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The Corpse in the Canopy- Post Episode Discussion


Um, WHAAAAAAT?!? Intense! But Booth in that FBI vest…ah, yeah.

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46 thoughts on “The Corpse in the Canopy- Post Episode Discussion

  1. Wow! Loved it. Loved the teamwork. Love the suspense. Loved Hodgins putting those girls’ lives over money. Just a great episode. Can’t wait to watch it again.

  2. I was on the edge of my seat! I didn’t trust Agent Flynn before, and even though he got shot, I am still not sure I trust him
    Booth looking very hot with FBI shirt & gear with big gun.
    Pelant at the end stitching up his facial wounds with the deformed eye. He will be out for Booth!

    Edge of my seat, no idea what’s going to happen next… The tension of the drone attack, Hodgins’ money being drained, the chase for Pelant, figuring out the code… IT WAS SO AWESOME!

  4. Oh Hodgins. Hodgins. In the big picture I have such a hard time picking a “favorite.” I mean, seriously, how can you? And each time I continuously find myself coming back to Brennan (obviously), but I find that I’m so in love with all of them that I feel a little selfish not sharing equally. There is something so special about the character of Jack Hodgins, and the way that TJ Thyne portrays him that just sits so well with me. He remains in the background for so much of the time, but he has so much to add to the value of the show. Of course he’s brilliant and adds a great deal to solving each case, but he is so much more than that. He’s really good an annoying Booth, he admires and adores Brennan nearly as much as Booth (I mean really!), just entirely platonically of course. I love the different flavors he brings out in Angela’s character, and he is always good at ruffling Cam’s feathers, or just for a big laugh in general. I particularly like Hodgins and Cam’s relationship, mostly because she loves him in the same way and for all the same reasons as I do.

    Saying that, seeing him so intense and even, if I can say it, deranged (he biopsied his own lung! And Angela’s!), was incredibly unsettling. Don’t get me wrong, it was great TV and I loved it from a completely different point of view, but it’s upsetting to see such a beloved character so distressed. I don’t think he’s been quite this disturbed since the Gravedigger, and yet, in a completely different way. With the Gravedigger, I felt like he was more depressed, and just downright terrified. Back then, he was alone. Now that he has a family, his reaction is not only fear, but anger. Quite a bit of anger. He has so much to lose now (this doesn’t sound like a parallel theme to Brennan at all, right?). And while Hodgins is no stranger to anger, it is interesting to see it brought out this way.

    In another way, I was almost worried they were going to catch Pellant tonight. Isn’t that kind of terrible? That I wanted him to get away? I wanted the arc to continue! Seeing how it is just a TV show (did I just say that?!), I guess it’s okay.

    It was definitely an intense episode. Starting with the baby screaming his precious face off, Pellant making me CRAZY in general, Flynn getting seriously injured, and ending with Pellant stitching his face back together (which I thought was perfectly AWESOME). It was stressful, but in a damn-this-is-great-TV kind of way.

    However, in true BONES fashion, there were brilliant moments that broke up the staid atmosphere:

    – Brennan’s response to Angie’s “I don’t know how someone could do this to another human being.” She really is still our Brennan isn’t she?
    – Brennan helping Angela through a situation the she (Brennan) has previously experienced. She is also growing up, though, isn’t she?? =D
    – Caroline being generally AWESOME. What else is new?
    – Booth wanting desperately to keep Brennan in his sights at all times. It’s going to be another one of those nights where you stay in the same apartment together for protection right? Oh WAIT.
    – “Some helpful Nigerian has already written all the spam for us…”
    – Booth in his FBI suit… DUH.
    – “Guys… Seriously??”
    – Booth’s face when he hits Pellant but he still gets away
    – The fact that there was no question that all of Hodgins’ millions were not worth the lives of young girls. That was very in character. The money has never really mattered, and never defined him.
    – Hodgins “bugandsliming” the muffins

    We were squintless… But I was okay with that. It’s hard to peg down an arc story like this on one squint. It was pretty serious stuff, and to have a squint be affected but then possibly not be in the next Pellant episode would be strange.

    It occurred to me that Hodgins says the words “mass spec” in nearly every episode, but I’m not sure we’ve ever actually seen the machine being used. We came pretty close tonight.

    And I still don’t trust Flynn…

    • And I’ve been spelling Pelant with two L’s all night. *facepalm*

    • The spam was so brilliant of Angela. And I completely agree that Hodgins is one of my favorite characters! Definitely my favorite non-B&B character. I think a lot of that has to do with how great TJ Thyne is. He brings something so steady, admirable, and consistent to everything Hodgins does. I’m totally swoony for him.

  5. Yeah, it was good. So intense. Pelant is definitely keeping up and building on his reputation of creepy and evil. And show, you’ve never grossed me out more (well, of course you probably have, but I was seriously disgusted tonight.)

    What a trick Pelant pulled on Hodgins. And poor Booth – this case is weighing on him so heavily.

  6. How on earth are they supposed to follow that one up? It was almost weird to see the levity in next week’s promo. Holy Mac! The only thing missing was a little more BB interaction, but I understand the focus tonight was on Angela and Hodgins; can only jam so much in there. The repercussions for the Bs probably won’t become apparent for a while, but I’m sure they’re coming. Loved the suspense-and Booth in his t-shirt. Anyone else notice his Angel days game face? I know some people don’t care for the Pelant arc, but I’m definitely feeling it.

    • Agree mariu. When they showed the promo for next week, I was half expecting a continuation of this weeks story line. Very intense episode, left us hanging!
      I fear for B&B & Christine now. Pelant will be out for revenge. Seriously, Max needs to take him out! Judas on a Pole style!
      And Caroline was definitely her awesome self!

    • OMG YES! I thought I was the only one who was like, ‘oh my god, Booth has Angel face on. Pelant is finished’.

      Incredible episode, the best since the season premiere. Can’t wait to watch it again!

  7. I AM FREAKING OUT. That was SUCH an amazing episode. So much action and tension and drama, without ever feeling forced or over the top, because the drama was originating from the characters. It felt purely Bones through and through, with callbacks going as far back as season one (Booth looking out for Brennan in the lab felt like Two Bodies, I think intentionally–it was even staged that way. To say nothing of Cantilever Group, Booth acting as sniper, Brennan mentioning her very international past, etc. It was all so natural, too; they weren’t going out of their way to hammer these references home. They were just there. The characters were just themselves.)

    I LOVE that Booth had to stay within the system because that’s the kind of man he is, and that they all found a way to do that while not tipping off Pelant. I’m always a fan of episodes that require the team to bust out their old-school machines! And I’m really digging the way Pelant’s presence opens up a discussion of violence and when/ if it can be justified. Booth has a very black and white sense of morality, but he’s also very protective of his people. With Broadsky, it was easy to make a clear delineation between good killing and bad killing, but here the line is blurred, and it’s as easy to make a case for Hodgins’s morality as it is for Booth’s. I like those moral complications, because they expose so many new sides of our characters. I wonder if Booth would still be so set on the “system” if Pelant had messed with Christine’s crib instead of Michael’s.

    I liked that Cam stood up for Hodgins and explained why he was important to the case. It’s always great when Cam gets to be the boss and be a friend at the same time (by which I mean that I love it when she has a logical, professional reason to support her people. She’s at her best in those moments).

    I love that Angela volunteered herself for Hodgins’s biopsy. This is the Angela I can get behind. And AHH Hodgins lost his money! This could be interesting. For one thing, it keeps Ange at work, and for another, what a cool way for Pelant to hit home without killing anyone. The choice between the money and the school kids was an obvious one, but it was still a really strong moment in the story, because it made everything more personal. I wonder if/ how he’ll get his wealth back and how he’ll deal in the meantime. (I also need to watch again, because I wasn’t clear on how Pelant drained Hodgins’s accounts. Hodgins seriously keeps everything under one password? And Angela is a computer wiz; why didn’t she jump on the task of tracing their money as soon as they blew up the drone? It just seems like they could’ve made at least some progress with that before the episode ended–but obviously we have to save some fun for the future!)

    Also not clear on why the raid on Serberus was so slow. Couldn’t they have asked workers/ front desk people where “Trimple” was stationed? He stayed at his desk for a while. It felt like they handed him a decent head start. Not that I’m too concerned, because it led to the great chase scene, the security system firing on Flynn (are we supposed to trust Flynn now?), and BOOTH BEING A GREAT SHOT. That’s hot.

    Booth was also a total Papa Duck to Sweets, and it was wonderful. He kept him out of harm’s way without patronizing him at all–it was actually a sign of respect to Sweets, like he was trusting him to carry on his work if anything should go wrong. That’s so Boothy to charge into danger like that.

    Also, Two-Faced Pelant is a bigger creep than regular Pelant, which is saying something. This guy is my favorite Bones villain by a landslide. CREEPY CREEPY. And I spent the last minute yelling “EW NO, WHY ARE WE SEEING THIS?!” at my TV, which I haven’t done since Alias ended. I’ve missed Alias.

    I also yelled “OH SNAP” when Pelant tried to use Brennan’s motherhood against her. Not a wise move to awaken the mama bear within, Pelant. You’re going down. Also, never call Brennan dumb. It doesn’t end well.

  8. “Loved the suspense-and Booth in his t-shirt. Anyone else notice his Angel days game face? ”
    Is this it mariu?-

  9. That episode was AMAZING. I could barely breathe and I was screaming internally. I love drama so much, and when this show does it, they really go for it! It was intense!

    And Booth in all that gear was distracting because he is so hot lol. I love kickass intense FBI Booth. It really shows just how good he is at his job! And DB is fantastic at intensity.

    I’m going to have to rewatch the episode to actually have it all sink in! So much happened, but it didn’t feel overly rushed. Writers and the cast were all at their finest. Did I mention how hot Booth looked? Sorry my brains fried haha.

  10. Amazing? Um. Yes. I was freaking OUTTTTT!!! Things I remember most:
    -“The game has changed.” (Hodgins)
    -Brennan and Angela bonding over their children and changed outlook on life. This is the Angela I like 🙂
    -Fierce Hodgins is amazing.
    -Booth talking back to Caroline. Caroline responding with “Slow your roll!” Loved it. So much.
    -Use of old technology to get around Pelant’s fanciness
    -Booth’s super fierce look after shooting Pelant yet he drives away.
    -Felt bad for Flynn. Do I feel bad yet for doubting him? Or is he still part of it??!! Can’t rule it out!

    Wow. What. An. Episode.

  11. First of all, Booth in the FBI vest. Oh man. I was melting into a puddle on the couch.
    Now on to the actual episode. This may just be the best episode so far, as far as action packed-ness. Good balance of seriousness, especially after last week’s silly (but amazing) episodes.
    Loved all of the suspense, I was on the edge of my seat the whole night. Hodgins is A+. He put all that money to save the girls. I have a feeling they’re gonna get it back, but idk. They’ll be perfectly fine. No longer slightly annoyed by Angela, she was super not whiny in this episode. She could never leave! Great teamwork.
    I didn’t like Flynn but he was needed, and I was pretty sad when he got shot. Hopefully he’s okay.
    From this point on, I only see amazingness and tears. Yay season 8!

    • Oh and PELANT AT THE END. Freaked me out. Two face-esque. Crazy.
      And Caroline. Gah I love her.

      And a little more about how hot DB is…oh man.

      I think I covered everything now.

  12. First of all, to get the shallowness out of the way, Booth decked out in FBI gear is so incredibly HOT! Love, love, love him in that kick ass FBI mode. Ok, moving on… 🙂

    Hodgins was so incredible in this episode. Loved the intensity that I haven’t seen since the Gravedigger. But as someone mentioned above, he has a family now, so things are different. TJ did an amazing job.

    Pelant scares the crap out of me. Definitely the best villian Bones has had over the years. I do believe he will be after Booth now and that sets up some major intense scenes toward the end of the season.

    Overall, one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time. The only thing missing for me was a bit more B&B interaction. I know there was a lot going and not a lot of time to squeeze it in, but given they were dealing with Pelant, that had to have brought up a lot of feelings for the both of them. We got a little of that with Booth not wanting to leave Brennan (which I love how he reluctantly walked away, but turned around again as he was leaving to look at her) and Brennan had a brief conversation with Angela about when she was away. But Pelant did so much to hurt them, I was just surprised we didn’t get something more about that. Booth had bullets flying at him and Brennan never acknowledged that he was in harms way. Maybe a hug or a kiss when he got home saying she was glad he was ok?

    So was someone lurking outside their window? I thought maybe it was Pelant but they squelched that idea when we saw the gore of him stitching up his own face. Yuck!

    • Dee, you’re right about the “lurking outside their window”…the episode was so fast paced my brain didn’t put that together. I thought it was Pelant too!!! And then they showed he was killing another person and stitching himself up…so does he have an accomplice? Flynn is supposed to also be hurt, and at the hospital so it probably wasn’t him, unless he recovered enough to sneak out. (I still don’t trust him!) So….was someone really outside the Mighty Hut? Or was it just a camera angle to throw us off? Hm….

  13. Great episode! Loved Booth in his FBI gear and kick butt attitude. We definitely need to see more of that.

    A few things I noticed:
    -Am I the only one who thinks that in real life Hodgins would not have even been given the chance to decide between his money and an entire school full of Afghan girls? As awful as it sounds, I think that part of the story would have been more effective/powerful if there had been more of a Sophie’s choice element to it rather than a choice between human life and money (humanely speaking – there really is no choice there). But then maybe that’s too depraved for a show like Bones, even for Pelant. Either way, I have no doubt that Hodgins and Angela will be okay – especially since they’re already used to working for a living like us “normal folk.”
    -Pelant is for sure going to be after Booth next.
    -Uber creepy closing scene…which is what made it so incredible. And I totally thought Pelant was right outside B&B’s house too (I think that was deliberate).
    -I thought Flynn was supposed to be a bad guy. Now I have no idea. But I like him though so I hope he really is a good guy. Seeing him get shot was awful.

    I think Pelant is probably the best serial killer we’ve seen on Bones. Epps comes close, and the Gravedigger had her moments, but – yikes!

  14. So I watched the episode again, and here are some thoughts and impressions of mine (typed while re-watching): (looooong post)

    It’s one of the most gruesome corpses on Bones… yeah, I prefer them bones.

    And Max taking care of Christine – I love how much Booth and Bren trusts him.

    The staying into the system talk – this moment! You can really see how the four of them are friends that do trust each other’s judgment and abilities. They have totally different views on the issues presented but in the end, they do stand together. Also, despite being freaked out, both Angela and Hodgins know BB are the best. I really liked this scene.

    Seriously, I could live without another close-up on that corpse…..

    Caroline! and the lockdown of the lab, with only the trusted working on the case. Pelant did make them paranoid. but I’m not surprised, would have done the same.

    I really like how Cam reminds Hodgins of the flower petals he’s supposed to be working on, she both make him feel needed, productive, and focused, thus keeping him from doing something foolish. She’s really a good boss and a friend. And good for her for staying objective. She was definitely affected by it, yet she’s kept professional. I like that about her.

    And I’m always for any Bren/Angela bonding. It’s good Bren shared what she felt during her flight.

    It makes me shiver watching Pelant make that security pass card. He’s a fictional character, but a person with such a abilities, IQ and no real moral system is very dangerous… he’s is very freaky.

    I’m still not sure what I think of Flynn. The actor playing him gives me strange vibes, and makes me distrusting of him. And I’m still puzzling why he picked up the marigold, it was such a strange action of him.

    Also I like how serious Caroline while working with Sweets and Booth on the case in Booth’s office. She can be very sarcastic, demanding, and overbearing, but when it’s someone she cares threatened, she can be very focused. I like that.

    When i first watched and heard the victim was a Special Forces, my first thought was – someone Booth knew, a friend, fellow soldier…

    I liked the Flynn/Booth scene over the files. It was kinda suspicious he got them, but he seemed really sincere in wanting to help them find Pelant. I can see him wanting to be involved, it was his case for over three months, and if he really is a good guy and a good agent, he’d want to catch Pelant. So it seems I’m warming up to him.

    Hodgins breaks my heart in this episode. Cam was trying to stay professional, he was coping until he felt he was able to do something even if it cost him money, but then his facade falls and we can see how much protective he can get, how much he’s affected. I really wanted to give him hug then…

    You know what, I like when Booth and Sweets goes to field together. They do make a good team. Of course I prefer when he goes with Bren, but sometimes it’s good for her to be in the lab and he going alone/with Sweets. BB are partners but also they are focused on their own jobs as well. Also it was a very nice touch with Booth destroying the cellphone. They really try to prevent Pelant from knowing what they do.

    And Sweets really considers BB, the Hodgins, and the rest as his family, IMHO. He might have been professionally concerned for Hodgins, but I think he really went to him first and most as his friend. Of course he tends to be annoying in his approach, but he has heart in the right place. I like how he went to Cam, because he was really worried, and how he protested he was there as their friend. And I liked how Cam argued against his advice. Again she proved what a great friend she is, and what a great boss.

    Wow, I think it was the first time we’ve seen Booth talking back to Caroline, he’s usually understanding, and very polite/careful with dealing with her, there is this sarcastic teasing there too, and mutual affection, but here, he was rude to her. I think for the first time. And I really liked how she immediately called him on his crap. She really came on top of that disagreement and she really owns every scene she’s in. I really, really liked that one.

    I love Hodgins/Angela in this one so, so much! When he wants to biopsy his lung, and she stops him, only to realize what he tries to do, she’s right there with him. And you can see how much he loves her in that moment.

    I find that Pelant/Brennan talk not that …great. There was no real tension there. It was just a talk, he was gloating, but it didn’t really make me feel anything, and she was not that affected. The scene lacked, IMHO. Even her slight irritation at being called dumb because of her motherhood, and his calling her Temperance didn’t make it better. It was just mah… for me.

    The little BB scene reminded me a bit of Two Bodies in the Lab – Booth not wanting to leave Bren out of his sight, but at the same time he knew she could take care of herself and that she was probably safe at the lab. I like how he turns to look at her one last time before he leaves. But again, there was something missing, I’d like him to touch her shoulder, or them locking eyes for a moment, the feelings passing between them, or (this was my first thought when I watched it for the first time), them sharing a very brief reassuring kiss before he left. I don’t know, there was something missing in that scene… but maybe I read too much fanfiction

    The Enigma machine! I squealed when I first watched the episode. Such a brilliant idea, and of course Hodgins would know about those, and of course he’d own them too. I really, really liked this.

    And Hodgins was slowly losing it, and even Angela was surprised and getting worried. Also, go Angela with the projectors!

    And you know what? I love that Booth just went with the Enigma machine. He said it’s because it was Hodgins, but I think he really realized Jack needed this, making sure he coded the massages so much, Pelant would be unable to decipher them. The show doesn’t focus much on Booth/Hodgins friendship, but in this episode it was there in the background, solid and sincere. I’m very happy with that.

    When they came up with the spaming Pelant idea (man, brilliance! ) you could see how much trust there is between the team. They don’t really argue, but listens, and trust the judgment of those who are the best in their field of work. Amazing team work in this episode. I’m not sure they’d be able to fight Pelant if they hadn’t been working together so long, and if their relationships weren’t this strong and if there wasn’t so much trust and knowing each other as it’s now.

    Once again, a serious Caroline, still willing to help them, a really eager Flynn (not sure what to think of it, but maybe he was excited they might get Pelant this time). And Booth just confirmed my previous paragraph with his immediate, without any doubt admittance of trusting Hogdins judgment.

    Booth in an FBI vest? Yes, please! Anytime of the day!

    And Booth/Sweets talk! It was amazing. How Sweets wanted to be with Booth, he really want to back him up, and how Booth went overprotective over him. And I love how Booth admits he’s trust only Sweets to be able to carry the job of getting Pelant, if something happened to him. When I first watched this scene I got impression as if Booth was also telling Sweets to take care of his family. But that might be my fangirl side speaking, as I’m a big fan of Bren/Booth/Sweets family/sibling like, and I’m sure he still lives with them.

    I really liked how fast paced, full of tension the episode was. When Booth and FBI enters the Serberus, while the Squints try to find out the code, we’re at the peak of the drama. It’s very palpable.

    Seriously?! They just see this guy who manages to escape the justice so many times, and Flynn calls his name?! The stupidest moment of a great episode.

    I wasn’t that surprised Flynn got shot. Wish he didn’t, but I wasn’t surprised. What i’m wondering is why neither of them got any wounds from the bullets ricocheting from the walls…

    Snaper!Booth – so, so hot! And that fierce look when he realized Pelant escaped… wow. I must say I wasn’t sure I wanted Pelant to be killed this episode… I think he’s the best villain they have. And wow, even not killing Pelant, Booth made a very good shot, still making the target (a man driving a speeding away car!), he IS the best with his marksmanship.

    Again, like Sweets/Booth little moment of friendship. And that Booth talked to the unconscious Flynn.

    And the last twist, that made brought the drama to higher levels then before (wasn’t sure it was even possible…) – the drone over Afghanistan heading for a school. Man, Pelant is really wicked. And this was a really chilling last few minutes. The biggest surprise of the episode – Pelant wiping out all Hodgins’ accounts. Not seen that coming. Again – wicked. And there was not real case with the money v. girls in Afghanistan, of course the girls were more important. And Hodgins never really cared for the money, BUT! he never really lived without them… So. I wonder where they’d take it from here. Also, could Pelant just take all their money away? And really is there no way for them to get them back? Somehow it’s hard to believe for me…

    I really loved how they were all working from two different places, squints from the lab, FBI from the Serberus. Also I liked how Bren and Booth understood each other in that scene – the shout she gave when they realized what the target was. And when they stopped the drone, I loved how all of them were relieved. It was clear how much they care.

    The couples’ scenes were very sweet, Hodgela one – I love that Hodgins slime and bugged the muffin. And Booth/Bren one – she just know him really well, and he just want to keep his family safe.

    And the last scene! Could have lived without that image…. really. ugh…

    And I guess, Booth’s gonna be next on the list…

    Post ep thoughts/Summing up:

    I’m glad there was no squintern this episode. There wasn’t any real time nor place for them, and it was more realistic for them keeping the squinterns off this kind of case.

    I didn’t mind the little amount of BB scenes in this episode. I find it kinda refreshing we were focusing on other characters (mainly Hodings/Angela), a strong, fast-paced case.

    It was really good seeing the teamwork and the trust shared by our characters.

    This was a very good episode, definitely one of the best this season.

    • Very nice post;I agree with practically everything you said. I did think that Brennan was disturbed by the phone call, though-she looked spooked. I found it telling that he questioned her skills now that she’s a mother, and I wonder if it goes back to the Boy with the Answer where she doubted herself because of all the emotional ties she had. She’s never going to disconnect from Christine, but might she try to gain some distance from Booth? Pelant brings up some very strong feelings in everyone he touches.

      • Hm, i don’t think she’s going to try to disconnect from Booth, she’s the one who told him in the end “Whatever is next, we’ll handle it. We always do.” But there might be some questioning about her abilities as a forensic anthropologist.

  15. I’ve seen people complain about the lack of physical affection in B&B’s interactions in this episode. I guess I just see things differently. I actually think their interactions were spot on, especially with the tension and seriousness of the case. This case exemplified why they are the center. They were so grounded and sure in how they handled everything – they are truly a strong power-couple. I really didn’t expect more from the lab scene because Brennan was already in the zone. She’s not sentimental and Booth’s overprotectiveness does NOT make her squee like us fangirls.

    I also loved the ending scene exactly as it was – a fave of mine now. Her waiting for Booth and rubbing little Christine’s hand warmed my heart. And it was beautiful to see Brennan speak so confidently in the faith she has in them facing things together. A nice change of pace from Booth doing the reassuring. And him finally coming home was so many hours after Booth was in danger – they had talked at least once by that point. There may have even been a point when they saw each other already. I love Booth and Brennan when they are physically affectionate, but I also love that sometimes they just let each other be and let their words and/or eyes do the work.

    • I completely agree! To be the best at their jobs, they have to leave the personal stuff out of it. They could not be partners if they let it get in the way. I’m quite sure they were both worried, but at that time they couldn’t let it bother them. I think it’s amazing how they have such a healthy, solid personal relationship, and keep their professional partnership strong and efficient at the same time. They are tough, intelligent people, and that makes me respect them that much more.

      The end scene too was perfect. I definitely think they had already talked on the phone, maybe even seen each other briefly. Brennan’s words said it all. She has faith that no matter what, they’ll make it through. They are secure in their relationship and I don’t need more than that.

      • Definitely. I think you’re both completely right–the chemistry between David and Emily is so strong that it’s there even when they’re not being physical. In some ways, the spark between them is almost MORE noticeable when they’re just interacting normally, because it’s so remarkable that they can have such energy between them in scenes that would otherwise be completely non-sexy. Plus we all know what David is capable of doing with his face and how it can melt hearts of stone. When he turned around and looked at her as he walked down the stairs in the lab, all the love I needed to see was right there. He loves her, he cares, he’s worried, but they trust each other. I thought that scene was perfect. It’s always the little things between them that get me.
        The scene at the end was great too, just as it was. They’re both a little too tense for anything really physical. (I actually think it’s great that they talked out what they were feeling as opposed to trying to brush it all off with physical affection. Wasn’t that the point of Partners in the Divorce?) What they need is each other, their family, and their home, and we saw them take comfort in that.

      • I’m with you all. It’s also not hard to imagine them holding each other a little bit tighter that night and keeping Christine close to them. Brennan’s declaration that whatever came next they would handle it was perfect.

    • I’m one of those who’d like to see a little more physical action from BB, but not that much. Actually I think BB were great, and like you said the real center of the team. What’s more, the team itself thought that too, with both Hodgins and Angela trusting them to work in the system, yet stopping Pelant.

      About the physical actions. I love the ending BB scene. It was perfect, wouldn’t change a thing about it. I’m sure they have seen each other before that, I’m even sure they went for Christine together, but Bren went hope to put the girl to bed, and Booth just needed to see Flynn before calling it a day. I also loved that it was Bren reassuring this time.

      About the scene in the lab. My first impression was there should be some more physical contact there. I guess I’m still thinking that, but at the same time I can see how brilliant that scene was. Like I’ve written in my long post, that scene reminded me of Two Bodies in the Lab, but at the same time it was so much more better. Because while in TBitL Booth was (delightfully, mind you) overprotective, here he was simply trusting. And that tells you a lot. He knows her now, he knows she’s able to take care of herself, he knows she’s going home to him. And that’s amazing about this scene. But at the same time, I wish he’d just squeezed her shoulder, and then they’d locked their eyes for a few seconds, everything passing between them. Just for a few seconds. Because as much as I loved how he reassured himself with that las look, I wanted her to reassure him in that scene. But it’s just a minor thing for me. And the more I think about it the less it bother me.

      I loved BB interactions in this episode, I loved how Bren shouted for Booth when they were putting it together with the drone, it was such an instinctual thing to do. The BB action is very subtle, but it’s there, they are very strong, stable, solid, and they can be the ground for the rest of the team.

      • mychakk, I also loved Brennan’s little call for Booth during the drone scene…it was very indicative of how close they really are. She just needed to make sure he was aware of what was going on…very subtle but important.

  16. I liked the B&B interaction in this episode – it was subtle, but it was there.

    I wouldn’t change any of the scenes that aired in terms of their physical interactions, but there was a little thought in my mind that it’s a shame we didn’t see an additional scene right at the very beginning of the episode, where they’re in bed and get the call from Angela and Hodgins that something’s happened and they need them.

    It would have been fun to watch them go from snuggled up warm in bed one moment, to the phone ringing, to alarm and adrenaline going as they rush to get out the house.

    That’s a small thing though.

    • “They just see this guy who manages to escape the justice so many times, and Flynn calls his name?! ”
      THAT is why I don’t trust Flynn ! He was warning Pelant they were on his heels & Pelant then put on the gas to escape. Flynn is working with Pleant IMO.

      • hm, this is an interesting interpretation. but why would he work with Pelant? (I’m not sure i trust him btw, but we don’t know much yet)

      • I think he called his name because law enforcement officers do not shoot fleeing suspects in the back without giving them a chance to stop and give themselves up.

        Flynn being severely wounded doesn’t lead me to think he’s working with Pelant. I think he has his own agenda-like maybe Pelant killed someone close to Flynn so he wants him for himself, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

      • Caprigirl60, I never thought about the warning – good argument, it makes sense.

        About the Flynn’s own agenda, hm, there might be something, I think I’d prefer this option and him working for Pelant, but we still do not know that much.

    • Agree, sophia! We have yet to see them in bed together in the mighty hut. Even just snuggled up & sleeping together would be good.

  17. I view Hodgins in a completely different way now. he was amazing giving up all his money. I have a feeling he will get it back though 🙂 as for Flynn I kind of trust him but he’s a bit shady. Pelant stitching his face up was so damn creepy.

  18. So, just watched the new Bones! Three words: Brennan. In. Pajamas. 🙂

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