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Morning After Q: What’s your Favorite Funny Booth Moment?


Hey, good morning! I know this is late, and I’m sorry about that. It’s almost an Afternoon After Q! 🙂

Last night’s ep made me laugh several times. It also made me cringe many times and want to throw things at my tv, but…I don’t want to dwell on those moments.

Booth doing standup made me laugh, and I was glad that the jokes that bombed weren’t ones that he’d written. But it also reminded me of a season one commentary (for the Pilot, I think?) where Hart Hanson talked about how pleasantly surprised he/the writers were to find out that David Boreanaz was actually funny. Let’s face it…he has good dramatic acting chops (though I’ll argue that they’ve gotten even better as Booth), and a very good face and …everything. And while Angel had some funny moments, it’s not something that would have necessarily been DB’s calling card. I am trying to remember the scene HH was talking about, and I think it was when Booth single handedly (literally) takes down Oliver. It was just dry funny and great. The same thing happened in the second episode, when Booth zips his pants up in front of Tessa and Brennan—subtle and classic.

So in last night’s episode, Booth made me laugh a lot, and it made me want to talk about some of his other funny moments.

I’ll start, and then you can add your faves to the list!

Season Three: Man in the Mud “Let’s keep the conversation up, shall we?”

Season Five: Bond in the Boot, “You smell dead bodies, and this stinks?” to Brennan while they fixed his sink

Okay…I know there are more. Sound off in the comments!


17 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What’s your Favorite Funny Booth Moment?

  1. The Bond in the Boot: Whoa, that’s going to hurt the blue book value
    Two Bodies in the Lab: you know if we weren’t in a toy car
    The Man in the Manson: Sex socks, they’re pretty much the same
    the socks, the tie, the belt buckle all escapes from my socioeconomic rage

  2. Oh man, I’m gonna have to think about this one! 🙂 What a difficult task! It may even require some re-watching research! The things I do for science…

  3. (email while I consider the options)

  4. When Hodgins figured out Booth and Cam were a couple in season 2. He says to Hodgins, “Don’t you have some work to do”? And then Hodgins says “Don’t you”?

  5. Brennan: The fluidity with which he moves should not be possible. It appears as if he has no bones.
    Booth: Well, that would put you out of business, wouldn’t it?

    Booth: Sweets, just stop shrinking around the bush, okay?

    Sweets: What part of your head hurts?
    Booth: The part above my shoulders.

    Brennan: The guitar string could definitely be the murder weapon.
    Booth: Because it cut the cheese?

    Brennan: What, exactly, am I supposed to be *squinting* at?
    Booth: It’s like pornography – you’ll know when you see it.

    Booth: Seven figures? Wow! Without the decimal point?

    Zack: Sometime, when you’re not busy, I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about sexual positions?
    Booth: If you even try, I will take out my gun and shoot you between the eyes.

    Booth: You’re Emergency Services. This is an emergency. We are trapped in an elevator. There’s two of us. If you could just – just send – No. No. No. Nobody’s hurt, but listen okay? There is a killer virus out there that only *we* can stop. So just get someone out here *now* or – Hello?… He hung up . He didn’t believe me.

    Goodman: You are stoned, Agent Booth.
    Booth: Oh, good.
    Booth: Just make sure when they put me in the ground, I’m dead.
    Brennan: No problem.
    Booth: Maybe uh, you know, leave my body out for a few hours and check on me every once in a while.

    (Big thanks to for the reminders/quotes!) 🙂

  6. Yank in the UK: Live by bone, die by the bone

    The Man in the Outhouse: Bones, two guys at the same time, it’s not right! I mean that’s why they invented dueling.

    The Princess and the Pear: Booth: So why wasn’t Perotta with you?
    Brennan: I was with Sweets.
    Booth: That’s like being protected by a smurf. Not the sheriff. The guy who was in charge. I don’t know his name, but he was a small blue guy.

  7. The Salt in the Wounds: Booth: After seeing the body in a load of salt, “All of the sudden I have a potato-chip craving,”

  8. I love that “Don’t run, Oliver,” bit from the pilot. I also really love the conversation about alligators and genitalia, especially the very end, when Booth mutters, “…they’ve got blue pills for that.”

    Protective Booth always makes me laugh, particularly when he’s doing it on purpose, using his gun and badge to put on a show.
    Plain in the Prodigy: Booth intimidates Michelle’s boyfriend. “I’m a trained sniper”/ “I’m her number one uncle.” I love watching him put the full weight of his badassery into convincing a high school kid not to rush his girlfriend into sex. He knows how to get his point across.
    Two Bodies in the Lab: “She will…stay safe.” and “DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT CREEPY.” Hahahaha.

    Double Death: “You are staring way too long at this guy” (notable mostly for his hand motions)
    Pain in the Heart: “Hot tub plus cold beer equals warm beer. Hat equals solution.” (He’s so sheepish!)
    Man in the Mud: “Special Agent Seeley Booth. Special.”
    Wannabe: When Sweets starts talking about the furrowed corrugator muscles and Booth makes that angry chomping face, I die. Then Brennan claims that everyone knows it’s the forehead, and Booth is like, “I don’t know. I didn’t know that.”
    Mummy in the Maze: “WITH THIS CHAIR. I’ll wait outside WITH THIS CHAIR.”
    Mummy in the Maze: Booth jumping at the clown
    Goop on the Girl: “I’m just gonna start reciting some saints.”

  9. Double Death:
    ‘Finish your drink’
    ‘Because I’m hoping you’ll pass out!’

    Finger in the nest:
    ‘No one ever carried me around like a monkey. Specially not a girl’ (the delivery cracks me up)

    Cinderella in the Cardboard:
    I can’t remember the whole line, but Booth and Brennan are in the bridal shop and she’s being all ‘anti-marriage’ and Booth says she has a heart of stone. Sounds awful, but it always makes me laugh.

    When Booth and Brennan are talking about losing their virginity, and Booth says that ‘parts of him were’ in love at the time ha.

    ‘Dr burn in hell’ was amusing too.

    Those are the ones that come to mind straight away.

  10. This is not a funny Booth moment, BUT if you’ve ever wanted to see Ben Affleck sit in front of the Royal Diner, you’re welcome.

    • In the Devil in the Details, this isn’t an exact quote. He doesn’t want Brennan to say something not respectful in church. She says “Are you afraid I’ll be struck by lightening”? He says, “Yeah, cause I’m usually standing next to you”.

    • Haha, I’ve loved Ben Affleck ever since his character mentioned in ‘The Town’ that he watches Bones 🙂

      • I loved when he did that! There was also a 30 Rock moment, in the first live show, when Matt Damon’s character called Liz from the plane he was piloting. It was going down, and he thought he might die, but he wanted her to TiVo Bones for him in case he survived. Since Matt and Ben are besties, I like to imagine them watching Bones together and being really snarky about it but also totally loving it.

  11. Totally paraphrasing, but “nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus.” The horrified look on his face when Hodgins hugged him when they were discussing Angela.

  12. new here, actually new to Bones too, but when I found this site and read this question I just needed to share 🙂
    my fav Booth moment ever is the bathtub scene in season 3 – the part when they argue and he stands up in the heat of the argument, then they realize he’s standing in front of her naked, and during that pregnant pause he looks around uncomfortably (the way his eyes shift – this is the crucial moment that makes me laugh) and then Brennan asks him if he’d like a towel and he lowers down – cracks me every single time I see it 😀
    another one is during season 4 – when he has a back problem – the first scene when Brennan cracks his back almost paralyzing him, how he cajoled her into the cracking and his face when the back cracked; then in the final scene, after both Perotta and Brennan leave, he stands in the room unsure and calls: hello…? – again cracks me every single time
    third scene is during season 7 when Brennan is complaining about feeling uncomfortable in her clothes after the birth – I laugh every time i hear Booth speaking to Christine: goo-goo-goo-goo-da-da. – a pause – FBI! XD I love this 😀 and then how he tries to step back from Brennan and all 🙂
    another scene is during season 8 – when Brennan wants to buy a 800$ stroller and she pulls the sad eyes on Booth and he begins to complain – “don’t do that. not that look, please. don’t give me the sad eyes. aaah! come on! no, I’m not looking, I’m driving. just keep driving. uh, you were never able to do that look before the baby. what did the baby do to you?!” love that XD
    so those are just from my memory, there might be much more 🙂

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