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Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss


Hello, hello! It’s that time of year again, where we put aside partisan differences and agree on one thing–Booth looks good without his shirt. 🙂 Yes, yes, it is once again time to ROCK THE VOTE! Two years ago, we determined the #1 Booth and Brennan shipper, and last year we voted on the best episode ending. This year, it seemed like a good idea to cast our ballots for the best kiss between our favorite partners. And well, now we have a lot more to choose from–which is great!

So let’s get to it. Below are the 26 kisses I could track down. We’ll narrow it down as the week goes by and next Tuesday, the 6th will be the final vote!

The voting is below, but I wanted to give you a quick glance at just what you’re voting for:

Season One:

No kisses (but we love you, season one!)

Season Two:

No kisses (but plennnnnnty of super hot moments!

Season Three:

Knight on the Grid– Brennan kisses Booth on the cheek out of gratefulness

Santa in the Slush– B&B kiss under the mistletoe and share a little gum

Season Four:

End in the Beginning (1)– Booth and Brennan share passion in a narrative/coma dream or future moment

End in the Beginning (2)– Booth and Brennan share a sweet, affectionate kiss in their bedroom

End in the Beginning (3)– Brennan kisses Booth on the cheek for his kindness

End in the Beginning (4)– Brennan and Booth kiss in celebration that Brennan is pregnant

Season Five:

Harbingers in a Fountain– Booth kisses Brennan after he saves her life from a would-be killer

Parts in the Sum of the Whole (1) — Booth and Brennan share their first kiss, tequila included

Parts in the Sum of the Whole (2)– Booth kisses Brennan to convince her that what they have is more than their partnership

Season Six:

The Change in the Game- Booth gets a little more affectionate with Brennan while they are undercover

Season Seven:

Memories in the Shallow Grave (1)– Booth and Brennan kiss while making breakfast

Memories in the Shallow Grave (2)– Booth and Brennan kiss after agreeing to live together

Memories in the Shallow Grave (3)– Booth kisses Brennan’s stomach and talks to their baby

Crack in the Code– Booth and Brennan share a kiss after finding their dream home

The Don’t in the Do (1)– Booth kisses Brennan to prove that he knows her body and likes it as is

The Don’t in the Do (2)– Brennan and Booth share a kiss after he gives her lingerie

The Don’t in the Do (3)– Booth and Brennan kiss their way up the steps in anticipation of putting the lingerie to use

The Family in the Feud (1)– Brennan kisses Booth at a crime scene

The Family in the Feud (2)– Brennan decides she wants to kiss Booth a little more

The Suit on the Set– Booth and Brennan share a kiss after he declares they will always be partners

The Past in the Present– Brennan and Booth kiss after she ensures he knows she loves him

Season Eight:

The Future in the Past (1)– Booth and Brennan kiss after being reunited after several months apart

The Future in the Past (2)– Booth and Brennan share a kiss when Brennan is cleared of all charges against her

The Future in the Past (3)– Booth and Brennan get it on in celebration of her return

The Partners in the Divorce (1)– Booth and Brennan share a quick peck after mutually agreeing they are ‘fine’

The Partners in the Divorce (2)– Booth and Brennan kiss after agreeing that they are going to work hard and be fine

Cast your votes below!


20 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss

  1. Wow that’s tough. I was torn between four kisses. Our problem is we went from not a lot to choose from to our cup running over and the kisses keep getting better and better.

  2. Exactly Lenora! And I like them all for different reasons, so its hard to narrow it down! I love the SitS kiss because it was the first one we saw, but Harbingers one was so sweet with the “baby” added to it! 🙂 Buck and Wanda was the moment we all thought, along with Max, “Hey…wait a minute here!” And the Memories kisses on after are just a giddy fangirl’s dream come true! Decisions, decisions! It might be easier to vote for President 🙂

    • Someone PM’d me the other day to tell me that they just can’t see the love between B&B anymore. I was left totally speechless. I don’t know what show they’re watching; but, it really can’t be the one I’m seeing. I’ve had two people tell me that since season 8 started and I get so frustrated when they tell me that. We are finally getting what we want and some people are complaining that it’s not enough. It’s enough to make me talk to myself.

  3. I don’t see “All of the Above.”

    • Yes please! It’s impossible to choose just one. I could pick my least favorite kiss though, that would be easier. I went with Partners in the divorce 2.0 but it could’ve easily been any of the others…except one.

  4. That first kiss:) S5 #1 – The tequila kiss. Makes me melt.

    Second choice – Santa in the Slush.

  5. I would have picked the first kiss in The Past in the Future but that wig just killed it.

  6. There’s sweet, and then there’s hot-and some of those pictures as definitely hot. Especially the one at the beginning of the coma dream, and the one on the washing machine. Holy molly! How in God’s name are we supposed to pick (and did we ever, ever think in a million years that we would have this “problem”?!!!)
    I’m still a sucker for Santa in the Slush, but washing machine and new home are right up there. Will have to think more about this terrible quandary yo’ve put us in…

  7. I finally picked the kiss on the cheek from Knight on the Grid, just because it so totally floored him. I *love* his reaction – she literally stole his breath.

    • That’s the one I picked too because it was the first genuine kiss we saw between them. It was dear and sweet and Brennan was comfortable and relaxed about it.

      If they had shown the full kiss from Santa in the Slush and not the cut down version, I would have gone with that. They both went for it with that kiss. Sadly, the best version ended up on You Tube.

      Also, and please don’t hate me, but I don’t get a lot of heat from their kisses. To me Emily holds her mouth too tightly closed or looks like she’s trying not to laugh most of the time. She needs to relax more for me to really believe it, although I love the closeness in the relationship.

      I recently watched an episode of Angel that featured Darla in it. David and Julie Benz went to town with their romantic scenes and completely sold me. So much sexual chemistry between them. I don’t get that from Booth & Brennan. I want to, but I don’t. Obviously they love each other, but I don’t get the heat.

      Emily said in an interview once that she isn’t comfortable kissing David on screen and I think that comes across. At least it does to me. Grown up people who are crazy about each other usually don’t kiss so tight-lipped even on Broadcast TV at 8:00.

  8. I’m a sucker for Santa in the Slush, but wish they’d aired the YouTube version. I like the season 4 finale ones alot, and am a big fan of the reunion kiss in 8.01.

    In the end though, I had to go for washing machine. Just because I can’t believe they actually did it, and I’ve waited a looooooong time to see some proper, fun, excited heat between these two and that scene nailed it. *ahem*

    • Sophia, as always I agree with you! The extended version is perfection. I adore the washing machine because I love the story of how it came to be. DB thought it up, the fandom agreed, and it got written in! I think that is so cool 🙂

      But I did end up voting for Harbingers. I love how he killed the guy with one shot (I always love when he does that!), he cradles her so close, callls her “baby”, and then that later scene with her blood on his shirt. I don’t know how to describe it, but I really feel the depth of his feelings for her in that moment. And she also holds on to him with her good hand so tightly and accepts his comfort and help. Sigh. 🙂

    • Went with that one too, because as much as I like the rest, they’re together for real in this one, the actors look like they’re having fun with it and well, Booth’s shirt comes off in a very sexy way. What more can a fangirl ask for?

  9. Is it wrong that I put more thought into this vote than the one for our leaders?

    • Haha, Linda that’s funny, but true! I would vote for “all of the above” but if I must pick one, It would be Partners in Divorce-2. That kiss was romantic & hot. Brennan told him she loved him, and Booth told her they would be fine. Here is a better example of the kiss. Look at that lip action. Brennan’s arm on Booth shoulder, his on her back. Definitely the best!

      • That is a great kiss Karen, but the whole ‘fart’ was a bit of a turnoff for me, so I couldn’t vote for it. It is the kiss they seem most invested in though, which is nice.

        I have this weird thing where I feel like sometimes they’re kissing – as in, their lips are touching – but they don’t seem to move them at all. Does that sound weird?! (It does, I know. I’m going with it though) That’s why I like the unaired version of Santa, because they’re actually properly snogging haha.

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