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44 thoughts on “The Patriot in Purgatory- Post Episode Discussion

  1. My baby Brennan is all growed up, and feeling emotions. I feel so proud!

    Also, I adored her studying Phil Jackson’s book like a scientific text and implementing his principles. Very cute.

    The interns sharing their stories was a very good, well done scene. Even Hodgins put his theories aside to be a part of the team.

    I’m thinking she needs to get the interns to do this all the time, to free many people out of “limbo”.

    Very nice “bonus ep”. Well done by all.

  2. This was a very emotional episode for me. They did a great job with this.

  3. I need to wipe my tears first. Such a powerful, emotional episode. Wow, I need time to think about all the emotions it evoked.

  4. Well. I cried. A lot.

    While I don’t think many of us are strangers to getting emotional about TV shows or movies or what have you, but I am not used to them making me cry for such real reasons. I want to cry because I love this show so much, and I love the characters and how they deal with certain situations. Absolutely all of them were amazingly on target tonight. But I find myself crying for very real reasons, and I’m not sure if I love this episode for that, or if that fact just makes it worse.

    I loved “all” of the squints together. Those characters working off of each other was amazing to watch, and something we’ve never seen before.

    Hodgins was BRILLIANT. Even though he says he’s been through all the conspiracies, he can’t find any that make can make sense of what happened on 9/11 other than what actually happened. And knowing his character, there is something very beautiful about that.

    Cam talking about her experiences as a coroner in New York just kept the water works going. Tamara was so wonderful, and just SO spot on. Tough New York cop does have a heart, and even though we’ve known that for some time, it’s nice to be reminded in such a huge way.

    Booth gets SO intense about cases that have anything to do with the military. And while I understand, he usually gets touchy and over-protective to the point where it’s almost annoying. I didn’t catch that this time. He was subtle and perfect. And even though I love those aviator sunglasses, there was something very sad about them this time around. His speech at the funeral just about killed me. I don’t think we’ve seen him in that uniform since tPitH, and it just hits home every time.

    Brennan. Where do I start? She was amazing this entire episode. The basketball references were amusing, for sure. Something had to be a bit light. But the way she brought the team together was so awesome. I also loved how she interacted with Mrs. Murphy. Her heart was breaking for this woman. She also KNEW that she had to use her brilliance to bring closure to Booth with this case. So sweet and sad. And at the end, “It could have been you.” I was DONE. Full blown sobbing. I remembered from some previous episode, I think from Season 1 even, that she had mentioned she worked at Ground Zero for a couple weeks. Because she was “impervious” at the time, it didn’t affect her. She had no way of comparing the full horror of the situation to her own life. At the time, she was proud that she was strong enough to not cry. But now that she has so much to love, and so much to lose, she can see how terrible this was for the people who lost their loved ones.

    Other things I loved:
    -The set of “Limbo” was beautiful, in some sad, mysterious way. Even if much of it was digital.
    -Arastoo setting Finn straight was amazing. I think Finn didn’t realize the implications of what he was saying. He is just a kid and was quite young in 2001, but he really needed to hear it.
    -Seeing them all together really reminded me that Wendell is my favorite squint. He was second to VNM for quite some time, of course. Arastoo is an extremely close second.
    -Every single “Atta Boy.” Especially Booth’s.
    -“I’m a special agent. I beat up bad guys and jump over things.” “You’re describing Superman.”
    -One of my favorite reoccurring “parts,” is when Booth introduces them as a team to people. Usually something along the lines of “I’m Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI, this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan with the Jeffersonian Institute.” The fact that she added “I’m also his mate!” this time around had me rolling with laughter.
    -The awesome squint high five!

    Okay. That was cathartic. I think what’s important to remember here is to be appreciative of the people who serve to protect your country. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or what you believe in, these men and women do amazingly brave things for us, and suffer dearly for it. Here in the United States, today is Veteran’s Day. I think it’s important to have the same spirit of today on every day of the year. You guys are awesome. Please take the time to thank a veteran.

    • I was going to write some lengthy list of reasons why this may be one of my favorite episodes of ANY show ever, but instead I’m just going to say ditto. You hit the nail on the head from top to bottom!

      • Thank you. I just had to let it out, as you can obviously appreciate! SO much emotion, and that’s strange for me!

  5. Wow. Just…wow. I think this is the first time an episode has ever made me tear up.

    And Brennan. What a huge emotional moment between them. And how utterly sad when she said she had no one in her life. 😦

  6. Reblogged from cathexes :
    She finally admitted that the persona so many people judge her by was created out of fear. And it worked to keep everyone away. Until, by her own admission, she met Booth. That is the most tragic and beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

    I had no one in my life 😦 ld-avoid-it-all-before
    The way Booth is looking at her.

    • That is an excellent screen grab. Just excellent.

      For me, the most beautiful part of their relationship is knowing that these two damaged souls found each other, but in (mostly) healthy ways. That look, that moment, it says it all.

      • I liked seeing Brennan finally and completely admitting that her “keeping-people-at-a-distance-since-her-parents-left-so-she-won’t-be-hurt” was a complete smokescreen. Unfortunately for her smokescreen (and fortunately for us!), Booth was and is not a person you can easily ignore or dismiss. She knew that from the beginning, and took a cab home after that first kiss because she knew that her defenses were in danger already at that point. Booth has had some character development of his own, but mostly, the evolving and improving arc of Brennan’s character drives the show. Booth gets to be the (usually) steady backbone, letting her grow and change. Her little breakdown at the end of the show last night really got me thinking of how she has truly become the best version of herself. She’s still the brilliant scientist and author, but now the world gets to see the kind, loving, and motherly side to her. Brava, Brennan! 🙂

      • bb that was well said. She really has evolved since season one and I love that she is open to change.

      • Beautifully said bb.

  7. So I watch Dancing with the Stars also on Monday (AFTER Bones of course)…and of course the first round of dances tonight are dedicated to the troops. A bunch of whom are in the front row! And Shawn Johnson (w/Derek Hough) just danced an emotional waltz to Sarah McLaughlin’s song “In the Arms of an Angel”….and he is portraying a soldier who’s lost hope, and she’s the angel that comes to rescue him….and I’m BAWLING! Watch at your own risk…have a hankie in your hand!

    Watching it after this Bones episode is hitting me hard. So much emotion tonight!

  8. Loved Arastoo’s question to Finn – are you too uncomfortable working with Dr. Edison?
    Because you both share a religion that has had biblical quotes cherry-picked to justify slavery.

    Oh yes, although the terrorists of 9-11 hi-jacked Arastoo’s religion that day, Christianity, too, has had people’s words put into God’s mouth and God made the fall-guy for what self-rightous and arrogant people have been so, so certain was right-thinking and the only valid way to interprete or approach such-and-such an issue.

  9. Lovely, wonderful episode; I think SWY described it perfectly above. It was a fitting tribute to Veterans Day, and a powerful reminder of the problems people who have served our country face when they get back home. Favorites for me:
    The humor, which always needs to be there for contrast, was mild enough that it didn’t put a damper on the emotional scenes.
    Booth figuring out what the veteran was talking about.
    The superman comment, because duh, Booth is as close to being superman as it gets. Plus, it was very alpha-male of him to make Sweets do the grunt work. Love alpha-male Booth.
    That the victim died as a result of his sacrifice and it wasn’t a run-of-the-mill murder case.
    How they managed to bring everything full-circle at the end by having Brennan admit that the effects of 9/11 are still with her not only because of the work she did back then, but because now she can truly relate to everyone who lost a loved one that day because of Booth. It’s nice to see that she finally feels comfortable enough with their relationship to let some of those bottled-up emotions out. IMO, if anyone asks “where’s the love between B/B” after this episode, they need to join Zack at the mental institution.
    Brennan looking at Booth when they were talking to the victim’s wife, and then when he was giving the speech by the gravesite. Emily did a great job establishing how her character was thinking about Booth throughout the episode, and it made Brennan’s admission at the end even more meaningful.
    The final shot with Booth, as always, holding the love of his life and trying to comfort her, because whenever she’s hurting, he’s hurting too.

  10. That episode floored me. EVERY single person was amazing. It wasn’t political. It was respectful and insightful. It had just enough light moments without going overboard.

    The squinterns were entertaining and all their scenes were very well done. Arastoo’s speech was dead on and I really loved it.

    Cam and Angela and Hodgins remembering what they were doing was powerful,especially Cam. 900 death certificates is unimaginable.

    The end scene was what really left me speechless. That is well done character development. It wasn’t in your face and overdone. It was Brennan admitting to protecting herself for so long. And it was Booth that stopped her ability to do that. And he was amazing. He just listened and supported her. They truly are one of the most honest and healthy couples I have ever seen. They’re partners in every sense of the word.

  11. Very, very good. All the squints together – excellent. Brennan – amazing. Hit home hard.

  12. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Great case (You could actually care about the victim for a change) and great teamwork. And of course, wonderful B&B at the end. I even had a huge lump in my throat after watching this episode, which has not happened in a very long time!

  13. It’s hard to add anything to the comments others have made except to say that the show had absolutely the right touch of respect for the victim, the victims of 9/11, the people who worked the sites, the people who lost so much innocence that day. Few shows have looked squarely at the faces of people damaged by hatred and provided so many different views– the children who grew up to be the squinterns, the workers at the sites, the soldiers who were sent to battle that hatred. MASH regularly examined the cost of war; Bones did a fine job of examining the wars within each person that day.

  14. Wow – ok, that flies right towards the top of my ‘best episode’ list.
    Such a touching, emotional, poignant episode.
    Kudos to the writers for saying all the right things.

  15. As another point of levity, I laughed when I saw all those post-its she had over Phil’s (“Oh, it’s Phil now?”) book.

    Loved that even after she told Booth about the reassuring pats, even though he gave her a look, he did nothing to stop her.

    Brennan was on such a roll with the basketball thing that Booth was not prepared. I chuckled when he told her no more basketball. But one of favorite moments was during the end when he told her Phil Jackson had nothing on her. Did you see how sweetly she smiled when he said that? They are beyond adorable.

    • It was pretty funny when she swatted him on the butt and he turned around to see who did it not realizing that Brennan had done it.

      Also the look on the faces of the squints when she smacked them was pretty funny.

  16. At the risk of being flamed, I’m going to say that I wish this episode had ended with the funeral scene. 9/11 is so…real and it affected so many people and to see Brennan boil it all down to her fear of losing Booth felt so wrong. That end scene pulled the focus from the fallen and placed it squarely on the two of them, and I know they are the focus of the show, but this time…it just fell completely flat for me. Pretty much the entire rest of the episode was completely breathtaking and so appropriate for Veterans Day, but I really, really wish they had saved that ending for a different episode.

    • No flames. I think that’s a valid point. I don’t see it as “boiling it down” as much as you do, so I guess that’s why it didn’t fall flat to me. But I did wonder about it, too. I just consider everyone’s actions throughout the whole episode, and I think everyone acted respectfully to get the answers and honor a man who had been forgotten.

    • VR, you can just stop the episode at the funeral if you rewatch it and pretend it ended there! 🙂

      • Urg! It erased my comment! Weird 🙂

        I was going to say to Stephanie, no flames from me! I think you have a valid point, but to me it felt applicable because Brennan was there during the 9/11 recovery, identifying bodies, so she made the connection from then to her current life. As many of us probably did as we watched the episode and relived that time ourselves. But hey, if it felt off to you, that is fine, with DVR, you can just stop the episode at the funeral if you rewatch it and pretend it ended there! 🙂

      • No flame here, either. I liked the scene primarily because everyone else, save Angela and Sweets, expressed their sentiments/experiences/feelings about the attacks and then, once they’ve faced this huge emotional scene at the funeral, it’s B&B at home. But the devastation of that day lingers and for Brennan, who always seems to come late to the emotions, she finally breaks. Everyone else got to express themselves, but she still needs to.

        But I can see how ending at the funeral is just as dramatic. They gave us two endings.

  17. I didn’t like Brennans basketball nonsense with the squints. I thought it made her look ridiculous. I was embarrassed for her and would have much preferred that she had just called them in because it was important and necessary to label the remains.

    If that had been Booth with a group of young, female FBI agents no one would have thought it was funny or cute. You don’t slap people who are your subordinates on the behind even in an “atta boy” kind of way no matter if you’re encouraging teamwork among them.

    Cams “I was a coroner in New York” remark I can forgive since it was actually spoken in season 7 and not in season 8 where it seems like she needs to mention it every episode.

    I love how Arastoo corrected Finn. He was passionate, but not mean. Finn spoke in ignorance and Arastoo taught him what he needed to know. Love how Finn appreciated the correct information.

    To learn what and where the interns were on 9/11 was very touching. I really love this group and I wanted to hug each of them.

    I always love fierce and proud Booth…my favorite version of him. Brennan in his office proclaiming herself his mate-Yay! loved that.

    The widow breaking down while meeting with Booth and Brennan was just heartbreaking. The eulogy and flag folding funeral scene totally had me in tears.

    The final scene with Booth & Brennan was perfect. I think we’ve seen Booth break before over what’s happened to him (Soldiers on a Grave) and I always attributed his gambling problem as part of his PTSD, so to see Brennan completely break down at the idea of what might have been lost to her was amazing. Better than a dozen “I love yous”. We get it now. If there was every any doubt before, this is a woman who deeply loves her “mate”. Their embrace was the most *I think* physically romantic thing they’ve done since they’ve been together as a couple.

    • I realize that the basketball “atta boy” pat on the hindquarters seemed over the top for Brennan given the tone of the rest of the episode, but she throws herself into things and this isn’t entirely out of character for her. She had no idea that her “team approach” would result in such a discovery. I actually laugh every time I see it; by the end of the episode, I’m a puddle.

      • That was the only part of the episode I didn’t care for. I just fast forward over that first scene. I tried to watch it a second time, but I don’t like it even if I understand why they took the character there.

  18. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the enormity of this episode, but one quick comment on something Ioved, and that was Brennan’s “I’m also his mate” comment. Up until last night I would have been thrilled to hear her refer to him as her boyfriend, but “mate” is just wow! Mate sounds so much more long-term (lifetime?) than mere boyfriend, don’t you think?

    • Absolutely, DJ. Especially since she added “we have a daughter together.”

    • I would not have been thrilled to hear “boyfriend/girlfriend”, because it doesn’t seem to fit them. I am not surprised with her term because she used it before. It’s just good to see that she’s very happy and comfortable with the idea of being his mate.

      • I can imagine the conversation in which he refers to her as his girlfriend, to which she would reply that she’s neither a girl nor simply his friend, she is a lot more. Mate has a much more serious connotation, as funny as it sounds. Adding to it all, she casually mentioned they also have a daughter together, which I loved. She’s just so happy to have him as her mate and to have created her own little family with him.

        Also, you’re right, she did refer to herself as his mate before, in Do in the don’t. I imagine Booth refers to her as his girlfriend when she’s not around, but I really wanted to hear how he would address that issue in front of her. I wonder if it was significant that he introduced her as “my partner, Temperance Brennan”, not Doctor Temperance Brennan. I’m guessing it was more personal.

      • I just remember how happy she was to be his “girlfriend” in The Change in the Game, but that was an undercover persona, I guess.

        Mar, I also loved that he didn’t introduce her as Dr….it made it seem more personal.

        I don’t remember the mate reference in Do in the Don’t…will have to watch it again!

      • The term “mate” seems consistent with her profession as a scientist. Those species whose male and female adults share the responsibilities of rearing their young, be it only for the current year’s breeding season, or for several years in species whose young take longer to mature, or lifelong in some species, all of these would be described by scientists as being “mates”. So the term “mate” is both specific in referring to the one with whom one has both bred and with whom one is sharing the responsibilities of rearing offspring, while simultaneously not distincting between mates-for-life, mates-until-the-young-are-grown, or mates-for-this-breeding-season. Thus it is both accurate and yet non-specific enough to avoid the problem with the terms “girlfriend”, “life partner”, or “common-law wife”.

        “Spouse” would probably be equally applicable and accurate, but is more the sort of “regular guy, normal person” term that Booth might settle upon as his best way to refer to Brennan, while “Mate” is just so “her” because of its use in the scientitic community to refer to the equivalent relationship found in so many species, including homo sapiens.

  19. I liked hearing them deal with what they are to each other now. ‘Partners’ is what they are, in both versions of the word. But I loved seeing Booth kind of stumble over how to address their personal relationship to Ben (probably knowing she’d hate ‘girlfriend’) and Brennan just swooped right in and laid it out, ‘I’m also his mate’ leaving no room for confusion as to the nature of their relationship haha. His face was priceless (DB is so good at have a myriad of expressions cross his face in a single second), she knocks his socks off all the time 🙂

    • And in case there was any confusion, she went ahead and added “we have a daughter together”. Plus she was so happy about it all.

    • I agree wtih Sophia and Mar, I loved that scene. She was so proud to announce she was his mate! I thought that was sweet. Also that look on his face was so funny 🙂 They are so cute together! Angst episodes are great and all, but sometimes I just like seeing my characters happy…and its clear that B&B are!

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