it make me a bad person that I loved it when Brennan slapped Pelant?

    • Hodgins chocking Pellant? Totally one of the best moments. Yeah, Fynn picking up the merigold was creapy. I definetly don’t trust him

  9. I’m not quite sure what exactly happened, but I loved it-deconstruction for another day. I still can’t believe they fit all that into one episode; there wasn’t a single moment wasted. And Flynn and the marigold? Creepola.

    BTW, DB can help me do the laundry any day, all day long. They both looked great, and even greater together. Welcome back Bones and Bones Theory!

  10. You know, my husband commented part way through about how he didn’t like the episode because everyone was acting out of character. And I told him that it wasn’t that everyone was acting out of character, they were just acting more like they did in the early years of the show.

    Hodgins and Booth had anger issues.
    Sweets and Clark were uptight.
    Angela was fiercely loyal.
    Cam was…Cam.

    And yet they also risked a lot and worked together to bring Brennan back (which is something that we didn’t necessarily see a lot of in the early years).

    I liked it. A lot. Both because it reminded me of the early years and because it laid a solid foundation going forward.

    And yeah baby, BT is back!!

    • I thought the same thing! It was very S1-3ish. Thank God.

    • Yes, they were more like the earlier versions of themselves. Which is why I loved it!

    • Very insightful. I really thought it was more like season 2 and 3. More serious much more serious. Also we all cared about the victim this time. In season 7 we really didn’t have a vested interest in the victim . We all did this time.

    • I’m with you, it isnt like I seasons 5,6 and 7, the think is that, even with the drama, the family stuff, romantic stuff ect…this season it’s bringing back the old day when whe had those smart searial killers like the gravedigger and Epps. I missed so much those and the feeling of being on the edge of my seat, yesterday’s episode gave it back to me

  11. Someone tweeted:
    favorite part: Booth in the Philly shirt doing laundry, then shirtless Booth!favorite part: Booth in the Philly shirt doing laundry, then shirtless Booth!

  12. I agree bb, I think Flynn is creepy now! Something is up with him.

  13. It lived up too its hype it was AWESOME one of the best premiers so far i think
    and Hodgins rocked and Brennan for slapping Pelant that was great too
    Welcome back BONES

  14. And I’m saying it right now – NO Cam/Clark. NO!

    Please God, NO CLAM. NO CLAM!!

    • It feels like that’s where they’re going. Do not like.

    • Sorry MJ but I picked up that vib and it looked like that might be where they will be going. That is kind if disappointing since Clark really was in love with Nora. Maybe we’re just projecting and seeing something that isn’t there.

      • Cam is totally going to go all Cougar with Clark…. I don’t know how I feel about that…. I think I’ll reserve my judgement to see how it plays out, if it does. But, yeah, that was what I thought too.

    • God I was thinking the same thing! Please no, that would make me vomit!

  15. @MJ: CLAM-bwahahhahaha That’s just wrong.
    Cam + Clark= No Thank You!

  16. SO GOOD. I’m having a hard time processing. So much happened, some that I wanted to happen that I never thought would, some that I didn’t want to happen but I thought was inevitable. Some that had me throwing things across the room, mostly in excitement…!!

    I really don’t know how I feel about Flynn. I was not on his team in the S7 finale. I just didn’t trust him. We haven’t had a lot of luck with other FBI officers, and the idea of anyone else that isn’t Booth just makes me terribly nervous (In a holy-crap-this-is-GREAT-television kind of way). When he “gracefully” relinquished the position back to Booth, I let myself breathe for a minute. While I didn’t think we were done with Pelant, I felt a bit more relaxed about Flynn. But then the Marigold?! Oh ew!! I’m so creeped out, I just don’t know what to think.

    I loved the whole team tonight, more than usual! And Hodgins?? Holy CRAP. I got the same feeling about when Booth beat the crap out of Pelant in PitP. We all wanted to beat him up, Booth just acted on it! And in the cemetery, we ALL wanted to choke him out, Hodge just acted on it!

    I’m going to have to sleep on it. Just. WOW.

    • It was mentioned last season that Pellant had to have help….Flynn with that flower… I wouldn’t be surprised if he was connected to Pellant. Pain and Grief….scary.

    • You want to know what I was thinking with the whole marigold and grief thing? Booth, Brennan, Angela, Hodgins, Cam and Sweets, they’re all in danger. I feel like the jeffersonian “familly” is walkig straight to their worst nightmare this seaosn

  17. You know it’s a good Bones episode when we are trying to process it all!

    I didn’t think Flynn was suspicious in B&B’s house until after the whole flower thing. Now I think it is creepy & suspicious.

    I even liked Sweets in this episode!

    I loved Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets not forget what he is capable of doing. Judas on a Pole anyone?????

  18. Um wow.. it was amazing. I admit that I often find myself only really paying attention at B&B scenes, but this ep had me paying attention to everything. It was tense and complicated and just fantastic. Everyone just brought it! And I liked Sweets for the first time in a couple seasons!They packed so much in and every moment was great.

    And Booth in the t shirt and without a shirt…i just…the man is 43 and he is still the hottest thing out there. I loved how they were so playful on the washing machine. And HOT! I’ll be back later when i’m coherent.

  19. Loved every minute of it! I have so many questions stirring around in my head, so I will definitely need to re-watch to try and get things straight (poor me!), but I thought the whole thing was fantastic. I hope they can keep this kind of pace up in more eps this season. I’m so happy to have our show back! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. One thing I found really interesting and I liked was we have been told over and over is that Hodgins is harmless. Even Pelant believed the FBI’s conclusion. Ha the man can be dangerous when he thinks he has just cause. That is a new dimension that I hope HH doesn’t forget. Sweets seemed to think it was very noteworthy.

    Oh and for the first time ever, I really had respect for Sweets. He acted like a man tonight not a spoiled kid genius.

    • This isn’t any new trait of Hodgins though. Remember the gravedigger?

      • Oh he wanted the Gravedigger dead but he didn’t try to choke the life out of her. I believe tonight was the first time we ever saw him seriously lay his hands on someone with the intention of personally taking that persons life.

    • It helped that Daisy was not around. Thank Hanson!

    • When Pelant made those comments about Hodgins being harmless it made me flash back to season 1 and the state department lady and what she said then. It seemed very much like what she said and made me wonder if they haven’t updated their information on him since way back then! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow just wow! Fabulous! It had everything! Such a great episode and such a fantastic outlook for the season! Love it! Bones is back baby!

  22. I LOVED it! However… how did Booth find Brennan? I missed that part…. I think B&B rolling around on the floor caused me to lose focus:) B&B were AMAZING. They were hot, they were joyous, and, yet, there was an undercurrent of tension…..which is good! That kees it interesting, in a good way.

    Did anyone think the phone hanging in the laundry room looked like *the* phone from S6? I did! Look at what that phone almost witnessed! B&B looked awfully comfortable almost going at it on the washer and dryer so, yeah, I think they’ve done that before! Awesome.

    LOVED Christine saying dada! Sooooooooo cute:) Also loved how Brennan wanted to see Booth with his index cards at the crime scene….awwww. That’s love.

    • My assumption is that it was the snowdrops (the flowers) Brennan left at the crime scene. I’m 99% sure the motel Booth drove up to had snowdrop in the name.

      • The motel was in Pelant’s hometown where the murder was committed. The flowers were the rest of the clue to Booth where to wait for Brennan. Of course he wan’t absolutely sure it wasn’t a trap by Pelant

    • Do you mean the phone from Brennan/Hannah? It wasn’t. I grew up with those big, heavy black phones. They were tabletop only. Not wall phones.

      • Right! The hooks to hold the handset are the wrong way on the “the” phone for it work when hanging on the wall. That one has to be a replica made for walls.

    • You know what else is love? Booth reading Brennan’s books and talking to Christine in scientific jibber-jabber just like Brennan. Did you see Brennan’s face when she heard that?

      • It was little stuff like that that made me feel better about us not hearing Brennan say “Because you love me” because it came across in so many other ways.

      • I LOVED that he read her books because he missed her….awwwwww! Anyone else wonder how Booth in Afghanistan compared with Booth these past 3 months? Of course, the obvious is that there were NO fig trees *ahem*. But, come on, you know Booth HAD to miss Brennan when he was in Afghanistan. I think he was pretty hopeless and angry in Afghanistan, but still missed her. The past three months, while he understood why she did it, he was hurt, scared (had to be fearful for Brennan and Christine’s safety), and, yet, hopeful. Booth at least had to have hope that he would get his family back.

  23. Ohhh this DID feel like the old seasons! (S2 is my favorite, with 3 as a close second, so that’s a hugely wonderful thing in my book.) Creepy case, edgy characters, tension, chemistry, Booth in tight t-shirts. YES.

    I couldn’t totally wrap my head around the plot–how exactly did Booth find her? Did he find a motel near the body find in the hopes of tracking her down, and she beat him to it? Or did they set up the meeting together? I would’ve liked to know those details. And how did they communicate with Hodgins and Angela to set up the (perfect) stealthy reunion in the lab? And how on earth did they get the Jeffersonian security team to leave??! I don’t watch this show for airtight plots, but when the plot is as important as this one, I do think it should make sense.

    But I love these characters enough to put up with the confusion. They are such a team. “There’s more than one kind of family” is maybe my favorite Bones theme, and the Pelant storyline has brought out the best in this family. Even Clark, who admittedly frustrated me when he framed the case in terms of “working toward his own demotion” instead of “working toward getting Brennan home” (you, sir, need to align your priorities with the rest of the team. Are you seriously worried about your job title right now?) gave it his all when push came to shove. Cam was actually willing to get sneaky and bait Pelant with the email (love how Brennan’s clue gave everyone the go-ahead to stop playing by the rules), Angela was her loyal self–I got teary when she cleared Brennan’s name as everyone gathered around her–and oh wow Hodgins, WHAT WHAT WHAT. He really cares for Brennan! So many exciting new moral questions to explore! I’m so intrigued by the new (returning?) anger we see in him. He’s less benign now than he was when he snapped that rubber band every day!

    As for Booth and Brennan, the look on Brennan’s face when she showed Christine photos of their family was adorably heartbreaking. Emily Deschanel is so amazing I can’t even take it. Poor Booth–the bobblehead Bobby looks out of place in his little bullpen desk. I know it makes sense that Brennan communicated with Angela rather than Booth (they’re best friends, and Angela’s not being watched as closely as Booth is), but I’m a little hurt on his behalf that Booth had to play second fiddle.

    Despite that, I’m glad their reunion was pretty much angst-free. These two love each other, and it only makes sense that their initial reaction upon reuniting would be relief, lots of irrepressible smiling, and making out. WHY CAMERA, WHY DID YOU CUT TO COMMERCIAL AS THEY STARTED KISSING?!! I am actually, genuinely mad about that cutaway, and about the phone call that interrupted their steamy washing machine scene, to the extent that I feel kind of creepy. Why do I want to see them sleep together so badly? I forgave it in season 6 without a second thought–Emily was pregnant, and they had a game-changing, last-second shocker to set up, and anyway, what’s important is how the sex changed the relationship, not the sex itself. But now I feel like the sex itself IS important to them. B&B need some lovemakin’, They’ve been apart for a while, they’re new parents, and what they need is a little good old-fashioned steamy time. The tension is building. It needs to happen. And I’m a creep.

    In related news, I’m so done with spoilers. I’ve been avoiding them for a week, but the ones I saw before that were enough to goad me into thinking things might happen that didn’t, and now I’m upset about unmet expectations, which isn’t fair to this episode. I might even be done with promos. Why would they air adorableness in a promo and then cut it from an episode?!

    I LOVED the music montage. Just the right lyrics for them (“I belong with you, you belong with me”), and the happy tone let me indulge in warm-fuzzy feelings about how glad I am to have them back in my life and back in the lab and how glad I am to see them loving each other. (Though not physically yet, ahem ahem HART HANSON). The look on Booth’s face when they showed Pelant the sword…I love smug interrogation room Booth.

    That house party was full of loaded interactions, wasn’t it? Brennan’s hair (which I wish had been written as a wig rather than as a dye job, so that its awfulness could be publicly acknowledged) actually looked sort of acceptable, and everyone toasting each other reminded me of the end of Prisoner in the Pipe. I love how happy Brennan was for Clark–and the “I hate crime!”/ “I love crime!” exchange–and I was super-iffy on Flynn’s presence at the party even before the last scene. He is not a member of the team! He’s straight-up hostile to the team! But in the moment, I wrote it off, attributing it to how accepting and forgiving these people (and this show) are, and I like that about them.

    The togetherness also made the end more jarring. Just when I thought everything was wrapped up and that we were finally going to get hot in the laundry room, the phone rang. I’ll give the writers one thing: if they were trying to catch me off guard, they succeeded. I’m guessing Pelant invented his fake Egyptian identity, but what if Pelant was actually his fake, invented identity? And what is Flynn’s deal? Curiosity, or something more sinister? And what other show could so deftly weave the symbolism of various flowers into its plot? Hope, pain and grief. I’m worried about the grief, but I did love the gentle ominousness of the symbolism. Brennan dropped it in the trash, but she was disturbed by it. And she slapped Pelant! Yay! When Caroline basically called out Booth for not kissing her–oh, Caroline, you are my voice.

    Also loved:
    “Blank is her thinking face.”
    The running bit with the white binders.
    Shirtless Booth. I really should seek help.

  24. Okay, I can’t take credit for the idea of how Booth knew where to go. I saw it from someone else’s comment on another site.

    Brennan left a Snowdrop flower on that grave, and the connection is that the name of the hotel was the Snowdrop Motel. I don’t think Booth knew exactly where Brennan was, but he knew that was a clue. Since Brennan planted it, she knew where to find him. So no, Booth didn’t just automatically know where to find Brennan. She was hoping that he would put two and two together and go there. It didn’t look like Booth knew what to expect – he was the one who was surprised to see her there.

    • THANK YOU for sharing that! It definitely clears things up.

    • Do you think he was surprised because someone blonde was Brennan? Then it might make more sense about the Snowdrop Motel!

      • Oh, that could be part of it. He was also in high alert because he knew Pelant was after them and the person coming in could’ve easily been him.

    • Thanks C-bones! That really helps the plot make more sense! I know its not “yours” but thanks for sharing!

    • The thing that just connected all the dots for me besides C-bones tip Lenora saying the hotel was in Pelant’s hometown. That connection and the snowdrop/Snowdrop Inn made the lightbulb go off for me. I guess it was hard to fit everything in one episode that some of the scenes that would have made it easier to understand what was going on, was left on the cutting room floor.

  25. A couple questions –
    1. They never brought up the alarm clock!

    2. I think Max is correct. Pelant needs to be taken out. If he can beat a murder rap my changing his identity, he is too dangerous!

    3. Did Brennan know Booth was at the motel waiting for him?? how did they meet up?

    I head off to work with this in my head!

  26. Wow, I quite enjoyed that. That’s the way to open a season.

  27. Thank God for all of that. That episode did not miss a beat.

    What a reward for the fans ๐Ÿ™‚

    And so nice to see everyone back this season!

  28. So glad to be back!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hi guys!!

    Definitely worth the wait!! XD I enjoyed that tremendously! It’s surprising but the “little things” rather than the kisses and all that really got to me. The “I would love to see him stand there with his pen and index card” and the “I’ll tell her myself”. Those were just priceless!! XD

    Also, that Flynn guy is definitely shady.

    • Don’t you think that is too obvious with Flynn? I would be disappointed if Flynn was a bad guy, for that reason. Ratings just came out. Not wonderful, not terrible. I was hoping they would be better. Tough competition on Monday night. Mob doctor did horrible. And Fox gave a big push on that one too.

      • I really feel sorry for anything that follows BONES on premiere night. I know I immediately hit the rewind button on the DVR (so to speak) and watched the episode again. I’m guessing a lot of other people did the same thing.

      • As soon as Bones finished I turned off my TV and jumped on my computer so anything following Bones was of no interest to me.

      • I didn’t watch Mob Doctor (I didn’t promise myself I would), but my view probably got counted because I didn’t change the channel after Bones, just put it on Mute. I mean, even if I really wanted to watch it, I was waaaay too much into a Bones zone. Sometimes, I was distracted during the show because of particular squee-worthy scenes or lines.

      • Hi Linda!

        I did feel it was a bit too obvious (especially when he went from “dr Brennan is a fugitive!” to joining the celebration party in 2 seconds flat). But then again, TV can be predictable, although I’m all for being pleasantly surprised!

        Pity. The mob doctor looked like it could be a good drama. I’m sensing an “Alcatraz” all over again.

  29. I really want to comment more, but won’t give anything away….have to say how much I LOVED this episode!!! It was awesome from the first opening scene and kept me on my toes until the end. It had everything I wanted that makes Bones my favorite show on television. The bar is certainly set high for the rest of the season and I for cannot wait!

  30. One thing I noticed the second time I watched… Sweets is now an Agent? Right? He wore a badge last night, which he never did before. I think I even remember an episode where Jared assumed Sweets was an agent and Sweets said he was a dr./FBI consultant, but not an agent…right? He never had “arresting” powers before…right?

  31. A thought about Flynn being at The Mighty Hut for the celebration.
    Maybe he is checking out the place?? Looking for cameras, checking on the alarm clock Pelant planted???

  32. Hmmm. When Max went to the cemetery to pick up the flower there was nothing there. But they made a point to show the epitaph: Russell Wise, 1934-2004, A loving father and faithful friend. I wonder if this name has significance in the show, or is in memoriam of someone connected to the show.

    • I noticed that and wondered if that was part of the ‘code’ for the exchange of messages. “Russell” for Russ, another grave would be for someone named Christine, another for someone named Matthew, etc.

      • I like the idea of Russell representing Russ somehow. I’ve decided that I’m going to assume it’s a reference to someone connected to the show–that way if it isn’t relevant to the plot, I won’t mind, and if it is, I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  33. Pelant had to have had someone on the outside while he was locked in the house Flynn seems to fit the profile the way he acts ade smelling the flower. I defiantly thing that Russell Wise, 1934-2004, A loving father and faithful friend on the grave stone will turn up in another episode

  34. im all for max murdering pelant ๐Ÿ˜€ whats with flynn, he will be coming back soon probably…

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