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The Gunk in the Garage- Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode? The comments are open!


56 thoughts on “The Gunk in the Garage- Post Episode Discussion

  1. I liked that Brennan has learned how to make a face that makes Booth melt.

    Didn’t like hearing that I ingest 9 to 10 cockroach eggs a day

    Loved that Hodgins thinks its ok to borrow stuff as long as he leaves a note

    Liked the rookie agent and Sweets is foolish to just tell her no

    Loved that its ok for Brennan to buy Christine stuff including a new grill.

  2. Ah, a very nice Bones to clear out all the angsty-ness.

    Things I liked:

    Bones doing experiments with Hodgins

    Booth taking charge at the end and stalking off with the baby squints following behind. 🙂

    Brennan and Booth being SUPER adorable at dinner.

    Thing that confused me:

    Sweets and the new girl. I just don’t know how I feel about it. I like my Swaisy.

    Enjoyable, and feels like this was a “set up” episode for some crazy shizz in the future!

  3. I know this is a bonus episode so I’m trying to look at it that way.

    Good – Loved Booth & Brennan, the first scene and the very last “Can I buy you stuff now?”
    Caroline calling Booth “Seeley Booth.” Loved, loved, loved.
    Hodgins & Brennan in the field? Woo Hoo!
    Angela calling Sweets on his flirting

    Ugh – Chick Agent, whoever she was.
    Sweets and his Booth-lite impression.

  4. “Can I start buying you stuff now?” Isn’t she the sweetest? She just wants to spend her money on the people she loves.

    A little heavy on the Sweet Pea….too lite on the B&B but Hodgins/Brennan is always fun. The case was interesting too.

    The new chick didn’t impress me much. She doesn’t even know how to fire her gun without flinching. Isn’t she a special agent?

  5. Wow! What a great episode all the way around. Sweets was awesome…heck, everyone seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Fun, witty dialogue and a good case. Can’t ask for more than that!

  6. I like that this episode helped accumulate a little bit of normalcy…various pairings and groups working together, blowing things up, making suggestive comments, teasing each other, imposing on each other and most importantly, some B&B time too. I thought they seemed natural at the end, comfortable during dinner, the funny face in the car. I don’t know, I just liked it. I’m not as invested in Sweets as some people seem to be, so instead of being disinterested, it was fun to watch what happened without feeling overly anxious about it. I liked it! I liked…
    …When Angela said Sweets was horny
    …when Booth called Caroline cherie and said he’d make sure everyone still thought she was mean
    …when Brennan and Hodgins teamed up to explode stuff!
    …when Cam didn’t want Hodgins to explode her lab

    I don’t know. I thought it was kind of fun. I was worried a little that the bonus eps wouldn’t really touch on relationship issues at all so that they didn’t lock themselves into something they’d have to deal with in the regular series of eps. I was pleasantly surprised that they were willing to venture into a couple of places.

  7. I want to start by saying that this was some of the best writing EVER. At least when it comes to sneaking in lines that are completely hilarious. Small sample of my favorites:

    “No one burlier or cuter.”
    “Girl’s got ‘tude, huh?”
    “Point your little shrinky brain at her and pull the trigger.”
    “It makes me all tingly!”

    Also fun is Brennan’s FACE in the very beginning. She’s figuring out how to use all that is wonderful about her to her own advantage. Also, Hodgin’s telling a story of how he was put on the “Watch List” the first time, and Brennan helping Angie find a way to blame other people for her problems. Honestly, I’m having a hard time picking out my favorite moments.

    What I really loved about this episode was how they mixed up which characters interacted with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brennan and Booth together, Booth and Sweets, Angela and Hodgins, Brennan and a squint, etc. It’s what makes this show amazing. But tonight’s episode was still very refreshing. Loved the Angela/Sweets moments, Brennan being SUPER stoked about Hodgin’s experiment and the equipment he “requisitioned,” and a little bit of Cam and Booth together as well.

    I know I should be more concerned about the Booth giving up field work for more money, etc. But it was pretty obvious that that was just not going to happen.

    Also I’m wondering if Olivia Starling will make a reappearance? I know Daisy isn’t a favorite, but what exactly does a kiss like that mean? Hmm.

    Also, DB was absolutely beautiful when he was looking for the guy with the explosives at the end. Maybe it was the lighting… Or just his face.

  8. Oh yeah how funny was it that Hodgins ended up with stuff on him and he was cool as could be.

    I liked that Booth didn’t want the promotion and neither did Brennan. Loved how sweet they were at the dinner table.

    Loved that Booth was quick to point out that he didn’t shoot Sweets and the rookie did. I just liked it. Don’t know why.

  9. Admittedly the whole Bonus Episode thing inspired me to go into this with slightly lower expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll casually assume, given the scheduling of the episode, that B&B are just riding a high between fights and that we aren’t supposed to believe they wrapped up their issues for good last week. I accept that. It’s how fights often work.

    Is it weird to say that I liked seeing the victim die, for once, instead of just opening on a nasty body? It ended up being a really nasty body anyway. I could’ve done without the stomach-on-Hodgins’s-face bit. That was overkill. SO MUCH DISEASE! But I love when Hodgins does his experiments. I laughed out loud when he said that he’d blown up a classroom in middle school and then proudly pointed out, “That was the first time I was ever on a threat list.” He’s so not benign! Great character moment there. Brennan also seemed super into his experiment, which was adorable.

    I was hoping the facial reconstruction mix-up would end up being more complicated than “He’s a twin!” Come on. At the very least, couldn’t they have thrown in a third-act twist, wherein the twin they thought was dead turned out to be actually alive and impersonating the other twin? Since Carlson had to check with his wife before revealing any personal details about himself, that’s what I was expecting. Still, I liked the twist they gave us: the wife tried AGAIN to kill her husband and wasn’t even embarrassed about it. CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY.

    Agent Sparling grew on me (and Sweets!), and I’m sort of interested in whatever weird triangle might form between Sweets, Daisy, and Olivia (just when Daisy’s starting to grate on me less, too). The whole scene where he played a naive bystander was a bit ridiculous, though. Sweets needs acting lessons and Sparling needs shooting lessons, and girly needs to keep her lips to herself. For now? Ahh! I don’t know what I want!

    Any episode with Caroline is on the right track. Always. Who else would tell Booth that “nobody is burlier or cuter than” him? I loved the two of them at the end, when Caroline told him that he’d have to run around shooting people “until he grows up.” Never gonna happen, Caroline. (But who in the world could possibly think she’s a terrible person? Does she EVER present herself as anything other than no-nonsense snark master with a heart of gold?!)

    Love that Booth called Cam to bail him out. Cam as Booth’s longtime friend is my favorite version of Cam.

    But of course, B&B were the best part of the episode. They were apart more than I’d like, but the scenes they had together were phenomenal. Brennan knows Booth through and through, and her man is no desk jockey. “It’s like caging an animal, Booth. You need to RUN FREE!” Hahahahaha. I was worried when the topic of a promotion first came up, because Booth IS a man of action, and that’s why we love him. I didn’t like that he would even think of changing that. It’s not that I find it out of character–selflessness is also a crucial aspect of who Booth is, and he wants to provide for his kids–it’s just that I don’t like it. But that plotline was saved for me by how innately Brennan just knew that he’d hate it. When Booth protested, he was clearly trying to convince himself as much as her, and it was so cute how he kept trying to listen in on everything Sweets did.

    I was sort of hoping, when Sweets told Booth that there was a hit out on Carlson’s life, that Booth would drop everything and join them right away, but I actually liked that his first instinct was to coach Sweets through it. Booth the mentor! When it was obvious that Sweets and Sparling would be the ones in danger, Booth jumped into the field without a second thought. (After that, though, he still seemed to sort of want the promotion. Booth! You know you’re action man! Let it go!) The scene he and Brennan shared over dinner was cute and supportive and honest and classically B&B. She’s lying to make him feel better, he knows it immediately, she fesses up. She wants to work with him! She knows he’d rot behind a desk! Booth knows he’d rot behind a desk! No desks for Booth. This is good, because I don’t want him to rot. He’s too pretty.

    I laughed out loud at Brennan’s pouty face in the car. David and Emily nailed it. “You could never do that before the baby! What has the baby done to you?!!” Booth has always been charmed by Brennan, and she never had to try. Now that she’s trying, it’s even harder for him. That scene between them at the end changed everything for me, in terms of how I view the whole Brennan wants expensive things plot. I used to look at it from Booth’s POV–he wants to feel needed! It’s part of his personality. When it comes to buying a house, I completely understand and love that he needed to pay an equal share. But when it comes to things like strollers, I’m far more willing to see Brennan’s side now. What won me over was her sheepishness when she asked, “Can I buy things for you now?” She was so sweet! She just wants to give him gifts. She loves him! Booth’s pride compels him to say no…but she can always buy things for their daughter. Like grills! Baby girls need grills. ADORABLE.

  10. I loved this episode. Not as heavy or angst filled as the first two. We needed a lighter episode!
    -I liked Agent Starling waaaaay better than Daisy! I hope Sweets dumps Daisy to be with Starling.
    -B&B were adorable. as usual, in the Mighty Hut. “Can I start buying you stuff now”. How sweet is that??? It says to me she loves him & wants to buy him clothes, tools, grills, all the stuff women like to buy for their man!
    Maybe she can buy him tight white tank tee shirts & boxer shorts! Yeah.
    And Booth looked hot the whole episode. Esp. at the end in the gray tshirt.

    • Haha, just add “Gray T-shirt” to the list of iconic Booth wardrobe choices: black t-shirt, Range Master vest, no t-shirt, green jacket, anything Flyers, suit and tie, blue shirt, white polo….

      *fans self wildly*

      Whew 🙂 Is it hot in here?

    • “Maybe she can buy him tight white tank tee shirts & boxer shorts! Yeah.”

      Yes. Yes. Yes she can.

    • I agree. The gray t-shirt was awesome, as are all of his other t-shirts. Loving the v neck look. I think Brennan like it too!

  11. I liked the pairings– and I kind of wished there was a line or two from Brennan or Hodgins explaining that their experiment wasn’t necessary but fun. Both of them sold it on just how much fun they were having blowing up things. In the past it would be Hodgins who figured out who to blame– he did that with Zach seasons ago. It’s refreshing to see Brennan do that with Angela. Cam came off as bright and amazingly competent– we got to imagine that she’s a crack administrator beneath her designer duds.

    And Sweets? I like him and I like the idea of throwing a wrench into his relationship with Daisy. I think a different woman might mature him further. I’m also okay if they leave him with Daisy. But conflict makes story and they need to shake him up. He’s Mr. Ready Answer on relationships and I sometimes wonder if actual experience in relationships would alter his advice.

    A fun episode that doesn’t upset the universe too much given the previous episodes.

  12. I did not like the ep at all. I cannot stand Sweets. Esp season 7 and 8, I don’t know what Hart Hanson is on but he has completely over written Sweets role on Bones. He has went from therapist/profiler to a Faux Agent.

    Faux Agent Sweets can do everything that Booth can do now: Agent. Field. Interrogator. Expert shot. Everything that’s was Booth’s input as a kick ass agent has been diluted cos Sweets can do it.

    I have never seen a tv show were one character, Sweets, has completly encroached , taken over the job, the essence of another character, Booth as a FBI Agent.

    And it is just not this epi. It has been happening since season 7.

    It is not show I signed up for


    • Except he really can’t. Booth had to come to their rescue and it was really Brennan and her team that solved the mystery of who the killer was and directed Booth towards him in the final showdown scene. Sweets will never be Booth, though he tries.

      • I am really talking about Sweets over Season 7 and 8 NOT just this epi.

        It annoys me how Sweets is being written and acted.
        David has spent 8yrs perfectng Booth. And now it’s like F.U. We can have Sweets do what you. They just take scenes, skills and duties, that Booth has done for years and give them to Sweets


        There was no need to make Sweets an Agent

    • New agent whoever cannot act. Sweets and her as FBI Agents? They looked like tweens on a date. I have seen scarier 5 yrs olds.

      This ep felt like the Finder episode of Bones. Two characters, who I do not like, Sweets and Tween Agent taking over an ep and being rammed down my throat. Whilst Booth and Brennan played 2nd fiddle.

      Not on.

  13. Agree about Sweets taking over.

    Hart has a blind spot to Sweets. He will kick Booth to the curb for him. Which he has done since season five really. Sweets is all over Booth`s job even then.

    Next season Sweets will be deputy director of the FBI. Then next? POTUS. Joking not really. Hart loves him that much. Eff the other characters.

  14. Ok, people really don’t like Sweets. Wow. He’s not my favorite character, and I liked him best in season 3, but I can’t imagine how they could have kept him in that role for so many years. He was defined from the beginning as nosy and profoundly needy of B&B (“You really liiiiike us.”). Booth and Brennan are ultimately too good to shut out someone who wants to be with them, especially after knowing his past, so it was natural that Sweets assume a larger role in the cases. I think it’s kind of Booth to mentor Sweets, because we know he doesn’t take easily to the idea of partnering up or getting close to other men (Jared kind of ruined that for him).

    I do not understand the notion that Sweets interrogating or even having a gun will ever make him Booth, or even Booth-lite. He’s Sweets with a gun. Nothing more. Only Booth is Booth. That hasn’t changed and never will. Sweets interrogates differently than Booth does; his style of questioning is low key and doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of Booth’s stare downs and close angry lean-ins. Sweets can go into the field and succeed or go into the field and mess up terribly, and he can never take away Booth’s unique blend of empathy and tough honesty. I might PREFER to see Booth in the field over Sweets, but Booth in the field is not going anywhere. Was that not the POINT of last night’s episode? It was ultimately a celebration of Booth as action man (even though I thought the take down of the bomber was a bit cheesy). Sweets can have a gun without being an expert marksman or a record-holding sniper who truly understands the weight of taking a life. That will only ever be Booth.

    I’m applying for jobs right now and facing every day the fact that my skills are not unique to me. I want to be a writer. I know I’m good at it. But so are other people, and many of them have more experience than I could possibly have as a recent college graduate. I have to remind myself every day that other people can have talents like mine without diminishing or weakening my own. IF I didn’t believe that, I’d be “balled up in the corner weeping, or semi-catatonic.” I just don’t think that Sweets, gun or no gun, in the field or out of the field, can ever take away anything that is good or Boothy about Booth.

    Booth is a man of faith and morality. He believes in arresting bad guys to align his cosmic balance sheet. He has compassion for killers when it’s called for and is tough as nails when that’s called for. He loves his kids. He overcomes a gambling problem. He has warm reassuring brown eyes, which he uses to have eye sex with Brennan every change he gets. He knows the truth of her and is dazzled by that truth. He lifts her up, challenges her, stands up for her, stands up for himself, dances like MJ, teaches her sports metaphors, hits her with his charm smile, waits for her, puts his arm around her, tells her that everything happens eventually, eats her mac and cheese, tells her she doesn’t have to come to the christening because he loves her the way she is, never lets her fall, is drawn to her after a fight, confides in her when he’s angry, burns wishes in candles, cries about his dad, throws a killer through window, shoves a gun in a gang leader’s mouth, takes the ice cream with him, and wears funny socks. If Booth were nothing more than a man with a gun who could interrogate well, we wouldn’t love him so much.

    I just don’t feel threatened, and I don’t think Hart is taking any of that away from Booth. He’s just trying to let Booth be a mentor and let the baby duck learn to swim. I don’t always think Sweets needs to be as prevalent in some episodes as he is, but I can’t think of too many that have overdosed on Sweets, really. Just all of the ones with Daisy.

    • Excellent points. Also, there was a very valid reason for why this episode was so lite on the Booth. This was filmed right before the finale, which David directed and he needed less screentime so he could prep the next episode. It always happens. If this episode showed us something is that Sweets is NOT Booth. Nobody is as good as Booth teamed up with Brennan and her squints, this episode pretty much illustrated that.

    • Excellent post. I don’t understand the Sweets’ hate either. Yes, I had a hard time forgiving him when he didn’t tell Bones about Booth’s “fake” death, but I finally did. I don’t see HH as trying to replace Booth. First of all, that would be impossible!! Second, this is an ensemble show even though we do have two leads. I really enjoyed the episode and actually like the new FBI agent. I thought she realized pretty quickly how condescending she was being and apologized. I would prefer Sweets with her rather than Daisy. JMO

    • Kelly, nice to see your comments! Well reasoned and articulate. I haven’t actually seen the ep yet but I’m enjoying your descriptions and analysis. I usually watch-read-then watch again but I couldn’t be home when it aired. I look forward to watching!

  15. Hmmm..anyone else missing Agent Shaw?

  16. Good light episode. Always love B&B together. That goes without saying. Loved Brennan & Hodgins together. Not enough of that. Always love Angela & Caroline. It would be great if Booth could mentor Agent Shaw. That’s believable. I really liked her. I loved Sweets from the very beginning but lost respect for him in S6. Sweets with a gun is ridiculous and unbelievable to me. I did like Sparling. Even liked Sweets & Sparling together. I can’t stand Daisy, especially with Sweets. Liked Cam & Booth interacting as friends again. There hasn’t been much of that. Never made sense to me that they (C&B) didn’t talk in S6 regarding “the situation”. Cam talked to Brennan, why not Booth (on screen)? Loved that there were no interns. So many points in this episode that I really loved Brennan. She doesn’t get enough credit IMO.

  17. Here’s a sweet vid of B&B’s journey so far:

  18. Love how this seems to pick up on ‘the B&B scene’ of nearly every episode.

    btw, I think Season 4 is my favourite season.

    • I think season 3 is my favorite for pre-couple B&B moments. We got the making love vs crappy sex conversation, the brainy smurf evolution flirtfest, wonderwoman and Clark Kent after a bad date, Booth drunk leaning on Brennan, the drinking late in his office scene “are you going to betray me”, “that’s a lot of heart Bones”, Brennan singing pretty much for Booth, steamboats and Christmas trees, playful B&B in the ceramics class, every single one of their scenes in Baby in the bough, the surprise kiss on the cheek at the hospital and Booth pulling her out of that taxi and I’m sure I’m missing a few others. It was a short season but so awesome.

      • Mmm, I’m so enjoying this conversation. There have been some great moments in every season, but season 2 is my overall favorite, so I’m giving it a shout-out. Mac and cheese ALONE makes it worth mentioning. The looks he gives her! And Jasper, of course (the little “mmm?” and the way he tilts his head when he leans in just slay me). And “you’re structured…very nice”/ “THAI FOOD!” And the cute inquisitive looks they give each other when she tells him “if you should slip up…with ANYONE.” And guy hugs (if the look on his face doesn’t say “I love this woman,” then nothing in the entire world does), Tony/Roxy, “everything happens eventually,” and B&B singing “Keep on Trying” in the diner (I love how his face lights up when she sings). “There’s more than one kind of family” is one of my favorite all-time B&B moments, and Aliens in a Spaceship remains my favorite episode because I fell in love with Booth at the exact moment he took off down that hill to rescue her. Lots of classics in that season. Lots of classics all over the place for these two.

      • You’re right, those are some amazing moments and that doesn’t even include “you’re not a bad anything”. My beef with season 2 has two names: Cam and Sully. I know why they happened, I don’t begrudge the characters anything, but it still makes it hard to swallow some of those episodes. It is especially awkward when you see that Booth is head over heels for Brennan and instead jumps into bed with Cam because it was the easy thing to do.

      • Oooh, how did I forget about “you’re not a bad anything”?!
        Honestly, Sully doesn’t bother me at all. I really like him. If he’d come later in the series, he would have maybe upset me, but at that point, I think it was just important to see Brennan trying to make a serious relationship work. He was a good guy who honestly said all of the right things to her, and I love that Brennan found that for herself. I love even more that she gave it up to stay with Booth, even when they weren’t yet ready for a romantic relationship. (I’m with Angela on this one; Gordon Gordon can say whatever he wants, but we know she stayed mostly for Booth, right?) That’s pretty much the same reason I’m ok with Cam’s relationship with Booth. Sure, it’s a bit odd that Booth–who clearly had feelings for Brennan–would sleep with someone else, but let’s be real. He was far more aware of those feelings than Brennan was, and he knew that. He knows better than to rush her, so I won’t spend too much time objecting to the fact that he and Cam were friends with benefits. He’s no prude! And he wasn’t messing with her heart, because she knew it was casual. They had a history together, and they knew they’d stay friends regardless. Basically, the minute Cam leaves the lab and lets Booth order Thai food with Brennan, she wins me over. Their relationship doesn’t feel like a threat. After all, he’s “with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.”

      • Oh, I don’t hate either Cam or Sully, but I still don’t like re-watching those episodes. Cam always knew where Booth heart was. I never really disliked her. I only disliked her attitude when she first started her work at the Jeffersonian and she was trying to one up Brennan because she felt threatened in many aspects. As for Sully, he was good for Brennan but he made a big mistake, you can’t rush her and asking her to leave her work behind to go do nothing because HE wanted to was not a good idea. Also, if he was so interested in her, why didn’t he come back for her? Not that I want him to of course lol

    • So true–Cam’s relationship with Booth might not bug me, but her early workplace attitude sure does. Ughhh the bad nicknames and figurative language and passive-aggressive insults! It’s a good thing she wised up. And you’re right: Sully wanted Brennan to join him, but he was definitely going either way, so he sure didn’t put her first in that regard. (Which I think is a fine choice at a personal level, because you have to do things for yourself, but relationship-wise it ended up being a deal-breaker.) I wonder if we’ll see him again. I’d be really interested in Booth’s response; the two of them always got all competitive and testosterone-spilly with each other, so I bet Booth would be really cute and smug and defensive.

  19. I think for awesome B&B moments, Season 5, had some of the best moments. We got Booth saying “I love you”, & “I’m right here, baby” in the premier, Fixing his plumbing, Bones museum “what goes on between us is ours”, GGW telling Booth “your in love with Dr. Brennan”, the shooting range scene, meeting Pops “you don’t want to have any regrets”, Naked Booth in Goop! Discussing soul mates, B&B dancing at her reunion & then to Hot blooded.
    Season 5 had such great B&B moments, that it made the finale that much harder to swallow.

  20. Here is a B&B then & now. “I wish you could find happiness”…

    It looks like Brennan now knows what that means.

  21. It’s BONES MONDAY!!!! Can I get a “Yowza” ? 🙂

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