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Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss- Round 2


Hello, hello!

It’s time for round two. Thank you to each person who took the time to vote. Below are the top 13 vote getters—we’ve narrowed the field by 50%, and it’s a close race! Hopefully your favorite(s) made the cut!

Season Three:

The Knight on the Grid–in which Brennan rocks Booth’s world a bit

Santa in the Slush–in which Brennan rocks Booth’s world A LOT

Season Four:

End in the Beginning (1)– in which Booth and Brennan get close…very close

Season Five:

Harbingers in a Fountain– in which Booth can’t help but get Boothy

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (1)– in which they can’t help but kiss one another

The Parts in the Sume of the Whole (2)– in which B&B break our hearts a little

Season Seven:

The Crack in the Code–in which a mighty hut becomes a home

The Don’t in the Do (3)– in which B&B are letting that ice cream melt, baby!

The Family in the Feud (2)– in which Brennan decides she wants a little more Booth action at the crime scene

The Suit on the Set–in which B&B get a sweet, Hollywood ending

Season Eight:

The Future in the Past (1)– in which B&B are reunited and it feels so good

The Future in the Past (3)– in which a washing machine is used, so yeah…

The Partners in the Divorce (2)– in which B&B make everything all better

Okay, you’ve seen the options–now it’s time to cast your vote and narrow it down to the top six!


23 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss- Round 2

  1. Mine are still there. Yea

  2. Mine, too! Knight on the Grid, baby! I’m a sucker for romance! 🙂

    • I thought sure you’d vote for Santa in the Slush.

      • That is my Favorite. Episode. Ever and in terms of full-on kisses (the extended version), I like it best. But Booth’s reaction to a simple little kiss on the cheek in Knight on the Grid kills me every time. Love it.

  3. I do love all that remain. Well I’ve loved everyone of them. I am managing not to vote for every single one of them though. 😉

  4. I’m hoping for a longer list at the end of this season.

  5. Dirty laundry never looked so good…

    • So true! I’ll never think of laundry the same way again! 🙂 And I love that it was a Comic Con idea that became reality! I love how Bones creators and actors interact with the fans. It really makes following the show so much fun 🙂

      • My daughter watches a few other procedural dramas to make some of her friends happy, and she always complains about how unimaginative and poorly written they are compared to shows like Fringe and Bones (and Frasier and Babylon 5-talk about brainwashing your 15-year old!). She says she’s been spoiled by watching too much good tv. Bones, while still working within the constraints of a formula, seems to generally manage through good writing and great acting, as well as tongue-in-cheek humor that acknowledges its fans, to avoid the pitfalls that beset so many other procedurals of this type. Let’s all hope for a season 9!

      • Maria, your daughter has great taste in TV shows. Season 9 would be great.

  6. Love Santa in the Slush, great kiss, wish they’d followed up on that one. But Part kiss 1 seemed the most free, most uninhibited of their kisses to me on both their parts. Hope, happiness, and more.

  7. I do love how the kisses from HinF and KotG are still there. Makes me realise how powerful the tender moments have always been between these two – without needing it to be full on.

    It also reminds me of that glorious scene in the chicken episode (name escapes me) where Booth is holding Brennan’s hand in the diner when he’s comforting her over the fight with Angela. Maybe we should vote on the best non-kiss next…

    • Best non-kiss? Now there’s a mission impossible. There have been literally hundreds of amazing moments between these two during the last ~150 episodes

      • That’s lots of screenshots…

      • Best “eye sex” moments. One that comes to mind first is from The Truth in the Lye. B&B in her office discussing “satisfying biological urges”.
        And Santa in the Slush, “I love my gift Booth” (I love you), “Merry Christmas, Bones” (I love you too)

      • Oh Karen G – that SitS moment was my very first Bones scene. Hubby was watching and I walked in at that point. I still remember thinking ‘What is the story between these two?’ And what a hell of a story it was! And here I am 4 years – almost to the day – later with that moment (and grey sweater) permanently seared into my brain.

      • Santa in the Slush will always be my very favorite episode. It’s the moment I fell in love with the show. Love.

  8. I do love these rock the vote things.

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