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The Pathos in the Pathogens: Post Episode Discussion


Hey all! How did you like this episode?


85 thoughts on “The Pathos in the Pathogens: Post Episode Discussion

  1. *I thought I spotted another clue when the victim’s boyfriend said they were thinking about getting married
    *I was wondering, shouldn’t they have called medical doctors/nurses to attend to Arastoo? Does Cam have the proper qualifications to do everything?

    *I worked at a sort-of pharmaceutical company that was on the cutting edge of the therapeutic hypothermia treatments (like they used on Arastoo), I always get a little giddy seeing it on TV, since I got to be there at the beginning! I’ve told my family, if something happens to me, ice me down like that, because it can make all the difference in traumatic instances (heart attack, spine injury, etc)

    *At the end, I loved the Fierce Booth, it was an instance where it worked…and then Fierce Brennan!!!! LOVED that. And I loved Booth’s little grin at her when she did it…and I also figured it wasn’t the real virus. Classic Brennan πŸ™‚

    *Loved the adorable B&B walking out at the end!

    *No spoilers. But. The promo. “Nuff said if you saw it.

  2. I loved how the team of Hodgins and Brennan just powered through and started looking for other possibilities; Angela’s right, without them, Arastoo would have died. It was a fast-paced, emotionally draining episode without a wasted moment or motion. Great, great episode.

    I wasn’t sold on Cam and Arastoo before, but I buy them more now. Tamara Taylor just made my heart bleed a bit for Cam who had far more trust in the people she’s worked with for years than with the CDC guy. That’s trust. That’s family.

    • About the CDC guy…where have I seen that actor before?? It’s on the tip of my brain!

      • I’m not sure, but I think it’s MacKenzie Astin

      • Thanks Tracy! I couldn’t find him listed on the Bones imdb cast list. And I know him from an episode of Psych, where they were at a campground. Whew my brain can rest easy now πŸ™‚

    • It’s interesting, because while Tamara ade me cry (and that not happen often so it’s something) this episode actually turned me off completely form Cam/Arastoo. NO chemistry at all for me between those two. And I have to say that Arastoo starts to becoming one dimensional – is he only for pathos and noble stuff?

  3. I thought it was a very suspenseful case.
    *Brennan shocked the hell out me jabbing that guy with a syringe in the neck!

    B&B walking out. Reminded me of other episodes where they walked out of her office at the end of the case, but NOW Booth can put his arm around her and kiss her and she can tell him she loves him. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *I felt sad for Cam. Tamara did a great acting job. I had tears in my eyes. I always liked Cam & Arastoo, now I like them even more.
    *Arastoo looked terrible!! Great make up job.
    * I like Jack with his hair shorter.

    Great, fast paced episode.
    “You’re a lucky man Agent Booth”

  4. I don’t even know what to say. That was good, very good. Tamara actually made me believe in Cam-Arastoo a little bit. I can get used to them but for the love of God, give them something to do that isn’t so dramatic, let them be fun once in a while.

    Absolutely loved Brennan in this episode, she was A+++ and so was Hodgins. I really enjoy when they both interact like they did in this episode and I love when he calls her Doctor B.

    The CDC guy was not a jerk, which was a welcomed change from other guest actors.

    Booth and Brennan felt very connected all episode, even if they didn’t really see each other until the end. Loved their little smooches. It really did look like a scene from early seasons, him with his arm around her, except now they are kissing.

  5. So quick notes after first viewing:

    Tamara did a marvelous job, she can do drama/angst VERY well, I enjoyed her acting and she made me cry, and that don’t happen often. I felt for Cam and I hurt with her.

    Cam/Arastoo – Don’t work for ma at all. Especially after this episode – no chemistry, absolutely NO chemistry between those two. I want Cam to have a happy relationship because it’s sad she doesn’t, and I don’t mind her with Arastoo, but I don’t feel for this couple at all.

    Arastoo – while the drama was good, I got kinda tired with another pathos filled, noble stuff he did. He’s becoming kinda one-dimensional for me, all I can say he was amazing in Patriot in Purgatory and now in Pathos in the Pathogens. Nothing else.

    LOVED that the CDC Guy had a crush on Brennan, I felt for him being so unintentionally rejected. And it was a very nice outsider insight into BB. It showed how amazing Brennan can seem not only for Booth but others men. And the lucky line! Ah, I swoon.

    The BB was great – they were trusting, worried (Booth for Brennan and Brennan for Booth doing something stupid), understanding (“he’ll shoot his way in!” LOL) and very loving and secure. AND Booth got turned on by fierce Brennan (that’s my first thought when she needled the suspect and we got the shot of Booth’s face πŸ˜€

    Also, loved Hodgins/Brennan moment – them working on the herbs, but even more so the tiny little look of admiration Hodgins sent her way when she started helping him. I simply dig those little moments, I’m so in love with H/Br friendship.

    Sweets has really printed on Daddy Duck when he interrogates now. I actually liked the way he insulted the Lady Doctor during the first interviewing – she was offering help and he was all, thanks, but no thanks, we already have the best πŸ˜€

    So that’s all for now. I need to re-watch the episode, it was really well paced and flew smoothly, but for me it’s still kinda …lacking. Nevertheless, I liked it .

  6. The only reason Sweets did Booth’s job so much is because David was prepping to direct the finale. AND I will give the writers a pass for that due to this….. But BOOTH is the only FBI Agent on Bones that I want to see interviewing suspects thats all he has left to do on the show now outside of the Brennan ship. You take that away from him and he has nothing to do on Bones but be Brennan’s love interest and a daddy. And that is just effing sad in my book. He is so much more than that.

    • I like that Sweets interrogates, because to me Booth is a Head of a Unit, he has other agents that work for him. And I like when they do the interrogations, investigations then come to him and he catches something they miss (Sweets in The Twist in the Plot, Sparling in The Shot in the Dark). This way we can see Booth the Mentor. (I would give a lot to see Shaw back) I know he likes the field work, but seriously he has other responsibilities, I think. And while I want more storylines for Booth, because I do, I don’t feel he became only Brennan’s love interest and a daddy. He’s her partner, but their relationship shifted, so we see different aspects of it. I tried to think of what we could get more than Booth the Agent, Booth the Dad, Booth – Brennan’s love and partner, and I can’t think of any 9except maybe more bonding with squints, because they kinda stopped being his squints or even his friends recently). i’d like to know what’s still there? was there something in the past that is now lacking?

    • Just last week we looked at Booth the son. I agree that they could do more with him, but I feel like that’s something we will see more of in the future, not less.

  7. It was an ok ep. I felt it was more like watching an ep of House than Bones and on that level it didnt work for me. Plus Cam and Arastoo just NO. I have seen planks of wood have more chemistry than them two. Guess I am just not invested to them as a couple, I have no idea why they are together, a build up to that would of been of nice, so I could care…. Cant help thinking how better this would of worked for me if Angela or Hodgins faced death, instead of an intern who gets 3 eps or so per season, who, if he never returned wouldnt give me a second thought . meh

    • I’m glad we got Cam drama for a change, there was already intense episode for Hodgela and BB this season, so I’m happy someone else was targeted this time. But I do agree about Arastoo. To me it was Cam drama not Cam/Arastoo one. And I don’t feel for this couple as well.

  8. Loved it. All of it. Even though I’m on the fence about Cam/Arastoo- Tamara totally made me feel all sorts of heartbroken.
    I gotta say, I especially love when Brennan surprises/knocks the socks off people. Namely in this episode- Angela and Hodgins. Angela with the “Wow. Why do we even have expensive equipment like this when you can blow it out of the water in ten seconds flat?” and Brennan responding that it sometimes means she can take a longer lunch. {D. Then Hodgins, he thought she came to talk him out of finding another way to help Arastoo and there she was ready to help instead. The look on his face was priceless.
    One thing I adore seeing on the show is the relationship between Cam and Brennan. I like seeing how defensive they can be of each other. Their friends and colleagues and respect each other. Family. I felt that in this episode.
    Ha ha, CDC guy likes Brennan. That’s right, be amazed, but keep off. She’s committed.

    • The lunch line was very funny I loved it, thanks for bringing it up! πŸ™‚ and the look on Hodgins’ face when Bren came to help him – I could rewind that scene all the time, it was so good.
      And yes, Bren/Cam friendship was understated but very evident and real to me.

      • Brennan’s line about Booth just shooting his way in if they didn’t let him in was hilarious too. So many good lines, so little time.

      • So true. Reminiscent of Booth shooting the lab door out in “The Proof in the Pudding”. That was great.

  9. Booth and Cam use to have an amazing friendship and history. Writers dont even hardly remember that. It would be nice if Booth could have these great dynamics that Brennan gets to have with other characters but apparently Booth is only allowed to have meaningful convos with Brennan or Sweets or god forbid he talks to Angela like did in the past…. and I didnt like the CDC guy making that comment about Brennan he sounded like a jock in the locker room eyeing a trophy shiney bauble, whilst Brennan was just doing her job not asking to be skeeved over by a stranger. ugh writers.

    • I agree with you on the Cam/Booth friendship, it has been really neglected this season, as well as Angela/Brennan one. Booth really stopped coming to the Lab, and unfortunately all the relationships he had with squints suffered because of that. Truthfully, Booth doesn’t need to coming to the Lab for the friendships to be highlighted. I’m re-watching season 2 for a story of mine, and in The Blonde in the Game, Hodgins tell Zack that Booth told him they should put their money to buy Brennan a pig. One simple sentence, but it tells us a lot about the friendships. So I’d really like to see more Booth/squints and not in the failed-experiment thingy we got with Hodgins but more in the sense of their friendships.

  10. I WILL NEVER be ok with Sweets doing the interrogations and not Booth. Sorry but I have watched Bones since day one and its a bitter pill for me to hear people say that particulary since that is the backbone of the show FBI Booth/Dr. Brennan solving crimes together… Sweets isnt Booth intern, he doesnt need Sweets at all. Did he need Sweets in Blood in the Stone ep or Soap ep or many other eps NO!!!! And it hard for me to even get my head around people even justifying this….you do realize that there are limited fbi scenes as is and pardon me if I want to see the MALE LEAD of Bones get that airtime and do his job….and the excuse that Booth is head of crimes well he always has been hence his office or hes getting older so he delegates…and thats a poor excuse as in fact he wouldnt be going out into the field he would actually be doing the less physical aspect which is the interrogations….as I said BOOTH IS THE FBI AGENT let him keep that aspect for pity sake or his role will be reduced to just Brennan and family scenes… I said I get that David needed time off in this ep so I am giving this ep a pass but I wont others.

    • You are entitled to your opinion and I am to mine. I don’t mind Sweets interrogating (or any other FBI character for that matter) as long as we can see some aspect of Booth. I don’t feel like Booth got reduced, because he does the investigation and is the FBI Agent and we do see him on air time. I don’t justify, more like try to see how things were bound to change because to me time flies and people, relationship evolve thus some aspects of the show need to change, because it’s only 43 minutes episode and I can have it all. It’s mine opinion, you don’t have to agree with me. I hope I’m not any lesser fan in your eyes since I’m a new comer to the Show.

      • You don’t need to apologize for having a different opinion. That’s all it is, an opinion. In my opinion, Sweets can and should interrogate suspects once in a while, Booth has other things to do. The head of major crimes shouldn’t be doing all the dirty work, that’s why he’s boss.

      • Mar, did it really sounded as if I was apologizing? damn, tried to hard to mollify the anger directed kinda at me… πŸ˜‰ I’m not sorry for my opinion πŸ˜€ I’m proud to be one of those who likes Sweets and don’t mind him in the FBI interrogation room or the Might Hut (I know I’m a minor, but whatever. I also love Fisher and Daisy, and never liked Vincent nor Arastoo really. So sue me πŸ˜› ).

        I’m with you on the boss part. Bosses do not do dirty works. Bosses have people, and although Sweets works for FBI he works WITH Booth (and his team in the FBI and in Jeffersonian) and thus is more like another member of Booth’s unit.

    • Then you must be having issues with this show since season 4 because Sweets interrogating people isn’t new.

    • I agree with you sue. I’ve been in this since day one too and it makes a difference how you feel about the characters and the show. You don’t end up with the same feelings and investment when you have to wait week to week, month to month, year to year as you do when you come in in the middle somewhere and and fast forward through a given season in a week or two. I’ve had a problem with Sweets since S6. I really liked him up until that point, but now I don’t care if I ever see him again. I think he takes away from the show rather than adds to it and hurts Booth’s role. And Sweets role as an agent I find ludicrous. As for “Shot in the Dark”, Shaw should have been the case agent and not rookie Sparling let alone the nonsense with Sweets in supposedly such a dramatic episode, and I didn’t like how I felt they changed Brennan’s mother’s character. I liked Cam & Paul though I haven’t like Cam since S6 either. Cam & Arastoo I don’t feel at all, not even in this episode. It just doesn’t come across as believable to me. Booth’s & Cam’s friendship has been virtually non-existent since S6 and that was something special I enjoyed. Brennan & Cam I’ve felt have had a respectful relationship as colleagues but not as real friends. Since there’s only 1 episode left and possibly 1 season left, I would have liked to have had 1 episode after 5 years setting the record straight regarding Zach, after having thrown him under the bus. I would have liked to have seen Zach’s record set straight however the chips may fall. I don’t expect him back at the Jeffersonian or back on the show, but he doesn’t deserve to be left to rot in a psych ward for all eternity. We don’t even know that Hodgins, Angela or Sweets – who knows the truth – even still sees him and yet we’re often reminded of Vincent. I know things have to change, but they don’t have to go down the drain and for me they have. There are other shows that have been on as long or longer where a tight reign was kept on the characters and the show and maintained the original essence, intensity, and integrity of the characters and the show. I don’t feel that many connected with this show have really cared since S6. It’s been completely predictable since then. It’s just very sad to me because Brennan & Booth & this show really had something very rare and special and I miss it.

    • Also loved Brennan & Hodgins working together. That was great! They have a special bond and I love it. Brennan & Angela’s special relationship goes without saying. Happy those 2 relationships are still in tact.

  11. Sweets hasn’t been doing as many interrogations in the past as he is now. And in S4 etc… he wasnt doing them every single ep as he Γ¬s now. He usually did one or was Γ¬n the observation room. AND they were usually with Booth and/or Brennan it wasnt as so constant as doing them alone in S8….its also for me that he is questioning the suspects first by himself after the theme song AND that always was Booths job to do that….the lead agent should be doing that. Not Sweets…..You guys cherry pick your argument. Because in the Blood in the Stones ep Sweets had just one scene with Booth and yet Booth didnt need anyone to do the grunt work. He did ALL the questioning suspects himself. If this was an ongoing theme then they wld of had a junior fbi agent do these scenes cos Booth doesnt do grunt work anymore, right?

    • I’m fairly new to Bones, and I’m not a native English speaker (so I don’t obviously live in US), but I kinda got an impression Sweets is an Agent now, since he got the gun and all, and since he’s an FBI prifiler? Maybe I’m channeling Criminal Minds (and a certain Dr Reid), but that’s what I assumed…

  12. The problem is that Sweets was NOT questΓ¬oning suspects by himself in every single ep in prior seasons. That is new to season 8. And that was Γ¬s why many fans have a problem with this season. Sure he did SOME in prior seasons but it has never been as consistent ep after ep. It is reducing Booth’s role on Bones and its not like Booth’s making up scenes at a later time cos he still has the same personal scenes with Brennan, royal dinner, at home or at the bar as always, it’s his fbi role that has got deminshed.

  13. @mar but the problem is that Sweets isn’t doing the interrogations once in a while. If it was dialled back a tad like in previous seasons then maybe some people wouldn’t mind as much…

  14. The writers need to have more scenes for Sweets in his OWN office and the observation room like they use to frequently up to S6. He use to have his own purpose and scenes and wasn’t stepping all over, taking over Booth’s job, scenes and airtime.

    • I used to be upset about Sweets taking more Booth time…but then I realized, hey, DB and ED are the leads and producers (and add director to DB)…so they are fully able to voice frustrations about their characters’ story lines and air time. DB’s screen time is always diminished while he’s directing, and ED asked for less time when she had her baby. So even though it frustrates me, I have to just accept it, because they obviously like the balance they’ve created. And unfortunately, they never call me for my opinion for some reason! πŸ™‚

      • You are my hero! I have my issues with the show (I miss Booth friendship with the squints for example), but there is no point in complaining and getting frustrated and frustrating all the others around. Of course no one forbids to express one’s feelings (mine or anyone’s). But if I let go, I simply get happier, and can enjoy the show as it is which is more pleasing than when frustrations affects my enjoyment. And maybe one day they will call us πŸ˜‰

      • I am just over the Sweets debate, it seems to be all that some people focus on in any given episode and to be honest, it’s gotten old, old, old. There were so many other things to talk about in this episode, why are we always stuck on the same subject?

      • I agree except Booth has MORE screen time when he directs. I think he finds it easier to direct himself because he knows what he wants.

    • While the issue of Booth the FBI Agent doesn’t really convince me about Sweets, You actually make a very convincing point about Sweets doing more his job. This is a reason for not wanting Sweets doing the interrogations, and this would give us both Booth/Brennan doing the questioning, and Sweets doing his job.

      • But Sweets is a profiler and as such, his expertise in psychology and analysis of a suspects demeanor, answers etc is a meritorious aspect of his contributions to the team. I have no problem “buying” that interrogating suspects to analyze their behavior is part of his job

      • That makes sense, maybe that why the issue is not an issue for me πŸ˜‰ but I wouldn’t mind seeing him overlooking an interrogation. And It’s better to focus on other aspects of the episode, like you said πŸ™‚

  15. Cam & Arastoo–thoughts? Like them as a couple or not?
    I’m a little confused as to how they got together in the first place, seems random…but more than that, wouldn’t his faith prohibit their relationship? How is he reconciling that?

    • no chemistry for me, I can’t really feel them, I wanted to give them a chance, but now I know they don’t work for me, even if they do look good together. the surprise kinda took away the buildup…

      Not sure about the religion issue…

    • Islam allows Muslim men to marry either Christian or Jewish women without requiring the women to convert to Islam, provided that the non-Muslim wife agrees to raise the children in the Islamic faith. A Muslim woman MUST marry within the faith, that can be addressed by having the male financee convert to Islam, so that in fact the couple and their children are/become a Muslim family.

  16. It’s true that Booth hasn’t been in the interrogation room as much, but his scenes there have been really intense; you can’t get much more bad-assed than Booth in some of his recent interviews. I’m good with Sweets being there, as long as he doesn’t start flinging people against a wall; that’s strictly Booth territory.

    As to the episode itself, I really wanted to love it, but it was so-so for me, which I know isn’t a very popular opinion. I guess I feel that the lack of build-up in Cam and Arastoo’s relationship, especially comparing it to that between B/B and Hodgela, diluted the effects of the deathbed moments. I also found the transitions between scenes a little abrupt, and I wish we could have had more by way of showing how the other characters were affected by Cam’s grief. I did love all the Brennan scenes, especially the one with Hodgins, and of course, when she stuck the guy with a needle. Booth hugging her at the end reminded me of when Sully left on his boat-except now there’s kissing and good champagne.

    • I know what you mean with the so-so. I found that there is a lot of great scenes (Hodgins/Brennan, Cam drama, BB, the CDC guy’s crushing,Bren/Angela, Bren with needle etc…), yet all together it doesn’t really wor out the best way

  17. I actually enjoyed this episode. Cam and Arastoo’s relationship has been private because Cam is a very private person and does not like having her personal life shared at the Lab. I get that. I really enjoyed the fact that Booth felt helpless with Brennan being at the lab on lock down. He used those feelings to find the killer quickly. My favorite part was the deliberation that Brennan stabbed Dr. Thorne with the “infected Needle”. Only Brennan would think of doing something like that. While some do not see the chemistry between Arastoo and Cam, I do think it showed a whole dimension of Tamara Taylor’s acting ability. Not my favorite episode, but definitely one that showed a new range for several characters.

  18. Hello,

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the storyline was credible (well, as credible as it’s ever going to be on Bones, anyway), the interactions were excellent and there was just enough BnB to keep a hardcore shipper like me satisfied. I’ve played that last scene over a few times – “Aw, I love you too” – *shipper heart does somersaults* – it’s the little things… πŸ™‚

    I have to admit though that like a quite a few people though, although I like both Cam and Aristoo individually and both the actors that play them, I’m not seeing the chemistry in “Camistoo”. I thought Tamara especially was outstanding in terms of the drama, she is a fabulous actress because she reacts so well to others around her and is very understated. As a couple, though, they just don’t seem to fit (yet.) I’d like it to work for Cam’s sake especially but I’m yet to be convinced, although I am willing them on to get the sort of chemistry we see between Emily and David and Michaela and TJ.

    I’m going to chuck in my two penneth about Sweets. Here’s the problem I have with him. He’s been imterfering from day one. Not telling Brennan about Booth not actually being dead for two weeks to experiment on her? Telling Booth he’s not really in love with Brennan and it’s only the after-effects of his operation? Moving in with them (although by this point at least he couldn’t actually damage their relationship, just cock-block them from time to time). Basically he’s a nuisance, and although I don’t dislike him (the 100th made it up to me a little, Brennan cocked that one up all by herself) we never had any real closure over what happened in the TPitH and I think that even five seasons on, I still hold a little bit of a grudge.

    • I re-watch BB moments a few times too after the episode airs, and then some more! πŸ˜€ I’m such a shipper it’s not even healthy πŸ˜‰

      And I agree with everything about “Camistoo”, You just put into words so eloquently all I’ve been feeling about them.

      Now about the Sweets, the funny thing is, I HATED him for a long time. In my mind, Zack was get rid off, so Sweets could get the permanent role in the core team, then he did the experiment, told Booth’s is not in love with Brennan (seriously a freaking brain scan over 4 years of devotion, and he’s a psychologist?) and then pushed Booth into jeopardizing everything (I blame Sweets for the Hoover, even if neither Booth nor Brennan are without a fault). I hated him and was angry at him, and frankly wouldn’t care if he died. But sometime since the middle of season 6 till him moving into the Mighty Hut I grow to love him, just like I grow to love Cam (she’s another one I hated, she was SO HORRIBLE in season two!), and recently Daisy. I suppose, although I watched the series ONLY since last November (yet I re-watched it trice, got attacked by plot bunnies and messaged with some people writing like about three essays on it’s amazingness while trying to take in and understand all the amazing character development), I still got VERY invested in the show, and now I love all the characters, they do annoy me and make me cringe, but they make me laugh and smile and feel for them. But I definitely understand why someone hold a grudge, it really makes sense, even if I have a different take on it.

    • All great points. I feel the same way. Thank you.

    • When did Sweets cock blocked B&B when he was living with them? They asked him to stay with them, he didn’t ask for it. How can you blame that on him? He babysat for them, he cooked, cleaned and helped out. He’s only a nuisance to those fans who don’t like him, not to B&B who obviously love him, despite what some fans want. All of those things you mention he did to them? Those were three to five years ago. Sweets wasn’t their close friend back then (PitH) and he was an immature 22 year old. Brennan chewed him out for that one and moved on. I personally can do the same.

      • Love you! Exactly. Like I wrote, I was angry at him, but there is no point anymore, maybe because the characters themselves aren’t angry with him. πŸ™‚

        BTW. can we speculate here on the future of the show? (as what my happen next season?) I don’t want to break the rule of no spoilers, but I’ve a thought about this episode in reference to next season…)

      • Mar, I think I was pretty clear on the point that I appreciate that some of this was five seasons go, I just never felt Brennan and Booth got the closure they deserved and it’s stuck with me because it’s not real life and I can’t do anything to influence a different outcome (insanity perhaps ;))

        Ever had a house guest? Ever had a house guest use your ensuite without asking? Ever had a house guest ensure that you can’t just got and have a shag when you like because they are just “there”? Yes, he did do the babysitting etc but he also outstayed his welcome, whatever BnB “said”.

        Like I said, I don’t hate Sweets, I just think HH and SN have used him too many times to act as a wedge to stop us shippers getting exactly what we want (i.e. 37 minutes of them snogging / making out (whatever vernacular you prefer) and neimg ridiculously cute with maybe 5 mins of case thrown at some point if TPTB can be arsed.) lol.

  19. “Being” even, not “neimg” which is a thing my iPad autocorrected decided to do, πŸ˜€

  20. anyone worried that booth may be killed off in the finale? such dread and gloom in the spoilers! we have waited sooooo long for b&b to be together — they wouldn’t do that to us, would they?!

    • I don’t think they’re going to kill off Booth – ever really, unless it’s another fake death as in the S3 finale, only this time Brennan would definitely know about it. Still it seems cruel to the others and redundant. They could leave us wondering where or how Booth is though. I’ve been worried about Max getting killed off ever since he said “This guy Pelant, he needs killing Booth”. I don’t remember the exact episode or words. Max would kill and give his life for his family including Booth. I would hate it if they killed off Max.

      • Nah, they wouldn’t do that. Booth and Brennan are the two main characters and there is no Bones without either of them. Also, Bones is not a show that goes for the extremely dark themes. In 8 years they’ve only killed one major character. The show is supposed to be fun and sometimes a little serious but they wouldn’t be able to come back from killing a major character like Booth and Brennan and still be “Bones”.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a “major” death due to Pelant. He’s by far the most intrusive killer they’ve had, actually going into their homes and messing with Hodgela’s baby and B&B’s alarm clock. I could see there being a minor character, who is still important, who is messed with. Maybe extended family like Pops, or Russ/Jared, something like that. Where they are important but not a character that appears often. That would have an impact, but not affect the make up of the crime fighting team. That’s why the Bones head honchos went with the revolving Squinterns after Zach. They are important characters, but kind of replaceable. But I don’t think they’d actually kill off another Squintern so recently after VNM. That’s why I’m thinking a family member. (Full disclosure: I’m out there in Spoiler Land, but they’ve been very tight lipped about this, so I have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen!)

      • I agree with you Mar, they wouldn’t do that. There’s no Bones without Brennan & Booth. With Vincent’s death and Arastoo’s near death I don’t think they would do that. I agree it’s suppose to be fun and serious and I don’t think they’d do something they couldn’t come back from either. But they have done and haven’t done some things I never thought they would have. Some things I haven’t been able to come back from, but that’s my problem:)

      • I’m wondering if it’s bye bye Sweets… (NOT that I would be glad about that, I want to stress that.)

      • I hadn’t thought of that Groovycathers, but it’s a thought. He’d be a good choice for something to happen to as most of the main characters, not counting the supporting characters, have had near death experiences – Booth, Brennan, Hodgins, & Cam. That leaves Angela and Sweets unless there’s something I’ve forgotten. Though at this point I think Sweets is too firmly planted in the show, especially if there’s only one season left (just my guess) that they’d do anything to Sweets at this point AND I certainly hope they don’t to anything to Angela.

      • The main reason I say that is that if you look at how much other stuff JFD is doing (a lovely and very talented young man) I’m wondering if he’s just got too many other projects to continue, certainly full-time.

      • I didn’t realize JFD had a lot of other things going on. I suppose that makes sense that he would, I just don’t follow what he’s up to or anyone else for that matter. For the time being, it detracts from the show for me. You make a very good point.

      • He wrote the screenplays for “Horrible Bosses” and “The Incredible Bert Wonderstone” amongst other things.

      • Thank you Groovycathers. I’m not familiar with those but I appreciate your taking the time to let me know. Thanks:)

    • There is no killing off Booth in the finale (for reasons listed by others) BUT I fear that due to the events in the finale Booth might be forced to leave his family for the time being (witness protection program or something like this), if not, then that he might be taking some time off from FBI, did you notice how …restless he’s been about his job this season (the vacation time, his comments to Bren in the episode with his Mom about seeking angst every day with his job, his extremely fierce – but in character – reactions under stress: the amputee questioning, the guy from the Pathogens), Booth is on edge, at a breaking point and I fear he might break in the finale.

      about who’s going to be killed off: I’m going for the family member. My darkest idea is Parker. We haven’t seen him at all this season, they don’t even need to show him to kill him off, and Pelant has enough resources to do it. (plus I heard there are some problems with the kid actor or something…) But I’m not betting on this dark scenario. More probable is someone else and maybe this time connected to FBI: my worst fear is Caroline. I don’t think it’s any of the squinterns (been there – kinda twice, done that), but if so I’m thinking about Clark (he’s not an intern and it’s hard to find a believable way to bring him back: old bones tied to murder, Bren getting shot, and a fun-raising vid, how many of those they can come up with?).

      Sweets… I’ve not thought about him being killed off. It would definitely affect every single person on the show. Maybe he’ll get seriously hurt and die at the beginning of season nine? (I find myself not liking this idea at all…).

      I don’t want to hear about it being Angela… but did you notice we kinda didn’t get much about her lately (or am I missing something?)? and i feel it;s been a while since some Bren/Ange time… I hope Ange’s going to be fine.

      • Mychakk, I can see a “Breaking Booth” scenario where he has to take some time out from the FBI or at least his specific job, but I can’t see them splitting him and Brennan up again. Too recent after doing it S7 – S8. He also wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise his relationship with Christine and we know he loves Brennan, although of late I feel like she has been doing a lot of the instigation of kissing etc (certainly on screen). Splitting them up physically in any way would start to lose audience.

  21. To my knowledge DB is signed up for S9. No Booth and Brennan chemistry = no Bones. They are the centre. They are the glue.

      • Any guesses as to which, if any, of the squints will be in the finale? Clark? Wendell? Fisher has not been on in awhile.
        Also, one more thought. I would love nothing more than a B&B wedding. I am however worried that its not going happen. There have been so many blatant wedding signs this season, more than in previous 7, that it seems to obvious. I am afraid they have been “hitting us over the head with it” which translates into , expect the opposite. Perhaps a wedding is planned but Pelant interferes and they postpone indefinitely? Today’s Entertainment Weekly cites Bones advice”one to watch” and forebodingly tells us that longtime fans of B&B will be cursing! Ugh!

      • I really loved your comment Bj:) First the squints: If I had to guess and it’s just my guess as I’m spoiler free and this is the only site I visit, I would guess Daisy or Wendell would be the squint for the finale. Daisy has a tie to Sweets one way or the other, but Wendell seems to be a favorite. Clark isn’t an intern anymore and the other squints aren’t around enough to be used in an explosive season finale – in my opinion. If there is a squint, my guess is it would be Daisy. She has more of a personal involvement presently than Wendell as he did in S5 when he & Angela were involved. They’d want to hit home as hard as they could and to me that translates to Daisy. Personally I would prefer no squint at all in the season finale. It’s more dramatic and more time for the main characters.

        A B&B wedding – that’s a real twister. I think if they ever have a wedding, it would be a surprise to ALL – show & fans – and in the Series Finale. I think they want to continue the B&B not being completely together in every sense of the word as long as possible. Allows for more situations and complications. Knowing this show, they could leave us guessing to the very last minute and even then leaving us wondering. I envision Brennan & Booth in the very last minute of the Series deciding to run off and elope:) This show has a penchant for cheating us (sorry guys, but it’s true) out of some of the most important moments in Brennan & Booth’s life. I wish you luck with this one Bj – sincerely. It’s anybody’s guess:) I heartily agree with your frustrations!

      • Bj, I agree with you about the wedding. That’s been my thought even before the Pathogens, that they might propose, get engaged, and somehow the circumstances will force them to postpone it for time being. I think it will be Booth who’s going to “call it off” for the time being, because no one except him to do that. BUT they will have to do it in a VERY believable way for me to buy it. I’m not hoping for BB marriage any time soon.

      • I can totally see a scenario where Brennan asks and Booth either says yes but calls it off, or leaves her hanging in some way. It would totally fit with the twisted minds of TPTB that they would turn this on its head and have Brennan becoming the one to want to get married and Booth holding back. That would also ultimately give us a big fat romantic Booth proposal at some point. *shipper sighs happily.*

      • LOL Groovycathers! I like the way you think. I agree and I would love that scenario.

  22. Since Agent Flynn isn’t in the Finale, that blows away my old theory. I was thinking that he’d be killed off, that way Booth and Sweets could be on the offensive because they would regard Flynn as ‘one of their own’, while we the audience wouldn’t be emotionally invested in Agent Flynn, so killing him off would move a plot point forward without devastating us, the audience, the way that Vincent Nigel-Murray’s death did.

    • I’d forgotten about Agent Flynn Quarterbreed. It would have been good to have him back. It would nice to see Booth with another agent more on his level to associate with. I hope they at least mention him so we know what happened to him. I liked it when Flynn picked up the flower Booth threw away in 8×01 (?). I was hoping to see more of him.

  23. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see, knowing that the lives of our beloved B&B (as well as the other awesome characters of the show) are in the very capable hands of the creators and writers. I would like to think that they as well as the actors who portray them want to see the “happily ever after” we all do. Looking forward to the finale tomorrow evening and the great dialogue and analysis which will follow! Until then! πŸ™‚

  24. To dwell on a happier point before tonight’s big night (or tomorrow morning for those of us waiting for EZTV, lol) anyone see the (no spoiler) sneak preview of Brennan and Booth in the lab. I’ve been eatching it all weekend! Emily just took my breath away. Brennan was *so* human and loves Booth *so* much.

    “You are not allowed to die… Do you understand?”


    My shipper heart. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. Thought this was supposed to be a spoiler free site 😦
    Quoting/mentioning promos isn’t fair on those of us who are spoiler free 😦

  26. Funny link posted on the imdb board today:
    No spoilers πŸ™‚

    • I saw that, very cute πŸ™‚ and we forget all the reasons people watch the show. Shipping Brennan and Booth is only one small part…

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