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The But in the Joke- Post Episode Discussion


The comments are open–did you like this episode?

I know next week is shaping up to be a fascinating episode, but please, no spoilers!


51 thoughts on “The But in the Joke- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Go math. Math people forever. So cute.

  2. I wasnt really a big fan of this episode, the humor just wasnt catching on to me. Although, I did like how comfortable Booth was able to get on that stage telling his own jokes!
    The Fischer storylines never really seem to work for me, I think he might be my least favorite squintern (not to say that I hate him).
    I did like Booth and Brennan talking in the car like old times, bickering ๐Ÿ™‚ even if they did have a product placement bit in there. I was just refreshing to see a car scene again.
    As far as Angela kissing that guy…she’s married, she knows her boundaries. It did feel like season two Angela again in the sense that she was a little spontaneous with that but still….
    Also brennan’s laugh! Oh gosh that made the night for me haha. When I saw Booth standing in the door way looking at Brennan like that I was expecting some B&B action but we didn’t get any ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Still Booth’s hotness makes up for it…for now.

    • The writers really need to stop having Angela kiss men other than Hodgins. Especially for such a lame reason. She’s a better character than that.

  3. My favorite part was when the artist guy said they were all an interesting mix of smart and stupid. haha For some reason, that just made me laugh the most…because truly, that is the essence of Bones. The characters are real, flawed, and are both smart and stupid at times! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was an episode light on B&B, but it added depth to Hodgela, and it was a solid episode.

    And weirdly enough, between this and Patriot, I think I’m liking Fisher more and more…hm…

  4. Liked Zed and Angela’s on going struggle this season. Very believable. Liked Fischer, always have. Liked the math. I’m a math person too. Didn’t care for the episode as a whole.

  5. Booth was very hot!
    I loved his comic routine. He thinks he is a natural! I wish he had jumped into bed with Brennan at the end.
    Can’t wait for the Ghost in the Machine. Looks awesome!

  6. New poster here…but I’m just going to say that even though this wasn’t my favorite episode so far this season, there were some good moments. As a whole, it was kind of an odd episode after last week’s. I don’t know.
    Loved the beginning with Zed when he said that they’re a bunch of dumb smart people. I’ve had people say that to me, so it was really funny.
    Loved the math bit. Loved Booth on stage, he was so cute.
    I liked this spontaneous Angela, but it was a little weird at the same time. I’m just a huge Hodgela shipper.

    And the last scene…oh the last scene. Very very adorable B&B moment. Her laugh was too adorable, and the way they look at each other….oh man. So freaking cute. I have to agree on wanting him to jump in bed with her. We just need a little B&B action!

    I am so ready for next week’s episode! It looks so good!

    Also, was this one of those “extra” episode things? I think I saw something on Tumblr about it, but I don’t know.

    • I agree that the end scene was adorable! I love these little goofy moments of just the two of them, relaxed, getting ready for bed, like when Booth was wearing the Vote for Brennan pins. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Brennan giggling at terrible jokes that she finds funny always makes me grin like a fool.

    • Welcome to the boards! So funny that you mention that you’ve had people say that to you, because so have I! That line made me laugh harder than anything else in the episode.

  7. The start of the episode was probably the best part, when the guy was glued to the corpse. We haven’t seen anything like it so it was a change it wasn’t just some dead guy on the side of the road. I liked the storyline between Zed and Angela, it spiced things up a bit and he was wearing a skirt at the end, weird right? any ways I think at the end something should of happened between b&b. We don’t need serious action every week but we haven’t had anything super exciting for the last 3-4 episodes. Now that their together we should surely see something, right?

  8. Weakest episode of the season for me. It felt disjointed. I’m over saturated with the Fisher…liked him in Madness, not so much here. I just don’t find him amusing and apparently, neither does Brennan.

    For an episode about a comedian, I barely laughed. The only people who made me laugh were Brennan and Booth. Booth’s routine was cringe worthy but I laughed when he told Sweets he would find out the information the same way he always did: by going there with Bones, asking questions while she looked for someone limping, which would mean the person fell in love with someone 14 years old. I wasn’t feeling the way the Angela story unfolded. It felt…random. The artist was a bit of a jerk so I didn’t get her fascination and admiration for him. Also, in the end, I feel like we didn’t get any resolution to her recent struggles with her job and while her kissing the guy was very much in character, it is that part of her character that I don’t really miss nowadays. You don’t kiss another guy if you’re married. Hodgins is a very understanding man.

    The last scene was cute but it felt a little off for me, like it was missing something. I’m not one of those who needs to see B&B all over each other all the time but by now, I’m really missing some action on that front.

    Overall, it showed that this was a bonus episode. This is one episode I don’t think I’m going to rewatch much.

    • Agreed. Seriously, why is she thinking he is such a great artist. He was sticking a picture of someone mooning on a billboard. I can get why she is thinking that her artistic career might be going by the wayside. But she should remember the good she is doing by helping give people back their identity.

    • i do agree it was a bit slack. bones is just not bones anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I don’t think Bones is Bones anymore either Amanda. I’ve loved this show since the beginning, week after week. My favorite show of all time. I have every episode. It had something rare and special, but it’s been missing for a long time now. I keep hoping I’ll say “they’re back!”, but so far no go. Whatever rare and special chemistry they had, sadly I haven’t felt it for a long time. I know Brennan & Booth love each other, I’m not questioning that. I know things have to change and move forward, but not at the expense of what made this show, this story, so special.

      • @lindy
        yeah i think the chemistry has gone a little bit down hill since emily got pregnant. i think at the start of season 7 it was okay but as the baby story progressed it just went down hill. the season 7 finale took me to the limit though i actually hated it so much that i stopped watching bones repeats for 3 months. i really want bones to continue on i just feel like its stretching out a bit now and they really need to have something really big happen. im not blaming emily for the show going downhill but as soon as she got pregnant the storylines went a bit pear shaped.

      • Obviously we’re all entitled to our opinions, and things that spark in some of us don’t spark in others, but I completely disagree with the idea that Bones isn’t Bones anymore. It’s completely still Bones, because the characters are still themselves. Brennan is still strong and empathetic, she takes her job seriously, she’s clueless sometimes, she giggles without shame, and she’s confident in her own abilities and brilliance (so much so that she considers running for president). She and Booth would still do anything for each other. Booth is still a tough, wisecracking softy with a childlike side. Hodgins is still the nice guy with some anger management issues (hello, season 8 premiere) who doesn’t quite know how to figure out Angela. Angela is still taking her lips where they shouldn’t be and frustrating everyone. I see consistency there. I see characters who’ve grown and changed, as all people do, but I still see them as the same people, and I still care about them. And they still solve crime. That, to me, makes Bones still Bones.

        It’s always been about the characters. The tone of this series has been in constant flux from the beginning, going from serious to light and back again. The characters have always been what’s constant about Bones, and I still see their chemistry 100%. I saw that spark in the S7 finale and the S8 premiere and then again when they couldn’t stop from kissing each other at the end of Partners in the Divorce. Even after a fight, they were drawn to each other. That’s classic B&B. We must have different taste, because I LOVED the season 7 finale. After every Pelant episode, I’ve had that “Bones is back” feeling.

        I won’t argue that the show’s best days are ahead. Sure, my favorite Bones seasons are mostly the earlier ones, and my favorite moments are mostly from those seasons. But I still sort of gasped/ sighed/ clutched my heart and swooned involuntarily when Booth called Brennan a rare and beautiful tiger. Those two can still surprise me sometimes, and they do it now more than they did in S6!

        Is there a chance, and I don’t mean to ruffle feathers, but is there a chance that you’ve lost that spark because you tell yourself that it’s not there? If we go into something expecting it to disappoint, it almost definitely will do just that. It’s kind of like a comedy show–if you sense any loss of confidence in the performance, you can’t laugh. Try giving Bones the benefit of the doubt. And if that doesn’t work, I’m really sorry that you’ve lost that Bones feeling. Really. I hope you find it again, even if just in reruns.

      • I’m more excited about the show now than I was when parts of season 5 and most of season 6 were running. Now we have the Booth/Brennan chemistry back and stronger than it’s ever been. We have character developement for the other characters. Pelant is still waiting in the wings to scare us. I just love Bones and my enthusiasm for the show has only amplified this year.

  9. I didnt mind the ep but I think Angela came across really really badly. And Hodgins has turned into a doormat and needs to grow a set. Sweets and FIshers jokes were lame but when Booth did his own humor on stage it was so much funnier and Booth rocked it. The ep was lacking much Booth and Brennan as a couple and I think the series needs to remember who the centre of the show is and give Booth and Brennan some storyline that are about them. Again it wasnt a bad ep just average but I did like it better than last weeks.

    • We just have to keep in mind that this was a bonus episode, like Mar said. While I liked the episode overall, it of course is not of “Mayhem” or “Memories” quality, shows that we will always talk about and remember…but it was alright. Even though, by their nature, bonus episodes are basically “lame” as far as juicy storylines, they still give us great moments. I don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater and miss them. I’m thinking of where Zed calls them all “smart and stupid”, Booth’s stand up routine, Brennan hysterically laughing (Brennan. Hysterically. LAUGHING!!), and Booth with an arrow on his head in the bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚ These are the little gems that the Bones crew gives us in the midst of the bonus ep’s bland tendencies. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • This was a weak episode, bonus or no. I’ve enjoyed the other two bonus eps and I’m looking forward to next week-also a bonus. This was just not a very good episode-even though there were some good moments in it.

      • I don’t think bonus means lame. The other two bonus episodes were really good and next week looks excellent. It was lame because it was very disjointed. I feel like they forgot a lot about the characters. Fisher didn’t find the Stooges amusing before and now he can’t contain his laughter during the investigation? Angela is nothing more than a bad artist wannabe?

      • I just meant “lame” as in “lacking intense character driven storylines” aka B&B in danger or Booth crying about his father, etc. Things that truly matter in the canon of a show. Shows like Doctor in the Photo, that you are just like “Whoa”. I think that even the good bonus eps lack that kind of power. That being said, I do agree with most people that this wasn’t the best one, and the thing I especially didn’t like was Angela’s reverting to Early Angela. I think she’s grown past that. But, in these bonus eps, the supporting characters take center stage, while B&B take a backseat. That is how they’ve all gone. Whether its Sweets with a random new FBI girl, or the squintern squad teaming up, or Hodgela dramaz stepping up to the plate, the show will be heavier on their storylines while we get very little B&B action. I think they’ve spoiled us with so much awesomeness that a show with less awesomeness just falls flat.

      • Oh but the other bonus episodes have been very focused on character driven stories. This was Angela’s episode and I just didn’t feel like she came off looking any better.

      • I guess I’m not explaininng myself well today!
        I did say, “the supporting characters take center stage, while B&B take a backseat. That is how theyโ€™ve all gone. Whether its Sweets with a random new FBI girl, or the squintern squad teaming up, or Hodgela dramaz stepping up to the plate”…
        …so I’m trying to say that its the supporting cast that gets the storylines instead of the main B&B partnership. Which makes them all feel a little “off” to me, because I’m used to B&B being the focal point. Sweets’, I didn’t like because of the random FBI girl who arrived out of nowhere, I did like the Squintern episode, but then I didn’t like Angela’s plot. It’s been a mixed bag for me.

  10. I’m happy to get any extra episodes, though I would agree with most people here that this one was a little light. I actually liked the Angela story; we forget what a free spirit she used to be, for better or worse, and in my mind it would only be natural that she feels her artistic side has been stiffled by the work she does. As a stay-at-home mom who used to work, I relate all too well. She was a wanderer before, just like Hannah, and it’s totally in character for her to start thinking of herself as boxed in by her work and her monogamous relationship. The issue will be how she acts on that feeling; whether she’s mature enough to find a compromise of some sort that makes everyone (including Hodgins) happy. I’m sure she will, and that journey has a lot of potential, if they write it well. And I agree, Hodgins has been a saint from day one.

    Liked Fisher; always have, and loved the Zed story. The episode itself really did feel like a bonus, though, and I agree is was disjointed though not bad-other than the ad placement which always makes me cringe. I can’t wait for the next of the season to get rolling now that the bonuses are mostly out of the way (isn’t Ghost a bonus? -but it still looks awesome, like Patriot.). I think the rest of the year will probably feel more cohesive.

  11. I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe it’s my twisted sense of humor but I actually think I loved it.

    Fisher is an underground comedian?? Ha! Fisher has teenage boys fangirling over him?? HA! Sweets jokes bomb, except with Brennan? HAHAHA!

    I don’t know, I just ‘got’ this episode. It worked for me.

    Even the Angela stuff – to be told you have “great technique” when art is about passion and heart and soul….ouch. I wanted to give her a hug. Even the kiss (on the lips, no tongue) fit Angela’s character, IMO. I mean, she jumped Grayson the first time she saw him again.

    Booth and Brennan at the end were adorable. Brennan pulling the “OMG” moment over the arrow-in-the-head, Booth immediately going into “reassure Brennan” mode, her weird sense of humor, his total cluelessness over it…I loved it. You know he went to bed pouting and she had to talk/play/tease him out of that mood.

    I give it a solid B+.

    • I would have loved to have seen a Booth in bed pouting scene.

    • Finally, a good review!
      Sometimes things work for me as long as I know they work for somebody. I don’t like people just labelling an episode “bad” or “unfunny” just because they didn’t get it (I’m not pointing fingers, this is just a philosophy of mine) when there are others who appreciate what they didn’t.

      MJ, you are a queen at capturing adorable Brennan. Any way we can get a tag to that scene? I mean, it sounds like you already know where to start…

      • NaNo is almost over – I’ll add it to the list! ๐Ÿ™‚

        It figures that I’d like an episode most hate. “Double Death” is my least favorite episode not involving Hannah and everyone else adores it. Potato/Potahto

      • I “got it” I just didn’t like it.

    • I’m with you MJ. I thought it was a solid B. It was a little flat with the Fisher jokester; but, the rest of it was nice. Compared to season 6 this episode was a gem. I laughed at Booth improv and Brennan was so cute when she got Sweets jokes and Booth really didn’t. I will watch it again. (Unlike certain season 6 episodes)

      If you’re taking requests, how about a joke off between Booth and Brennan on the phone. I could see a lot of puzzlement, explanations and what’s. Hint Hint.

  12. Not a favorite; probably wouldn’t have thought it a tragedy if I didn’t get to see it. However, I did enjoy parts of it.

  13. Booth wearing the arrow was so completely adorable. I just can’t even take it. I want to wrap him into a giant hug and let arrow-headed Booth follow me around all day. It made sense to me that he liked Steve Martin’s style of comedy–direct, straightforward, and goofy–and that Sweets would go for something more cerebral. In many ways, he’s a naiive kid, but we also can’t forget that he’s a very academic person. Sweets didn’t have a traditional childhood, so he’s very inexperienced in some ways and unnaturally mature in others.
    I also liked that Brennan giggled at Sweets’s jokes and then explained them (so perfectly in character), though I could’ve done without the moment at the end when she completely collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter. That felt a little awkward and forced for me.
    I love that Fisher is a dark comedian–from what I’ve read, many comedians are in fact very dark people and/or come from traumatic pasts. I’m almost surprised that more people on this show aren’t moonlighting as comedians.
    I don’t even wanna talk about the unicorn.
    There were some seriously weird lines in this episode. “Utter most”? Pshhh. No. Brennan knows better. Booth’s wording was also really awkward at some points, especially when he was trying to defend the arrow bit to Sweets. But there were also some great, self-aware moments, like “Everyone here is this weird combo of smart and dumb” (YES!) and Booth’s crack about how Brennan would solve the case by noticing someone’s limp.

    As for Angela, I don’t know….it felt very much in character that she would kiss Zed. Specifically, it felt very much like something she would’ve done in the early seasons. I’m not saying I support it, not by a long shot, but I support the writing of it. I also think that kissing Zed was very clearly meant to be symbolic for her, as opposed to sexual; the fact that he was a weird-looking 19-year-old and not a hot, charming man tells me that she really was kissing him for his art. Again, I don’t support it, but I can see Angela doing that.
    She’s going through a bit of a crisis right now, and I like that. She was ready to quit as early as episode 5, and then her relationships with Brennan and Hodgins sort of pulled her back in, but she’s realizing now that she’s deviated a lot from the person she thought she would be. She’s also not feeling as useful in the lab. I like that she’s reevaluating herself and feeling caught between the Angela who kisses random artists and the Angela who lovingly kisses little Michael. I’m curious if this’ll bring about any lifestyle changes for her, but I have faith that she and Hodgins will get through this.
    Hodgins has always been kind of “whipped” when it comes to Angela, hasn’t he? (“Do you WANT me to want you to change your name?”) He’d bend over backwards for her. So sweet. And so, so unappreciated by his wife. Angela! Look at what you have! He is the definition of COOL! I was frustrated when he said he wasn’t cool, sad when he said Angela would leave him for someone cool, and even more frustrated when she didn’t respond “I’ll never leave you.” Angela very rarely handles situations the way I would, and she frustrates me a lot.
    That being said, I’d still definitely want her as a friend. She went to jail for Brennan. I can’t ever forget that. She saw a great friend in Brennan when a lot of other people didn’t. Her stubbornness makes her loyal and principled, and her creativity/ free-spiritedness makes her the perfect counter to Brennan’s steady logic. I think Brennan benefits from Angela’s voice in her head, just as Angela benefits from Brennan’s. (Although I do think that in the past few seasons, we’ve see Brennan go to Angela for advice more than Angela goes to Brennan. I’m hoping this plotline turns that around. Angela needs advice right now, and I’d be interested to hear what Brennan has to say.)

  14. HI! I found the episode funny in a weird sort of way. It felt like the writers were making fun of comedy. The dialogue had a “verbal slapstick kind of humor” feel to it. I don’t know… that’s just how it came across to me.

    I loved the end scene. I think Booth was trying to be funny and flirt with Brennan using the fake arrow the way he was standing and posing by the bathroom door. Then the tables were sort of turned on him. Then he got grumpy. And we get this adorable Brennan laughing herself silly then calling out to Booth. I’m sure when the cameras faded she made sure to take the grumpy out of Booth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. This was a really cute scene from the episode!
    I Love how Booth looks at Brennan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I loved that scene. I love Emily has such an expressive face and she brings that to her character. It’s so cute the way she says that. Booth has a lot of great expressions, too.

  16. I liked this episode, I was a little wary going in because I’d seen some talk on the interwebs about it being a bit ‘throwaway’, but to be honest – I’ve felt that way about half the eps this season so far, so maybe I’m getting used to it and appreciating the small moments more.

    I found it pretty funny – circles are pointless and the lamps one made me giggle. The case was solid (although I had the culprit pegged as soon as he had his scene in the FBI boardroom). Loved the peanut butter, glued stuff plus the toilets. Something different that was fun. (Booth saying ‘And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘Hodgins” made me laugh.) The comment about people being a weird mix of dumb and smart was totally on the money. And the ‘how we find people’ from Booth was amusingly self-aware of the show.

    Re Angela – eugh. I find her mildly annoying at the best of times but last ep she really took the biscuit. I think my main beef with her is that she’s completely in control of her choices – she doesn’t have to work at the Jeffersonian anymore for money. If she wants to quit and paint and spend time with her son, she has the luxury of that option. So her existential crisis falls flat to me – if she hates her job, she’s in the fortunate position of being able to change it. So stop moaning and do something about it.

    Hodgins puts up with far too much – it makes him appear a bit spineless. I get that he loves and adores her, but he shouldn’t have to put up with her kissing other men. And then she has the gall to act all ‘why are you giving me grief over this?’ as if it’s nothing. Not cool Angela. (I also hated it when she jumped Barossa, so at least I’m consistent in my disapproval)

    B&B are cute – it’s nice to see their private moments hanging out at home. This was almost the exact same ending as the one with the presidential badges though. I liked that Brennan turned it around on Booth – her thinking he actually had an arrow through his head would have pushed the ‘moronic-Brennan’ theme too far.

    In terms of some people’s displeasure at the bonus eps focussing more heavily on supporting characters, and less on B&B I don’t feel that way for two reasons:
    1. The bonus eps were filmed right after ED went back to work following her maternity leave – she probably appreciated the slightly lighter work load those first few weeks back.
    2. As season 7 was cut short, supporting character’s didn’t get many of their own storylines as the season had so much B&B to fit in, in just 13 episodes. These bonus episodes were making up for that slightly and giving the rest of the cast something to get their teeth into. I don’t begrudge them that.

    • Sophia, as always, I agree with you 110% (and yes I know there isn’t anything above 100%) ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything you said is what I thought too!

  17. I was tired of Angela’s recurring angst regarding not following her passion of being an “artist”. I don’t know why they had to bring that back into the storyline. Get over it! It was boring & didn’t shed a good light on her as a “mother”. And all of a sudden….her angst is resolved at the end of the episode when she graffiti’d (sp?) that wall? Please…give me a break. And Hodgins didn’t “get” the dialogue between she and the artist?…again…give me a break? This was a lame epi for me…but kudos to the special effects department…I was thoroughly grossed out with the dead body attached to the artist.

    • Let’s not forget…Angela is married to a millionaire & she can quit her job at any time to pursue her dream of being an artist. I just didn’t like this SL at this time in the series.

  18. if bones doesnt have a big bang soon i dont think there will be any season 9 or up. i really want it to continue i think bones just needs to get refreshed and raring to go again.

  19. These bonus episodes aren’t working for me. Aside from Patriot which was amazing, the others have a different tone which doesn’t encompasss the ansgt and tension that we saw in the first 2 eps of the season. Have we seen them all yet? I sure hope so, because I want the second half of the season to have the depth and serious side which HH&co have been talking about.

    I didn’t like S7. Understandably ED was reserved in her affection….it didn’t gel for me that she was really pregnant and pashing DB, and the post baby eps were to babyfilled. I’m much happier now that we don’t really have a baby around…

    • lol i love your review. lol emilys an actress she kind of had no choice but to kiss david ๐Ÿ˜› i love it when they kiss so its all good ๐Ÿ˜€ must of been really awkward for her though ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Same for me regarding S8 so far. Didn’t care much for S6 or S7 either with a few exceptions like “Doctor in the Photo”, “Signs in the Silence”, and a couple other episodes. I think ED did a great job under the circumstances, as always. For me, it’s all TPTB that have let the bar drop.

      • The bonus episodes have a different tone on purpose – they’re ‘bonus’ episodes. They are standalone, they don’t take place at any particular time in the Bones universe. They aren’t as focussed on ED and DB because she was just back from maternity leave when they were filmed (this is also why we now have more Sweets in season 8 episodes – Emily is working slightly shorter hours so she can see her son, which means less screentime for her)

        Different people watch the show for different reasons – a very significant portion of the audience like the light-hearted, humorous episodes better than the darker dramatic ones. Consistently, throughout the series’ run, the ‘big’ episodes have lower ratings than the funny, light ones. To keep the show on the air, the showrunners have to walk a balance of weighty important episodes that the hard core fans like, and the lighter funny ones that other people like.

  20. The last bonus episode will air this coming Monday. As for when they were filmed, they were not filmed right away when Emily came back, some were filmed even after they had done the season 7 finale. I think the only bonus episode that was filmed before they filmed the finale was the Gunk in the garage, the one that aired as episode 3 this season. Everything else was filmed after they were done with the season.

    I do agree that they are messing up the flow of the season a little bit but that’s not their fault. Fox wanted these bonus episodes without a clear plan when they would air. They’re working around that, trying to fit them into a season that already has an ongoing arc. I wasn’t particularly fond of this one but I have liked the other two and I’m really looking forward to the last one, which again, will air this Monday as the 150th episode of the show.

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