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Morning After Q: Love Means Never…Voting for your Partner for President?


Hey BONES fans!

How are things? I hope you’re having a great Tuesday, wherever you are! After last night’s episode, I was chatting with pal BBMagic about the episode and talking about how sweet it was when Booth said Brennan was beautiful and rare. It was fun how she sort of brushed him off at the time he said it (in his office), but totally did hear him and reminded him of it later at their house, and I especially liked how much SHE liked that he felt that way about her…and that he knows the ‘real’ her, so to speak. I would imagine that Brennan has had many admirers in the past, but not many people who really knew her (of her own design, probably). For me, the scene in his office and the rest of the episode was one of those “he knows the truth of her, and he is dazzled by that truth” moments.

And yet, he would not vote for her!

I think part of that is because of how much he loves the USA—he has very set views on what is good enough for the USA and all of that, and maybe he thinks Brennan has just enough power as it is, haha.


What do you think?


52 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Love Means Never…Voting for your Partner for President?

  1. Well, my take is that he was saying she would not be a good president because she was too much like a wild tiger. Wild tigers are awesome. They are indeed beautiful and rare. But you would not want a wild tiger to run a lab. You need someone like Goodman or Cam. Brennan wanted to basically become a dictator and put people to death 🙂 She is too analytical, too black-and-white to compromise. She would absolutely suck at diplomacy. It probably not work for such a person to be president.

    However, he is not saying she is a bad or stupid person. She still is beautiful, rare, intelligent, and dazzling. Just because she won’t make a perfect presidential candidate, doesn’t mean she’s not awesome. (And their little fist bump in the interrogation room was fun!)

    • I think you hit the nail on the head BB. Just because someone is brilliant doesn’t mean he or she would necessarily be a good president – at least not in the present day United States.

      Ability to compromise matters. Ability to sell yourself matters. Like it or not, religious affiliation matters. And most importantly – background matters. The way candidates are vetted and the the way the media (not to mention the other party) likes to air every shred of dirty laundry means that Brennan’s own past AND her parent’s past would be an issue. [Forget about her being a fugitive for 3 months – her actions in The Verdict in the Story would have disqualified her long ago].

      She’d never be a legitimate presidential contender (although she might have a good shot at being mayor of Washington DC) and I think Booth clearly saw that. He wasn’t being mean, he was being realistic. Besides – I’m pretty sure Booth is the token almost conservative on Bones. Brennan’s political views are too liberal for him (at least they used to be – “What is this? NPR?”) so he might well not have voted for her for actual political reasons.

      The political buttons were hysterically cute though. 🙂

    • bb, I love this, especially the comparison you make to Goodman and Cam. It made complete sense, early in season 2, that Brennan’s personality does not make her suited to the overall “running the lab” duties, even though she’s clearly the head of the team. Those same traits–single-minded focus, black-and-white mindset–would be dangerous if they had too much power behind them. She’d never compromise on issues she believed in. That’s why we love her, but also why she’d never make it in the White House. I love that he had the guts to say so but still gave her his support, and I love that she heard and understood him. Perfectly B&B.

  2. I don’t think Booth would vote for her because she was giving off autocratic vibes. I think he mentioned that giving her the keys to the nukes would be a bad thing.

    • hahaha. It would, too. I think Brennan’s got too much reverence for life to ever use nukes that would affect even one innocent civilian, but if she could take down animal killers or people who commit genocide, I’m pretty sure she would. And she’d totally threaten people with nukes all the time to get her way.

  3. IMO, Booth wasn’t taking her seriously because he knows that no matter how rational she is, politics and the political process is not rational and she would make a horrible candidate. By playing it off, he was able to go along with her without actually going along with her.

    And I’ll stop there before I start ranting about his “atheists can’t be president” comment. (You’re welcome! ;-D )

  4. I think it was interesting that last week some fans were worried that HH was making a Booth lite out of Sweets. Last night’s episode showed us that we have nothing to worry about. What Sweets did was not very honorable. Someone mentioned that in this case, Sweets was acting like Hannah putting Daisy in Booth’s situation. I don’t like Daisy; but, what Sweets did last night was really bad.

    • I find it most difficult to buy into Sweets not realizing how much of a big deal moving in together was, especially since he made comments about *exactly* that when B&B did it.

      On the other hand, I think it took real courage on his part – once he *finally* understood – to call it off with Daisy. He didn’t just not move in with her, he broke up with her. Should he have moved in anyway, after realizing how he felt? Should he have continued a relationship he wasn’t sure about anymore? Should he have allowed it to drag out, given her hope, listened to her dreams of a future he couldn’t see himself in?

      And what if she’d gotten pregnant? She even mentioned the possibility so it was obviously on the table.

      I actually felt sorry for Daisy because breakups hurt like hell, bless her heart. And I blame Sweets because he absolutely should have known what moving in together meant.

      But I don’t blame him for breaking up with her if he wasn’t feeling the love anymore. That took guts.

      • I didn’t have a problem with him breaking up with her. I just think he should have thought out everything before he rented an apartment and making Daisy believe everything was great. They haven’t been fine since she went to Maluku. We knew it wasn’t fine when Booth and Sweets went ring shopping and Sweets backed out. He wanted to break up her again but they started to talk about Save by the Bell and then let her talk him out of it. He’s supposed to be a trained psychologist and at the very least he should have been aware that he had some antipathy towards Daisy and yet he considered moving in with her until marriage was mentioned. To me he took it too far and left Daisy with a crushed heart. It just rubbed me raw and I don’t even care for Daisy.

      • I totally agree with you there. He let it go way too long.

      • Yeah, Sweets SHOULD have picked up on how much moving in together meant to Daisy but I think the fact that he didn’t was the point. He’s this hotshot genius psychologist whose job is to read people and yet he horribly misread his own girlfriend because he was too close to the situation to see what was really happening until it was too late. He made a mistake. A very human mistake.

        But as MJ said, you have to give him credit for breaking it off before it got any worse and not leading her on. At that point, there was’t any way to NOT hurt her (and it was still less harsh than what Daisy did to him before she left for Maluku). I think the fact that it was abrupt has more to do with the way that Bones does break-ups than anything (my husband pointed that out last night).

      • I think sometimes people don’t see what’s right in front of them. Poor Daisy; she got kicked in the heart by him.

        I can buy that Sweets didn’t look at the big picture. It was surprising to see how everyone else reacted– Angela saw through him, Booth gave him the truth about how HUGE it was for Brennan to live together with him, Cam saw that something was off.

        If he had stayed and not been honest with Daisy, then he would be a bigger schmuck than he was. People have a right to change their minds about things, but I can’t imagine he didn’t know that she wanted a baby and that she had marriage on her mind. It was clear from her part of the conversation that she had thought about it.

        As for the bickering Bs, the fact that Booth knew her so well was exactly why he wouldn’t vote for her. What she calls decisive, he would call reckless. What she could call rational, he would call dictatorial. The very fact that they could carry on this whole conversation and he would clearly say he wouldn’t vote for her early on and it didn’t deter her was fun. He called her on almost everything (just like she could point out the problems with the zoo) and yet, at the end of the day, she’s a tigress and he’s her political supporter (although he won’t vote for her) and they’re good.

      • YSweets did make a big deal about B&B moving in together – a lot, and he made a big deal of it when Booth & Burley were moving in together as well.

  5. I think Booth was being a realist. Brennan is brilliant and she probably has some excellent ideas but she is all wrong to command a country. As others have mentioned, her background alone would prevent her from ever being a real contender. It’s unfortunate but an atheist, brilliant, assertive woman, “shacked up” with her boyfriend, who was a fugitive for three months and whose parents and brother were criminals will have a real tough time getting elected in the US.

    Regardless, if she really wanted it, he would support her, even if he wouldn’t necessarily vote for her. That’s very them.

    Also, yes to all who have commented on how gorgeous of a couple they make. Emily has been looking stunning this season (as usual). I do however miss the colored shirts and ties Booth used to wear.

  6. Booth definitely needs to wear those aviator sunglasses some more! His hair looks good too!
    (sorry, I’m off topic!)

  7. I know I’m in the minority of people who felt sorry for both Sweets and Daisy in this one. Yes, Sweets is clearly immature and self-absorbed despite all his book knowledge, and I’m glad they finally took some of that Superhero armor off him he’s been wearing lately much to my irritation, but I have to agree with MJ that it took guts to do the right thing, even if it should have been done way sooner before poor Daisy had so much invested into the move. I’ve known men who’ve told their mates they made a mistake days, or hours, before a wedding, weeks after a wedding, or while their mate was pregnant or right after she had the baby. Sweets at least had the courage to end things before the situation really escalated, even though a little intropection on his part earlier would have avoided all that pain for Daisy. The contrast between Sweets and Booth as to their level of commitment towards their women is pretty stunning, and it makes Booth look really good as a boyfriend (if it’s even possible for him to look any better!)

    Like I mentiioned yesterday, I don’t think Sweets ever quite recovered from Daisy’s desertion to Maluku; but for that, he might already be married to her, although who knows how that would have worked out. Booth and Brennan on the other hand are so solid that they’ve been able to overcome every obstacle put in their way, no matter how hopeless the situation seemed. I just hope this doesn’t precipitate another arc where Sweets mopes and searches for a new love interest. I’ve already seen as much of that as I can take for a while. Go easy on the Sweets, Hart-too much and the audience will get bloated!

  8. I loved that Brennan hates to lie; but, she knows politicians have to do that to get the support they need to do their jobs and she then thought it was fine tell Daisy that she would never tap her phone. She was clearly telling a lie but doing it with an honest face since she was being honest about lying. It just tickled me that she could use logic to get around what is usually a dilemma for her.

  9. I for one really love that Booth and Brennan are so open with each other. He’s not afraid to say that he thinks she wouldn’t be a good president, and she takes no offense at it. He supports her, but he still doesn’t think she’d be good as president. And let’s face it, she wouldn’t! She’d be a dictator lol!
    And the end scene was so adorable and dorky and totally them. I laughed out loud when Booth did the little dance and shook the buttons.

    I don’t like Sweets or Daisy, and I like them even less together. But I did almost feel bad for Daisy. He really blindsided her. Better to do it now than later, but still. There’s no way he didn’t know that moving in together was a big step. Isn’t it always? If it’s not, then something is wrong with your relationship. But I’ve had enough Sweets stuff for a while.

    I loved the balance of this episode. There was a lot of Booth and Brennan in the field and interrogation room together which I always love, because I love their working relationship as well. Yet the episode wasn’t heavily centered on them, and there was room for Angela/Hodgins and Sweets/Daisy. Even if those relationships aren’t as important to me personally, I think it’s good for the show to keep the balance.

  10. Speaking of the campaign buttons, Booth contradicted himself about them….

  11. My choice is a perfect wedding dance song for Booth and Brennan: “When I Fall in Love” covered by Boyz II Men and Michael Buble.
    Particularly because it sounds like Brennan.

    “When I fall in love it will be forever
    Or I’ll never fall in love
    In a restless world like this is
    Love is ended before it’s begun
    And too many moonlight kisses
    Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

    When I give my heart it will be completely
    Or I’ll never give my heart
    And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
    Is when I fall in love with you.”

    • C-bones, that is a perfect song! It’s very Brennan. Let’s see, would Booth’s be, “I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” by Savage Garden?

      Maybe it’s intuition
      But some things you just don’t question
      Like in your eyes
      I see my future in an instant
      and there it goes
      I think I’ve found my best friend

      There’s just no rhyme or reason
      only this sense of completion
      and in your eyes
      I see the missing pieces
      I’m searching for
      I think I found my way home

      I knew I loved you before I met you
      I think I dreamed you into life
      I knew I loved you before I met you
      I have been waiting all my life

    • Not sure they’re wedding song material, but pretty much all of Ingrid Michaelson’s lyrics remind me of Brennan and Booth. Especially “Soldier.” (Seriously, y’all, give it a listen.)

      ALSO! On an unrelated note…I was just invited to interview with Entertainment Weekly next week for an internship. SO. YAY! I don’t know why, exactly, but I just wanted to let the Bones Theory family know. If you feel so inclined, send some happy thoughts/ prayers/ well wishes/ good vibes/ whatever my way. I’d appreciate it 🙂
      Meanwhile, let’s all miss Bones like crazy.

  12. This is unrelated to the topic, but it is an observation.

    It appears that the episodes being filmed this year have Booth back in a Chevy Suburban. I can only assume that means no more “scripted commercials” during the show since that never happened in S1-3. Then again, you never know since Toyota set that precedent, Chevrolet may pick it up and continue.

    Just a little something fun and happy for this glorious Friday!!

    • I noticed that too and believe it or not, it worries me. Losing Toyota’s sponsorship might mean no more commercials during the show but it also means less money in advertisement. Those Toyota ads payed for part of the show’s budget. Maybe Chevy can pick it up and we’ll see Brennan driving a Chevy Volt instead of a Prius haha

      • There are always two sides to a coin. They even brought up being on a budget at the last Comic-Con when someone asked if they were going to film in another country like they did in London.

  13. Waaaaaah!! No Bones tonight!
    Another “everything happens eventually” that came true-

    • I know. 😦
      But I love that picture.
      And I love that Booth’s dreams literally came true.

      • That’s quite possibly my favorite B&B scene from season 7 and that’s saying a lot. It’s not only Booth’s dream, it was Brennan’s story. She wanted to have his babies and what Brennan wants, she gets. As Booth said, she can very convincing 😉

        I really love watching old episodes knowing what we know now. If season 1 Brennan could see where she’d be in 8 years she would probably have a heart attack.

      • “It’s not only Booth’s dream, it was Brennan’s story.” I think that is a lovely thought, Mar! 🙂 She may not have said it out loud till season 7, but there was only one reason she wanted his “stuff” for a baby…his name is SEELEY BOOTH! 🙂 <–(favorite line ever?)

  14. Hey guys

  15. Damn…I miss Bones. I hate hiatus, but I know they’re a necessity. 22 more episodes waiting for us though 😀

  16. Hey, BT buddies – here’s a little something that might help….hope you enjoy!

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