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Morning After Q: Did Booth and Brennan “Need” to have that Fight?


Hello and Happy Tuesday to you!

Do you think B&B needed to have that fight? If so, why? If not, why not?  What was revealed that may have never otherwise been revealed? What things can they never take back?



64 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Did Booth and Brennan “Need” to have that Fight?

  1. The certainly needed to have a good long talk. Barring that, they needed something to bring to head some of the issues with the 3-month separation. Brennan reverts to her very independent mode rather than her interdependent mode with Booth and that has got to cause fireworks between them. Booth, who for 3 months has had to wonder what happened to the two of them and whether he would see them again, has got to harbor some residual anger.

    Would Booth have told her he was angry otherwise? Would Brennan have indicated how frightened she is of being dependent on Booth?

    I’m not one of the fans who believes they have to get married. I do think they have to have to have give and take. The informal rituals in their lives are just as important as the more formal ones. I do think we got a small glimpse at Brennan who fears marriage because she would be dependent on someone else. She’s been burned by that dependency before and it scares her. Angela nailed Brennan on how the three months would change a person and while it wasn’t a part of the fight, it does point out that Booth and Brennan have to grow back together and face the consequences of what happened. We have Angela’s solution (which seems to be Booth’s as well save for the telling Angela about it) to remain in bed, but the bigger solution is for them to rebuild the rhythm that was stolen from them.

    I hope this isn’t the last foray into looking at the aftermath of what they went through. While it was hard to watch how awkward they were with each other, it was clear that neither one of them was willing to give up on the other.

  2. To answer this, I just need to pick up what we said last night. One scene that grabbed me was when we come upon Booth, drinking in the dark, alone at home. It just looked so sad! Then Karen posted in response to me:

    “When he was drinking all alone in his dark house, it reminded me of the scene at the bar in Daredevil. He was mad, upset & drinking all alone. He needed to tell Brennan that he was angry even though he tried not to let it bother him.”

    I hadn’t thought about it paralleling Daredevil, but I see the connection. He had that anger still bottled up and at that point they couldn’t get together. By the same token, Brennan likes to keep things to herself until she can unemotionally discuss something. That’s no good either!

    Sorry, B&B, no more keeping it all inside! Your lives are entwined now; gotta share everything! It was painful, but absolutely necessary.

  3. I think it’s very interesting that we’re all assuming that when Booth told Sweets “sex is the solution,” he was referring to himself. Personally, I think Brennan is just as capable of using sex to deflect uncomfortable conversations.

    To this question – I think they did need to have this argument. Brennan is so controlled, so self-contained, that it takes something big to force her out of that mode. I don’t think they needed to fight for hours but I think a good fight (like the one in the car) can be the spark that sets something else off – as it did with Brennan going to Sweets.

    I’ll have to rewatch but I don’t remember them saying anything all that hurtful during the argument in the car. Maybe the “free agent” dig but I don’t know if I count that because it’s true. Nothing is holding them together except how they feel about each other. I’m sort of glad they reminded each other of that.

    I hope this isn’t the last we hear of this subject. I don’t expect them to suddenly start over-sharing – that’s not who they are as individuals – but I hope we do see them work on communicating a bit more.

  4. I believe the fight was absolutely necessary. On the other hand, the fight really didn’t play all the way through because Brennan refused to talk to Booth when he was angry. He ended up apologizing and then drinking alone in the darkness of their house. That actually symbolized Booth’s problem if you think about it.

    They both have serious communication problems and we need to see them work on that. Did anyone else see the look on Booth’s face when Brennan gleefully said that it was a good thing they weren’t married and then he said she wasn’t a very reassuring person. I think that boiled the whole thing down into a nutshell.

  5. Yes, I think it was absolutely 100% necessary – and mostly awesome in a really awkward, painful sort of way. Although if they were going to pick at a certain scab, I’d just as soon have seen it ripped off completely (just be clear, I’m not referring to Hannah here).

    The carousel disagreement spoke pretty clearly to Booth’s angish over the time he lost with Brennan and Christine and that was nicely resolved. But Booth should not have blown off what Brennan told him Sweets told her because that IS the bigger issue (Booth’s desire to be needed vs. Brennan’s need for independence) and I really, really wish Booth would have acknowledged it. You could tell that was the real issue the entire time (the pancakes, Brennan being a fry cook, her taking over his job at the crime scene, the marriage/free agent jabs). Brennan realized it too by the end of the episode (that is why she went to talk to Sweets after all), but Booth deflected the issue. Again.

    Now what WAS said leads me to believe that they’ll be able to deal with the issue in time, but it still would have been nice to see them lay it all out there in the open and just admit that it is an issue bettween them.

    And one of these days, I would love to see someone point out to Brennan that while 50ish% of marriages do end in divorce, that means 50ish% of them don’t. Perhaps she could do an anthropological study of the marriages that DIDN’T fail instead of focusing so much on the fact that many of them do.

    • I’ve heard that that 50% of marriages end in divorce statistic supposedly is incorrect.

      Supposedly, whoever-it-was compared the number of new marriage licence applications taken out that year with the number of divorces granted that year, and it was a 2-to-1 ratio… i.e., the number of divorces granted in that year was about half the number of marriage applications taken out that year.

      But supposedly no one tried to figure out how many marriages were already in existence at the beginning of that year and which were still on-going at the end of that year.

      So, no one knows what the actual ratio was of divorces granted that year compared to the number of on-going enduring marriages within that same year.

      I suspect that we’re a more stable and reliable society than we give ourselves credit for.

  6. There was an awkwardness between the two of them that they needed to get through.
    Booth can’t just forget the three months the family was split – three months wtihout Bones and Christine. He has to feel guilty about not being able to find them and reunite the family on his own. Bones, for her part, got used to living on her own, with Christine. It’s not easy for her to just slip back into the give and take of a relationship and a family.
    – Bones and Booth end with a good kiss and step in the right direction. Their relationship and their family will be ok.

  7. Brennan didn’t actually have a problem with walking away from the fight, because in her mind fighting something out is irrational and unproductive. Generally, that would be a correct assumption because when people are screaming at each other things are not always said or heard in the best way. However, I couldn’t see them having that meaningful conversation at the end without at least having aired their problems out to begin with. Interesting though that Brennan thought the “make-up” moment in the bone room had taken care of their problem. It wasn’t until Finn pointed out that in his experience politenesss after a fight was a bad sign that she came to consider that things were definitely not all right; it was only then that she sought Sweets out. One wonders what would have happened but for Finn’s comment. More ‘politeness’ and even more distancing, I guess.

    And yup, the drinking alone scene reminded me so much of Daredevil that my mind just went right back to that incident in Founding Fathers. God only knows what Booth was thinking-that Brennan had outgrown him, that he was being pushed aside, which of course, he sort of was, what with the pancakes, the carousel comment and her wanting to take Christine all by herself to the museum. It must have brought back terrible memories of how she severed their partnership after the Gravedigger’s trial; he knows she could walk away at any time if she wanted to, and that’s why he found the “thank God we’re not married” comment so disturbing. You could also feel Brennan’s resentment at suddenly having to fall back into that interdependency mode, when she got a taste of what an unencumbered life was like again. The lightbulb came on a little for Brennan when the ‘reconciled’ couple were talking about how a baby makes you realize that you need to stand together for the best interests of the child, but not enough. After all, she and Chrisitne plugged along okay on their own (not really though, since Max was also there) without Booth and his hovering. She has to eventually come to the conclusion that she may not ‘need’ Booth, but that she still wants to be with him permanently, even when that kind of life requires certain major sacrifices to her autonomy. Encouraging baby steps in that direction at the end.

    Was, as usual, annoyed with the way Sweets went about talking to Booth in the beginning, like Booth’s just another patient on a couch. I like Angela’s tactics much better-her concern really seems to come from the heart and even though it may be just as judgmental about the situation as Sweets’, it somehow doesn’t feel that way. Didn’t mind that Sweets helped Brennan off-camera, but was really happy that Booth said that Sweets can’t possibly know everything about them, and that he feels certain that they will be okay. What between Sweets’ brilliant character assessments, his amazing interviewing techniques, and now the perfect gun skills, it’s getting to be too much for me. All the things that were kind of unique to Booth are now being heaped on Sweets, and it’s starting to bug me. Next thing, he’ll be winning a marksmanship award of some kind. Sorry; good to get that off my chest, though.

    Over all, a hard epsode to watch, but I was really heartened by the fact that the writers didn’t just sweep all the conflict that by all rights should be happening under the carpet, like they’ve done many times before. And on a horribly superficial note, how good did Booth and his massive arms look in that t-shirt? So sue me…I don’t mind eye-candy (and this one was a whole Halloween bucketful of it) with my angst.

    • Appreciated your comments regarding Sweets. He’s been bothering me for a long time now. He’s too close to Brennan and Booth professionally and personally without it working out. He has a lot of maturing to do in my opinion. He changes his mind on things too easily and too often. His standing at the FBI and in the show just isn’t believable to me anymore. At least that’s how it is for me these days.

      • Yeah, Sweets seems to be a ‘Gary Stu’… a male ‘Mary Sue’. Wikipedia has an explanation of the term ‘Mary Sue’ and its origin in Star Trek fandom back in the ’70s, so I won’t take up more of anyone’s time than just to say that Sweets seems to be such a character.

      • That helps. Thanks:)

  8. Booth and Brennan did need to have that fight and they should have more fights! Not mean spirited but let your emotions come out “I am here and this is real” type of fight. They also need a few tears. I loved that Booth said that “maybe Christine didn’t like it because her Dad wasn’t there?” It took me back to Booth putting Parker back on the merry-go-round after he scared him behind Epps.

    Booth and Bones are happy to be together. They bicker too and always one of them , most of the time Booth, comes back with a “wait” you wouldn’t have coffee with me? Then Brennan explains and Booth takes it in and together they work it out. I didn’t hear anything that they can never take back during the fight. It was a clean back and forth but it did have a whole lot hidden in the both of them

    I agree that Brennan has old wounds but at the same times “likes” that Booth is her family that she could come home to. I got the feeling that it was more about how much both of his girls had change and he wasn’t there to change with them. He was holding on to the “last time” and they both moved on. He could never get it all back. I think he is angrier at Pelant because he made it so his girls had to run.

    Brennan doesn’t get this because in life this is the first time she “came home” to someone. She doesn’t get why Booth would be upset about her cooking pancakes. Most people get it. In my family my brothers does cookies, my sister the pies and I do the cakes. While we could bake any of them if we know that we will all be there no one does what the other does. Since Brennan never had that she didn’t get it. But she is smart and knew that something wasn’t right because she knows that Booth likes her cooking. Also, it was a sign to Booth that she was still “on the run” and had not shifted to “I am home and safe”. But to let him “have” the joy of trying to “fix” the whole Christine doesn’t like something leads me to believe that she is starting to let go of her “on the run” thinking

    She didn’t get it when Angela told her to call when she woke up screaming in the night. But she knew that there was something she wasn’t getting. So Brennan going to see Sweets after Finn questioned her about the fight was telling. For once going to see Sweets help. I am sure it was because Sweets got it right off that cooking breakfast was Booth’s thing and that Booth has been waiting for three months to cook breakfast for his girls. Just like always. But there is now a new always for them.

    The hope came in when Booth was watching her handling the bones and do something the same way she had done it before gave him something. The way his expression changed showed that he knew that” his Bones “ was still in there and that some things had not changed at all. So maybe he did go home and sit at the table and have a drink. The key for me was that he went home and not to a bar.

    • I liked how you pointed out Brennan’s shifts– she thinks she goes from “being on the run” to “being home” but she’s still fending for herself and boxing out Booth.

      Brennan was the single mom that Angela talked about and she had to do everything. To her mind, if the baby didn’t like something, move onto the next thing. (A museum for a pre-one-year-old seems odd to me, but I don’t have children.) I thought the images of Christine and Booth at the motel were interesting since they seemed to pick ones in which the baby was tracking Brennan.

      And your last point is important– he went home. He waited for her. He might have been screwing up his courage to confront their problems by drinking, but he was there.

      • Maybe it was because Brennan had just had an important offscreen scene with Sweets, but I keep thinking about the offscreen scene in the evening with Booth and Christine. I found it reassuring that while Brennan was working late and doing something important for herself and them by going to Sweets, that Booth was picking Christine up from daycare, feeding her, playing with her, singing her to sleep. Right? Michele

      • Remember what I said about getting ideas for fanfic?

      • Ah HAH! You should DO it! Maybe I’ll do it! I keep being surprised that I have done it at all so I’m not sure I could do it. You do it! (I love the idea of his taking care of Christine on his own. I have thought of it often. I don’t know why it hits me so hard.)

      • Do it! 🙂 I hereby challenge you!

        Oh, yea, baby. The glove is on the ground. Dooooo it.

      • Oh dear. *Runs away rubbing metaphoric hands together and cackling gleefully*

      • I find it interesting that he didn’t know where she was. He goes home, relieves Max, looks after Christine and waits….not knowing where she was. Feels a bit sharehousey to me… I mean, wouldn’t she have told him that she would be late? Or is that just more of the free agent thing?

      • Max is not taking care of Christine anymore apparently, Brennan was preparing her for daycare in their first scene together. They were still not ok, so it’s not surprising that he didn’t call her to ask where she was and she didn’t call him to tell him where she was.

  9. Lenora- ” Did anyone else see the look on Booth’s face when Brennan gleefully said that it was a good thing they weren’t married and then he said she wasn’t a very reassuring person. I think that boiled the whole thing down into a nutshell.”
    I have a gif for that scene-….and Booth is a bit insecure…

    • thanks again. Just love the captured moments. Looked at some of the other stuff there and all I can say is Wow.

      • I don’t know if Brennan was as gleeful as she was just trying to make a joke. Like 99% of her jokes, this one is just not funny especially to Booth. (But at this point marriage isn’t going to save them from having the difficult conversation.)

      • Amanda, that’s kind of what I thought too. That Brennan was joking. I think Booth took it as such too, because he didn’t get super angry or sad, he kind of made a sarcastic joke in return by saying she wasn’t a reassuring person.

      • One of my problems is I can’t always tell when Brennan is joking. Her sense of humor can be very dry and that means Booth probably can’t always tell either. I took her to be serious but I might have misunderstood her and she really was joking.

        Still. The scene seemed to capture their problem. He wants reassurance that they can work out their problem and he is part of her and Christine’s life and he wasn’t seeing it.

  10. Two of my favorite humor moments of the show.

    Booth: You know why I have good hair? I don’t let lawyers stress me out.
    Brennan: That’s true.

    Sweets: I like how you had this little talk with yourself.
    Booth: Thank you.

  11. I am really enjoying this conversation! Absolutely, the fight had to happen. I liked that the episode started with Hodgins’ comments on everyone being back together and isn’t-this-great set up the frame that continued throughout…that they are a family of sorts and everyone contributes where they can. In this case, Booth and Brennan were focused on each other, but the writers really had everyone helping throughout, and incidentally providing depth to their own characters and some great opportunities for awesome acting…Cam taking one on the chin from Brennan (“prep the body for transport”), Finn’s words of wisdom from his family (“all hell’s about to break loose”), Angela several times over (my favorite being “wake screaming in the night”), Sweets, Hodgins obviously. I liked the emphasis on the relationship and the de-emphasis on the crime but that didn’t mean that the rest of the team had no role.

    I think they need to fight more, that maybe the end scene could have had a little more fight in it, but then again, they were tired, it was late, they had been through a day that had lasted a thousand years. Their join assertions, each in his or her own way, that they want to be together, were enough to go on with, for me too. The intimacy of the final bit with them holding and kissing and talking so close to each other was striking and believable and again, referred to important events off scene… namely time spent living together before the events of the summer.

    My offering for funny moment was Booth organizing the techs to get the body back. Brennan, however much I understand it, was really pushy and obnoxiously bossy (again, it’s part of her deal and I get it but she *was*) and I thought his response, while it could fall into the category of temper tantrum was pretty well matched to the crime. And hilarious!

    Finally, since there was a double rainbow (full sweeping arc, end to end) right outside my front door about an hour before the episode began, I feel that the universe/gods/fate/chance is not doing her job. Booth should have been naked for last nights ep. Just saying…

    • Speaking of the crime scene, I had a “oh, no she di’unt!” moment when Brennan made that crack about Booth not having been in the field for several months. Ouch.

      • I audibly gasped. That was low. Part of what’s great about them is that they can’t steamroll each other. Booth is wicked smart, and obviously smart when it comes to people. He’s used to getting his way, making people around him do what he wants whether they know it or not. Brennan gets her way a different way, and saying things that are true that other people just wouldn’t say is one of them. Oh yeah, she did…

      • MJ I cringed when she said that. We know she says what she thinks; but, still wow.

      • Me, too. And then I immediately forgave her when she went all “I’m the boss” on Cam, who then just followed orders. 😀

      • The ironic thing about her comment to Booth was that she hadn’t been “out in the field” for that length of time, either. Yeah, she unearthed a body and investigated the death of the counselor, but one body in three months? She’s a bit rusty, too.

      • You know I really thought she cut him off and went through the explanation of the crime scene because she was still kind of smarting to (from her point of view) being rebuffed about making breakfast as though she weren’t good enough at it to be able to prepare breakfast for them.

        I mean I get where Booth was coming from there (I’ve gotten a bit possessive of the dishes I prepare for family gatherings), but the vibe that I got from Brennan was that she read it as Booth saying she wasn’t good enough. She then went into her usual mode of proving just how good she actually is at basically everything.

        But yes the you haven’t been in the field for months was way harsh! Most people seem to do that kind of thing when they feel like they’ve been slapped down. And I think in this episode they were both feeling like that pretty much all at the same time and over the same things throughout most of the episode.

        Oh and on the carousel I wonder how people would react if it were reversed. If Booth has brought Christine to say the children’s museum; then Brennan says she wants to bring her there, and he said oh I brought her there and she was not happy, she doesn’t like it. How would most people respond if Brennan did the same thing Booth did here. Well that’s because I wasn’t there.

        It’s just something I’ve been wondering about. Brennan had a very typical response to my thinking of asking him if he thought she wasn’t a good parent. She did take it as criticism of her parenting skills. Which I think is a bit of a role reversal for them.

      • Ooh, I like what you said about role reversals. I think there is a lot of that this season with the result, not that they are flipping their personalities but that it is evening characteristics out that played out to the extreme last season. I really like that in both eps so far there have been a number of ways that they acted more like each other, or even in new ways.

      • Frankie I didn’t think Booth thought Brennan wasn’t good enough to cook breakfast. He knows she can cook after all she does make her famous mac and cheese. He just wants things to be the way they were before Brennan took off. He used to make breakfast and he probably thinks if he still does that then nothing has really changed between them. He’s worried about the three months that they were apart and I think he’s afraid that Brennan may have decided that she doesn’t want him in her life as much as she did before the three month absense. I didn’t see Booth slapping her down. He was cheerful and then quiet. He was trying to figure out what was going on.

        As for the carousel thing, all I was hearing was Brennan making plans for her and Christine and nothing that involved Booth as the father and her partner and Booth trying to make sure he was being included. If she wanted to go to the museum she could have said I thought we’d go to the museum.

      • Leonora I’m not talking about what Booth knows or feels or meant. I’m talking about what Brennan was hearing. She asked him in plain language if he thought she wasn’t a good parent, when he made the comment about Christine liking the Carousel if he’d been there.

        Brennan is reacting to her perception of what she thought Booth was saying and meaning throughout the episode as was Booth’s. They were both reacting to their own fears and worries. They weren’t actually talking about any of it so things were escalating and just kept getting worse

      • Ok, I see what you’re saying.

    • On the “free agent” thing again, tying it to previous comments that assert (and I agree) that part of the strength of the episode/season so far is that relationships are working the way relationships work in real life, to some degree, I would say this: I don’t know about you, but the days of “you said something unforgivable, period.” are long gone. If you want to have a relationship, in my experience, nothing is off the table. You have to be able to move on from things that, in earlier days of high drama and high dudgeon and high horses, would have been the end of everything. They writers/dreamers at Bones “could” hinge everything in an upcoming episode on one thing that one of them said, but it doesn’t feel like they will.

      • I think that Christine figures big in their relationship and while much of the fight was triggered by parenting comments, I think the fact that the writers didn’t hang it all on the baby makes this about them. The baby’s important, but she is not the reason they are together. It shows that they aren’t just together because they just so happened to make a child together, it is because they are both wanting to be with the other.

        Despite what Brennan said to Booth and what she did, in the premiere she had actively “fought” to get back home. Going to Sweets allowed her to continue the fight. None of this was easy. Angela’s comment about her “screaming in the middle of the night” makes sense for all that she went through on the road. I know that we rarely see either of them just crumble, but I hope we see more of how the separation and the uncertainty surrounding Mr. Pelant affected them.

  12. I think they needed this fight. I think there have been other times when they needed to confront issues and didn’t and caused themselves even more pain by not doing so. Glad they did this.

    • The more I think about it, I think I like this episode a lot because it made me uncomfortable. I mean, I was squirming and wanting to shut my eyes and ears when they were yelling, or when there was that awful tension at the crime scene. Or even when they were super awkward by themselves (ie the kitchen and the bone room). It was so terribly uncomfortable because it was so REAL. This is what real couples are like. Sometimes someone does something dumb. Sometimes its an unforeseen circumstance that just hits you. It’s not always sunshine and roses. There are those times when you are just blissfully happy, and sometimes you feel like Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, “I love you, but I don’t have to like you right now.”

      And I think Bones has addressed this wonderfully well thus far. And part of the reason I want to see a marriage between them, is that it would be a public statement to the world (and each other) that they are in this for the long haul no matter what. (Instead of hollering “I’m a free agent!”) Brennan likes evidence, and they both I think are craving security, and while obviously not full proof, it offers a bit more tangible evidence of commitment.

      *Also I keep thinking of Booth ordering the techs around at the crime scene, it was awesome. He’s like “Did I forget anything? No!” haha

      • Both of them in their own ways were trying to maintain some kind of normalcy, but the situation was anything but normal, even for them. Brennan does what she does, puts her head down and works, thinking maybe that she’s not quite reading things right, or the emotions, being ephemeral, will fade away. Booth does his “faith and hope” that things will eventually work out. If the problems didn’t come to a head, then how would either of them know that they wanted this to work out?

        I liked that it wasn’t one of those “happily ever after” kinds of endings either. Brennan’s comment about not wanting to be polite struck home. Polite means you don’t care.

      • The polite comment was one that I took in but didn’t really think about until later when it kept knocking on my brain. I really like that Brennan was the one who said it, who meant it. I think that this really big especially on the heels of the “I’m not engaging” almost fight from before.

  13. I loved this episode precisely because it hurt, and they let it hurt. I think that if an episode like this had aired over the past few seasons, it might have been played with a heavier emphasis on the quirk (quirky music and whatnot). What struck me about this one was how silent it was. Silent and painful and real. And the show, the writers, the actors–nobody pretended that this was easy or cute. It was hard. Which I think reinforced that it needed to happen. This wasn’t just two people bickering and squabbling adorably as B&B always do. This was the two of them coming to grips with something very real that came between them. Their reluctance to deal with it only proved how much they needed to deal with it. And I liked the acknowledgement that sex wasn’t the problem but also wasn’t going to cut it as the only solution. I don’t know exactly how much talking they need to do–these two say more with their actions and faces than they do with words, and Brennan’s eventual carousel compromise (and willingness to go see Sweets) did more to smooth things over than anything she or he said. And on a similar note, Booth’s face while watching Brennan work said EVERYTHING to me. So maybe talking won’t necessarily be the primary part of the solution, but it had to happen as a starting point, and so do their compromises.

    They each made mistakes last night, closed off when they shouldn’t have, lobbed insults when they shouldn’t have, and generally made my heart hurt time and time again, but I was just so happy that the show LET IT BE SO RAW and didn’t gloss over anything. And they physically can’t stay away from each other or let each other fall. I know they’ll be fine eventually.

    They do need to keep talking about Brennan’s independence issues, though. I thought that was something she dealt with early last season, but apparently it wasn’t. Which is fine–she’s got deep abandonment issues that aren’t going away easily, and what matters most is that she loves Booth. That’s what always keeps her coming back for more. But I still want to know more about what happened during those three months that made her so afraid to depend on him again. She clearly spent that time missing Booth (the first scene of the premiere last week, when she showed pictures to Christine, spoke to that), and it’s not the first time she’s dreamed of him while they’re apart (Maluku Islands anyone?). So should she really be so shocked that she missed him while they were apart or that she relies on him now? I almost wonder if that’s even the real issue. Maybe it’s got more to do with the fact that she’s back in a routine now, where the same person in the house has to cook breakfast every day. Where they have a domestic life that she loves so much, and she’s scared it’ll be taken from her again. I think she’s scared of getting attached to a routine.

    They need to talk about that, though, because I don’t like seeing Booth drink alone.

    One thing that does intrigue me is that Brennan kept insisting to Angela that everything was fine, and they never talked about it. I thought maybe later in the episode, she would go have a heart-to-heart with Ange (and I would have preferred that to a meeting with Sweets, even though I have no problem with the fact that they include baby duck in their lives and let him do his shrinky mojo thing. I don’t even think I have a problem with the fact that Sweets keeps following in Booth’s footsteps. Booth isn’t big on mentoring, so it’s cute to see him progress in that area). I know Brennan was in “everything’s fine” mode, but she KNEW everything wasn’t fine. They’d already had too many awkward kisses by that point. And Angela was so supportive and ready to listen–I’m just surprised that Brennan never caved. Could it be a “what goes on between us should just be ours” thing? Or was she really still just at a point where she couldn’t verbalize their problems, for fear that speaking them would make them real?

    • Being a single parent and making all the decisions day-to-day might have made her “regress” somewhat, but the key is that she saw that she couldn’t shut Booth out. They each have their roles at home and at the crime scene, but they were out of sync.

    • I think you raise some really interesting questions, especially about Brennan and Angela. I don’t have an answer. Hmmmm.

      • I think that it was Sweets rather than Angela made this a bigger step for Brennan. While Sweets can sometimes be super pushy or shred boundaries, I think the fact that he didn’t step in until Brennan went to him was important for him as well as for her. Brennan hates psychology and usually bickers with Sweets or openly shows disdain for him. For her to reach out to Sweets is one of those milestones for her. She knew it was very important to get this right because all along she wasn’t getting anything right.

      • That’s a good point–she goes to Angela sometimes on things like this, but she’s never gone to Sweets, so that means something. She knows this is big, and not in a Hallelujah, We Slept Together, Let’s Go Tell My Best Friend kind of way. This isn’t gossip. It’s serious to her.

      • This.

        I’m still a little bothered that Brennan’s line about “rebelling because my happiness is dependent on you and Christine” (or something like that) was sort of skipped over. Booth went immediately to “we’re more than psychology” and assuring her that *he* would make sure they weren’t polite anymore.

        Going to Sweets was HUGE for Brennan. Actually LISTENING to Sweets? Way huger (yes, that’s a real word).

        I hope Show goes back to that comment later. I think it deserves more attention.

      • MJ, I know what you mean–it definitely is at the heart of things and needs to be revisited–but I also know it was the end of the hour and it’s just so huge. For the two of them to deal with THAT, it would’ve had to come out much earlier in the episode (life doesn’t divide itself into episodes, but TV shows do, so I’ll roll with it). The point of ending the episode there, I think, is that we’ve made progress, but we still have work to do. The two of them know part of what their problem is. The implication is that they’ll be working to solve it in future episodes, so I don’t look at it as being skipped over so much as ending on a semi-cliffhanger. A gulch-hanger, as Hart would say. It’s resolved enough that we can get some sleep at night, but open enough that it’ll come up again. I’m glad not everything is perfect after just one episode, because I think what they’re dealing with is too big for that, and a one-episode resolution would’ve felt too forced. Plus, this way it’ll be even sweeter when they finally do reach a more permanent understanding.

      • We saw the typical pregnancy conflicts last season with the Bones spin. This conflict feels more like the kind that demands that they work at trying to resolve both Booth’s anger and Brennan’s “rebellion” as well as try to avoid crazed serial killers and the like. I’m interested to see if this becomes an arc throughout the season.

        I was struck that they were very much aware of the other in the lab. Brennan turns and notices him immediately.

      • Watching the end again last night, I was struck by the immediacy of Booth’s reaction to her when she comes home. He’s sort of instantly wary when she says she went to see Sweets but then when she says “there’s something wrong with me” just like *that* he forgets (or puts aside) whatever it was he was moping over and focuses on her, on reassuring her that there’s nothing wrong with her.

        Everyone has said it before but Booth needs to be needed and as much as I believe he really does love Brennan, I think that particular side of him is drawn to her because – despite the facade she shows to the rest of the world – she’s damaged and vulnerable and needs that reassurance from him. Only from him, I think. I’m not sure she’d accept it from anyone else.

  14. I agree with the ideas said above about how raw and uncomfortable this episode was – and how that made it real. It wasn’t quirky, it didn’t focus on the ‘Brennan hurt Booth, oops she’s awkward’ idea which early season 7 did.

    It hit home for me when she described to Angela that she and Booth had gone back to living together and caring for Christine. And the ‘free agent’ comment. They could just be friends with benefits which some people alluded to last season as they tried to understand just what this new relationship really was.
    But then seeing Booth’s face when he looked at her in Bones storage, and then Brennan’s ‘my happiness is contingent on you and Christine’, it seems that these two will find their way back. They really are like two magnets.

    Oh, and they are getting much better at the kissing too…

    • Yesterday, I was staring at a close up of Booth looking at Brennan in the bone room (haha that sounds like a game of Clue!) and the poster was commenting on the little hint of smile on DB’s face, but what captured me is the look in his eyes. It reminded me of watching Tyra Banks teach “smizing” aka “smiling with your eyes”. If you haven’t watched her do it, its amazing. She stares at you, blank face, and then she just puts life in her eyes, without moving any feature on her face. It’s quite remarkable. That’s what I thought of looking at DB’s face. He is almost completely motionless, yet, his eyes get all warm and sparkly, because he’s looking at his love. And I am in no way putting down ED’s work in this episode either, but that scene just grabbed me, and I have to give DB props for that. (i.e. this close up:

  15. I liked this episode – I liked that they didn’t gloss over things and it felt like an actual real fight, that a real couple might have.

    Couple of thoughts:

    I felt they introduced some insecurities in Booth this episode that we haven’t seen before – especially with Brennan’s cracks about marriage. I think marriage is a sensitive subject with Booth, and I think it cut pretty deeply that Brennan would say something like ‘good job we aren’t married!’ When he says she isn’t very reassuring – he means it. It stands to reason he’d have concerns if she’s indicating that the lack of marriage indicates an ‘out’ or a lack of commitment – Booth’s fine with not being married, so long as they’re both still in it for the long haul. Her saying the reason they aren’t married is so she can leave if she wants to is going to scare the crap out of him.

    I feel like they should perhaps have spread their issues out a bit – one episode to deal with Booth’s worries that Brennan’s excluding him and one to deal with Brennan’s fear about being so intertwined with him. There was a lot dealt with in one episode!

    I loved Booth watching her in the lab – I think he saw her doing her thing, and just remembered again how much he loves her and saw that she hasn’t really changed – she’s still there, doing what she’s always done. Beautiful scene from DB; loved how his face changed.

    It bothers me that Booth kind of sticks his head in the sand about things – what Sweets said about Brennan is a big issue for her, and for her to acknowledge that was huge. I feel like they should have acknowledged that more. These two have a tendency to brush past things – Booth because he wants so badly for everything to be fine and Brennan because she’s frequently oblivious to there being a problem. I found it interesting that Booth told Brennan that she’s scared of having a fight, when often it’s him who pretends everything is ok and buries his own worries. I love that she told him that she doesn’t want to be polite – if there is a problem she’s not seeing, he needs to tell her. She doesn’t want to be ignorant to their situation.

    Re the crime scene – I loved it when Booth yelled at the techs about how to transport the body, because it was all pretty forensic / technical stuff that I think he’s picked up from working with Brennan so long. So he was kind of demonstrating that not only has he not lost his touch, he’s as good at this stuff as she is – he’s been paying attention for 7 years, so don’t dismiss him.

    I found the way Brennan was excluding him re Christine the most heartbreaking. I mean, utterly heartbreaking, I can’t really talk about it yet haha. Booth’s been through this once, he’s already got one child where he didn’t get to do everything with him and was a single dad. This time round, Booth wants to be part of a whole family. This is why I think breakfast is important to him – it means something to him to have a family to cook breakfast for. It goes back to their different love languages.

    Incidentally, I am keen to see a Booth/Christine bonding scene. I’m not ‘all about the babies’ and I know some people feel that there is too much baby stuff on the show, but I’d like to see Booth holding her more or just Booth looking after her on his own – she’s his kid too, and I feel that gets overlooked sometimes. I know it’s a huge character development that Brennan became a Mum, but that’s been established now. We know that Booth is an amazing Dad – let’s see more of it.

    Ps: Don’t get me started on how ridiculous I think it is that they moved Parker to a different continent and never even showed Booth comment on it. Booth’s commitment to Parker has been a core trait of his character since the first season – they need to be careful not to violate that.

    • While we didn’t actually see it, Booth was taking care of Christine by himself at the end of the episode. We see him drinking alone in their kitchen, but right next to him is the baby monitor. This tells me he picked her up from daycare and spent all that time with her. It was also hinted last season that he’s a hands on dad, changing the baby, we saw him feed her this season premiere, etc. But I agree, we haven’t actually seen a lot of Booth with the baby, mostly because contrary to popular belief, I actually think we haven’t really seen much of the baby.

    • I think Brennan was lightly dismissing the marriage comment and Booth wasn’t in the mood to hear it. But as for leaving the marriage issue for a later date, it goes to the core of what is holding them together– love and a commitment. Their commitment doesn’t include a piece of paper, but that’s fine for them for now. It became a brick that Brennan lobbed later because she was struggling with the idea of being so interdependent on Booth. I don’t really think they could have avoided it because it’s integral to the discussion of what is holding them together.

    • One thing that made me mad: Brennan telling Booth in the car that SHE was taking Christine to the museum. It just seemed unnecessarily cruel. She is a genius with a very quick learning curve, correct? That kind of bugged me a bit.

      And to speak to your Parker comment, Sophia, I just have to give that a dismissive “hand wave”, because obviously he’s a child actor and there’s probably conflicts and such things. I just accept it. 🙂 What can you do?

      I’m just wondering if they’ll address Booth’s mom one of these days and how. If she’s dead, why hasn’t he mentioned it, and if she’s alive, where the heck has she been?

      • I don’t think Brennan was putting much thought into her “Im taking Christine to the museum” and Booth’s subsequent “YOU are taking her” comment. For her, it might not have registered that it would be such a big deal to him. At this point, she’s used to just being her and Christine for the past few months, it might have been an automatic response. Also, sometimes parents do things with their kids that the other parent doesn’t do. Perhaps Brennan just didn’t think Booth would be interested, it’s a museum after all.

      • In the context of everything else that had gone on, it was just one more straw. I didn’t think Brennan was trying to steal Christine away from Booth; I agree, she was merely presenting an activity and hadn’t thought to include Booth. She wasn’t pulling a Rebecca, she was just going ahead as she had for the last three months trying to expose her kid to different experiences and because Booth hadn’t been in the picture she forgot to include him.

      • No, no, I’m not saying its to that extent that she is like Rebecca, I just mean that she should have realized how that would’ve sounded. I guess I’m just being defensive on Booth’s behalf 🙂

  16. haha – omg, I am so sorry about the length of that comment.

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