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The Shot in the Dark: Post Episode Discussion


Hey, hey! The comments are open— feel free to discuss this episode. Did you like it? What worked for you and what didn’t?


Please remember, no spoilers for future eps!


43 thoughts on “The Shot in the Dark: Post Episode Discussion

  1. I loved it! Love the pacing; love the teamwork. Loved Hodgins.

    Two things her mother said she cannot explain away. First, her mother said something about her smoking to please her boyfriend and Bones said she didn’t know her mother knew that. The second was the thing about the gift from Max being stolen.

    Also, loved what her mother told her. To start finding that little girl inside because instead of trying to survive, it was time to flourish.

    Could go on and on but I won’t right now.

  2. Love the Brennan & Booth moments. Brennan opens her eyes and sees Booth. Wow. The look between them. Loved the kiss at the end. This is definitely going to be a life changing/relationship changing experience for Brennan.

  3. I think the time for “surviving and time for flourishing” line will be part of the Bones lexicon now of all time.

    (The only caveat I have about the episode is letting Booth on the case at the end. But man, it was so good to see Fierce Booth in the interrogation room, that I forgive them that!)

    Great episode! First thoughts:

    *I hate seeing my babies fight. But as I recently learned in an episode of The Office–where they made Jim and Pam have a terrible fight–that its only bad when you stop fighting. Fighting means you care. Booth didn’t go to sleep either, he went to see her and clear the air that night. So I disliked and liked that scene. It was very real and that was good.

    *I knew that security guard was in on it the second I saw him. When he wasn’t Micah, I knew.

    *I must be thinking like Hodgins, because when there was no bullet and Brennan said it was cold, I yelled “ice bullet” at the TV…and I had never heard of it before. I totally didn’t call the blood bullet though! haha I still have much to learn!

    *I thought the back-and-forth with Brennan and her mom to Brennan “on Earth” was very well done. It felt way more seamless and worked better than the ghost/skull ep (IMO)

    *Booth praying in the hospital waiting room and next to her bedside ripped my heart out. (Booth reclining her bed to kiss her better at the end made me grin like a fool! 🙂 )

    *I liked how they have a concrete reason for her hyperrational behavior, that it was the last piece of advice from her mother and she clung to it so tightly. Max in the episode was great too, that both of these men care for her and were by her side, I’m glad they got Ryan O’Neal in for this one.

    *The case was even good too, they didn’t skimp to concentrate on Brennan. The unusual bullet, security guard involvement, and who it was , was well done.

    Sorry, this is way too long already. Basically it was a great, great addition to the Bones pantheon of awesome episodes! I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!

  4. I loved how much Booth and Brennan there was, how many other interactions and close-read scenes there were with people that we care about. It could have been 2 hours long with no trouble at all! My favorite thing was her hand snaking around his neck at the end. Sigh. That was a good one. Michele

  5. “ You tried to kill the woman I love. The mother of my child. Big mistake. Seeley Booth

    The scene when Brennan was being taken back into surgery for a second time. Booth’s face was tortured and loving, and Brennan’s was calm and reassuring, but also appreciative of his concern and love for her. It reminded me of the end scene in season 4′s “Critic in the Cabernet” — a nice flipped moment. Loved the soft kiss they shared as well.

    • I feel an new “Then and Now” post coming on! Post when you find it, jmg!

      And Michele, YES, I noticed her hand too!! Yeah, B&B are back, baby! 🙂

      • Will do! I have a question. Can Booth be any hotter?? Loved his clothes in this epp. The blue FBI jacket, the t shirt at the hospital, No suit coat on in the interrogation room.
        And just the looks he gave Brennan. When she opened her eyes at the end & saw Booth’s sweet face, I would have said, “Am I in heaven?” haha

  6. Wonderful episode, although I suspect some people will complain because there wasn’t “more.” “More” means different things to different people, but my guess is many viewers will feel there wasn’t a real resolution to the B/B tension of the opening scene. That issue doesn’t bother me at all; I see this as a kind of stepping-stone episode, where a major breakthrough happens (like Booth acknowledging he’s in love with Brennan in Harbingers,) the importance of which won’t be obvious right away. I do believe Brennan will take her mother’s words to heart at some point, and it’ll be really fascinating to see her make a conscious effort to strive for more joy and spontaneity in her life, especially with Booth and Christine.

    As to Booth-don’t care how unrealistic it was having him in the interrogation room-I live for those scenes! My oh my-he was definitely worth leaving heaven for. I liked that she felt him calling her back (so irrational!), and I loved the sweet little touches, including her winding her hand through his hair at the end. Loved also that DB was so understated in his grief, yet so intense at the same time. The way he looked at her in every scene they were together had me melting all over the place.

    And Brennan? Emily completely sold the part, even though I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the actress who played her mom. There was something awkward about her lines, although I think that might have been written that way on purpose to make the audience wonder whether she was real or a hallucination. But the way Brennan responded to her, especially at the end, was very touching. You could feel Brennan opening herself up to the possibility that she really was talking to her mother when she was in the room with Max and Booth. As always, great acting; sometimes I pinch myself that I get to watch something I enjoy so much on such a regular basis.

  7. “I feel an new “Then and Now” post coming on! Post when you find it, jmg!”

    Those tumblr folks sure are quick! Here is one now-

  8. Cam in the operating room during Brennan’s surgery seemed unrealistic, because just as she refused to autopsy VNM when he died, so too should she not be operating on a close friend. But then, it didn’t look as though there was an Observation Galley for this operating room, so maybe, like Brennan being in the operating room during Booth’s brain surgery, Can may have just been observing Brennan’s surgery from inside the operating room.

    • It wasn’t an operating room. They were in her autopsy room, which is why she insisted on participating.

    • Yes it looked to me that Cam was just observing, not participating in the operation. I just thought that Booth had probably asked her to be in there, because she’d know if they were screwing up…like when he asked Brennan to be in the operating room when he had surgery to remove the tumor. He wouldn’t know what was going on even if he were in there, so he wanted someone who would. Since Cam actually is an MD I’ guessing they were browbeat into allowing her in there.

  9. Well this episode turned me into a wreck. But it was AMAZING.

    -Let’s get this out of the way first. DB. Please stop looking so amazingly gorgeous all the time. The well fitting shirts? Yes. Always. But in reality, David was perfect in this episode. His emotion and just everything about Booth in this episode was flawless!
    -I called it when they said they couldn’t find a bullet (kinda). I said “dissolving bullet” to my dad, which was close enough. Haha.
    -Great to see Max in the episode. Ryan O’Neil was amazing.

    And last but not least…Emily freaking Deschanel. Absolute perfection in this episode. The scenes with her mom were very touching, I see changes for her character after this. I love how we get insight on why she is the way she is. The way her mom knew things no one did hit it home.

    Great great great episode (this will be one of the ones I watch a few times)!!

    • Also agreeing with the fact that Cam in the operaing room was slightly odd. No conflict of interest there?

      • IMO, Cam in the operating room is no different than Brennan sitting in on Booth’s operation.

      • Yup, if Brennan who isn’t an MD can be in Booth’s operating room, I don’t see why Cam can’t be in hers. Also, I thought she was also there trying to recover the bullet.

    • I loved how they handle the the telling of this one. For once I loved Cam and how she was a friend to Booth. I knew that Cam would be in the operating room because Booth couldn’t and she could go tell Booth what was going on. She was doing what made her feel most “useful” to her friend. Just as Hodgins, Angel and Clark were in the lab working on the case.

  10. I liked it. It was a nice episode. I’m only slightly disappointed because it had the potential for so much… more. Otherwise, it was good. I especially liked that Booth came to find her after the fight, rather than the other way around like it usually seems to be. And the part about the last piece of advice her mother ever gave her. I felt like that struck something too.

  11. the kiss at the end. im happy now.

  12. @ink I am confused, when does Brennan come find Booth after a fight?. In the last ep where they fought, ep 2, it was Booth who went to the lab to find Brennan, yet again.

  13. I thought this was a pretty amazìng ep of Bones. I appreciate a 8yr old show mixing it up and trying new things……..Booth was perfect in this ep, heroic, loving, caring, kick ass, alpha male, protective, a man consummed with love and of loss, his love shone. ….Brennan made me rethink the things that annoyed me about her in the past and maybe try to be more understanding of her attitude and actions. Her love for Booth and Christine, mom and baby shone through…..David and Emily where amazing and Ryan too… It was great to see Cam and Booth sharing a scene and a hug, I do love their friendship and Cam and Hodgins were on point and awesome…The weakest part of the ep was Sparling and Sparling & Sweets. Did not need to know about their sex life it was out of place in the ep and made Sweets look bad as he seemed more taken about that than concerned about the woman who has give him a home for the past few months…..Sparling is just the worst and most unbelievable FBI Agent Bones has ever had, imo, am I suppose to believe she’s not a teen playing dress up? lmao… Mis casting I am afraid……Bar this I REALLY really enjoyed the ep and can’t wait to rewatch it again.

  14. LMAO Baby Christine would of made a more realistic Agent than Sparling and she’s a better actoress too. Panabaker is out of her very limited acting range on Bones. Cringe. jmho

  15. FIrst of all, haven’t ready through all the comments, so I apologize upfront if I’m repeating anything. I’ll start off with what bothered me, because that list is much shorter. 🙂

    1. Honestly I wasn’t crazy about the fight. Seemed too forced and felt both overreacted.
    2. Why was Cam in the operating room and why did the doctor bow to her so quickly when she was interrupting? I know she has her MD, but last time I checked, she wasn’t a surgeon.
    3. I kept wanting Booth and Brennan to say those 3 little words to each other, but it never happened. (More on that in the next list though.)
    4. Sweets and Sparling…please wear gloves when going to a crime scene!!!
    5. Only 1 scene with Angela and Brennan?? Her BFF had been shot and we barely saw her reaction! I know there were a lot of people/scenes to get in there, but wanted more of Angela.
    6. Maybe it was a normal response to having a reaction to getting the wrong kind of blood, but that scene where Brennan goes unconsicious again, her reaction seemed a little strange to me.The I feel good comment made me laugh at first.

    Told you it was a short list! 🙂 Now on to what I really liked, if I can remember it all!
    1. Booth going to the lab to make up and bringing Christine along, though the poor thing was probably exhausted since it had to have been WAY past her bedtime. Her little cries broke my heart.
    2. Booth running along side the gurney in the hospital telling her to fight. *swoon*
    3. Booth praying outside the operating room.
    4. Ok, about the I love you thing that bothered me, I will admit that at the very least they had other ways of getting that in even though they didn’t say it to each other. Cam telling him he had to go see “the woman he loved.” Brennan telling her mom that she loved Booth and Christine very m uch. Booth telling the murderer that he shot the woman he loves. (More on that later!)
    5. Ok, I’ll go ahead and do that one now. First o fall, Booth should have never been allowed to interrogate the accused, but I’ll overlook that since he was so freaking hot in that scene. That suit, the angry glares, the throwing him up against the wall…wow! Just wow!
    6. Scenes with Brennan and her mom were well done and didn’t seem too hokey like I had feared when I hear about her going to this “other place.” I liked how they revealed more about Brennan’s character that does help explain some why she is the way she is. I hope this will open her up some but not change her completely. There can be balance.
    7.Every time Brennan woke up with Booth at her side. THAT is what I wanted most in this episode and they delivered. The ending scene was absolutely perfect!

    There is more, but if you made it this far, you’re probably tired of hearing me ramble so I’ll leave it there. Though I do reserve the right to come back and gush some more! 🙂

    • Dee, I love your #7, “Every time Brennan woke up with Booth at her side…” Well, she said she felt like he was calling her back 🙂 Swoon!

      *And there is something really wonderful about such a strong man, a sniper, FBI agent, just bowing his head and praying at her bedside that really got to me.

    • I didn’t need Booth and Brennan to say those three words to each other because they communicate SO much with their eyes alone, it didn’t need saying for me. I just love that about them. Their love for each other was so palpable with just one look, even Max knew to get out of the room.

      As for the fight, I was expecting much worse judging by the reaction I had seen from people who had watched the sneak peeks. They both overreacted but isn’t that how a lot of real couples argue? I wouldn’t even call it a fight, I would call it a recurring argument on parenting styles. Booth overreacted to her rational thoughts about Christine and she overreacted about his comments on her not being spontaneous enough because that shines a light on her insecurities as a mother, it happens. Brennan is a very complicated person who has lived a very difficult life. It didn’t seem to me that big a deal, just one of those moments when even if you love your spouse, you just don’t like them very much at the moment and need space and a little bit of time away to cool off.

    • RE #5 (list 1) thinking we should have seen more Angela and Brennan: I was thinking that perhaps Angela was watching Christine. Booth and Max were both at the hospital so someone had to be watching the kid. I know it’s TV and TV parents don’t ever seem to get hung up with child care issues but that thought was enough for me to justify Angela’s absence from the hospital. 🙂

      • Max mentioned that Christine was at daycare, so she wasn’t with Angela I’m afraid.

        I think the B&B thing I liked most was Brennan squeezing Booth’s hand, was very sweet. And I think their kiss as she was wheeled into surgery was their most natural kiss yet.

  16. So I have read all the comments and I just love reliving this ep with all of you. One thing occurred to me as I pondered the long list of “I love that they did this” (Booth sitting at her bedside everytime she woke up, the joking and kiss at the end, his running along the gurney, hug with Cam, Angela’s scene with B, etc.) and the much shorter list of “I wish they had also added this” (actually say I love you, more Angela, somehow resolving the fight, whatever). In this episode, it felt very much to me as if all the things undone or unsaid had the quality of having happened off screen, to me, as opposed to the feeling that they didn’t happen at all. It *felt* to me like B&B probably said I’m sorry, I wish we hadn’t been fighting when this happened, thank you for coming to find me…sometime during the hours and hours at the hospital. I’m sure they say I love you, routinely…when they say it in the show it certainly seems practiced if not always easy. They probably said I love you when Brennan went to sleep or Booth had to go interrogate or whatever. So I’m just offering that. The negative spaces felt as positive to me as the positive ones.

    • Oooh, also, and this is just me, but as a definitely non-religiously affiliated person (raising children who have decided to be Jewish like my husband), I respected and appreciated the way they walked the line in this ep. Booth openly accepting that Brennan might have actually seen her mom but still equally accepting of however she interprets it. Booth with bent head but without his lips moving or holding a rosary. I would accept it if he was, but I felt that it was respectful to leave things as open as possible. I just liked that. 🙂
      Michele (threesquares)

  17. I found this video on YouTube. I love it; the person did a great job of choosing the song, and the scenes they chose mesh so well with it. It mirrors my thoughts I’ve been having recently that I feel lucky to have an OTP like B&B. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve made me grin like an idiot. (How can fictional people affect me so much? It makes me feel crazy, but if loving them is wrong, I don’t want to be right.)

  18. My schedule was complete mayhem last week and though I did not miss the episode, I had no chance to post. I’m just getting time to read through everything now. You guys are awesome =)

    A few thoughts I had:

    – When I saw Hal, I immediately found myself pining for Micah. Of course I’m glad now that it wasn’t Micah, and obviously Hal had more of a role in this case than originally anticipated. Also, I think there was some debate as to whether or not Micah was a figment of her imagination?
    – I was a bit confused as to why we were suddenly handed this intense episode. I was quickly willing to go with it, but I was just caught off guard at first. There was no build up, no special number of episode, anything like that.
    – “You try to understand things that aren’t understandable.” “Thrown for a loop.”
    – I also found myself saying, “Where the HECK is Angela?!”
    – I was surprised at just how much I disliked seeing Brennan so injured, and seeing her opened up during surgery. That’s our girl! =(
    – I found her out of body experience very similar to the intense dream that Booth had during his coma post-brain surgery. I liked that.
    – The moment I thought, “You can’t tell me when Brennan gets shot that Max doesn’t show up to thrown down or kick some ass!” There he was!
    – Brennan wanting to help with the case even though she was recovering from a serious injury… Oh sweetie.
    – I thought the whole ice bullet/blood bullet scenario was very well presented. I thought they might go with ice bullet all the way, and I would go all Mythbusters on them. I should have known better! Maybe Mythbusters will try blood bullets now? Haha.
    – All these revelations about Brennan from her mother were so powerful (for lack of a better word) that it’s going to take some time for me to absorb them and apply them and appreciate them. I’m hopeful that future episodes will help me do this.
    – Brennan looking at her x-rays was precious, and just SO Brennan. Just the same as she always looked at ALL of Booth’s.
    – I found that Cam in the first surgery scene was confusing. But after reading some possible explanations (namely: Booth pulling strings so that someone he trusted would be there to know if they were screwing up, just like Brennan being present during his own operation), it makes more sense to me. Cam in the second surgery scene made perfect sense to me: they were hunting for evidence.
    – I’m a sucker for gorgeous eyes on anyone. They’ve done at least one good closeup for TJ (swoon), I’m glad they did something similar for Emily.

    That was longer than I planned, but oh well. Overall it was a great episode. The entire team pulled together and did the damn thing, and isn’t that just the best? There were great (or at least very good) moments for all characters, and a general helping of new information for us to process. Not to mention a ton of material for a bunch of new gifs for us to appreciate =)

  19. I think this is one of those episodes that will be life altering for Brennan. With her disbelief in God and an afterlife, seeing her dead mother and getting information that no one else knew is bound to push her. I foresee her becoming hyper rational again, until she can work her way through it. I think that eventually, Brennan will come to be more appreciative of Booth’s belief’s which will set up a possible marriage scenario later.

  20. I also like the contrast to Hannah getting shot. When Hannah was shot, Booth still went to work the case with Bones. When Bones gets shot, he doesn’t leave her side.

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