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IAYA: Is Hodgins a Threat?


I have to admit, I laughed at the Sweets/Hodgins scene where Hodgins was shocked that Sweets was a little suspicious of him. Hodgins obviously felt like his actions were justified, and I get the impression that, like Pelant, Sweets doesn’t think Hodgins would kill someone. Hodgins slightly agreed, at least, he couldn’t kill someone in cold blood. But what do you make of the scene in the cemetery with Pelant? Some of you have commented on this already – other places,- so feel free to expound, etc.



11 thoughts on “IAYA: Is Hodgins a Threat?

  1. I remember when the State Department official was at the Jeffersonian interviewing everyone and she had told Hodgins that he wasn’t a threat and that he was harmless. I also remember Hodgins insisting that he wasn’t.

    The fact that he believes that there are evil organizations trying to control the country if not the world makes him wary at best and suspicious at worse.

    Could he kill someone? I think he could kill someone if he thought he was killing evil and that evil was a threat to him or his family. The only reason he stopped chocking Pelant was because the guy smiled as he was passing out and Hodgins thought that Pelant wanted to die at Hodgins’ hands.

    Hodgins is a good man; but, he is also aware that evil exists and that it can destroy everything you stand for. In a way, he’s like Booth. If he had to kill someone to protect his family he would.

  2. IMO, Hodgins was as surprised as everyone else at his reaction to Pelant. I mean, we all say (and think) we could kill someone if push came to shove but let’s face it, Hodgins’ reaction up to now – even with his anger issues and that rubber band thing – has been against a “system” not against anyone in particular. It’s easier and far less personal to rage against a faceless giant Other than it is to actually, physically put your hands around someone’s throat and choke the life out of them.

    What got me about that scene, though, was how methodical he was when he described what Pelant was experiencing. That right there? Bad. Ass. It immediately (for me, anyway) took that maybe/sorta instinctive/shocking grab to a whole ‘nuther level. The man that explained in detail what was happening to Pelant’s brain as it struggled for oxygen was deadly serious.

    Is Hodgins dangerous? Before that scene, I would have said no.

    Now? Yes. And, Hell Yes.

    • When Hodgins grabbed Pelant around the throat and squeezed, my first reaction was I Jumped. Then sad to say, I smiled. That is probably not a good reaction when you see someone trying to kill someone.

  3. I agree with MJ. As Hodgins so clinically explained how Pelant was slowly dying, I was like, “Whoa.”


    And it kind of shocked me. Because Hodgins has been a “system” person like MJ said. Although, I was upset that he let Pelant go…but I think Hodgins had shocked himself too. And, he realized he didn’t want to give Pelant that satisfaction.

    Is Hodgins a threat? I’d say no, as far as society in general goes. He’s not going to go around doing terrorist activities. However, if you are after Hodgins or someone he loves, watch out. And even then, he’d only be a threat if he had no other way but to kill. Because he let Pelant go, he is not without the ability to reason. Therefore, I’d say he’s no threat to the 99.9% of the population.

  4. There are people who push our buttons– their presence causes us to act almost irrationally when we’re near them.

    While I think that was part of what was going on with Hodgins, I think he is very much aware of the various ways in which people can kill and be killed. He’s witnessed it. I don’t think it’s twisted his mind, but I do think it has informed it. They know– especially Hodgins, Brennan and Cam– the biological processes involved in dying. To hear him recite them, so clinically, makes it chilling. I’m glad he didn’t go through with it although I do agree with Max that Pelant needs to be killed.

    I don’t think Hodgins is a threat. I do think that if he were in danger and he could find a way to exit a dangerous situation, he would do so at the risk of killing the evil-doer. In his heart he is a good man who was in a tense situation and for Pelant to call him on it was the breaking point. He loves and respects Brennan; he was shut out by his wife; he knows just how bad Pelant is and just how frustrating it has been to try to best him. He cracked.

    But he held back and I think that’s as telling as the fact that he acted as he did.

    This is a side comment: If Pelant knew their psych profiles then isn’t he using that information to manipulate them? I think they have to get Sweets to help in speculating about Pelant’s next target on the team. He manipulated Booth into beating him, he manipulated the evidence to frame Brennan– he’s playing into their weaknesses and he’s not done with them. And if he’s got someone helping him, is his death wish meant to trigger something far worse than Pelant?

  5. I guess I’m not all that surprised by what Hodgins did, although the vehemence in his voice as he describes the aborted killing was pretty shocking. I’ve always seen Hodgins as a very passionate man, sentimental, romantic. He may be a aquint who can be rational and focused to the max, but he brings an almost childlike enthusiasm to almost anything he does. I think it goes both ways with him. Although Brennan was clearly traumatized by what the Gravedigger did, Hodgins seemed truly disturbed by it, both immediately after they dug him out of the car and later, during the GD’s trial. His hatred for Taffet was palpable then, and I could have seen him doing her in if she got off.

    Pelant is the worse kind of creep, because he likes to play with his victims and torment both them and the people they love for a long time before he does them in. His actions have already affected Hodgins’ relationship with Angela, creating a certain level of mistrust. He left that message in the bone for Hodgins beforem mentioning him by name-who’s to say that Hodgins or his family won’t be next on his list?

    I was sort of aggravated by Sweets’ response when Hodgins mentioned the incident, though. Ultimately, Hodgins didn’t kill Pelant and the focus should have been on that. Who at this point wouldn’t want to damage that jerk in some way? Less shrinking, please, or at least not so obvious; I wouldn’t have minded if it sounded less clinical. Oh, and lay your hands off Booth and Brennan’s potential trust issues while you’re at it; I don’t want overt psychological meddling with those two.

    • Amen. People say after this B&B will need to head back to Sweets’ couch and I only have to say “hell no!”. Sweets is too emotionally invested in their private lives as it is. He should no longer be considered a possible psychologist for them, only their friend.

      I have to say I wasn’t all that surprised about what Hodgins did. He would’ve killed Taffet if presented with a situation just like this one. Taffet was like Pelant, she liked to taunt her victims and he was all too happy about Broadsky blowing her head off.

      • Sweets’ shorthand way into everything with these people is to be direct and I almost agree that Hodgins’ actions seemed extreme for him, but Hodgins was in enough control to see Pelant’s reaction and realize what he was doing. I would be shocked it TPTB let ANY of the main characters kill without being in a life-or-death situation.

        As for Sweets being their shrink, I agree. He’s much too close to them.

  6. This is not really in reference of the above thread, but reading the reply’s I see that the Gravedigger is still coming up.
    I am still not satisfied with the ending of her story or it died with her. The abduction of Bones, Booth and Hodgins still baffle me. How could she have handled that? She was only 5.4” and Booth was brought down through a window? She must have had help.
    So maybe, the title “The Future in the Past” is in reference towards her. Yes she was killed off by the sniper, and that explanation satisfied me. So she is gone, but there must be somebody else. She even said it to Sweets, before she got shot. So maybe Pelant with or without Flynn have something to do with her. That would make sense. Because as of now, we don’t know why Bones and the others are targeted . And also remember Heather Taffet was apparently very, very smart and so is Pelant. He does not quite look like her, but he could still be somehow family or somebody else. But Flynn looks a little bit like her, at least through my eyes and I am a little suspicious about him. Just a Thought.

  7. Hmmm…do I think that Hodgins is a threat?

    Just like some others have pointed out, the Gravedigger case kind of revealed to me how intense his anger can be when someone messes with him or someone he loves, so I wasn’t entirely surprised that he attacked Pelant when he taunted him. What I didn’t expect was how long he held on and how technical he was about literally holding someone’s life in his hands, to the point that I’m not sure he would have let go had Pelant not shown his pleasure. I think that Hodgins is capable of killing, but he’s only a threat to those that he truly thinks are evil and intend harm on him or the people he loves.

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