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The Doll in the Derby: Post Episode Discussion


Hey y’all! The comments are open, so sound off on this episode. What did you like? What didn’t you like?


And please, remember, no spoilers for future eps!


59 thoughts on “The Doll in the Derby: Post Episode Discussion

  1. What I liked:
    Booth looking good!
    I liked drunk Angela kissing Booth. She always has had a crush on him & I loved that she surprised him and planted one on him. Then asked if she could do it again! It was fun!
    If fact, I liked Angela this whole episode.
    “Booth is a good man” So sweet. Brennan is realizing how lucky she is.
    Nice to see Angela & Hodgins out with Wendall at FF. I was hoping B&B would stop by also.
    Booth at the carnival was so adorable. 🙂

  2. I liked the episode overall. I still find the whole Wendell-Angela-Hodgins triangle a bit strange…but as far as the main storyline, my thoughts:

    *I liked Angela trying to go undercover and basically being terrible at it according to Booth 🙂 She’s no Buck and Wanda!
    *I did not like Angela trying to pressure her friend for information.
    *I like that they showed conflict between Brennan and Cam in the beginning, but showed that Brennan trusts Cam, and revealed the secret to her. They are developing a nice relationship.
    *I like that Brennan so perfectly recited the Coriinthians passage at the end. She may not believe it herself, but Booth does, and she’s taken the time to put it to memory because that is so important to him. To me, that is like Booth giving her Jasper, or the Smurf. It is demonstrating love.

    And not to be spoilery, but THAT PROMO! Harsh to watch, after the heartwarming ending of tonight’s episode!!

    • I’m really not surprised that Angela and Cam got super concerned. I think we have seen on many occasions how the people on the team aren’t just friends, they are really like family (which is easier than creating a bunch of other characters to be actual relatives). The kind of family who does stick their noses in each other’s business. Who doesn’t just let things drop when they see cause for concern and are not relieved.
      In the end, I didn’t sense that Brennan was mad at Cam. In fact, the way she described Cam as searching for the truth sounded like Brennan. At the same time, I liked her firmness with Cam about any further prying.

      I know the ending was to highlight the NF kids again, and what Booth did for them. That was a heartwarming ending, and he’s such a good guy. But once again, I felt and saw Brennan’s love for Booth come shining through. Last week, it was in a mostly sweet way. This week, it was much more bittersweet. She knows he’s a good man. I have a lot more thoughts, but I’m getting lazy typing right now, haha.

    • That is spoilery! I suppose only a very small amount… No promos for me! =) I didn’t even finish reading the last half of your sentence! Haha.

    • I think Angela pressuring Brennan was very true to Angela’s character though. If I was worried about my sister or best friend I’d pressure them for enough info to be sure that they really were OK. I think that this came from a place of love, it wasn’t her being a gossipy busy-body.

      • Actually, thinking about it more the scene with Cam going to the hospital and trying to get info from the doctor surprises/bothers me. Cam should have known that the doctor couldn’t tell her anything about Booth or any other patient without violating HIPAA. Of course Booth wasn’t a patient but at the time Cam thought he or Christine were patients.

        Guess I just need to file that under artistic license required to advance the plot. 🙂

  3. Oh yes. Brennan reciting the bible passage was touching. Because Booth believes. And who knows? After next week maybe she will too.

  4. “Such an asshat.” Teeheeheehee. Asth-hat!

    Booth. Oh Booth. Where do I even? The way they set this up, I thought we were going to get a BOMB dropped on us for sure. I was thinking maybe this is something related to his mom, this is why he had a tumor, and maybe he’s getting follow up MRIs or is having Christine checked out the same way he had to for Parker or something. I was so worried! But no. He is just our knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor. I feel like it was almost anti-climatic, but it was a relief also. And so sweet to know that he is still our quiet, invisible man who is there to support anyone he can, not just those he loves. I also found it fairly reminiscent of an early, maybe Season 1, Epps-era episode where he calls himself a hero after he grabs Zack away from the explosion. He then realizes that he can’t be very heroic if he’s the one calling himself a hero. Now, here he is doing AMAZING things, and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it because he doesn’t want that attention. He just wants to help these children. I just love him, you know?

    Is Booth very forthcoming about where he’s going and what he’s doing? I suppose if it’s work related. I’m thinking not so much if it’s personal.
    I also found Booth’s comment about confession very interesting. He cannot go to confession unless he plans to stop sinning (in the opinions of the Catholic church anyway. I have no preference to whether they get married or not), which he has no intention of doing. I can’t decide if it’s very telling of Booth to surrender his beliefs to be with Brennan, or if this will cause a bit of trouble down the road. He has said that he has no intention of asking Brennan to marry him though…
    And those aviators… I feel like in every recent episode, they take a brief moment to remind us how truly gorgeous he is. Faint.

    I got a good laugh about Hodgin’s hacking after smelling the caustic chemical, but then he just keeps sniffing, because that’s just who he is!
    I also loved him picking on Wendell. They’re so brotherly about it. But when Wendell tells him why he’s really upset, he can be mature and supportive too. Loving it.
    When I put two and two together about who Wendell had posed for, I was in STITCHES. I’m glad they can talk about this and have it not be weird, but actually hilarious. And I loved that they “resolved” it at the end.

    Brennan naming her interns? Can that please happen? Please?!

    The curtains on the Angelatron were awesome, and I love how she said going undercover was going to get her out from behind the computer, as she is literally behind the computer.

    And that brings us to Angela. Oh Angela. Early in my history of watching Bones, she was the reason I started to keep coming back. I thought that she kicked ass with her wild personality, overflowing confidence, and general in-your-face attitude, while remaining attractive (I mean on the inside, but let’s be honest, outside too) and mostly professional. She has calmed down recently, which is fine. I still adore her. Of course my list of reasons for coming back to BONES and still enjoying the show is now seemingly infinite (I’m sure most of you can relate). But it’s kind of like never forgetting your first love, you know? That first reason why you are now completely obsessed (as long as we’re being honest here) with something. I LOVED her as a badass roller derby girl. (Fun fact: Roller derby is close to the top of my pre-30 bucket list lol). The outfit, the nick name, hanging out with girls that shared her zest for life! Yes. Please. I really want her to keep skating even though the investigation is over. No, it’s not necessarily art. But it would give her an outlet for her wild side nonetheless. And maybe you guys might pummel me for this, but I don’t care! I LOVED that she kissed Booth! LOVED IT. And I loved that she wanted to do it again! They are both in separate, seriously committed relationships, and very good friends, but she was a “little” drunk, and undercover, and still coming off of her “wild girl high,” so whatever! It reminded me so much of Season 1 when she was so infatuated with him. Weren’t we all? I think maybe Brennan was the only one that wasn’t! Hah!

    I’m not surprised at all by Cam’s snooping. She gets that Momma side going and just can’t help herself, especially with Booth. I feel like they are such good friends at this point, and she worries and cares about him so much. I also love when she calls him Seeley. I’m not sure why, it’s just a bit more intimate without there being any kind of sexual connotation. I really liked how Brennan showed Cam what Booth was doing, because she knew she would never stop asking questions until she knew for sure that everything was okay. I feel like Angela trusts Brennan enough that when she’s told everything is okay, but that she can’t talk about it, Angela will believe her. Still, I wonder if Brennan will talk to her about it? I feel like she would have to eventually…

    Quotes I liked:

    “Sometimes I hate being an adult.” Preach Hodgins!

    “I hate it when he gets all stoic.”

    “If they needed anything, they would ask. Right?”
    “No, they wouldn’t.”
    “No, they would not.”
    I feel like it’s true that both Booth and Brennan are like this, but for entirely different reasons. I hadn’t thought about it before.

    “Okay. What happened to her was terrible, but I think the takeaway here is my excellent forensic work.”

    • I also want Brennan to name her interns! I think I said it just like you said it, too.

      And this:
      “If they needed anything, they would ask. Right?”
      “No, they wouldn’t.”
      “No, they would not.”
      I feel like it’s true that both Booth and Brennan are like this, but for entirely different reasons. I hadn’t thought about it before.

      In many ways, I agree with this. When Booth and/or Brennan decide not to talk, they are a stone wall.There have been some exceptions, though, but not enough to blame Angela and Cam for thinking this.

      • I kind of love that they have someone to share “the wall” with. Like, its not Brennan or Booth hiding from the world, but they can find a safe place, and “hide” in each other.

    • No pummeling from me at all; I would have kissed Booth too-he looked absolutely…wow…in that bar. I’m sure my husband and kids would understand. And why should she be the only one of the big three who didn’t get to try him out for just a tiny bit? Now that it’s out of her system, she can die a happy woman. As for the rest of us…

      • “And why should she be the only one of the big three who didn’t get to try him out for just a tiny bit? Now that it’s out of her system, she can die a happy woman. As for the rest of us…”

        And I’m cracking up all over again! SUCH a good point!

  5. Loved Angela. Always do
    Can’t help to feel we weren’t told the whole truth regarding Booth and the hospital. Just enough to hold Cam off for now. Just wondering.

  6. What the producers did here was a very sweet thing for those kids; kind of in keeping with Booth’s own big heart. I liked that they did not go the “is Booth seeing someone else” route that the spoilers seemed to have hinted at in terms of Cam spying on him. She was concerned as a friend, not in a nosy-gossipy way, and it was nice that Brennan let her in on the secret. If it were anybody else on tv land the carnival gesture would have been hard to swallow, but as something coming from Booth, I totally fell for it. So in character with him-as if I needed another reason to love him!

  7. Ahhh, SWY! “I just love him, you know?” Yes I know!
    “And those aviators… I feel like in every recent episode, they take a brief moment to remind us how truly gorgeous he is. Faint.” I loved how he puts them up on his face.

  8. well, dont know if I am going to join your love fest. It was ok, felt filler to me again, yes, it could have been one of the bonus eps. did like Bren supporting Booth, not giving in and having her coworkers play their friend card, I feel Bren and Ang are a little too old to be telling each other everything. Cant imagine either Booth or Hodgins enjoys that, some things should be kept ONLY between couples. Cam was a bit irritating, trying to use her status to gain info she had no right to.

    Booth, of course, is adorable, sweet, strong, private, heroic. Hod was annoying, glad Wendell could get back at him at bit with the nude painting done by Ang. Did like the bar scene, nice to see them all laughing together.

    Right now, my opinion of the ep is colored a bit by David’s harsh tweet to a fan who was missing him in scenes. If David doesnt care, is satisfied with his reduction in screentime, why the fck should we?

    • I really do not see that Booth’s scenes have been reduced in number or length.

    • I do agree with your comment that Brennan and Angela are a little too old to tell each everything, especially about their spouse/partner. I can only chalk that up to the fact that Brennan has never really had any close female friends other than Angela…she is more like a sister, really. Still, I didn’t care for Angela trying to pressure her into telling — not something a true friend should do.

      • I just choose to take that as they can tell each other anything if they are so inclined. I don’t really know what Angela tells Brennan, but I would almost bet a million bucks it’s more than what Brennan tells Angela. It was that way from the beginning, and we see it that way now. Brennan sometimes shares, but she’s always been more stingy with the info, especially when it has to do about Booth unless she’s asking advice. Angela is her best friend and confidant, so I think some of that sharing is understandable. I think it is important to note that Brennan doesn’t have a mother or a sister to speak to, so it makes sense to me that she can at times choose to share things at a deeper level with Angela.

        Angela may be nosy and pry, but when she senses how serious the situation is, her demeanour changes. I believe she was sincere when she said she was only asking questions because she cares.

      • No problem with his tweet either; I think the actors get tired of all the HH bashing that goes on, along with all the other negative comments that get hurled their way and have little by way of constructive criticism in them. And I agree Lenora; I liked that DB stood by his friend.

      • I’m in the same age range as I think Brennan and Angela are supposed to be (mid to late 30’s). I certainly don’t tell my sisters/friends everything about my mate but if I thought that one of them might be going through a rough time I’d definitely be asking questions and making sure they knew I was there for them. I’d probably act about like Angela did: ask, push a bit, and then back off when it became clear that the friend wasn’t at liberty to discuss any further.

    • I just saw the tweet. I would have thought he said something terrible. He only spoke the truth. It is sickening that people think that they can say whatever they want to say however they want to say and not have people respond unappreciatively. Sure, the Bones cast and crew are thankful for its viewers, but the cast and crew stick together like a family. You “attack” one of them, you “attack” all of them. DB is not going to be flattered with disparaging comments about the people he actually knows and enjoys working with. He’s always been vocal about giving everyone who works on the show their props because he knows it’s not all about him.

      Last time I checked, DB just wants good storylines for Booth. He didn’t mention anything about screentime in his last interview. In any case, he signed a contract that I’m sure outlined many aspects of his job, so I’m just going to assume he knows how many hours he has and it’s been agreed upon. If he didn’t like it, he could have re-negotiated.

      • C-bones, I didn’t have a problem with his tweet either. There have been very nasty things said to HH and I would think less of DB if he didn’t defend his friends. Bravo David. Good for you.

  9. I thought it was interesting that Cam, who has known the Booth for over 15 years (she said that back in S4 during the Con Man in the Meth Lab episode) and who dated him (had a fling with him?) doesn’t seem to know all that much about him, at least not about really personal things. Brennan had to school Cam on how religious Booth really is, and how modest. It again points to the fact that Brennan is really the only person Booth has ever truly confided in.

  10. @cbones All the fan said what she disliked about a certain aspect of the show. We all have dislikes and likes Nothing is perfect not even Bones. Plus she wasn’t even rude or cursed at them…what fans can’t even say what they like or dislike now? it is part of the tv world: discussing what we like/dislike as a viewer it is what we do here and other places.

  11. IMO. Both Hart and David need to grow thicker skins or maybe not use social media if they can’t deal with varying povs. They can’t just expect people to love what they are doing all the time, criticizm and praise come hand in hand with their line of work…plus if they cared to check tweets to other tv show cast members and showrunners their feedback is just the same with positive/negative povs. Truth

  12. Having an opinion is ok, telling the people who run and work on a show how to do their jobs and how “out of touch” they are is rude. If you voice an opinion directly to the show runners is because you’re fishing for an answer. If so, you should be able to take the reply, even if it’s not the one you were hoping for. Otherwise, just don’t do it. David is right. If you don’t like the way the show is going, change channels, it’s very easy. Also, assuming you represent all the fans of anything is a mistake. We all like different things and Hart can’t write his show for a specific type of fan, he has other characters to serve and it’s his show to write and his story to tell. Perhaps Hanson is out of touch with that fan who doesn’t want to see Sweets doing interrogations or doesn’t want to see Sweets at all, which is what I’m getting from a lot of these fans. However, assuming that Hanson is out of touch with all fans is egotistical and self centered. The show averages 8-9 million viewers weekly, so he must be doing something right, even if a small portion of the fandom wishes Sweets didn’t exist, and I say this as someone who is not a particularly big fan of Sweets but is getting tired of the repetitious complains. I enjoy the show just as is. Some weeks I like it better than others, it’s only natural but I’m not going to tell the show runners how to tell their story and what to do with their characters. I have the power to choose if I want to stay with them or not and I choose to stay.

    As for this episode, the case was a little weak and it felt disjointed in some parts. I did however enjoy the character moments very much. The Angela-Hodgins-Wendell subplot was at points hilarious and at others touching. The Booth subplot, while a little heavy handed in the manner in which NF was brought into the story, was also very touching and highlights a lot of Booth’s traits and we also got a glimpse into how he feels about living with Brennan without being married and how that effects him and his relationship with God. It’s in my opinion very interesting to see a show of this kind explore something as complex as this.

    • Exactly. The issue is never having an opinion, it’s always about HOW it is expressed. That person could have phrased their opinion in a much better manner. What that person said was accusatory and false. If they really feel a certain way, they really should just speak for themselves. That’s just my opinion.

      I’m not a showrunner, but I’m a teacher, and I understand what it’s like for people to come at with you with the same bs and dress it up as “their opinion.” No, if you can’t take the time to address me in a respectful manner about what you have to say, I don’t really want to hear it.

      I was kinda surprised how heavy-handed the NF story was because I read the article on how they were able to avoid a preachy vibe – it still felt a little preachy to me (Patriot, which I liked, was preachy, too). I liked the handling in Cam and Brennan’s discussion more than Cam and the doctor’s.

  13. Bones averages 7 Million viewers now. It got a recent bump due to The Following buzz to the night. The DEMO is king and the demo has been sub par at times with a few 1.9 but again got a bump to The Following. Read that as you will. But Bones has dropped viewers/demo over the years for many reasons.

    • And yet with such shoddy performance, they are being renewed for a 9th season with no small amount of praise/support from FOX. Something doesn’t add up with claims of show performing poorly. It’s not a cheap show, but the network thought it was worth keeping around for at least another year.

  14. I have a problem with people saying that if you don’t like something about any tv show then it turn off. People watch a tv show for many reasons and keep on watching even though something/someone annoys them *coughs, Dawson, Dawsons creek* lol….The Sweets bone of contention is everywhere EVERYWHERE. It has been a major problem for many this season. And hiding your head in the sand about it or pretending it is a few fans like Hart has done, isn’t the best solution to anything and just breeds fan outbursts like these….Hannahgate anyone? ….Fault on both sides imo.

    • But what is Hart really supposed to do when his fans’ opinions of Sweets run the gamut of him being their favorite character to hating his guts? Why take some people’s opinions (rudely stated, I might add) and automatically make them the majority view? Fan or no fan, haven’t people ever heard of a little constructive criticism? Tone DOES matter. And guess what, after you offer it, a person isn’t obliged to change things exactly how you want them to be changed.

    • That Sweets bone of contention is “everywhere” only if you go to online boards, which probably represents less than 5% of the total viewers.

  15. Re the tweet thing. That particular non-fan has done nothing but whine and moan about the same thing over and over again – check their tweets if you don’t believe me. I personally don’t think David was harsh enough!! The demo this season averages 2.1 and has been as high as 2.4 before The Following started. It has been Fox’s top rated show this season, beating Glee and New Girl ( The Following is top now ) which is not bad far a show in its 8th season. Other shows such as Castle would love that demo average. I’m sorry to butt in but the people who seem to take pleasure in constantly running a show down they purport to love really annoys me.

    I enjoyed this weeks ep, Many of the points I would have made have already been raised so I won’t duplicate them. On a shallow note Booth is just too good to be true and has ruined all men for me!

  16. @debs.sorry that isnt true. She isn’t a non fan as you so unkindly said. She has watched the show since day one and stayed loyal to Bones for 8yrs despite not recently liking certain aspects of it. She also sent praise tweets in the past and media articles bigging up Bones to the cast. Yes I just have read her tweets timeline too just like you have and not just the recent ones where she clearly has a problem with a certain someone.

  17. I will say sometimes in S8 of Bones I have felt like S4 Brennan when she asked Booth completely baffled why Sweets was apart of the interrogation, he isn’t needed, which still is applicable today and still makes me laugh……Sweets was fine when he was profiling or doing shrinky related things with regards to the case. I actually didn’t have much of a problem with him BUT I do have a problem with him questioning suspects now for no reason at all. That is Booth’s job. End Of. He has to do work scenes at the FBI and not just the fieldwork with Brennan, so we get a connect to field and case with him and B&B….which is why I LOVED Booth doing the majority of the FBI scenes in this ep. It was like old school Booth. Keep it up writers.

  18. David should be careful what he wishes for. The 2.5 Men kid actor also said dont watch my show and it got lots of press. DB at work again.?? Talk abut cyber bullying, a person with 392K followers calls out one tweeter, he gots dozens of fawning tweets last night but choose to respond to one tweet who was so rude as to question the “awesomeness” of this storyline. I dont watch to see jr FBI agent interrogate suspects. I want the real deal, not a wanabee. I know its my choice & I can turn the dial. I stuck with him as a fan during his nasty publicity days, the least he can do is acknowledge not everyone loves all the characters.

    • I’m sorry, but you missed the point entirely. Angus T. Jones went viral telling people not to watch 2.5 Men because it was filth. David defended Hart against rude fans who insist on tweeting their anger for how often Sweets is used.

      I’m not sure why David’s personal issues would have influenced your viewing habits of Bones. It was between him and his wife who have managed to overcome them.

      if fans don’t like something about the show then this is what these fan forums are for, or post a tweet with the Bones hashtag. Harassing the showrunner is not the way to go.
      I’m sure HH does realize that not everyone loves all the characters the way he does. Incessant tweeting about how he is ruining the show with the way he uses them is only going to irritate him, not get him to change his mind.

      David and Emily are real people. After so many years of Bones they have probably negotiated their work day down a few hours so HH uses other cast members more. That’s not a punishment for the actors, that’s a perk.

  19. Back to the episode: the bigger question for me is does Brennan realize that Booth is doing penance with his charity work because of his relationship with her? She seemed pained by the whole business as seen in the lab and in the car. It seemed to be more than just a protective Brennan keeping Booth’s secret, but her secret as well: Booth is working with these children to cleanse his soul of sin, the sin of being with her outside of wedlock. That has to weigh heavily on her if she is aware.

    If that is the case, then this is something that she needs to work out with Booth and with herself. Shutting down Cam by bringing her in on the situation was a masterful way of doing that. She might not have been as clever with Angela, but I think she just needed to say, I can’t say anything more. Even if she isn’t aware of why Booth is doing what he’s doing, she has to know that he’s doing this work as some kind of payment and that has to be hard to take given how well she knows him.

    While the episode wasn’t a great case, it had good character moments and I like that they seem to be building toward something. Her last words, “Booth is a good man,” was said with a kind of gravity that suggests she has more understanding of the meaning behind his actions than she let on. I’d really love to know if that’s right.

    • Yes, back to the episode.

      To be honest, I’m not really a fan of thinking Booth is doing charity work out of penance for “committing sin” by being with Brennan. I feel like Booth is a good man, and the cause is worthy enough for him to be involved with regardless of his living situation. Maybe I just liked Brennan’s suggestions that he feels sympathetic because he was blessed with two healthy children, even though he doesn’t get to see one of them that often. I can understand why one can get that view from watching the episode, but I also can’t help but think that maybe all those dots weren’t necessarily meant to be connected in that way, that they were just different parts to a common theme. Though I think he is making a huge sacrifice with his faith to be with Brennan, I don’t think it’s to the extent that it makes him feel so guilty that it becomes the driving reason behind any of his charity. There is some general guilt that Booth always carries around (the Parker situation, being a sniper) that always factors into his actions, but I don’t want to play it up to the extent that it detracts from him just being a good man.

      • Whatever the reason is, it was lovely to see Brennan as the supportive and understanding partner that she is. Watching her talk about Booth with such love and admiration is just so sweet. I don’t think Booth is doing charity as some sort of compensation for living with Brennan out of wedlock, but Brennan saying that in some ways Booth is a very religious man makes me think that she is fully aware of how at odds their living situation is with his religious beliefs. It also makes me think that on some level, maybe even subconsciously, she might feel a little guilty for making him sacrifice that part of what he believes. It’s an interesting and scrummy conundrum that doesn’t rely on cheap character – plot manipulations to cause a bit of discomfort and bring conflict into the relationship.

      • I think that’s a beautiful insight, Mar.
        “Brennan saying that in some ways Booth is a very religious man makes me think that she is fully aware of how at odds their living situation is with his religious beliefs. It also makes me think that on some level, maybe even subconsciously, she might feel a little guilty for making him sacrifice that part of what he believes…”

        That is a really interesting thought. He loves and accepts Brennan for who she is, and perhaps her realizing that their living situation would be going against his beliefs, she might want to change that situation in part to help her love him for who he is by honoring that. Besides, they are connected in ways such as Christine, and their wills, that are already strong bonds!

      • Yes, totally agree with you, Mar. It was beautiful to see. But you could see how Booth being religious affects Brennan.

        Brennan didn’t feel comfortable with Booth making the choice of her over his job to the extent that she ran with Christine without telling Booth. Why wouldn’t she feel at least a little uncomfortable in the realization that he is in some ways choosing her over his faith? If this is getting her to the point where she doesn’t want him to make that choice (which I’m not saying it’s going to happen this way), in this sense it would be very in character for her.

    • I didn’t get the impression that he was doing it for penance about their relationship, though that could be a plausible storyline. I just thought it came from what Brennan said about Booth, that he’s a good guy whose good deeds he doesn’t want shouted from the rooftops. We already saw that with the whole Jared debacle, where he gave up his shot at glory to protect his little brother. Now, does sometimes Booth do this to a fault? Yes, he definitely has that tendency. But he does like to do a lot of h is good deeds without being patted on the back. I think that is definitely in character. I was just relieved they didn’t write in the illness for Booth, as they implied for most of the episode!

      • The truth is, we don’t really know. And I’m fine with that. I like that the show leaves us to think about why he’s doing what he’s doing and how it affects Brennan. He might really be doing it out of the kindness of his heart, but that’s really not the impression I got from Brennan’s reaction. There seems to be something else going on and it centers on his charity work.

        Is he acting heroically without asking for recognition? Yes. Could that be the reason behind Brennan’s reaction? It doesn’t seem likely, but could it be because he didn’t even want her to know? There just seems to be something more. Is Booth paying penance? Dunno. Is there a reason why he chose to work with children rather than with other worthy causes? Maybe. Certainly he could just be thankful he’s got a couple of pretty healthy kids and there are others who aren’t so lucky.

        Booth is a good man. He treats people well and he solves horrendous crimes and he loves a woman who felt she was unloveable. He is a good man. Maybe in the end that is the real story.

  20. Ok, I don’t know why I’m getting involved in this debate re: DB’s tweets, but here goes.
    The people who make TV shows are PEOPLE. All of them. Bones has taught me that more than any other show, because I feel that Bones as a show respects each individual life more than anything I’ve ever seen on television. The rookie cops, the killers, the victims: everyone’s a person. So to assume that the people behind Bones “owe it to us” to read fans’ nasty tweets day after day and never stand up for themselves–that feels wrong.

    I mean, obviously having complaints about a show doesn’t make you a bad fan or bad person. We all come here all the time to talk about what we loved and what we didn’t love, and for the most part, that conversation is smart and respectful and fueled by our passion for the show and our desire to see it be as good as it can be. Being frustrated with an aspect of the show doesn’t make us any less dedicated.

    But we talk about it amongst ourselves. That’s the healthy way to critique. Tweeting your frustrations at the people who make the show just feels rude, not to mention pointless. They don’t know us. Why would they take our creative suggestions under advisement? If TV is an art, then Bones is THEIR painting. It belongs to all of them. It’s their vision. They get to decide how it looks. I don’t think any number of vocal fans will ever change their minds.

    Basically, I think the anonymity of the internet makes people forget this sometimes, but those names in the credits all belong to people. Bones is their whole livelihood. Of course it’s important to them, too. I think that Hart and David and any of the other creative minds behind Bones are TOTALLY allowed to be hurt and insulted and to remind the fans that Bones is something we CHOOSE to watch, not something they inflict upon us. It’s not always going to be an easy choice (though it is for me right now, because I’m loving this season), and it’s not always going to be a perfect show, but it’s still our choice to love it.

  21. As for the episode, make this the second week in a row that I’ve involuntarily put my hand to my heart and said out loud, “AWWW, BOOTH!” So that’s always a good sign! He is a very, very good man. That last scene was Bonesy perfection. Cam’s search for the truth about Booth felt really appropriate for their long friendship, and I liked that Brennan ultimately respected that–but respected Booth too. It was also sweet of her to point out that NF could just as easily have affected their child. Brennan’s grateful!!

    I thought it was sweet of everyone to care about Booth, but the way Angela expressed her care (telling Brennan that it’s unacceptable to keep Booth’s confidences) felt a little out of line. Pretty much in character, though. I also thought it was weird how she kissed Hodgins on the forehead instead of the lips–given how much taller than him she already is, plus the added height from the skates, the whole thing felt a little bit like she was being kind of patronizing to him. I know I’m reading to much into it, but it was just awkward for me. And why doesn’t Hodgy get a naked painting?! THEY WENT TO PARIS TOGETHER AND NO NAKED PAINTING?

    The “loser” bet with Wendell’s brother felt kind of bizarre to me, but the way he covered up the painting was adorable. I love that he really is the team’s little brother, as much as anyone can be in the post-Zack era, and even though I did think Hodgins was harsh on Wendell, I think it was more of a sign of affection than anything else. Plus, I loved the way this episode sort of melded the Hodgins who once snapped a rubber band on his wrist with the Hodgins who now loves his life. He likes to tease and bother people, but he ultimately affirmed Wendell as a very productive 29 year old. I laughed out loud when he complimented Wendell in the lab, right as Brennan came in (laughed again as Brennan yelled “happy birthday!” as she left. Perfect Brennan moment.)

    Hodgins is probably the most consistently characterized person on this show, and I love him for it.

    I thought Ange was pretty good at undercover work, actually, and I did not blame her at all for snagging that Booth kiss. She’s always wanted it. So the excuse was flimsy. If I had Seeley Booth in my grasp, I’d take a flimsy excuse any day.

    I love it when the Bones writers use the word “asshat.”

    Booth’s reasoning for not attending confession: perfect.

  22. I enjoyed the episode, thought the roller derby storyline was fun, loved Angela kissing Booth – made me laugh.

    I thought the NF storyline was relatively sensitively done, they were very obvious about setting up a ‘is Booth ill?’ question which could have been more subtle but the message was important, so I’m ok with it. I think Booth is just being a good guy, because he has two beautiful and healthy children and, as we saw last week, considers himself the luckiest guy in the world. I didn’t for a moment think he was doing it out of ‘penance’ for being with Brennan – as he told Sweets, you either live by the ‘rules’ or you don’t and he’s chosen not to and has no intention of changing that.

    To put my two pennies in on the DB tweet debate, I say good for him. People should think more carefully before putting @someones_name in a tweet. You are talking directly to someone. There is every chance they will see it. That means there is absolutely no excuse for being rude, or spamming them repeatedly with the same comments. If you want to talk negatively about Bones, use the #Bones hashtag – don’t direct it at actual human beings who are doing their best to create a fantastic show. I was pleased to see him stand up for his friend HH – indicates that they have a good working relationship and friendship – which can only be good for the show.

  23. My initial reaction to booths charity work is that theyre making him too perfect. its like the end of the archeologist in the cocoon ep when brennan tells him he needs to work on his faults too and he cant think of a single fault of his. come on! eveyone has faults. i think brennan is perfect in her imperfect way and no guy is as perfect as theyre making booth out to be. its too much. or maybe theyre just making up for when he wasnt so perfect in season six.

    • Ha! Booth, too perfect? My daughter no longer voluntarily watches Bones, she only watches it when I’ve commandeered the Family Room TV for watching Bones, and last week when she involuntarily watched, The Twist in the Plot, wherein Booth was constantly rudely accusing the director of the death facility of murdering his co-owner the woman ‘death doula’, she said that Booth was a real “douche”. I sorta defended him by saying that he was a lot less bad than he’d been back in the 1st and 2nd seasons when he’d been VERY arrogant and full of himself, and she just said that, yeah, Booth has ALWAYS been a douche and she didn’t see why anyone would be enamored of him. So, …. perfect he is not!

      • I concur, I’ve never seen him as perfect. He flawed like every character of Bones, just because he’s romantic and clearly deeply in love with Brennan (whipped) doesn’t mean he’s perfect. He’s definitely arrogant, tends to angers a lot, overprotective, and sometimes simply rude. I like him BECAUSE he’s that way, he’s human. At least I see him like that.
        Thanks for this comment, I agree with you 🙂

      • I agree too. My trust and respect for Booth has steadily declined since the 100th. There have been too many times when his attitude or actions have seemed really out of line. They all have their flaws and I like that. But for me, there’s just more things off center with Booth than the rest of the characters, like the end of this episode – not buying it. For a man who has nearly everything he’s hoped and prayed for, what’s his problem? These are among the things I like about Hodgins. He knew what he wanted, hoped, waited, compromised and accepted through out, more than Booth IMO. He knows how lucky he is to have what he has. He’s a smart contented man.

    • I think as others have pointed out, Booth is not perfect. Booth being a douche sometimes has been there since the beginning. Brennan asked him one time why was he so nice to her, but there were still instances where he really wasn’t nice to her. I do find it hard to like him at times because sometimes it’s so unbalanced. The cocky and arrogance I didn’t mind so much – it actually added lightness to his character. But there was a balance to his character in the beginning of the series that I think I find lacking know. I had actually forgotten that Booth was that kind of good guy. Overall, I like his character. His flaws make him human…blah blah blah and all that. But at times it’s too much. I get that he thinks certain things are stupid, but sometimes he can be very unprofessional about it.

      I don’t characterize him as the “heart” guy the same way I did in the past. When I say it now, I mean more that he goes more by gut and instinct, and is more likely to wear his emotions on his sleeve. The “knight in shining armor” bit has faded a little for me, but it’s still there. It just seems more like a dormant thing, and when they bring it back to life I’m like “Oh, yeah, there’s that aspect of Booth.” Yes, he loves Brennan, and he can still do the “smitten” face, but there’s more to being a good man than how he treats the love of his life.

      It may sound like I’m being hard on Booth, but please understand that in all this, I still agree with Brennan – Booth is a very good man. In real life, no man is ever going to be as perfect as Booth is (or used to be, depending on your opinion.) You weigh the good against the bad and decide what things you are willing to put up with – and in fairness, the other person is doing the same with regards to you. So even when I weigh in all his faults, it’s not enough to outweigh his goodness. I believe wholeheartedly that he is an excellent partner to Brennan and an excellent father to Christine. In The Bump in the Road, he told Brennan “I’m here for you, and for Christine.” And I think he really is. I think he tries his hardest to provide them with a home where they can all be safe, happy, healthy, and loved. And it’s just hard to really stay mad at him when I factor that in.

      I think this is just a long-winded way of me saying that I wished the writers wrote that aspect (the charitableness) of his character into the show a little more often and more consistently.

      • For all the negatives of the character of Booth, to me just as many positives exist. For every instance of “butthead Booth”, I see the loving things he does for his family and friends. His sense of duty and honor. His striving not to become his father, to balance his cosmc sheet, and to serve the people of his country.

        It is the same with Brennan and the other characters of the show, really. The whole show seems to be about all these flawed characters, doing the best they can in a screwed up world. We can think of times where Cam, Sweets, Hodgins, Angela, and yes, Brennan, are annoying, jerky, and also awesome. I like that they are showing us flawed people, because let’s be honest, we all have our moments!! C-bones, you make a good point when you say we “take the good with the bad”…because that’s just how life is! If Booth was some super-human perfect man, would we really love him as much? He has to WORK at being a good guy, because he knows he has bad tendencies. I love that he is the kind of guy who is willing to try. It’s the conflict of our good tendencies and our bad that makes us all who we are, and I think its awesome we see that on Bones.

  24. Booth’s not perfect, but I do find him quite realistic in some ways.

    Booth doesn’t have time for a lot of people’s idiosyncrasies. He’s a military man, who has done things to other people and had things done to him that most people (thankfully) can’t even imagine. He has seen people at their very worst, and is quite hardened in some ways to the realities of what depravities people are capable of visiting on each other.

    Booth and Brennan aren’t as supportive or sympathetic to the families of victims these days – they’re swiftly onto business and often don’t impart dreadful news with much sensitivity. Would real law enforcement professionals deliver such news in the same way, probably not, because they’re trained not to. But as much as Booth and Brennan are desensitised to the work they do, so are the writer’s and probably the audience in the process of telling and seeing those stories.

    Booth can be arrogant – but that’s hardly a surprising trait in one of the world’s best snipers and a long-serving tough FBI guy. If anything, it’s surprising how much sensitivity and child-like fun Booth’s still capable of. Booth’s had a hard life, it’s not a surprise he can be a little rough around the edges.

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