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Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss– Results!


Hello, hello!

The results are in, and *drumroll please*, your favorite B&B kiss is…


The Partners in the Divorce!


19 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2012: Best B&B Kiss– Results!

  1. Wow, another close ‘election’ 😉 Thanks Sarah for keeping us all occupied for a few weeks while we debated the merits of kiss A versus kiss B. It was a good distraction!

  2. I agree. Thanks for the lovely pictures. My favorite kiss actually won.

  3. Well my fav didn’t actually win, but I can’t say that I lost, either. All B&B kisses are awesome, and thanks for all the pics and SCENE STUDIESSSSS! (Which, if you can’t tell, are my favorite things.)

  4. Just so you know, you’re all wrong. Just like you were all wrong when you didn’t agree that Santa in the Slush is the Best. Episode. Ever.

    So there.


  5. My favorite kiss won, yes! Nice screencap of the moment too…drool.

  6. Yay! My favorite kiss won! When I first saw this scene I started a thread on the IMDb “Is this their most romantic kiss?” Here is the kiss scene again in motion….

    Yum Yum!

  7. There are no bad B/B kisses, period. The fact that we have so many to pick from now is pretty miraculous, actually. I feel like all we’ve gotten after they first hooked up is kind of a gift, and since I watch the show mainly for the B/B interactions, whether they get renewed or not again, I now have plenty of great moments between them to choose from when I rewatch the series in the future. Way, way more than I ever dreamt we’d get. (But I would like even more so, renewal, please….) And Sarah, thanks for all the scene studies. Somehow, breaking down those kisses frame by frame makes them even more delectable.

  8. I picked this kiss because Brennan and Booth mean so much to each other now.
    Not that I don’t appreciate the magic and spark in their first kiss…because it was amazing. But it was a contest – I had to choose one.

    I read some previous comments in which people didn’t necessarily favor this kiss because they didn’t actually resolve anything. I don’t think that was the point of the kiss. I think what we got was the promise of resolution between them. Even HH’s words about it were very careful since he said things would be “mostly” resolved. But they had to make the first step in admitting some things. And they re-affirmed how much they are willing to fight to be together. Booth said “We’re going to be okay,” not “We are okay now.” And we do know that there will still be some aftershocks in some other episodes.

    • To me they did resolve some things. They needed to open up to each other about why they were feeling as they were. They needed to communicate, which they were not doing. While not all their issues were resolved, they at least recognized those issues were there and agreed to work through them because they love each other too much to let their relationship go to waste. This kiss represents all of that, their love and the commitment to make things right again because they owe it to each other.

      • I completely agree, Mar. What I meant was that the kiss was not the whole resolution. They have to continue to communicate with each other.

    • LOL, I was also agreeing with you, I guess I should’ve made that more clear.

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