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The Fact in the Fiction- Post Episode Discussion


Hey everyone! How did you like this episode? Are you a fan of Dr. Wells? The comments are open, so discuss!

Remember, no spoilers!


65 thoughts on “The Fact in the Fiction- Post Episode Discussion

  1. I really liked him. Hodgins “brother”. But he could have got himself shot surprising Dr. Brennan like that with Booth in the diner.
    Loved B&B’s talk in the kitchen. Booth saying he would have killed J.W. Booth, even if it meant he might not be here. And Brennan’s answer-“ Everything I want and need is right here. Right now”
    Brennan was totally the romantic one. She wouldn’t change anything. She has everything she needs and wants. She out romanticized Booth.
    Love the endings of B&B in the mighty hut!

  2. Someone on the other board posed this question. “When Dr. Wells made the comment about the brother from another mother, did anyone else think maybe he is?”
    Definitely a resemblance. Perhaps they are.

  3. Loved Brennan’s “I have everything I want” moment. That was beautiful.

    The asteroid mining was stupid and Booth’s continued insistence that it was a rational investment was even more stupid but hey, Parker got a mention! Woo hoo!

    “Douche-tern” (saw that on Twitter and I’m stealing it) was just that. I don’t hate him – although it’s a near thing – but I hope he gets take down several dozen pegs in future episodes.

    Sweets’ admission to Booth was very poignant and real. I liked it.

    • My husband Googled asteroid mining as soon as Booth said it just to see if it was real. Apparently it is, or at least the concept is. If the Internet is to be believed, there’s an asteroid mining company in Seattle that’s hiring right now…

      • Oh, I’m sure it’s a real thing. A fool and his money are soon parted, etc etc etc.

        It reminded me of a stunt from “Brewster’s Millions.” For you yung’uns, that’s an old Richard Pryor movie in which he has to give away millions of dollars in order to inherit millions more, so he starts investing in every crazy scheme anyone puts in front of him. Too bad the writers of that movie didn’t kmow about asteroid mining.

  4. Hated the new intern but I have a feeling that’s what they wanted. He is arrogant and not in a cute way. He collects degrees because he gets bored easily…how nice. So basically he doesn’t give a crap about the work they do, he’s just bored. He was disrespectful to both Brennan and Cam. I’m glad Booth told Brennan he was a jackass because he really was behaving like one. I also love how Angela basically took the words out of my mouth to call him out for being arrogant, not working as part of the team and being an overall douche. He thinks he can just learn all that Brennan knows by simply memorizing it, so he can go on to his next degree that will keep him from being bored. Not everything she does can be learned by memory and I hope if we have to see this jerk again, he starts learning that little secret.

    I really enjoyed the musings on “what would you do if you could go back in time” by all the team members, though Cam and Angela’s wishes left me a little cold. At least I was impressed with all the callbacks to early seasons. We had a reminder that Booth is related to John Wilkes Booth, Cam and Angela both sleeping with Grayson, Hodgins and his rubber bands, Sweets being adopted, etc…great moments between Sweets and Booth and Brennan and Booth. What she said was so sweet and honest. She is so happy with her life, she does not want to be anywhere but here and now. Isn’t that great? For all those who miss the Brennan from early seasons…I guess she doesn’t miss that Brennan all that much, or at all.

    On a shallow note, Brennan/Emily looked so beautiful tonight and I really like when they get Booth out of the suits. Hodgins hair is way out of control but that’s Hodgins! lol

    • I agree with you about the intern. I was very wary about him, and I felt as if he was this greatest jewel in the world (a male version of Mary Sue – the Gary Stu), but hm, he was supposed to be hated by us (although he gave us a lot of character development, and that’s why I liked him, and I’m angry at myself for liking him…). But I agree the guy needs to be put down a little and taught a few serious lessons. The teamwork for example, the importance od their job and etc. I think that if we get him more, this is the reason – for him to get humbled. And I hope it will happen.

    • Didn’t like Cam & Angela thinking about Grayson either. Of all the things they would go back to that’s what they’d pick. Creepy. There must be other times that would have been better choices. Liked Booth’s thought. Loved Brennan’s thoughts.

    • I’ve noticed that Hodgins’ hair has been very season oneish lately. I wonder if there’s a reason for that or if it’s just what TJ Thyne wants to do with his hair. It’s been much more tame in the later seasons.

  5. I simply adore this episode. But not because of the intern. I think he;s a Gary Stu and unfortunately I like him so far, but he doesn’t seem real, and a bit too awesome…. I like Bren came on top at the end. And my first thought when we were introduced to him was: TPTB are playing unfairly, how can we not like this intern after he;s the reason for protective Booth?

    And speaking of Booth, I liked him a lot, I loved how he was with Sweets when the younger man had his moment of admittance about his past. This was a very poignant (thank you MJ!) moment. Also I enjoy Booth taking Sweets to crime scenes I feel as if he was teaching him to be a good agent. I like it because, let’s be realistic, sometime in the (far?) future BB will have to step down, change a bit their work, and I think teaching new agents about partnership, squint/agent working relationship, might be it. So I personally enjoy Booth as a mentor (to Sweets, to Shaw – how I miss her!, and to Bren way back…).

    Also Bren! And her romantic reply, which of course was simply Bren stating a fact and this makes the reply even more so beautiful. We did get a lot BB this time, and their ending was perfect. And the cooking together! And lunches. Lots of great stuff.

    And what do you guys think about Cam/Angela bonding moment over Barimball/Grayson? I actually liked it,

    This was a great episode, IMHO, felt as if it was two hours long, a lot of stuff happened, but it not felt as if it dragged or as if it was rushed. We’ve got lots of BB, Hodgela, two experiments, Cam’s shooting, de-fleshing of the remains, Booth/Sweets bonding moment, protective!Booth, and teamwork in solving a pretty interesting case with Booth realizing the “here is what happened”. (although it was clear the brother was a killer because he acted way to guilty when Booth and Sweets talked with him for the first time).

    I think it’s one of my fav episodes so far, but I’d change three things:
    – BB should have kissed, Booth withdrew too quickly…
    – Booth’s WOW moment was not so nice IMHO, even if not failed to make me laugh
    – Angela’s moment of the past… I felt as if she was not that happy with her life now…

    • I forgot to add, that i liked the intern because he gave us a lot of character development for various characters.

    • Also! Did anyone notice the skulls in Angela’s office? I was lie WTF? because it’s Angela. Why would she put skulls next to some artistic antiquated stuff behind her desk? It was strange…

    • I’m not one to complain about B&B affection, and I loved their cuteness in this episode, but the way Brennan looked so sad/hurt/rejected when Booth turned away to take the call kinda hit me in the gut. I’m just going to pretend she got what she needed/wanted when Booth got home later that night.

      It’s not really the cockblocking that bothers me – in 8×01 it was a little amusing. But dang it, ED, why did you have to make Brennan look so hurt? Booth, you could have let the phone ring a couple of more times. I can’t even believe how hung up I am on that scene.

      • I know what you mean, it didn’t have to be a long passionate kiss, just a peck on the lips would be enough, especially after the phone started ringing, but no… and Bren looked REALLY hurt. And that’s why it bothers me so much. I believe they had a beautiful moment later, but in that moment it was very… wrong.

      • Me too. Booth really bothered me when he didn’t take a moment to kiss Brennan when for so many years he wanted to so much. Brennan was hurt. Booth didn’t notice. Didn’t seem right.

      • the more i think about it the more I realize, that I wouldn’t mind if he hadn;t kissed her, just as long as he would show at least a TINY bit of disappointment for the interruption. Seriously the way he pulled away looked as if he welcomed the distraction… and I know that the next second he looks apologetic but the initial impression is still the same: he didn’t anticipate to kiss her. And that’s from a guy who complained for Bren ruining their moment in 7×01

        I wanted him to pick up the phone, he would not be Booth if he didn’t and simply the call could be work/case related, but he could have looked at least a bit annoyed or something…

      • Hmmm…Maybe I read it wrong, but I interpreted the look on Booth’s face and his body language in that scene as annoyance that his moment with Brennan was interrupted. Time for a rewatch I guess!

      • I rewatched the scene again after reading your comment and unless it is my internet connection Booth groaned as soon as the phone rang and he pulled away. I really didn’t see it like you did sorry. However I do agree with your comment about Brennan wanting that kiss *sigh.* The last couple of eps have spoiled us I guess!

      • Yeah, I don’t think Booth was pleased with being interrupted but it was in his hands to not answer the phone so quickly. Don’t pout Booth, you could’ve avoided that. LOL

      • Yeah, I heard the groan, too. So Booth didn’t want to pull away either. But still, Brennan looked hurt, and I wanted her to get a little something. At least in 7×01 and 8×01, they had a couple of kisses before the moment got ruined. This time, zilch. Brennan’s probably taking it better than some of us, haha. She would have moved on by now, I think.

      • So I re-watched it AGAIN. 😉 and Booth does groan, so he was disappointed too, and i guess I was spoiled by the last few episodes, because i wanted him to be more disappointed, like shoulders dropping, or something. 😉

        Oh, well, C-bones was correct, Brennan took it way better than me 😛

  6. I took notes as I watched tonight, because I’m a Bones geek! 🙂 So here are my thoughts as I watched:

    ~I liked Booth’s initial argument that investing early in asteroid mining was like people who got rich with the railroads. It had the ring of logic to it.
    ~Brennan was willing to discuss what she considered unreasonable with Booth in the diner. Aw.
    ~”You could break their hearts with your mean, mean words.” -Sweets to Booth
    ~The beetle question Dr. Wells posed to Hodgins. Such a beautiful, perfect question to ask him!
    ~I liked the team all choosing moments to go back to, but I was weirded out by Angela agreeing with Cam about the ex-husband. I feel bad for Arastoo and Hodgins. It felt creepy.
    ~The amazingly smart and bored Dr. Wells getting as giddy as Hodgins while doing experiments.
    ~I liked Booth’s time travel point about how if time travel was possible, why aren’t their guys from the future running around in our time then? Hm…good one, Booth!
    ~Angela calling the new guy a douche was hilarious. I have a feeling no one has been that blunt to him.
    ~I REALLY liked Booth saying he’d go back to the theater and shoot John Wilkes Booth. #1 because he thought Lincoln deserved to see how it all turned out and #2 at the expense of himself, because he would not be born. Aw, Booth!!
    ~Brennan’s amazingly sweet response that she would be here, because she has all she wants or needs.
    ~I like how Brennan checked up on asteroid mining, and had to admit that Booth’s idea really was not completely ridiculous. And that Booth got her at the end about it.
    ~Also, Brennan getting the new guy in the end, and putting the spark of doubt in his mind…and then feeling bad that she did it later 🙂

    Good episode! I liked it.

    • “I liked the team all choosing moments to go back to, but I was weirded out by Angela agreeing with Cam about the ex-husband. I feel bad for Arastoo and Hodgins. It felt creepy.”

      This! Exactly my thoughts. I loved Cam/Angela bonding, we don’t get it much in the not-work-related sense, but I felt for Hogdins in that moment. so so wrong.

  7. Anyone make the connection between H.G. Wells and time travel. The intern’s last name being Wells. It hit me halfway through the episode.

    Loved it all. I really like when Brennan said she wouldn’t want to be in any other time period.

  8. Not a fan of Dr. Wells, but then maybe we’re not suppose to be. Enough with the interns. Not happy with Sweets. He’s gone from his parents being his loving parents and so broken up over when they died (his talk with Gordon Gordon way back when), his mother’s ring and it’s meaning in Bones on the Blue Line to now calling them the Finley’s – Seriously!

    • I know, I always assumed his adoptive name was Sweets.

      • Yes Tracy. He was adopted and I’ve always thought that was his adopted name, and to me they were his real parents. I always thought he was very lucky. I can never forget that talk Sweets and Gordon Gordon had. Very disappointed in the way Sweets was talking about his parents.

      • Well, I was adopted at the age of 8 months by my maternal grandparents, so I have the same last name as them and my mother. But if I had been in a situation where I was removed from a bad, abusive home and was adopted by wonderful people I would want to use their name.

        I think they said in last weeks episode that it was a bad foster father that abused him, not a biological relative. It was in Double Trouble in the Panhandle that he revealed his real mother was a fortuneteller* in a carnival or circus. Maybe his last name comes from her. But I wonder if the writers/producers will remember any of this in future. They forgot about the scars on his back from Mayhem on the Cross in that episode where he had just got out of the shower and was wearing a towel. Some people say that different writers are to blame for lack of continuity.

        * I read a comment that someone made once on another message board that maybe Avalon Harmonia was his biological mother. Unlikely, but it’s an interesting idea. 🙂

      • Tracy, I don’t think I’ve heard the theory of Sweets and Harmonia…wouldn’t that be fun? I can see all sorts of interesting things they could do with that. However, I’d forgotten about what they said about his biological mom, and I’m guessing the writers have too 🙂

        I just wonder why, even with different writers and things, they don’t have a script supervisor like in the movies (or if they do, they need a new one). Because the fans I think are much better at keeping all of it straight then the people actually on the show. Ask any fan on a board, and they would’ve easily caught Sweets’ lack of scars on his back. If they are hiring, I’m available! 🙂

        (I mean, hey, if they need someone to check DB’s biceps to make sure they are are the same circumference each time they film a new episode, you know, for continuity’s sake, I’d be willing to take that job!)

    • I thought the same thing about “the people who adopted me” umm wth. Those would be your parents Sweets whose last name you should have since you’re adopted and not just their foster child. I didn’t get that sudden distance from his mother and father at all.

      • I read just the other day (either here or imdb) that someone said the writers have to include expository facts like that sometimes for the newbie audience members. It’s annoying for us long term viewers, but people just discovering the show probably haven’t seen Mayhem, for example. They would not know anything about Sweets. So it seems out of place or awkward to us, but its more for any new people. Which, I never thought of before, but it seems plausible!

      • BB, wouldn’t you at least say “my adoptive parents” not “the people who adopted me”. That sounded harsh. Also, he told Booth that he gave them trouble. The genius child who attended private school with a perfect attendance through 6th grade, gave his adoptive parents trouble? He already 3 degrees including a phd by the time he was 22. When did he have time to get into trouble? I’m sure this setting up a SL for Sweets, but it just felt off for me.

      • Well caprigirl, I would chalk the “trouble” comment up to typical teenage stuff, rebelliousness and such. Probably nothing major. We know he was into the “death metal” stuff at one point too. The part about the phrasing of it, I don’t know that they meant to make any kind of statement with it, its just perhaps an awkward phrasing. I guess I didn’t see anything deeper in his comments, but maybe I need to rewatch the scene…such difficult homework 🙂

      • Thanks caprigirl60. Glad I’m not alone.

    • I have to disagree here. I didn’t feel like he was distancing from his parents. It was clear how much he feels for them still from the way he wanted to see them once again and thank them. I’d gladly go back in time to see my father and say to him once more that I love him, because i think I didn’t tell him enough when he was alive… So I got the feeling behind the way he spoke.

      also I’ve never assumed his last name was from the adoptive parents. Actually I’ve always thought it was not, because he was adopted when he was six/seven years old, and I felt that he always kept his birth name not the adoptive parents.

      And when he called ‘the couple that has adopted me, – the Finley’s” i felt he was clarifying it for Booth’s benefit (and in the process for the new audience), because we knew about his parents, but the deep talk was with Gordon Gordon not Booth himself in season four, and we don’t know how long it had been since Sweets spoke with Booth about his parents like that. That’s why I felt like he was clarifying it for Booth, to make sure he understood what his talking about, that he’s talking about the people who were so good to him, who took him. it didn’t feel awkward to me at all.

      Also, the comment about the trouble – i assumed he meant his death metal phase as a teenager. I know my mother had to endure some of my music choices that were strange to her, so… 😉

      • Having your child enjoy what you consider to be outrageous music *my son loves hard metal* is not giving your parents “trouble”. That’s normal teenage stuff. Skipping school, shoplifting, running away, drugs, stealing cars, etc. those kinds of things are giving parents trouble. I just don’t know how Sweets fit that in if he was busy earning all his degrees and doctorates by age 22. I think there was supposed to be a deeper meaning.
        Also I still think saying “the people that adopted me” is strange. Why wouldn’t he just say “my adoptive parents” As to the name change, well as someone else posted, if I was coming from being bounced around foster homes where I was beaten and no one wanted me, I think I would have wanted to take the name of the two lovely people who did.
        I liked the little bonding moment between Sweets and Booth, but I thought it was written awkwardly.

      • @caprigirl60
        I watched the scene again, after I typed my comment, and I started wondering if maybe Sweets tried to distance himself from the feelings while talking about his adoptive parents. But this might be me trying to add a logical interpretation, because I think I know were you guys are coming from. It was awkwardly written, that dialogue even if both JFD and DB nailed the feelings behind the sentences. At least to me.

        About the trouble thing. Sweets actually says he gave them rough time. I’m not a native English speaker so maybe it means the same, but Sweets parents were an old couple, right? Wouldn’t bring up a scarred (mentally and physically) genius with a soft spot for death metal be rough for them? I’m not sure myself to be honest, maybe he was trouble then after all… I just assumed he meant to death metal thing, because for me it could be bothersome to some parents… I think it depends on what one see as trouble, I guess. For me it could simply be the music preference, as I was not the trouble child as you mentioned. And I know my mother wasn’t happy with my music, and I don’t listen to metal of any kind, I’m more into Tibetan throat singers… and now I do feel as if i was giving her rough time listening to this yodeling and moaning and etc at full volume… Even if my own Mother would probably not call it that way, just like you don’t call your son’s music preference. Maybe Sweets feels guilty for not showing his gratefulness to his parents while they were still there? Guilt isn’t rational i guess.

        But this said, I can see the awkwardness in the sentences of that dialogue now. It just didn’t really bothered me during my first watch. 🙂

      • Giving them a rough time could simply mean being a snarky teen who didn’t appreciate meddling parents.

  9. Forgot – Liked the “team work” theme. Nice to hear the team voice how they are a team.

  10. Liked the episode, hate the intern.

  11. This was a really good episode…except for the Intern. I get that the writers were using him as a tool to enforce the teamwork theme (which was awesome by the way), but he was so overwhelmingly arrogant! Ugh.

    Despite the fact that I figured out who did it fairly early on, I didn’t see the how coming. The brother’s confession at the end darn near broke my heart.

    I really love how comfortable Bones has become as a show. The will-they-won’t-they of earlier seasons was thrilling, but also angsty and stressful. It was good while it lasted, but the way the show “feels” (for lack of a better word) right now is so much more fulfilling.

    • I agree with you about the feel of the show now. I love it. I’m so glad that the show is about an established couple that is happy together even if still endures everyday drama and conflicts. It feels real and I’m glad we can see a happy family not broken homes… (I’m might be biased after House MD, where the happiness was ruined into the repetitive pattern… I like that in Bones we got the evolution, progress and character growth into wonderful people. That’s something that made me fall in love with the show so hard in such a short time).

  12. I enjoyed this ep. I am fairly certain we are supposed to dislike how the new intern behaved if only to highlight Brennan’s response. I love how she didn’t get all snotty about it but took on board what he said even if she didn’t agree. I absolutely loved how her competitive side got the better of her at the end with Wells and she confessed this to Booth.

    I also love how she was the most romantic in her time travel response while still being Brennan like and just stating it as a fact. Although I do think she knew how Booth would respond to that “fact”

    Overall another enjoyable episode for me.

  13. I liked the new squintern. Sure, he’s not my favorite, but he was funny. He got along with Hodgins really well, and I think Hodgins could use a crazy friend. Sure, he was kind of a douche, but I’m sure (if he sticks around) that he’ll be put down a couple notches by Brennan. I loved at the end, when she was like “oh, guess you have your weaknesses” and just (as my dad puts it) dropped the mic. So great.
    I agree that the thing with Grayson was kind of odd. Cam and Angela definitely have something better than that. Their bonding was cute though. Hodgins’ was so cute. Booth’s was funny, especially when Brennan mentioned that he might not have existed, though. Bren’s was absolutely perfect. She made my heart melt!
    Sweets’ little confession to Booth was adorable. Baby duck!
    The case was interesting, as the cases have been (for the most part) this season.

    Agreeing with the fact that Bren did look really sad when Booth answered the phone. I’m sure she got some later, though.

    Also, what jersey was that in the Mighty Hut? I’m gonna go back and rewatch it, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t a Flyers jersey. And we all know Booth/DB’s love for the Flyers.

    All in all, great episode. Loving this season.

  14. I enjoyed this episode and the subject of time travel.
    I like the new intern, in particular the way he and Hodgins bonded. Hodgins has been friendly with all the interns but since Zack he hasn’t had anyone wholeheartedly sharing the enjoyment of the weird experiments the way they did tonight.
    I loved too how Brennan responded to Dr Wells and how she considered the comments made about her, accepting that he was right sometimes. But her oneupmanship in the final scenes was great and then confessing to Booth later.
    Also agree with others concerning Cam and Angela sharing thoughts about Grayson – creepy! If they wanted some girl sharing couldn’t the the writers come up with something better than nudge, nudge over a sexual partner.
    I do wish we’d be given a line or two about why Booth no longer wears the cocky buckle. Its ok that he doesn’t but after so long it would be nice to know why the change.
    Brennan’s statement that she didn’t need to go back in time as everything she had was “here and now” was very romantic. Her look of disappointment when once again she and Booth “missed their moment” was there but I think the interaction between B&B in the mighty hut feels so loving and comfortable now that they can miss some moments because we know its going to be made up sometime when we’re not looking.

    • “the mighty hut feels so loving and comfortable now that they can miss some moments because we know its going to be made up sometime when we’re not looking.”

  15. For once, can’t you just let the damn phone ring a few times??!
    OK, yelling at the TV – I know, I need help… 😉

  16. Loved the new intern. Thought Angela calling Wells a douche was a case of the pot calling the kettle pot.

    Am intrigued by the money issue posed by the investment debate. There seems to have been a shift here in Booth’s view of money from mine and yours to “ours”. Brennan doesn’t seem to have shifted in that direction. Found it interesting that when it became clear that there was no real science against the investment that she invested $10,000 of her money. A larger amount than the $2500 Booth was looking at investing. Intentionally or not, it set her up for a larger return on any potential investment, maintaining the status quo between them financially.

    • I don’t understand what is going on with the money situation either. Before, it seemed like Brennan was the one willing to share her money, but Booth wanted everything to be 50/50. Then came the episode where she asked him if she could start buying him things, he said she could buy things for Christine, and it seemed like some sort of agreement to share their money had been reached. In this episode, Booth says “my platinum is your platinum, and your platinum is my platinum” which would seem to indicate full sharing of their money. Now it’s Brennan who seems like she doesn’t agree. First she tells Booth that his proposed $2500 investment is a lot of money “for him”, and then she gets the jump on him and invests $10,000, but it’s not clear who she invested it for….them, just herself, Parker and Christine? It’s very confusing what message the writers are trying to send. Manbe it’s just that B&B are as confused about their finances as we are?

      • Perhaps she didn’t “get the jump on him” as much as she just invested because he wanted to and since her money is also his money, whatever “she” makes is theirs, given that it was his idea.

      • But I’m not seeing anything in her behavior that says she views his money as hers and hers as his. She doesn’t understand why he should care what she thinks, if it is “their” money then his caring is logical. She assumes that he has invested even though she wasn’t in favor of it. And she sees no reason to touch base with him before investing an amount determined entirely by her. IMO, everything she is doing and saying indicates the money they have is each their own and what they do with it requires no input from the other nor do the losses incurred have consequences for anyone other than themselves individually. I just don’t see anything here that says she views her money as his. I think that difference in how they now view their finances is actually something that goes back to Twist in the Plot. Is it as clear that she is trying to maintain the status quo financially? That’s probably more debatable. But I think the shift in Booth’s perspective and non shift in hers on how they view their finances is pretty clear.

  17. I liked this episode, I thought it was fun – a few thoughts:

    • Loved the new intern! Loved that he was so smart, not scared or intimidated by Brennan and made her think outside of herself. Loved his experiments with Hodgins and asking people questions and then making accurate assessments of them based on their answers. Thought he was a brilliant addition to the team
    • Didn’t like Angela calling him a douche – way to welcome him to the team Angela! She’s not in my good books anyway considering all the kissing other men and then wanting to go back in time to sleep with her ex. Nice.
    • Wasn’t bothered by the phone ringing – thought Brennan looked disappointed, not hurt. Although it does feel like a long time since we’ve had any B&B sexy time – the washing machine in the premiere is the last I remember
    • Loved the chatter about asteroid mining and time travel – was thought provoking and revealing
    • That’s two episodes in a row that have dealt with the ‘is Booth smarter than Brennan’ theme though
    • Thought it was interesting that Booth was saying ‘what’s mine is yours’ and more importantly ‘what’s yours is mine’
    • Loved B&B having lunch together at the diner – guys, they see each other at home in the morning, go to crime scenes together, work together, go home ot each other at night and STILL make the effort to get together for lunch. They could not love each other more.
    • Loved protective Booth in the diner, that was fun. Enjoyed Wells identifying to Booth what sort of gun he uses
    • Enjoyed the cheese string exchange, Wells just opening another one when Brennan threw away his first. Made me laugh
    • Booth and Sweets exchange was beautiful, their relationship is really blossoming. JFD nailed that scene and I liked that Booth wasn’t dismissive of him
    • Loved Booth wearing that t-shirt, jumper and jacket look, was hot. MORE casual T-shirt wearing, LESS ugly shirts please!

  18. I know I’m late to the party, but I was busy this week. Anyways, I thought it was a very good episode. Entertaining all the way through.

    As much as I hated the new intern, I liked the dynamic he brought. Personally I find the interns rather boring and they don’t add much, but he shook things up a little, and I loved seeing Brennan get in some good shots. I love feisty Brennan. I was a little worried he would be brought in to teach Brennan something, but to my relief that was not the case. He was clearly supposed to be not liked, and I liked that Angela called him a douche, Booth called him a jackass, and Brennan took him down a notch. They taught him the lesson.

    Angela wanting to go back in time to sleep with Grayson was just…ugh. Her and Hodgins relationship is very one-sided in my opinion. Time after time she does and says very questionable things. I’ll stop there.

    Brennan being the romantic one of all of them was very sweet, especially since you know she’s being completely honest and just stating facts. This season we’ve just seen her be so happy and content in her life with Booth and Christine. It’s great to see. Now the phone ringing… I didn’t see her as looking hurt, just very disappointed. I may have yelled at the tv when it happened. IMO, it was not the right moment to be interrupted storywise. In the light playful moments it can be funny, but this was a deeper, more romantic moment, and not even getting one kiss just felt a little mean. It felt like the kind of tease that isn’t very funny,especially since they never came back to that line or moment at all. But, it certainly didn’t ruin the episode for me, and I’m mostly over it now. I’ll admit that right after the ep I was a little pissed.

    The ending, with Booth getting the last word and leaving Brennan confused was hilarious. Her face was priceless. She’s not used to not having an argument ready. Overall,great ep!

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