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The Maiden in the Mushrooms: Post Episode Discussion


Hi All! Sorry I’m late! I was out of town, and I haven’t actually seen the episode yet! But feel free to discuss it…just remember, no spoilers for future episodes!




17 thoughts on “The Maiden in the Mushrooms: Post Episode Discussion

  1. email – first first:) – i hope:)

  2. Thanks Sarah! 🙂

    *MSVH and Christine have playdates!!
    *Booth knows Project Runway?!
    *Thurston and Opie references

    *Poor Hodgins. First Arastoo screams at him, and now Finn??? POOR HODGINS! He’s the lab’s whipping boy. I want him to be King of the Lab again!!

    *B&B looking ADORABLE when caught on camera on Judge Trudy
    *Hodgins was so sweet to analyze the sauce
    *Sweets saying the stalker guy looked 12….pot calling the kettle black, JFD!
    *Angela hacking into the daycare for Brennan, too far?
    *Brennan was annoying, but she does get irrational for love, so that’s sweet

    *How did Finn/Brennan miss those obvious jaw marks until the end? And no one had swabbed the bones for evidence either? Seemed way off there.

    *Sweets and Booth had major tension in the office over the scarf. Possible drama ahead for them?
    *Brennan’s hair looked good part up/part down!
    *The idea of Brennan passing off the mark as from Booth 🙂
    *The promo! Urg, why is it two weeks away?!

  3. This one was like the old episodes again! A throw back to the good old days. They even got it to feel more like B&B in seasons 4 and 5 and it ended with Booth and Brennan at the Founding Father’s again, which I have missed.
    Brennan believing in Christine no matter what was awesome as well. Plus the play dates with Vincent Nigel Murrey must be adorable.
    I loved the whole thing a ridiculous amount.
    And it was nice to see Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13.

  4. -Founding Fathers is back!! B&B stopping there after work. cole-bones-i-miss

    -Haha, Brennan saying ““ I’ll tell them you did it while we were making love” HOT!

    -Booth AGAIN in shoulder holsters. And playing with a baseball bat in his office.

    -Don’t say Christine is ordinary. I thought Christine & Michael were going to have a play date and Christine would bite him! Angela looked a little nervous about it.

    -Booth told Judge Trudy “For me it was gambling. For my dad it was drinking. I know a problem when I see it.”

    -Max babysits!!! Brennan calling him to watch Christine. I guess now that Sweets is gone, they need him more.

  5. Quick reply cause I’m on the go, but I found many things to like about this episode, and some I didn’t care for as much. Brennan’s love for her daughter and her willingness to go the extra mile for her like she does with Booth is admirable, but her insistence that Christine is not average because she’s her child (how about Booths part in all this) raises some eyebrows. It’s a lot of pressure to put on a kid, and I want to see a moment where she accepts that Christine will be who she’ll be, whether that’s average or not. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of thing that isn’t likely to come up until Christine is much older, when the show is not likely (sob!) to be on the air. Right now it feels as if the people closest to Brennan-Booth and Angela-are almost afraid to call her on this behavior, and that’s interesting in itself. Maybe a little fear about her possible reaction to criticism after the argument in Shot?

    And hasn’t Booth seemed more intense than ever in the interrogation room? I think we might be seeing a volcano that’s just about to blow. I thought the case was pretty strong, and the scene where the guy talks about his dog really broke my heart. Think what you will, but I was kind of on his side; definitely a sympathetic villain in my book. The scenes between Finn and Hodgins were great-I really have come to appreciate their relationship. Overall, a very satisfying episode of Bones.

    • Mariu, I got the “volcano about to blow” feeling when Booth and Sweets were talking about the scarf, and Sweets had to tell him that he was stretching, and basically that he needed to calm down. Sweets handled it well, but Booth was unnecessarily upset about being wrong about the scarf fibers. I’m sure it is leading up to something, because Booth got that way when he was questioning the girl suspect last episode. Something’s wrong with him, or bothering him. Maybe because Pelant got away and is still out there? I’m guessing they’ll save this build up for the season finale 🙂

      • there is something bothering him, while I was re-watching last week episode, I got an impression, that despite his warmth toward Bren, Booth is not exactly happy. Not with her or with their life per see, more like something is wrong, like there is some kind of pressure on him… maybe it’s really the Pelant issue…

      • It’s my guilty pleasure, but I love intense, angry Booth, bb. If there’s more of that down the road, I’m going to be one happy camper. I have noticed that Sweets keeps bringing up anger management issues with regards to suspects when he’s around Booth-I gotta believe it’s foreshadowing of some type.

  6. I’ve not commented before but thought I’d give it a go.
    – I loved the Finn/Hodgins interactions, and how they actually (finally) mentioned Hodgela’s financial situation after the whole Pelant stealing their money thing happened. I’d been waiting for that for ages, and I’m glad it’s been bought up even though the finale isn’t for ages!
    – Why do we not see enough of Cam 😦 I know it’s only a 40 minute episode but I’ve been watching old episodes lately and her character really shines through as an administrator but also a teamplayer and a strong figure willing to go up against the others if she thinks it’s right. I know she has her Arastoo storyline but that doesn’t crop up much and I feel like she’s just filler now.
    – Booth does seem quite irksome, maybe leading up to something? He definitely seems… disconnected somehow. I loved the FF ending scene, like old times but I feel like he should have said something to her about how Christine may not be everything Bones wants her to be – she won’t be perfect, but it didn’t seem like that.
    – Loved the storyline of the episode though, good case and I felt sorry for the killer actually 😦

  7. I loved the case this week, it was strong and unpredictable. I enjoyed it much and it held me captive, which actually hasn’t really happened in a while.
    Also liked Hodgins/Finn interactions, Hodgins was very sweet in his pursue to make up to Finn for his jackass behavior; and I love that they are beginning business together.
    I must say that I did NOT liked Brennan’s insistence that Christine is innocent/not average. Sorry but it was annoying and not at all endearing. I always found Bren endearing with her antics, but to me she was not in the last episode. The only slightly redeeming thing is the ending scene at the Founding Fathers.
    Also I am annoyed how the Hodgins-loosing-their-money thing is played out to be. So The Canteliver Group has collapsed (according to this episode), which is alright I suppose, nothing really changes in the dynamics of our characters, Hodgins seems a lot of happier, as if a huge burden was lifted from his shoulder now that he isn’t a heir to a huge fortune and company, and I loved the idea of him and Finn starting a business together; BUT it all means that a psychotic sociopath has tons of millions dollars at his disposal. And he’s laying dormant at the time being. And he can do A LOT of damage with such a resources, because money unfortunately is power…. ALSO I find it hard to believe that no one would be able to recover the money or made the transaction illegal or something since there has been the Serberus thing involved and all. I find so many loop holes with this scenario, I can’t even…

    That said, I did liked the episode, it definitely kept my attention a lot more than last week’s.

  8. This episode really didn’t do a lot for me. I was actually pretty annoyed by whole thing.

    Brennan was awful. Just awful. Terrible behaviour, terrible attitude, terrible parenting. Utterly insufferable. Why they have to do that to her character, I don’t know, but it’s really not endearing.

    Other than that, I love Hodgins, he’s a lovely man and that shines through every week. The hot sauce story was a bit daft, but I did enjoy them at least mentioning them losing the money (although, ‘the collapse of the Cantilever Group’ came as a shock – I guess I kind of assumed that only Hodgins lost his personal fortune, the idea that thousands of employees have lost their livelihoods as a result of Pelant is awful). I did enjoy him frying up some catfish in the lab, haha.

    Booth and Sweets were great, I feel like they’re the only character’s being allowed to be uncompromised in the continuous quest to make Bones ‘funny’. Booth is still a hard ass FBI agent, and Sweets the super-insightful psychologist. Shame they aren’t treating their other character’s with the same respect. Liked Angela’s ‘love’ comment, but her enabling of Brennan’s immoral behaviour put her in my bad books. Wouldn’t hurt Booth and Ang to grow a pair and stick up to her once in a while.

    Gah, rant over. I don’t mean to be a misery guts, it’s just very frustrating for me to see Brennan portrayed in an utterly indefensible manner like that.

    • I do agree with you on that Sophia, Brennan was a bit much. I don’t think they mean to make her character come across so awfully, but that they are just trying to use it as a humorous plot point. “Oh, look how Brennan is trying to prove her child didn’t do it, haha”. However, they’ve set her up to be a much deeper character than that, and something like that should be left to a side character, like perhaps with Angela and MSVH. Put the whole “child biting” plot onto Angela’s character instead, but with maybe Hodgins freaking out. Still funny, but way different.

      • I blame that on inconsistent new writers who milk her character for cheap laughs. Average viewers probably do find it funny. I follow people who are just casual fans of the show, the type who tune in, watch, enjoy and tune out until the following week. They seem to enjoy whatever is thrown at them and actually do think it’s funny. So this may be one of those side plots that drive long time fans up the wall but amuse those who are not as “dedicated” as we are.

      • That makes sense, Mar. Especially if you haven’t seen the earlier “meaty” seasons with all the emotional goodies 🙂

  9. The person who wrote this ep has been with the show since season 2. And every script gets processed by Stephen Nathan and he and/or Hart get the final say over the script. So blaming new writers doesn’t wash with me esp with this ep. Sometimes character just do or say things that reflect badly on them, like Brennan was behaving in this ep.*shrugs*

  10. My major issue with the episode is that no one notices the 3 MASSIVE nicks in the jawline…..

  11. I agree 100% with mychakk on the Cantilever/Hodgins collapse, I still think that there is no way there would not be some intervention from government/Financial Services.

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