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Rock the Vote 2012: Partners in the Divorce Scene Study


Hello, hello!

Well, we are down to two! Each ‘kiss’ finalist has a scene study (you can click here to go to the Parts in the Sum of the Whole scene), and the voting will take place tomorrow with a winner announced on Wednesday morning. And YAY, a new episode tonight! I can say that it’s my favorite episode of the season so far, and there will certainly be a Morning After Q tomorrow as well as the voting. Sound good! Let’s do this thing!

Okay, so after an intense reunion in the season 8 premiere, things looked up for B&B. But as the days went on, tensions rose to the surface and they tried to reconcile living together once again after having been separated for a few months. There were justifications on both sides for feelings, and they also discussed that they were ‘fine’. But it was clear that not everything was ‘good’, and there’s a difference between ‘fine’ and ‘good’.

The scene starts at B&B’s home, with Booth alone and waiting for Brennan.

Pardon me if I think a broody Booth is a hot Booth. Mentioned Angel in the PitSotW post, and these first few pics have that same vibe as well.

Brennan arrives home, Booth gives her this raspy “hey” that is perfect. He comments that she’s home late, and she confesses that she went to visit Sweets.

When he wants to know why, she tells him it’s because there is something wrong with her.

Booth uncurls from his seat right away, assuring her that nothing is wrong with her.

She tells him that she thought when they apologized to one another, that everything was fine, and Booth realizes it’s because they were being polite. Brennan agrees, but also states that he knew that not everything was fine.

Booth, who always wants everything to be okay for the people he cares about, even if it means he himself is uncomfortable or without, tells her that it’s because he wanted to believe everything would be fine. That is also his way of operating…fake it till you make it!  Booth isn’t fake…it’s just that he believes a man can work hard and shape his destiny, and he was going to work hard to make sure that they were ‘fine’.

Brennan tells him the only way it will be fine in the future is if they admit to one another that it’s ‘not fine right now’. Booth knows she’s right, but I like seeing his internal conflict.  

Brennan tells him that Sweets told her she is rebelling psychologically because she knows her happiness is contingent on Booth and Christine.

Booth is quick to tell her that while Sweets is good at that stuff, they are more than psychology.  I love how, during the conversation, they are literally walking into one another’s arms. Earlier in the episode, Booth told Sweets that sex wasn’t the problem–it was the solution. I love that they still continue to touch one another as signs of their affection and commitment to one another.

“We’re gonna be okay,” Booth tells her.

“I just don’t want to be polite about this,” Brennan tells him, and I love that. I love that she just wants it to be honest. Booth gets a little scared here…not because I think he’s afraid of what she’ll say, but because he’s afraid he has to admit how he really feels. He can’t just fix it.

But he tries, saying, “I’ll just make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Brennan wants to know how he plans to do that.

He tells her he’ll fart when he kisses her.

It breaks the tension and makes Brennan laugh. And then Booth admits that he was angry–he lost the time with her and Christine, and he can’t get it back.

Brennan is glad they are talking (and still looking at him with that wide-eyed vulnerability she’s always had when they are really honest and super close to one another!) . She tells him they can take Christine to the carousel, even though she knows what the outcome will be.

Booth calls her a wild woman, and she tells him that she loves him. She is willing to be irrational to prove that fact.

They kiss and hold one another as the screen goes dark!


1. They probably go straight to bed and have some pretty good sex after this kiss. No more cabs separating them, none of that.

2. It’s a kiss that proves they can overcome anything, if they just keep communicating with one another.


1. It’s nice, and passionate, but not as long and intense as the other kiss

2. Fart jokes are not exactly hot


12 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Partners in the Divorce Scene Study

  1. Except for the joke I just love that whole scene. We see vulnerability, sadness, fear, respect, love, kissing. That kiss is just so mature and the end product of six years of want, one year of have and three months of pain.

  2. Brennan at the verge of tears worrying about making her relationship with Booth work is like a punch to the gut. Gah.

    I love these two actors together. They are amazing.

  3. I don’t care about the joke, it’s honest and it did the trick, to break the tension. I can totally see a guy like Booth behaving that way.

    I also agree with the two comments above, that kiss was very special and held a lot of meaning. Brennan being so invested in her relationship with Booth and wanting so desperately for them to be alright is just so wonderful to see. I love his face when she says she loves him and is willing to do irrational things to prove it, he’s dazzled.

  4. They were both so afraid, like they were on the edge of an abyss and they didn’t know whether they could pull back from it in time. Brennan just utterly at a loss about what is happening to her because she’s never had to depend on anyone for her happiness, and Booth terrified that he might not be able to fix what the separation did to them-it’s written all over thier faces, the scene was so wonderfully acted. No crying fit, no yelling; all quiet and subtle angst. I like that it didn’t have a pat happy ending. Their problems are clearly not resolved in their entirety by that kiss, but admissions are made and love proven, and that’s a good place to be. This type of scene was exactly what I wanted to see in season 8, not a brush off of the impact that her leaving must have had on both of them. Hope they keep mining that season 7 ending for a while. It’s been a great substitute for all the UST we had before.

  5. I think it’s interesting that the finalists are their very first kiss and their most recent. Bones is coming full circle…not that I’m ready for it to end by any means. A few more laps is fine by me.
    At any rate, I didn’t like the joke at first. The word “fart” alone is just crass to me. I don’t let my kids use it. Definitely not romantic, but It did break the tension. LOVE your scene studies, but this time I think you left off one of the best parts… their moment as the scene faded to black. With foreheads touching, she leans in for another kiss, but stops herself and warns him, “Don’t you dare!” And then Booth’s innocent little “What?” comment. So playful. Their comfort level with each other has returned.
    This one will get my vote, mainly because there was so much more meaning behind it. Their first kiss was hot, but definitely more centered on their physical attraction for each other. And, after seven plus years, we all know that B&B are SO much more than that.
    Aside from saying that her happiness in contingent on his and Christine’s, I think Brennan’s admissions that she loves him and is willing to be irrational to prove it are epic. We waited years to hear her say things like that. Yeah, she’s told him she loves him before, but I still melt every time she does because we know how much she must mean it. And for this woman who bases her entire life on being rational to sacrifice that where Booth in concerned? That is love, baby.
    One last thought that’s on a complete tangent. Could we just stop and appreciate Booth’s biceps this season? And Brennan’s hands on his pecks / shoulders? I wouldn’t be able to resist touching them either.
    “I’m done now.”

  6. Reason why I’m ok with the “fart joke”: I feel like it was an adorable improv line from DB, perhaps an inside joke between him and ED from another time. So that makes me go, “Awwww, David and Emily are so cute!” Which to me is better than the writers sitting down and going, yes, let’s put a fart joke in there. That’s weird. 🙂

    Reason why I like this kiss: Well, most of it has to do with that t-shirt and those biceps. It had the right amount of angstiness and the right amount of romance. Love seeing them as a couple and working through the conflicts that arise between them. They are in their own house, and making out in the dark. These are all good things. 🙂

    • I thought that the end part of the scene was more David and Emily than Booth and Brennan as well and really thought at the time that the fart thing was an inside joke. Seems like something DB would do as a tension breaker… 🙂 Guys seem to enjoy fart jokes. I think it’s their brain function or their DNA or something so it was at least realistic to me… I don’t think I noticed that throughout the scene they got closer and closer together. They are just drawn to each other. And I like the determination they both have to make things right even if they don’t agree on how to do that. Since they were “just partners” all those years they’ve actually developed a healthy relationship. 🙂 I can’t vote… Maybe I should do a re-watch first… (twist my arm)

    • And also votes for the T-shirt and biceps too! 😉

  7. Heart crushing to see Brennan so concerned and filled with doubt to the point of seeking out Sweets. The things Sweets said disturb me. Even as they moved towards each other and talked things out, they were reserved. Even when they kissed it was loving but not passionate. It’s as if they were lovingly kissing and holding each other and at the same time holding each other in place and keeping some distance between them however slight. Because even if everything will be ok, everything is not ok right then.

    The joke or the joke topic may have been meant to ease the tension, but for me it diminished the seriousness of the situation and how seriously Brennan took the situation. It says a lot about how far Brennan’s evolved especially when many characters have been critical of how she is. Brennan and Booth have joked before during serious conversations where it didn’t take away from the mood or situation. For me this time it did. Certainly a true, deep, loving kiss, but a kiss with weight. I didn’t feel the passion and the everything really will be ok in it and I really wanted to.

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