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Rock the Vote 2012: Round Four!


Hey you guyyyyyys!

It’s time for round four of Rock the Vote 2012! It’s the final four, and your vote might push your favorite kiss into the final round! The top two vote getters will get scene studies around them (posted on Monday) and then the final vote will be on Tuesday, election day (here in the USA!)

Get your vote on!


Season Three:

Santa in the Slush: She swapped him her gum, and then she had stuff to do, you know…with bones.


Season Five:

Harbingers in a Fountain: Booth kissed her. That’s a big deal.


Parts in the Sum of the Whole (1): Um, they’d known each other for what…not even a few days, and already they’re all over each other? We knew it.


Season Eight: The Partners in the Divorce (2): They’ve both worked so hard on just about everything in life–it’s nice to see that they are putting that much effort into their relationship.




17 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Round Four!

  1. Yea, two of my picks are stll there. At least MJ will be mollified since her’s is still there, sort of.

    • Yes, two of mine are left as well! But honestly , I love all 4 left, so I won’t be too disappointed 🙂 And the top two get SCENE STUDIES?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!1111??!!!!??1

      I’m a happy girl right now 🙂

    • At least I still have Harbingers, you buncha sex-starved nonromantics! 😀

      • Now, Now. Sticks and stones. You know you could teach us a lesson by writing that story soon. You know, rub our noses in it. (Booth’s thoughts as Brennan plants one on him.)

  2. is the santa in the slush kiss the extended version from the DVDs? if so, wha wha wah!

  3. My washing machine is out of contention, so I’ll go with the one that always leaves me swooning (let’s not even talk about the extended version!): Santa. It’s not just the kiss though-it’s the whole package that sells it for me. Booth’s face at the train store, the gray sweater, the looks between B/B when she tells him “you lied to him a lot,” and of course, the Christmas tree eye tango.

    I gotta say that if any of the others win out, I’ll still be golden. How can you not like any kiss between them? (Except for the “polite kiss” when they were fighting, and the rejection kiss. Painful stuff.)

  4. Yay! My favorite is still in the running! Partners because, as someone said on the IMDb board “Because we have the real thing now. I prefer the kisses they share in their own home with their baby girl asleep upstairs” 🙂
    I thought of another best “eye sex” moment last night. How could we not include Death in the Saddle. Breaking the laws of physics & “Making love. That’s when two people become one.” Phew! Brennan looks at him like she would like to find out.

    • jmg….she HAS found out! 🙂 I mean, no wonder why Christine happened so early! Emily getting pregnant or not, it makes sense that putting Booth and Brennan together with what we know of both of them in the “bedroom department” would be um….unstoppable? hehe

      *Side note: did they keep the Tony/Roxy or Buck/Wanda costumes from their undercover adventures? And do they, um, utliize them from time to time 🙂

  5. Agreed – I’d be happy with any of these finalists, although it’s getting harder to choose – maybe just do eenie meenie miney mo? 😉

    Also, I posted this new vid here at BT last week, but I think it’s appropriate to put it here too:

    • Jigs, I love your videos! Thanks for that. Awesome!.

    • Squeeee! *Faint* Watch this video! It has the ending of Death in the Saddle in it. Booths sexy voice there always makes me… *fanning self wildly*

      • Ha! Karen – when I saw your first message up above (the 9:30am one), mentioning the ‘Death in the Saddle’ end scene, I knew you in particular needed to see the vid!
        Glad you enjoyed it – ‘fanning self wildly’, ‘squeee’ and ‘faint’ are definitely reactions I’d hoped to achieve. 😉

    • This is definitely one of my favorite Booth/Brennan moments of all time!! Love, love, love the looks from both of them and that crooked finger under her chin…*swoon*

      • Sorry, should have clarified. I meant the screen shot that was on the video. The video has a whole was incredible!

  6. Happy my two favorites are still there:)

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