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The Method in the Madness-Post Episode Discussion


How did you like this episode?


The comments are open…just please remember, no spoilers!!!


8 thoughts on “The Method in the Madness-Post Episode Discussion

  1. I LOL’d when Fisher stopped by & Sweets and Booth were walking upstairs together.
    Brennan & Sweets dancing at the end. I was mad though that he interrupted B&B’s alone time.
    I thought the Captain America boxers scene was cute.
    I did not expect the applesauce lady to be the killer. I thought it was the doctor.

  2. Squintern Fisher really knows his stuff. He was kind of creepy!
    Also, baby Christine is so adorable!
    Sweets seemed happy to have a family. Booth coming home and greeting “you three” was cute!

  3. I enjoyed this episode. I didn’t know what to expect. There really wasn’t a lot of hype so I guess I wasn’t expecting much. It felt like a normal episode to me, and I still like getting those.

    • It was an average (case wise), good episode. It’s a little odd that they chose this for November sweeps, but given that it’s the night before election day, I doubt they’re expecting huge ratings anyway.

      I liked seeing Christine again, she’s so cute and I’m always pleased to see mommy Brennan. It’s just so odd when you think of the Brennan from 6-7 years ago.

  4. Sweets and Brennan dance party…yes! Booth greeting them with “you three”, adorable! The case was average, I agree with Mar, but shirtless Sweets wasn’t bad. 🙂 I like how Brennan and Sweets have struck a balance of sorts, although Booth isn’t sure about it haha. But I like how the three of them are relating together, it seemed very nice and natural.

  5. This gif made me LOL – Alone time? od-in-the-madness

    Now they have to worry about Christine AND Sweet interrupting them.

  6. Lo
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  7. That awful moment when real life takes over the BONES-obsessed part of life and I don’t have time to comment until now… Sigh.

    Alright. I was iffy about this episode until the last 45 seconds.

    First off, Fisher was amazing. JDM was awesome and I’ve never liked the character more. I also loved how chummy he and Brennan were.

    I liked the “It takes a village,” shout out. Just saying.

    This is me being super over-sentimental, but I’m okay with that. When Angela said “Michael Vincent” out loud, it actually hurt. It took me a split second to realize that OBVIOUSLY she’s talking about her son, but just the mention and reminder of VNM was hard.

    I am not a baby/kid person. I just am not. But my God. THAT BABY. I can’t stand how beautiful and perfect she is! No bias though…

    I just about died laughing at the Captain America underwear. Can’t say we’re surprised, though, right? Of COURSE Booth has CA underwear.

    Along with the Brennan/Fisher camaraderie, I am LOVING the Brennan/Sweets camaraderie.
    “I liked it better when you two were fighting.”
    It really is about time that the three of them got to this point in their relationship. Of course Booth is super uptight about it, but come on, I think it’s okay to admit that Sweets has been accepted in the “family.” Especially when his initiation happened so long ago, IMO. It just strikes me as very Boothy for him to be uncomfortable about it.

    I also was not offended by JFD in a towel? I am just as surprised as anyone. Go figure.

    Also a line that went a little something like, “You know when there is someone who you want to protect even though they have to be out in the world alone?”
    Right in the feels. I had major Season 3-5 flashbacks and it was intense. And awesome.

    “Anthropology is all about dancing.”
    I can’t put that scene into words, nor can I put my love for that scene into words. So I won’t try. I will just keep smiling about it. Temperance Brennan, I. Love. You.

    I’m having a hard time putting into words exactly what rubbed me strangely about this episode. How they dealt with Angela this time around made me a little iffy. I hope they continue to delve into her issues, and that this isn’t a “quick fix” kind of thing. I’m going to need to rewatch it and see how I feel about the rest. Some of the directing was kind of strange too, but with an end scene like that, you just can’t be mad at the episode as a whole.

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