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Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss- Round 3!


Hey, hey, hey!

Well, the votes are in, and we are now down to six contenders for Best B&B Kiss! I have to say that I love that they come from different seasons, for the most part. Good stuff! Some of my favorites did not make the cut, but others did. I guess that goes to show that I have many, many ‘favorites’.

Take a look at the below and be sure to vote!  The top four vote-getters will continue to the next round!

Season Three:

Santa in the Slush– It’s the kiss, but it’s also the stunned reaction TO the kiss from both of them (and from Caroline—bless her).

Season Five:

Harbingers in a Fountain– It’s such a pure and interesting moment, because Booth is both completely himself and yet…not? His instincts kick in, and there’s no way to stop him from going all the way with a kiss to Brennan’s head.

Parts in the Sum of the Whole (1)– It’s just perfect, in a lot of ways. They spent years dancing around one another afterward, but in that moment, they just went for it.

Season Eight:

The Future in the Past (1)– It’s reassuring to know that, no matter what happens, B&B are together now…distance and time cannot stop their love for one another.

The Future in the Past (3)– It’s Booth and Brennan. Making out (with promise of more) on a washing machine. Nearly naked. Yeah.

The Partners in the Divorce (2)– It’s the beauty in knowing that not everything is perfect between them, but they are fighters, and they love one another too much to give up.

Okay…get your vote on!


18 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss- Round 3!

  1. Wow mine are still there. All of these kisses are so wonderful.

    • Harbingers is still there! Woot 🙂 haha But also, looking at that SitS kiss…look how Brennan is grabbing his lapel!! She wants herself some Booth!! Can we blame her? But I think Harbingers is still #1 to me, probably because I wish that for some reason DB/Booth would hold me really tight and kiss my head 🙂 That lucky Emily… 🙂

  2. Dammit, my Knight on the Grid kiss is gone! You people have no romance in your soul! None! It’s all sex sex sex! I’m taking my ball and going home! Harrumph.

    After I vote for Harbingers.

    *sigh* This is my disappointed face, people. Oh yes, it is.

  3. ” All of these kisses are so wonderful.”
    Yes they are! Who would have thought in the dark days of Season 6, we would now have so many amazing kisses to choose from. And hopefully, lots more to come!

    • I haven’t been on this site for a while, and I saw the original post had 26 kisses to choose from. I thought, I need to see this. And there was all the evidence as I scrolled down the page.


  4. This was SO hard! It’s how I imagine parents feel when picking their favourite child…..I’m fairly certain this is on par with that 😉

    In the end I had to go with the Parts kiss. It’s their first kiss (& you never forget your first!) and I love how they just went for it, so holding back. Good times.

    The two Future kisses run a close 2nd & 3rd though. I love those ones too. Ah who am kidding…I love them all!!!

  5. You know what’s the best part about this? It’s not that we’re choosing between six kisses, we’re choosing between six distinct kisses. It’s like they each have their own category. Even the first poll was like that.

  6. Crazy that we have so many kisses to choose from! And I love that unlike so very many tv couples, they never kiss the same way twice. My favorite has to be the kiss in Partners in the Divorce. A very simple, but beautiful and intimate kiss. I love the makeouts, don’t get me wrong, but there is just an incredible amount of heat and intimacy in that one.

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