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The Friend in Need: Post Episode Discussion


Well, how did you like this episode? It felt kind of old school to me. Thoughts?

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89 thoughts on “The Friend in Need: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Excellent episode. Loved how Sweets empathy with the young girl. Think they handled the subject matter sensitively yet realistically.

    • I agree. Sweets/JFD did a great job in this episode. Some good material for him besides relationship issues.

      I forgot Sweets was still living with them until Booth said “Let’s go home.” And it’s great that Angela, Booth and Brennan pitched in so Sweets could keep his promise to the girl. Sheesh, something is wrong with that kid.

  2. I liked the callback to Sweets’ past. I also liked having B&B in the Mighty Hut as a family moments! 🙂 Solid ep.

  3. I love Booth’s “trick” in the interrogation room. Stupid kid.

    Even though there were enough issues in the Finn/Michelle/Cam storyline to annoy me, where they ended it amused me more than it bothered me. Probably one classic example of why Brennan prefers to always tell the truth.

  4. Another solid excellent episode.
    I really liked Sweets in the episode. He was very empathetic & believable.
    I liked the interaction between Cam, Michelle & Finn.
    I LOVED the Mighty Hut ending with B&B & Christine. Such awesome family moments. That is magic for me. Warms my heart seeing them all together. Loved Booth’s casual look there also.
    Sweets is still living with them. I liked Booth, however, saying to Sweets, “Lets go home” They all support each other.

  5. Oh Emily. My heart. Hooray to BONES for raising awareness about so many things!

    Alright. Brennan was very classic Brennan in this episode, but not in an annoying “Haven’t we gotten ANYWHERE?” way. It was more of an incredibly adorable and endearing way. Of COURSE she’s diesel at crosswords, and she has no idea what Gilligan’s Island is, but she’ll check her atlas before work.

    “You did your research.”

    LOVE. But during the crossword scene, there is obviously still some tension there. She does apologize, in her way, but it seems that Booth is struggling a bit with some of Brennan’s personality quirks. Also, at the end of that scene, did he tap her butt or was that just me? Hah!
    She also has no idea why it would be weird for Cam to be anywhere near a conversation about her daughter’s sex life in the same room as the boy her daughter is sleeping with… Oh Bren.

    I’m glad that we had a bit of a Cam episode. I’m still looking forward to when Arastoo comes back! I very much like when Michelle is around, but I also like that it doesn’t happen very often. It keeps that aspect of Cam’s life fresh and interesting for us. Despite the fact that there were a lot of backs that were gone behind and falsehoods flying around, it is obvious that their relationship is tight. That made me smile. And Finn! Poor Finn! He tries so hard to do the right thing, even though he doesn’t seem quite sure what that is. He is involved in a family of STRONG women. Good luck buddy! And when Cam told Michelle about Arastoo (a fitting trade I think!), she didn’t even think that Michelle might tell Finn! OOPS. Loving it!

    Booth’s involvement in the case made me sad. A good sad though. He seems to take it a bit harder when a young boy is involved, whether it be a victim, suspect, or otherwise. He is just so upset when he says “stupid” after Nick confessed to the rape, and shakes his head that small bit.

    Uhh. Hey Sweets. Welcome back buddy! I feel like his involvement in the show has been very small lately. I was never one that disliked him early on, I found him kind of amusing, and I’ve missed him! He felt so bad that he had to betray Kat that way, even if it was really for her own good. He wants to do everything in his power to help her, and I loved that he turned immediately to the Squint Squad. If anyone could do it… I also loved Booth’s “Let’s go home.” to him and Brennan after Kat was really upset with what he did. Bring that baby duck home and hug him up! It was also really intense when Sweets MARCHED into the observation room, and then the interrogation room. Sweets really needed this one. Major points for Booth. I don’t know if it’s in Sweets’ job title to help a victim like Kat, but it would be really nice if he could. It seems that her trust in him was restored after he was able to help her. I think it would be difficult for her to learn to trust anyone else.

    I find myself liking Finn. There was never much to dislike about him in the beginning. I think that losing Vincent was just too fresh in my mind, and if we had Vincent we wouldn’t need Finn. I guess it was for similar reasons that Hodgins was so awful to him in the first place. But right now he’s OK in my book. I’m just not sure how I feel about him “Ma’am-ing” Brennan.

    Other things I liked or noticed:

    “Are you suggesting cause of death is stupidity?”
    “Wouldn’t be the first time.”
    “Mr. Abernathy has a point.”

    Brennan’s report during high school.

    Cam was naughty (of COURSE), and Angela loves it (also of course? =D)!

    “I can’t lie to you. You’re my boss. And even if you weren’t, I’m very bad at it.”

    There were a few different views of DC and the garden I haven’t seen or at least noticed before. It was nice.

    Cam calling Finn “Jethro” during their mock argument. I cracked up!

    “You can’t wash it all away, Nick, especially when she’s lookin’.”

    Brennan’s “Sucker!” Which was almost a “Sucka!” Which may have been better…

    Booth in that flannel shirt. My god. Have we seen him wear flannel before? Not gonna lie, my boyfriend wears a lot of flannel, so I appreciate a good flannel shirt. It will be a while before I can look at any of his shirts and not think about DB. Poor guy. He doesn’t need to know! Yikes…

    Booth telling her that he’s never let her think she clinched the case, when it was actually him. I think it’s pretty obvious that that was a white lie. Can we find examples from past episodes? Or does anyone know of any off the top of their head? That might be fun.

    • As always, love your post SYW. Finn was much less annoying this epp.
      I also loved the beginning where Booth was doing the crossword puzzle. Brennan doesn’t know everything! But she researched it and found out in the end. Booth has his strengths & Brennan wants to be the smart one.

      Someone on tumblr brought up in season 4, The Bones that Foam, Angela said that Booth likes to pretend he’s dumb sometimes to let Brennan be the smart one.

      This warms my heart! And yes, I love that flannel shirt! He wore one at the end of Blizzard, which I loved. 34aSV1o1qgak26o1_500.jpg

      • Try that link again.^ ..Booth in flannel shirt with Brennan & Christine.

      • Pic heaven! Thanks!

        Over the series, it seems that one or the other sort of lets the other “have” certain qualities so that they will always need each other, even if it was just on a professional basis at that point. I don’t know if there are even words to describe how special that is.

  6. Here is the entire end scene. Click on each pic for bigger version.


  7. Very old school Bones to me. Loved loved loved the episode.

    JFD was AMAZING in the episode. I’ve been mostly annoyed with Sweets lately (I don’t know why, just have been) but I remembered why I loved him in this episode. And when B&B said “Let’s go home” all I could say was “Aw, BABY DUCK.” Cute.

    The whole Cam/Michelle/Finn thing was hilarious.

    In love with the last scene, what a cute family. Everything was old school Bones episodes, just replace the post-case beer with a post-case family snuggle. So adorable.


      When Sweets marched into the interrogation room, I was shocked, but so happy! We haven’t seen something like that from Sweets, but it was great. I love how involved he was in the case. Great great job for JFD.

      um. Also DB in flannel. Perf.

      I think that’s it for this week.

    • Yep, this: “Everything was old school Bones episodes, just replace the post-case beer with a post-case family snuggle. So adorable.”

  8. The ep was meh for me. It was a filler. And it was lite on Booth and Brennan. Like every other ep of season 8 has been.

    • Really? Every episode? Partners in the divorce was B&B lite? Last week’s was B&B lite? The dancing episode was B&B lite? The tiger episode was B&B lite? Patriot and Ghost were B&B lite? Could you define what B&B lite means to you? Because I’m not seeing it.

  9. *shrugs* just an average ep. I hate Sweets. And no matter how much they make him into a “pity party’ of the week will make me change my mind on this….

  10. I kind felt that way too. That the girl victim story was just set up to make me feel sooooowrry for Sweets. Well I don’t. He’s has done horrible things esp to Brennan, and to Daisy. And he has a ways to go for me to even like him again…. Emily PSA was awesome, that got the point across better.

  11. Can I formally request a scene study? Any scene…I miss them! 🙂

  12. well, every ep cant be a hit and this defo wasnt, imo. That’s about the best I can say about it. So tired of the Z cast taking up the whole ep when I have waited 8 years now to see B & B together. It’s like we only get glimpses of them, this is not what I’ve stuck around for all these years for.

  13. Loved the B & B scene bantering about the puzzle, that’s it, the rest was meh. I am not saying date rape isn’t important, but this ep just didnt do it for me.

  14. It did feel like classic Bones to me that’s why I liked it very much. 🙂

  15. Nice, classic, and solid pretty much sum it up. Although, I just gotta add that it was a really good Sweets episode, which I’ve missed.

  16. Classic or old school Bones doesn’t have a handful of Booth and Brennan together scenes. Or them just being out in the field just once . And if you didn’t know better think they weren’t FBI partners but just people working a case. Old school Bones wouldn’t have Hodgins MIA for the most of the ep…and it makes me sad that some fans think that S8 is old school, when in fact it is the least un old school Bones like season of the series. IMO.

  17. Geeez I get it writing team. Sweets pity party. Bring out the violins…. And I hated that the mother of the rape victim was written like a vile parent from the dark ages …watching parts of this ep was like a PSA from the Hanson and co for Sweets: “Sweets pity party, please like Sweets Bones fans, don’t hate him like many of you have been doing in S8” …UGH. Too bad I am immune to this type of writers manipulation…

  18. I liked it a lot. Even the Michelle and Finn thing didn’t annoy me. Yes, I liked how Sweets handled the girl’s confession. He was very empathetic and was caught between a rock and a hard place but kept fighting for her to get justice. That girl’s mother was so ignorant. I really enjoyed the way Brennan ripped into her at the FBI and I really, really liked the way they tricked the guy to confess for both murder and rape. That was some really nice team work.

    Obviously, the show can’t be what every single viewer wants it to be every single week. I get from reading some of the comments here that some people only watch for Booth and Brennan and one week that focuses on anyone else immediately means it was a meh episode. Booth and Brennan are the reason I watch the show too but I appreciate there are four other characters and I enjoy them and their stories too. I am also sure not every single viewer is into Booth and Brennan, so stories that focus on some of the other characters are necessary, especially this late in the game when the writers have been telling this story for 8 years. If they would only focus on B&B all the time, the show would not have lasted as long as it has. Maybe for some people that would be better than having to watch other characters’ stories, not for me. I like the show as is and I’m enjoy this season a lot. People wanted more meaningful cases, we’ve certainly gotten them this season, with the added bonus of Booth and Brennan as a very solid couple raising their family together and still being the Booth and Brennan we (at least I) know and love.

    • I concur to everything. Simple couldn’t have put it better. Because after eight seasons, I love all the characters and personally I need to know what’s happening with them too.

  19. @mar.I did not say every episode of Bones. I said every other episode. If you are going to jump down my throat with your know it all tude here, then get it right please…. B&B together were lite in this ep as in they had less scenes together… The same happened in Gunk, Madness, Pod, Butt, Cocoon, Derby eps and now Friend epi. IMO….I could also make an argument that B&B were lite together in Patriot and Ghost eps too… the B&B partnership use to be the centre of the series, now they are the off centre to the far left. IMO. It is making S8 one I won’t run out to buy on dvd or rewatch in a hurry.

    • I gotta tell you, I took you comment the same way mar did. You might want to look at what you said and how someone could interpret it before you jump down someone’s throat over their interpretation.

      You’re talking about this episode then you said said like every other episode of this season. Which to me sure seems like you were saying that all the other episodes in this season were B&B light. I did not interpret it to mean that you thought they were alternating between B&B light and not B&B light episodes.

    • I’m sorry, but I’m with Mar and Frankie about your first comment. I raised an eyebrow reading it, because i could not believe s8 could be called BB lite and that’s how you first comment sounds.

      I understand you may feel like this, just, please, understand we may have other opinions too and their own interpretations.

  20. If the writers are running out of stories for Booth and Brennan or them as individuals Then they need new writers. Simple. I don’t just watch for B&B but they are the leads of the show and the others are just supporting cast. And that is just a fact…. Season 8 has been, imo, lets give the supporting character more and more to do and just throw a bone to B&B as a couple and individuals plots everynow and then. When infact it should be the other way around….

  21. Seeing Brennan and Booth work together as crime fighting partners is just as important to me as seeing them as a loving stable couple….That is the essence of the show: them solving crimes together…so when I see an ep when Sweets looks like more Booth’s partner than Brennan then I am and others are gonna take note.

  22. B&B have always had cute scenes together in the past, whether it be at their own homes, the diner, or at the Founding Fathers. Now they have been mainly moved to the Mighty Hut…. YET we still were highly aware that B&B were a kick ass crime fighting team. There was a good balance of showìng both B&B not a couple/couple and them being crime partners in the past. Now? it’s so awfully unbalanced that it seems like Brennan isn’t even that important to the FBI anymore nor as Booth’s partner….. {warning, SNARK} but hey ho as along as B&B are a cute stable couple and makeout and have cute familytime at the beginning and end of the eps and look hot, who cares that them as the best crime fighting duo in America, as quoted by Booth in S4, no way he could say that now, is trashed and mainly ignored by the writers during the ep. IMO

    • I’m sorry but who got the clues they needed to nail the killer? I distinctly remember it was Brennan. She has a job at the Jeffersonian too that the FBI are very appreciative of. That’s why she’s a consultant and that’s why Booth always wanted her with him as a partner, because she is the best at what she does, not because she’s so great at interrogating suspects. So tonight she was mostly the forensic anthropologist instead of the partner out in the field for the FBI agent, big deal. She’s been with Booth out in the field so much this season and as soon as we get one episode in which she doesn’t, people claim the entire season has been this way.

  23. I really don’t get it. I thought B&B were the centre of this ep. They were together in two of the three formal interviews, together when Sweets found out about the rape ( a scene that I thought worked very well for all 3 characters ), and together at other times too. The remains were already at the lab so there was no crime scene but other than that I really didn’t notice any so called “liteness.” I loved this ep as I didn’t get the killer before hand and the rape was dealt with as sensitively as I’ve come to expect from Bones. I’m really enjoying this season and what they are doing with B&B. They are obviously deeply in love but it’s not front and centre every episode and I really really don’t see a difference in how they handle a case now and back in S1/2 ( apart from the fact they seem to stay closer to home ). It does make me smile when I see the constant complaints from people who will never be satisfied no matter what the writers do ( something which is also being directed at the Castle writers this year as well so it isn’t just Bones fans ) Keep it up writers as I for one am enjoying what you are giving me almost every week.

  24. @mar this isnt about Brennan doing interrogations or not. …..Brennan wanted and needed to be with Booth in the field to be apart of every aspect of the work Partners in everyway. the writers just push Brennan aside as Booths partner to make more and more room for Sweets to be Booth’s FBI BFF….B&B barely had any scenes together in this ep in the field and just a handful as partners…. And Brennan isnt written as a great asset to the FBI anymore. Quite frankly the interns or any of the other squints could solve the science part without her, she isn’t anything special anymore.. they have reduced her involvement with FBI to an after thought.

  25. @debs IMO. B&B working together were very lite in this ep, after the opening scene, they didn’t have one scene together till the 2nd third of the ep…then a few at the FBI and one brief field scene….sorry but if you can’t see how different B&B work the case in S8 vs S1/2 then I suggest you pick a S1/2 ep and compare. Cos I guarantee that B&B didn’t go through a good chunk of the ep with no scenes together regarding the case in hand…. This isn’t about B&B relationship being centre of the ep or not.This is.about B&B actually looking like they are partners on Bones (that use to be soooo important to Hart Hanson whom needs a reminder on this} AND not a 3 way job sharing partnership with Sweets like has been the trend in so many episodes of S7/S8. IMO

  26. I liked the episode. Sweets did what he is supposed to do– be a shrink. I liked that he was troubled by what he had to do in order to help the girl. Certainly we can argue that it was blatant manipulation, but I really didn’t feel manipulated by the episode. Some of the “message” episodes in the past, chicken farms, dog fighting, etc. felt more manipulative than this.

    As for whether this was B&B light or Hodgins light, or whatever, I think that the heavy working schedule that ED and DB had in the early seasons could have easily burned out either of them. Yes, they are well-paid actors, but I think both have a right to family lives and I think there’s more to how “light” a show is than how Hart Hanson feels about his actors. I think the actors have a say in their screen time these days and it’s not just HH fishing around for more stories to tell.

    I have no problem with seeing more of the personal lives of the main 6 characters as long as the stories are compelling or entertaining. Cam’s story was the B story and while I think Cam is a clueless parent sometimes, I liked this story and how it was handled. I also thought that Sweets was well-used here.

    Yes, it kind of surprised me to see Brennan in the interrogation room– when was the last time she was there? Yes, looking back on the episode, it was pretty light on Hodgins. Yes, I like the conversations between Brennan and Booth on the way to interrogate someone or in the car and those were missing here. I miss those, but the absence of those things make me appreciate them when they come up again. (And if they did it every week then they would become stale.)

    And I think when people are saying, “old school,” many are pointing out that the cases are fairly compelling and not too jokey and what humor is there is subtle and droll rather than yuk-yuk-yuk or designed to make the characters look foolish or silly. I liked the case, I liked that when Brennan called the killer “Sucker” it wasn’t done as if she were silly or trying on the lingo for the first time. It seemed like she had used it before and she was letting him know just how stupid he was. I liked it.

    It’s about entrophy; things change. If Bones were the exact same show that it was in seasons 1 and 2, it’s doubtful it would still have an audience because it would be far too predictable and B&B would not have a child, the Mighty Hut or a reason to care about each other. I know there are some who want them to be in their 60s and still doing the “will-they-won’t-they” dance, and there are some who want “all B&B all the time” and then there are others who will take each show as it comes and enjoy or not enjoy.

    This is in no way an attack on anyone, just an observation. There’s plenty of room for discussion.

    • Thank you, Roxane. Very well said. 🙂

    • ILY! I agree with everything you said, you’re my hero. Thank you for bringing the actors’ personal life as a factor. We tend to forget they are real people not the one we watch 😉

    • Very well said Roxanne. Neither Booth or Brennan are being “pushed aside”. David and Emily are real people and aren’t working the extreme hours they did in the early seasons so HH is using his other actors.

      I thought this was a solid episode and for the first time in a long time I thought the Sweets character was used well and at his professional best. I really don’t get the “pity party” for Sweets way of thinking either. His own abuse was only used as means to connect with the girl-not like it was the focus of the episode.

      • “I thought this was a solid episode and for the first time in a long time I thought the Sweets character was used well and at his professional best. I really don’t get the “pity party” for Sweets way of thinking either. His own abuse was only used as means to connect with the girl-not like it was the focus of the episode.”

        This! I can’t express it better myself. I never thought this was about Sweets’ past. Watching his scenes I was feeling: wow. our Duck is really all grown up.

  27. Wow…uh, I actually thought Hodgins didn’t get a lot of screen time in this episode – which was kind of weird. Cam and Finn and everyone else talked about what he was doing, but we didn’t actually see him doing it as much as we normally do. B&B, on the other hand, had some great scenes together.

    In my opinion, the episode was pretty incredible. I had no clue (until the end) who the killer was, and JFD/Sweets really knocked it out of the park – especially in his scenes with Kat (who also did a fantastic job). I felt a whole range of emotions through the hour and I thought the subject matter was dealt with very well (much more so than the NF story line from a couple weeks ago). It really doesn’t matter to me at all if B&B get a little less screen time (and some of the supporting characters get a little more) when you have an episode with this kind of emotional impact.

    I will also say that my opinion of Finn has done a complete turnaround since they introduced him last season. The constant country colloquialisms were overbearing and flat out annoying. Finn V2.0 still has the accent and the humility, but none of the “cute” little sayings, and I found him to be both refreshing and endearing last night. The whole Cam/Finn/Michele who’s-lying-to-who mess was cute and provided a nice bit of levity to lighten up the heavy subject matter.

    • I agree about the Hodgins, I watched and was hey, we hear about him, but I want to see him!

      also i agree about Finn, never felt anything special toward him, but he was endearing here.

  28. I find it laughable and hypocritical that some fans are banging on and cheering about old school Bones cases, yet when some fans basically say that they miss old school B&B partnership and set up, they get told they have to embrace change and accept what the show is now….So old school is good for cases but don’t you dare say you miss old school B&B, I get it….

    • I love the series as a whole. Some shows I don’t bother re-watching because I didn’t love them the first time around. Others I can watch again and again. Still others I really love watching certain parts– I can skip through the case or the interactions between some characters to hone in some scenes that still resonate. That’s my way of revisiting the past.

      You have a right to dislike an episode, a concept, a character– the whole shebang. You also have the right (until the moderator tells you otherwise, I suppose) to complain about the show, the direction it’s taking, and the people who surround you on the comment board.

      I like that the show is evolving and the characters are evolving. I figure that the more they flesh out the 4 supporting characters, the more interesting the show could be. Do I want more B&B? Yeah. Do I want to see more Brennan on the job with Booth and less Sweets? Yeah. Do I want interesting cases and some delicious twists (such as the trick in the interrogation room)? Yeah.

      But television shows have a slow way of evolving and with so large a cast, Bones has to serve all the characters and solve a case to boot. When the characters were fresh and new and each episode offered up some additional nuances and colors to their personalities, it was easy, I think, to develop an intense attraction to the characters because they were so engaging and we got to see new aspects almost weekly. As the show ages, the producers try to make it more interesting by infusing new life into the lives of the supporting crew which could have ramifications for the main two.

      I don’t know if I’m hypocritical for liking the past Bones episodes and liking the present Bones episodes and embracing the change but still liking when they bring out the solid cases and interrogation room tricks (like they had from the past) and pair B&B together as investigators and set them to bickering. Is the show perfect? Nope. Just like in the past, there will be some shows I like more than others; some scenes I’ll happily revisit and others I’d rather fast forward.

  29. @cameron AMEN!! There is a hyprocrisy here. It could be easily Bones pointed out that the cases were a lot more lighter in recent years and it is the change Bones made over the years to help sustain a long series, so embrace the change and stop looking back on the old cases with rose tinted glasses….which is basically what many fans are told when they have the cheek to point out that B&B partnership is barely a shell of itself and Brennan is basically useless to the FBI now esp since the squints and Sweets can do nearly everything she once did both in the lab and at the FBI….you guys get to hark on fondly about old school Bones and cases, then please don’t jump on and chastize people for pointing out that they miss or want to see old school B&B.

    • Comparing the tone of the cases and the Booth & Brennan relationship is comparing apples to oranges. Bones went with predominately light and fluffy cases for a few seasons to attract new viewers, now it seems like they may be returning to the darker and more intense cases with less focus on the funny.

      The Booth & Brennan relationship has changed-there’s no going back with it. They’ve moved on from being just partners. You can’t unring that bell. Comments about Sweets doing Brennan’s job in the lab are just ridiculous and have no merit at all.

      HH has structured the show differently now to support his leads personal lives. There is going to be more use of Sweets and the rest of the team when David and Emily need time off. Now we see Booth and Brennan at home together with their daughter. They still go out and investigate together or like this episode they’re at the FBI together. The whole purpose of Sweets being certified to carry a gun was so that he could back up Booth out in the field.

      I think people who are unhappy with how B&B do investigations or the lack of screen time for either of them are going to continue to be disappointed because I can’t see that turning around unless DB or ED decide to go back to working 16 hours days every day.

  30. just a question at all those complaining about reducing Bren as Booth partner: have you ever considered that Bren being now a mother may have different responsibilities than she had before, thus reducing her time with Booth during work? (as she sees him t home now a lot more) and Sweets is approved substitute of her by her (the episode when Sweets gets the gun, she knows Sweets will have his back).

  31. I have not read or heard David once asking for less hours or scenes. Please stop speading fan speculation as fact…. If you have read it, then prove it. Post the link or the site where David has said that…..Otherwise stop spreading lies…..I am sick of coming to this site and seeing fans using that as an excuse for less Booth (&Brennan) scenes…..I have seen an article with David at tvline stating clearly that he asked for more Booth character development as a part of why he resigned, does that seem like a man asking for less work? NO…….. Again stop spreading fan speculation as truth..

  32. Sweets was only ever suppose to go with Booth out in the field when Brennan was heavily pregnant and on maternity leave. She is neither none of those now. Sweets has never been or will ever be Booth’s partner…. Lame excuse for the over use of Sweets this season by some fans .imo

  33. @caprigirl I did not say Sweets could do Brennans job at the lab. I said that Sweets could do Brennans job at the FBI with Booth and the squints could do her job at the lab, with regards to certain cases in S7/8 we have seen this happen in a number of eps….And honestly you nor I have no idea how many hours David does or requests to do, so like another poster said either post the information where you know for a fact that this is true or please stop with the rumours and throwing around statements like it is fact…this isn’t a gossip rag the last time I looked.

    • @futsi You said Sweets can do Brennans job both in the lab and at the FBI-I didn’t make that up. Go back and read your own post. Just because you haven’t seen/heard/read the info that DB & ED are now working less hours down from their original 16, that’s not my fault. Doesn’t make it any less fact and no I’m not going to try to dig up the info for you. Plus it would not be unexpected as producers of the show that if they needed time off during shooting that they couldn’t arrange for it. HH responded to this already on his twitter feed.
      Just because you’re not happy with the direction of the show and how much B&B time you get don’t take it out on me.

  34. I loved this episode. I think they did a great job with a serious subject. They were balanced and didn’t make light of the rape (or the murder ) but to me it also didn’t seem too heavy handed. It was a story well told. I think Sweets was used in a good way here, as were Booth and Brennan. I thought it was an excellent episode and I’m not going to apologize for that

    I actually haven’t felt that these episodes have been B&B light, I still get that they are partners at work as well as in life. This does remind me of years ago with X-Files when after several seasons on the air they started trying to give the actors some breathing room by not having them in almost every scene together and instead might have Mulder out int he field while Scully was back at the morgue doing an autopsy or the like. They communicate by phone, but it allowed them to reduce their work time a little. So if they have reduced the amount of time their together onscreen (gotta ask are people timing this with stopwatches or something?) then maybe it’s to give their actors a break as well as a way to be able to tell more stories.

    I have been a fan of this show from the original airing of the pilot. The thing I love about the show are the characters and the relationships; not just one but all (or well almost all) of the relationships and characters. Yes there are times I get irritated with a character or with something that happens, just like sometimes in real life I get irritated with the people in my life, but overall I think the show is excellent, and the reason it’s lasted 8 seasons with a pick up on a 9th is because it does evolve. The characters and the relationships change or go through cycles. I love it!

    • I’m a new comer to the show (watched my first episode last November) and i agree with you about the characters and relationships. Not THE BB relationship, but ALL relationships and characters, Hodgela, Cam, Sweets, Caroline, squinterns, family members. All interactions, all friendship etc. I would not get invested in the story at all if not for the amazing character development I saw during my devouring season after season. And they evolved and grew as characters (their own persons). And that’s what I love about this show. And I was sad we didn’t get Hodgins much this episode, but it’s fine, he had his moments this season, and probably will, but i was glad for Cam’s plotline, because she was amazing supporting character so far and needed another shinning light on her.

  35. Agree with frankie. I love the evolution of all the characters and do not feel shortchanged. Bones isn’t just about romance. It has many facets. I have loved the way Sweets is being written this season. He is finally doing what he should in his job. I love the “family” that has been created with he and B/B.


  36. WOW. Who knew people would get so upset? Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions but do we need to battle about it? Some people I agree with, and others I don’t. I think it’s fair to say that if every episode was made from the same cookie cutter the series would be pretty boring. I think the show has established, again and again, that every member of the team is important. Sweets’ role this time around was to help Kat. That would never have happened if he didn’t go with Booth to talk to the mother. In this example it was a plot device to get the episode rolling. No one is replacing Brennan, they’re just mixing things up! I enjoy the change of pace, it keeps me guessing and interested. After the intense B&B stuff that happened last week, I think it was nice to breathe a little! It wouldn’t be as special if they were always together.

  37. Brennan’s going to check her atlas before work ! She is just so ADORABLE I want to dive through the screen and give her a big hug!!

    Love the diversity, love the ensembles, Love. This. Show! Now more than ever and I wouldn’t have thought that possible. S8 is more than holding its own – couldn’t be more pleased with it and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  38. @caprigirl60 I am a huge David Boreanaz fan. I devour that mans interviews like the good fangirl that I am LOL And I too have *never* heard David say he asked for less hours at anytime. . I am sorry it isn’t fact just because you say it is or just because we haven’t heard it. Maybe many of us here haven’t heard that because it never happened? Source your information. Or it didn’t happen…. if not that just leads to anyone saying what they want without recourse. That is a fair observation.

    • Without wanting to put words into Caprigirl’s mouth HH tweeted that info to that fan kept on an on and on about Booth’s lack of screen time after Cocoon if you want to search for it. He has also said that Emily only does 12 hour days now instead of 16 so it goes without saying that lessens Brennan’s screen time with Booth. I personally don’t see what the big deal is anyway!

  39. It was Emily who said she reduced *her own* hours. It was on Letterman or Conan or Ferguson, I am sure a ED can correct me on the right chat show….David did not say that….. Just because ED did then many just assume that David did too. Brennan would trash you guys for jumping to conclusions…David isn’t Emily, they aren’t clones…

  40. David has had a family since day 1 of Bones and now in S8 some fans are spouting that he requested less hours? {which I never heard David say either} Why? Because Emily ìs a new mother, therefore David must have the same line as thought of as her in work hours? Oh please where was your concern in S1 when Jaden was a toddler or S5 when he had two kids? And yet somehow he still managed to direct multi eps, have many Booth heavy eps and had a leading man presence on the show…S8 is Booth character development lite and it’s not down to the number of work hours.IMO And I am glad David called Hart and co. on the B.S that is the lack of Booth character development. (TVLine) Shame on Hart Hanson, a leading male character should NOT have to request character development it should be an automatic given.

  41. @debs Hart did not tweet info that David requested to work a 16hr day, In no Hart tweet is that ever said. That is sìmply not true. He made a general tweet that if an actor is less onair.time in a given ep there was this reason and that. reason. It did not say David works 16hr day (source; Harts tweets posted Jan 14 and Feb 4) …And I am sorry you don’t think it is important to get facts right? Or to state that an actor said something when there is no evidence to back that up? I mean would you like people to state your working hours or work ethic as fact, when they really don’t know for sure? I sure wouldn’t.

    • If you would read my post rather than merely name calling you would see neither I nor Caprigirl or Hart mentioned actual number of hours just a reduced schedule for that particular episode. As you seem determined to be unpleasant about it when I was just trying to help with a little more substance to the post you were questioning I’ll leave it at that. Sheesh!

  42. I give up…

    It would be nice to be able to discuss an episode based on the plot and not how much air time someone’s favorite actor on the show got. Oh well…

    • Sadly, that has been going in my mind reading those posts… I’m new to Bones and when I discovered this blog i was so happy for i thought it’s a place for some insightful and deep analysis of the episodes. Sadly it’s the second petty argument over screen time/tweets/etc since I’ve been here (meaning less then two months)… I don’t mind expressing different opinions, everyone has right to do so. I’m more concerned by the tone some of those posts…

      • @Mychakk: Sadly, it has not always been this way. Actually we used to get daily new posts on the site, and also really cool, in-depth scene studies. We really delved into cool topics, and I even got to write a couple of posts myself (as have others!) and it was really awesome. Unfortunately, we only get new posts now when there is a new episode….so I guess maybe we have too much time on our hands these days! I’m hoping sometime we can resume our old activities on this blog, because I miss them very much!

      • @Mar – yes. (I see my feeble attempt yesterday to divert the conversation back to the actual ep failed miserably… Oh well, indeed.)

        @mychakk – bb is right! If you haven’t already, you should browse through this blog from say, two years ago and you’ll see what we mean. That was when I first started coming here and I thought I’d found Bones-nervana. Thoughtful insights, fantastic writing and scene-studies, and total civility – differences of opinion were almost always agreeable disagreements. Lately, I might as well be at the imdb board or something… A real shame.

  43. Wanting more character development doesn’t exactly mean more air time. I also saw where David told one tweeter person to stop harrassing Hart. I believe that was discussed here a couple of weeks ago. I agree with Mar that arguing about how many minutes someone was on screen is counter productive and has nothing to do with the quality of the show.

  44. Unless someone here is David’s agent or manager, this whole discussion is fruitless. We dont know what he asked for or got, but many of us noticed his lack of storylines and screentime. If you watch for the whole cast, good for you, not everybody does and your opinion is no more or less valid than mine or anyone elses. After 8 years of wanting and wishing B & B together, I am disappointed with the character development of BOTH Brennan and Booth this season.

  45. I think the current problem with the show is the writing, not each actors facetime. I mean, I still love it, but it really frustrates me sometimes. I read the interviews or the synopses about some episodes or about character development and they all (at least to me) seem pretty good, but then the episode airs and I see all that potential go to waste.

    That being said, even if sometimes I don’t love the show, I still love B&B and I plan on watching the show until the end… or until it stops entertaining me. That’s why I try to always look to the bright side and ignore the things that displease me (90% of season 7).

    Just one thought to the people complaining about the lack of B&B and refuting the arguments that DB and ED asked to work less hours, saying that it was just ED: if ED is working less hours and DB is still working the same hours as he always has OF COURSE B&B WILL HAVE LESS SCREENTIME TOGETHER. They have to replace ED with soemone… it seems pretty obvious to me.

    Now, to this episode: I LOVED IT. It was one of the best of the season in my opinion. All the reasons why I loved the episode have been mentioned, so I won’t go over them again. I just wanted to say that I loved it. It was well written and very balanced.

  46. did anyone notice that baby Christine looked totally different this episode? Did they replace the season 8 baby with a new one?

    • No, they just have fraternal twins playing her and they are starting to look very different. The twin in this episode was the same twin they used in the end scene in the Ghost episode, the hot blooded dancing scene. They usually go for the other twin, which I think looks more like a B&B hybrid and has really great reaction facial expressions.

      These are them when younger

      The one they used most of the time is on the left, the one they used on this episode is on the right.

    • I noticed it too, just like in Ghost in the Machine and in Corpse in the Canopy. I then googled the twins and noticed that they look different and it was one of the toddler actresses. I didn’t know they were fraternal twins though (now i can stop puzzling why they look so different! yay!)

      I hope they will stick to one of the twins… because it start to look strange having two different child play the same role… And the other twin can play the baby Emma on Daddy something comedy show (sorry, just stumbled upon this information while googling the girls, so I’m not sure how the show really is named…)

      • I hope they keep Susie, which is the one with more hair. However, I believe they are no longer doing Baby daddy because they recast baby Emma to get younger babies. Apparently, they want Emma to be like Maggie Simpson.

      • @Mar Susie is the one that was in Shot in the Dark, right? I hope the keep this one too, although I’d feel sad for Ali.

  47. Just my two cents – the reason I thought this episode had an ‘old school’ feel to it was because the case was a fairly normal scenario – not circus folk, dancing competitions, artisan communities or roller derby etc. They didn’t delve into some abstract community, just were just dealing with very normal, everyday folk growing up and dealing with terrible things some people have to deal with. For that reason, if felt much more realistic and serious. It reminded me of episodes such as Boy in the Shroud or A Boy in a Bush.

    Kat’s situation was sensitively done, and it’s an important subject so I was glad to see it addressed. Sweets was brilliant – empathetic, professional, mature. I don’t see a ‘Sweets pity party’ when he talks about his past any more than I do when I heard Brennan talk about being abandoned or locked in a car trunk, or Booth talking about his painful past. Booth saying ‘let’s go home’ to him was lovely.

    One thing I have noticed in recent episodes is that writer’s are repeating things that are already established – I don’t know if that’s because they’ve forgotten what’s happened in the past, or because they’re establishing character histories again for new viewers. For example – last week when Brennan ‘spoke’ with her mother, we learned that she always chose her head over her heart which we already know. This is very similar to Booth telling her to put her head in neutral and her heart in overdrive. I don’t gain much from finding out this was advice from her mother, as it was established years ago it was a protective instinct following her abandonment.

    Similarly, it was fairly obvious that Sweets was abused by bad foster parents through his conversations with GGW and the scars we saw in Mayhem. We’ve already talked about Booth letting Brennan always think she’s the smartest – that’s established.
    These are things we know already, I don’t understand why they are being presented now as new information?

    Considering there are actual things that have never been resolved (where the hell is Booth’s mum?!), I think it’s a waste of screen time to repeat things already established.

    Overall though, excellent episode. I enjoyed it.

    • Well, that’s something that Hart has talked about…Do you repeat certain themes so as to bring the newer viewers up to speed, and thereby annoy the long time viewers with information that they already know? Or not, and have the long time viewers complain that the writers/show runners have dropped yet another theme of the show as if it had never happened.

  48. Wait, what, Via your tweets you’re disclosing You track/send IP Addresses to moderators of other fansites Of negative comments. What about the ass kissers/gushers, Do their IP addresses get bandied around too? There are nine peeps that use the computer in my Common room and if you think the negativity is strong here, You should hear those discussions. Many are not happy with Season eight, Great if you are. They want more B&B and some character development might be nice. I can see why you kiss up to the actors/show runners, But moderators at a different website, Seriously? Smh

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    in your post is simply great and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.
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