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Morning After Q: What’s PDA Got To Do With It?


Hello! I know it’s been a millenium since I did a MAQ, but as I watched this week’s episode, I had a question I wanted to pose…so here it is…


Why do you think Brennan is more inclined toward Public Displays of Affection (PDA) than Booth? Sometimes I wonder if they verbally discussed keeping their personal life out of ‘work’, but she keeps going against that (which leaves Booth shocked each time, lol), or if it’s that he’s more private in general… not sure.




26 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What’s PDA Got To Do With It?

  1. Yay, a morning after!!

    I think it is mainly because of their different natures. Booth is more private and concious of people around him, whereas, when Brennan believes in something or wants to do something, she just does it, regardless of the audience.

    If we go back further to GGW and Sweets talking about the person who struggles with the attraction between them every day, which I think most of us took to mean Brennan…then, we can conclude that since she has let go of that struggle, she feels free to express her love and feelings, and she feels no embarrassment in doing so.

    I had a small epiphany last night during the ending of the episode, kissing in her office, that Brennan REALLY enjoys kissing Booth. (That Emily…luckiest girl ever.) She’ll go into a second, third, and fourth kiss–just because she likes them that much :). This is one of the times when Brennan’s lack of filter is a good thing. She’s in love with Booth, doesn’t mind kissing him whenever she feels the urge, and she freely tells him that she loves him and his kisses. Booth can be secure in that, knowing how truthful (and blunt about that truth) she can be.

  2. I realize this isn’t the question, but I think Brennan had something to prove to Booth last night and that was that she loved him and wanted to be with him even if marriage, in her mind at least, was off the table. Her lack of filter– and sense of jealousy– made it possible for her to reassure him that she found his actions with the victim’s wife one of the reasons why she’s attracted to him. (The first kiss at a crime scene was when she was reassuring him that he was a good father.)

    Brennan doesn’t have the same social filters that Booth does when it comes to PDA (or a lot of things.) Certainly it makes sense that he doesn’t want to jeopardize their partnership with charges of them being inappropriate (which seems odd since it was Brennan who was for preserving the partnership at all costs, even to their individual sanity.)

  3. I think that the main reason is their mutual agreement to “not talk shop in the house” and vice versa. I think they just try to keep their private and professional life separate. When they work, they focus on work, when they are home, they focus on their home life (and kisses). At least that was my reasoning until this episode.

    After watching the scene in the latest episode, I got impression, that Booth tried to …avoid being teased about his relationship with Brennan. The way he looked around? Where all the FBI techs were? I think he might try to keep their relationship professional, because there is the no-fraternization clause, right? So he tries to keep the gossip about his unprofessional behavior to minimum.

    Also, recalling the making out session in Diamond in the Rough and his reaction to Bren’s kiss in Family in the Feud, I gather he just can’t help himself at kissing her more, just like she can’t (which we saw in this ep). So I bet he tries to avoid kissing her in a professional setting, because, otherwise, everything will just fade away, and they will simply carry away.

    I agree with BB on Brennan feeling free to kiss Booth whenever she can now, and how much she can, no matter who might see them, or where they might be.

    • I like your point, mychakk, ” I gather he just can’t help himself at kissing her more, just like she can’t (which we saw in this ep). So I bet he tries to avoid kissing her in a professional setting, because, otherwise, everything will just fade away, and they will simply carry away.”

      I like the idea that Booth has to be the one that says “no” because if not, they’d just be making out like crazy everywhere they went…which could be problematic 🙂

      • he’s just such a good responsible Agent. He can’t go to interrogation room like this: “we’d like to ask you *kiss* about *kiss* the night you spent *kiss* with *kiss* the victim *kiss*” “why are you two kissing so much?” “we are not.” *kiss* 😉 now that would be a new interrogating technique 😛

      • hahaha I love that…they really should try that technique 🙂

        Is it creepy of me to want a scene where B&B are making out in an inappropriate place, like at the Jeffersonian, or one of their offices, or in the interrogation room? I don’t mean all-out like Hodgela, or Swaisy, but one of those “sweep everything off the desk and make out like crazy for awhile” things. 🙂

      • Not creepy at all! And if it is, then we both are a little creepy, I want those scenes too, because, seriously the real action we got was a dreamed up one! Even 8×01 wasn’t that big… I want something more than PG from our Power Couple, and kissing like that on the desk (or against a wall) heh…

  4. I think that Brennan is a very affectionate person when it comes to the people she loves, and when she gets the urge to show someone how she feels, she just does it, no matter where they are. She needs them to know what she’s feeling, and she doesn’t care who sees.

    Booth has always been very very private, and I just think that hasn’t changed. He’s not at all ashamed or embarrassed, just likes to keep his personal life at home. Brennan is very impulsive at times, wheras normally Booth is very controlled. He’s had to be all his life because of his work.

    • I really like your estimation that Bren is impulsive and Booth is controlled. This is so true! They just display those characteristics a bit differently. Bren’s impulsiveness shows in her rash, logical, often rationalized decisions without any serious thoughts about consequences and influences to her nearest environment: f.e. wanting to have Booth’s baby at the end of season 4 or going after Hacker in season 5. Her impulsiveness often disregard emotions and emotional consequences, because she often suppressed her own. Now she doesn’t need to anymore, she feels free for the first time plus she allows herself to really feel love for the first time, so it’s natural for her to want more.

      Booth’s is controlling about everything in his daily life (the driving his car, the meals he shares with Bones and making her eat, ets), It’s all because he can’t lose control. I think he subconsciously fears of becoming his father, plus he had to be in control as a Sniper then as an Agent. So he controls his professional life and thus keep the kisses at bay.

      • Exactly! A lot of people don’t view Brennan as impulsive, because she’s so logical and rational. But like you said, she often doesn’t thinks about the emotional consequences of her actions. She does that much less these days, but it still happens. And now that she’s let Booth in completely, her heart has taken over in relation to him, so when she wants to show him she loves him, she simply does that. In her words “I don’t care, I love you.”.

        Completely agree about Booth not wanting to be like his father, and being a sniper. His whole life has revolved around having control of things. That’s why all his relationships before Brennan failed. Not that he controlled his girlfriends, I don’t think that at all. But he had an outline of what his life and relationships should look like, so he failed to let things just fall into place. Hannah, for instance, seemed right. But you can’t love someone because they ‘seem right’. And she didn’t want to get married, so he said goodbye.
        But with Brennan, he’s let go of that control and just let the relationship happen. He always though he’s get married and settle down, but now he’s fine with not being married to her. Ok wow, I don’t know where that came from haha. Not very relevant but sometimes when I get talking about Bones, I can’t stop.

      • I agree with you about control and Booth failed relationship – that is so true, I never made this connection. And that is why with Bren it will work out, because he knows he can’t control her, and he accepted that, allowing her to take it at her pace. And I think in the end he’ll be rewarded with everything he has ever wanted 🙂

        And don’t worry, I tend to get the same about Bones ever since I got into this fandom six months ago 🙂 I wrote once three pages on my views and thoughts on BB history/relationship over the past seven and a half season. Because I’m a late comer to the show, I watched it all almost at a one go, so it’s interesting to try and understand past happenings having all the later data 🙂 I love that Bones characters are so well developed. I really got invested into this awesomeness. 🙂

  5. BB!! “one of those “sweep everything off the desk and make out like crazy for awhile” things. ” Oh yeah!
    I think Brennan cannot help but kiss Booth no matter where they are. She smelled perfume, was curious (jealous?) and when Booth explained why to her, she loves him so much she had to kiss him even if they were at a crime scene. The way she looked at him said it all.
    All those times in the past she probably wanted to kiss him, now she feels free to. I love it now that B&B can show their affection for each other instead of just those looks of longing!

  6. I think some of it is to do with their professional domains as well. Both times Brennan has kissed Booth in a work environment have been at a crime scene, with lots of FBI techs around. That’s Booth’s professional domain, it’s not particularly Brennan’s (she wouldn’t do anything to compromise evidence, but otherwise she’s not precious about being at a crime scene). In that situation, Booth is the lead FBI agent on scene, directing his team, he can’t really be standing around kissing his girlfriend at the same time.

    Imagine if one day they were on the witness stand and their evidence or judgement were questioned because they were witnessed snogging at the crime scene – embarrassing and professionally damaging. We don’t know what promises Booth had to make to the FBI to allow him to keep being Brennan’s partner after they were romantically involved, but I can imagine his superiors would have something to say if the situation above came about.

    We’ll have to wait and see if we ever see Booth kiss Brennan in what is her professional domain – but I can’t imagine her going along with a make out session while on the forensic platform or in full view of the interns.

    • Well, head canon here, but she might decide to propose in the lab one day over a dead body. Like she did when she decided she wanted a baby. 🙂 And then he’d be so excited and happy he’d not stop when she kissed him! 🙂

      • We haven’t seen them making out in the lab platform in front of everyone, but we have seen them making out in her office, which is her work space. However, there is definitely a difference in both circumstances. I don’t see Booth not wanting to make out with her while they’re working as nothing more than trying to remain professional, as he should, being the boss and all. Neither of them were shy kissing in front of everybody in Future in the past and I firmly believe that their awkward kiss in front of Finn from Partners in the divorce had more to do with them not being ok yet and less with Finn being there. They kissed in front of everybody when she was taken away for surgery and they both had no problem with hugging in front of her coworkers during Ghost in the machine. I don’t think the issue is public display of affection but like Sophia said, it is more about Booth and his job with the FBI.

  7. Hello,

    Very long-time lurker here. This MAQ tripped my switch enough to post.

    Is it just me and just my shipper heart that sang and sang in this episode? Brennan kissing Booth at a crime scene, we’ve seen that before but:

    “I don’t care, I love you”

    Can I have that on a loop please? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think Kira is right. Brennan is quite impulsive at times. Booth is still controlling his emotions albeit within a smaller construct of *work/not work* rather than *all the time*. It does make for a delicious contrast and ironic when one thinks of their perceived levels of rationality.

  8. Ok, loved, loved, loved the PDA in this episode but there is a minor thing that has really bugged me as I have rewatched those scenes.. Why does Booth (or DB) wipe his mouth after each kissing scene? At the nighttime crime scene he touches his gloved hand to his lips after Brennan kisses him. After the kissing on the couch he pretty clearly wipes his mouth on the lapel of his jacket (it’s as he is turning away from the camera but you can still see it).

    So what’s up with that? Is he wiping lipstick off (although it doesn’t look like ED wears much lipstick)? Am I misinterpreting what I’m seeing?

    • I’ve noticed it too. I tried not to think about it, because it is bugging… But I think it’s maybe DB thing? but he has never done it in the past for all I know… it’s very puzzling, but at the same time he seemed to enjoy their kisses as much as Bren did, so maybe they were just really wet kisses? 😉

      I love your nickname btw! Poirot all the way! I love the liitle Belgian.

      • mychakk,

        I guess we were the only ones who observed Booth/DB’s actions.

        Like our little Belgian frind, we know that “It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely”, right mon ami?

      • Mais oui! It is those little gray cells, that need to be well rested and fed so they can be ready for all the clues to ponder upon!

        (now I’m carving a David Suchet’s Poirot… need to look for my DVDs…)

      • I have a theory about this. I wonder whether Emily is getting her own back on David trying to kiss her all the time through seasons 1-6 by making them quite sloppy! They don’t *look* particularly sloppy kisses though.

      • Oooh and here I am again, thinking about this being all in the same episode I’m now positing a new theory that one of them (probably David) had a bit of a cold.

  9. No new post yet, so here are my notes from Maiden in the Mushrooms:
    No BT post yet 😦 so here are my notes!

    *MSVH and Christine have playdates!!
    *Booth knows Project Runway?!
    *Thurston and Opie references

    *Poor Hodgins. First Arastoo screams at him, and now Finn??? POOR HODGINS! He’s the lab’s whipping boy. I want him to be King of the Lab again!!

    *B&B looking ADORABLE when caught on camera on Judge Trudy
    *Hodgins was so sweet to analyze the sauce
    *Sweets saying the stalker guy looked 12….pot calling the kettle black, JFD!
    *Angela hacking into the daycare for Brennan, too far?
    *Brennan was annoying, but she does get irrational for love, so that’s sweet

    *How did Finn/Brennan miss those obvious jaw marks until the end? And no one had swabbed the bones for evidence either? Seemed way off there.

    *Sweets and Booth had major tension in the office over the scarf. Possible drama ahead for them?
    *Brennan’s hair looked good part up/part down!
    *The idea of Brennan passing off the mark as from Booth 🙂
    *The promo! Urg, why is it two weeks away?!

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