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The Party in the Pants: Post Episode Discussion


Hello, Bones fans! How did you like this episode, The Party in the Pants? The comments are open— again, as a courtesy, please no spoilers for future episodes!


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32 thoughts on “The Party in the Pants: Post Episode Discussion

  1. So. Many. Feels.

    The notes:
    *Booth in denial at the beginning…he was so happy at first!
    *I loved Brennan standing up for him and being mad at her leaving him for 24 years
    *Booth’s mom reminded me of an older Brennan so much!
    *Quote I loved–Brennan “He’s the strongest man I know.”
    *Hmm….good question Sweets…why didn’t Booth look up his mom ever? Make sure she was OK?
    *That made me mad along with Booth that she didn’t contact Booth or Jared, but helped raise Reggie’s kids….she could’ve at least called them, right?
    *Booth and Brennan: Alluring personalities and wonderful physiques 🙂 haha
    *Brennan’s description of using “fans, large fans” 🙂 🙂 🙂
    *Brennan’s excitement at Booth’s unwanted stripping…I think these two have more things to do now besides melt ice cream!!!
    *Booth’s mom saying “I’m entitled to be happy” bothered me…what about Seeley and Jared?!
    *Booth saying “I feel like my dad” RIPPED MY HEART OUT
    *Brennan’s preaching forgiveness is interesting. And she did it “her” way too.
    *Side note–Emily’s hair is looking great, and she is looking amazing these days!
    *Jared not at the wedding….?
    *B&B were soooooo cute at the wedding together!!!

    • It was nice to see B&B out to dinner at Founding Fathers.
      Agree-Brennan’s hair and wardrobe were very pretty this episode.
      Booth was hot, as usual.
      I was grinnning ear to ear seeing B&B together at the wedding . When Brennan caught the bouquet, the way Booth looked at her, like “you’re next” Squeeeeee!!!

  2. What a great episode!

    This one was handled sensitively and maturely. It was nice to get a small glimpse into Booth’s happiness and pain as he realizes his mother didn’t put him foremost in her life after she left. The range of emotions showed DB’s chops as an actor as well as how well they chose Marianne Booth’s portrayer in Joanna Cassidy.

    The theme for Booth might have been forgiveness and Brennan is the best to give him the insight he needs– she’s been there before and even if she doesn’t believe in his religion, she knows the message well: forgiveness.

    It was a touching and well-played episode. Sometimes you’d just wished that there was more time to explore the characters, but this was a good way to handle the task.

  3. I loved the episode, even when the mom had me hurling insults at the tv screen. She came across as an extremely selfish and self-centered woman; it’s as if it never once occurred to her how Booth would feel about this new “family” she took on and that he never knew he had while he struggled on without her. Yet as always, he’s the one doing the forgiving and feeling bad that he couldn’t be more understanding. All perfectly in character, mind you-it wouldn’t be the guilt-ridden, tough outside/sensitive inside Booth we love any other way. The chemistry between DB and Joanna Cassidy was fantastic though, and even after all I just said, I wouldn’t mind seeing her again; I would have wanted a scene just between her and Brennan talking about Booth, but I’ll take the “Booth is the strongest person I know” line in its place. Instant classic. And the look between B/B after the flowers went Brennan’s way was great-remind anyone of when they were left stranded at the altar after Hodgela’s botched nuptials? Do they know how to tease the fans, or what? I guess the will they/won’t they ante has just been significantly upped.

  4. Wow, I was excited about this episode, then I got worried that I’m setting myself for disappointment with the overexcitement, but turns out the episode was really, really great. I love Joanna Cassidy as Marianne Booth, she and David worked extremely well, plus I LOVE how much physical similarities there are with her and Bones – blue eyes, reddish heir, similar jaw-line…

    bb has mentioned all the good point in their post so I’m not going to repeat them, but I wan to add that I DIDN’T feel sorry AT ALL for Booth’s Mom. She’s selfish, and I know that kind of Mother (not mine thankfully, mine is opposite) and I’ve seen how hurting it’s for the children… no sympathy from me to the real life mom and neither for Booth’s.

    Also – the scene in Booth’s office, when she came to give him the speech? – David killed me with his look. I bet he didn’t look like his father at all. he looked like a small, hurting boy. I felt like crying. DB simply nails the emotions and drama with his facial expressions, I simply can’t think of another actor to act SO WELL with those.

    Brennan looked gorgeous. And that blue dress! OMG, I want that dress!

    Loved Sweets/Booth moment – it was huge for Booth to admit he’s not doing well. I loved that he admitted it, and that they didn’t elaborate more than that. But I feel like Booth/Cam friendship has been neglected recently…

    Finally. I speculate, BUT I have this feeling (considering past experience), that the BB proposal has already happened off-screen sometime before. The wedding/engagement ring talk in Blood from the Stones plus that dinner with reservations at the end, plus this episode’s talk in the ear during the wedding AND the bouquet catching (I was going OMG the moment I saw Momma Booth pick it up, not believing they will do such a cliché scene, but then again, they have been doing cliché scenes ALL the TIME ;o) ) and the look they shared after she caught it… So I wouldn’t put pass them to do it off-screen. I’m sharing this in case I’m right.

    lots of good scenes and stuff in this episode, even the case was fairly interesting 🙂

    • Mychakk, what a delightful theory about an off-screen proposal!! I love that! 🙂

      • I had this feeling about the off-screen proposal already after the Blood in the Stones episode and now, well, it’s got even more puzzling. Plus in Change in the Game episode there have been LOTS of clues about Bren being pregnant: the things she smelled in the bowling alley, her reaction to Amber and her mentioning about the turning out of the possible BB offspring both to Booth and to Max, then her anxiety about Angela and her talk with Ange after the birth… So… I’m suspicious when it comes to Hart and any possible off-screen major things… 🙂 If the proposal hasn’t happened yet, then i have an idea how it might happen. Although it’s pure speculation on my part, it is still based a little of the scoops about season finale so I’m uncertain if i can share it here…

      • In a way, that’s exactly what has happened. B&B are engaged to be engaged. Booth has made his desire to marry her very clear and he’s just waiting for her to say so. I don’t think a proposal has happened off screen, I very much think we will be seeing the moment Brennan finally tells him she wants to get married.

      • “engaged to be engaged” it’s never easy with them, is it? and yay for Tony/Roxy reference!

        I think. no, I hope we’ll get an on-screen proposal too, but I wouldn’t put it past them to do it off… I just hope they won’t live us with a cliffie about it… for example Brennan actually starting to ask: we see the ring, hidden in her hand or something and we just know what she wants to ask, but the screen fade black before she actually asks… (I don’t think fading before Booth answers is a cliffie, we all know what he’s going to say ;o) ).

      • I think mychakk needs to do a little FF on that one 😉

  5. It was perfect, everything we expected of Booth, happiness, sadness, anger, betrayal and he killed it. David is so underrated as an actor, sad really. Chemistry between him and Mama was exceptional, so hope we get more of her. Mama was completely unlikeable, Bren was supportive and knowledgeable about forgiveness. David killed the whole ep, by far my favorite ep of this season and probably last too.

  6. This was a wonderful Episode. It showed how Brennan could take her ideas and her own lessons from forgiving her father (which Booth was a significant help in) and use it to help Booth. It was nice to see the tables turned. The wide range of emotions that booth experienced was great. it showed that even though he is mostly optimistic about life, love and family, he still has a sense of abandonment from both of his parents that he has not dealt with. It shows that he still needs to come to terms with his father, and now he is dealing with the terms from his mother.

    Side note, how wonderful was it that Brennan caught the flowers? Then she looked at Booth, who just smiled. Wonderful ending to a poignant episode. Maybe next, we can see how Booth can move past his father’s abuse.

  7. I had a hard time gauging my reaction to this episode because I disliked Booth’s mom so very much. I literally cringed whenever she was on screen. That Booth would forgive his mom is completely in line with his character and so is the fact that he and Brennan went to the wedding, but her lecture in his office about how she deserved a chance at happiness (despite the fact that she essentially abandoned her kids to the care of their grandfather and then went off to raise someone else’s kids) was way over the top. Booth had every right to be upset, and yet she felt the need to lecture HIM about what it was like for HER? Garbage. Granted, I was yelling my displeasure at the TV during that entire scene so maybe it wasn’t quite as bad as it looked, but, yeah, I’m not holding my breath.

    While I don’t think there were any continuity issues (the backstory presented seems to fit with what we already know), the idea that Booth’s mom would argue that what she did was anything other than blatantly unfair to Booth and Jared is just insane. She may have deserved her chance at happiness, but not at the expense of her kids. Even if it was best for her to leave them in Pops’ care, would it really have been too much for her to check up on them once in awhile? Ugh. At least Brennan’s parents left out of concern for hers and Russ’s safety. The only thing worse than Booth’s mom’s “me first” attitude would have been if she had left them IN an abusive situation instead of safely with their grandfather.

    But on a brighter note, Booth’s reaction to being mistaken for a stripper was priceless, as was Cam’s reaction to Hodgin’s little strip show for Angela. And DB played emotionally tortured Booth spectacularly as usual. And despite my dislike for his mother, the scenes with Sweets and Brennan where they discussed his feelings about her were very, very well done.

    • It wasn’t entirely clear, but I believe she left her kids with their dad right after the stairs incident. It seems that she considered coming back, but by then they were with Hank who in her opinion was the better parent. If that’s the case, I don’t see how anyone can justify her behavior; if the situation was bad enough that she felt she had to leave, how the hell could she go on her merry way abandoning her kids with an abuser? Could she not figure out that the dad would only go on to take his fury out on his boys? Since Hank says he stepped in and took the both Booth and Jared and Brennan says it was kind since they had no one else, I’m pretty sure she left before the dad and not after. Any thoughts from you guys on the sequence of events?

      • I think you’re probably right. The comments on Sarah’s GMMR review seem to support the theory that she left before Hank took the kids and then checked up on them at some point afterwards. And if that’s the case, then her anger at Booth is even more ludicrous. I, for one, won’t be checking for clarification. I don’t know if I can ever watch that episode again (or at least not the scenes between her and Booth).

        One thing I do find interesting, though, given the apparent similarities between Booth and Brennan’s abandonment stories, is how two people can let such similar situations shape them in such different ways. It would make for a very interesting nature vs. nurture discussion…

      • I totally forgot you wrote that bb. 🙂

        I guess what gets me is finding out that Booth’s abandonment story is so much worse than Brennan’s in a lot of ways, and yet she’s the one who closed off her heart and relied on her brain while Booth went very much in the opposite direction. Maybe it’s a continuity issue, maybe it’s meant to be much more than that. Or maybe it’s not as clear cut as it seems (because despite how they seem on the surface, deep down Booth is/was as intensely closed off about things that affect him deeply as Brennan is/was vulnerable about the things that deeply affect her).

      • Stephanie, I love how you said: ” Or maybe it’s not as clear cut as it seems (because despite how they seem on the surface, deep down Booth is/was as intensely closed off about things that affect him deeply as Brennan is/was vulnerable about the things that deeply affect her).”

        I think you got it, exactly. 🙂 That’s why they’re perfect for each other. They “get” it.

      • I don’t think the result of his abandonment is worse than hers. While Booth had two parents who were really awful, he ended up with his grandfather in a loving home. Brennan ended up abused in the foster system, abandoned not once but twice by both parents and her brother.

  8. Booth’s mom was written as selfish and self centered. I don’t like her. I dont think we are suppose too. I didn’t like Jared in his first ep either. Nor Max. Maybe in S9 she may redeem herself a little for Adult!Booth sake….. That being said domestic violence is a sensitive subject. It puts families in a horrible position and behave in ways they are ashamed of…Sadly it is a reality that some Mothers/fathers do flee the family home without their children, some never return to them and some do return when they have a safe residence to bring the kids to. Was that Booths mom intention? She left to get a place and when she returned to get her boys only to find that Pops had intervened and they had a happy normal family life with him? Pops was a better parent than her. It is just a thought. Because a mother leaving her kids permantely with an abusive drunk is really horrible… But the 24yr absent never checking on them, yeah thats another black mark against her as a mother….But who knows maybe we will get more pieces of the puzzle next season . Would love to hear from Pops again.

    • A lot of times the writers come up with things that don’t make sense.

      • Sometimes people don’t make sense. What she did was horrible, but not unheard of. I have no problems with the story, I just don’t like the woman.

  9. And on a much lighter note, the title of this episode may be my favorite. And for such a “heavy” emotional episode, at that. 🙂

  10. Booth’s Mother – I agree with those of you who are anti Booth’s mother. I more than dislike her. She’s selfish and her excuses and feelings are ludicrous. I was a child of domestic violence. My mother was the abuser. My father abandoned us very young because of it and left us with her. He had 3 more families after us and never really left any of them. He tried to come back to me selfishly too after 50 years, which is what I feel Booth’s mother did, and I gave him a chance, as Booth gave his mother a chance. Foolishly in my case. I am angry about so many issues in this episode my head is exploding. My apologies for taking out my feelings here.

    Booth – I have mixed feelings about him.

    Brennan – Beautiful inside and out. She will always be my hero.

  11. I watched the episode again-

    -I think they don’t want us to like Booth’s mom. The scene at the park where she tells Booth about Reggie and his kids.
    Booth “So you were a mom to his kids?”
    Marianne- His kids were at an age where they still needed a mom.
    Booth: Like Jared & I were! I gave you a pass. Did you blame us for the beatings? You should feel guilty.”

    Booth is crushed! How could we possible like her after that? And her telling Booth in his office she deserves to be happy. Well yes, but at the expense of her kids? They have made her not very likeable.

    -When Sweets asks Booth why he didn’t look her up, again Booth looks sad and sounds somewhat nervous/apprehensive.
    “I figured she would find me when the time was right for her. The time is right & she found me.”

    -Loved the stripper scene where they pull at Booth’s cocky belt buckle and down come the pants! Brennan is quite amused.

    Oh, and I noticed recently, but esp. this epp, DB/Booth’s hair color is darker. Reminds me more of season 5 color.

  12. So, I’ve came across some comments about latest episode and I need to share my thoughts somewhere, because I start to get a little angry… it’s not directed at anyone here! Just a rant that come out to be after reading some comments on a different site where I can’t write back…

    Feel free to share your thoughts about this rant:

    There have been a few issues raised and I’ll try to be clear what they are:

    1) Personally I think Booth simply gave his Mother a chance in this episode and the forgiving is a long process (that I believe was clearly implied in the episode during Booth/Bren talk about her issues with her father). Booth has still a long way with dealing with his Mom. [u]Why does everyone assume the issue was resolved in that episode?[/u] He just gave her a chance. Because he has been asking Brennan to do it for her own father all those years and he’s not a hypocrite. And really, Brennan’s been trying to deal with her father for years now, do they think Booth’s going to be different? Brennan allowed Max back into her life (the Verdict in the Story episode for example) and in the end THIS episode was about Booth allowing his Mom back into the life – that’s the first step of forgiving, of the transgression that Brennan spoke of. To me there is still a LONG way before Booth and his Mom.

    Plus I don’t think we were supposed to like Booth’s Mother, (as Karen G has pointed out) and to me it was never showed that Booth’s abandonment is less hurtful or anything less then Brennan’s. Booth’s Mom has been justifying her (bad) choices for years and she doesn’t have any real (and personal) facts about the life of her son. I don’t think there was enough time to fit the suicide information (from Mayhem in the Cross) into this episode. Also considering Booth mentioned it ONLY once and in SUCH a specific circumstances I don’t see him mentioning it again and to his Mother he saw just for two days after 24 years. It’s not something you just scream at another person in your office. Seriously. And Booth’s been hiding this truth all this time (probably even from himself). It would be out of character if he suddenly threw it at her. But, maybe it will come back in season 9. I’d like to see more of this. But we’ll see.

    2) Also I hate when people complain that Brennan’s changed and is not the same anymore, and then complain about the characteristics she had from the beginning that still hasn’t changed and that they didn’t want to change in the first complain but now they find worth complaining about… Logical. Really.

    I came across a complain about Brennan not wanting to marry Booth as an example that Booth doesn’t affect Brennan…. seriously? She’s clearly is opening up to the idea of marriage (of that’s not Booth’s doing that i don’t know what is…). Plus she’s supposedly all bad because she brings up religion and ALWAYS insults Booth in the process. Personally, I actually see her LEARNING about it more… (the Corinthian quote in Doll in the Derby, the whole speech in this episode…) and again I bet it’s for Booth. And the last thing was, that Brennan doesn’t trust Booth (and his experience) about Christine and instead of it research. Hello, she does that: she researches, especially when she does know deep inside that Booth’s right but she doesn’t want to admit that so she tries to confirm her beliefs no matter what. She’s like that.

    Ok. END of the rant. Feel better now.

    Feel free to share your thoughts! And again, this was not directed at any of you here! 🙂

    • I tend to agree with a lot of what you say. I don’t think people give enough credit to Brennan for changing. She is still the essence of what she’s always been—crazy smart, blunt, honest, and caring. However, those rough edges have been softening over the years, especially getting to know her dad (and sort of her mom) as an adult, helping her to understand the past and start building a future. Booth has been instrumental in helping her get to that point, but Brennan herself has had to make the decision to be more open, and now she has a much fuller life before….her career and smarts, as well as a “mate” and “offspring” :).

      However, about marriage, I don’t think Brennan was ever really, truly, against it. I think she said that as part of her walls; stemming from her parent’s abandonment, and her foster experiences. She said she was “meant to be alone” all the time in the beginning, and denouncing marriage helped her feel better about that. When it came to other people, like Angela, Brennan was honored to be asked as a maid of honor, and congratulated Hodgela after they finally got married. And like someone mentioned before, she was pleased to be at Booth’s mom’s wedding. She is OK with other people doing it, just not her. I think she felt something good like that couldn’t last.

      Hopefully, she has enough “evidence” that Booth is not going to leave her, it is going to last, and she can let down this last wall and truly form this official family unit. Not only for the emotion of love and commitment you get from a marriage, but the legal aspects as well that may come up. I don’t think Brennan getting married to Booth changes the core of who she is at all…lif it happens ;)!

      • “She is still the essence of what she’s always been—crazy smart, blunt, honest, and caring. However, those rough edges have been softening over the years,” This! ITA completely! She comes as different now, but she’s not. Because we’ve seen her changing. I think the first Daisy(post-break-up) episode this season showed us this difference. Someone on this site mentioned it – that Brennan was VERY happy and Daisy… was trying to be the old Brennan and we could see the difference between them. And that’s what has happened over the years. Brennan grew as a character. She’s the same, but the ways she reacts/deals with things have changed.

        Also, very interesting point about the marriage thing. I never considered it that way, well, I hoped she never was as opposed to it, because she was always VERY vocal about her views, which screams defensive! So you’re right. It was a way for her to protect herself.

        I also noticed how …happy (not perturbed at all) about catching the flowers (or more like being smacked in the face by them:P). I really think she’s (almost) there. And i think Booth’s knows it too.

        Which, to be honest makes me VERY nervous. I’m really freaking out right now, because I got burned in the past in regards to my beloved OTPs… (I …am a Huddy shipper, and if you watched House MD you get why I might be freaking out… also I shipped Harry/Hermione in Potterverse…) So do you think something my happen to BB? Or do you think they are strong and will be strong and will manage to overcome anything thrown their way? I want to believe that if they overcome Brennan breaking Booth’s heart, then Hannah (and him breaking Brennan’s heart), then Pelant (and Brennan’s running away with Christine), then they can withstand anything. But at the same time I can’t help but fret over the possibilities…

  13. Unlike a lot of people just like Bones I like Booth’s Mom. I can see Booth being happy to see his Mom again but having problems with her being a “Mom” to someone else’s kids. There is a story there to tell about “why” she couldn’t be a mother but she knew he was with Hank. Sometimes people do you a bigger favor by “staying” out of your life.
    I also find it telling that we did not meet Booth’s mother until after his father died. To get to a better point up until Hank said your father is dead and we met Booth’s mother didn’t everyone think that his Mother and maybe his Dad were dead? Booth talked very little about his parents in past episodes and that talk was mostly about his father. Even when he was talking to Brennan about his reaction to his Mother he even said he did what his father did to his Mother.
    For me there was just enough of a little boys hope that his mother loved him that made me like his Mom. I also liked that Brennan liked Booth’s mother and that she saw the physical hurt there. (The damage to the bones) Booth’s Mom giving his favorite toy to Christine touched me. It showed that however selfish she was to flee without her sons, that she did think of them and somehow once she knew that the boys were with Hank that they would be okay.
    By far the best part of the episode was Booth and Brennan going to the wedding. Booth sending the flowers to his Mom after talking to Brennan about how he was feeling. Booth meeting his new family and granting her wish that he share her day with her. Not having Parker or Hank there was downer as well as not having Booth and Cam talk or Jarred at the wedding. But I forgot all of that when Booth’s Mom threw the flowers to Brennan. Seeing the look between Booth and Brennan was priceless.

    • Well, the lady doesn’t even know Parker and he’s in England. Now, if Booth and Brennan get married and Parker isn’t there, that would be weird. It was odd that Jared wasn’t there but there’s only so much they can do with 42 minutes. I don’t find it odd that Hank wasn’t there, seeing as how they’re not blood related.

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