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The Twist in the Plot: Post Episode Discussion


Hola! How did you like this episode? The comments are open. Please no spoilers for future eps! 🙂


62 thoughts on “The Twist in the Plot: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Brennan in braids and pajamas. Can she get any cuter?

    Brennan changing her burial plans, yet still being uniquely her. 🙂

    Booth upgrading his post-it note to a heartfelt video message (and yes, I’m assuming he made one for Parker too, off screen)

    Daisy, attempting to be “Early Brennan” again by hiding her feelings under a cool facade and in her work. Sorry, but that doesn’t work anymore. Talk to Brennan on how to live a balanced life, she actually knows how! 🙂

    Hope for Swaisy? I’d like to think so. Those crazy kids belong together.

    Brennan and Booth teasing Sweets over coffee? That sure reminds me of an earlier time…. “I think he liiiiikes us” 🙂

    A mix of sweet and serious. Good Bones ep!

  2. OMG! I was not expecting that ending. Not many Bones epps make be but Booth talking to Christine in the video, Bones listening to him in the backround, Booth crying, Brennan running to hug him…
    OMG! I was trying not to boo hoo, to no avail. I was totally emotionally caught off guard by that ending.
    I was already feeling sad for Daisy & the end of Twist did me in!!

    I just can’t 😥 THIS IS SO PERFECT! #bones es

    “ I’m the luckiest man in the world because I got to spend time with your mother and you.” Seeley Booth
    Wahhhhhhhh!!!!! So sweet & touching!!!

    Did this ending make anyone else act like a blubbering idiot????

    • My comment is suppose to say “not many Bones epps make me cry” Typo!
      I did feel for Daisy- not so much Sweets because he did the breaking up. I thought Daisy was sweet & touching .She was trying so hard to be strong and emulate her mentor.
      B&B discussing their wills, Booth holding a medal in his office trying to rewrite his will, then leaving a video for Christine & getting teary eyed, was just so sad!

    • about your last question, It did to me!

  3. OH. Right in the feels!

    This episode was so pleasant and had a great rhythm to it. I was ready for an equally pleasant and delightful ending. I was NOT ready for what we got! Oh the tears! I won’t do an injustice and pick that scene apart, but two pieces that I really liked were how he felt that he was the luckiest man alive to have spent time with Brennan, and with Christine. And when he asked Christine to make sure to remind her mother to be happy, because if she’s alone (without Booth), she’s going to forget. BOOM. Immediate water works, I couldn’t help it! Obviously Booth has been a huge influence on Brennan over the last several years, and I think, maybe, at some point in their friendship she could have picked herself up, take the things she’s learned, and move on by herself. But now? Without him? I think it would be all too easy for her to fall back into her old, impervious ways, and fail to see the beauty in the world outside of her rational, empirical system. It also suggests that he is still doing small things to keep her moving forward, and to remind her how wonderful life can really be. There is something so beautiful about that.

    Also, Brennan in her PJs and a braid? How cute is she??

    My reaction eventually was, “What is up with Daisy simply doing her job? And doing it well?” Granted the copycat thing was wearing on me (thanks Cam), but she was completely professional and mature, even with Sweets around. I’m sorry? I was waiting, with much anticipation, for her to lose it, but she never did, and I’m OK with that. The ending was very nice, showing she was upset and having Momma Cam come sort her out. It’s moments like that that make me question my sanity when (a long time ago) I did not like Cam at all. What was I thinking? Honestly, the only thing that rubbed me the wrong way about Daisy tonight was that her dress was shorter than her lab coat! Haha! And I’m not a conservative girl to say the least, but really?!

    Hodgins wanting to be shot into the sun is so perfect. Of course I’m not quite sure what money he’s going to use to do this, but that’s information for another episode I suppose. When they continued to address it, it felt like a very early episode, and that even Zack should be standing on the other side of the exam table, giving his opinion on the rationality (or lack thereof) of Hodgins’ decision. It was nice. Also, in what world would Hodgins ever be mad at his beetles? Beetle races anyone? And I always love him using equipment from the break room for his experiments! I also REALLY LIKE any scenes between him and Daisy. They just have great chemistry. TJ seems to have great chemistry with everyone, but I love his character with Cam, Booth, and Daisy the best (in that order, unless it’s a very special scene with Brennan).

    Booth explaining about his sticky note will was just too precious. “Everything goes to Bones!” Of course it does, you sweet man. I just found it all hilarious, ridiculous, and therefore very Boothy! At least the silly aspect of Booth that he really only lets Brennan see. And before “the husband” says that Booth is scarier than Sweets, all I could think about was how dark, broody, intimidating, and SEXY he looked in HIS interrogation room. Yes, please. Also DB saying “Seeley Joseph Booth” aloud? Melt.

    Something I can’t decide about: Booth completely icing Sweets out when he wanted to talk. Booth commonly does this when Sweets wants to talk with Booth about something personal (personal about Booth, that is). Fair enough. But I felt like Sweets really needed someone, exactly like Booth, to bounce his ideas about Daisy off of. And, not for nothing, Booth was really rude about it. Do you think this is just an extension of Booth building this wall between them when it comes to personal stuff? Out of habit? Or maybe that Booth was helping Sweets not dwell on something that was so obviously bad for him by not allowing the conversation to happen? What do you think?

    I really appreciated when the director (I can’t seem to remember any of these new characters’ names…) held Brennan’s hand, and by the look on her face she could really grasp the concept of just how awkward it was!

    On an ending note, I just got the impression the Brennan was really happy during this episode. She is usually in good spirits, but she just smiled a little more and had an extra spring in her step. Angela and I definitely think Hodgins noticed too. And she was just so very pretty, more so than usual! Ridiculously enough, for a second my brain went, “She’s pregnant!” But then I remembered we’re already past that point! Hah!
    And Brennan understanding Angela’s joke? It really doesn’t need saying =D

    • Love your post SWY!.
      Esp. agree with this: ” all I could think about was how dark, broody, intimidating, and SEXY he looked in HIS interrogation room. Yes, please. Also DB saying “Seeley Joseph Booth” aloud? Melt.”

    • I agree with your whole post, especially the ending note! I noticed it too, and i wondered it too, and although I don’t think TPTB would go that route again (any time soon), I think Brennan would actually have another child soon after Christine, because I got the impression she the kind of woman who could have a lot of children. You just need to listen to her laugh during the birth. Pure joy. And all i could think watching that birth scene was: she’s going to do it again, she’s definitely going to do this again. Booth’s might get his own hockey team yet… 😀

    I was squealing on the couch in front of my family, they thought I was crazy. It was so sweet and so very Booth. Loved when he was like “Everything goes to Bones!” My heart melts a little more every episode for DB.

    I don’t know if Sweets and Daisy should get back together….hmm. But when they were in the diner I thought they were just going to screw it all and get back together.

    ALL IN ALL, perfect episode. This season is great so far.

    • Loved Booth’s post-it note too! And I like how when Brennan questioned him about Parker, he said that he knew she’d be fair to him. What trust! Awwwwww!!! 🙂 I seriously want these two to get married. Because I think whichever way it goes, it will be heartfelt but with enough Boothiness and Brennan-ness to make us laugh. They’ve got a Mighty Hut, a child together, updated wills…I’m just sayin’…it feels like time! I agree with all the comments so far. Lots of cute moments to love, and just the right tone of seriousness. A really nice episode to relax on after last week’s!!!!

      • I think they are moving towards a proposal by the season finale. All the signs are there. And Brennan seems like she has gotten even closer with Booth. When she changed her will for him she said something like he has an impact on her actions.

      • i think the proposal is on the way. Maybe finale? But I think it won’t change anything. Watching them in their Mighty Hut episode after episode, made me think of them as already married. They really are an amazing couple 😀

    • Couldn’t agree more, Alex. My heart melts for B&B as a couple.

  5. Looking at some comments on Tumblr. This one got to me also.
    “One last favor. Help your mom be happy. Because if she’s alone, she’s going to forget.”

  6. My shallow post of the night- Wow. Booth’s back when he was making the video. What broad shoulders he has. 🙂

  7. Wow. I was NOT expecting that end scene at all, and it hit me so hard. I was crying like a baby. Booth is the sweetest man ever. He loves his family more than anything, and it shows so much. And you see how much he gets Brennan. He knows that without him, she’s likely to forget how to be happy. And he wants her to be happy even if he can’t be there to make it happen. It was so raw and emotional, especially since he didn’t know Brennan was watching.

    And Brennan? She was incredibly proud of him, and you could see just how much she loves him, and how much she loves the way he loves her and Christine. She looked so beautiful and so radiant. She loves her life with him and their daughter so much. Also, Brennan doesn’t doubt in the least that they are spending the rest of their lives together. She changed her will for him, and is planning all this stuff for the rest of their lives. I personally never had a doubt that she was all in forever, but the fact that she so openly acknowledges that is stunning.

    Christine is the luckiest kid, to have parents who not only love her so much, but love each other so much. And you know she sees that every day. Amazing episode, and amazing couple.

    • Christine is the luckiest kid, to have parents who not only love her so much, but love each other so much. And you know she sees that every day. Amazing episode, and amazing couple.

      This! I couldn’t agree more! She really is the luckiest girl. And that’s why I hope Booth won’t change the ending of his recording, because Christine would like to see it that her mother loved her father as much as he did her.

      • I was thinking about how he said that Brennan had ruined it, and that he’d have to redo it. But really, what could be more perfect than that? I think he would realize that and leave it just the way it is =)

  8. Did anyone love when Bones ran to hug Booth he actually held her for a minute and rocked her in his arms before letting her go? I sure did.

    I also loved the tanric sex disussion. Booth’s reaction classic. I know I was laughing!

    I have to admit that this ep was alot better than I thought it was going to be. Especially after TCOTC.

  9. The abreviation for ep I used in my previous should be: TCITC

  10. Booth telling Christine to make sure to remind her mother to be happy. So sweet. And My Gosh! When Brennan ran to hug him at the end of his video to Cristine- I wasn’t expecting it at all the way she just threw herself into his arms, it was perfect! So much love for that part and them. It felt so genuine.
    The “Despite my best efforts, you continue to have undo influence on my life”( something like that) was just so funny, it had me laughing my head off. “How am I supposed to get to the top of the volcano?” “Not my problem.” was great too.
    Overall, I thought the case was so-so but the personal character development was a-ma-zing. Love!

    • Brennan: “Despite my best efforts, you continue to have undo influence on my life”
      Whereas a normal person might say, “You are important to me, and I listen to what you say because I love you.”
      But that phrase is so perfectly Brennan, and Booth knows the sentiment she’s trying to express, so its super adorable! 🙂

  11. YUp! Loved this episode because of Booth’s video for Christine. I cried because of the honesty and sincerity and simplicity of Booth’s words. And I loved how he added “it’s true… that’s true” right after he said he’s the luckiest man alive for having spent time with Christine and Brennan… like he couldn’t say it enough that he indeed is the luckiest man alive because of his family.

    I also teared up when he asked Christine to help her mom be happy should he be go before her. He just wants Brennan to be happy even if he isn’t there anymore. I imagined a grown-up Christine watching it later on.

    And you know what? I also teared up a little for Daisy at the diner scene right after Sweets left. I saw the sadness in her eyes. And in her scene with Cam. I imagined it took so much from her to remain professional remain friendly with Sweets after he dumped her. I understand that Brennan is her role model and idol. And maybe at that time that’s the best way she knew how to cope — to do as Brennan did. So yeah. I wanted to hug her in that episode.

    It was a good break from last week’s intense episode but it certainly wasn’t a filler for me because of the relevance of the topic and the many unforgettable moments it had.

  12. Can I just say how stunning Breenan looked tonight. Emily Dechanel is just glowing in this episode, motherhood definitely agrees with her

  13. I tend to think Sweets gets dumped on way too much for the way he broke up with Daisy. Yes it was abrupt, and yes, he blindsided her, but he was honest and I think he should get credit for that. Especially considering that Daisy hasn’t exactly been kind or considerate to him in the past either (Maluku anyone?). That being said, I felt equally bad for both of them in last night’s episode. I’m still not sure that I want to see them back together, but the scene in the bone room and later in the diner certainly tested that resolve. They were clearly both struggling to put on a brave face for the other and to admit that they’re okay moving on from each other. Daisy can certainly be annoying, but last night…she wasn’t.

    The closing scene was also very touching. DB is one of the few actors who can full-on cry and make it look completely natural and manly. I don’t know how he does it, but he certainly does it well. That scene as well and the entire back and forth between B&B about wills and burial plans was very well done, particularly the scene where Brennan described her original “burial” plans and Booth got so very upset about it. Even if she didn’t understand exactly why, Brennan realized that her plans upset him, and so she changed them. And I love how she now wants her ashes sprinkled in a volcano because Booth always wanted to see one. 🙂 How awesome is that?!?

    All in all, this was a thoroughly enjoyable episode and a nice follow-up to last week’s intensity.

    • I agree with you, about the Sweets/Daisy part and about the awesomeness of Bren wanting to have her ashes spread over volcano because Booth wants to see one 😀

  14. So a re-watching and some thoughts to share (again looongish post)

    The teaser – I like it a lot, I fund the opening scene both ridiculously funny and kinda sweet. Sweet/BB teasing – it’s great, they care for him, worry for him, and yet never fail to tease him. They love to poke him and make fun of him. There really is a lot of affection between the three of them.

    And I really like that Sweets interrogates. I find it more believable Booth has others doing this job now as we got the confirmation he’s the Head of Major Crimes Unit. He clearly teaches the younger Agents to do his job, like he always did, with Charlie, Agent Shaw (boy, I miss her, she was so endearing!), and now with Sweets. Sweets is a good profiler, he catches a lot of stuff, and helps them a lot, but he still needs to learn. And I liked how Booth listened to his conclusion about the grief part, then pointed another obvious option – the three months lasting affair. And I really liked how he took it himself when it finally mattered. He also still does a lot of investigation with Bren which I adore. I find the balance of the investigation in this episode a really well executed.

    And speaking about Booth/Sweets. Booth’s attitude when Sweets wanted to talk was rude and dismissive, the guy clearly needed a friend to talk to. But, Booth was clear that Sweets should not make any decisions shortly after seeing Daisy. Was he speaking from his own experiences? Any parallels? He wanted Sweets not to dwell on the things, maybe because he dwelled so much on his relationship with Bren that he almost screwed it up? Or made him do the stupidest thing – proposing to Hannah? Yet, he should be more supportive I think. Or maybe he knew Sweets should just left the past, and don’t over think it.

    And shouldn’t Booth be happier to have Sweets trying to move out? I wonder if BB really want their Baby Duck out from their home…

    Also Sweet/Daisy in the Bones Room – did anyone notice the parallel to early Booth/Brennan. I find it very sweet, but I hope it was a temporary fix, I’m not sure how I feel about setting Daisy/Sweets as early/younger version of BB. And I felt we’ve been sometimes forced to swallow that concept… Especially Sweets being similar to Booth… But maybe the baby Duck is just imprinting the strongest, father-like figure in his life…? Still, I prefer him to be his own person.

    And speaking about Daisy, I was so excited to see her and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed her so much! I found her professional attitude very impressive, she really matured a lot through the series. And she had the most beautiful dress ever during their coffee time. Do I want her to get back with Sweets? I’m not sure. I think a mature Daisy would be great for sweets, but I think the ship is over. For now. And I really wanted to hug her at the end.

    And Momma Cam! I love Cam so much, she really is like a mother/mentor to the team. She really is amazing. I don’t think we could have gotten a better scene with counseling Daisy. As much as Bren is Daisy hero, she needed Cam then. And I think having Michelle helped her unlash the maternal side of her, the one helping her caring for all of her team now. I loved it a lot.

    Hodgins – I assume he didn’t lose all his money if he’s still thinking about the launching himself into the sun after his death… Wish there was a tiny bit continuity from latest episode! Especially when Bren said Sweets been living with them for a month… Seriously? We’ve got 8 episodes and it’s been a month? So we get two cases per week in their timeline…And they hardly seem affected …e few days after Pelant? I don’t buy it.

    But getting back to Hodgins, he was like an early Hodgins, eager, with crazy ideas. I enjoyed him much (but I always do, so.. 😉 ) He really is the King of the Lab, he has great chemistry with Cam, Daisy… everyone 😉 And I liked how he was disappointed with the beetles. It’s like they have failed him… so sweet of him to be this affected.

    And speaking about Hodgins leads us to Angela. I was so happy to see the Bren/Angela moments! Just two little ones – but exactly what I wanted: Angela’a slight teasing, then the joke. I love those two. And of course I went slightly fangirling hearing Angela tell Bren that she and Hodgins were working together on the weapon. I know the couple is married, but I still feel happy whenever they are doing something with each other 🙂

    Speaking of Brennan, she looked so pretty in this episode! First during her talk with Angela in her office – her hair! I love when she curls her hair like that. And then the pj’s of course with braids! The most adorable woman ever. I also loved her boots so much! I like how she dresses this season. The pastel colors she sports are really her thing, IMHO. I’ve been thinking this for a while.

    Also Brennan was really chirpy in this episode, wasn’t she? She smiled a lot, she laughed, even Hodgins noticed something was off. Could it be another pregnancy? I doubt that, but it was really strange…

    This leads us to the BB action of this episode 😀

    Firstly, did anyone find BB leaving the dead-helping guy when he clearly had a very hard time at the moment a bit insensitive? Especially on Booth’s part… He usually is so focused on being sympathetic to the victim’s family/Friends. Was it me or did anyone else sense a bit of territorial from Booth there with the hand grabbing?

    And I love so much Booth/Brennan talk about their after death arrangements. Booth was clearly disturbed by Bren’s idea of funeral ceremony. You could feel the tension in that scene. I loved that scene so much, it’s been a real while since we got such a clashing of their beliefs and characters. I actually squealed with delight at that scene even more so than at the final scene. Because it’s those little (and not-so-little) conflicts make their relationship real, believable, easy to relate to. It’s those moments and how they deal with the differences (usually trying to adjust for the benefit of the other and their life together) that makes them work, makes them them. I love it so much. And I love how both of them tried to change their wills for the sake of the other. It was so beautiful.

    And this of course leads us to the final scene. The final scene. Again I’m marveled ad David’s acting skills. So many emotions. So much love, devotion, happiness and heart in everything he said. And Bren listening to him… I bet she knows all of that, yet hearing him say it to their daughter… I’m not surprised she ran up to him to hug him. I’d do the same. And I really hope Booth won’t edit the recording, because I’d really like to see my parents acting this way. Because seeing them like this, loving each other so much is what I’d like to get. Christine is one lucky girl. And I’m sure Booth made a similar recording for Parker. Because really, he’s just like that, and even so, Bren would make sure he did. It’s so amazing of her to be caring for Parker so much. I really think she considers him her son.

    And you know what? I don’t care if they get married or not. Nothings gonna change, theyr are still going to be the most heartwarming, amusing, bickering and so in love couple ever. They’ll still be bringing us the tension and clashing of beliefs and sweet moments. And a wedding is not gonna change that.

    The only weak point of the episode was the case, and actually it was not a weak case itself just
    the execution was kinda weak. It had a nice twist in the end, but because they were so much focusing on the dead-helper guy, I knew he couldn’t be the killer, so it pretty soon was obvious the only other option was the husband of the cancer victim. I just haven’t focused on the case as much to figure out why. So I think the plot idea was ok, just the execution went awry.
    This felt like an early, classic Bones episode, the promo made it far more light than it actually was, and I think it’s this that made me like it so much. That it was not light, but had a great mixture of humor, angst/sadness, and a helluva of character development – which attracted me to the series in the first place. It wasn’t fast paced I felt like it was two hours long instead of one, but it wasn’t boring, it flew pretty well, I definitely couldn’t stop watching. I think it was a great episode.

    • Sweets and Daisy are far easier to tolerate apart than together and going at it like bunnies. It’s like they brought out the immaturity in each other when together. I’d like to see Daisy as Hodgin’s sidekick in the lab once in a while.

      • Yeah, there is something immature about Daisy/Sweets when they are together.

        And I’ll love to see Daisy with Hodgins too! she’s a nice change from all the male helpers to the King of the Lab 🙂

  15. I would like to publicly ask (beg) Sarah for a scene study or post about this episode! 🙂 I would love to study this more in-depth!

    But in all honesty, this was one great episode. I figured it was going to be a lighter episode than last week, and I was right, but it actually had many important parts as well. Reading all the comments, it sounds like we all got that feeling.
    *I love how Brennan and Booth have bonded with Sweets and accept him as their baby duck. GGW is always right :). I love how they good-naturedly tease him all the time. Booth is not pushing Sweets out the door either, he geniunely wants him to make a good decision rather than one done in haste.
    *I like how Daisy was at a crossroads in this episode. Either she takes this pain internally, and becomes an Early Brennan workaholic, lonely person, or she uses it as a growing experience and learns from it. I think Cam saw that too, and it seems that while Daisy tried to emulate old Brennan, she is going to choose to grow and try to move on and have a full life.
    *Booth and Brennan are awesome in this episode. They are on the same page, and they are functioning well as a couple. Even with little blips like the wills thing, they talk about it and work through it. Booth changed his post-it note when Brennan questioned it, likewise Brennan considered her will and modified it when Booth questioned it. That’s real couple stuff right there, how to communicate and adapt.
    *All the supporting players in this ep: Hodgins, Angela, Cam, helped round out the story. I love how different episodes give different characters the spotlight, and as a good ensemble cast, they can also take a backseat and let the others shine. Last week was Hodgela, this one was B&B and B&B-lite.
    *I can safely say, I am not disappointed in Bones this season. We are not baby-centric, we are not focused solely on B&B’s relationship. There are light-hearted moments, serious ones, familiy ones, and specfic character ones. There is intense serial killer drama and easier-to-solve cases. I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

    • I was expecting this to be a light hearted episode. The promo of Booth hugging Brennan with her braids, I thought was suppose to be a funny, lighthearted moment between the two of them. What is was is not what I was expecting. Just when I think we’ve seen the best B&B ending ever with them dancing to Hot Blooded, we get this ending. They just keep getting better & better.

    • there’s a spoiler in the next comment. sorry to use your email comment for this MJ. there is a spoiler alert after the next comment, but that is kinda too late…

  16. I have to admit that I was a little lost during the case because twitter kept distracting me. I will have to watch again to follow that a little bit more closely. The case was used well to give us wonderful moments of character development. These people deal with death constantly and I don’t think we had ever seen them discussing what would happen when their time comes. I felt everyone’s ideas for how they wanted to be treated when they died were spot on for the characters and of course Brennan has a 312 pages long testament.

    Random thoughts from the episode:

    – What was it with that Brennan and Angela scene on the street? Was the point of the scene to see Brennan getting a joke and show us how happy she is? Don’t get me wrong, I liked it and I’m always fine with fluffy moments like these.
    – Sweets is a confused little boy right now. He has no idea what he wants and until he does, he will not be able to move out of Booth and Brennan’s home and they will not let him go until they see he’s got his head screwed on straight. They really do care about him.
    – I felt really sorry for Daisy. She was weirding me out a bit with her all work-no bull sh*t attitude but it was very reminiscent of early Brennan who dealt with her pain by being excessively rational and diving head on into her work, which I’m sure is what they intended for us to see. To me it was an interesting contrast to the Brennan from now, who appeared extremely happy and cheerful in this episode because she is loving her life. The tables have turned.
    – I’m not sure if Swaisy will ever be back, but at this point I wouldn’t be opposed to it, except now I think Sweets needs to grow up a little bit if he wants to be back with her.
    – Speaking of Daisy, I adored her last scene with Cam. What a lovely moment for both women. “Have you ever seen something come back to life and be as good as it was?” – (Brennan dies in two weeks and comes back to life. I wonder if she will ever feel like she’s not as good as she was.) Also, Hodgins and Angela broke up for a long time, so did Booth and Brennan in a way, and they came back to life better than they were before.
    – Of course I LOVED the scene of Booth taping that video for Christine. It was such a sweet message to her, so honest and full of love; live your life, be corageous, smile. I especially loved the bit about helping Brennan be happy because if she’s alone she will forget. He knows her all too well. Seeing Brennan’s reaction to his message was so wonderful, both David and Emily killed that scene. You could see Brennan loves every aspect of Booth, even the ones she doesn’t necessarily understand. Seeing her overcome by her strong emotions and just running over to hug him was the cherry on top.

    Booth and Brennan may not be married, but IMO this episode showed us that their union is for “as long as they both shall live” already.

  17. I also liked Daisy this episode. I really felt bad for her.
    Sweets…not so much. In fact he made me feel mad. He is the one that left her standing of the curb in front of “their” new apartment, and now I feel as if he is leading her on…that he wants to get back together with her.

    Well I just hope Daisy wasn’t making up the story that she hasn’t been all alone. It will serve Sweets right. Go after that FBI agent you seemed to like. Don’t torment Daisy and act like you want to give it another chance.

    And Booth dismissing Sweets when he wanted to talk about it, I think he did not want to get involved in Sweets love life, break up. Telling him to go out and get drunk reminded me of the two of them in Daredevil. Bad memories for Booth, I’m sure!

    • I’m starting to wonder if Booth’s dislike of Daisy is as strong as Michael’s dislike of Toby in the office. Since she was much more mellow in this episode, I felt kind of sorry for her, but at least we didn’t see Booth deal with her directly. And it seemed like Sweets was doing the opposite of what Booth was wanting him to. Did Booth give good advice? I don’t know. Sometimes I find his advice to Sweets about relationships iffy. I wasn’t surprised that Booth shut Sweets down, but yeah, he wasn’t nice about it at all. Sweets didn’t really seem to take it too personal, though.

  18. I love Booth being territorial in the hand grabbing scene. I can’ t post screen names the stupid auto correct keeps changing them! Ahh!

  19. I love Bones because of all the random things I learn. Who knew “ancient history” is actually kinda defined?

    I actually thought it was funny/cute when Daisy was doing her WWBD thing. Brennan was a little thrown, but then again, I think she thinks the world would be a better place is more people were like her in a lot of ways, lol. But I also like that Cam called her out on it and told her to stop.

    I call BS on there being no car accidents or honking horns when Brennan and Angela were walking down and across the street, because HOLY MOLY! And guys, I think that was product placement. They walked past two Toyota cars. My favorite commercial yet.

    Oh, and how cute was Brennan’s “Ta-da!” at the end when she showed Booth her new will?
    Brennan: “I find that, despite my best efforts, you exert undue influence on my behavior.”
    Seriously laughed out loud for that one.

    Guys, Booth is too much:
    Brennan: “…foolishly risk your lives.”
    Booth: “Which will bring us closer together!”
    Apparently a win-win scenario.

  20. I loved this episode, I really really loved it. There were just so many wonderful moments – nothing made me roll my eyes or get irritated, everyone was brilliant. I love that Brennan was so sparkling and happy the whole way through, just really content.

    Daisy was fantastic – I thought she had dignity and grace. Her scene with Cam at the end was beautiful for both of them – heartfelt and truthful.

    Brennan wanting to be dismembered, beaten with hammers and fed to vultures made me laugh out loud. I love that they have total faith that they’ll be together until the end.

    I thought the case was brilliant – interesting, I didn’t figure out who the culprit was, the science was solid and it raised interesting and relevant questions about end of life issues.

    The end of the episode blew me away, I didn’t see that coming at all! Normally, if you’re a spoiler follower, you get a heads up when a really emotional performance is coming and so have an expectation on the way in. This one flew completely under the radar and was so much more impactful. Booth blew me away. When he sat down with the camera, I was like, ‘No way, they’re actually going to show us Booth leaving his kids a message, awesome!’. It made me smile and cry and love him. Brennan was totes adorbs in her pjs and braids, so cute. I loved that she ran up and launched herself at him. I preferred the ‘crying Booth’ moment in this episode more than in Blizzard because it felt more natural to me. Maybe because I was crying along with him. I finished this episode with tears on my cheeks and a big smile on my face. Can’t ask for more than that 🙂

    Also – I think my favourite line of dialogue in the entire episode (which had a lot of great dialogue) was the very last one – ‘How am I going to get to the top of a volcano?’, Shrugs – ‘Not my problem’ – haha, Brennan you are relentlessly awesome and I love you.

    • Sorry – I got the other episode in which Booth tears up wrong, it’s Male in the Mail, not Blizzard!

    • I agree with all of that, Sophia, and your comments definitely make me want to rewatch the ep as soon as I can! I’m loving the vibe between Brennan and Booth right now. I don’t think them getting together romantically has hurt their partnership, but strengthened it. For example, their wills conversation. They both listened to each other and both of them revised their wills (or post-it note) accordingly. They have their more serious moments, and just light, adorable moments. And sometimes they make out in the janitor’s closet like teenagers 🙂 haha I just love B&B!

  21. Booth has *always* been the head of the crimes unit, hence his office and position and respect within the FBI for 7 years . So Sweets doing his job, yes it is still BOOTH’S job is utter BS… Sorry it is. The other FBI Agents in the show before did not do Booth’s job they helped him, were in the scenes with him. They didn’t take over his scenes and marginalize Booth’s FBI role in the show. This is Hart just giving JFD more screentime cos he a mancrush on him….For 7yrs Booth did those scenes at the FBI and all of a sudden he’s chopped liver, what rot. And they are writing Booth like he can’t even be bothered to do his job anymore at the FBI he just palms off on Sweets, until Sweets frakks it up and lets the murderer go and Booth has to do his own job of catching a murderer. Big freaking woop. Utter BS

  22. I was dreading this ep, too Swaisy centric for me, just dont care for either character much, but hardly remember. their interaction with the awesome B & B story. I do feel for Daisy, I liked seeing her being able to function, go on, not that I can say that for Sweets, he cant move on, cant find a place to live, still trying to live B & B’s lives, regretful that Daisy has move on. Its sad,

    Daisy isn’t bad when she is not hyper. Just a poor girl falling for a waffling guy. We’ve seen it before. I can see both sides of the Swts taking over Booth’s job debate. Booth is the Head of Major Crimes, he wouldnt do the initial investigating, he does the tough stuff, the part where his agents are dead ended, but just too much Sweets. This ep was shot in October, during the time Fox/HH was punishing David for his comments of last summer, not renewing immediately. Maybe that’s a reason for heavy Sweets involvement. Well, glad that is over. No Booth, no Bones for me.

    Booth was bit heavy handed with Sweets, but Booth still doesnt talk personal stuff with anyone but Brennan, he disapproves of the Sweets/Daisy drama, for whatever reason, and why should he get involved any more than providing a place for Sweets to live and hopefully get his head back on straight again. Of course, the end scene made the whole ep.

  23. I don’t think Booth has always been the head of the major crimes unit, that’s something they’ve only mentioned in the last season or so. Booth used to have prominent bosses, Cullen and Hacker. They’ve made him more senior without officially promoting him because otherwise it looks like he hasn’t moved up the ladder since starting working with Brennan. They don’t it to look like working with her is holding him back.

    If the DB’s screentime has reduced, I assume its because they’ve slightly reduced his working hours in line with ED’s. She reduced her hours when she had her son, they probably asked if he wanted that too. Maybe after 6 years of 15 hour days they both wanted a few less! People do sometimes forget that for the cast and crew, the show is a job. They have to balance their working life with their personal one.

    I don’t buy for a moment anyone was being ‘punished’ for comments made last Summer. The people in charge of the show are running a multimillion dollar product, they aren’t going to risk alienating a key component of that success for something so inconsequential. Also, why would they even be mad about it? DB got them a fortunes worth of free PR.

    What makes you think they were dragging out renewing his contract? He was probably holding out for more money or a better package, which he obviously got.

    • Good point, Sophia. DB and ED are producers and they have some say. So if DB had a problem with his screen time, he would have said something or quit the show if need be. Since he hasn’t, perhaps it was planned, even by DB. Maybe he had some family stuff to deal with, we don’t know. Thankfully, Bones has a strong ensemble cast, so they can carry on when Emily is pregnant and reduces her time on-screen, or DB is reducing his time for whatever reason. I am happy that the show can utilize its other characters. We can guess what happens behind closed doors but we don’t really know. I’m just happy we are getting another season!!

  24. @sophia7470.@bb Sorry, that is YOUR speculation Please don’t spread rumors and gossip that David asked for less screentime and hours, just because Emily has done so, they aren’t the same people…. I have not seen one interview from David stating that. If it is true then please state your source as I would like to read that. Otherwise it is fans making up stuff and turning it into fact ……. BUT I have read a recent TVLine TCA Jan 2013 interview stating that David asked for MORE character development for Booth with regards to his contract. That does not strike me as a man who is asking for less work that is an actor asking for MORE work. More for Booth to do on Bones not less.

    • @Carly, I’m not sure why you are so upset at us. As you said, we were just speculating. So we weren’t saying it was definitely true at all. I guess I’m sorry that just speculating has upset you so much. I can speak for Sophia when I say that none of our comments were meant to spread gossip and rumors.

  25. Booth HAS always had that position in the FBI, head of major crimes, that is why he has his own office and doesn’t sit in the bullpen with the other Agents, that has been that way since Season 1. His bosses are way higher up like the Deputy Deputy Director, his bosses boss boss etc… it doesn’t take away from his status of being head of a unìt just because he has a boss. EVERYONE has a boss unless you are top of the foodchain.

  26. RARE AND BEAUTIFUL BONES PEOPLE, I’m spending the month of February in a TV-less apartment (NOT SURE I’LL SURVIVE, but if I do, I’ll probably emerge having written a novel or solved world hunger or something). Anyway, anyone know of any good sites to stream Bones on while it airs? I’m really, really not in the market for a virus, but if you know of a safe site, pass it on please!

  27. I just got finished watching this episode of Bones (I know! I’m so behind!), but as beautiful as the video-tape scene was, I got his horrible sense of foreboding. If part of the series is really about the redemption of Brennan’s character, what if Booth was to be killed and she has to deal with death in a completely new way, especially now that she has a more open heart? Of course, that would have to be a part of the end-game of the series, but I hope that this video was more about us seeing his reaction to needing something like that and not something that will come back to haunt us later. Quite frankly, other than in re-runs, I hope to never see that video again!

  28. what a wonderful moment between Booth and brennan when she saw him recording the video!!
    But as asked myself : does a man like Booth exists in real life ? He always looks so perfect : generous, courageous, understanding, sensitive…while remaining manely !!

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