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The Tiger in the Tale: Post Episode Discussion


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43 thoughts on “The Tiger in the Tale: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Brennan crying in Booth’s arms over the tiger.

    The fist bump in the interrogation room.

    Booth telling Brennan she is rare and beautiful.

    Daisy’s face when Sweets left her on the street.

    Brennan saying, “Booth, where are you going?” as they are in bed!

    What an episode!

  2. Oh Jeez, I actually felt bad for Daisy! I am not really liking Sweets right now.
    I loved B&B in this episode.
    -Brennan crying in Booth’s arms over the tiger.
    -Booth telling Brennan the tiger was “it was beautiful & rare, just like you” – the look in his eyes at her. And when she tells him they should bring down the entire criminal organization & Booth gives her the sweetest look & tells her “right, lets do that, lets bring them all down” What a pair they are!!

    -The fist pump in the interrogation room when Brennan tells him she will appoint him head of the FBI

    And the ending…We got to see B&B in their bathroom & bedroom. Does Booth know how to charm Brennan or what?!
    Phew, Booth looked hot. Charm smiling her there.
    And Brennan, “Booth where are you going there, what are you doing?” laughing at him like he’s a big kid.
    Awwww… here is a gif of the sad & beautiful scene of Brennan hugging Booth es-804-the-tiger-in-the

    Booth comforted her.. and she cried into his shoulder and then he called her beautiful and rare.. and i just died

  3. Everything bb and Karen said plus

    Hodgins equating vacuuming up the bugs and maggots and equating it to ascending to God

    Sweets finally dumping Daisy but really you get an apartment and then do it? Not cool Sweets

    Angela worried that her job isn’t important

    Hodgins bummed our when his plane hit the electrical line

    The guy throws up and Booth tells Brennan that she list his vite

    Booths beautiful smile staring at Brennan before jumping under the covers

  4. Wow. Love. Not for nothing, but Brennan has my vote!

    I’m not one to cringe at the remains, but this one was pretty awful. Especially once they got it back to the lab.

    Angela and Hodgins bickering is fun. Angela seemed a bit out of sorts this time around, especially with her feelings of inadequacy. It reminded me very much of Season 1 when Dr. Goodman had to reassure her in his deep, African American tone. With this Sweets/Daisy hailstorm I was uncomfortable at first with their discussion at the diner. But once they immediately recovered to talk to Sweets it reminded me of how solid they were, and that they can still have a debate of sorts without much negative effect on their relationship. It was quite the contrast to the relationship between Sweets and Daisy, and we immediately got to see that Sweets was struggling.

    Booth grabbing his belt buckle when they went to see where the fair had been… I die. And the bathrobe at the end!

    “Hello Madame President.” “Dr. Brennan is fine.” Without skipping a beat. LOVE her.

    The entire “excrement” conversation had me laughing for sure! Also funny was Brennan finding something negative in everything that Booth brought up, “I could do this all day, Booth.” And I don’t doubt her for a second. It’s a bit cynical, but still hilarious. And a dog named Gretsky? Yes please!

    I’ve always loved Brennan’s passion for animals. Sort of circa The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken. She is appalled at the conditions the chickens are kept in, yet on the other side of the spectrum is rational enough to know that saving one pig is not going to solve the world’s problems… I guess that didn’t do much to prove my point, and that’s a completely different story. But anyway, she was so FIERCE when she found the tiger, and she was so angry and upset. It really hit me. For some reason I didn’t expect so much emotion so quickly.


    Booth was amazing. I loved the comparison of Brennan to a beautiful, rare, and WILD tiger. Under that rational, professional, calm exterior, really is a deviant in disguise! She’s so subtly naughty and it makes me laugh all the time.

    • I meant to add that Hodgin’s passion for model planes reminded me very much of Zack’s same passion. The Killer in the Concrete anyone? I know the Zack topic is exhausted and old news… but just a thought. It still hurts and I still miss him! :p

      And I’m still out on how the episode concluded with Sweets/Daisy. I never liked Daisy much but I never completely disliked her. It will be interesting to see if Agent Sparling has any more play in this…

      • Yeah, I’m usually in Sweets’ corner, but I am not happy with him tonight. So they picked out an apartment, decorated, and he says nothing till they are literally right outside and he dumps her ON THE STREET! And then walks away! That’s cold, Sweets. And why is he so anti-marriage to Daisy now, hasn’t he already proposed to her before? Hm. I’ll have to think more on this.

      • “What am I doing with my life?”
        If Sweets is not asking himself this question, then I would really be disappointed.
        I felt sorry for Daisy, too (just a little, not too much). She basically told him her career was more important than her relationship with him and assumed she and Sweets could just start back where they left off when she got back from Maluku. Maybe Sweets had been trying to recapture his feelings, but they never came back in the same way.

      • I think it’s key that people can and do change. While we’re not sure of why he did what he did, it’s clear that something isn’t right in the relationship. He proposed once, she said her career was more important, but things changed. She came back from Maluku, said she was wrong and wanted to try again. He chose not to propose a second time. People change their minds.

        While I’m not a Swaisy shipper, I get that one or both of them can grow. I also feel badly for both of them. Sweets is a bit screwed up if he didn’t see what he was doing. Daisy’s hurt because she didn’t get what she wanted and was dumped in the process.

        Sweets has lousy timing here, but it seems he chose to move in with Daisy for the same reason that Booth chose to propose to Hannah– it seemed the thing to do under the circumstances. He just did a Hannah on Daisy with one exception– he didn’t really say outright that he didn’t want to move in/get married/make a commitment and at least warn the poor girl. She really didn’t deserve to get blindsided like that.

  5. YAY this show!
    Things I didn’t really like:
    The insanely nasty body. This is a new level of gross for me, because it involves INGESTING THE BODY AND WEARING IT ON YOUR SHIRT. Ughhhh.
    Sweets being a complete jerk. It honestly took me until just now to not like him. Ok, ok, I also wouldn’t like if he moved in with Daisy knowing it meant less to him, because it wouldn’t be fair to jerk around her emotions like that, but he already jerked her around a lot tonight. it doesn’t take a shrink to know that moving in together is big. Please. How did it take him so long to figure that out? Is this because of last week with the new agent? Because (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I am now pro-Daisy.
    Not that Ripley needed a verbal shout-out, but given how much she loved him, it just seemed like Brennan should be way more enthusiastic at the thought of playing fetch with their dog.

    Things I’m indifferent towards:
    Cam being all friendly with Sweets and his towels. It was sweet of her to take an interest, but it felt out of character somehow. She usually likes to shut down personal conversations in the workplace unless she initiates them.
    Angela feeling inferior to Hodgins in the lab. I wish it got more than a brief conversation, because I think that would be an interesting storyline to actually delve into. I agree, SYW!, I immediately thought back to the deep, African American tone, and I wanted to hear someone reassure her in a similar way.
    Booth naming “atheist” among qualities that would make Brennan a poor president. I’m just sort of confused.
    I’m sort of confused by most of his reasons. Brennan’s lack of diplomacy might possibly make her a kick-ass president, yes?
    Does this qualify as “sex as a solution”? Were they having a problem that needed to be talked about further? I can’t decide. I don’t think so, though. I think they were pretty much on the same page by the end. It’s just that I’m sort of surprised that nothing from “The Partners in the Divorce” came up again.
    There were moments when Brennan felt a little socially and/or emotionally stunted. Just a little.

    Things I LOVED:
    Her palpable distress for the tiger, her anger, the way she flew at the guy, her sobs, Booth comforting her–all of that totally and completely undid any earlier emotional distance. It was so perfectly Brennan for her to get so upset about animal abuse and for Booth to comfort her, and I really felt the emotion of that scene. It just landed so strongly. I loved it.
    The following scene was great–like Karen mentioned, “rare and beautiful” was PERFECT, and the look he gave her when they agreed to take those people down was so sweet. He always has her back! It felt classically B&B, with the two of them feeling each others’ pain and standing up for each other.
    In the interrogation room, when they said that if anyone dies during the commission of a felony, everyone involved in that felony is charged with murder, I flashed back to “Skull in the Desert.” Great little callback there.
    Fist bump.
    “Dr. Brennan is fine.”
    Booth wants to name the dog Gretzky.
    “I could do this all day, Booth.”
    Hodgins and the bug rapture.
    I love that Brennan wants to tap Daisy’s phone. I love even more that she lied about it. I love most of all that she SAID she was lying about it.
    Cam had a really cute response when Booth said Brennan wanted to be President. Something like, “oohh, that’s nice!”
    “I hope Caroline puts them all in little cages.”
    Booth made campaign buttons!
    Brennan giggling when Booth dove into bed. “Booth, where are you going?” hahahahaha. They are priceless.

    • I think Booth was actually just being realistic about how easily certain things could be exploited during a campaign. She can brush off the fugitive thing, but no way would the media do the same. I think it was just viewing things from a different angle.

      But he seemed supportive enough to be okay with being named head of the FBI. How sweet of Brennan.

      • That’s true, but in that last scene, he wasn’t naming reasons why he didn’t think people would vote for her. He was explaining why HE wouldn’t vote for her. That makes it harsher, I think. I’m just interested in the fact that Booth thinks faith plays an important role in one’s ability to lead America. It’s telling, and probably fitting–but shouldn’t he make an exception for Brennan? He knows that she has plenty of character and moral backbone. (I did love the head of the FBI thing, though!)

      • That’s interesting, Kelly, because I didn’t get the vibe of harshness at all. He was smiling, she was smiling. I thought it was just a cute, coupley moment. I took it as teasing.

      • Good point, bb. Harsh is probably a harsh word on my part 🙂 Teasing was definitely his intention, but something about it struck me as being ultimately serious. Not in a rude way, just in the sense that he actually believes it, at least enough to name it as a reason. I don’t know. It just confused me.

  6. -Booth looked hot at the crime scene with his aviator sunglasses.
    -I like Sweets & Booth’s convo about “Was it a big deal for you to move in with Dr. Brennan.” Booth tells him “For Bones that was a huge step living together. The only reason even she considered it was she was pregnant.”

    Really?? Is that true? I’m not so sure. Pregnant or not, she would not have moved in with Booth if she did not want to.

    • Most of the reasons she gave Booth in the S7 premiere were pregnancy-based (e.g. the practicality of having him around), but not all (she did name sex as a reason!) so I agree that she didn’t just move in with him because she was pregnant. But I think Booth’s point was that she started seriously considering it because she was pregnant, and it seems fair that he’d see it that way. It’s really hard to separate anything in their early relationship from the pregnancy, because it played such a huge role in those first months together.
      I liked the overall contrast Booth observed. Moving in is not as big to him as marriage is (bringing that up again! He so wants to marry Brennan. It needs to happen!!), but it was huge for Brennan, so that made it huge for him too.

      • aw thanks! Good point bringing it up in the first place!

      • I really liked that Booth could see how big of a step it was for Brennan to move in; he knows, and he doesn’t take it for granted. But does he want to be able to wear his big boy pants eventually with Brennan, or what! Man, what a contrast with two years ago, when Sweets and Daisy were the “it” couple, and B/B looked like the remains of a bad shipwreck. Both Sweets and Booth reconciled with the women who left them behind, but I think for Sweets it was never quite the same again after Maluku-his and Daisy’s relationship didn’t have the depth of B/Bs and it couldn’t survive.

        Wonder if Daisy is completely out of the picture now, in terms of Sweets and the show. I never thought I would be feeling bad for Daisy, but that scene outside the apartment hurt. Carla did a great job.

      • I think the moving in was something that he was patient with her about. How far along was she in Memories in the Grave? I think the moving in conversation was possibly an ongoing conversation for them (although it probably wasn’t as cut and dried as it appeared to be in Memories.) He probably hinted more than anything and then when he got a chance he took it.

        It also puts his 50/50 conversation about expenses in perspective, too. He didn’t want to create a financial imbalance partly because of his own feelings about money, but I also get the impression that it was to set some guidelines so that this was an extension of their partnership. Before it was a “symbiotic” relationship, and now it’s a 50/50 one (although far more complex.) I think the 50/50 was as much for her as it was for him.

    • I was thinking that Booth’s statement about why she agreed to live with him kind of invalidated her statement at the end of S7…”I don’t want you to think that Christine is the only reason we are together”. But I guess being together doesn’t necessarily = living together.

      • I guess it depends on how you read his comments. I thought the pregnancy gave her a valid reason to consider living together. Since we know they spent a lot of time together at the beginning of S7 during the pregnancy, could it be that she wanted to make sure that Booth had time with the mother of his baby? (Which might have been one of Brennan’s rationalizations.)

        The pregnancy seemed to be the catalyst for her to consider living together or even spending as much time as they did together, but I think Brennan was being sincere at the end of the season. He might have just been saying that Brennan had a reason at the time to consider cohabitating. She knew at the end of S7 that she was going to clobber him with taking off as she did and she wanted to tell him something to reassure him of her feelings. That was probably the question mark in their relationship that she could address at the time.

      • Living with him and being with him aren’t the same thing. I think what Booth meant is that the pregnancy was the reason she considered living with him at that time. They had only been together for about a month when she got pregnant, which means by the time they moved in together they had only been a couple for about 6-7 months. Most couples don’t move in together so quickly and considering what we know about Brennan and how fiercely independent she is, moving in with someone after only 6 months together is not normal. Also, his following comment more than makes up for the line. He realizes that for her, moving in with him is huge, pretty much the ultimate commitment, given that she doesn’t believe in marriage (yet). We all know Brennan doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do. If she didn’t want to live with Booth, she wouldn’t have moved in with him. When she gave him her reasons for agreeing to not just moving in together, but buying their own place, she clearly phrased it as Booth being in close proximity to her as something she wanted, no mention of the baby: “I can always depend on you to assist when needed, practically, emotionally and sexually”. However, it was the fact that she was pregnant and they were “starting a family” (her words) what got her to really think about it and to realize they needed to live under the same roof. Once that decision was made, she was all over it, and always looking for places for them. For Booth, moving in with her wasn’t a huge deal because he is so sure that he wants to marry her and commit to her like a big boy, that moving in is just an intermediate step to something much, much bigger for him, so…no big deal.

  7. Wow. Sweets was a dick tonight. He was such a…..boy. He still has A LOT of growing up to do…. I kind of feel that Daisy and Sweets will reunite, but I don’t know when. So, I guess Sweets doesn’t “know”, huh? I actually wanted to slap him. Sweets actually made Booth in early season 6 look good. Didn’t Sweets kind of technically cheat on Daisy in that Avatar episode? Remember, he slept with one of the girls in line to see the movie. Then, last week, he kissed that female agent who, by the way, didn’t have anywhere near the potential with Sweets that Agent Shaw did. That is just my opinion. Maybe Sweets NEEDS to be with Agent Shaw so she can tell him to grow the hell up since, you know, she is a mother. Ha.

    The case was good. Booth looked HOT tonight! B&B definitely have an earlier season vibe going on, with the added bonus of actually being together…it is AWESOME!

    • He didn’t sleep with the girl while waiting in line for Avatar, that was Fisher. He did makeout with her a little, so it still counts to me as cheating. I wouldn’t wish Sweets on Agent Shaw. She’s much too mature for him.

    • The problem is that it’s far too easy to miss things right in front of you. That’s how I see Sweets. He really wasn’t paying attention to what moving in meant for Daisy. Booth, by contrast, really did know what it meant for Brennan (although in Memories, he wasn’t really seeing her anthro-speak for what it was: her way of trying to rationalize her way out of the conversation or having control in the relationship.) Moving in for both of them was huge– but more so for Brennan in giving up some of that control to Booth.

      The sad thing was that Daisy really did see it as a step toward marriage. For Sweets it was “good times.” The parallels with Booth’s relationship with Hannah are there– no communication about what each person wanted. You’d think Sweets would see it, but he’s blind to what’s right in front of him.

      I kind of like the Boy Wonder being fallible. Poor Daisy– she seemed to have a maturity here that Sweets didn’t have. She’s making an investiment in towels (like the items on the wedding list, I suppose.)

      When Booth told Sweets he wasn’t old enough to get married before, I didn’t think so at the time. I thought that Booth was really screwed up and didn’t have a clue. But Booth came across as solid tonight, his feet firmly on the ground and crazy about the woman who was crazily spinning political possibilities. Angela nailed him in the diner and I love seeing this Angela– the one who is as good as Sweets (and the old Booth) at reading people. Sweets kind of forgot to reassess himself and his own motives as well as take a good hard look at the woman in his life. He was “Hannah” looking for the good times not realizing that it was “Booth” standing there with her heart on her sleeve and a ring in her mind.

  8. Haven’t been on board with Sweets since S6 but tonight he really hit bottom. I haven’t cared for Daisy or the two of them together, but to break up with her like that, leave her just standing on the street, no explanation after all their years together, quite unbelievable. I really don’t want to see Sweets anymore.

    Cam & Sweets, like others have posted, didn’t work for me either.

    Felt bad for Angela. Would have liked to have seen more of that storyline.

    Liked Angela & Hodgins as always. Nice to see everything isn’t always perfect. More real.

    Lots of good B&B:) Loved their old fashioned “guy hug” I don’t recall seeing that for ages.

    Had a good feeling of older episodes.

    • This seems to be the season to show the chinks in the armor and I like it. Angela’s a bit unhappy; Cam’s taking charge and able to see the big picture better than the others. Sweets? He’s really screwed up. He’s spouting “theories” and he’s not really sure of himself personally.

      B&B have a happy vibe going– if people cannot see the love between them (rather than the baby between them), they aren’t looking.

      • Someone told me the other day that B&B weren’t in love and the old magic between them was gone. I told them they must be watching a different show than me because to me they are absolutely in love and the show feels like season three to me. Love it.

        Sweets denitely took a turn to the dark side. I’ll have to think about that.

      • Sadly, people don’t seem to understand that love is more than making out every second of the day. Booth and Brennan are crazy about each other and that’s palpable, but they are adults, they don’t need to behave like horny hormone stricken 16 year old kids all the time. We’ve seen their sexy side, as well as their playful one and a lot of tenderness and understanding between them. That’s a healthy relationship. They talk things out and they support each other, even if it’s not rational.

      • And they do give us “sexy times”, just not full out for all to see. Last night, we got Booth diving into bed, and Brennan laughing, “Booth, where are you going?” *fans self wildly* They do torture us so, don’t they? 🙂

      • It was really clear from their interaction that there is great affection between the Bs. Booth is actually very pragmatic about Brennan’s fantasy run at the White House while she is insanely impractical and yet, he remains supportive in his own way. He’s not sarcastic or snarky or rolling his eyes; he’s standing by her in his own way. That’s love.

        He equates her with a tiger and thinks she hasn’t heard, but she’s heard that as well as everything else he’s said and she’s still there. Here are two people who are so fundamentally different who can still agree that they want to be together. What else is holding them together but love? His tiger comment is said out of love– it’s evident in his face when he first says it and the second time when she acknowledges it. He’s not a puppy dog grateful for the crumbs (like he was with Hannah. Remember him telling her he loved her and would miss her?) He’s a man who loves this rather nutty woman and accepts her flaws and he’s thrilled she’s heard him. He uses humor to tease her and support her and it seems so obvious that they can agree to disagree and still want to be together. She goes on and on about running for president (or any “cause of the day”) and he points out the flaws and yet, she’s heard everything and still wants this guy around because he’s been honest with her and loving in doing so.

        It’s lovely.

      • Lenora –

        I don’t think that this will come out in the right place, but so be it.

        I totally agree about them being in love. I’m not one of those who longs for the old days, but I agree that there are as sparky now as they were in the beginning. It’s better now because they’re sparky while being totally in love and totally together. It’s what I’d been waiting for all these years. They’re just totally adorable.

      • I agree they are so adorable together.

        I just loved how Booth was there to hold her when she found the dead tiger and how she rushed to him for comfort.

      • Lenora –
        That was another moment reminiscent of the “old days,” but so much more wonderful because they are now together. Someone said it was a guy hug, but to the extent that there was ever such a thing as a guy hug, this was not. This was a straight up hold her and comfort here when she’s distraught. More Woman in Limbo/burying the dog/thinking the blood in her apartment may be Russ’s than Headless Witch. 🙂 It all makes me so happy.

  9. I didn’t like the Sweets stuff very much, but… wow. That moment with Brennan finding the tiger was just awe inspiring. I felt it all the way and was practically in tears. Loved it.

  10. Missed this last night. Email!

  11. I’m loving this season. I miss Christine, though. I think they’ve kept to their word about it not all being about the baby, and it is clearly evident that she is a part of their everyday lives. But I want to see that cute, adorable face again! (Sorry for those who aren’t baby-lovers, but you have to admit she’s a cutie, right?) Well, her parents are two gorgeous human beings, so go figure.

    • I miss her too, I hope we see her again at some point soon, even if for a few minutes. I like that we’re getting more Booth and Brennan personal stories that don’t revolve around the baby, but that baby is just plain adorable and I love seeing both of them interact with her.

  12. I loved this episode, but did anyone feel a twinge of sadness when he was talking about getting a dog, because we will never get to see that happen? It was bittersweet to me.

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