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Morning After Q: B&B- Reunited, but DOES it Feel So Good?


Happy Tuesday around the world!

It’s funny how one reaction to the premiere is “YES! THE TEAM IS BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!” when in reality, they were apart for about 1/3 of an episode…total. Hahaha! But the hiatus was long and in show-world, it was three months, so it also makes sense to feel that way.

BUT…while it seems everything will fall back into place at the Jeffersonian (Brennan works cases, Clark works historical finds, etc.), what I want to know is whether or not there will be residual issues between B&B. Like always, if the writers want to posit some sort of conflict between them out of the blue, it can technically come up (whether that’s realistic to the characters or not), but based on the premiere…I THINK Booth and Brennan are good.

Obviously, for dramatic purposes, they had Booth be sort of stand-offish toward Brennan, even at the end until he kissed her and set her on the washing machine. I think Booth is interesting in that way. We know that he is more likely to absorb/internalize pain and frustration than actually deal with it, and that he just wants everything to be good. So…do you think he still harbors frustration at Brennan, but doesn’t want to rock the boat since she is back and everything is good? Or do you think he is genuinely over it?

Brennan is intuitive where he is concerned, but we also know she mostly operates when she has all of the information she needs. If Booth says he’s good and acts like everything is good, she’ll operate under that assumption. She’ll notice if he’s not telling the truth or if he’s anxious, of course, but for the most part, she’ll believe him.

It works for them, which is cool by me, and they certainly have a history of having some angst and then just resolving it with a “Oh, are we good?” “Yep, I’m good” small moment and moving on. It’s one of their BEST qualities as partners/a couple and one of the most frustrating ones sometimes, as a viewer who wants MORE!



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  1. I think if there is going to be any conflict between Booth and Brennan it is going to center around Christine. Three months in a baby means big changes and if he starts to think that he missed some key milestones he might get a little angry about it.

    On the other hand, he said he knew why Brennan left and he said he understood; but, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t resent having his daughter taken from him.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong and the writers may put some weird twist in.

  2. Oh, Bones Theory, how I have missed you. No sniping, no name calling, no lectures – just fans discussing the show they love. I want to give you a hug and make you pancakes. With strawberries.

    IMO, B&B *will* be okay but I think there are undercurrents that will pop up. It was a telling moment to me in the laundry room when Booth turned away when he answered Brennan’s question about still being mad at her. He may not want to be mad, he may want to gloss over everything because he’s got his family back but he obviously isn’t over it. I can see something happening in the future to pop his balloon and send that stuff flying – which would probably be good for them, actually.

    I stayed away from the sneak peeks and all of the stuff that came out over the last couple of weeks so I wasn’t sure what to expect from their reunion. There was that one “because you love me” scene in the promo but I had hoped for a little something more and I have to admit (other than Clam, because NO!) that was my biggest (maybe only) disappointment last night. I was hoping for a reunion with a little more oomph. Not sexually but emotionally, some sort of cathartic moment you’d think three months apart might have led to. Instead it was “Hi! What! Woa! Sex!” But that’s a minor quibble in an otherwise excellent episode.

    Welcome back, Bones Theory!!

  3. I have a feeling that the Christine/Brennan/Max departure plot is not going to go away so easily for Booth. I think that acceptance on his part now is on the back burner with the happiness of having his family back. Like you mentioned, Booth tends to absorb/internalize his feelings, and I’m guessing it’ll come back, plot-wise, throughout the season. Especially with the knowledge Pelant is on the loose and active, it will be hard to move forward.

    Beyond Brennan, Booth’s relationship with Max will be tested as well. They’d formed a sort of bond before, now…methinks Booth will have trust issues now. He more easily accepted him when his “abandonment” drama with Brennan was in the past. Now, Max has done it to HIM. Shizz just got real, people. 🙂

    Solid episode. Each character shined. It resolved things in many ways, but raised a lot of questions. I am truly curious as to how it plays out with B&B. I don’t feel like they’ll ever “break up”, but there’s bound to be some residual angstiness.

  4. I mentioned last night and I have to mention it again. I don’t trust Flynn. Nope, not after he picked that flower out of the trash and smelled it.

    Ok, now I did mention that for a reason, Flynn made Booth’s life hellish for three months; so, I can’t imagine Booth really forgiving Flynn for that. I see thas as a possible source of conflict. Brennan might want Booth to just let it go since he got his position back; but, we know Booth can really brood about stuff and he isn’t very forgiving if he feels wronged. Just I thought I would throw that out there.

    • Lenora, I didn’t even think the marigold thing was that weird (some have theorized he will help bring down Pelant as he will be in the Terrorism division now)…it was Flynn’s behavior in the Mighty Hut. He was WAYYYYY too happy and friendly. I was kind of startled by it actually. Instantly suspicious 🙂

      • I did think it was cool how Pelant made the marigold change from yellow to red. He’s mmm-magic! 😀

      • Yeah, it was creepy that he was at the party. He didn’t belong. He wasn’t part of the team and friend of none of them; so, I was a little alarmed to see him there. I’m still not sure why he would have been invited unless there is something going on that we aren’t aware of.

    • You know, I rewatched the episode this morning, and now I’m not entirely sure about Flynn. There was the “what if he kill someone you know next” line from Booth; maybe the flower is a red herring to make us not trust him-I’m just not sure anymore. Re Clam, I actually got more of a vibe between Flynn and Cam on the first scene, but then the guy who plays him would have to become sort of a regular because the EPs have said many times if Cam gets a love interest it’s got to be one that she sees on more of a regular basis than she did Paul. Given the flower moment at the end, I think they will be bringing Flynn back, so that may be where they’re headed. Interesting…

      • I agree with this. I think the flower perhaps is a red herring (what a great ending, it keeps us guessing!) and I think Flynn would be interesting to see with Cam. Adds another element to the drama if we are not sure if he’s a good guy or bad guy and he’s dating Cam!! We do know she likes FBI guys :).

      • Ok I never even thought of that possibility. I need to rewatch it again. I know, a hardship but in the interests of research I’ll do it.

  5. I think they can’t help but have problems after a three-month absence. Both of them operate in different ways. Brennan does the rational thing even if it is not the “kind” thing and she’ll continue to act as she has in the past and put Booth on the spot. Booth internalizes things, glosses over them until he has to really face them. Look at how he handled his father’s death, the breakup with the other blonde, the baptism. Even Brodsky got to him and caused him to take every little thing that Brennan said and twist it so that he was convinced she was questioning him rather than supporting him. She has shown great insight into Booth by understanding how to reach him after the breakup, how to please him with the baptism, how to support him with Brodsky.

    And here’s the thing: he’s going to retreat into sex as a panacea rather than dealing with the truth of his feelings. He’s probably going to almost suffocate her by being overly protective. (While it showed great trust to put Sweets in charge of protecting her at the lab, I didn’t really see the point. Pelant gets his victims alone and kills them. Unless he lured Brennan out of the lab or away from everyone else, he wasn’t really a threat to her. If the police or the marshalls or the FBI go after Brennan, Sweets wouldn’t get into a stand-off with them. Booth was being overly protective by putting Sweets in that position.)

    Booth will try to protect her, she will rebel and they will have to find a new balance in their relationship. I also think that Brennan is protective of Booth, but she protects him in ways that aren’t nearly as obvious as Booth’s protection of her.

    I like that this conflict, which goes to the heart of who they each are, is very organic and probably cannot be resolved neatly at the end of an episode. I think it also affects Booth’s pride that he’s not the one who was protecting her in this. On one hand he can be grateful to Max, but on the other, he’s got to feel badly that he wasn’t the one she relied on and he wasn’t the one who communicated with her. It’s complicated for him and I, for one, look forward to watching the B’s battle it out with the bad guys and with their own natures. In the end, I think love conquers all, but it’s going to be a rocky road for them.

  6. “Booth will try to protect her, she will rebel and they will have to find a new balance in their relationship. I also think that Brennan is protective of Booth, but she protects him in ways that aren’t nearly as obvious as Booth’s protection of her.”

    She definitely does. One of my (many) favorite moments is when she pleads with Booth “Booth please, don’t hurt him” and then wham! she goes and slaps the guy across the face.

    • It’s so not obvious, Brennan doesn’t even know it!

      But yeah, she is very protective of him. She even wanted to take a look at his arm when he got a boo-boo from re-learning plumbing. And she helps him with his back issues. Even her decision in the 100th was all about protecting him – well, and herself.

  7. I think that Booth is good with her leaving with the baby because he wanted his family safe. So many people get hung up on her “taking” Christine with her but I get the feeling that Booth would have been far more upset with her “not” taking her. I loved that he missed her so much that he read her books. The look on Booth faces until he was back with Brennan showed how much pain he was in over them being apart but it worked its way out once he knew that they were not safe because he was there. I loved that Max saved the day and that Booth saved Max. But no truer words were spoken by Max in the end about Pelant.

    I like that everything was not wrapped up in a nice little arc so that everyone could move on. Flynn’s gave me pause and made me wonder what was it about the flower or was it just the connection to Pelant that made me feel a little uneasy about him?

    It was nice that Clark was trying to help in his own strange way and that he was given a full time job since he is not an intern. It takes you back to when he replaced Brennan before and also made me miss Dr Goodman and Dr Addy just a little bit. I also liked that I didn’t “hate” Cam or Sweets. But Cam and Flynn make me wonder all the time who side are they on?

    • Flynn’s loyalties are anyone’s guess and they did a great job to leave his actions so ambiguous that you don’t know what side he’s on.

      But Cam? Yeah, she looked to be going over to the dark side, but what she did was so clever that she can rightfully say that she played a key part in getting Pelant.

    • “I think that Booth is good with her leaving with the baby because he wanted his family safe. So many people get hung up on her “taking” Christine with her but I get the feeling that Booth would have been far more upset with her “not” taking her.”

      This. I got that feeling too.

  8. There were definitely inklings of less than smooth sailing ahead in the episode. When they’re alone in the cabin waiting for Max there’s a little exchange where Booth says “I know how that feels” about Max possibly not coming back and Brennan looked really pained. She knows he’s upset which is why she asks him in the laundry room whether he’s still angry at her. There’s absolutely no cluelessness on her part about the kind of hurt he must have gone through and he gives enough hints that he’s not thrilled about what happened, but it’s only natural that relief at being together as a family was bound to overshadow anything else in this episode. I’m really glad about that; it would have been extremely sad for Booth to reject her in any way right off the bat; his entire focus was, rightly, on getting her cleared and bringing her home. The fact that he was so happy to see her and that she wasn’t willing to look the other way at his possible anger gives me hope that love will be enough to overcome the difficulties that are clearly on the horizon.

    There were so many great moments last night, but several that really stuck with me were Brennan’s sad face when she’s talking to Christine about Booth in the opening sequence, Booth almost crying when he thanked Angela for giving him his family back along with the kiss and the blissful smiles that followed, and the Hodgins/Pelant scene. The look of pure horror on Hodgins’ face as Pelant grins just before he passes out is gripping. And of the laundry scene…I think the slomo that was posted yesterday is about the only thing that can do full justice to *that*.

    And MJ, fully agree with you on missing the comraderie, respect and the love here; it’s like coming home. Nothing but a real passion for everything Bones related (and how good a shirtless DB looks-and really, can there ever be too much on that topic?)-so good!

  9. BTW, “Aliens in a Spaceship” is on TNT RIGHT NOW! I may have to break my vow to work hard today. ;-D

    People have pretty well covered the main issues here. I expect some issues, but I am hoping that love will conquer all – in the end. Tweeted HH and SN to please make sure that it is.
    Brennan is very attuned to Booth, but I think we shouldn’t gloss over the fact that Brennan understands how Booth fees because this happened to her. She knows exactly how it feels to have your family disappear. I think she may have a bit more difficulty as his residual anger shows up. (There is one scene in the promo for ep 2 that cracks me up on this. I won’t say anything more so as to avoid being spoiler.) It may be harder for her to understand that from a logical perspective. On the other hand, she can remember her initial reaction when Max returned, so perhaps that will help her there.
    Her reaction to having Booth actively protecting her again will also be interesting. She seems to have understood that Max knew better than she did how to stay safe while on the run. When she’s back in her normal environment, how will she react to the constant presence of Booth acting as her knight in shiny FBI standard issue body armor.
    BTW, that would be nice to see: Booth in his standard issue FBI body armor. ;-D The shirtless version was nice last night, though.
    I loved Booth talking about decomposing remains and that he had been reading her books. Let’s face it, I loved everything Booth did last night.
    I also loved that opening scene and that little smile Brennan gave (and Booths answering one) when Max said that Booth being there changed things.
    I just thought it was a fantastic episode. I think that s7e1 is probably still my tip top ep1, but this is a very close second.

    On another issue entirely: that last scene with Flynn was mega creepy. His going back to Homeland Security and Pelant looking like someone from the Middle East – way too creepy.

    It’s great to have both Bones and BT back.

  10. I agree with MJ that it is great to be discussing on Bones Theory! Yay!
    I thought many of the things people have added already so I’ll try to edit those out. Here were a couple things, I thought… (and I am about to watch it again so I’m writing BEFORE I do so before I change my mind)
    1. In that first scene, the trust between Brennan and Max was palpable, I thought. And interesting, and if not entirely unanticipated at least undervalued, development because of the summer. I wonder about the ways that Brennan will now turn to or depend on Max. Hmmm.
    2. I was a little confused by the way that Booth kind of went into hiding with her. It wasn’t very long, but he was definitely off their radar but I guess not long enough to get into trouble. I think I would have liked more made of that…that Brennan “called” him (with the snowdrop) and he came and I just think that he might wonder why she didn’t sooner or might wish she had or something. Just seemed like there is more there that might come out later.

    I think that it will be impossible for them to go back to the “way it was before”. And maybe that is as it should be. That Brennan could think (in the finale) that Booth could conceivably think they were together just for Christine, tells me that they weren’t exactly through the melding of lives and world views things that couples do and redo, forever. They’ll just have to make their way forward and I think that Booth will have a hard time accepting that he’s not able to just get over it.

    On two other only slightly related notes, but what can I say…

    3. Flynn at the house was just…weird. He seemed so smarmy. When he took the case from Booth at the end of last season it really didn’t think there was any love lost between them. Hmmm.

    4. I don’t understand why Booth lost his office. He has a track record of his own, independent of Brennan, and even if they were embarrassed to have him in a public role for a while, I would have thought they would have him on “special projects” or even paid leave. Sitting in the bullpen was pretty demeaning. One more reason I think it would be hard for Booth to be friends with Flynn.

    Thanks, friends, for sharing this week back to Bones! Yay!

    • Totally agree with you about them having to go forward in their own way; I also thought the fact that she felt the need to reassure him about their relationship said a lot about hidden insecurities and unsure footings. To me, in a way, it’s almost like it’s the beginning of their courtship (the one we missed!)-they’re going to have to have to go back to basics to reaffirm their bond and to rebuild trust and tolerance.

      Re Booth’s office-I suppose he did beat the living daylights out of a suspect on one of his cases, so that might warrant some facesaving on the FBI’s part, at least temporarily. I’m sure it didn’t do great things for his self-esteem though, just like it couldn’t make him feel good that Brennan turned to her dad (no matter how noble the reasons) in her time of need. Right now the season seems full of interesting possibilities, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things shape out.

      • We were having a Twitter discussion recently comparing Eve & Roarke (from JD Robb’s “In Death” books) to B&B and I said then that what I really love about E&R is their absolute belief in each other, even when they’re angry or pissy. B&B have a tentativeness, an uncertainty that seems to color everything. One seems to always be reassuring the other of his or her feelings. All four of them are pretty damaged so maybe the difference is the difference in how you can develop a relationship through umpteen books vs. 45 minute episodes (but then again, we’ve had 7 years so……)

        In my wish list for S8, I’d like to add 100% certainty and comfort in the other and in their relationship.

      • I don’t know anything about E&R, but I think I understand what you’re saying about B&B. I don’t think it’s really that bad, but more certainty would be great. In fact, I love that because that proves the B&B love story isn’t finished yet. We are still on the journey, and I imagine that the trials they go through this year will ultimately aim them in that direction.

        If they had too much tentativeness, the reunion would have been MUCH different. Booth knows Brennan well enough to at least see her side of things and declare it the right thing to do even if he has certain feelings about it. Brennan insisted that she did the right thing – she didn’t come back begging Booth for forgiveness, uncertain of her place. She just wanted to know how he was feeling – if he was angry at her and how much because she’s aware that there was some damage done.

        I am not one who interpreted Brennan’s in the finale to mean she really believed Booth thought that. For me, it was her re-emphasizing that “what’s between them should just be theirs”, and just her way of phrasing of a veiled goodbye saying that she loved him for him. Just like when Booth said he loves Brennan the way she is – that doesn’t mean he didn’t before. Sometimes you tell people things like that just because you don’t think they hear it enough from you, or there might have been recent interactions that could have suggested otherwise that you didn’t really mean. When you love someone, not every single thing you do supports that, but most of what you do and say should.

        Also, they reassure each other like that because of each others’ insecurities. Unless they get over them (but how many people in life really do), I’m sure we will see them continue to do so.

      • MJ, I agree that there’s a tentativeness in B&B when it comes to their romance, but I don’t think they’re tentative in the areas that matter most. I think they do trust and believe in each other 100% when it comes to being partners, saving each other, and watching each others’ backs. Each knows the character of the other (“he knows the truth of you”/ “I knew you wouldn’t give up”/ “I knew you’d come” etc). I don’t think Booth doubts for one second that Brennan loves him, or vice versa. But I do agree that they’re uncertain as to what that love means. How do they proceed with it? Is it enough? They’re feeling each other out (up!) in that department. It reminds me of all of those moments in seasons 1-6 when B&B would sit across from each other at the diner and stare into each others’ eyes and lean in close. I don’t think they doubted what they felt for each other. They just couldn’t give each other permission to act on it–which was almost a RESULT of how well they knew each other. They knew, after the debacle of their first case, which lines not to cross. So I think the tentativeness is more a result of B&B’s instinctive, unspoken understanding, as opposed to the cause of their trouble. But I do agree that I’m looking forward to seeing them lose that hesitation! I think it’ll be a rough road this season, but I’m sure they’ll get there.

      • “I don’t think they doubted what they felt for each other. They just couldn’t give each other permission to act on it–which was almost a RESULT of how well they knew each other. They knew, after the debacle of their first case, which lines not to cross. So I think the tentativeness is more a result of B&B’s instinctive, unspoken understanding, as opposed to the cause of their trouble.”

        Wow, Kelly, that was beautifully said! I 100% agree with you!

      • I love the way you guys see this, meaning what I said about the uncertainty I see. It really reinforces for me that it’s not that either one is uncertain about how they themselves feel, more a leftover wariness/unsureness of the other – they played googly-eyes for so long, it’s like they sometimes can’t quite believe they are where they are.

        That it means the love story isn’t over yet – wow. Love that. I want to continue that trip with them!!! Personally, that’s why I watch BONES, for the relationship I saw building from the beginning. I think that’s why “Santa in the Slush” will always be my favorite episode, because that last scene hooked me in like a big, fat catfish!

      • I believe that they know each loves the other, but like other posters have mentioned, I’m not sure they quite understand what that means or what impact it has on their ability to change intrinsic things about themselves and how they view relationships. Hence, in my view, Brennan’s need to spell it out for him when she left. In season 7 Brennan said a few things like “we’re together for the time being”, etc. which to me implies the uncertainty she feels about the shelf-life inherent in any relationship. Booth knows that; he’s heard it many times throughout the show. Love does not necessarily equal long-term commitment or an ability to survive major upheavals-and therein lies the tension that I think we’ll be seeeing this season. And while marriage may not be what some viewers want, that may be where the characters are eventually headed because even when he’s not expecting it and would probably be happy with Brennan without it, nothing can make it clearer to Booth and to us that she’s in it for the long haul. Some might think it would be resorting to a cliche, but I think that reaching that decision would probably let us see a side of Brennan that hasn’t been explored before and this alone would make the concept worthwhile.

        It’s always fun when the same scene evokes different emotions in people. After Brennan tells Booth she loves him in the finale what I saw in Booth’s face was gratitude and relief because no matter how close they are, he’s the kind of guy who will probably always need some type of reassurance. But I realize that other people read the scene totally differently-she’s just telling him because she’s leaving and she wants him to know her feelings about him are unambiguous. I’ve always liked that about Bones-there’s room for the audience to interpret actions and responses differently depending on how they see the characters.

      • MJ –
        I think that they do have that certainty – or they did in the context of “just partners.” The change to more than “just partners” means that they have to find the same level of certainty in the new context. Their individual romantic histories along with what happened after ep 100 have to have made it even more difficult for them to find certainty within their reconfigured relationship. And, then they quickly added a baby to the mix. Too much happened too fast to 2 people who carry a lot of baggage in the romantic/family arena for them to get to the same level of certainty that they had as “just partners.”

    • OK, my touchpad caused my post to disappear into the ether so I’ll try again.

      MJ, are you reading Delusions yet? I wanted to mention something from that novel, but don’t want to bring it up in the open here since I know of several readers who aren’t there yet. It’s not a real spoiler for the book, but still better to be safe than sorry.

      On to what you’re talking about here. I don’t really think the two of them are insecure about the other’s love for them, so much as they do still feel a need to reassure the other that they really do love them. It is maybe that after so many years and this part of the relationship being so new they each feel a need to make sure the other knows their feelings are real. That’s different than needing reassurance that you’re loved. At least I think it is.

      As for Eve and Roarke their relationship happened so fast they didn’t have time to build up walls and defenses to keep themselves from each other. They’ve been able to openly express their love for each other for over 2 years by the most recent book. As much as Eve and Roarke to remind me of Booth and Brennan their relationship has progressed at a very different rate, and the path they took has also been very different so we’ve just seen different issues impacting them.

  11. I’m no B&B shipper and here is my take

    He knows she did the right thing yet is angry at her.He knows she shouldn’t apologize for doing what she had to do yet she will be apologizing because he will resent her.Why?Because all his focus is on HIS feelings and ego.Booth is all about himself .It show how egocentric and selfish he is. He keeps disappointing me since the 100th

    • Wow, you don’t think Booth has a right to have hurt feelings because Brennan ran away with his daughter and didn’t take him with him? Wow.

      • Warning! Lenora, don’t respond to Iman. We’ve dealt with this person on the IMDB board for sometime. The dead giveaway is they refused to put spaces after periods, and incessant blathering about hating Booth. I have them set on [ignore] on the other board, I don’t know if we can do that here.

      • bb Thanks for the heads up. I was just a little shocked and felt like I needed to respond. I’ll leave well enough alone from here on out. I’ve never visited the IMDB board. I’ll have to check it out.

      • Yup, it is best to ignore this person and not try to reason with her. We have tried on many boards. She goes fishing for Bones sites to spew her Booth hatred and she is not interested in actual conversation or discussion. Standard operating procedure for me here is [ignore].

      • That’s very sad. I love Bones Theory because we see so little of this kind of stuff.

  12. OMG, BB, I noticed that right away! Iman from IMDb has infiltrated the BT board! GRRRRR!!

  13. Hello BT peeps! SO good to see you all 🙂

    Oh yes, I think there may be trouble ahead…nothing disastrous – B&B are going to find their way through it, but it’s clear that Booth has residual anger that he doesn’t want to face. I don’t think he wants to be angry – he just can’t help it, because even the most rational decisions have consequences. That hurt at being abandoned isn’t going to go away immediately.

    As for the episode itself – loved it! Loved that Sweets was the one Booth trusted to protect his family, love that Max is such a badass, my love for Hodgins has increased exponentially (I have rage issues apparently, ha), love that Cam is so whip-smart at playing the system.

    Funnily enough, it was Angela who annoyed me actually. She always thinks she’s the one who cares the most about Brennan, and the rest of the team were working just as hard to get her home. I didn’t like her refusing to go in Brennan’s office to talk to Clark and I didn’t like that she questions Cam’s loyalty. I hope Booth’s angry at her a bit longer haha.

    All in all, very excited for the new season! And for more BT posts! YAY season 8 🙂

    • Sophia, as always you read my mind! I agree with your view of Hodgins and Angela. She did that before in Verdict too, though she was trying to help Brennan, she comes off as a petulant child stamping her feet for not getting her way. At least to me. I also like your line, “Even the most rational decisions have consequences.” There was really no “good” decision” to be made, just the lesser of two evils. So there is still residual hurt, and those childhood feelings come roaring back.

      Except for while Brennan might find new understanding and forgiveness for her parents’ departure with her decision, for Booth, its just another case of abandonment. Brennan’s hurt is different than Booth’s. She has opened herself up to love and letting herself feel and express emotions. So, while on the run, she experienced missing Booth, their family unit, their house, their life together. Just as she feared, opening herself up to love also opened herself up to pain.

      So while her decision was “rational” and probably the best decision to make, it will still have consquences. I don’t think it will get anywhere near the break up stage, but they will have to sort through their respective issues at some point

  14. B&B reunited does feel good! Then & Now:

    I much prefer the now!
    Nice to see you Sophia!

  15. I’m a hater because I’m no B&B shipper anymore?I didn’t realize that it was an obligation to be a B&B shipper in order to be allowed to post on the Bones boards.I’m entitled to my opinion just like all of you are.I just have a different one.Get over yourselves and deal with it.

    • No, you’re a hater because you spew nasty, hateful, ignorant comments that have no basis in fact all over the internet trying to basically ruin everyone elses’ enjoyment of the show. That has to be it, because you’ve been told repeatedly that your vile ramblings aren’t welcome and yet you keep breaking out your same old “I have a different opinion than yours, that doesn’t make it wrong” song like everyone has requested it…while contributing absolutely nothing new to the conversation. You are the one who needs to get over themselves. No one cares.

      • I dare you to prove that.What “ruins” everyone’s enjoyement of the show is a DIFFERENT OPINION from theirs unfortunatly,the lack of tolerance for a different opinion.I made very clear that I didn’t hate Booth,just hated him as Brennan’s love interest after what happened in DAREDEVIL and I became to all of you a “hater,troll obsessed” just because of that.I stated my opinion and had everyone trying to make me change my mind and when they failed to they started a campain against me making me look like a “hater,troll obsessed..”.whatever crap they called me.You and I mean by you all those who can’t tolerate my posts,need to understand that I DON’T HAVE TO BE A B&B SHIPPER IN ORDER TO BE A BONES FAN.I enjoy everything about the show EXCEPT BRENNAN WITH BOOTH AS A COUPLE.Why?Because I don’t believe in Booth so called love for Brennan anymore.I enjoy Booth and Brennan as partners and friends,Brennan witgh everyone and Booth with everyone but can’t STAND THEM AS A COUPLE since DAREDEVIL.Brenna deserves better than being a rebound and to be with someone who puts his ego before her safety.That doesn’t make me a hater,troll or obsessed like you love to call me.And I’m entitled to express my DIFFERENT OPINION just as much as you are.So again get over yourselves and eal with it.

      • That dude must have seriously worked you over. That’s the only thing I can guess.

      • Why should we “get over ourselves” when you clearly can’t get over something fictional on a TV show that happened 2 years ago? It’s not possible for NatesMama to get over herself, she’s too damn awesome.

        10-4 communication over…going back to [ignored user]

  16. NatesMama, please don’t comment to this person anymore. Trust me, there is no reasoning with them. We can’t even get them to use the spacebar between sentences! 🙂 I just want to concentrate on our usual awesome discussions!! And yay for multiple BT posts in one week! And yay for a new Bones episode in just one weekend!

  17. Hi BT pals – here’s a short “Future in the Past” vid I hope you enjoy.

    — because Shameless Indulgence should be shared 😉

  18. Another thing that I loved about this episode: the binders.

    I know it was sort of a running joke, and it also highlighted the tension in the team with Clark being in Brennan’s position. But it just gave me another reason to love Temperance Brennan. When she came back, she could’ve had a totally different reaction to the way Clark was handling things. She’s the genius. But putting any personal pride aside she realized how good of a system he had going, and even chided Hodgins for not complying. I loved Hodgela, though. They are truly a couple of rebels and fiercely loyal to Brennan. Even still, I thought Cam was right to put them in their place, even though it kind of smarted when Clark asked her to put her findings in a binder. I loved the secret meeting of the Temperance Brennan’s brain fan club. The team did excellent work; without it, Brennan wouldn’t have connected the dots (or have seen what was missing between them). But man, the way her mind works is amazing and they know no one else is like her. Well, Hodgins is closest in terms of that kind of brilliance, because there are a lot of times when he connects the final piece, but even he says Brennan has taught him to be a better scientist.

    Kudos to HH and SN, because 8 years later, even after how the show has evolved and her character has evolved, we still have our genius scientist, the best in the world at what she does. She still has to feel the bones – they still speak to her.

    • I wish BT had a simple ‘Like’ button.

      I love your last paragraph. That she still reads the bones and has the brilliance, is still my number one reason for loving the show.

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