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The Archaeologist in the Cocoon- Post Episode Discussion


Double the ep; double the fun!

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40 thoughts on “The Archaeologist in the Cocoon- Post Episode Discussion

  1. I got a little teary eyed at the end when they were talking about the 3 year old lying down with her parents. Then my eyes were dazzled by Booth in that light blue shirt he was wearing. Great color for him. I know that is shallow, but my brain is exploding after 2 episodes back to back!

    • No comment about Booth in a blue shirt can possibly be shallow. Love, love, love that look on him. I miss it from the early days.

    • Everytime I think we’ve seen Booth in the best outfit ever, another one comes along that’s even hotter. Gray t-shirt, brown t-shirt, black t-shirt, v-neck collar, rounded collar, gray suit, gray sweater, sweat pants, jeans, leather jacket, black suit, tux, etc… You get my point.

      My thought is that Booth looks good in anything. Or nothing at all.

      Although I do agree that of all the clothes he wore last night (in both episodes), the sight of him sitting there in that light blue shirt was the one that got me the most.

  2. Loved how teamwork was emphasised in this episode. I thought Bones and Clark were a hoot!

  3. I think Brennan was completely in character with her quarrel with Clark this episode and I loved it. I also loved how the whole team ended up working together on this one and, as always, Cam is the mediator. That last scene was very touching and reminded me a lot of the time Cam presented the names of the slaves on that ship (I cant remember the name of this episode right now).
    Also, I completely loved Hodgins thinking that they found Moth Man, that was very awesome of him

    • I think the episode about the slave ship was called The Shallow In the Deep.

      I really loved the ending of this one too, that poor prehistoric family. 😦

  4. Booth talks about enjoying a beer in the bathtub at the very end….SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Poor Booth, left in the dark about his potential failings. It would drive me nuts. Really nice piece about the “caveman” family, and how it correlated to the more recent victim. And the look in Booth’s eye when he found out about the little girl’s fate made her ending even more sad.

    Have to say I think they did a good job dealing with Brennan’s competitiveness. It didn’t feel like the episode was one of those learning ones, since Clark was being a little snotty about the whole thing and in part brought the conflict upon himself. The writers really nailed Brennan’s character IMO without making her seem like the bad guy. She was so hurt when she couldn’t be included, it didn’t feel like it was just about ego. Great Cam in both episodes-I really like how they’ve softened her back up; she wasn’t very likeable last season. Maybe it has to do with her extracurricular activities these days?

    • Booths reaction when he found out the child died of starvation because her parents were dead and she was three was heart breaking to me. You could just see him thinking about his own baby girl.

  6. Just some general points of excellence =)

    – Uncle Sweets!
    – I really like how Brennan’s first instinct is to immediately call Hodgins out on his conspiracy theories that have little scientific evidence (Moth Man), but she then sympathizes with him that this is yet again a case with a very rational, scientific explanation. Human remains and all! Sorry Hodge.
    – I will ALWAYS love the relationship between Cam and Hodgins. It really hasn’t changed much since Season 2, when Hodgins and Zack would drive her nuts with experiments. I just love it!
    – Another Chechen Republic shout out?
    – I also enjoyed how Cam had to be “Mom,” for Brennan and Clark. And how they instantly re-bonded over Cam calling the remains cavemen.
    – Brennan sticking bones to her tongue is just… so… Brennan. Sigh.
    – Angela was very exciting about putting faces on the old bones and making history live!
    – After all this time, and all they’ve been through, Hodgins is still afraid of Dr. B. Hahahaha. But not as afraid as he is of Angela! =D
    – “I was going to use a more technical term” “That’s why I interrupted you.”
    – Umm. The handshake? I’m still laughing. It’s weird little things like that which continue to amuse me endlessly.
    – Another IDKWTM =)
    – Is it me, or is DB just extra beautiful in this episode?
    – The wonderful metaphor of these ancient people being outcasts, but that they came together as a family nonetheless. So very similar to our Jeffersonian/FBI family methinks!
    – Of course, Brennan not only realizing she has “failings,” but voicing them out loud, and saying how she doesn’t want them to affect Christine. Will we ever come to learn what she thinks Booth’s failings are? Hehehe

    • YES, so sweet how Brennan apologized to Hodgins that they weren’t dealing with an exciting Moth Man case.

    • Poor Booth told he has failings but not what they are. I thought it funny that he thinks drinking a beer in the tub might be a failing.

      I don’t know we’ve seen his beer hat while he was in the tub and I didn’t think it was a failing.

  7. Also, what does it mean when you’re super excited for the gag reel, but the season is hardly half over? Lol

  8. Things I loved:
    –The fist bump (she’s LEARNING!)
    –The bone-licking. so adorable. SO, SO adorable. Also, so Bones (and I mean both the person and the show) to basically throw sanitation and proper scientific protocol to the wind.
    –Cam’s ability to put her status as The Boss to good use and lay down the law
    –Angela’s good mood. Even if there was a reshuffling of the episode order, I thought her happiness mostly worked here, because she was dealing with old cool remains and drawing pretty pictures instead of dealing with recent deaths and nasty things and murderers still on the loose. Also, maybe she’s gotten more time off now and she’s well rested! That said, it was weird that she didn’t react more strongly to the dead child.
    –Clark and Brennan’s angst whenever anyone said “caveman”
    –Hodgins’s desire to not get in the middle of anything

    Sarah, I’m with you that the staging of the big archeological story was weird. I think that’s because in the typical Bones plot, we’re right there with the team as they solve the murder. We see them put the pieces together and tell the story of the deaths as they unfold. Then we see them start to tell a larger crowd and the camera fades away or something. But this time, we weren’t really privy to the big crimesolving moment, which I think is why the emotions of that scene felt a little off to me. I kind of felt like I wasn’t part of their victory.

    I thought the whole thing between Brennan and Clark was really interesting. The writers were really intent on emphasizing Brennan’s competitive nature here, which I think is accurate. Brennan never got a B and she never will. She likes being the best. For herself and others, she recognizes the Darwinian importance of competition. You can always, always do better. If you’re third in your class, she wants to meet the two students ahead of you.

    But Brennan is also not the type who pays attention to meaningless titles. She doesn’t rest her self-worth on how many times she’s mentioned in a scientific study. “That’s what makes her…Bones.” She just cares if people are skilled and passionate about scientific inquiry. When Brennan values competition, it’s for the sake of personal self-improvement, not for the sake of besting other people.

    So this episode had a weird line to walk. I thought Brennan’s frustration when Clark was given the ancient remains made sense, because she LOVES ancient remains. They’re her real passion. Also, Clark was being awfully rude and territorial for a while there, so that rubbed some extra salt in the wound and made it easier for her to go into full-on competitive mode. But the fact that she was so concerned about the peekaboo WAS a little bit about besting other people (the other parents), so I didn’t love that aspect of her concern. Although I do love that she’s so invested in Christine’s development!

    Did anyone else feel weird about the scene between Booth and Sweets in Booth’s office, when they talked about the effect a competitive mother can have on her child? Booth looked almost worried for Christine. Let’s get one thing straight, Booth: flaws and all, Brennan will be a kickass mom, and you never have to be worried for Christine. Ok??

    In general, with the way everyone talked about Brennan and how competitive she can be, it was like they didn’t really understand why she felt so slighted. They were kind of hard on her. And of course Brennan did the right thing at the end! She wanted to be a part of the study, but not for the credit. The science is always more important than the recognition. She let Clark and the victim have their moment in the spotlight without making a huge show of herself, and that was so incredibly sweet of her (but also NOT surprising. Her friends need to stop acting so surprised when she does nice things). I also loved how she shared the credit with Cam.

    The end was SO PERFECTLY WONDERFUL with Christine and that green ball and Booth’s two thumbs up! Love. I liked that Brennan admitted her failures so readily and worried about passing them on to Christine (it was less about “Brennan feels she must change” and more about Brennan feeling that her daughter should be the best she can be). I wish Booth had reassured her in some way–told her that Brennan’s self-awareness is all she needs, that Brennan’s own flaws are nothing in comparison to her strengths, that Christine will be just fine and that Brennan is a great mom. Something like that. But I think it was so perfect and adorable how Brennan reminded Booth that he has failings too. She just didn’t need to remind him what they all are (I think, despite his jokes, that he knows, because he’s so insecure in his own way. No need to rub it in).

    That last scene was pretty much all I needed for a good episode, so I’m happy 🙂

    • I thought the scene between Booth and Sweets was really not about Brennan but Booth. Booth asked if the competitiveness was contagious and when Sweets said yes Booth looked contemplative and a little unhappy. At least that was my take on the scene.

    • I also loved the scene between Booth and Sweets. Yes, Booth knows Brennan will be a wonderful mom, and he has told her that many times. But I do think that as Christine’s father he would be concerned about Brennan pushing her too much. I loved how he was just taking in what Sweets said and was thinking about it. DB has one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen and can convey so many emotions in one look.

      I also love how Booth actually listened to Sweets this time, accepted what he had to say, and told him thank you. Very touching. I haven’t always been the biggest Sweets fan, but this scene was very nice.

  9. I am not sure how I feel about the archaeological plot with it. I did like that they showed Brennan missing her old position, where she got her start. And the competition with Clark was fun…but it kind of felt like it was a little much with the dancing competition murder too, along with Angela’s storyline also.

    I understand and like the Angela missing her passion though, it worked with Brennan missing her original passion. But I think Angela needs to realize what Brennan already does, that she is using her training, but with a calling to it. That what they do helps save people or solve questions or bring peace and closure to families. And why can’t Angela take painting classes/practice her art after work? Can she not do both?

    Hm. A lot to process with two eps yesterday!

  10. I have to add how much I loved the scene with Brennan calmly asking Hodgins to remove the bugs from her eyes. “I think there’s a few more.” So very Bones. It cracked me up. 🙂

  11. “Is it me, or is DB just extra beautiful in this episode?” No, it’s not just you! The proof is in the pudding…or the blue shirt. Check it out! Yum. click on pic for larger lovliness!

  12. Remember how Booth gave her one thumbs up when she dressed up in the skeleton outfit for the childrens’ program with Jude the science dude? Now she gets two!

  13. First off, I agree with the analyses and praise posted before me.
    My concern is with the very sloppy science in this episode, one in which the science of Brennan’s specialty was spotlighted!
    It’s been decades since the pronunciation of “neanderthal” has been known to be “h”-free (-dertal). Everyone at that institution would KNOW that, and not repeat the out-dated error one character after the other! Just unbelievable.
    “Inhabitating” is no more of a real word than “orientating” — real English is “inhabiting” and “orienting.” Tsk, tsk, Writers!
    Yes, I absolutely cried seeing the illustration of the family lying together in death. And the photo of the bones.
    However, scientifically, if this family was so definitively outcast, no one would have come to bury them, even just as they lay, and passing wild animals would have ravaged and scattered the bodies. Fact.
    Family groupings such as that photo of a grave depicted have been found, but not in circumstances as this: the bodies must be buried, before decaying.

    Just my two cents.

    • Justin, great points. I also noticed the pronounciation of “Neanderthal”! Ooh, and “orientating” always has bothered me as an English minor! 🙂 I also hate when people say “conversating” instead of “conversing” and other things but that’s another discussion haha! And you are probably right about the skeletons, unless there was a mudslide or volcanic eruption to cover the bodies, most likely they would have been ravaged. I guess probably most viewers wouldn’t think about it and they have this family image of the three to show.

    • Also, it’s Homo sapienS. Both Brennan and Clark said Homo sapien throughout the entire episode, and it’s completely wrong. It’s Latin, so the S at the end of Sapiens is not used to indicate a plural. It’s part of the word, just like the S at the end of the word “is” or “was.” The fact that NO ONE on the Bones writing staff caught such a glaring error like that is horribly sloppy editing.

  14. I didn’t have any issues with the archaeological stuff. I’m not one to care if the science is a little off or stretched. I don’t always pay a whole lot of attention to the cases anyways.

    I have seen a few people complaining that Brennan got taught a lesson, but I don’t think she did. It was just something she’s struggled with before popping up. And no one made her stop, or ‘got through to her’. She, on her own, realized she was being over-competitive, and fixed it. And Clark was being extremely rude and ungrateful about it, so honestly she had the right to be offended. She did teach him, and then he was like “Nope goodbye I don’t need your help.”

    Sweets didn’t do anything too annoying in this ep, but I still want him out of their house. I just don’t like him in their personal life, and I never have. I want their house back to just their house.

    The end scene was so cute. They are such a pretty family! I loved the 2 thumbs up! And Booth wondering what his failings are is just so like him lol.

  15. Ì enjoyed the ep and I totally get that it was a lab based ep which are enjoyable BUT the lack of Booth in the middle of the epis is starting to concern me. I mean not having your male lead for at least 20mins of the ep in a block of time is so strange and a disconnect to said character. Esp when Sweets was questioning the suspects by himself during that time, it’s like they have forgotten who the lead FBI Agent is. The same thing happened in Bod in the Pod ep too. Booth was MIA during the middle of that ep too And believe me I would say the EXACT same thing if Brennan was being treated that way. B&B are the lead characters and sometimes in S8 they are being treated, esp, Booth like the supporting actor. I find it quite sad tbh.

    • I noticed the absence of Booth as well! To the point where at the start of every new scene I was actually looking for him, and he wouldn’t be there. Not enough Booth!

      Re Brennan – sometimes I find that the writers start off a potential conflict and then change it half way through an episode and resolve something completely different, leaving me feeling that there is unfinished business.

      For example, this episode started with Brennan worrying that Christine wasn’t as advanced for her age as she was expecting. Booth talked to Sweets about this, who pointed out that Brennan could possibly put too much pressure on Christine to be like her – as smart, as driven etc. I can definitely see this happening in the future – Brennan is a hell of a mother to live up to – Christine will feel that pressure regardless of whether Brennan voices her subconscious expectations. I thought that was an interesting thing to address, but then the episode veered off into Brennan being ultra-competitive and that trait somehow rubbing off on Christine. Not the issue established at the beginning and not as interesting.

      I often think it’s brave of the show to so frequently position their lead character as someone quite unlikeable. She was childish and rude to Clark and was ignoring her own responsibilities. Cam shouldn’t have to point out that their murder victim deserved her full attention – it used to be Brennan instilling that in the rest of the team. I didn’t think Clark was rude to her, I thought he was right to stand up for himself, Brennan had no right to try and take it from him.

      The end scene was lovely – Booth and Brennan playing with Christine and her self-awareness about not passing on her failings. It was so cute the way she was talking to Christine as she took her up to bed, ‘we’re going to have some milk, and wash our hair…’ ahh so cute. It was lovely that she asked Clark to include the victim’s name on the paper, really generous. And Booth is a honey, he’s so gentle, patient and relentlessly supportive of her. We need more Booth in these episodes!

      • Brennan feeling the tug of an interesting set of old remains isn’t new, though. In the Museum episode, she immediately set out to find out what happened to Anok. It’s very rare for her focus to veer like that, though.

        I know what you mean about things starting one way and ending up another. But sometimes I like it that way, like in The Bump in the Road. I really did not want Booth confronting Brennan about something that hasn’t happened. Given her personality, it may be likely, but it’s not certain. And she knew enough to tell Christine that she loved her even if she didn’t do peek-a-boo. I love the way Brennan is with Christine; everyone can see she’s a wonderful mommy.

        I like that the show is brave like that. Even Hart has talked about how this is a character that in many ways should be unlikeable, and yet many of us love her. And to think, all they give Emily is words.

    • I agree with the lack of Booth. It does concerns me, because the eps are strange without him there. He should be as the leading character. I agree with everything you’ve said.

  16. Guys it is so nice to point out and be able to say that Booth was missing for a huge chunk of the episode without getting ridiculed and bullied like I have saw a certain element of the Bones fandom doing to many fans who dared point this out ……..I don’t know who died and made that group in charge off Bones fans POVs but I and many others are sick of their dictorship.. . . Booth’s scenes were mainly at the beginning and end of the episode and he was AWOL for the 2nd third of the ep with not one scene during this time, cos the writers have decided that Sweets is now the interrogator of the show. UGH And Booth may of had X amount of scenes but that means nothing really cos scenes length vary in time. i.e. 1 person has .*5 scenes* that last one minute each and another person has *one scene* that last 5 mins. they still have the same amount of screentime presence regardless of the numbers of scenes. …Whoever structures Bones eps need to start spreading out Booth’s scenes throughout the eps instead of using them to bookend the eps. The main male lead should not be going AWOL during the middle of ep, not just this ep but others in S8 too, it’s just ridic tbh and its reducing his presence on the show. . . again it is so nice to speak freely here without being told you are doing it wrong or getting set upon. xo

  17. As long as David still headlines with Emily as lead actors, I expect to see a lot of him in an ep. I understand they have a lot of actors to get in the story, but I still dont watch for supporting cast. It’s my right. I can enjoy or not any show I want for my reasons. They need to get Sweets out of the MH and into his own place. It would be more believable, they are ruining that character. An adult psychologist/FBI agent is camping out in an absent child’s bedroom of a coworker. Really?

  18. It goes both ways. You can say what you feel about missing Booth but those of us who didn’t can say what we wish about it as well.

  19. @mar wow. The next. time you make a comment and complain that Brennan was lite in an ep, which you have done in the past, I sure do hope you don’t get cursed at, belittled or told to STFU, (which did happened last; regarding Booth being MIA in the middle of the ep) …….Cos that isn’t disagreeing with a pov that is bullying and trying to stifle peoples povs.

    • Again, all I’m saying is that it goes both ways, like it or not. I have never told anyone to STFU and I have people disagree with my opinion about something too. It comes with the territory. I like Booth but he is not the only reason why I watch this show. I like Brennan, but she is not the only reason I watch this show. That is it.

  20. FYI I didn’t have a complaint about the number of Booth scenes, it was the fact that for the 2nd third of the ep he didn’t have one scene and just went M.I.A….. Booth and Brennan are the leads of Bones and you do expect to see them throughout the episode, leading the ep and not disappear during the episode for no good reason…. And that was what a lot of fans were reacting to more than anything: that he just disappeared…..AND I would haved noticed and commented if Brennan had did this too, went missing during the ep, cos I don’t play favorites when watching Bones unlike some do.

  21. I need to to thank you for this great read!! I certainly loved every bit of it.

    I’ve got you book marked to check out new stuff you post…

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