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The Survivor in the Soap: Post Episode Discussion


Hi All, sorry I’m late! The comments are open. How did you like this ep?


57 thoughts on “The Survivor in the Soap: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Booth on wanting a beachy vacation: “I wanna come back stupid!”

    Is Max on babysitting speed dial? What do they do when they both leave for a case in the evening/night?

    What is up with Cam and Angela’s dresses?? Is it not Feb/March in DC, where it would be COLD? The two of them are never season appropriate to me, there has to be other cute outfits they could wear, right?

    Brennan choosing Paris—for the catacombs!!! hahahaha

    Could Brennan really ID his child hood soldier picture that quickly from the photo without analysis?

    I liked Sweets’ unwavering confidence in Booth this episode. Telling the State Department guy Booth always has a reason! Also, nice to see the State Dept guy back, nice continuity!!

    Arastoo flipping out on Hodgins was so severe, I wish we would have seen his apology. He also similarily flipped out at Wendell in the Patriots episode. He really needs to watch that, it made me not like him as much, though they explained later why. I really wish they had shown an apology, though I assume it happened offscreen by the end scene, where they were all happy.

    Booth’s Bible verse helping to solve the matter of the weapon. I just liked it.


    I liked Angela explaining Camastoo to Brennan 🙂

    Aw, a vacation with mass graves and a beach with liquor. So…romantic? So B&B!

    • The Arastoo flip-out is so unlike the early Arastoo who was pretending to have an accent and be the nicest guy ever. It just seems that this Arastoo is so far removed from that Arastoo. Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

      • While I appreciate the show’s bravery in tackling difficult issues, making Arastoo the poster boy for world violence is almost starting to bother me. Especially when he goes off against very well meaning friends and co-workers (Wendell and Hodgins). I also agree with you, Amanda, that Cam came off as a bit motherly…and it may be the hair. I am not liking the severe cut. 🙂

    • HH and SN have said before that they don’t worry about following a timeline, so I would imagine that with the exception of episodes like The Blackout in the Blizzard where the weather is a specific part of the story line, the costume department doesn’t take into consideration the time of the year either.

      • Where I work, some people dress like it’s 90 degrees outside and it’s more like -23 degrees. It makes no sense to me who is dressed in my layers, even indoors. They’re just more warm-blooded than the rest.

  2. I have no problem with Bones taking on issues, especially when they do it well. They gave us a variety of reactions to the horror of child soldiers rather than a PSA which was far more effective in making the point. (Compare to the hospital administrator in Doll in the Derby.)

    As for the other:

    I liked the case and thought Booth was tricky as ever in the interrogation room. Loved seeing State Dept. Alex again– I wouldn’t mind if he came back again on another case. Brennan’s ability to cross the language barrier and leave him holding down the fort, as it were, in the lawyer’s office.

    While Cam and Arastoo make a great looking couple, I don’t feel the chemistry there. Cam almost comes across as his mother– and I know she’s not that old– when she goes to comfort him the first time. Hodgin’s applause at the end was great as was Brennan’s comment about the reveal. (The spoilers had us believing she would say something inappropriate, but I thought she handled it well.I’m glad they didn’t go there.)

    The vacation planning was typical B&B: they aren’t going to agree on this and a compromise, even if it means going off to Thailand, might just be the ticket. (Although Paris, with all the history and romance even in the sewer system, seemed pretty nice.)

    It didn’t bother me that Sweets is still living with them. He’s not being too terribly intrusive and I imagine he’s a pretty decent babysitter at this point.

    All in all, I liked the episode.

  3. Brennan knows Krio, or whatever. Love.

    • Creole. And yes, it was nice to see Brennan being all anthropological. I wish I knew what she had said!

      • It’s Krio. The iTunes closed captioning only says she’s speaking Krio. It doesn’t explain what she’s saying.

      • Oh ok, I thought I heard Creole in her pronounciation. I bet some intrepid fan will post a translation on Tumblr if we wait long enough 🙂

      • The episodes writer was tweeting about it last night. It was definitely Krio. She responded to a tweeter who had said that she spoke Creole and that wasn’t Creole, letting them know it was Krio that Brennan had spoken.

      • It’s Krio. It’s the de facto national language of Sierra Leone. Don’t be so arrogant so as to assume you know everything.

  4. I liked this episode, but feel like there are problems for Booth & Brennan under the surface that keep poking up. She almost seems to be deliberately ignoring the fact the he really needs a vacation and wants special alone time with her. This is the second time he brings it up and he amended the “family” vacation to the “just the two of us” vacation as she feels a family vacation would be pointless since Christine wouldn’t remember it. I think Booth really needs to re-connect with Brennan after her time away-like there’s still something missing for him. She was also quick to chastise him for having his badge out at the lawyers office, even though he was in the process of putting it away when he realized he was making the immigrants/refuges? nervous. That made me think of Partners in the Divorce with her telling him his job. I think B&B still have issues.

    Moving on…I loved seeing Alex Radizwill back from the State Department. I think he’s a great character. The case was sad and the plight of the child soldiers is just heartbreaking. While I sympathized with Arastoo regarding his cousin, he was so far out of line with Hodgins it was ridiculous. Loved how Hodgins didn’t back down and reminded him of who had the “Dr” in front of his name.

    Cam and Arastoo-I’m just not sure. I love both characters and I almost fell over when he came right out and said he loves her, but I’m not feeling the love vibe from Cam. She’s sweet and kind with him, but I don’t “feel” it from her like I do from him. Glad they’re out in the open now and Hodgins is so sweet that he cheered for them-he’s not one to hold a grudge.

    I thought Sweets was used well here although since he can’t know a soldiers mind I didn’t pay much heed to his profiling-which was off. Him coming down to intrude on the Booth and Brennan moment in the middle of the night kind of ruined it for me; especially since he didn’t have anything pertinent to add to their discussion. They were sharing war stories and what to do next and there he was. Just felt like the writers decided to put him in there, but I didn’t see the point of it.

    I was almost in tears with the photographer when she said she hoped her showing the photos would help and then the reveal of the horrible leader/janitor. Props to Sweets for knowing that Booth was heading somewhere w/his questioning of the guy.

    While I knew the lawyer did it *it’s always the first guy B&B question* I was glad they also got the army leader as well.

    Solid episode although I still don’t think her compromise of the Thailand vacation sounded great. She goes to see skulls/remains and he goes to the beach and drinks-how is that a vacation together? Do they meet up and compare notes at the end of the day and then have sex? I’m really interested to see what happens with B&B.

    Wow! this was really long. 🙂

    • I didn’t see the BB issues but now that you mention them, hm, maybe you’re right. Now I really want to see a vacation episode.

      But I find their compromise very them, so I like it. I like that they try to find a solution to their different views on the things they value. They clash sure, but they try to resolve it. At least that’s how I see the compromise with Thailand. Also I think once Bren gets there, she’s actually going to abandon her idea of vacationing in favor of his, I think she’s still learning about the family thing/long term monogamous relationship that is not just a fling/sexual one. I think she assumes her views of vacations are still alright, but in the end, she’ll learn that is not exactly the case this time.

      Other than that I agree with everything you said. My thoughts exactly on the episode.

      • They wanted him out because he’s an extra character, while Arastoo is already there so they don’t have to go out of their way to try to incorporate him into the show without his and Cam’s story feeling like it’s apart from the episode.

    • I really don’t understand why they broke up Cam and Paul in the first place. In the episode where they revealed she and Arastoo were together she said it was too weird dating her daughter’s gynocologist. Well, the episode where she met Paul was on TNT today and Michelle said “Go out with him, but find me a new doctor”.

      • Exactly Tracy. And Michelle said she wanted a female doctor! I felt they really threw Paul under the bus in an unkind way. If they wanted him off the show or he couldn’t be on anymore, they could have written out in a nice way. I like him. I liked them together. They made more sense.

      • Yeah, I didn’t understand why Paul had to be thrown under the bus to get rid of him. Couldn’t they have just said their schedules didn’t work out? Honestly, I didn’t really feel anything between Cam and Paul, either. Or Booth and Cam, actually. Hmmm. I like Cam, but in some ways I think she’s “colder” than Brennan. I actually love her most for the witty comments she makes, her facial expressions, and her people-handling skills. But I find I have a harder time connecting emotionally with her character in general, when others have been moved.

        Cam and Arastoo aren’t really working for me, either, and even though as their own characters I like them, I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about them being together. For some couples on the show, they put them together, and we’re supposed to accept that they are so in love and so serious with little or no prior build-up. I liked seeing Hodgela and B&B develop (even if it took longer than normal) develop their respective relationships. In the end, I don’t really care enough about the Cam and Arastoo relationship to have any strong feelings about it. But they can at least dial back the cheese some.

      • I feel like they sort of changed the backstory for Arastoo’s character anyway. When they first said he didn’t have an accent I assumed he was from a devout Muslim family, but he grew up in the states. Now they say he grew up in Iran.

      • Tracy, I’m with you on Arastoo’s backstory. Initally he had an accent (where it might have been more believeable for his war stories/Iran background)…but then oops, he was faking the accent! So he is an American Muslim, ok…no, wait. He was in Iran amongst the war and fled to America…so where’s his accent now? And now he’s a romantic poet! 🙂 So confusing! It’s like they didn’t know where to go with him, he has been so many different versions of his character.

  5. I really appreciated the depth of the episode without the preachy quality some of the others this season had-it was very intense and heartfelt. The pictures and the amputee really brought it all together, along with the immigrants at the center.The fight between Arastoo and Hodgins was well done and believable, and set up some nice moments between Arastoo and Cam-but agreed, don’t think this is meant to last. You can’t be someone’s boss one minute and their girlfriend the next; I won’t even go into how that set-up would never be allowed in the real world. It’s already iffy between B/B, but I’ll let it fly since she’s a consultant and Booth is not her superior-he doesn’t do her evalutaions nor does he have anything to do with determining her paycheck. But as much as I resented Arastoo for so unfairly going off on Hodgins, how romantic was he towards Cam? Swoon-worthy, even with the questionable mood-swings.

    I thought that Booth’s character was highlighted in several interesting ways last night, but none of the issues that were brought really resolved though, like when he mentions the pstd and the fact that he has killed when he was talking to the photojournalist. I almost expected him to tell Brennan when they were sitting in their couch and she asked him about his war experience that he had probably killed a fifteen year old in combat, because I’m sure it happened at some point. There was just a certain vibe there, and I think they’re building up to something, if not in this season, then maybe in the next. There’s many facets of Booth’s characters that have been touched upon in the past but which haven’t been mined for material as much as they should because so much of the emphasis the last few years has been on Brennan’s character growth (as it should be.) But now that they’re going onto a 9th season, maybe they can explore Booth’s history as a soldier more.

    Overall for me a very solid, old-school Bones, and I’m glad Brennan gave Booth his beach even when he had already decided to let her have whatever vacation she wanted. Compromise is everything, kids!

    • I agree. It just seems that they are building up to something which doesn’t bother me. It would bother me if they left all these tantalizing threads hanging and never did anything with them.

      I think it was interesting that Booth was trying to deflect about the child soldiers– “there are protocols. . .” as if it didn’t affect him. I would love to see what’s roiling beneath the surface and I hope we get a good, strong payoff.

      • It broke my heart when the photographer was like, “I haven’t killed anyone. Have you?” or something like that. I just wanted to give him a hug 🙂

      • It’s a strange day when Temperance Brennan is more open about her feelings than Seeley Booth.

      • I don’t think that the “there are protocols” don’t affect Booth, I think it’s that they do so much that if he “goes there” they will overwhelm him. I think he’s very in touch with his feelings, but he is not willing to share the horrors he has lived through because he doesn’t want the people he loves to have to deal with them like he does.

      • Oh, I agree. I don’t think bringing up the protocols means it doesn’t have an effect on him. In this case he is the one that needs to compartmentalize and be rational, otherwise it would just be too painful.

      • “It’s a strange day when Temperance Brennan is more open about her feelings than Seeley Booth” Actually, Booth has been always very close mouthed about himslef. I always saw him as someone who appears to be easygoing and open, but in truth is very private person, who doesn’t share himslef easily. How long it took him to tell Brennan his father was a drunk? How much he mentioned about his childhood? ‘I’d have killed myself if not for my grandfather and that’s all I’m ever going to say on the matter” (or something like that). What has he revealed about his mother so far? He… avoids his deep, strong, painful feelings. The way he dealt with his father’s death? And I think the protocol comment was a deflection. He doesn’t want to share with Bren, and I choose to believe because he wants to spare her the horrors, but also i think he’s afraid it will affect her views of him.

        I really do hope so for some serious Booth storylines in the close future. His mother, him being a soldier, him being religious person living in sin in the eyes of his Church. I really hope we’ll get to see some of these issues soon.

      • Also, another example of Booth being closed mouthed about himself: if it wasn’t for Goodman’s bug mouth, none of the squints would have even known Parker existed. As much as he love his son, back then it was very painful for him that Rebecca kept them away from each other so much. He was probably both embarrassed and hurt by the way this situation in his life has turned out to be.

  6. I keep reading about how booth is upset about having to ‘live in sin’ since hes with brennan, and of course he said it himself in an episode, but i dont get it. hes been ‘with’ women since hes what, 15? hes had 2 kids out of wedlock, lived together with at least rebecca and hannah b4 brennan. i dont buy that he cares about it. y now is it an issue? he didnt seem to care with hannah. u either go by it or not. he cant sleep around for 30 yrs and then decide it bothers him. that being said i certainly hope they show them getting married b4 the show ends. And although theyll never show them on vacation (unless a body shows up) they should have them talk about the fun time they had in a future episode.

    • I don’t see that he’s upset about it(I think people keep saying that, but I don’t see it from him at all), but I’m sure it has an affect on him. Religion is a big thing to contend with and sometimes there’s no simple way do deal with these issues.
      Plus I think the point is that in his other relationships there was the end goal of marriage. He proposed to both Hannah and Rebecca. Whereas with Brennan, i think although he hopes they’ll get married, he’s accepted being with her until they die without being married. And imo, he’s ok with that, because he loves her and their family.

    • Actually the religion/living in sin issue is not as easy and simple as you put: “you either go by it or not”. Because sometimes the other half doesn’t share your views and you are at a crossroad: you either sacrifice your beliefs (to some extent) or your other half. It doesn’t make it any less painful and bothersome.

      And I believe Booth is bothered by his living situation and always has been to extent, but there were others things going on at the time to shift the focus from this particular issue. With Hannah he was more focused on trying to make this (last chance at happiness in his mind, IMHO) to work out so badly, that he wasn’t really pondering about his living situation, plus at that moment with Hannah it was a relationship, not exactly lifelong commitment yet, when he wanted to make it that way, he proposed according to the teaching of his Church (so he won’t be living in sin in the end). Before Hannah, he has never lived with any of his girlfriends (that we’ve seen on screen). It’s important, because actually it’s easier to get an absolution from having a sexual relationship (while partners don’t live together) than from living permanently with a partner without the holy matrimony. It’s flawed but that’s how it works most of the time.

      About Rebecca, I’ve always felt it was a short, explosive romance (a bit more than a simple fling) that ended up with Parker being conceived. I never thought they lived together, and it was clearly implied Booth proposed only because Rebecca ended up pregnant. I’m sure he loved her, or wanted to loved her more when Parker came into the picture (and come to love her because she gave him a son) but it was not exactly IT between those two. Plus I think, if Rebecca and Booth were living together, then I’m sure she would have agreed to his proposal without even blinking.

      Now, with Brennan, the issue of his living arrangement has come to the surface, because he’s finally secure enough in their relationship as a permanent one, he knows this is it, and he knows she’s in it for their life time. And he’s happy with this and he wouldn’t give it away, but still it doesn’t make it any less painful. I’m sure he longs for a marriage that would sooth his conscience. That’s what I got from the “Doll in the Derby”. That it does bother him to be living in sin. And, although he’s always been VERY good man, he does try to make up for it a little bit more now. I don’t think it cheapens the gesture of organizing the Carnival for the kids, but it just shows us he does struggle with issues of his own and seeks ways to make it better. The cosmic balance sheet in a way…

      Maybe I see it that way because I, myself, am a practicing Roman Catholic, and I do relate to him at this level a lot. I can see him silently suffering because of this (not to the point he’ll break up, he wants to be with Brennan and Christine). Booth is very close mouthed about his inner, most intimate (and I believe this would be considered as such) thoughts and feelings. He would not say more about the issue than it was done in “Doll in the Derby”. He made his choice: his family with Brennan and Christine is far more important to jeopardize it with his longing for marriage. But it doesn’t make it any less painful in regards to his sacrificed beliefs.

      This said, I do not believe he beats himself over the issue all the time. I think he tries to not think about it most of the time, and is successful and really happy with his life. But sometimes, you know when it’s this time of the year when special holidays comes, or when you just passes your church or something, the issue does come to the surface and you allow yourself to feel the pain, because you can’t go the the holy communion or to the confession. And it does hurt. I’ve seen it myself, I’ve experienced it too.

      Also, what’s more important to me, Brennan is aware of this issue. The ways she was portrayed in “Doll in the Derby” shows me, that she feels for him, and suffers on her own, before it bothers him. She wants him to be happy, and I believe she might in the end sacrifice her beliefs for Booth and do marry him. (Plus I think she might rationalize it with all the legal benefits of being married). There might be a compromise the BB style on the issue. I do hope that it will be made so. And I believe it would have to be her to propose, because Booth will not jeopardize his life with Brennan making another proposal, he was burned too many times already.

      Wow, I invest myself too much into this shipping and characters 😉

      • Also I think he was saying that it would be hypocritical of him to go to confession, repent and then know he was justing going to keep on living in sin. I don’t know that it really bothers him that much but he is being honest with God and saying he isn’t going to change it so why confess it?

      • hm. I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but one of the five requirements for good confession (not sure exactly how it called in English) is a resolution to never sin again (never repeat the sin). Of course it’s idealistic, but you do this resolution in hope and with good faith that you’ll try your best to not sin again. Booth’s living arrangements and his relationship with Bren as it is now, simply assume he’s not going to make the resolution in a good faith. It is hypocrisy to make the resolution knowing and expecting he’ll sin again. He’d be lying during the confession, and this is another, rather grave, sin in itself. So Booth is choosing to not confess in order to not be hypocritical and more sinful. He’s honest with God, with Church and with himself. He makes this choice, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a painful/bothersome one.

        It’s hard for me to believe that Booth, who has been always portrayed as such a religious man, would not be bothered by this issue. He really respects his Church teachings, and keeps close to himself the beliefs of his Church and his faith. I just feel he’ll be affected at least to some extent.

  7. What about Brennan’s question “Should I fire him?” when she was speaking about Aristoo having a a relationship with Cam? Booth was quick to say “No”.

  8. I loved these 2 comments from Booth:
    “I woke up and you weren’t there”. A way to say “hey, I can’t sleep without you beside me”

    “If you’re happy, I’m happy. It’s our vacation”

    Also loved when he jumped in the back of the cab with his raincoat on showed his badge and said ” My name is Special Agent Seeley Booth” 🙂

    • I got my answer to the Booth ‘living in sin’ question when he told Sweets that he wasn’t confessing because he had no intention of stopping the sin. He said, ‘you either live by the rules, or you don’t’ and he’s chosen not to.

      I would think Booth would have far more conflict over having killed 50 people than he does over living monogamously with the woman he loves.

      Re Rebecca, Booth did say that he originally proposed because she was pregnant, but realised ‘he wanted to marry her whether the test was positive or not’ and later Rebecca said that ‘by the time she realised turning him down was a mistake, it was too late’ – they were deeply in love, but they didn’t communicate properly and that resulted in them ‘missing their moment’ and breaking up.

      I’ll give my other thoughts in a while on the episode as a whole, but I have to say that my overwhelming thought on the holiday debate was, ‘God, Brennan is so boring’. I mean honestly, if she can’t think of anything to do while on holiday with Booth than look at mass graves then I kinda think she doesn’t deserve the privilege, and I’d be more than happy to take her place!

      • Haha Sophia I love your last statement: “I’ll give my other thoughts in a while on the episode as a whole, but I have to say that my overwhelming thought on the holiday debate was, ‘God, Brennan is so boring’. I mean honestly, if she can’t think of anything to do while on holiday with Booth than look at mass graves then I kinda think she doesn’t deserve the privilege, and I’d be more than happy to take her place!”

        I think we all would! 🙂 Vacationing with Booth…on the beach…or in a seculded fishing cabin the woods…or anywhere….what’s Brennan’s problem!? It all sounds amazing to me!!

      • When did Booth said he wanted to marry Rebecca whether the test was positive or not? I really want to get the quote on that. I’ve never felt they were deeply in love. I’ve always got the impression it was an intense romance, and Booth was into it wholeheartedly like he always is in serious relationships in his life. But just me. 🙂 I’d really be grateful for the quote though! 🙂

      • I guess Booth really is God’s gift to women…

      • Mychakk, Booth said that to Hodgins in the episode where Hodgins proposes to Angela at the fancy restaurant and she turns him down. It’s season 2, Spaceman in a Crater. Hodgins is in Booth’s office & they’re discussing proposing to women. Booth says that he realized he wanted to marry Rebecca whether the stick was blue or not.

      • caprigirl60, thanks! I found the quote and he did say that. Damn. Now I need to work over that issue… because in Hero on Hold (4×14?) he tells the imaginary/ghost Teddy Parker that he still loves Rebecca and in Sin in Sisterhood he tells Brennan there is only one person you love the most, and although it was supposed to be about Brennan I have always felt that it implied more about Rebecca than Bren herself. It’s really bugging me.

        I have another issue with Booth – do you think he gloss over facts? Because recently I’ve stumbled upon a very in depth paper?/analysis of Booth/Brennan feelings and who loved whom from the beginning and was aware of those feelings and struggled with them daily (as from the quote of Gordon Gordon to Sweets in season 4). And although I don’t agree with the case, the arguments were rather compelling. The thesis was that it was Bren who loved Booth, was aware of her feelings and struggled. And Booth never loved her before coma (like Sweets implied in 5×01 and it seems Angela implies with her talk with Gordon Gordon, too, BUT Cam on the other hand knew it before the coma and I’m with her on that one). That he unintentionally lied in 100th episode saying he knew from the beginning, that it was his version that got tainted by his romantic nature. And one of the reasons, why Bren rejected him was because of that argument because she knew it was false. It bugs me. Although I think Booth was in love with Brennan before coma he was either not really aware of his feelings OR he was denying/fight them so long and so much that he suppressed them into subconsciousness by the point of coma (I’m more for this option). And there still was the scene in the Plane Episode in season 4 where Booth apologizes to Bren from sucking her into murder solving and away from the old bones identifying. And the way the scene is played, makes me unsure of his real intention, does not recall the truth or was he just pulling her chain? So I wonder if he glosses over the facts that he creates the version of the events like he’d like them to be (because of his sentimentality). That’s why he believes he’s in love with Hannah and that she’s not a consolation prize (I’ve always felt he was in love with ‘being loved’). So, I’ve been wondering if this was ever addressed on this site? (I stumbled on this somewhere else). I have a different theory on the issue, on Bren rejecting Booth in front of the Hoover, on Booth trying to move on and why Hannah was inevitable. But I’m in Bones fandom only since November, there is still SO MUCH data to process and I might not always be correct.

        So, thoughts? (anyone?) Please? 🙂

      • Mychakk….

        My take on it is…it was supposed to be a sort of “love at first sight” type of thing based on what they showed us in the flashback to their first case together. When Booth walks into the room and watches Brennan lecturing…his face is like “Whoa”. (Horse!) And both of them are very intrigued as they meet for the first time. It’s not that deep, long-lasting love yet…but more the knowledge that this person is awesome and their-lives-will-never-be-the-same kind of thing. After that, they had very few significant others, (Sully and Tessa-but early on in the partnership) and Hacker/Hannah later on, so clearly they’d been attached to each other since they met. They just kept fighting that instant connection for a very long time.

        In the immortal words of Sweet Home Alabama: “Look at them two welded together. Why do they fight it?” 🙂

      • bb,
        that’s what i think too, that it was more like a feeling “it’s THE ONE” but not the love one yet. Hm, if that makes sense? That there was this instant connection and sparkle and whatever, and they just could hit off right into the sunset, but before it could have happened, there was this major spat between them that set them back for years. If they had not fought during that first case, I believe they’d be together by the time of Pilot.

        And i agree they had hardly any significant others since meeting each other. I always felt that Tessa was an attempt to move one from that first meeting, nit that Booth was using her in any way! Just he felt the spark with Brennan, but since she was ignoring him and there was no real substance in their relationship yet, he could “move on” with Tessa. But it really didn’t work out pretty fast as soon as Bren came to the picture again. I think Booth might have been more interested in Bren back then, but in season one, she kinda played with his feelings, she always flirted with others, went on dates with David the Online Guy, and ALWAYS clashed with Booth and his protectiveness and possible feelings of attraction for her. They were both getting to know each other and testing the boundaries. And I think by the end of season one, Booth convinced himself Brennan will not be interested in him, they were becoming a very close friends and partners, and things were getting more complicated for a simple explosive romance by that point. Any possible feelings (more of attraction and the steadily growing love), he might have for her, were being suppressed repeatedly.

        Now Bren struggled on her own during that time. I think Sully… heh, I truly believe he was Bren’s attempt at getting the second best available option (with Booth being the unavailable). Bren actually propositioned Booth in The Truth in the Lye (after Rebecca), and Booth didn’t took it seriously (probably didn’t even thought that Bren was serious, and not her oblivious inappropriate way). He shot her down and went for Cam of all people (Booth/Cam would always be a simple fling, nothing more, I think Cam realized even back then who really has Booth’s heart). Bren was VERY hurt by Booth/Cam, I was really surprised how much. And I believe it was because she felt rejected by Booth back then by him choosing Cam over her when she almost openly admitted to wanting more. On top of that he draws the (in)famous line between then, and that was another nail to the coffin. Bren realized, or concluded with the facts presented, Booth is (no longer?) interested in her. So she decided to go for the second best option: Sully. Oh, she did grow to care for him, but he was never really the one. It’s kinda sad, how much miscommunication went back then in their really relationship.

        So, well, this probably had been said here already (I’m still browsing reading earlier stuff on this blog), but I’m new and everything is so exciting when i try to comprehend the awesomeness of complexity of Booth and Brennan. It’s very interesting to try and understand the past when I have almost 8 season to analyze, too. I raised the issue of Booth, because I’m kinda like Bren: facts must add up, and for me some still don’t do. So I’m puzzling over them a lot.

        Thanks for the response! 🙂

  9. I don’t see the issues with B&B that others do. Obviously they have problems, they’re human. But I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I feel like what we’re seeing is just what SN and HH said we’d see. It’s a darker season. They’re solid, but the tone of things is not quite as super light and fluffy as last season.

    I liked the bickering about vacation. I don’t think Brennan was being insensitive to Booth wanting a vacation at all, she just doesn’t quite understand the typical lazy do-nothing vacation. But they found a good compromise. I’m sure he’ll go look at stuff with her, and she’ll go to the beach with him. They’ve always done things they don’t particularly enjoy just to spend time with the other, and I don’t see why that would change now.
    I have to say I’m glad they’re not taking Christine. Those two deserve a couple weeks alone more than anything!!

    I really enjoyed the case. It was deep and heartfelt, and not at all preachy. Plus all the guest actors were good, which of late they have not been.

    I’m not feeling Cam and Arastoo. I agree with others that she comes off more as motherly than anything. Plus, I think it’s inappropriate because she is directly his boss and it IS interfering with work. B&B work together, but they’re partners, they work for different places, and neither is the others boss. If(this is totally hypothetical and never gonna happen imo) they split, they’d simply end their work partnership and that’d be it. Not that simple for Cam and Arastoo. One of them would actually have to quit, or it’d just be super awkward. But at the same time it’s not a big issue for me.

    Well I had a lot to say! Great ep!

    • I agree with you on the vacation part. That was my first impression, that she simply has a different views on vacationing, and she was trying to find a perfect solution for them first with Paris then with Thailand, this shows she really wants to make Booth happy. And I definitely see them doing both, like you said. They just want to spent time together so they do things that are important to the other, even if themselves they’d never do it in the first place.

      I’m not sure, they would leave Christine behind, I just don’t see them doing so, a) Booth wouldn’t want that, because of the three months, he lost with her, b) Bren would feel she might be abandoning her daughter (as irrational it is, I can see her feeling that way), c) to both BB family is VERY important and spending time with Christine is a family time. They would not leave their child behind because they want to make her childhood perfect, one they did not have. That’s how I see it. Plus Christine is small enough for them to have lots of adult fun on their vacation too ;

      • But Booth was the one who said he wanted to get away with her, just the two of them as a couple and I think he’s right. They love Christine, but they deserve some alone time too, especially since Christine showed up so early in their relationship and they have had a really rough year.

        I keep seeing that Brennan was insensitive to Booth’s need of a vacation and I also don’t think that’s entirely true. She agreed with him from the beginning of the episode , what they didn’t agree on was the type of vacation it would be because as usual, they are two very different people in the way they see the world. This is a woman who used to take her vacation time to identify victims in different countries. She hasn’t done that since she and Booth became an official romantic couple. She cannot shut her brain off and does not know how to take a do nothing vacation. I think she heard Booth loud and clear in what he wanted out of a vacation and I didn’t see her saying no to that. Just as she compromised and found a place he would enjoy with the things he wanted: beach, sex, drinks (that could be just about anywhere), plus other things he had mentioned in the past like fishing, diving and as she called it, “adventure”; he also should compromise a bit and realize that she likes learning and she relaxes by learning about other cultures and other people. He did, which is a good thing. Even before she told him all the other things they could do at Tho Chau he had agreed to do whatever she wanted, without knowing that what she wanted was to find a place that would make him happy too. She is trying really hard and that has to count for something. As to what will happen when they get there, probably what always happens with them, they do a little bit of what the other wants and meet halfway. She’ll go fishing and to the beach with him and he’ll go explore the island with her and do whatever she wants to do for a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of learning while you’re vacationing.

      • I didn’t think they would leave Christine behind either(not that it’s wrong too,just not something i thought they’d do), but I certainly felt like that’s what they’re doing. He said a vacation for the two of them as a couple. It didn’t seem like they were planning on taking her either because they want to drink beer on the beach and look at remains in Thailand. Doesn’t seem like a very good vacation for a one year old. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I got.

  10. I really loved the case this week. It reminded me of “Girl with a Curl” from season two, which was THE EPISODE for me, when i realized for the first time I’m sold, hooked, totally in love with the Show itself, not just the awesomeness that this BB. It was then I realized the show does not shy from making a statement about very difficult issues and I simply love this. So I liked the case a lot.

    I’m kinda indifferent about Cam/Arastoo. I didn’t see any build-up for their romance so I’m not invested into them, I felt more invested with her and Paul, but didn’t care that much for it either. But I liked that we could see more Cam story again. I don’t see her as motherly at all, but I do think Arastoo is more invested into their relationship than her.

    Arastoo as the poster boy for war issues is kinda repetitive… I hope they’ll find different way to show these kind of issues in the future.

    BB was great as always, I hope for a Booth storyline in the future, it does seem we’ve being built up for something big (maybe finale/next season?). And I was very giddy about the vacation talk again, I hope for a vacation episode (with murder of course, because seriously BB could not go on vacation without a murder turning up 😉 ).

    Plus I squealed with happiness seeing State Dep. Alex What-his-name! Such a continuity! Season one, episode 3, I believe. Perfect. And he works marvelously with BB. I love his jokes and how he kicked the glass when Booth played golf at his office.

  11. This Bones episode was gripping from start to finish in many ways. But, perhaps not in the ways you’d expect. First off … the title. How could the victim ever be a survivor? Well … He *IS* when he escaped the atrocities of a childhood in Sierra Leone.

    Next up– Brennan’s comments to Arastoo about no one having it easy in war time. Powerful and understated, empathetic, sincere. Wow.

    Then we have Booth recognizing the signs of PTSD in the photographer. That threw me – and in the good way where you’re struck dumb because you’re amazed at the insight a fellow sufferer can see that you couldn’t. An aghast ‘yowsa’ for that. Quick on its heels comes Booth’s revelation to the photographer that he couldn’t say he hadn’t killed anyone – and saying it empathetically without making it about himself. There was also a subtle assurance that Booth was neither ashamed nor proud of this fact, but deeply aware and had come to terms with his participation in wartime activities.

    Then we have Arastoo sharing with Cam about his cousin. Arastoo very much displayed the typical behavior of a person who could only survive having witnessed that atrocity by forcing itself deep within himself and hoping it never resurfaced. What a terrible secret to carry around alone. Can we expect the unraveling of more layers of Arastoo? Perhaps – especially if he and Cam are going to be a long-term item. Speaking of being an item, what an unconventional way for those two to ‘come out of the closet’ with their relationship. Cam quickly decided that being there for her partner was more important than keeping their relationship a secret. I loved Hodgins’ response and clapping. Brennan was perfectly in character as well. It is good, in an episode on such a serious topic, to see that our main characters remain themselves in all their quirky lovable ways.

    Booth, Brennan and Sweets talking in the middle of the night about the case that stole everyone’s sleep and peace of mind. Who could sleep with such a topic on their pate?

    Next – Brennan disturbed that it hadn’t occurred to her to protect and fight for the child soldiers she encountered while identifying bodies around the world. A downside to compartmentalization for our forensic genius. Another example of Brennan’s continual evolution.

    The kicker—a startling revelation that it wasn’t the victim’s own photo that stunned and destroyed him, but the image of Satan incarnate in the person of the man he now recognized as his landlord.

    Then, that the murderer was actually the lawyer volunteering to help refugees. Also of note was the appearance of the lawyer who worked this case with Booth. All around a superb episode. My hat is off to the cast and crew, the writers and producers.
    A note about some other reviews: I saw some reviews that called this episode ‘heavy-handed’. One that actually chided the show for what the writer interpreted as making a big deal over death which, ‘come on, they see in their jobs every day’ – their words, not mine. Wow – really? This episode wasn’t just about death … it was about children being enslaved and made to kill other children lest they be maimed or killed themselves. This brings to my mind the trafficking of young girls and boys for the sex trade as well. We don’t see any of these atrocities in our nice cozy homes with our HD TVs and our microwave pop corn, but it is very real … and very easy to put out of our minds. We rarely even see these things on tv or elsewhere in American media because of their abject heinousness.

    IMHO, it takes guts to shine a light in the darkest places and risk scrutiny from the masses. That is what Bones has done – put themselves out there. They understand that to whom much is given, much is expected – and they are using their light to do what few others can … for which I applaud them. I think Bones will be studied in years to come for the risks they took – in story arc as well as in choice of topics – and the ground they broke for the future of serial television.
    That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to it – LOL!
    Keep Lovin’ Bones!
    Follow me on Twitter at MoxieGirl44

    • Moxie, I saw that review about the episode being “heavy-handed” and the fact that the death should not have been that big of a deal since they dealt with it all the time. *sigh* To me, this episode felt like a season 1 or 2 episode where the cases were heavier in tone and you felt the connection of Booth and Brennan to the victim. I love that they’ve gone there in the last few episodes. I also didn’t feel like I was being “preached” to or given an hour long PSA.

      I’m not sure when that reviewer came to Bones, but it doesn’t seem like she’s been around since the beginning because this definitely felt old school Bones to me and I know I really enjoyed it.

  12. Mychakk….I can’t respond to your actual post so I’m going to pop my thoughts here…

    When Booth said you can love more than one person but there’s always one you’d love the most, I’m pretty sure he was referring to Brennan. He loved Rebecca when he was with her, and loves her still as the mother of his child, but that doesn’t mean he loves her ‘the most’. As he said – ‘you can love a lot of people in this life’.

    As for ‘who loved who first’, to me, it was always Booth. I pretty much saw Booth in love with Brennan, and aware of it, from the end of season 1. For several seasons there was very much an ‘unrequited love’ vibe coming from him. They always played it that he was aware, and Brennan was oblivious to the feelings between them and what they meant.

    Then they had the 100th episode and retconned a lot of what went before. The whole point of the 100th episode was to show that they were both aware, right from the beginning and all the time in-between, that there was an attraction and strong feelings between them. Brennan didn’t say ‘I don’t know what you mean’ when Booth brought it up – she knew all along.

    I don’t believe in love at first sight. I don’t put much weight behind the ‘do you believe in fate’ stuff from the 100th, and I don’t think Booth ‘knew’ as soon as he met her. I think he thought she was hot, and intelligent and unusual and interesting – he said he’d ask her out if he could. That’s all. Then she had her freak out and fled for the hills as soon as there was any hint of emotional connection and he learned not to push her. From that moment, until the 100th, he didn’t try it on again and he didn’t push her to confront her feelings, because he knew she’d run if she wasn’t ready. By the moment outside the Hoover in the 100th, he’d waited as long as he could for her to catch up to herself and be ready to take the risk. She still wasn’t ready, and told him she never would be. He realised it was never going to work out, and did his best to pick himself up and move on.

    As for what GGW said, I think they were both aware of the feelings, but it was Brennan who struggled with them because they scared her. Booth was aware of the feelings, but I don’t think he struggled with them – I think he accepted them, what he struggled with was realising they were never going to happen and moving on.

    Brennan finally had her realisation that being with the man you love is worth the risk of emotional intimacy, because watching the man you love be with another woman hurts just as much. She was finally ready, and Booth was finally ready and ta da! History 🙂

    • I wrote a post once about the different levels of love, using the Greek terminology, which is more specific than our “love”. I don’t know if Sarah ever posted it on here, but super briefly, it covered:

      Philia – friendship
      Eros – romance
      Agape – unconditional love

      I would say that B&B has now hit all of these phases and now are experiencing “agape” love with each other. Did they feel that “agape” love when they first met as love at first sight? No. But I’d argue that there was a spark of something, perhaps closest to the “philia” love, that they instantly felt a kinship, a connection with this new person they met. Maybe even a spark of the “eros” too, definitely by the time they kissed in the rain! 🙂 So when we say love at first sight, we all have different meanings to it. When I say it, I mean the initial “philia” level, and now, with their new family unit, they are living all three of them!

      • It think the Greek terminology does apply to BB evolution of love. I’m definitely on this camp.

        I don’t believe in love at a first sight, BUT I do believe in this kind of “clicking” together the moment you saw/spoke to someone for a very first time. Something just feels right. This is what i think happened to BB, they just clicked together, and the Eros (which to me is more about attraction) sparkled from the very beginning. In that sense Booth knew, she was something, she was possibly the one. Of course, over the time Philia (it’s more like kinship? or very deep, connected friendship) evolved, it wasn’t until Hannah think that Agape finally evolved, appeared. Oh, Booth was lost at the time with what he wanted, needed and felt, but at the same time in the end he came to understand that he feels the most for Bren, he ‘agapei’ her.

        With Bren I think it’s more obvious – she put his happiness before her own then, it’s the Agape love. BUT, I don’t think she loved him in Agape sense during the Hoover disaster. Because agape trusts (1 Cor 13,7). And she was afraid to trust back then in herself and in Booth.
        Booth didn’t loved her in agape sense back then too, because agape always hopes, and well he clearly lost hope, I think he didn’t have her even before he confronted Brennan, I believe he was dreading her rejection so much, he didn’t focused on what she was saying. He did that quite a lot of time during their evolution of love.

        I came to the conclusion, Booth was always amazingly good at reading Bren and understanding her, but NEVER when it really concerned him. He always read her wrong, bringing both of them a lot of heartache in the end. But to be fair, Bren was never forthcoming and trusting, so he tried to be the best the way he could with everything he got from her.

        So the Greek terminology makes sense and gave me a lot of food for thoughts now 😉 Oh, i hope the post is here somewhere, I’d gladly read it!

    • I know Booth was implying Bren when he said that quote, because seriously, the look he gave her afterwards? Man, I always pause the episode there, and stare, because I don’t think I’ve watched another actor being able to muster such a longing, pain, and regret in a single glance. It always takes my breath away. I just can’t even- There are no words to describe the awesomeness of that scene. But at the same time, when i heard the quote (before the look) my thoughts went to Rebecca, because she was the first one he proposed to. It was a fleeting thought, but it did left e unsettled, as you can see. But then, we got the look, and Rebecca became Rebecca-who? 😉

      Also! A very interesting interpretation of the Gordon Gordon Quote. I never thought it could mean that he was describing only one of BB (as being aware AND struggling) instead of both of them with implication the other is not aware.

  13. Mychakk, Booth gave Brennan “that look” again in Bullet in the Brain. Looking at her out the diner window as she held the shell up to her ear. Again, longing, pain and regret as he looks at her. 😦

  14. I thought this episode was great….stuff to think about, great acting,…well done. The vacation sub plot to me was very realistic: I would love a cruise but my husband can’t stand to sit still and do nothing. I think that’s true for the relationship portrayed here….GGW said Brennan has a hard time with aimlessness, and evidently she still does.

    DB can get more feeling across with one look than almost any other actor. At the end of Bullet in the Brain, Booth looks at Brennan across the table with such a soulful expression it literally took my breath away the first time I watched it, and then he watches her through the window of the diner and his expression broke my heart. What a talented man!

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