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The Diamond in the Rough- Post Episode Discussion


What did you think of this episode?


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62 thoughts on “The Diamond in the Rough- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Um, I think I teared up at the end of Diamond. When they started slow-mo dancing, Angela’s comment of Brennan looking so happy…Booth’s comment about how it will always be like this.


    • Which means it won’t be. But anyhoo, my little heart was warmed from the time Booth gave in to Brennan’s plea to dance to the end.

      • I couldn’t help but think the same thing. Comments like that mean the kiss of death for a couple. 😦 But, it was still a beautiful scene. Loved seeing them both so happy.

      • I don’t mean it was the kiss of death. It’s just that in any normal relationship there are always rough spots – it’s never always that smooth and easy. I always believe that they will ultimately pull through. I just meant that was a signal to challenging times coming up soon, but that doesn’t mean they will break up.

      • I don’t think they will break-up BB either. Sure, the turbulences are on the way, this is Bones after all, but I don’t think they’ll break them up. It would simply destroy the show at this point. It’s been over eight years for the character to get where they are, it was about their journey, and every fan witnessed it. And their character growth, and their struggling, and their fight to be were happy – together. I think everyone will feel cheated if they break them up now. They can’t go back to what they were. Breaking them up will destroy the main character and thus the whole series. but this doesn’t mean we won’t have the drama, the angst. It doesn’t have to be a threat to the BB relationship, it can be just the stuff that happens around them, or at them, not between them.
        To tell the truth I’m more concerned with the nearing ending of the show itself. We’re suppose to have one more season, from what I’ve heard. But to tell the truth, when I finally got to the season 8 (I’m fairly new to Bones), I felt like we finally are where we were supposed to get. And I felt like the season 8 was going to be last (which didn’t make me happy at all, but just that it felt kinda right to end it here). Maybe the upcoming drama will change my feelings, that there is still a story to be told about the characters.

  2. I really enjoyed the ending also. I thought Brennan was so cute with her devotion to practicing! Loved the making out in the basement!!!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say that I loved seeing Booth’s arms. Yum!

  4. I loved Booth’s comments at then end. “It’s never gonna end Bones. Its always going to be like this.” It was like they were dancing at their wedding. *Sigh* So romantic.
    Here is a gif of that scene

  5. The makeout scene in the basement was was worth a couple rewinds! Loved Booth in the tank tee shirt. We need to see him wear that more often.

  6. I also love the moment when Booth gives in to performing at the end and their dancing at the end was beautiful, just the way they looked into each others’ eyes and nobody else was in the room. Just them. It was perfect.

  7. The way Booth said to her “It’s never gonna end Bones. Its always going to be just like this”.
    reminded me of the ending of Fire in the Ice when he said “I’m never gonna make you fall. I’m always here. “

  8. Parts I loved (I have no self control to whittle down the list):

    ~ Brennan’s face when Wendell accidentally damages the skeleton
    ~ Bits of glorious nostalgia:
    – “Simmer Down!”
    – Hodgins playing with Spam. Also the fact that they didn’t need to say it, they only briefly showed the mountain of empty Spam cans.
    – King of the Lab
    – “I don’t know what that means!”

    ~ Booth the gigolo!
    ~ Pantsing via maggots
    ~ Booth flashing his bread badge
    ~ Brennan LOSING HER MIND at the prospect of going undercover
    ~ DB actually being able to dance…
    ~ Brennan’s “I have a lot of fun stories like that!” after laying down some anthropology on Layla while undercover. (I’m pretty sure if someone randomly came up to me and started telling me about some far away tribe that somehow related to our situation, I’d just about lose it).
    ~ Brennan randomly dancing around the lab. Save me!
    ~ Angela’s beautiful descriptions of the paintings, and that she took MVSH (THE CUTEST TODDLER EVER) to see them.
    ~ Umm… the pash make-out sesh in the basement? Yes please. And then continuing after the janitor left? YES PLEASE.
    ~ How Cam wants to do anything she can to help Angela.
    ~ “I hate the cone of silence!”
    ~ “You can’t rush science!”
    ~ Brennan’s repeated attempts to kick the fleeing murderer in the nuts while wearing her heels… (Stop, or I’ll kick you in the testicles?)
    ~ Booth’s face after Brennan expressed how much she wanted to dance
    ~ That they FINALLY dolled her up to look (almost) as pretty as Emily Deschanel can possibly be, and Booth definitely noticed!
    ~ The entire last few minutes. Complete bliss.

    I don’t know how sold I was on the story of Booth’s dancing background. There has certainly been dancing on the show before, and while he never struggled, he certainly never said or even remotely hinted at anything. I’m thinking most of this was to integrate So You Think You Can Dance for some sort of promotional reason. Fine. And I do appreciate the mention of Booth’s mother for (I think) the first time ever. At least in this capacity. That was sweet. But how he is critiquing everyone and being very spot-on? Mmmmmrrrrrrrrr.

    There was a lot of happy anticipation for this episode. Through no control of my own, it seeped into my as-spoiler-free-as-possible brain that this was going to be an episode about dancing, AND that they were going undercover. I’m on board whenever Brennan gets a chance to dance! (The Method in the Madness. YES PLEASE). And on top of that excitement, I was just PUMPED that Bones was back in general! Can I get a “hell yeah!” people? So as elated as I am about this entire experience, the writers, of course, cannot let it be all fun and games. Angela is still in a major slump, and there is a part of me that hopes that this is not the end of it. Between the general upbeat mood of the episode, and my own excitement, her depression and general melancholy was the perfect ironic balance that the episode needed.

    It was also exciting that they can get very close for dancing etc and Booth doesn’t get COMPLETELY weirded out and bail, or feel the need to explain himself, or leave any room for the holy spirit. He can actually enjoy it now. You got her dude, well done.

    I’m not going to try to describe my feelings about the closing sequence. All I’m going to say is that it was just so, so special for all of us.

    ps. Most beautiful set of remains ever?

    • Ahhhh! That was awesome SYW! Loved the holy spirit comment!

    • Logically I’m sure that the dance background started as a plot-convenience thing, but I think it does make sense for Booth’s character that we haven’t heard anything about it until now. He doesn’t talk about his mom, and it’s not like he’s often surrounded by dance in the FBI, so it wouldn’t really come up.
      I also thought that his super-accurate critiques made TOTAL sense for the child of a dancer. He would have grown up watching long before he started practicing, and it’s totally possible to grasp the theory of good dance technique without always being able to execute it perfectly (I know my own dance experience better prepared me to couch-judge SYTYCD than to be on SYTYCD.)
      Also, love how many nostalgia bits you picked up on! Great list! And yes, prettiest remains ever, except for the feet.

  9. I must be the only one feeling some nervousness about Booth’s line-it made me think of what he told her right before she left for Maluku. This. plus how the the hybrid family in Cocoon ended up and Booth’s reaction to it….hmmm. Oh, and loved the makeout scene and the final dance, but I had to hide under a pillow for some of the silly stuff, I was so mortified for them! Great Angela story-hope it has some legs.

    • I feel the same! I thought I’m the only one who feels mortified for my characters, 😀 I was hiding behind my pillow as well even if I enjoyed the Squints commentary 😉 but then TPTB made the dance more about BB and I simply melted. The world disappearing around them, and I’m sure they still sucked to everyone watching, but to BB the dance was about them. And they were simply beautiful.
      I liked Angela story too – hope they’ll continue it later.
      Your comment just made me think that the Booth’s line and the hybrid family from Cocoon might not have been about BB+C, there is another family in the show….. and it would affect a lot BB if something happened to them too.

  10. And the way Booth looks at her here. He can’t say no to her!


    I should mention upfront that I danced for 13 years, so I really loved what little professional dancing we got (and Dmitri Chaplin’s “Who wants a real life when you can dance?”), but I also felt REALLY awkward on behalf of B&B for their awkward dancing. That took away from the episode for me. (Also, I know David is a pretty capable dancer, and his backstory set up Booth to also be a pretty capable dancer, so it bummed me out that the script kept forcing him to be awkward.)

    I also thought the final scene would have been a little more stirring if they’d cut the awkward “Brennan breaks loose and does her own moves” thing and just gone right to the “look at Brennan picking this up so quickly/ look how in sync they are/ it’s so sweet!” thing. I figure the end was probably meant to be symbolic of B&B’s overall relationship (first clashing, then finding a rhythm when it counts), but since that was the overall arc of the episode, I didn’t think it had to all play out again in the last scene. That said, I liked the very end, when they finally fell into a rhythm, and Booth’s comment that it was always going to be like this (which I think was a little cheesy, yes, but in a totally Boothy way. I was also reminded of the end of “Fire in the Ice”!) I guess we’re to assume that everyone else disappears when they’re together?

    Super surprising that Booth divulged something about his mother to Sweets. In eight seasons, all we’ve ever gotten about her is that she wrote jingles, and now Booth tells an incredibly personal story, and it’s not to Brennan? Weird. Has he really grown THAT close to Sweets lately? I’m not saying it’s the worst thing that could happen–when we get to the heart of the matter, like WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO BOOTH’S MOM, I’m sure that’ll be a conversation with Brennan–but it wasn’t my first choice. (That said, his story about learning to dance while standing on her toes was THE SWEETEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.)

    Brennan’s love of undercover work never, ever fails to amuse me. She loves it, you guys. She $100 loves it. That was perfectly in character–as was her desire to compete after solving the murder, and Booth’s inability to say no to her (the smile on his face!).

    Less in character? The kissing in a closet comment. That would have made more sense if they framed it as the high school experience she never had. But I also never like it when they go overboard on the “look how weird Brennan was in high school” story, so I’ll take it. She’s a woman of many mysteries!

    Also, I did LOVE the closet makeout session. It felt so completely natural–neither they nor the writers made a huge deal of it. It’s just their life. It’s their totally wonderful everyday relationship together. B&B are closet makeout people now. I love that about season 8!

    The idea of Sweets sassing a TV host from the couch is perfect. Overall, though, I have mixed feelings about the fact that Sweets is still at their place–love that he’s fully their baby duck now, but wishing he could be their baby duck from his own apartment now.

    The Cone of Silence bit thrilled me (I grew up watching Get Smart reruns with my dad)

    King of the Lab/ Spam experiments/ I don’t know what that means! Yay!

    And now for Angela…
    More conflicting feelings!
    I like, conceptually, that she’s thinking about whether this is really what she wants to keep doing. I think the timing of her little vocational crisis makes sense; up ’til now, she’s always had something to keep her there–in S1 it was Brennan, and then her relationship with Hodgins entered the mix. But the two of them are solid now, her life is way more domesticated than she ever thought it would be, and that’s hitting her now. (I know her desire for kids has been documented since S3, but even then, she had “a thing for chaos.” Not much in her life is beautifully chaotic right now.) And I like when the writers frame her crisis in those very personal terms: Angela is curious if she’s doing what fulfills her most. That’s a question worth asking.

    But sometimes (and tonight was DEFINITELY one of those times), the writers frame it as if Angela is questioning the value of her work at the Jeffersonian. Not questioning if SHE should do it, but basically questioning if ANYONE should. Which is RIDICULOUS. Goodman settled this already! Angela gives the victims back their faces and their names. And she’s become even more than that–her tech savvy helps them crack cases all the time. (Hello, Ange, have you forgotten when you were almost singlehandedly responsible for clearing Brennan’s name?) I don’t like it when Angela conveniently ignores the fact that her work is important. What they’re doing at the Jeffersonian is its own kind of art, and it’s its own kind of beautiful, too. Bringing peace and justice to victims and their families IS beauty. Beauty is more than a sparkly X-ray. It’s ok for Angela to question whether that’s the kind of art she wants to do, but I don’t think she should ever go beyond that.

    And she certainly shouldn’t take out her frustration on Cam or Brennan or Hodgins or on the case. Or leave in the middle of the day! (Though I liked the very small but telling detail about the arms in JSS paintings being like prayers. That was worded so eloquently.) She was cranky and rude to all of them, which at least she admits. Brennan was a sweetheart to her friend, and she picked up on Angela’s sadness right away. I liked that. Sometimes the writers like to frame the Brennan/Angela friendship in such a way that Angela seems blameless,but that wasn’t the case tonight.

    But if we’re being honest, the most disappointing thing about this episode was the fact that Michael Vincent doesn’t have curly hair. NOT FAIR, CASTING DIRECTORS. Find a child with Hodgins hair!!!

    • Angela wants to creat art-not deal with murder victims day in and day out. Dealing with the dead is not how she wanted to spend her life. There are moments of achievement for her, but she is not doing what she loves like the rest of the group. I don’t blame her. Also, I believe she left in the middle of the day because the remains were still encrusted and she didn’t have anything to work on.
      I also thought the same thing about Michale-no curly hair like Hodgins or a hint of Asian features like Angela despite being an extremely adorable child.

    • Agree with everything on this post.

      Booth dancing – he was supposed to be good. He sucked. But maybe he was just rusty from not practicing? (I’m not a dancer, so I’m not sure if it works like that…)

      Booth talking about his Mom to Sweets – and it seems Bren doesn’t know about this, cause she would have known about the dancing. Strange at this point in their relationship. But I like the idea of Booth/Sweets friendship. Although I hope any more information about Booth’s mother would be revealed to Bren.

      The comment about the kissing in the closet – got me puzzled too.

      And I loved the kissing in the closet scene too 😀

      Ok, so there is one thing I disagree 😉 – I think I’m the only person who likes that Sweets lives with BB. I squeal every time I see him there. Of course I want him to move out eventually (I’m anticipating a lot of hilarity from that plot-line; empty nest syndrome? 😉 ). But right now I love the fact that he has a family. It’s strange I never liked him that much, but I like how he bonded with BB. They are an unique family of very lone people, who are no longer lonely. Also they share a lot of similar life experiences – both Bren and Sweets were in the system, All three of them were abused, all three of them were left by their parents at a pretty young age: Bren literally, Sweets metaphorically when his adoptive died, Booth by his mother (even if we don’t know any details, something clearly happened). This made BB and S bond a lot, and despite their resistance, Sweets is their baby duck, or more like a younger sibling. I love how they gang up two on one (mostly Bren and Sweets on Booth, but it was even funnier when it was BB on Sweets with his books in their bathroom), and I think Bren nailed it when she said Sweets attached himself to them, creating a surrogate family for himself. Also Booth is very protective of his own, and Sweets clearly became one of his own. Neither Bren nor Booth could allow themselves to let Sweets be lonely and family-less. Because it was something both of them were before they had found each other. That said, it is kinda dysfunctional of them to live like that forever, so I’m hoping for eventual move-out.

      And I agree on everything about Angela too 🙂

      • Thanks! Haha you’re definitely not the only one who likes that Sweets is with B&B. There’s a lot that I like about it, too, especially how natural it feels and how much they’ve bonded with their baby duck. But the fact that it’s feeling natural is ALSO what’s concerning me, because it makes me wonder if the writers have any sort of plan to get him out of there soon.

      • I can see what you mean, they are very comfortable with the arrangement, and I suppose having Sweets as a free baby-sitter is an added bonus 😉 but I hope they’ll find something convincing to have him move out. Maybe a reappearance of Daisy will be the trigger….

  12. I haven’t seen anyone bring up one of my favorite things: Booth implying Brennan was good in bed. Not exactly news, not exactly a surprising fact, but still tickled to hear it. Remember when Booth had no “direct knowledge” of how good she was in bed?
    The expression on the janitor’s face – priceless! And then they just resumed. Loved that.
    I really liked Cam, in this episode and the next. I don’t know if she gets paid enough for all the “herding” she has to do.

    I enjoyed the episode and the ending scene, as sweet (and I guess even cheesy) as it was. It still warmed my heart. The looks that these two can give each other. I don’t think I can ever get over Booth’s adoring look. And telling Brennan that she looks beautiful was a nice touch. I was a little confused on what was going on at first, though.

    • I’m so with you on the adoring look Booth gives Bren now – it’s adoration, amazement, devotion. I marvel at DB ability to act so well, but he always was so expressive with his looks, does anyone remember the look of longing at the end of Sin in Sisterhood? It kills me every time I see it. Pure, naked longing. Amazing. And now we have this pure, naked adoration and devotion.

  13. I’ve got a question.

    When Booth is questioning Kendrick and he says his partner sucks (referring to Bones)

    Did anyone else catch the look and reaction Booth gave him? I caught it during second viewing. I loved it. It was quick. It was one of my favorite scenes.

  14. I really felt for Angela in this episode. I didn’t get the impression that she was whining, more like she was desperate. Her calling and her passion were always art. She is by far the most poetic, sensitive of the Jeffersonian bunch, and in many ways she’s like a duck out of water at the lab. The others can all compartmentalize, but she’d never beeen able to because her job requires her to visualize all the faces of the victims-the others only see flesh and bones. The way she makes them smile on paper, the expression in their eyes-that’s all Angela, and there’s a piece of her in all of their representations. I don’t believe she thinks that her work is unimportant, only that it has taken over her entire life, leaving very little room for beauty and spirit. It didn’t help that Brennan inadvertently said she was as good as anyone, which implies that others could do her job just as well, so why not leave it to someone else better suited temperamentally for it.

    Her departure in the middle of the day was an act of self-preservation and I agree that while Hodgins loves her and would do anything for her, he really doesn’t get what her mini-depression is all about. I’m not sure if cutting her hours is just a bandaid for the time being, or whether the writers will decide it’s a long-term solution and not go there again. I sure hope they do-that part of the story was very well done. Anyone who knows an artist knows they’re not like anyone else, and becoming a cog in a bureaucracy, no matter how worthy the cause, is not something they accept easily. It’s true that on the outside she seems to have the perfect life, but everyone must decide for themselves whether what we see as perfect is actually fullfilling. It was nice to get some Angela back-I’ve missed her!

  15. Such a wonderful site….

    The very ending, with B&B dancing — breath-catching! — having JUST seen an almost identical scene only a few days before, at the very, very end of “The Human Stain,” with a (dead) couple, dancing close and in love, *beyond the touch of everything and everyone*.

    [I’ll add an overlay of possible interpretation — that B&B WILL, ultimately, be like this, too.]

    Crazy coincidence!

  16. I’ll admit, although I was excited for this ep, but almost dreading it too. I was afraid they’d make Brennan the butt of every joke, but although she was terrible, she didn’t seem like the punchline. And Booth wasn’t that great either. It would have been nice to see Booth be good, because DB can really dance, but it would have been made Brennan look a lot worse, so I’m glad they went the way they did. And Angela saw that she was beautiful, and so did Booth. They didn’t make fun of her, so it worked for me.

    The makeout scene was amazing! It was easy,hot and funny. I love the way Brennan always just attacks him. He’s surprised, but a very eager and willing participant. The janitors face was hilarious, and what a good man to leave them to it! Hah and then Booth just grabs her and they keep going! When people say they’ve lost their chemistry and that they’re awkward, I just don’t see that at all. I think that most of their makeouts/kisses are more real and natural than most couples on tv.

    I couldn’t find much sympathy for Angela, because instead of making a change, or taking a vacation, she just whined on and on about it. But then again, I’ve just never been able to relate to her in any way. I don’t hate her by any means, but she’s always kind of on the bubble for me.

    The last scene was undeniably cheesy, but on Bones, that works, because they do it on purpose. I think any of the writers would admit that it’s cheesy, but they like to throw that in sometimes. And who didn’t melt at the way they look at each other and at what Booth said? Plus it was clearly a take on The Cutting Edge.
    I didn’t take that line to mean they’re gonna break up. There’s any number of things that could make things rough that don’t include breaking up. And every couple has their ups and downs, no matter how much they love each other. All in all, I enjoyed it!

    • Does some people complain BB lost their chemistry? I don’t get it either… I’m very new to Bones (just watched the whole series over the past two months) and their chemistry at the same level it always was. They bicker like always, they clash with their different views on things like always, they are there for each other like always, they just now kiss. Which, hm at first (mostly their first kiss in 7×01) I found a tiny bit awkward, but now? it;s the most natural thing in the world. I wish other couples on TV were like that.

      and I totally agree with the last part of your post. Both about the cheesiness (it both makes me melt and laugh, because it’s sweet and yet knowing it’s done on purpose makes it so much more enjoyable – the most cheesy scene ever – BB kiss at the end of Suit at the Set with the artificial sunset and pink hearts – cracks me up every single time :D) And with your thoughts on the last line. Things might get rough, but it doesn’t mean there is an end for BB, they’ve survived Bren leaving, they fought for their relationship afterwards, so I think they’ll survive anything now.

  17. Did anyone else notice Brennan saying something to Booth at the very end of the episode, while they were dancing. It was just after he said “It’s always gonna be just like this. Just like this”, and she quite
    clearly mouths something. It might have just been Emily saying something to David, but if so I wonder why they didn’t cut it. Just curious.

  18. The ending of Witch in the Wardrobe ties right in with the ending of Diamond

    Booth: I wished for… I wished you could find happiness.
    Brennan: I don’t know what that means?
    Booth: Happiness. Love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance. 🙂

    I noticed after watching Diamond again-

    -I was excited to see Booth back on the Platform with the team, even if he was “bored”
    -Booth & Sweets walking to the diner, Booth had on his hot aviator sunglasses.

    • Good point. I remember watching Witch in the Wardrobe and thinking that ultimately Booth would deliver on all those things he listed. I guess he has now!

    • I’ve often thought of that line at the end of Witch too and have long waited for Brennan & Booth to have that dance. I also think of that line when I watch the end of Queen Bee. It strikes me with both happiness and sadness. I admire Brennan’s strength and her other qualities as well. I especially admire her strength since the 100th. I don’t think she gets enough credit. She’s unique and I don’t see the other characters criticized in the show the way she’s been criticized. I think Cam and Sweets deserve a lot of criticism especially since S6. Even Booth a little too. I’m sure I’ll get stoned for that:) I’m glad Brennan & Booth finally had that long overdue wonderful dance.

  19. I was inspired by the end of Diamond (and talking about Fire in the Ice and WitW) to watch the end of Hole in the Heart and all of Change in the Game. I wanted to see where it all started, as far as when it went “to the next level”…and it was really fun! The intensity and sadness surrounding the end of HitH and then the goofy, happy joy of CitG really are great Bones episodes. And Hodgela at their best, a loving family unit. Booth’s joy when Brennan tells him, and relief in her expression. And pairing that with Diamond, where Booth says that it will always be that way makes me smile. Though B&B are definitely bound to have tough times both with each other and creeps like Pelant, I feel like Booth’s speaking to Brennan in the dance was also TPTB telling us in the audience that we are good. I think they reassure us from time to time purposefully (the center will hold, lynchpin, etc) and I appreciate it!

    Also loving the Mighty Hut is the new Founding Fathers. B&B still have their friends, but their friends/coworkers are not their only family anymore. They have a family unit in each other now. And how freaking cool is that?! Not too many main character couples get shown in that light. It’s pretty great.

    • Agree bb, it is freaking great!! They are both living their dream.

    • Wow bb! Great way of connecting the dots :-). Booth and Brennan’s love story is really unlike any other TV couple I’ve seen. Their love for each other is not shown in the usual way that others do like a lot of cuddling or holding hands, although they do that too.I always see it in the way they look at each other. And during that dance, the way Booth was looking at Brennan—it just overflowed with how much he loves her. That’s why I couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

      And I definitely love how the mighty hut is the new founding fathers focused on the little family that they have managed to build and keep together.

    • I agree, I took the comment about it not ending and being like this as a comment to the audience, just like the added clarification about Booth being the father in Change in the Game episode IMHO, was for fans’ sake. Also good spotting about the Might Hut.
      All that reassures me that BB are not going to be break-up (I’m a little freaked about this possibility, because of previous experiences with my OTPs…) but with BB, there has been a lot of invested in getting them together, and getting them where they are at the moment. So I don’t think they’ll just throw it away.

  20. Can I just tell you all how thrilled I was to see the diner in the beginning of this episode? After I spotted it completely revamped in Ben & Kate, I was pretty nervous that another FOX show had stolen our turf. Oh diner, never leave me!

  21. I loved Sweets in this episode – from the beginning when he was chatting away at the TV screen, to when he was teasing Booth about being a gigolo and completely called out those ‘older women with wandering hands’ while Booth was oblivious – hilarious. Also loved that Booth told Sweets about his Mum – they’re such good friends now, Sweets is more of a brother to Booth than Jared’s ever been. I don’t know why people begrudge Booth that friendship.

    I was prepared going into the episode for them to take the mick out of Brennan throughout but it wasn’t actually that cringeworthy. I still don’t know why they give her such dreadful things to wear (but Booth didn’t deserve putting in those awful trainers either), but she looked very beautiful at the end.

    Making out in the closet was cute – I liked it when Brennan said at the beginning that she found it exciting that Booth used to teach dance. Her voice is all low and sexy and Booth’s all ‘we’re at work!’ haha – it’s always him being the ‘keep it professional’ one. I liked Booth’s admission that’s he more of a back seat of the car guy. Hot stuff. Reminded me of back in the day, when they had that conversation with Perotta, Booth looked very interested. I’d have loved it if Brennan had responded with, ‘I know’ 🙂

    • Why does Emily have such awful things to wear? I thought her rehearsal outfit was downright matronly, and the performance dress was just BAD. I know Emily has restrictions to some fabrics and things because of her vegan lifestyle but there just has to be nicer things out there. However, Emily and David are producers and have a lot of say, so perhaps she is telling the wardrobe people she wants a change. Both her and David’s wardrobes changed after the first couple of seasons and we all noticed this. Perhaps they got more say over how they looked and its their choice? Maybe Emily feels that her character as a scientist based in a lab should dress more frumpy?

      But I saw Emily at the Golden Globes with Zooey the night before, and she looked flat out beautiful! So she is capable 🙂 So it is confusing.

      • It is baffling. They seem to go out of their way to make her less attractive than she is. Both her and Booth look heavier on-screen than they ever do in real life too.

        They haven’t been styling Emily’s hair very well this season, it’s looks badly cut and frizzy. They seem to have switched the dreaded trench coats for unflattering blazer jackets that make her look thick round the middle. She has such a wonderful figure, and they swamp it in ugly ill-fitting clothes. It’s criminal.

      • I wonder this ALL THE TIME. Like, why is everyone conspiring to make her look so much less pretty than she really is? (I’ve actually been working on a blog post about this for like a month. Thanks for inspiring me to finish it!) Her wardrobe was so fun in S2 and S3! And Brennan’s had some great fashion moments since then, but they seem so intent on frumping her up as often as possible, and I don’t get it. I thought the long-sleeved red leotard and the red performance dress were so incredibly unflattering. I really wish she and Booth would spend more time going undercover as Tony and Roxie and less time going undercover as Buck and Wanda. Tony and Roxie would’ve been HOT in that dance competition.

        But I actually like the blazers on her, and I’ve mostly liked Emily’s hair this season too. It’s so much better than whatever they were doing to her hair in season 5.

      • Well, like I said, it might be Emily’s call. As a producer and star, she probably has input on Brennan’s look, and perhaps she is choosing this herself. Maybe for the character, maybe its more comfortable for her? I don’t know. If she hated her look, I’m sure she’d have the right to ask for changes.

        I think her hair has been looking great. I know it was shorter with bangs a couple seasons ago for another project she did, but now its long and soft. I’m super jealous of it!

  22. Tony and Roxy were 6 years and a pregnancy ago. Neither David nor Emily look the same as they did back in season 2. I think now they aim for goofy and cute as opposed to sexy. I didn’t like the red shirt and black skirt combo from this episode but I have been liking the way she dresses this season. I think she looks fine. Maybe I’m frumpy and not fun like her.

    • Haha I’m sure you’re not 🙂 I know logically that they can’t/ don’t need to be quite the same sexy-undercover people we met in “Woman in the Sand,” but I just wish that they could opt for suave and gorgeous over goofy just every once in a while. Embracing the spirit of Tony and Roxie season 8 style, I guess. I just feel like Brennan was so great at undercover work in that episode, and Emily hasn’t really been given a chance to do that again. It’s a teeny tiny complaint, though. They were still adorable together, and so comfortable, and so THEM, and I love them for it!

  23. Can we just indulge in some wild speculation? Will we see a Brennan proposal? How/when will that be? I feel that we will, since Booth so confidently stated it in “Memories”. HH and co are keeping mum on the subject, however. As for my wild speculation, I think it will be at the end of the season, perhaps as the cliffhanger to next season, and….maybe after a tough case or something where she realizes its time. Maybe after something our new baddie, Pelant does. I mean, Broadsky helped give us Christine! 🙂 What do you all think?

    • I agree, I think it’s coming. Booth was just so confident about it…can’t imagine that’s not where they are headed. I definitely agree that it will be Brennan who proposes…can’t wait to see how they do it.

    • I think you are onto something 🙂 I’m all with you on the proposal thing, definitely going to be Bren who does it, hopefully Booth will be patently waiting for her with a ring ready and hidden somewhere safe to give her when she finally does. And I too believe it’s going to be after a serious case. I was thinking about the finale with a cliffie for us, but now I’m wondering about a certain episode in February and the Wedding being done in finale.

  24. I am thinking also that Brennan will propose to Booth in the season finale. Something will happen that will make her realize she wants to be married to him. This can give them quite a few good story lines for season 9 before they actually tie the knot- probably near the end of season 9.

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