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Morning After Q: Character Motivation


Hello! Sorry for the delay on this post, but here’s a question for you– (and yes, I know the title wasn’t exactly in the form of a question…sorry, Alex Trebek! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Since the camera work was done in the POV of the victim, we got to see each character’s facial expressions toward the victim/skull. What do you think each character’s motivations were toward solving the case?


25 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Character Motivation

  1. Brennan’s motivation is to find out who the victim is and what killed him. She wants to give the victim closure. In this case, the fact that the victim was so young affected her in other ways too. She has a child of her own now and knows that if anything ever happened to Christine she’d want to know what happened and why. She would want closure; so, she wants to find that for the victim.

    Booth hates it when the victim is a child. He too can imagine what it would be like if the victim was Parker and he wants justice for the smallest of victims. I thinks it speaks well of Booth’s character that he felt compelled to pray for the boy using a soldiers prayer. He is very empathic and we see that a lot when he deals with the victims family and friends. He also has great empathy for Brennan. He knows what it takes to deal with the horrors they see and he tries to help her as much as he can.

    Hodgins wants to solve the mystery behind the deaths he sees. He believes that science can be used to help Dr. Brennan and Booth and he puts a lot of energy into his job. He is usually very upbeat about what science can accomplish and he is very enthusiastic about his job.

    Angela feels the pain that surrounds the victim and wants that pain to end. Her artist soul cries for all of their victims.

    Cam wants justice for all of their victims. She believes in the system and she wants whoever thinks its ok to takes someone’s life to pay for it. She’s stern but can be empathic and sometimes her empathy peeks through when she is working with the remains of the victim.

    • Cool question, Sarah! And Lenora, I agree. I like your comment about Brennan and closure; she’s always been invested in the closure that only the truth can bring, particularly where victims and their families are concerned. I always go back to the conversation between B&B in “The Woman at the Airport.” Brennan wants to say the victim’s name out loud, i.e. restore his identity. She wants to know who Colin was–not just his name, but what mattered to him right up to the moment that he died. I think when she looked at his skull, she was seeing Christine, but she was also seeing Colin as his own person and considering the effect his death would have on his parents.

      And I think Cam saw her own mom every time she looked at that skull; the idea of the supernatural took her right back to that encounter with her mom’s ghost, and you could see her fascination under that professional exterior.

      Great comment–I especially love what you say about how Angela’s “artist soul cries for all of their victims.”

  2. Angela and Avalon’s I think were the same, since the two of them are obviously into the spirit idea. They wanted the spirit to find closure. I think Booth’s is always to find justice, and to do the right thing for his “cosmic balance sheet”. Also, as a father, these child based cases affect him on that level. I think Cam’s was just to solve the case like any other. Brennan’s was attempting to see things from Angela/Avalon’s persepective. Yes, she was affected as a mom, but I think more so that having the victim “watch” her added motivation to her to find the clues. It kind of made her up her game. I liked that aspect of it.

    Still not sure how I felt about it overall, the POV from the skull thing. It definitely was different, that’s for sure. And I would like to know how the actors felt about talking into the camera like that! Did they like the challenge as actors? Was it weird? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think it’s hard to ascribe just one reason each character had for their involvement in this case.

    Angela was into the otherworldly, psychic connection and that was fine. Her involvement becomes the catalyst for the other characters to treat this differently, especially since this is a young boy who had so much life before him.

    I found it interesting that Cam saw the boy as a conduit to her mother– a chance for her to reassure her mother. She’s a mother and quickly dials into the need to let her mom know that all was 87% well in her life.

    Booth saw a bit of himself in the boy– a tough kid who endured injuries in order to fit in and impress a girl. He sees the kid as a soldier and prays over him as a fallen comrade– that’s connecting in a big way.

    Hodgins became the person who tried to explain Angela to Colin, tried to explain what was going on. He’s fatherly in this– a man who wants to assure another man’s son just as he would want to reassure his own boy.

    Brennan. The more she protests that she doesn’t believe, the more she connects. How she addressed Colin was so reminiscent of Doctor in the Photo and how she talked to her doppleganger. Brennan is the ultimate scientist who tries to hide her humanity but can’t. I don’t know how legal it is to take the skull home, but on a symbolic level it works to tell us just how deeply she invests in giving back a voice to the victims.

    Each character saw something in the boy they were investigating that touched them. All of them were parents; all of them saw something of themselves or something of their child in the manchild who died. What I really loved was just how reverent this show is generally toward the victims. Not always. But in the case of this boy, he is more than John Doe #whatever. He’s a person that invokes the humanity in them all.

  4. Sarah, if we’ve been very good posters this year (or even if we haven’t ๐Ÿ™‚ ), can we get a Scene Study for Christmas? **I’m thinking something like when Brennan comes home after talking with Sweets, Booth is drinking alone in his wonderful black t-shirt, Brennan says she’s willing to be irrational with him…**

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You know what would be a good project? If something went through Season 7 and recorded how many times Booth or Brennan said the word “home” or “family.” Not that I would mind re-watching, but I get distracted easily and would probably forget after some point.

    • They just seemed to really, really enjoy saying those words. That actually makes me giddier than them finally having sex.

      • That’s a good hiatus project, I might do it. I noticed Brennan was especially fond of saying the word “family” and she still is. D’aw….she loves her life now.

  6. My random thought for the day:

    I really appreciate the kind of woman Brennan is to her partner/mate. She doesn’t (typically) hold grudges against him, berate him, or constantly remind him of his failures. And when she unintentionally hurts him, her apologies are always sincere. I just think she doesn’t get enough credit for this, because it’s so easy for us to focus on how Booth is always there for her (exceptionally so from the beginning). But I think she has proven herself to be not just an exceptional partner, but an exceptional mate, as well.

    I guess my motivation for these thoughts come out of the fallout of Season 6. I can understand that some people wanted to hear more talking between them about what happened, but I’m so glad they didn’t go the blame-game route when mistakes and regrets were on both sides. I’m so glad she didn’t “punish” Booth, because by that point, that really wouldn’t have helped them since they both still had feelings for each other. Booth was far from perfect, and he knew the mess that he had both got himself into and found himself in. But I think we all agree that it’s really not nice to kick a dog while it’s down (or at all, really, but that’s besides the point.)

    I disagree with all the notions that she was a doormat. I think she was patient, deliberate, understanding, fair, perceptive and handled it all with such quiet strength, not knowing if she would ever get her second chance. I think it was because she took that approach that Booth was able to “go there” with Brennan again in The Blackout in the Blizzard. She was like a balm to his hurting, angry self. She didn’t pressure him, but it was very clear that she was determined to stay by his side, and that she was still open to the idea of more between them.

    • To go back to my first point, people often get annoyed with Brennan being technical with Booth, correcting him and such. But better to try to correct his grammar than to think she needs to “correct” his character. Just like Booth accepts all of who Brennan is, I think the reverse is true, as well.

    • I think overall, Brennan doesn’t get enough credit for a lot of things. She IS an exceptional partner to Booth, both professionally as well as in their personal lives. She is appreciative of everything he does for her. She is extremely supportive, she is honest and as you said, whenever she screws up, she isn’t shy to apologize and she means it. She doesn’t hold grudges and she accepts when she is wrong. She is also very protective of him physically as well as emotionally. For all the times people mention how Booth takes care of Brennan, I can say the same about how she takes care of him.

      It’s too bad that some people out there see either her or Booth as doormats at any point after season 6. I see them as having a very healthy relationship. They communicate, they share things good and bad and they also have fun together, as it should be.

  7. Brennan’s “I would have another baby with you right now if we didn’t just have Christine” face:

      • Yes! That’s actually the pic I was looking for. Took me forever to find that one since that ep was a while ago and that was the only one I was able to find. Booth’s looks of love are out of this world, but there is no shortage on Brennan looking lovingly at Booth. Here are some others:
        And that’s leaving out some from this season. One of my favorites is how she looks at him during their talk of him not getting the promotion and being an alpha male. Man, when Brennan fell in love, she fell hard. I liked the “Hey Ho” song by the Lumineers in the premiere was so fitting because I really do see them as each other’s sweethearts.
        (disclaimer: none of these gifs I’ve posted are mine)

    • Oh, yes. We talk a lot about the way Booth looks at her, but she also looks at him with such love in her eyes. She’s a goner for him, big time. The way she looks at him when he says he has no reasons for loving her and when she tells Max in the premiere that she knows things are different now because Booth is there. Max meant it as a bad thing, yet she looks at Booth with little hearts in her eyes and thinks him being is the best thing every.

  8. If we’ve been really good, can we get a scene study for Christmas? Since we don’t get a Bones Christmas ep, we need something! Can you just imagine their first Christmas as a family in the Mighty Hut?!?!? With their baby?!!?! It’s probably super awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Just popping in to say, Happy New Year to all you Bones Theory chaps! I hope 2013 treats you all very well [smile]

    Best wishes.

  10. Hey BT pals – check out my vid/promo for the return of Season 8!

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