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65 thoughts on “The Bod in the Pod- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Loved Hodgins rookie move.
    Loved Hodgins/Angela/carburetor/bad poetry
    Loved Hodgins hero-worship of Arastoo.
    Loved “Gotcha.”
    Loved “Gotcha.”
    Loved “Gotcha.”

    Cam and Arastoo? Seriously? Okay….because asking your boss to check your hours so you can make sure you have enough money to take her out to dinner? Not awkward at all.


  2. It was a nice episode and I loved that Brennan finally decided that using her gut was acceptable. Of course it threw Booth for a loop and he seemed to be on a one track investigation using his gut until he realized that she was right.

    Loved how B&B ganged up on Sweets and used psychology against him.

    The Cam – Arastoo thing seems wrong. He works for her. On the other hand they seemed like a lovely couple.

  3. I loved Booth’s look as she was saying “Gotcha” the last time. He loves when she acts tough in the interrogation room 🙂

    I loved B&B’s patting Sweets on the shoulder at the same time in the kitchen. And Sweets sleeping in Parker’s room. Baby Duck indeed!

    Hating Cam’s haircut. It just struck me as so severe as she was sitting with Arastoo at the end.

    I loved Booth announcing that its usually HIS gut that bubbles!

    I loved Hodgela. They are so adorable. They are each other’s carbeurator!

    Unsure…about Camastoo. Aram? I think it might be her haircut.

    • I can’t stand her haircut either! I LOVED her hair long. When she first cut it, it wasn’t too bad,. Season 7 she nearly cropped her bangs off, and now it’s just a hot mess. Sigh.

    • I actually kind of liked her hair. I thought the deliberately uneven edges were cool and different. To each their own I guess. 🙂

  4. I don’t know! I just don’t know! I will be thinking about this one ALL WEEK. Which is probably why this show is amazing.

    First off, I noticed Brennan was not quite herself, not necessarily in a bad way, just not quite right. She really reminded me of Brennan from a few seasons ago. She wasn’t terribly concerned about Hodgins passing out, and also a bit more obsessed with her work than her usual level of obsession. On the other hand, there were some moments that were completely different for her. While I do think it’s funny and very “her” to pick up one of Sweets’ books and read it, the fact that she was fascinated by it was a bit weird. Although, her analyzing Sweets out of nowhere was pretty funny. And Booth’s reaction: “Bones shoots from the outside, three points!!”
    She was SO convinced of who the murderer was, based off her gut? Wait, what? But Booth’s face when he realized she was right was just awesome. She questioned why this happened at the end but never really came to a conclusion. There was just a glorious conversation about why they love each other that made all of my questions about the weirdness of this episode seem trivial. And yes, his physicality IS remarkable, isn’t it? She also had some great lines:
    “I find I can’t sleep until I know Little Louie is safe.”
    “I wanted to say something to your horrible face!”
    And of course, I’ll take Brennan suddenly understanding an obvious joke any day of the week. Her laugh, I can’t stand how precious it is!

    I’ll try to get through this part of my “novel” quickly because I could go on and on and on. I love Hodgins (he and Arastoo together were GREAT), and I LOVE Angela (she was very pre-pregnancy Angela tonight). Have several scenes of only them together? I’m sold. I feel like it’s been so long since we’ve had fun scenes with them. Interpreting Arastoo’s poetry was just classic and adorable. It’s light, it’s funny, it’s romantic. I could use more!

    And, I can’t avoid it, the “bomb.” Carastoo? Aramille? Is there a preference? Yikes. I don’t know how I feel yet. I am so spoiler free that I don’t even watch the promo for next week’s episode. I had no idea we were delving into Cam’s love life again, let alone in such an “interesting” way, which is what makes these surprises so fun. I know earlier on in the season we were playing with, and then subsequently dreading, the idea that they might put Cam and Clark together. I guess we weren’t too far off? I have no idea how this is going to progress, or possibly end. I really like the idea of Cam dating someone that is not part of the team. At this point we just have to put Cam and Sweets together and it’ll be an episode of Friends! Sigh. I don’t know. The other squints are going to crap bricks. And not bricks of money.
    But. Hodgin’s FACE when he finds out. Especially when Brennan pops up and is trying to work, but he just can’t contain his excitement at what he just walked in on. Amazing.

    There were a lot of moments I liked. Booth was really showing how much faith he has in Brennan’s abilities, which I always enjoy (Including: “You made one big mistake. You pissed off my partner.” Squee!). I still like Sweets living with them, baby duck that he is. I also LOVED the montage of them stripping the house and searching for evidence.

    Also, is the ‘don’t-discuss-crime-in-our-home’ thing new? I feel like it was a pretty regular occurrence before this episode…

    • I think rule must be new. Maybe because of Christine and maybe because they just want a life separate from work

    • I like the idea that Christine plays a role in the new house rule. Sweets might also play a part in that: his presence in their house threatens to make it harder for them to leave work at work. Between the two of them, I don’t think they have much trouble talking shop because they both are really passionate about arresting bad guys and saying victims’ names out loud. It’s what brought them together. But now Sweets is there to talk about the case like it’s just a file on a shelf, and that makes it different.

  5. Thought there was a very nice correlation between all the romantic couplings, and I feel Cam and Arastoo are actually very well suited for each other in terms of maturity and “gravitas”. And boy, I don’t know what that poem was, but it sure sounded lovely-hopefully, someone on the web will come up with a translation, and hopefully that translation will make the poem sound more soulful than the one that Hodgins found with the reference to the carburator and the shoes.

    I would love a discussion between Booth and Cam about what it’s like working with your SO. I know Angela and Hodgins are right there too, but somehow, Booth and Brennan’s relationship seems more analogous to Cam’s and Arastoo’s in the sense that the potential for conflict is way higher.

    And how sweet was Booth’s “I don’t have reasons” comment? Brennan was clearly impressed; sigh-one can always dream. As to Brennan’s remark about his physicality or whatever she said-believe me girlfriend, I’m right there with you-especially after being treated to not one but TWO perfectly fitting t-shirts in a row (although I’m pretty sure the comment wasn’t just about his appearance…).

    Overall, nice, light with what for me was a solid,engaging case. Even Sweets in their house (still!) didn’t bug me, and the payback with Christine and the baby monitor was exquisite, especially after he annoyed Booth earlier by trying to suck up to Brennan. I’m sure Booth really enjoyed leaving that monitor there. I guess if you’re part of the village, you have to contribute your share. That incident alone may make Sweets think twice about staying on as a guest at the Booth/Brennan B&B.

  6. I’m pretty much not feeling this episode at ALL, primarily because I wasn’t feeling Brennan in it. Season 8 has (blessedly) moved away from overly-clueless, overly-emotionless Brennan, so to see her return was frustrating. It started when Brennan was standing over Hodgins–she sees that he’s conscious so she just goes right back to work?! Brennan cares about Hodgins more than that! Throughout that whole scene, she was really unconcerned for him, and I didn’t like it.

    I did like that she was reading a children’s book even when Christine was asleep because she just had to find out what happened. “I find I can’t sleep until I know little Louie is safe.” Hahahahaha. So much empathy. Adorable. I also liked that she was thinking about writing a children’s book. It’s good that she’s thinking about other ways to spread her knowledge. There are so many kids she can reach! Brennan knows and cares about more than just murder, so the idea that she would want to write those things, too, is an idea that I really enjoy. Do it, Brennan!

    Also liked that Brennan used her own shrinky mojo on Sweets, and I positively LOVED when she basically called him their baby duck to his face. And then she and Booth put their hands on his shoulder?! DUCK FAMILY! LOVE.

    I’m still sorting out a lot of complex feelings toward the “I enjoy psychology” line. We all know she’s grown out of her “I hate psychology” phase; even in S5, it felt regressive to see her so against Sweets’s work. So I’m glad to see that she’s moved on and accepted the usefulness of such a “murky” field. That being said, it’s just SO WEIRD to hear her say that. Maybe it’s still too soon for her to say it out loud? Or maybe it would always seem too soon.

    And the gut thing: the gut thing is weird too. Not weird that she would use it; just weird that it was treated here like a complete 180 brought on by Sweets’s book, when we all know she’s been gradually learning to follow her gut for years (“Superhero in the Alley” is the earliest example I can think of, and that’s S1), and Booth is the one to thank for that. I’m not anti-Sweets by any means, but I’m also totally not giving him the credit for this one.

    That being said, I get that Brennan was going on her gut in a much much bigger way now than she ever has before, and even Booth doesn’t usually make leaps like Brennan did tonight. Booth talks to suspects a few times and reads guilt on them. That’s his brand of gut-trusting, and it was on full display tonight. I liked the way they played that–his sudden realization that Brennan was right felt very Boothy, and I loved the way he immediately backed her up from that moment forward.

    Brennan’s “terrible face” line made me laugh more than I care to admit, and I loved her first “gotcha.” Gotchas 2 and 3, not so much, but I get that they’re in character (like in “Dwarf in the Dirt” when she repeated the joke. But it made me cringe then too).

    I thought for sure Clark would be Cam’s new special someone, and I was dreading it because I see no chemistry. But Arastoo? I liiiiiiike this. I like Arastoo (even more after his speech to Finn last week), and I think he and Cam actually have chemistry. She was so cute and sheepish when she asked him to read his poetry out loud (but gosh, discretion much? Why did she give him his book in front of Hodgins? Did she WANT to be found out?) Hodgins’s gleeful O-mouth made my NIGHT.

    Actually, Hodgins in general made my night. He was on a roll. His alien hypotheses, his poem, and of course “You’re my carburetor.” Instantly classic Bones line. I’m glad he and Ange got some rooftop time together. Can that man date, or can that man date?

    I’ll also be thinking for a while about B&B’s reasons for loving each other. Brennan loves Booth because he loves her, which is PERFECT because it’s a huge part of why I love Booth. He loves her. She needs that. As for Booth, I think the man’s got a million reasons, but he recognizes that all of them come down to a feeling he cannot explain. (“The heart chooses what it chooses, doesn’t it?”) I love that rational Brennan sees the romance in his irrational reason.

    • Brennan and Booth were playing Sweets and having a great time while doing it. She’s enjoying psychology because it allowed her to give Sweets a dose of his own medicine. Remember, they’ve always enjoyed giving Sweets a hard time. Their scenes in this episode absolutely reminded me of that scene from Veredict in which Sweets asks if he could study them and they tease him about him liking them too much and wanting to be around them.

      As for her leading with her gut, I never got the sense that they or she attributed it to her reading Sweets’ psych book. It’s just that she’s been Boothed, as much as Booth has been Brennanized.

      • So true, Mar! I hadn’t thought about the fact that they were clearly messing with him there (although I think there’s an element of truth in their affection for him, they were sort of using it to smother him, much like I think they did in Verdict).
        Also true that she didn’t necessarily say she was going on her gut because of Sweets’s book. She did give a definition of gut instincts that she GOT from Sweets’s book, but that doesn’t mean to imply that Sweets is the only reason she’s acting this way.
        Solid solid points. Thanks for commenting. Oh Bones Theory, you always help make sense of things.

  7. So I thought I would bring up the fact that this was a Thanksgiving episode. The experiments on the turkeys were spot on and also stomach turning.

  8. Cam and Arastoo works for me, and I imagine there’s so many ways this can be mined for material. More than that, they seem to be a much better match than Cam and Clark. (I actually thought they might go with Flynn, but this is better.)

    I was also fine with Brennan throughout the episode: it makes sense that she would dismiss Hodgins’ fainting and move on just as it would make sense that she would use her gut to stay with the suspect. (Even Angela didn’t make a big deal about the fainting and she’s married to the guy.) There’s a certain amount of logic attached to her choice– she’s been challenged by Pelant and I don’t think she’s forgotten that.

    As for Sweets in the Mighty Hut– I love that they gang up on him. Brennan is a genius and she would love to wield her mighty brain in the pursuit of knowledge just as long as it’s not being used against her. The fact that she’s growing by leaps and bounds here is fine– she is a genius. Booth being a step behind her makes sense as well. He’s looking at the big picture and knows they cannot narrow their focus, but he’s not reading the evidence in the same way that his partner is.

    • Good point on the fact that she was being challenged by the killer and that angered her. It completely makes sense that Brennan would be driven by that, especially after Pelant’s challenge.

  9. Hello everyone! I am new on posting. But love to read all the comments on this blog. Since I live in the Netherlands I have to wait until the next day before I can watch the new epi.
    The reason I am posting is this:
    Did we see Sweets new home in this epi? Both B&B and H&A have found their new home after a murder has taken place there. Perhaps Sweets extended “bones family” will help him put his new home together?
    What do you think?

    Love to come here after each epi. Thanks for bonestheory Seels.

    Nicole from Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

  10. Oh my gosh, B&B using psychology on Sweets was HYSTERICAL! And I loved Arastoo and Cam (and Hodgins) reactions when they realized that Hodgins had seen the little “moment” in her office. I also liked Hodgin’s attempts to “translate” Arastoo’s poetry.

    On the other hand, I do NOT like Arastoo and Cam together. Ugh. Something about it feels all wrong. Although, for how much I disliked the actual coupling, I have to admit that the humor in the circumstances surrounding it was awesome.

    I didn’t know what to think about this episode when I saw the preview last week, but overall I think I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Brennan did seem a little off at times (I was annoyed with the juvenile manner in which she talked to the suspect at the murder scene), but when she was on, she was awesome. And I’ll admit that I liked that last little, “Gotcha!”

    • It’s the haircut. I couldn’t really get into the whole romantic scene thing at the end because of weed-whacker chopped hair. But Arastoo was looking pretty handsome, so I tried to focus on him 🙂

      • Yup, guilty on both counts as well . I though the haircut would grow on me, but I keep thinking about The Perils of Pauline in the 20s(?), I think. And no-I’m not old enough to have actually watched those!

        Arastoo, you were quite the heart-fluttering ladies man there! I always thought he was handsome, but last night he was downright swoon-worthy.

  11. The reasons why I love you scene was the highlight of the night for me. The look on Brennan’s face when Booth said he didn’t have a reason was priceless and made my heart melt. I so, so, so want more scenes like this between them. I was actually getting jealous of Angela and Hodgins have so many “moments” last night and nothing like that for our favorite duo.

    The scenes with Sweets were cute, but I’m ready for him to find his own place. I want some family time (and some romance!) for Booth and Brennan and for goodness sakes I want to see Christine again! That poor kid is always sleeping!!

    Cam and Aristoo? Not really feeling it. Like both characters, just not sure there is really any chemistry there. I love the interns and wish we had more time with them all together like last week. Those scenes were incredible!

    • Yes, Christine seems to always asleep… wish I had that with my kids! LOL… And yes, the Cam/Arastoo relationship seems all kinds of wrong from a professional standpoint. I’m also not feeling their connection, because I never saw how the attraction first began on the TV screen… another scene I just have to just imagine. I also felt the episode was very Booth-lite and would have liked Booth in the lab like old times. Loved, loved, loved the conversation between B&B about why they love each other. Sweets scenes were like scenes from earlier seasons between him and B&B, which I really liked. But I’m so ready for Sweets to be gone from The Mighty Hut. It’s time!

  12. I liked that Brennan was reading the book. I get that since I will keep on reading the book after the child I am reading it to goes to sleep. Some times you have to know and I like that she found that she “had to know”. I enjoyed her getting the joke and not saying “I don’t know what that means”. So I now like Sweets a whole lot better and am okay with him at the mighty hut. I like the whole extended family all together to help each other out thing that is going on there. Sweets has no family and Brennan told Gordon Gordon that they would (could) make room for him because from the point she found out his story she didn’t want him to be alone. Booth and Brennan have always help him get past a breakup. Plus we know that he always wanted what they had before they had what they have now.
    While I don’t want to see Sweets in the house with them forever I do think it is nice when he or even the whole group hangs out at the house. I have always enjoyed when they had dinner or hung out as a group. I like that they could go work because Sweets was right there to take care of Christine and I loved that she started crying so he would have to get up with her. I also like that Brennan used psychology on him and I am starting to believe that Angela is right that they will just adopt Sweets.
    I am relieved to read that I am not alone in how I feel about Cam’s hair. I hate it! It does look like a hot mess on someone with Cam’s style! She needs a new style that does not take away from her style and good looks. She is all put together until you get to that hair….so spike it up or curl it or something to make it look better.
    I don’t like that Arastoo works for Cam. If he starts to work for Clark or someone else that would be fine since it would be like working with Cam not dating his boss. Other then that it isn’t a bad match since he “seems” to get her. I would have liked it better if it was a cop or someone from the FBI or even one of the lawyers since they wouldn’t work “for her” but with her. I hope that they work this out so that Cam can have this something special since she sure did sell it. I don’t want the other interns having a problem with it. She had a problem with her daughter dating one of her interns and now she is doing the same thing. Sure the heart wants what the heart wants so I am sure they can work it out that he doesn’t work for her so that she can have this.

  13. I’ve been thinking on this ep for a day and decided it’s a throw away for me, off my dvr now. The Sweets live-in situation is getting ridiculous, an FBI Agent/Psychologist crashing in an 11 yr old room? Not funny anymore, he is over his crisis, he needs to move out to the guest house, if they have one, or find a place and life of his own.

    Loved the few B & B moments we got to see. They feel so solid now. I don’t need to see them rolling around in bed, just their deep emotional connection. Nice to see the team hanging out at B & B’s house, but they need to go home, including Sweets, and let them live their life with Christine and hopefully Parker at some time. Also, I am missing a storyline for Booth this season, hoping this isn’t a punishment for David’s comments of last summer, no storyline, push him to supporting character status.

    I am really not feeling Cam/Arastoo. It felt just dumped on me, no build up, no connection between them and now they are a couple? I have no investment in them, sorry, it feels like poor writing. Make me want this couple to workout. Let’s don’t even get into the inappropriateness of this relationship in the workplace. Sexual Harassment 101, no federal agency would allow this, thus, another relationship of Cam’s that must be kept a secret. I guess I’m not going to stress over B and C characters and hope they keep their relationship off camera. Like I said, it feels like a filler ep to me as has this whole fall season, other than ep 1 & 2.

    • No spoilers are allowed on this site, but I would suggest sticking around if you want to see a Booth storyline! Really, we’re only like 1/3 into the season – plenty of time for more explorations.

      • Plus, so far we’ve had 2 of the bonus episodes, which were filmed as stand alone last season (and we’re getting the other two in the next two weeks). Those bonus episodes are kind of breaking the season and until they’re out of the way, we can’t go on with the main story of the season.

        Booth did have a story though, he was really unhappy about Brennan leaving. They dealt with that in episode 2 and I’m guessing once Pelant shows up again we’ll get more of that. If we think there is no story for Booth, then there’s no story for Brennan either, so far.

  14. ITA with @Atlanta. Booth has had nothing to do this season {not including the bonus eps, cos I am talking about the actual eps of S8} except service and react to Brennan and Sweets storylines and their B-plots. He has nothing of his OWN to work with. And I am sorry that is not how you treat the male lead of any show. . . . Prior seasons Booth has had at least one centric ep or at least one subplot by this stage.. . . Brennan has subplots: the Tiger case and the clean up case from Bod in the Pod were specifically written for Brennan to get immersed in and react to.Even the supporting character of Sweets has centric eps and ongoing.subplots more than the *actual* male lead of the show . . . . .I think I could deal with the lack of Booth storylines better if Booth was actually getting his scenes at the FBI like he use to. But this isn’t happenìng either because it seems to be an ongoing theme in S8 {not bonus eps} that Sweets has taken over more and more interviewing suspects than Booth does, whilst before he use to do the scenes WITH Booth now it is instead of Booth. . . .So when you take away these scenes from Booth and give them to Sweets it makes the episode seem Booth-lite, his contribution to the season is lacking because it is as he has less airtime. It’s not like he has many scenes with any of the other characters to make up for his lessening FBI scenes Call me old fashioned but I would like to see Booth do his own job and not have Sweets do it for him.

    • We’re not even halfway through the season and one of the bonus episodes we got had to be a Booth lite episode given that it was filmed right before David directed last season’s finale. Maybe some fans don’t like it but I feel like David is more than fine with the lesser load for him. As for Booth stories, I felt episode 2 focused very heavily on his anger, he was very much the action man in episode 1 and was also an integral part of Patriot in purgatory. We have 26 episodes this season, we’ve only seen 7. That means we still have 19 episodes to go and as much as the Bs are the central couple of the show, this is still an ensemble show and there are other characters that need stories. Booth may be the lead, but I really doubt we would have the show going on it’s 8th season without paying attention to the supporting characters. Last season, everyone got the shaft. I don’t see anyone complaining about the lack of stories for Hodgins, for example.

      These bonus episodes that are airing now have somewhat halted the progress of the season and were conceived as a way to flesh out those characters who were almost forgotten last season because it was such a short, B&B heavy season. I think we just need to be patient, everyone will get a story at some point.

      • Yes, exactly how I would have responded (but better, honestly.) Just want to point out that based on those numbers, we are barely 1/3 of the way into the season. The last two seasons were pretty focused on the dynamic between B&B, more than usual. I wonder if they had started with other character arcs first if there would have been as much as an outcry. Sometimes I wish they had, just because Sweets has gotten to be so controversial and I get tired of hearing the same arguments over and over again. All I know is that Sweets is here to stay; Hart loves him, and Booth and Brennan consider him part of their family, even if begrudgingly.

        The thing about Sweets taking over Booth’s job…Hart has responded to that, and people are either going to satisfied with his response or not. Believe me, on another site I visit, that topic is always being discussed.

    • I’m not even going to get into my “Sweets is not and will never be Booth” argument, because I’ve already made it. But the kid’s NOT BOOTH. When people complain that Booth isn’t getting storylines, they invariably manage to tie that fact back to the fact that Sweets IS getting storylines–which to me says more about how some people feel about Sweets than it does about the show itself. I have no problem with Sweets’s role in S8 so far. He’s their baby duck. If anything, his existence on the show is entirely FOR B&B; he gives B&B the chance to be welcoming and nurturing and voluntarily open up their relationship to include someone else. I like that. I mean, I love their special couple times best (what goes on between them should just be theirs) but it’s also good to see them open up instead of always putting their relationship in a bubble.

      I do agree that Booth could use some more interrogation scenes, but that’s about the only thing I think he could use more of. Booth is totally not being thrown by the wayside. Even excluding the bonus eps, we’ve seen him fight to get Brennan back, fight to get their relationship back to normal, call Brennan a rare and beautiful tiger–how is this any different than any other season? Are the people who want Booth to get his very own special storyline forgetting that he had very few personal storylines prior to season 4? He had his Howard Epps, shoot-the-clown, Gordon Gordon bit in S2, but we knew very little about his personal life (former sniper/ recovering gambler/ Catholic/ father pretty much sums it up) until we found out about his dad in Con Man. And then that was pretty much shut down for a while. Booth is private, and most of his stories are and have always been Brennan-related.

      Isn’t that why we love him–because he loves her and focuses so much on her? His S5 storyline was entirely about loving Brennan, and then when he finally took a stand for his own, non-Brennan-dependent happiness in S6, we got Hannah. Ugh. Booth’s storylines are always better when they’re full of Brennan, which they have been so far in S8. He still feels like himself to me; that “I don’t have reasons” conversation was classic Booth. And of course, we still have SO MUCH of the season to go. I’m excited to see where it takes us. Admittedly, I’m hoping we see Sweets move out soon, but I’m not going to sit around worrying that baby duck has moved in permanently. I’m sure he hasn’t. I really think we’re fine here, and I think season 8 has been great so far.

      • Nicely written. I’m fine with the season so far. Having Sweets around shows us the playful side of Booth and Brennan and lets face it. Going along with what we’ve seen we know that if Booth really didn’t want Sweets in the house then Sweets wouldn’t be in the house. No way.

        This is a spoiler free sight but if you need assurances about future episodes there are spoiler sights that might reassure you that Booth is very much part of the show.

      • I completely understand about wanting to see more Booth-centric storylines, but I agree with kellyconnor on the pattern of the series. I don’t really see what has changed in that regard. The fact that we don’t know for sure whether his mom is dead or alive speaks more about the series than the presence of Sweets.

        Some of that is character-driven, since Booth is private. He’d much rather take care of the people he loves than seek that from them. Booth’s relationship with Brennan has always been his character’s biggest component (it just sounds a little better to me than he always focused on her.) David is a producer and I think he has had more and more say on things for his character, and I think it adds some perspective to hear him talk about his character. Even in interviews he puts a heavy emphasis on how for him, everything goes back to his character’s relationship with Emily’s character. Even in their recent interview at the L.A. City Council about Patriot, his character had a big role, but he also spoke about how Booth is there for Brennan. And from what I’ve heard, they talk about still being interested and challenged in their work, though he does keep poking at Hart that Booth would like to know about his mom.

      • I agree, C-bones–the fact that we know nothing about his mom is a bigger plot hole for me. I know he’s private when it comes to his family issues, but I am really, really hoping that we find out about her! That would be great. And I like the way you phrase it: that Brennan is Booth’s biggest component. It’s not just that he focuses on her; it’s that she’s part of him. She inspires him and makes him grow. She’s got a hold on him.

      • Where is the “like” button for this very well written and sensible post? Thank you.

  15. Also I am ready for Sweets to move on with his life and find his OWN place. It is beyond ridic how a grown man, yes a grown man, he’s not an actual baby duck, .with a well paid job {he can’t afford a place? well get a roomie to split the costs}, can’t grow a set and get his own life instead of sucking the life out of B&B homelife & private time, and whose more than perfectly happy sleeping in a 11yr old bedroom.. . It is obvious that Booth wants him gone, subtle or ot. Booth’s offer was just for a few days or two weeks if you go by his betting pool,.lol, and it seems to me that Booth or Brennan will have to actually kick Sweets out before he leaves. . . .you would think that a shrink would get that a couple with a young family need their own space, especially one that has just been reunited after being separated for 3mths but oh not Sweets.. . so whilst others may think Sweets staying with B&B is funny I think it makes him look weak and a pathetic: a shrink who can’t or worse won’t get his sh*t together. . .plus I think it is just too much, Sweets is.all over Booth’s private life as well as his work life 24/7. . . The longer he is in their home the less we wìll see B&B as a couple at home sharing private moments between them ALONE, bar the 9/11 bonus ep, we can already see that happening.

    • I too can’t wait for Sweets to move out and find a place of his own. The whole concept seems ridiculous to me. It was funny and slightly believable for one episode. Originally Sweets was only supposed to be living in The Might Hut one episode, but HH and company decided to extend his stay. It kind of reminds me of the whole Hannah arc which was extended past the original time frame… and went on, and on, and on, I think that what bothers me even more is the increased Sweets screen time. I’m watching Bones for B&B, not Sweets. This episode was definitely Booth-lite! Here is a man who can’t get his act together and find a place to live, and yet he has the important job of interrogating suspects who possibly committed murder? End of vent…….

      • Honest question, was the episode Sweets heavy to you? Because as far as I remember, we saw more of Booth than Sweets, so I wouldn’t tie the “Sweets overload” to the Booth liteness. I agree that it was a bit Booth lite but I blame that on the fact that they have 6 regulars and with the Cam romance, they had to spend time developing a 7th character in Arastoo.

      • You know, everybody sees things differently, but my impression after the episode was that it was Sweets heavy. I actually was ok with the scenes with B&B and Sweets at home, as it kind of brought back the old dynamic between the three of them from earlier seasons. But in the interrogation room, where we used to see either just B&B, and more recently Booth and Sweets, we saw just Sweets. I feel the original use of the character as a profiler was terrific, but in my opinion his role on the show has gradually increased, and many times (not in The Bod In The Pod) at the expense of not only B&B but of the supporting cast. I am not a big Sweets fan as I feel his interference in B&B’s relationship has many times been boarding on the unprofessional, so perhaps my observations are bias.

      • Sweets has done a lot of unethical things on this show. He drives me buggy with his strange influence over Booth.

        I still haven’t forgiven him for not telling Brennan that Booth wasn’t dead. I can’t seem to let that one go.

      • Sweets is often used as the catalyst for Booth to do something, so when things fall apart, Sweets inevitably gets blamed. I’m not discounting that Sweets has done unethical things; he most definitely has – they all have, actually. And everyone doesn’t have to forgive him for that stunt he pulled when Booth “died.” Some people just take a liking to Sweets. Some don’t, and would at least appreciate if they really felt like he was at least shown as a good friend to Booth and Brennan. When they don’t feel that they are even shown that, restlessness and complaining occurs. Most people liked when Sweets was there for Brennan in TDitP, but we don’t get too many scenes like that. So I think it hurts his character when they have him do “stab-in-the-dark” psychology.

        As much as I love Booth and Brennan in their “bubble”, I also like seeing how they act with other people around them. Remember when in Mayhem when Booth said something about them being the “land of misfits”? Booth and Brennan are the center, and I like that they are stable enough to welcome their friends in.

        That said, I don’t want Sweets to be there forever. But he won’t, so it’s a moot point for me. That they get comic relief out of it is good enough for me. He’s not their shrink, and any shrink-y comments that he makes pretty much get ignored.

        I don’t even have a problem with him doing his job while his own life isn’t together. Really, that is the case so often in life. Nobody asked Booth to stop doing his job when his life was a mess.

  16. @mar Hi, as I said, I was referring to the actual eps that they have shot for Season 8, NOT the bonus eps. I get the concept of the bonus eps and that David was prepping for directing during one {whom I would never presume to state what he feels about his role or workload, none of us know tbh } I am talking the structure and storylines for current S8 eps. Like the over use of Sweets in the non bonus eps. As I said I have a huge problem that Sweets is doing many interrogation/interview scenes alone without Booth, whom has been doing those scenes perfectly fine for years, what now Booth is chopped liver? I mean is it really necessary for Sweets to have TWO interview scenes alone per ep, since ep 2?? {excluding the bonus eps} Esp when Booth really isn’t getting much else to do as a character that doesn’t revolve around Brennan and Sweets, the least the writers could do is let him do his FBI scenes. I have seen many fans complain about the S8 eps {NOT bonus eps} being Booth lite and this plays a part in it – he is absent from these FBI scenes. Again, Brennan has cases to relate to {Tiger and Pod cases}, to be affected by, and Brennan for Prez subplot, so I see the writers are servicing their female lead {and supporting characters} until upcoming B&B arc eps kick in etc… pity they can’t do the same for their male lead.

  17. yes, @ mar the fact that Sweets did two interrogation scenes without Booth meant that Booth had two less scenes than he should of had. If Sweets had not done them scenes or have had Booth share those scenes together maybe some fans wouldn’t think the ep was so Booth lite. I don”t know what the writers are on but you would think that if an ep was going tn be focused on the Hodgela and Cam/Astraoo the very least they could do would be let Booth do the all FBI interrogation scenes so he would get some more screentime. So much fail.

  18. I am sorry but Booth is a character in his OWN right. He deserves to have an ep that is about him and the others reacting to that. Or a decent subplot. Not everything is about Brennan. To say that it is is just insulting. Was being a good dad to Parker about Brennan? Or interacting with Pops? Or dealing with being a soldier? Or reacting to a case that hits him where it lives? But it is ok for Brennan to have arcs, storylines or even a subplot that is not about Booth? Geesh. Srly. Double standards.

    • Hey, I’m not saying we shouldn’t. That question is really left up to the writers, because we don’t have anything to do with that. I think The Male in the Mail was the last story like that, and Patriot did hit him hard, but that episode wasn’t just about him. I want to reiterate that we should wait out the rest of the season because the writers know they are behind the ball when it comes to Booth’s story.

  19. Apparently I haven’t been careful enough with my 5-yr old niece around while I’ve been on Tumblr. This morning she asked to see the picture of them kissing on the ground. Oops. I tried to tell her she didn’t see anything.

  20. @ cbones was Booth living in a 11yr old bedroom, too scared to go out in the world, to stand on his own two feet like Sweets? No he got on with his life when his life was a mess. Moved on. That’s what Sweets should be doing instead of hiding behind Brennan’s skirt {and Booth’s if he wore one, lol} seriously would you take advice from shrink Sweets or give credence to his professional opinion when he can’t or won’t sort his own life out, I sure wouldn’t.

    • No, but that’s because I know about Sweets. When I go to a professional to seek help in matters, I really don’t know what’s going on in their personal life.

      Maybe Booth wasn’t living in an 11-yr old bedroom, but I don’t think he was getting on with his life all that well. He was pretty much in a state of denial and was always defensive about his relationship with Hannah. He let her move in before she even met Parker. The fact that everything pretty much blew up in his face speaks to that.

      As much as I enjoyed Brennan using psycho-babble on him, I do believe Sweets. He’s only there because it’s been difficult for him to find a place, not because he’s actually scared. In fact, he was getting ready to leave and Booth and Brennan told him that he hadn’t overstayed his welcome (yet, lol). Booth has always been short with Sweets and has had little patience. So I’m going to gauge it by Brennan’s feelings, who I’m sure will let him know. At least he is helping out around the house.

      • Sweets officially isn’t their shrink, but that doesn’t stop him from his shrink-y ways. This may be a double standard, but I’m more okay with Brennan going to him about Booth, than Booth going to him about Brennan. So far, that’s been the case, so I’ve been okay. I just think that Sweets has demonstrated that he knows Booth pretty well (The Bullet in the Brain,) while I haven’t seen that same knowledge for Brennan. I think we are supposed to believe that he and Brennan are close, but for me I’ve seen more words than actions to back that up. I’m not saying he’s not a friend, but “close” seems to be pushing it, IMO.

  21. I may be “meh” about Cam and Arastoo, but if it means more Pej on my screen, I guess it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. 😉

  22. Someone did a translation for the poem Arastoo recited, and also that verse that Brennan recited. This is what he posted:

    “I worship love, not like in the writings
    My love, my only faith, her slightest discomfort ruins my root and my belief
    I’m in heaven when I’m with you from now on
    Right now, right here, with you, my love

    I hope this is good enough to convey the meaning but as I said I’m no poet so I can’t write it in a way that sounds like a poem.The Persian one is much much more poetic and romantic and this English translation is definitely much more meaningful than the one Hodgins translated 😉

    And the line that Brennan recited can be translated into :

    Those caressings in that dark night, has brought someone love and attachment”

    That line from Brennan, it’s so sweet that she memorized that part of one of his poems. It sounds like it describes her first night with Booth and all that followed because of that night. She’s more of a romantic than we thought.

    • She definitely is. Emily did such a great job reciting that line, even though I have no idea of how well she spoke the language, lol. But hearing the translation, it really matches the feeling she put behind it. This what I love about this show; that simple line, which most of us had to search for a translation, says so much about Brennan and their relationship.

      Brennan really is sweet. Sometimes I think she’s just one big marshmallow puff, especially when it comes to Booth or Christine. The sweetness was always there, but now she’s not holding herself back. Kudos to Emily for bringing that kind of warmth to her “cold” character.

      • It’s amazing how much Brennan has changed but it doesn’t feel artificial or forced to me. I still see that this is the same Brennan from eight years ago, just a lot more relaxed, comfortable and very happy, which was somewhat of a rarity back in her younger days.

        I was rewatching the episode and noticed a throw away line in the teaser about how the pod reminded her of a ship in a bottle that her dad got for her when she was little, and she’s remembering this with a smile on her face. It’s such a contrast to how she used to feel about anything that reminded her of her father. She has her dad back and they’ve repaired their relationship, enough that she can now look back on those days and smile at the fond memories.

      • I’ll always go back to the strength vs. imperviousness speech from Blackout, because I think it’s so true. In that moment, getting all vulnerable with Booth about the relationship she really wants them to be able to have, I totally believe that Brennan would say everything she says in Blackout–but I ALSO feel like it’s a brilliant little writerly bit directed at the fans who complain that Brennan has regressed. Sure, we can all point to moments when the writing, for whatever reason, makes Brennan more robotic or less empathetic than we know she is. I’m never a fan of those moments. But overall, looking at her character’s trajectory, what I see is a woman who’s grown a lot. She’s faced a lot of challenges and momentarily closed up because of them, but she’s earned where she is now. I agree, Mar–she’s more relaxed. She’s happier. It’s so great.

      • Kelly, I completely agree with your comment about a more happier, relaxed Brennan. This is the Brennan that I imagine she would have been all along, if her parents hadn’t left her and she hadn’t retreated into her shell. She is still herself, a smart and capable woman, but she is also happy, in love, and enjoying her personal life as well as her professional one. It is also nice to see Booth happy and relaxed in his off-time as well. After the childhoods these two have had, it is nice to see them overcome the obstacles and find peace in each other.

  23. im not sure, bones seems to have changed i used to be super obsessed but my obsessions kind of fading i still love bones and it will always be my favourite show i think i just dont like how everyone is becoming a couple. i really liked how sweets and daisy broke up cause that left some room on the show but now cam has a boyfriend and its arastoo! and now that left over space is taken up again. Im so glad booth and brennan are together i just miss the will they wont they tension.

    overall this episode was good but im not keen on camstoo. if it was clark or sweets i would be smiling right up to my eyeballs but arastoo? unfortunetly i dont find anything appealing about him, i mean after he faked the whole accent thing im a bit creeped out by him. i still love bones though, that will never change ❤ and i still cry when brennan crys so its alright 🙂

    • I think Bones was never a will they-won’t they show. It was more of a “when will they”. The show runners probably would’ve had a problem finding good reasons for keeping them apart past 6 years. Lets face it, they’re not kids, it was time to make a decision, either get them together or not at all and I’m glad they went for it. Did the chemistry change? Of course it did, but what we’re getting to see is just so lovely and notice how I didn’t say the chemistry is gone, it just changed, it progressed into a very comfortable, sweet, tender, funny and still sizzling chemistry but the sexual tension is not unresolved anymore.

      • I’m still obsessed with the show, but like Amanda, I’m not keen on everybody becoming a couple. B&B is my favorite OTP, Hodgela is cute (and had been in the works since the beginning, so nothing new), I was kind of used to Daisy and Sweets, but I kind of liked that Cam was mainly single while having occasional love interests. I’m not against Cam finding love, but now that they’ve made it internal (for their convenience), I don’t welcome it as much. And so much about it was confusing. I thought we were supposed to like Paul because he was a nice guy. Busy, but nice. But to have him stalking Cam through her friends? Not cool. I was never excited about the guy, but I didn’t think they were initially going for creepy. Then all the Cam and Arastoo interactions in the beginning that were supposed to throw people off, but actually didn’t make that sense.

        But that’s just my feeling for now, and feelings can change. I’ll see where they take this.

        Wow, I thought that didn’t bother me that much, and it’s almost a week later. I loved everything else about the episode, though. I’m glad Hodgela got a chance to shine being cute and funny, and I loved the teamwork Booth and Brennan showed at home and at work.

  24. i think i judged this episode to harshly compared to the but in the joke. but im still not into the everyone being a happy couple thing. the but in the joke was just bad though, it wasnt even that funny apart from booth and brennan at the end. will we see arastoo more now that him and cam are together though?

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