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The Blood from the Stones: Post Episode Discussion


Hey! The comments are open—how did you like this episode?

And oh yeah…

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29 thoughts on “The Blood from the Stones: Post Episode Discussion

  1. -Loved hot angry Booth!

    -Lots of cute B&B moments.
    -B&B in the jewelry store was very cute.
    -The kiss at the crime scene. Very sincere & believable. Booth “You can’t do that, we’re at work!” Brennan “I don’t care, I love you”. Awesome.
    -I assume the fan fiction moment was when B&B were kissing in her office. I love that fact that now they can show their affection to each other.
    -Booth very hot this episode. Loved his long dark coat at the nighttime crime scene. And the leather coat at the end. Yum!

    -Why does Caroline like Andrew? He is kind of goofy & how she looked at him the first time was like she saw Prince Charming They are going to be a funny couple if we see him again.

    -Really enjoyed the case also. Did anyone guess the killer? I was surprised.

    Gifs of the last scene in Brennan’s office: -nicole-bones-love Click on pic for bigger. Love how they are holding hands in last gif.

    Gif of crime scene kiss- ont-care-booth-i

  2. Notes from the episode:
    *Loved Bones and the camera guy butting heads
    *Loved Hodgins taking offense at being called a “sidekick” and pouting “I’m King of the Lab”!
    *Does rehydrating skin work that perfectly?
    *Brennan being offended at Clark, “That’s not even a saying!” –How would Brennan know?
    *I liked Brennan’s uncomfortability and smiling over Booth asking her about engagement rings. Also, that she remembered EXACTLY what he said about proposing—its fresh in her mind, people!
    *Edison called her Tempe!!!! hahaha She was not impressed!
    *Camera guy: “Smile Sweetheart!” Brennan: “I”m not a sweetheart!”
    *The meaning of Caroline-song of happiness 🙂
    *Kissing at the crime scene: “You can’t do that!” “Yeah, I can. I love you!”
    *Also….loving Brennan’s scarf!
    *Did anyone else get really happy when Booth kicked down that door?
    *Brennan and Edison bonding at the end over loving pure science
    *Brennan really critiquing herself and Booth realizing that she knew a cop killing case would be hard for him, she was pushing herself to solve the case and getting extra “harsh” with people, because she was feeling Booth’s frustration too. Awwwww! 🙂
    *Booth: “You can kiss me at red lights”

    • I didn’t catch the red light comment. Went back and checked. Awww…how darn cute!! Loving B&B in this epp!!!

      • I’ve started actually writing down stuff as I hear it because small comments like that can get lost in the overall episode. It makes watching it even more fun I think, because I’m looking for those little moments 🙂

    • Brennan would know that saying because if I recall correctly, that one comes from the Bible – “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” She’s well-versed in the Bible, she just doesn’t believe in it (I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s more knowledgeable than Booth.)

      I did not like Clark calling her Tempe. I know he got on a lot of people’s bad side in this episode, but in my opinion he redeemed himself at the end. And I liked that Cam said she really liked Brennan – theirs was a rocky beginning too.

      Booth kicked down the door in Ghost, too, didn’t he? I think what I really noticed is that Brennan has actually been listening lately when he asks her to stay behind him. It’s almost kind of weird to see, but I think it’s good, because I think she should respect that he is a trained FBI agent. I also think it has to do with her not putting up much of a fight when Booth wants to protect her now that they are in a relationship.

      The scarf was awesome – the first thing I saw in that scene. And it only got better from there. I mean, who would of thought that the two kids we met in the pilot would be where they are today?

  3. “There was something glimmering in Booth’s face during that exchange. He knows that he’s right about the two of them. That one day, she’ll propose and he’ll have been right all along. Booth is already there and would’ve married her long ago. He’s just waiting for Brennan’s head to catch up to her heart.”

    Check out the complete review here:

    • I love this sums-up about BB. It’s perfect. That’s exactly how I feel about the scene and BB at the moment. Brennan’s really struggling how to define her relationship with Booth, which is interesting because earlier in the season she didn’t have any problems to call them ‘mates’. And the topic of marriage is fresh in her mind. I can’t help but think back to the ending scene of Doll in the Derby when Brennan explains to Cam about Booth’s charity and how she quotes the Hymn of Love from Bible (1 Cor 13:1-13). I really think she might marry him because it’s something he dreamed of and still probably does, and she’s well aware of it. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him, and she wants to make him happy, because when he’s happy, she’s happy. I don’t want to get my hopes up, because I’ve been burned about my ships (OTPs) before, but I do feel we might be really going there with BB 🙂

  4. The only thing that saves this episode for me is the awesomeness of BB scenes (and how great both Emily and David looked in this episode! Really Emily looks better and better with each new episode, that all I could thing about between the great BB moments). All of them rocked. I’m going to be re-watching them over and over and over again:
    – did you notice how Booth was adoringly happy because of Brennan’s excitement over the body in the opening scene? I was smiling so widely at that scene. And how they bickered 🙂 perfect.
    – I loved how Brennan struggles with the defining of her relationship with Booth in the jewelery store and how secure Booth feels in his relationship with Bones that he can tease her about the marriage (Bones are you going to buy me a ring? XD) he’s really there, he knows she’ll ask him, heck, he knew it already two years ago!
    – then the crime scene moment – Brennan sniffled Booth. Because he smelled like a perfume – possessive anyone? then she melted at his big heart and kissed him right there, because she doesn’t care and she loves him. And Booth’s reaction? Perfect! I bet he got teased all the time when does something like this and of course when he allows her to kiss him like that, he just can’t stop himself so they just kiss and kiss and kiss (remember the make-out session in the basement?)
    – and the last scene – the kiss in the office – talk about guilty pleasure 😀 – I love how he reassures her, how she whines she was enjoying herself, how he reminds her they have reservations, how they hold hands (did you see the hand-holding? it was even better than kissing) and the red light comment and their bickering – PERFECTION. And just a thought: considering Hart’s idea for skipping over the most important things (doing them of screen) – do you see the reservation for diner in this episode as a possible off-screen proposal? would you feel cheated if it was done that way?

    The rest of the episode was meh for me. I love Caroline, but did not enjoyed seeing her enamored at all. Even the poor Cam who always ends up at the most awkward moments was not that funny for me. But when she was working on the case she was her usual self.

    Fierce Booth is sexy Booth end eve though I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it that much… Plus, a question, does Booth have Brennan/Christine photos in his FBI office? There are some o Parker’s and I know he had one when Bren was on the run, but does he have them now?

    I loved Hodgins pouting for being called sidekick but I took offense at his expanse, because, really, sidekick? He’s King of the Lab! Duh! (I also love the jingle/music theme we get whenever we see Hodgins)

    Also was NOT impressed with Clark calling Brennan Tempe (aside from the fact I hate that nickname) really, is he THAT familiar with her? But I loved their bonding time over pure science.

    Ok, there is one scene that hit a chord with me. When the Andrew-Camera-Guy tells Brennan to be more likable, did you notice how really hurt she was? how much it pained her to hear that? It broke my heart to see her reaction there. I don’t want to see her hurt like that ever again.

    To sum up, not the best episode for me, but enjoyable nonetheless.

  5. I loved this ep! I always enjoy a more intense case, and all the B&B scenes were perfect!

    The marriage talk was too funny, and I love the teasing way Booth talks about it. It doesn’t bother him and he’s not pressuring her at all,just confidant enough to play around. And notice she said when the time comes to marry. She doesn’t forsee it, but she’s basically admitting that it’ll probably happen.

    Clark is on my bad list. Time and time again he’s really just rude to Brennan. I felt so bad for her several times. She was really hurt by some of their comments.

    Brennan sniffing Booth and then being so proud of him was adorable. When she feels like that,I love that she doesn’t hesitate to show it. She loves him, and nothings gonna get in the way of that.

    The end scene felt so incredibly old school Bones, except they were making out! Booth is so sweet and sincere with her,and I love it. And I’ve always wanted him to kiss her to cut off her lengthy squint-speak,and he did! And then the holding hands and running off giggling like teenagers just did me in. They are a pleasure to watch.

    making out. It was amazing. I’ve always wanted Booth to kiss her to cut off one of her lentghy squint-speaks and he did! And they helds hands and ran off to their date giggling like teenagers.

  6. LOVED THIS EP…..One of the best eps of the season for me…. Booth and Brennan were the focus of the ep; together and as individuals, Brennan with her documentary and Booth being affected by the case…..And I dont mind Brennan being called unlikeable cos guys take a step back and if you had to deal with Brennan without knowing her background and feeling empthany for her you would may think she is a tad blunt and hurtful too, oh and dealing with her ego too? lol, c’mon it aint all lollipops in Brennanland…..Booth being the only one standing by Brennan shined through, whilst all the others talked behind her back, he doesnt, and sees her likeable, loveable; he just loves her, for being her, he sees through her BS….I fear Booth maybe hitting a breaking point by the finale. I get a vibe he is a man underpressure, I feel that the weight of not being able to kill off Pelant and being a pawn in Pelants game is weighing heavy on him and flaring up like the interrogation of the woman needing medical help …..Again I LOVED this ep and I loved B&B and Caroline working with Booth. …..Give me Caroline anyday than Sweets working with Booth. I would gladly trade him for Caroline anyday of the week.

  7. Though I did mean to say that I did find Clarke insufferable this ep. Tempe? Tempe? That is Dr. Brennan to you, show some respect please at work. I dont know what it is about S8 but it isnt bringing out the best out in Clarke or Arastoo, who I havent liked once he hooked up with Cam, tbh.

  8. Clarke got on my nerves a lot this episode, as did Brennan a little in their scenes together. Sometimes they seem to exaggerate things about Brennan only when they think I’ll get a laugh out of people. However, I liked that the two kind of made up at the end.
    I love the B&B stuff. Booth getting that she was feeling his hurt, not just in a “I know you’re hurting way” but a “I’m hurting because you’re hurting” way. Awesome. The ring scene was funny and a little comforting. Booth totally knows she’s going to ask him one day!
    Can I just end with the “I like you.” from Cam? Did that not melt anyone elses heart? Because it did mine. Even if she sort of avoided the question.

    • Yes I totally loved that scene with Cam 🙂 She and Brennan have come a long way.
      I also did not like Clark in this scene. Although I get that they were trying to “salvage” the documentary from Brennan’s bluntness, it still didn’t work for me. I haven’t been liking Clark since Archeologist in the Cocoon (?). I am liking Daisy better.
      I like the twist that it was the wife who killed the cop.
      Of course I like the B/B scenes, especially when I saw his hand on her knee when he was closing the laptop.
      Booth was scary a few times in this episode, I don’t know what I feel about it.

  9. Hm…I guess I’m in the minority on the Clark saying “Tempe” thing. I thought it was hilarious. I actually had to rewind it and listen to it again to be sure he said what I thought he said. The look on Brennan’s face make me crack up too! I didn’t take offense to it, because they were all being awkward in front of the camera, and they were trying to get Brennan to loosen up a bit. I thought it was a cute moment.

    • I too liked Clark last night. If Brennan had acted normally and not insulting and rude as well as insisting she was the protagonist in the story she wouldn’t have made herself look so ridiculous. She brought much of that on herself. Clark didn’t just “show up” he was asked by the Jeffersonian board members to put a friendly face on the documentary. I’m glad he is no longer her intern and can respond to her as he feels he needs to without her
      threatening to fire him. We all know she’s brilliant and top of her field. You’d think she’d know that as well and not have to continue to remind everyone around her of that fact. I was glad she had that moment of clarity at the end when she was watching the video.

  10. I know I’m in the minority, but I’ve always liked Clark and his stiff, ingratiating personality. In his defense, the documentary was intended for fundraising and he was specifically asked to make it more user friendly. But I do agree that I would have loved for Brennan to have a “smackdown” moment with Andrew (are there no new names on Bones world?) and Clark. Loved the sincere praise from Cam, and I thought Cam in general was pretty funny in her scenes. As to Booth, I think he’s heading down a very dark road, and that it’s been building up to that for a while now. I keep focusing on what seemed to be the theme of the episode, that sometimes people can stray and do bad things if they’ve been pushed enough or if they’re doing it for someone they love.

    Interesting scene between the metro cop and Booth after Booth tells him he went too far beating up the suspect, since Booth got awfully close to crossing the line himself. When the cop compares their situations, Booth said “I stopped”. But he’s pushing the boundaries and I feel a breaking point is coming.

    As to B&B moments, heaven for the fans, including slightly jealous Brennan. Now, if they had only closed the door and shown up late for those reservations….and Booth was hot, hot, hot in every single frame, even when he wasn’t being nice.

    • “and Booth was hot, hot, hot in every single frame, even when he wasn’t being nice.”

      Could not agree more, mariu!! 🙂

    • I did enjoy the episode, but I have to admit I was baffled when Booth said “I stopped.” He only stopped because she blacked out on pain. I guess he didn’t put his hands on her, so there’s that. I felt pretty much how Brennan did about that.

      I think Brennan kind of got her “moment” at the end when she told Andrew not to insert himself into the flim and left him hanging when she put the final pieces of the puzzle together. I know it can seem the show comes down hard on Brennan but I think they also find ways to validate her. Clark eventually came around to the same page as Brennan, admitting he was wrong for getting distracted. And Booth recognized her efforts to support him emotionally during the case. I didn’t even get a sense of her feeling like she needed to change at the end; she knows her friends like her, Booth reassured her that she was nice, but then that was that.

      I love Temperance Brennan. She is my favorite character. I identify with her a lot, but it’s not a total identification. In any case, I am not so offended at the idea that people who initially meet her might find her a little hard to take. I did not get the feeling that her friends were talking about her behind her back in a bad way. They just know Brennan. Think about when Cam came on the scene right over Brennan’s head. Brennan did not take that well at all. My sense was that they anticipated an unhappy reaction (which is exactly what happened), and while they love her, they are not ignorant that other people don’t get to see how wonderful she is when they are only looking at the surface.

      It did hurt me to see her hurt when they pretty much said she was unlikeable, but another part of me says she should appreciate people being direct with her like she is with others.

  11. I really enjoyed this episode, there was a lot to love.

    The case was interesting and I didn’t see the killer coming – although the fact she got a hug from Booth and then turned out to be a stone cold killer made me hate her. Only good people deserve Booth hugs ha.

    Loved them finding the girl with the foot missing in the bed – that was old school, grisly Bones.

    Loved Booth being badass when questioning her, and not being afraid to confront the other cop.

    LOVED Caroline in this – everything she said was hilarious. When Booth was threatening to throw the suspect down the stairs and she was all, ‘I am not here, I am somewhere else entirely’ the delivery just made me laugh out loud. Enjoyed the romance for her too – liked that Booth supported it, and didn’t want her to be lonely.

    Loved the conversation in the jewellers – I loved that Booth was all ‘Bones?’ as in, it’s completely in her court whether or not they’re engaged or whatever. That was the first time they’ve referred to each other as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ which made me warm and fuzzy inside.

    I enjoyed Cam saying she likes Brennan ‘very much’. Cam is a lovely woman.

    Brennan was interesting in this episode – I enjoyed her kissing Booth at the crime scene, and she looked beautiful in the outfit she wore under the bridge. I thought it was important that she saw how she came across on video, an eye-opener to that she can be a really ‘mean lady’ sometimes. I something think when she airs these worries to Booth, he shouldn’t always immediately reassure her by dismissing what she says. The truth is, she is often unkind and unlike-able. He’d do her more of a favour by encouraging her to be nicer to people rather than telling her she’s fine.

    Liked the kiss in the office – loved Booth’s eyeroll before he shut her up with a kiss haha. Nice to know they’re off having a fancy dinner that requires reservations together as well.

    A solid episode – very enjoyable and amusing.

    • That is a really good point about Booth, reassuring her about her conduct. I guess its part of being someone’s significant other, where you are blind to the other person’s quirks that others totally see and are annoyed by 🙂 You also have to live with that person so you don’t want to be completely, bluntly honest with them…awkward!

      Probably the best person to confront her about that is Angela. That is the duty of a best friend, to call you out on your crap! haha

      • The way I see it, Brennan is never snarky, hurtful or mean on purpose while a lot of people are exactly that way with her, but purposely. There is a big difference when there isn’t the intend to do it. Self reflection is good and it is good that Brennan always wants to be a better person. A lot of people on the show should try that once in a while. As for Booth, he didn’t say she was fine. He said she was not always like that, which means he’s admitting that sometimes she can be. But then again, Booth can be quite mean and brusk himself and I don’t see anyone calling him out on that.

      • Mar, I agree. I think Brennan has the best heart out of all of them (though they all have heart). She’d never want to hurt anybody intentionally. But the others can be snarky and mean but it’s okay because they understand people and emotions. Booth can be really mean, too. I’m not saying he’s not a good person, but sometimes I think it’s ironic when he’s considered the heart person with some of the stuff he says and does. But many times, he’s in his tough FBI agent role, so he can’t really afford to be nice. I mean, he was nice in comforting this lady who turned out to be the murderer!

        And Booth did concede that Brennan could be mean. He is not blind to her faults, he just loves her in spite of them, and in this moment I think he needed to reassure her of the kind of person she really is and that he wasn’t going to leave her. And yeah, it was sad to hear her say that, but that same insecurity was the main reason for the rejection outside of Hoover. She didn’t go for a second chance with Booth because she completely got over that, but because she’d rather try to be with him than face more regrets. I’m really glad that he told her about her empathizing with him, because that’s evidence that supports her having a open heart. When his father died, she was almost beside herself trying to be a supportive partner, because he wasn’t really being receptive to any of her efforts until she got tough at the end. Booth by nature is a good comforter, a reassuring person. Brennan, not so much, even if her heart is big (her brother said so, she has admitted it herself.) So yes, she does worry about that balance. He can so easily tell her what she wants/needs to hear, but not only is it a struggle for her to do the same, what she says can potentially make things worse, even with good intentions.

    • Did anyone notice that Brennan deep down was afraid that Booth will leave her for a nicer person? As much as I’d like Booth to encourage Bren to become a better person, I think he needed to tell her he won’t leave her, and she doesn’t have to change, he loves her the way she is, because he does see her beauty.

      But. I can’t stop thinking about Brennan’s conclusion that Booth would leave her. She’s still insecure in their relationship (not really insecure, but still, there is still that fear, he’ll leave like everyone). It breaks my heart. Just like it broke my heart when the moviemaker told her she unlikable…

      • It’s like deep down she still fears she’s not good enough for him. It’s very sad.

      • It has always been an issue for her, wasn’t it? She has always felt she’s inadequate for him… that’s why we had Hoover Fiasco (on her part), that’s why she never fought for Booth with Hannah too (alongside wanting his happiness, ah, it’s because she wanted his happiness and felt inadequate…).

  12. I thought Booth said the right thing to Brennan: “I’m not gonna leave you for a nice person, because you are a nice person.”

    • I agree. She he told her the right thing, because she was insecure in their relationship. Like Mar said above, she still fears deep down she’s not good enough for him.

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