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Rock the Vote 2012: Parts in the Sum of the Whole Scene Study


Hello, hello!

Well, we are down to two! Each ‘kiss’ finalist has a scene study (you can click here to go to the Partners in the Divorce scene), and the voting will take place tomorrow with a winner announced on Wednesday morning. And YAY, a new episode tonight! I can say that it’s my favorite episode of the season so far, and there will certainly be a Morning After Q tomorrow as well as the voting. Sound good! Let’s do this thing!

Okay, so, in the 100th episode, Booth and Brennan had met for the first time, in a series of flashbacks. Note: the below kiss does get broken up with a bit of ‘present day’ stuff, but I did not include it in this scene. All you need to know about that is that Brennan declares the kiss had ‘tongue contact’. But you don’t need me to tell you that, because I’m about to show you.

The scene starts out in a dive bar, where Booth is sharing some liquor with Brennan.

She starts talking about the case, but Booth stops here–he wants to show her something first.

He is going rogue—note, this is after she has already expressed that going rogue is a good thing. 🙂

I love her smile…it’s so great to see them liking one another. There was something so special about that idea, that when they met, they liked one another. You’ll notice that Booth moves even closer to her.

He mentions how she can hold her liquor, and it’s clear he’s impressed. She tells him about how she once drank bhang, and he stares at her.

But then he tells her that she’s fired. She is not amused–is it because she drank bhang? Because that was for scholarly research, she tells him, in a way that is both tipsy and prim and basically adorable. And it makes him smile, because she’s just very cute.

He tells her that she’s fired because she punched a federal judge.

Brennan counters that he said it was hot. He agrees–it was hot, very hot. But still…

Brennan thinks it over for a moment, but then comes to another realization.

Reel him in, baby!

If they don’t work together any longer…they could have sex.


Booth tells her he’ll call a cab, and Brennan is agreeable to that decision. Love her eyes and how expressive they are. It’s no wonder he was totally enthralled with her from the start!

Booth stops for a moment, because he has something he wants to confess to Brennan before anything goes any further. She wants to know if it’s because John Wilkes Booth is an ancestor.

He is surprised she knows about that, and when she tells him she figured it out from his bone structure, he nervously (and sweetly) asks her to keep that under her hat.

She smiles at him and sort of laughs, which is also very sweet. I think she probably is thinking that is a silly thing to say, but I love that she smiles at him.

Booth tells her that he has a gambling problem, but he’s dealing with it. This is a huge admission from him, and we know this now, not because he rarely tells people about this particular issue but because he NEVER likes admitting something he doesn’t have control over. I have the feeling that he’s never started a date off this way. Maybe he told himself that if he got involved with someone else, he’d tell them straight away. Maybe she is just so honest that he can’t help but tell her. Either way, he does.

I already stated that I doubt he started dates off with telling women about his gambling problem, but I REALLY doubt that any other woman would ask “Why did you feel you had to tell me that?” . Booth probably received encouragement, support, sympathy, disdain, or any number of other reactions to that statement, but from Brennan, she just continues to ask a question—to find out his motivation, and to learn more about him.

Booth’s vulnerability is dark (which is why DB is so great at Booth and was so great as Angel!) , with a furrowed brow and dark, questioning eyes.

He tells her that he feels ‘like this is going somewhere’.

I love that Brennan’s vulnerability is more open, clear-eyed and welcoming.

She asks him why he thinks what they have is ‘going somewhere’, and I think that’s part curiosity and part flirting. Either way, they are both pretty darn lovely and both completely in the other’s spell 🙂

Booth breathily admits that it’s because he thinks he’s going to kiss her. Brennan’s had enough talking, and she leans in to press her lips against his. And the kiss begins…

It’s so perfect, because it’s so pure–there is none of the angst that will come between them within about 5 ‘show-minutes’. It’s not just desire, though there is a lot of it…it’s also full of promise and happiness.

Brennan moves away from Booth, and he is left stunned, saying only “Wow”. Brennan laughs at him and declares that they are NOT spending the night together.

“Of course we aren’t. Why?” Booth agrees with her (I think he would have agreed to just about anything in that moment) and when she tells him “Tequila,”  he chases after her for a moment.

He wants to know if she thinks he’d wake up in the morning and have regrets.

“That would never happen,” Brennan tells him, ha!

She waves to him as the cab drives away, and Booth feels the pull back to the pool hall, but eventually walks away and goes home, fighting the urge to gamble (I believe) because he has a taste of something to fight for.

So there you have it.


1. It’s a great kiss, full of heat and ‘sweet’

2. It basically helped Booth quit gambling, so…


1. They didn’t kiss again for about four years. And then two years after that. And THEN like two MORE years

2. While certainly nice, it’s not the kind of kiss that proves how much they mean to one another.


8 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Parts in the Sum of the Whole Scene Study

  1. I just need a moment, or several, to look at these repeatedly and sigh happily.

  2. Not only is he stunned after that kiss, he staggers a little. He was deeply affected by that kiss. I think Brennan was so affected that she did the thing she always did when presented with things that she was afraid of. She ran (Cab). I loved the kiss and it was really wonderful; but, that she ran and he was left standing vulnerable in the street which felt very sad to me.

  3. It’s a great, intense and lustful kiss, but not a happy kiss.

  4. Such a passionate kiss that was skillfully woven into the story we had so far and which helped to explain so much about their relationship. But alas, the suffering that came afterwards kind of leaves me reeling whenever I see this scene. I know it sets the stage for what we have now and that they weren’t ready for a real relationship at this point, but this only makes it more bittersweet.

  5. What I find interesting about this kiss (and most of that episode), is that it’s their first time together, yet it was filmed after multiple seasons of the show had already occurred. I think they did a good job of going back and making them look and act as they did early on. What’s interesting to me is that they both were a bit off-putting to me, as in, I didn’t like them at certain parts of the episode. Brennan saying “I hate you” like a 5 year old? But it really showed how each of them had many rough edges that have gradually smoothed as time went on.
    But still, even though both were so abrasive, to each other and to others, there was a spark. There was SOMETHING there. From Booth first laying eyes on her, to that kiss in the rain. They both knew. Booth said much later that “He knew”, but I think Brennan did too, and that’s why she ran. In this case, it was good that she ran, because they were more than a one-night stand, B&B were destined for that Mighty Hut, and they both needed to be ready.
    This kiss changed so much about the prior episodes, puts Santa in the Slush into a whole different light to me. They’d already kissed before, and that’s why SitS got so intense so fast that gum was exchanged 🙂 haha. It was a more innocent kiss, they didn’t know about Brennan’s family drama, Booth’s dad and baby mama drama, it was just pure interest and attraction.
    This episode and kiss “changed the game” for me, and made me rethink all those episodes prior, as it did for Sweets too!

  6. Perfect. I can’t think right now:)

  7. Their first kiss. A life altering kiss that is going somewhere. A kiss that changes their lives forever whether they want it to or not. Freely leaning into each other. Full of passion, desire, hope and happiness that will lead to a friendship, trust, loyalty and determination they can’t begin to imagine for better or worse. Where the challenge begins of how to find a way to be together without the ultimate risk of losing each other. A challenge they both embrace. From not sleeping together, anger, fighting, and separation to not being able forget about the other. To Brennan writing a book about them because she can’t forget Booth. To Booth pursing Brennan till he finds a way to get them back together in a way they can both live with. This changed how I looked at past episodes as well. The falling in love kiss. The beginning.

  8. Meh, I’m disapppointed these two kisses are the final two as I don’t particularly like either of them. This one bugs me because I kind of feel Brennan c*ck teased him a bit, it was her idea to go have sex afterall and the she ran out on him without an explanation and got angry for no reason the next day. They never never really explained what she actually mad about. It’s not like he was inappropriate, in fact he was very honest and vulnerable with her. Which is why she ran, I know. But as I said; meh.

    The other kiss I dont really like primarily because of the fart joke but mostly because they didn’t actually resolve anything. Booth shouldn’t gave dismissed what v Brennan said sweets Saud. If she didn’t think it had merit, she wouldn’t have brought it up. The writer’s skipped over massive deals abday distracted the audience with a kiss. So while that one will begrudgingly get my vote, it’s only because it’s the kiss I think the actors made most believable.

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