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The Partners in the Divorce- Post Episode Discussion


Hidy ho, my people!

The comments are open, let’s discuss this episode.  I want to make something clear…you are welcome to discuss any and everything about this episode…just please no spoilers for FUTURE episodes. I think some people might think they have to keep this post spoiler free (from the episode being discussed), and that is not the case.




47 thoughts on “The Partners in the Divorce- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Things I loved:

    Booth: You know why I have good hair? I don’t let lawyers stress me out.
    Brennan: That’s true.

    Sweets: I like how you had this little talk with yourself.
    Booth: Thank you.

    Brennan went to Sweets to find out what was wrong with her and Booth!

    Hodgins being really adorable showing Angela how he stabbed the fruit.

    Things that hurt:

    Booth looking at Brennan looking at the bones.
    Booth drinking alone in his dark house.
    Brennan and Booth fighting and yelling.
    MCD tribute at the end.

    What an angsty but really good episode!

  2. Booth and Brennan both had a lot on their plate to deal with. Brennan was trying to live with Booth but at the same time live an independent life with little of his input and Booth was being frozen out of Brennan and Christine’s life while trying to be considerate. They both needed to fight it out. The fact that Brennan refused to fight it out with Booth stopped the discussion they needed to have. I liked that Brennan realized what she was doing and talked it out with Sweets. Booth and Brennan can build on that.

  3. Okay, things I immediately liked about this episode:

    -Booth losing more clothing as evidence. Ohh the good old days!
    -Booth acting like Brennan at the crime scene, even if he was doing it because he was angry.
    -Booth (and Sweets, but let’s be real, mostly Booth) at the gun range being angsty. There’s something I love about a man that knows his way around a hand gun!
    -“Say gently again, and I burn you.”
    -Ange being amazing in general, and saying that Brennan can call her in the middle of the night if she needs to talk.
    -KING OF THE LAB. And the entire mango-stabbing experience.
    -Brennan’s spidey-sense tingling
    -Brennan realizing that her happiness is now contingent upon Booth and Christine’s happiness, and realizing that that fact freaks her out.

    There is obviously more, but I decided against being too obnoxious.

    As far as Booth and Brennan being out of sorts, it reminded me quite a bit of when he would be mad at her for whatever reason in the past. And to be honest, it happened a lot. I think it hit a little harder only because there is now so much more to lose. But I didn’t feel like it was out of character. Feel free to disagree. I found it refreshing that he finally allowed himself to be mad and just have a legitimate argument without bottling his feelings for fear of hurting hers. I think she needed to hear it, and it seems that she appreciates the honesty more so than the faux politeness that they exhibited in the lab.

    • I, of course, meant to add that I really appreciated the tribute to MCD at the very end. ❤

    • I think we saw more evidence of Booth learning Brennan’s job while she was away.

      • Hodgins was just adorable in this episode! Much needed bit of cuteness to offset the angst.

      • I meant to say to you, Lenora, that Booth did say he read her books while she was gone! And he’s also not as dumb as he likes to give off!

      • bb I agree he is smarter than he likes to appear. He quoted from her book last week and this week he was instructing the squints.

        I think he was just trying to show Brennan that he could do his job and she should do hers. It was kind of rough telling him that he’d been out of the field for three months and might be rusty so to speak. She was kind of piling on even if she wasn’t aware of it.

      • Angela has told Brennan in the past that Booth lets her have being the smartest person in the room. Which made me think about the pancakes and her taking that from him. So in the field he took that from her by telling everyone what to do to get things ready.

  4. Wow! That was painful to watch. And yet so real…and dare I say necessary? Very well done, I think.

    And the MCD tribute at the end – very sad. 😦

  5. The way Booth stared at Brennan from the hall.
    That end scene is one of their best ever scenes. Ever. It was just PERFECT. Like them.
    She loves him so much that she went to Sweets.
    I am feeling better about B&B after such angst earlier in the episode! 🙂

  6. I loved the episode but man, that was a great line and a great moment when Brennan said her happiness was contingent on Booth and Christine – and they just skipped it. Why? I hope it comes back later because I think it’s huge for her.

    Great episode, though. I’m rewatching but loved it.

  7. Of all the Bones episodes I’ve seen, including the Hannah ones, this is the one that left me squirming in my seat the most. The scene in the car towards the end was scary-their anger was palpable. Big props to ED and DB throughout the whole thing; it couldn’t have been an easy episode to do.

    I’m glad they smoothed things some, but not all the way at the end. The effects of three stressful months away from someone you love shouldn’t be fixed in an hour or be used for laughs. I’m afraid there won’t be much squeeing in Bones World tonight, though.

  8. Wow, that was painful, yet beautiful. So basically Brennan has realized that her happiness is completely tied to Booth and Christine and is terrified. She however loves him and is willing to do irrational things to prove it. Booth really needed to talk to her, that fight was completely necessary. I LOVED Finn in this one. Lord bless him for having the guts to tell Brennan that what she and Booth were doing was not going to work that way.

    “I’ll fart when I kiss you” might be one of the least romantic lines ever, but it was so real. That’s how real couples behave. So, while bizarre, I loved that line, coupled with “don’t you dare”

  9. Booth looked really hot in that end scene!

  10. “You’re a wild woman”
    “ I love you. I’m willing to do irrational things to prove it”

  11. Booth is so afraid that he’s his father that it really takes a lot to make him angry with Brennan. In this case he needed to vent and so did she.

    I will say that it was cute how happy Hodgins was at the crime scene. He just lived being back in the field with B&B (well until the tiff)

  12. Good point Lenora. When he was drinking all alone in his dark house, it reminded me of the scene at the bar in Daredevil. He was mad, upset & drinking all alone. He needed to tell Brennan that he was angry even though he tried not to let it bother him.

  13. I loved it. I LOVED how Temperance Brennan was the Temperance Brennan we know and loved/love: strong, independent, smart, beautiful, and, yes, vulnerable. She let her guard down a little and went to Sweets because her love/family with Booth means SO much to her. She has grown. She is NOT impervious. And Booth? Booth was angry but he love Brennan for who she is. He knows the truth of Brennan, and he is dazzled by it. Booth NEEDS to be needed. Booth KNOWS Brennan can take care of herself. He WAS angry, but he talked it out and didn’t shut her out. They talked. They TALKED! That is HUGE. Very adult. They have SO much and they ARE so much more than just any other couple.

    That last scene….. Booth and Brennan have a groovy kind of love. Yes, I just quoted an 80s Phil Collins song and I don’t care.

    • Actually, that is not an 80’s Phil Collins song. It’s a song from the 60’s, but at the moment I can’t remember who sang it. Wait! Gotta love the iTunes. It was sung by the Mindbenders. It’s got a different feel than the Phil Collins version.

      Oh yeah, I’m that old.

      • Didn’t ‘Freddie and the Dreamers’ also do that song in the 60’s? I’m not sure who did it first. This is fun:)

        Oh yeah, I’m that old too:)

  14. Watched the end scene again… Sweet, HOT and everything!!!

  15. Reblogged from tvjunky73
    I loved how in the last scene they were slowly moving closer to one another and you just knew they were going to embrace so passionetly and lovingly. They were like magnets. 🙂

  16. I agree with the fact that this episode was painful to watch, not because they were fighting, that’s not it, it was the reason, the anger behind their statements what I think made us nervous. But I really think that this was a necessary evil. There is no possibility that a couple who has been through what they have gone,would not react in an adverse way to a long separation, especially Booth and Brennan. We have to understand Booth’s position because he had to be feeling like when his son, Parke,r was born. The time they had together was limited because of his job in the army. Booth is trying start over again by trying to be every minute he can with Bren and Christine; but failed and that left him feeling helpless, unable to do what it takes to keep his family together and that had to be killing him from the inside. There is no family that has not been through the kind of fight they had, which means that after all the anguish oin tonight’s episode, at the end we can see that the are a couple just like any other, with their very own insecurities and problems. On the other hand: I think this issua about marriage is definetly NOT the last time we are going hear it. Believe me, we have more from where this came, just sit and relax and await for its comming, I’m pretty sure. Now since leaving behind relationship problems between Booth and Bren, I have to say what I was fascinated with Finn, he really had the guts to tell his boss, mentor and professor, what he thought the problem between she and her partner. It takes a lot of courage to tell Dr. B the truth in the face. Bravo for Finn, one of my two favorite squinterns (The other one being Wendell)!

    Funny mommets:
    Did anyone notice Cam and Hodgins’ face in the crime when Bren and Booth started fighting? Super funny, it seemed that Cam’s eyes were going to come out of their socket. And Angela, Oh dear Angie, always trying to help Brennan. She’s such a good friend, I think we all wish we had one like her in out lives

  17. I also have to give a shout-out to the way Booth was looking at Brennan in the Bone Room…Gah. What woman doesn’t want a man to look at her like that? Right? Right! It was also SO GOOD to see Booth back in the Bone Room.

    • Yes, yes, and yes! Every woman wants a man to look at her that way. As much as I loved the end scene, I think that the scene in the bone room was my favorite of the night. Swoon worthy for sure! 🙂

  18. Unlike most I don’t think that Booth is angry at Brennan. He is angry about what happen. My thinking is if he had been angry at Brennan he would have gone to the bar to drink. He went home to wait for her.
    I also liked:

    – Angry FBI
    – I will shoot you.
    – Brennan handling the bones and Booth watching her.
    – The way his expression changed
    – Angela
    – Sweets getting it and as always doing what Booth said.
    – Booth not going to a bar to drink.
    – I even liked Cam
    – I loved Hodgin’s “I’ve missed this”

    I also liked that Booth showed he was “more” then he was before too. He knew the drill and it made me think about last week when he explained he had been reading her books because he missed her so much. Booth is not stupid. It has been said many times that he “lets” Brennan be the smartest person in the room. I thought Cam was responding to Booth not holding back on how much he knew since she is one person that knows “smart” Booth.

  19. Booth couldn’t go to a bar (not that he wanted to), he was taking care of Christine at home. We see the baby monitor next to the bottle. Brennan wasn’t home, so he was on daddy duty.

    • I see your point he could have got someone to watch Christine. Booth is all about time with his family. It is all about drinks and dinner at home. People come to the Mighty Hut for drinks not the Founding Father’s. This is something I have notices since they became a couple. It is part of them as a couple. The whole coming home.

  20. This is a good article from Entertainment Weekly regarding The Partners episode. “Do David Boreanaz’s facial expressions ever make you cry?” Well….duh!!

    • Not to take anything away from David, but I wish people would give Emily the recognition she deserves too. Playing Brennan is not an easy task. Last night they were BOTH amazing. I guess given that the majority of the viewers active online seem to be female, they tend to gravitate more toward the male lead.

    • I don’t cry easily but DB has made tears come to my eyes more than a few times. He just has the knack. Some actors can do that but most can’t.

  21. wow – can I just say that I feel like B&B have gown up?

    That was amazing. Watching them yell at each other, the tension was so srious. Have we ever seen anything like that before? I truley appreciated the 6 seasons that it took for them to get together, because if I had seen that fight earlier on, I would’ve thought they were doomed.

    Kudos to ED & DB for amazing performances. And Bones? You really do keep getting better. This dynamic is even better than the will they/won’t they one.

  22. I love B&B even more after this episode. And their kiss at the end was THE most romantic kiss & ending they have ever had. If they had to have this fight, the make up scene was worth it!! That kiss was better than the reunion kiss in Future.

    • Totally agree. I didn’t thik it was possible to think more highly of them, but I do.
      And that final kiss was gorgeous. They are definitely getting better at making their kisses look real.

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