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The Secret in the Siege: Post Episode Discussion


Well, well, well!

What did you think of this episode?


114 thoughts on “The Secret in the Siege: Post Episode Discussion

  1. Why can’t Booth tell Bones the truth at home??

    I was so happy that she proposed!

    • I don’t know!?! I know he is listening everywhere but whisper it in her ear or something! ARRRRGGGG!!!!!

      • There is no way Booth could have told her at home. Pelant is everywhere and he has been at the Mighty Hut before. Besides, even if there was a logical way to make it so that it would be impossible for Pelant to hear them (like going to a forest in Seatle, idk) Booth would never risk his own happiness for 5 lives. He is so selfless that trying to find a super secret way to tell Brennan wouldnt even cross his mind. Someone mentioned how even if they found a way to get the message across, Pelant would know that Brennan has been told simply by the way they act around each other in public. There wouldnt really be any angst between them which is what Pelant wants in this case and then he would kill the 5 people. I dont think Booth really had a choice.

  2. I couldnt watch yet it so could someone really quickly tell me what happened? did anyone die? r they engaged? did pelant get away? i need to know!

    • Pelant targeted Sweets but Booth saved him in time. Bones proposed to Booth. Pelant got away and told Booth that he had to refuse to marry her (without telling her the real reason) or innocent lives would be lost.

  3. Only saw the last fifteen minutes. So sad! Surely, there is a way he can let her know and Pelant not know. GRRRR!

  4. I am so numb that I am literally sick to my stomach. Brennan’s brutal honesty and soul searching was so touching. Booth should have told her the “why” — together they are stonger and only together can they defeat Pelant. I am so disappointed in how this finale ended. I don’t know that Brennan will ever recover. Booth broke her heart. Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan broke mine!

  5. Seriously, that is how this finale is going to end!? Why can’t Booth just write her a note or something!? A great episode, but a heart wrenching ending. I liked the Pelant story line at first because it is very interesting, but I’m about ready to see it end. Come on!

  6. Thanks natbor (cant reply on my phone).

  7. Okay, here’s my prediction that I am going to believe is reality so that I can make it through this hiatus: They are going to catch Pelant soon, then Booth is going to do a wonderful, Boothy proposal and explain the whole thing to Brennan and she will of course understand. Both their hearts will be mended and everyone will be happy. πŸ™‚

    • That is how I am hoping it will happen too. I think in time she will figure it out. She is thinking with her heart right now. Once she looks at the evidence and gets Angela involved she will figure it all out. Then they will catch Pelant and then Booth will get to propose his way! I loved the episode. Hart Hanson is a genius….evil genius but a genius!

    • As unhappy as I was with the way it ended last night, I am consoling myself with the fact that this is now a perfect setup for Booth to give the most wonderful, romantic proposal in TV history! πŸ™‚

  8. My notes!

    *Typical crime scene banter made me so on edge!
    *Booth “I hate dealing with hit men” So do we!!!
    *Aw, Booth’s first partner killed
    *WHERE IS CHRISTINE?!?!?! Hopefully with Max
    *I hate that Hodgins was blaming himself, he’s had a rough season
    *Brennan “You are not allowed to die.”
    *Is it wrong for me to think Booth is hot in his undercover clothes??
    *Brennan ACTUALLY said “I want you to be my husband”
    –Then I thought, you know, no one has ever said that to him before!!!
    *Love the typical Brennan way of announcing her proposal
    *Booth’s retelling the event to Sweets: “…and she did it with jerky!”
    *No conspiracy theories from Hodgins about the Crystal Creek?!!?!
    *It creeps me out that its possible for someone to cause the chaos Pelant did on such a big scale
    *Hodgins with the bird—NO ONE else thought the video might be fake? Come on, techno-Angela!!
    *Wouldn’t Homeland Security or something be getting in on this huge catastrophy?
    *B&B running into each other in the street!
    *Sweets shot the girl himself! You go Sweets!
    *A NEW CLASSIC CAROLINE PHRASE “The marriage dance”
    *Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh Pelant, you better watch out for the fangirls (and boys) cuz you just made a whole bunch of them UPSET!!!
    *The tumblr peeps were right…it WAS a wedding magazine

    BRB *Hyperventilating*

    • “Then I thought, you know, no one has ever said that to him before!!!”

      Ok, that just made me cry. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that is so very true. That takes me back to that sad, defeated man at the bar talking about how no one wanted what he had to give. Now he has someone who does. *sniff, sniff*

      • Yeah, Dee, I definitely wanted to cry when Brennan specifically said, “I want you to be my husband.” Not just “I want to marry you”…but “I want YOU to be my HUSBAND”. I think it might be the sweetest thing Brennan has ever said to Booth. Rebecca, Tessa, Cam, Hannah, and whoever else we might not know about…none of them wanted him in the way he wanted to be wanted. When they had that moment though, and Sweets warned Booth that Pelant would see and be upset they aren’t focused on him…I immediately KNEW where the writers were taking this. And I knew that Booth would *temporarily* have to give up his dream. Super heartwrenching. Worse than the physical deaths I was imagining would happen, this was the death of their dreams.

      • bb! Thank you, you’ve answered one of the things that has been puzzling me over the finale – what has happened to those supposed deaths that we were hearing about before the finale. Now I know it was a metaphorical one – the death of their dreams. It kinda makes me physically ill to think about it that way…

  9. What if what happened at the end was a set up for Pelant. Booth somehow told Bones and they were just acting because they knew he was watching?

    • I sure hope so, Phoenix! I’ll stick with your theory! I KNOW! They’ll use that old-machine they used to send messages that Pelant couldn’t get to, they mentioned it at the beginning of the episode…and Booth can tell her through that machine πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Ok, I feel better.

    • as much as I love this theory and as hopeful it sounds, I’m afraid the last Brennan’s sob was genuine. I don’t see either one of BB acting so well in a situation like this.

      BUT! on the brighter note, I DO see HH/NS doing such a thing to us – leaving us brokenhearted for 4-5 months long hiatus only to tell at the end: surprise – it was all a set-up!

      • Can I just say I called this one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ (not that I’m happy in the short term and I think the plot device was appalling, all her has to do is take her off the grid, cabin in the woods, no electricity etc and tell her – hell, I might even write a FF one-shot and sort it out myself.

    • I’m going to try to cling to this idea, thank you!

  10. Pelant is becoming a cartoon caricature of a villain, like something out of Batman movie. It way past time he is brought to an end.

    • THIS! I’ve never been a fan of Pelant (didn’t really work as a villain for me), but now he’s just too much, they can’t get rid of him soon enough.

  11. -Why didn’t Booth secretly tell Brennan why they can’t get married??? He could have written it down for her! Does Pelant have their house bugged???
    -I think Booth will seriously take him out now. “I will kill you”. He will too.
    -B&B so happy, so romantic. STUPID PELANT! He ruins everything!
    -It sounds like he will be back to torment in the 9th season. Booth needs to take him out.
    -Brennan was soooooooooooooo sad!!! She was so happy to ask Booth to marry her. Her heart is crushed! Booth’s heart is crushed!!! ARe they okay?????? Oh, god, this is worse than last years finale.
    BRB, I need the brown paper bag *hyperventilating*

  12. I thought it was a really well done episode as usual – tense and fast-paced and the emotions were agonizingly spot-on, but…I wanted that happy ending so badly. I knew ahead of time that it would be painful, and I saw Booth’s dilemma coming from about a mile away, but I still found myself hoping it wouldn’t go down that way right up until the bitter end. I know the Pelant arc won’t last forever, and when it’s over all of this will straighten itself out, but it still would have been nice to go into the summer with a happy ending this time.

    As far as Booth breaking Brennan’s heart – his was clearly breaking right along with hers (he gave up the one thing he wanted more than anythinng after all) – and I fully believe that he wouldn’t have done what he did if he didn’t believe that he had no other choice. He knows Pelant has eyes everywhere. Pelant knew Booth had too much integrity and humanity to risk innocent lives for the sake of his own happiness (or even for Brennan’s – because really, she never would have forgiven him if she’d known the truth) and he took advantage of that. Evil, sick, twisted little man.

    Beautiful, beautiful acting, but they broke my heart this time – inasmuch as a TV show really can. Poor B&B. 😦

  13. Both their hearts are broken!!! Booth was sooooo happy she asked him to be her husband. “Yes. Of course” he told her. They are both crushed!!!! Didn’t you see how bad Booth felt have to tell her they shouldn’t get married? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 😦

  14. I am just so disappointed and upset with this season finale. Even though Brennan tried to hide it from Booth, the very last scene obviously showed just how much she was hurting. Pressure of the case and of Pelant or not- I truly think that this was the next logical step for the two of them. She was ready to give up everything for him, and she put her entire heart out for him to take. But instead, he hurt her so much deeper than he can guess. Actually, he probably knows she was hiding her hurt- which makes me even angrier that Booth couldn’t let her know somehow. I hope that that’s something that’s resolved quickly in season 9, because I can’t stand to see Brennan in pain.

    She went through enough heartache in her life, and the one person who was supposed to save her from that by showing her that a thing such as love existed just crushed her heart even more.

  15. Another post made me feel a little better
    “If anything this is actually an excuse for Booth to be the one to do all the wooing and finally propose. A lot of people were not happy with the idea of Brennan having to be the one to propose, no matter how awesome that scene was. And after what just happened I doubt there is any way that Brennan would propose again. As so many people on Tumblr have been saying – the ball is entirely in Booth’s court now.”
    “I think once her emotions subside, she’ll figure out that there was something about that call.”

    • Excellent and I couldn’t agree more! Booth wants marriage with Brennan but he is a traditionalists and I believe wants to do the proposing!

    • Did you know that next season should be the tenth anniversary of their first meeting? (the Gemma Arrington case from 5×16) – I always felt that it would be very romantic (and cheesy) and Boothy and Bones-as-a-series-style for the proposal to be on that day.

    SN did say they would leave some hope. And I absolutely think they did. One, they didn’t break up. This will not break them up.
    They showed how happy they were for a reason. They both want this so badly.
    Also, Booth’s line to Sweets is key, IMO. He’s wanted this for so long. He said he wasn’t going to let Pelant ruin it. I think that was the most important line in the entire finale.
    I think Booth did what he had to do in that moment. Heat of the moment but Pelant won’t ruin this. Brennan will learn the truth. And Booth will kill that SOB.
    Reblogged from andysmcnally

    I’m starting to breathe normally!

    • Booth is too honorable to kill Pelant outright. I think Max, who has less of a conscience than Booth, will kill Pelant.

  17. This horrible, hideous turn of events is completely in character all around. Sweets’ research on Booth WOULD state that Booth would never put his happiness before innocent lives. Pelant WOULD choose emotional pain over physical pain as a way to torture Booth.

    Knowing how many weeks pass in ‘Bones time’ versus real life and heck, given that there will be at least a full 4 months of time in the real world between this end-of-April and at least the beginning of September, Brennan will have SO MUCH TIME to brood and have Booth’s take-back of his acceptance of her proposal just gnaw away at her.

    With her history of having her parents abandon her and then having Russ and her Dad leave her behind for a while back when they were evading the law, she’ll wind up taking this on as another example why she should never let herself and trust anyone emotionally.

    Even with Booth’s eventual explanation of how Plant had him hopelessly blackmailed, I fear that Brennan will have been irreparably emotionally harmed.

    Will B&B ever be able to love one another fully, without reservation, ever again?

    • I think once the truth comes out, Brennan will trust Booth again and accept HIS proposal.
      “But now the ball is in Booth’s court and he is gonna woo the hell out of her and that IS WHAT I CANNOT WAIT FOR. Get down on one knee Booth. “

    • Your post! ITA on everything. I hate how much I find it all in character, because it was so painful. And I fear that it will break Brennan and BB. I felt that if BB could overcome her running away with Christine, they can overcome everything, but the difference here is, that when Bren left, Booth KNEW why she was forced to do it. Now Bren doesn’t have a clue. She’s just got brokenhearted. Once more it turns out she’s not enough (The Blood in the Stones – her insecurity that will leave her fro a nicer person, anyone?). And I’m afraid they will not be able to overcome this.

      • There is another thing that popped into my mind, Booth choose to threw away (or Pelant decided to attack) the best part of BB – their partnership. Did you notice that Bren went after Booth telling she’s his partner, but in the end Booth withhold a very important information from her (twice – the call and the reason for his rejection). Did he forgot that “together we stand”?

      • But Pelant essentially put Booth into an unwinnable situation. Pelant’s threat extended to Booth even telling Brennan what was going on. It doesn’t matter if WE think there might have been some way for Booth to tell her what was going on without Pelant finding out, what matters is that Booth wasn’t willing to take that risk.

        It really isn’t any different than Brennan taking Christine and running at the end of last season. She sure as heck didn’t ask Booth if he minded ahead of time and he wasn’t even supposed to see her leaving. She made the same difficult choice he did. Plus, if Booth had told her and Pelant had found out and killed people because of it, Brennan would have never forgiven herself (and Booth would have never forgiven himself either). So really, the alternative would have been just as devastating.

        Personally, I think we’re beyond something like this tearing them apart for good. That was the point of Booth asking her if they were good at the end of the episode. This isn’t going to end them, it’s only going to delay the wedding (which I still believe will come eventually). But I don’t think we’re going to see that this was some elaborate set-up at the beginning of next season either. I think Brennan’s going to have to deal with the hurt until the end of the arc or until someone who’s not as close to the situation (Angela or Cam maybe) puts the pieces together enough to give her some hope.

        They’re stronger than this. They really are.

      • It’s very in character for Booth to not take any risk at all. And i agree with you about both Bren and Booth being devastated and never forgiving themselves if someone was to die because of their happiness. But at the same time I see a possibility for a setback in Bren’s character. I hope BB will overcome this. But I can see them not overcoming it either. Because Brennan is still very insecure in her being enough for Booth.

        I truly hope we’ll get a similar thing as this season with the truth coming out in episode one (premiere) just like Bren returned in season 8’s premiere. Then we’ll be dealing with the outcome for a while.

  18. B&B need to take a shower together and Booth can then whisper in her ear. Pelant can’t hear them with the water running. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve been thinking about this too, that he can simply whisper her it after lovemaking or something. While I can buy Booth’s choice (it’s very IN character) I can’t buy the idea that there is NO WAY to let her know what is going on. BUT this is Booth – he’s a control freak, that NEEDS to protect (everyone but firstly his number one person), so him not telling is actually in character.

      • Something’s in that bloody alarm clock. Booth doesn’t *know* it’s the alarm clock per se, but he does know that somehow Pelant’s got them bugged. Shower works for me for him to tell her though.

  19. Definitely an amazing episode that had my heart racing the entire time; not a wasted moment-tops of the season. (Kudos to DB-I always love his directing.) But I don’t see how anyone can blame Booth for this situation; if there’s a villain here, it’s Pelant. It’s like Hodgins blaming himself for the deaths of all those people because he didn’t take out Pelant earlier, as if he could have known what was coming. Wow though, how awkward is the beginning of next season going to be? Almost makes you not want to watch (note the ‘almost’.)

    They’re both going to pretend that everything’s fine, but of course, it won’t be. Poor Brennan, putting everything out there and being so happy about it, and Booth, being manipulated and having to crush her because he happens to be a really decent human being and he can’t risk the lives of others for his own dreams. Reminds me of when he lost his promotion saving Jared’s butt and didn’t tell anyone, and Brennan thought he was a loser. As to why he couldn’t tell her in one way or another, no one knows how far Pelant’s reach goes; I think the whole point of him taking the picture of the crib and leaving it there for Booth to find is to make Booth feel stalked and like nothing is sacred, not even in his own home. Nothing is just between him and Brennan anymore, and that is terribly sad. Pelant has essentially created a rift between them, made worst by the fact that she can’t know anything about why Booth changed his mind. I’m worried she’s going to close herself up again to regain her feeling of invulnerability. And Booth, he’s going to be in a dark, dark place for a while, all by himself. I hope that when someone takes Pelant down, it’s Booth; and I hope it’s a shot right through the heart.

    My other wish is for someone to figure this out, like Sweets or Cam, and then blab it to Brennan; how can anyone believe that Booth doesn’t want to marry Brennan anymore, in a Catholic ceremony no less? How is this not strange? And after that, I want Booth to do the proposing, with a full-on engagement ring and a really sweet, Boothy speech. (Maybe end of next year?)

    And I agree; I didn’t think it was possible, but this finale was even more depressing than last year’s. This time, they’re physically together, but emotionally, they’re going to be miles apart. Hope it doesn’t color most of season 9. I don’t care how many lighthearted episodes they have in between; things won’t be the same until this gets worked out, kind of like when Hannah was around, the blond albatross around everyone’s neck.

    Evil, evil producers-short of hurting Christine, that was almost as bad as you can get.

    • I thought that Sweets – who witnessed Booth’s giddiness and pure joy and pure anger at the mere thought of Pelant taking this away from him – would be to one to spot on something is wrong and why it is wrong. But I fear Sweets might doubt himself a little now – that’s a feeling i have – but I watched the finale once and maybe I’ll change my mind after more viewing.

      Cam is a very good choice for confronting Booth I think.

      To be honest I waited for Bren to call Booth’s bullshit at the end. I felt she’ll be able to look through him. BUT, it came as a shock to her, plus she’s very emotional (she is, because she’s not dealing with emotions properly, they tend to be VERY overwhelming in situations like this), so I hope (with Ange’s help) she’ll see through Booth after a while.

      • ooh, good call: Brennan should’ve figured that Booth would never do that. I wonder if it’s the emotions that are clouding her judgment, or if maybe she does already know somehow and is playing along (but if so, she’s doing it REALLY well). She’d better figure it out soon.

      • I look forward to a summer full of fan fiction writers fixing this! I don’t think it can wait for the series writers to fix it in the fall!!

  20. On a separate and light note, Booth mentioned that Sweets and Caroline were his sixth and eighth favorite people, respectively. Bones is, of course, number one. Who do you think the others are?

    Here is my guess:
    1- Brennan
    2&3 – Christine and Parker
    4 – Jared
    5- His Mom
    6- Sweets
    7- Cam
    8- Caroline

    • Good guesses Natbor. I’ve been trying to come up with a list too. I’d take out his mother and put in Pops. Still thinking:)

      • I completely forgot about Pops. Good point! I might insert Pops as number 4 and shift everyone else down and take Cam out. He doesn’t spend much time with her anymore. She’s probably number 9 or 10.

      • Cam ahead of Jared.

    • I wouldn’t put Jared there at all, he’s not Booth’s favorite. I never felt he was. Booth cares for Jared a lot, but Jared was more a pain in the ass then a fav person. I’ll put Pops there and Jared as eleven (after Angela and Hodgins – because I think they are Booth’s close friends) Other than that I agree with everything. πŸ™‚

  21. yall, I have so many feelings I just can’t even begin to process them, but the primary one right now is anger. I’m so mad. I’m furious. I’m mad at the writers, and I’m mad THAT I’m mad at the writers—that I can’t seem to find it in me to blame this one on Pelant. If I genuinely believed that this was the ONLY thing that made sense for Pelant or the ONLY thing that made sense for Booth (as I felt all around in last year’s finale), then that’d be one thing. But I just don’t feel that. I want to, but I don’t see why Pelant would lash out like this. His MO until this point has been about using technology to be a rat bastard. That’s how he ruins B&B. Calling Booth up and saying “call off the wedding or I’ll shoot some people” feels so cliche for a character who’s usually so innovative. I’ve loved every Pelant episode until this one, but I’m not feeling him here at all. He feels like the writers’ mechanism right now, as opposed to a consistent character.

    And Booth. Booth is acting spectacularly in character here, don’t get me wrong. I know he’d never risk innocent lives or put his happiness above others’. But this isn’t just about his happiness. It’s about Brennan’s. Yes, Booth trusts that she can take it and that their relationship can take it, and that’s good. He knows they’re strong enough for anything. And yes, he probably doesn’t even know how badly Brennan wants this, so he thinks the happiness at stake here is primarily his. But he knows her, and he can see that she’s happy, and he’s breaking her heart here. He’s breaking HER. All of her walls are going right back up. I just can’t handle how happy she was when they got engaged, and how much this has ruined her. (Her face at the end? When she slid down the wall because she couldn’t even stand? All the Emmys for Emily Deschanel.)

    I just feel like Booth should be trying a little/ a lot harder to tell her. Take her to the coffee cart. Give her brainy smurf. Use the special war telegraph thing they busted out last year. SLIP A NOTE IN HER LUNCH BAG. Take her to the shower. The bugs won’t be able to pick up the conversation over the din of the shower. Plus, SHOWER SEX. Seriously, there are ways around this. But is Booth just too scared to use them because he doesn’t know what Pelant can see/ hear? Maybe he doesn’t want Pelant to pick up on the fact that Brennan isn’t sad anymore, which he might do if Brennan were, you know, not sad anymore.

    But seriously, that feels like a risk worth taking at this point. Just tell her somehow. If Pelant finds out, he finds out. The blood is on Pelant’s hands, not Booth’s. He has to think about his partner too. They’re a team. What goes on between them should just be theirs. Why can’t they just face this TOGETHER?!

    That proposal was beautiful and perfect and I was so happy I couldn’t even contain myself. It feels cheapened now. I’m sure we’ll get a great proposal from Booth down the line, and I’ll cry, but if this show’s history is any indication, we’ll have to wait a whole nother season for that, unless they want the wedding to be the finale. And if next season is the last, I’ll (a) lose my mind, and (b) never get to see B&B call each other husband and wife all the time, and I JUST CANNOT HANDLE THAT. I want them to be happy now. I want them to face their challenges together NOW! Is that selfish? Yes. But Bones is ultimately a happy show, right? It’s dramatic and devastating, but for most of its run, Bones has been a show about two people with traumatic pasts who face down death every day but do it with hope. It was about what you do to make the world less terrible. Now, just right now, it feels more like one of those shows where the main characters can’t catch a break because their lives just won’t stop being terrible. I don’t like that shift.

    It feels imposed. It feels like the writers saying “hmm, how can we mess with things now?” I know they’re trying to parallel last year’s big “Brennan has no choice but to break Booth’s heart” storyline, but is there really a reason to? We’re going into the ninth season. There is nothing wrong with giving your characters happiness in THE NINTH SEASON. There is nothing at all wrong with that. Why couldn’t the big season eight finale thing have been A PROPOSAL? That would be just as huge for these two: a happy proposal.

    And yes, I know we’ll get to watch them find their way back to each other next year, and the side of me that’s a glutton for punishment is already thrilled for that joyful moment when they finally catch Pelant and Booth can tell Brennan what happened. I’m even more thrilled at the thought of the moment when he’ll propose to her, and at the thought of the wedding. I have faith that we’ll see these things. Maybe one of them will happen in the premiere. Maybe HH and SN will surprise me and move up their timetable and not make reconciliation the story of the season. But I have to assume that they will, and I don’t want another season of B&B finding their way back to each other, as much as I love love love Booth’s heartsick puppy dog “love you” face. We did reconciliation this season. We did it brilliantly. Let’s move on. Let’s give B&B some well-earned happiness already.

    • Pelant MO has been about stirring the pot and staying in the center with the grief he brings. BB proposal took away both the grief and the focus of him (in BB lives and their friends) he’s lash out is very in character for a narcissistic villain. Plus he choose to torture Booth the way he knew the best – making him choose over his own happiness and innocent lives. BUT I do get your anger. And I want Pelant to be gone because he doesn’t work for me as a villain, to be honest.

      You bring some very good points – the main issues I have with this finale is that Booth makes choices for his and Brennan’s future behind her back, and he’s choosing to (unintentionally) break their partnership, because like you pointed out they are not facing it together. Also, does Booth really realize what damage (set back) his rejection did? Bren’s going to stop trusting him and like you said the walls are up. only this time the wire and voltage going to be added too.

      I also agree with you about the drama/happiness a the genre about the show. I agree with everything you wrote. But to give you hope: Ninth Season means BB have know each other for ten years. Can you imagine a proposal on their tenth anniversary (of their very first meeting)? Also,Bren returned in the premiere, so I’m being optimistic and am going to assume the truth about Booth’s rejection will come out in the premiere. Now what the consequences will be it’s a different saying, but it’s easier to work through the issues if they are in the open, right? πŸ™‚

      I totally get you frustrations. I feel them (and some more) too.

    • What I’m concerned with though is even when the truth does come out, the damage has been done. And she will start building up those walls again.

      • Well, Booth did eventualy recover after she left without asking him last year , even though he was angry at first, so there’s definitely hope. She made choices for the two of them in season 8’s finale that were Devastating for the two of them and their relationship still survived.

      • It just truck me that maybe Brennan’s going to prove she’s stronger now, not impervious, and she’ll be able to overcome it with Booth without the walls (or just with small ones).

  22. Hi, all.
    It’s been forever. Things have been crazy for the last year. I am crazy busy for the next two weeks, so I won’t be able to really join the discussion for a while yet, but I had to sound off: I am nauseous again. It’s like the end of s5. I HATE IT! And, we’ll probably have weeks of crap in the beginning of s9 before everything comes out in the wash, so to speak. I HATE IT!

    Well, it’s what got me started with the Bones-verse in the first place. I’ll need you all again this year.


    • Hey, it’s me Angelena. Seems, it now has my real name. That’s ok, but for those who don’t know, I’m Angelena.

      • I’m beyond sick too RobinChase. I’m angry. This reminds me of of the end of S5 too. That’s when everything changed for me. I Hate It Too! I agree about the weeks of crap in the beginning of the new season and I’m just so sick of it. It’s what also got me started in the Bones-verse as well. I needed upset fellow fans to commiserate with. I used to love the characters and this show so much. It was incredible. I looked forward to it every week from day one. It was a weekly happy booster shot. Now I rarely enjoy the episodes, and they rarely make me happy. I feel like almost all the real caring that went into the characters and the show is gone. Every time I think they can’t ruin things more than they have, they ruin things more. It’s as if that’s their goal. It’s very hard to be happy when every time we get a little happiness it’s snatched away from all. Brennan is my hero and to see her so heart crushed yet again is just too much. I wonder if there’s a point at which she’ll break for good and never trust again. Booth may have had to do what he did, but he also has to trust Brennan and he has to find a way to include her. They have to do this together. To me this was an epic love story that has become an epic tragedy. They’ve had so little real happiness. After 8 long faithful years and considering this finale, I’m really disillusioned.

    • Don’t lose hope Angelena! We got you through beforer, we’ll get you through again! πŸ™‚

      Seriously, though, I really think they’ll be okay. This is HH/SN’s way of moving forward on the marriage issue while at the same time indefinitely delaying the wedding (and causing the maximum amount of angst in the process – both for us and for our favorite crime-fighting couple).

      If this last season has taught us anything, it’s that B&B are stronger than anything Pelant can throw at them. I’m sure HH/SN won’t make it easy (these are the evil geniuses we’re talking about after all), but they’ll be okay…eventually.

      Pelant has now put both B&B into an unbearable situation so they’re even now. Brennan will figure ouut how to work her way through the pain the same way Booth did – and they’ll ultimately be all the stronger for having done it.

      Like I said upstream, it’s not about whether or not Booth COULD have safely found a way to tell Brennnan the truth, it’s that he BELIEVED he couldn’t, just like Brennan believed she couldn’t safely bring Booth along when she ran at the end of last season. Yes, Brennan ran, in part, to protect Booth whereas Booth was primarily protecting innocent people…but considering Booth’s past, if he found out he was responsible for innocent deaths when it was in his power to protect them (no matter how many loved ones he had to hurt in the process), it would have destroyed him…and eventually that would have destroyed Brennan too. He’ll have another chance with Brennan. Dead people don’t get second chances.

      Besides, Brennan isn’t the same person she was in season 1 or 2, or even 5 or 6. She’s stronger now. Yes, she’s also very, very vulnerable, and I’m not saying this won’t be devastating for a time, but she knows exactly who and what Booth is (charity carnival anyone?) and she IS a genius. She’ll figure it out eventually – whether it’s on her own or when Booth tells her (after he finally kills Pelant). She understands what makes him tick and she will understand why he did what he did. THEY WILL BE OKAY! Just have a little faith. πŸ˜‰

  23. Just feeling so sad. That just wasn’t fair 😦

  24. Here are my two cents about the finale – thoughts during my first watching and some more analyzing of the data:

    – did anyone feel cheated we got to see Pelant’s dark mansion/lair, but never got to see Hodgins’ home? (he’s looking very comic/cartoon character-like villain, kinda more and more unbelievable…)

    – a random thought, but they are exposing Booth’s photos of Parker in his FBI office – overcompensating that we hadn’t see him this season?

    – Booth had partners before Brennan? Since when? I always thought she’s his first because he’s never worked well with partners before her?

    – Yes! Booth the Team leader/Head Unit! He’s hot and fierce. I love we got to see that little scene with him as the Head Unit;

    – the camera work on Booth’s face as he watches the pictures at FBI – great shot – DB does such a beautiful camera shots!;

    – why does we get a defying Agent when Pelant is concerned – first Flynn now Walters…

    – I love how Cam/Ange wanted Booth off the case – they concern was in character, and Bren’s adamant refusal – it’s he’s decision not hers (OMG – Booth made a decision for her at the end. I hate he was forced to do it, but I hate how he doesn’t show her the curtsy as his partner)

    – Hodgins – ILY, you are an awesome guy, let me hug you,. Ange why didn’t you hug him?!

    – Booth babbling in Bren’s office about Bren being the smartest – deflecting and distracting, and Brennan saw right through it, (I hope she’ll see through his rejection too). And You are not allowed to die! And then Booth’s face – he’s worried and her worry worries him too. (this plus him being a freaking control freak makes it VERY believable for him to keep Bren in dark – he’s trying to protect her even from herself…)

    – Booth stopping the suicide attempt – hot, but him in the blue jeans shirt – even hotter.

    – Bren proposed with a jerky. Only she’ll do it that way. And her speech. “I want you to be my husband!” And I die…, tears in my eyes. and his “yes. of course.” (like he would say anything else) and OMG. I HATE that they are forcing for another (Booth’s) proposal to be done now. This was SO them. I feel they are taking away from BB uniqueness by forcing circumstances so Booth will have to propose in a traditional way (and i find it kinda chauvinistic) – seriously. BB were NEVER traditional. Why they couldn’t leave it like that? Bren proposing, Booth being all giddy (I find it so sweet that they are so reversed in their reactions – one usually except the bride to be giddy πŸ˜‰ ).

    – I loved Ange/Cam reactions (shocked and VERY happy for her) to the proposal – especially Cam’s “you expected more?” πŸ˜€ and… the actual proposal doesn’t taste bitter (I love the proposal), but when Bren said she want her happiness to be recorded for the world to see – I feel the bitterness and hurt knowing what comes next.

    – I love how DB played Booth’s overflowing joy and happiness at the proposal during his speech with Sweets! And I love how Sweets saw immediately the danger Bren’s proposal could bring. Also I think this is a very important scene, I hope Sweets will be the catalyst that will keep BB from falling apart. i really hope he’ll see through Booth’s choice and confront him or share his thoughts with Ange and together they will help them.

    – Help! Who is the guy that walks by Booth with his cell – they exchange a short dialogue about the cells not working, when Booth waits for the killer to meet him? He was in Booth’s dream (season 4 finale) announcing The Crew concert, too. Was he in any other episodes?

    – Walters calling Ange Ma’am! OMG, she’s going to spank, I mean spam him for that one! πŸ˜‰

    – Pelant creating a traffic jam – it’s terrifying that someone could be that controlling. And the worst part is that I can see this happening in RL, because seriously, it’s only a time before even our freaking fridge will be synchronized with the world wide web and anyone will be able to see what we have there…

    – Hodgins spotting the dove! He’s really the King of the Lab! Especially considering that it looked like one of his conspiracy theories looked to be true. I liked how he was able to stay focused on the job instead of getting giddy over the conspiracy (he really grew as a character). But of course he never stays too trusting, defying the encrypted message, but Ange is a genius too (or she has a VERY steep learning curve and picked a lot of smarts from the geniuses she’s around πŸ™‚ )

    – Liked the idea of Booth being a decoy and Sweets being the target – which actually was quite obvious when one consider that Pelant been playing with Sweets work and using it for his won amusement.

    – I was afraid Booth’s hurt Sweets too while shooting the witness/killer… when the glass broke, i even jumped. That scene was simply amazingly tense. And Then Bren and Booth running toward each other! Can i say it was a little dream come true for me? I wanted a scene like that – of them running to each other all frantic and worried and then hugging each other as if their life depended on it. This shows how much they care for each other.

    – Sweety Bird. And marriage dance. Caroline! ILY. Don’t ever go away.

    – They had family time and planned a Catholic wedding and damn, stupid Pelant. Also I really HATE that Booth lied about Pelant calling him. I can see why he did it (when he told Bren about his first call, she kinda flipped, I bet he wants to protect her, but in the end only shows her disrespect and lack of trust, ultimately leading to crushing both of their hearts), but I still hate it.

    – And I hate how IN CHARACTER this all is. Damn you HH and NS for making this SO in character. Because I can really buy this scenario. I hate it but it does seem like something Booth would choose to do, because like Pelant said, he’ll never choose his happiness over the life of other people – and unfortunately Booth can’t know for sure where the safe place is so he can be honest with Bren…

    – Watching the final scene was like watching a train/car wreck as you pass it. You know what was coming – and that it’s going to be painful to watch – yet you couldn’t stop yourself. She was so happy looking through that magazine, She said she WANTED to marry him, even after he told her already they shouldn’t do it. And the shot of them sitting apart – was it because if they sit closer Booth would not be able to do it? Was it because they were playing for Pelant and knew they will not pull it off sitting closer? No matter what – it breaks my heart. And did you saw that when Bren replies to Booth’s question if they are alright, her eyes are closed? she can’t look at him, she’s lying. They are not ok, they won;t be for a long while. I think they won’t be ok, even or unfortunately especially when the truth comes out. I’ll feel really betrayed if I were Bren, learning what Booth chose to do about THEIR future.

    – Like I said, i can buy Booth’s choices and why he made them, BUT I don’t buy the idea of him not finding a way to tell her what’s going on. Unless he thought she wouldn’t be able to fake her heartbreak for Pelant…. which is a weak and very demeaning reason.

    – There is one thing that popped into my mind, Brennan’s been very good at reading Booth, she always could sense/see when something was wrong with him, and I think it’s safe to assume it’s only got better when they stared living together. So I find it kinda hard to believe that she didn’t pick up that something was wrong before their talk. Now. It might be because she was happy and distracted by the sense of freedom her proposal (and ultimate trust in Booth) gave her? Which makes Booth’s rejection even more crushing and damaging… BUT it might be also that they decided to play for Pelant (unfortunately the last scene was too genuine in the heartbreak for me to take it as a set-up…)

    – there one fear I have. Bren’s heart got crushed by the MOST important person in her life, one that she trusted COMPLETELY. I was a House MD fan, and the biggest issue I had with how that show was dealt with at the end, was House returning to his miserable ways – seven and a half seasons of character development was thrown away so he can become once more the vicodin popping addict and SOB he was – only this time he was only pathetic and not compassion inspiring. If HH/NS will do such a set back for Bren character because of Booth’s rejection – I’m going be angry, but ultimately VERY disappointed. Character development was something that got me SO invested in this show. I simply can’t even think about them trying to do a set back for her character… The only hope I have is that HH and NS seem to genuinely want Bren to be happy in the end…

    I was numb, then angry, then kinda bargained looking for a possible other explanations, now I’m accepting. 5 stages of grief. To cope I’ll return to my fanfics where I can have BB happy ever after (eventually… πŸ˜‰ ).

    • Bones is NOT House! I really don’t think we have to worry about that level of regression in Brennan. She won’t be driving her car through the Mighty Hut anytime soon.

      And I do think it would be dangerous to let Brennan in on the secret and assume she can fake it for Pelant’s cameras. It’s well established in the show that Brennan (the character) is a very bad actress. Besides, that would have put an almost intolerable burden on her and, ironically, Booth is nothing if not protective (even if it didn’t seem like it last night).

      I still don’t get how people think this decision is, at its heart, really any different than the decision Brennan made at the end of last season.

      • There is one main difference, Booth knew why Brennan had to run away while Brennan has no idea why she got rejected by the one man who has always loved and protected her. To us who know the truth, it feels about the same, but for Brennan it doesn’t. For her, she opened up fully, embraced happiness and a life with Booth only to have her heart broken for no apparent reason.

      • Yes, but:

        a) Booth may have known why Brennan had to run, but she still didn’t tell him that she was running. The only reason Max told him was to keep him from going after Brennan. Believe me, I understand WHY she had to do that, but that’s part of the reason I understand why Booth had to act the way he did, which is because…

        b) Brennan NOT knowing was a specific part of Pelant’s “bargain.” People seem to overlook the fact that this decision was literally ripped from Booth’s hands. He knew exactly what Pelant is capable of – both in terms of his ability to find out if Brennan knew the truth and to exact his revenge if he even suspected that she did. It’s the same “decision” Hodgins had to make when Pelant forced him to choose between his money and a schoolful of innocent girls…only neither situation really actually presented a choice…not humanely speaking anyway. Pelant knew that both Hodgins and Booth had too much integrity to put their own interests over the lives of the innocent.

        It’s inherently unfair to blame Booth for somehow betraying his and Brennan’s partnership on this one. This is very much a black and white situation – with a villian like Pelant, the point is that, as much as we wish it were so, there simply isn’t any room for gray.

      • Good piont Stephanie. It was a choice, but not really a choice. And yes, it does mirror Pelant’s attack on Hodgins as well. They haven’t revealed Pelant’s true motives yet, but he doesn’t like when people actually attack him. Look at the evidence: Hodgins almost chokes out Pelant, and Booth shoots him in the face. After each attack, Pelant exacts his revenge. He likes messing with them, but when they get close to getting him, he doesn’t like the game anymore. I’m getting the impression that Pelant is a baby duck gone wrong, that instead of choosing a good life, like Sweets (and the rest of the team who’d been traumatized), he chose the bitter hatred side of life. When he thinks of the happy families of the team, he gets very angry. Pelant wants to be the most important person, Sweets said. Something happened to him in his past….hm….

      • I am not blaming Booth at all, I feel for them both. I’m merely comparing the situations and how there is this one big difference, which hits me harder because Brennan was not a person who dealt with emotions easily. She opened up to love and ended up getting burned.

      • I know Bren is not House (thank God), but I do fear for another great show turning bad… it’s tronger than me because I got really burned but House MD).

        Secondly, I think I’ve mentioned that I do get Booth’s choices and his reasoning, I see his protective side and how it manifests in his actions. I understand why he did what he did. It doesn’t mean I agree with him. I don’t blame him, i actually predicted this kind of scenario before the finale, and I found the execution done in a very believable way (in character). And I’m very glad for that. but again. That doesn’t mean i agree with what has happened. And although Brennan’s got better at acting I can see Booth not telling her so she wouldn’t have to fake it for Pelant (I still think it’s a little weak argument, but it’s another one for Booth’s choice)

        And like Mar said, there IS a difference between Booth and Brennan’s situation. Booth knew from the very beginning why Brennan ran away (even if ax didn’t tell him, he knew the circumstances). Brennan doesn’t. At the moment. And yes, it’s not Booth’s choice per se, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a difference between the situations. Brennan also is special, because she can’t deal with emotions. I deal the same way with emotions as she does (and i know how twisted it is and I do seek professional help for it), so believe me I can see a setback for her character, because I’ve been there. After opening myself up (kinda like Bren did to Booth) and getting burned, I cut off all my friends and family for over a month. It was not done on purpose, just a coping mechanism (I didn’t have dig to run off to) and it’s been over a year since then and I still feel the aftershocks. So I do fear for Bren but at the same time I hope she’ll prove she’s strong enough for them, because thankfully their circumstances are different.

      • I remember the train wreck that was House *shudder.* My husband and I gave it up after House drove his car into Cuddy’s house (although we did watch the series finale just for the sake of having closure). I do think there’s a fundamental difference between the two showrunners though that will help ensure that Bones (the show) doesn’t go over that particular cliff, and that’s this: House’s showrunner (was it David Shore?) stated several times that he essentially didn’t believe House was able to really, truly change – hence the reason he ruined everything good in his life over and over and over again. THAT’S why House (the show) failed. Because they essentially made him irredeemable. Well, and then there was the whole issue with the way they treated Lisa Edelstein that resulted in her leaving the show. That didn’t help any either.

        But I don’t think HH and SN believe that about Brennan. I think they’re quite invested in growing her character – just look at how much she’s grown over the past few seasons. While I think we’ll see SOME regression next season (who wouldn’t in that situation?), I don’t think she’ll regress so far that she becomes unsaveable (or that her relationship with Booth becomes unsaveable). At some point she’ll make the decision to stand and fight because that’s what she does now, and because she knows that what she has is worth fighting for.

      • i see the difference between House and Bones, and that’s one of the reasons I love Bones (and House – which had so much potential – makes me simply indifferent now) and despite a finale like this I’ll be back in five months, heck I’ll still write ff and probably re-watch the series over the summer. Because Bones have one of the best characters development I’ve seen in a long while.

        I’m dreading the setback, but at the same time hope for the strong v. impervious talk from season 6 – where we’ve got a lot of character growth (I had to admit I’ve not re-watched that yet, but’ it’s on my list). I fear they will House BS, but then I remember that HH and NS actually want Bren and Booth to be happy (eventually), so this gives me hope and actually strength to watch through all the heartache. I am actually looking forward to the resolution of this development. The emotions are slowly burning out, and logic and clarity remains. I can appreciate the ingenuity of the finale and ponder of the possibilities for next season, which is fun, because I love the drama. (just wished it was without this kind of heartache, Id’ enjoy the drama with BB both being on the secret but not being able to tell anyone, being forced to play along. Secret touched, meaningful looks, and the security in the knowledge that ‘together we stand’, that ‘we know we’re fine.’

  25. I get it, writers. There’s gotta be something that makes us want to tune in next season. But this wasn’t it for me. Oh I’ll watch, don’t get me wrong. I’m in far too deep to back out now…have been for years. But I won’t be approaching each new episode with excitement to see what adorable B&B scenes will come our way. I’m already feeling the return of season 6 dread…ugh…what heartbreak is in store for my favorite couple tonight? My hope is that they resolve this as quickly as they did the season 7 cliff-hanger, with honest discussion and make-up scenes the we as viewers get to actually view, (As opposed to the long, drawn-out pain from season 5’s cliff-hanger followed by an “everything is peachy now” premier more than two seasons later.) If we don’t get to see the honest resolution to the problem, don’t make us suffer through the angst of it.
    Backing up a bit, this has been eating at me since I watched the “orange” scene in the sneak peeks…before that actually…since the 100th episode I guess. I always thought it wasn’t really that Brennan doesn’t know how she’ll feel about Booth in 10 years (or 30 or 40 or 50). It’s that she isn’t sure how he’ll feel about her. I really wish she would have responded as such…she still could have used her line about the four-year attraction research, blah, blah, blah, but maybe then she could have added that she would never want him to feel obligated to stay with her because of some marital commitment. Then Booth could have reminded her how he “knew, right from the beginning” and pointed out that he’s already loved her far longer than 4 years. He could clear up any false belief that might still linger in her mind (okay, in mine) that he might only be with her because of Christine. (She reassured him last season, but he’s the one who was fresh off a proposal to another woman…I personally think Booth owed her that assurance. Not saying he didn’t give it to her, but it would be nice to see it.) I’m obviously no fanfic writer (just a math major with serious unresolved Hannah issues) but a girl can dream. The orange toss was cute. Her reassurance that she loved him and his acceptance that it was enough were sweet, but I always want more where B&B are concerned. Are were sure there has to be a murder in every episode? Seems like kind of a waste of precious 40 some minutes for possible B&B relationship exploration. I used to watch the cases (and actually enjoyed them in the early seasons) but I’ve long since started seeing them as filler. Judging by the recent quality, it seems like the writers have too, but I digress.
    In short, Pelant “needs killing” as Max so aptly put it. I personally didn’t care if B&B got married before. What they had was enough for me. But now I think they kind of have to or the issue will forever be a sore spot between them.

  26. Booth was totally incharacter deciding to break off the engagement to save innocent lives…Not only did he break Brennans heart but his own too, he wanted to be her husband so badly…Lets be real NO ONE would stayed engaged once they were threatened with a murder of 5 people if they didnt….Pelant is everywhere; he hears and sees everything, if we go by what is shown on tv, so Booth had no choice but to keep Brennan in the dark….and the posters who have a problem with Booth making that choice by himself, well Brennan did the same to him last season finale when she plotted and schemed with Max to runaway with Christine without telling Booth she made that hard choice too, that affected Booths homelife and work…Booth had NO clue what she did until Max told him….but this time B&B are going to have to face the painful choice Booth made daily together whilst Brennans painful choice got mainly dealt with apart….Tho I will find it OOC if no one questions why Booth had a changed of heart after everyone and their aunt knows he wanted to be married to Brennan more than anything….another Bones finale another heartache it is getting tedious writers

  27. Thank you Amy and Stephanie for summing up my feelings about Booth’s decision. Can anyone believe Booth would have hurt his girl that way if he thought there was any other option? The fact that he asks if it’s going to be okay with that devastated face tells me he knows it won’t be. It would have been a truly selfish person who went ahead with an engagement at the very likely loss of innocent lives, and Booth simply isn’t that kind of person-we wouldn’t love him like we do if he were any other way. He’ll always take the hit, even when here it meant crushing his and Brennan’s dreams as a couple. And it’s got to hurt worse knowing she had to take that hit with him without knowing why. Other than not being in on Booth’s change of heart, the pain for Brennan can’t be any worse than it was for Booth at the end of last year, when he had no idea when or if he was going to see his girlfriend and infant daughter ever again. He must have been wondering why he couldn’t be in on it, and figuring she left because she felt he couldn’t protect her. Just really hope this doesn’t drag out too long-I fear some pretty serious fan backlash and disappointment if it does.

    • Well, we all know how much they like to do major things “off-screen”, so maybe they’ll find some way to communciate and get married, secretly, off Pelant’s radar. Maybe Angela can scramble a signal or something long enough to get it done. And then later, when they catch Pelant, they can go “Na-na-na-na-nah” and wave the rings in his face…and then Max/Booth can take him out! πŸ™‚ I think I just wrote an amazing season 9 premiere episode!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • I’ll take it! (But unfortunately, still not seeing it happening.) I guess though that ultimately I do want a big deal made about them getting back on the same page, with trumpets and swans and little cherubs cruising by. After all this agony we had to witness, we deserve the courtesy of seeing every second of their making-up, re-engagement scene. I want all the happiness and joy back that Pelant sucked away from them, and I want it to happen right in front of my eyes, every little last bit of it.

      • Mariu, I forgot to mention, once they kill Pelant, they’ll do a “real” one for the team and families to go to. πŸ™‚

      • I’ll sign a petition for this scenario for season 9 premiere πŸ˜€

    • Well, there’s been significant fan backlash for every single season finale since season 5 (when I started following the online fandom). Even the pregnancy announcement (the only really happy finale in the last few years) was highly controversial and hated by many. This year’s backlash isn’t really any different. HH & SN have stated that they like doing controversial finales…so should we really be surprised at how this went down?

      This twist may have been somewhat predictable and tired, but it’s used so often because it’s effective. It’ll keep the millions of people who watch but don’t care enough to join the online fandom tuning in, and therefore ensure that Bones continues to be a solid show for Fox. At the end of the day, Bones is still just a television show – and a drama at that. There’s always going to be some trouble in paradise. As much as we hate to admit it, it’s the conflict that keeps people coming back for more. And since B&B are the primary characters, they’re going to get the greatest share of the conflict. I have no doubt that they’ll get their happily ever after (forever) when the show ends. Until then, I suspect it’s going to continue to be one step forward followed by two steps back.

      • I do agree with you, Stephanie. I love drama, and because of that I get so emotional about the stuff that happens. I hope my take on the finale and my thoughts I shared above are not considered a backlash (not sure what the term refers to exactly, to be honest… bashing? quitting?), because the more i think about it the more I see the finale as ingenious. I enjoyed it much (even the heartache), because it was done in character and in a believable way and it did get a VERY emotional reaction from me (thus ensuring I’ll get invested and ultimately return next year. And like you said, it’ll keep people around to see what happens next, that’s their goal after all.

      • mychakk-I’ve always considered Bones Theory to be a step above most other fan sites due to the fact that we’re typically invested enough in the show to want to debate intelligently about it (which is what’s happening upthread), rather than just whine about everything we didn’t like. When I talk about backlash, I’m referring to people incessantly hating on the show a la the three pages worth of comments I read over on TVLine this morning. There’s a definite difference in the quality of the commments.

        I like intelligent debate. Plus, finding the silver lining helps me process the difficult episodes – and as I said in my original comment, this episode pretty much broke my heart. I’ve believed B&B would eventually get married for a long time – and to see them come so close only to have it snatched away again was awful. But I still believe it’ll happen eventually. I also find that it helps to maintain my perspective about what Bones really is – which is a dramatic TV show whose creators are both trying to tell a story AND maintain an audience (in order to keep their show from getting cancelled). Unfortunately sunshine and roses all the time doesn’t make for good drama. So we acknowledge that we’re going to win some and we’re going to lose some and we hope that, when it’s all over, we like the way the story ends (so says the person who still holds a grudge against Louisa May Alcott for the way “Little Women” ended! ;))

      • Stephanie, you raise an interesting point – and I have a question (a couple in fact!) for you and everybody. What do you think it is about Bones that has inspired such a loyal and vocal fandom? Why do you think we’ve all become so emotionally invested, much more than (it appears) for most other shows?

      • Hmmm…well, what did it for me was the 100th episode. That was the point at which what happened to two characters on a TV show mattered so much that I went to the Internet in search of spoilers. Bones is the only show that I’ve ever really been that invested in, but I’ve read enough on other websites to know that Bones isn’t the only show with super passionate fans. Maybe Bones fans just yell the loudest? I don’t know, I’m actually turned off by most of the online fandom. Bones Theory has always had a different feel (more positive for one) – and it’s been THIS blog in particular that has allowed me to dive into Bones as deeply as I have. But then I’m kind of geeky that way. πŸ™‚

        Seriously though, I think Bones has such passionate fans because ED and DB have such amazing chemistry. They love working together and it shows. And there’s a depth to their characters that you don’t see all that often these days. Bones is the only show where I’ve been able to watch an episode a second (or third) time and notice something new each time (DB especially has an amazing ability to communicate through body language and facial expressions). Heck, it’s one of the few shows I actually want to watch over and over again.

        It’s also one of the few shows where I’ve grown to love ALL of the core characters (the core characters being B&B, Cam, Angela, Hodgins, Sweets, and for old times sake, Zach) – even the ones I initially hated (Cam).

        I also think HH and SN’s penchant for controversial finales lends itself to a more passionate (albeit largely negative, it seems) response from the online fandom.

      • I agree with everything Stephanie said, but I’d like to add that I think what really is behind Bones success is the genre …and that is not easy to pinpoint one. Supposedly it’s a procedural, dramedy (or however the drama/comedy is called), but at the same time it’s so much MORE. if I had to say what Bones is I’d probably write an essay. I’ll spare you though that ;), and try to put it in a nutshell.

        I think Bones is a story of lonely, damaged, coping souls that eventually find a connection and ultimately a place to live happily. And this describes more than just Booth and Brennan. Every single person from the core team fits this description:
        – Brennan – it’s obvious – she’s a lonely, scared girl, hiding behind her science and logic
        – Booth – abandoned, unwanted, feeling unworthy boy, that hides behind his optimism and easygoing nature
        – Sweets – an adopted orphan without a single soul that would want him, he hides behind his work and trying to understand and fix others
        – Hodgins – set apart by his genius and wealth, he hides behind his conspiracy theories and anger
        – Angela – afraid to commit girl who masks her yearning for connection with her free spirit attitude
        – Cam – a family-less person that is kinda married to her job
        (Michelle fits this description, as well as almost every single intern, Max too).
        I think the show is attracting because we were able to see their journey from those sad places they had been at the beginning to the place they are now: married, with family, together as friends and closest ones, ready to open up and enjoy their life more fully now. And we’ve got to see this journey with laughs and tears and twists and great criminal drama, and even better personal characters grow. We can sympathize with them, we’ve kinda lived their lives with them, they have become a part of our lives, because we were witnessing their journey (little by little) every single person is important.

        That is what’s so unique and amazing about Bones that brings us over and over again, I think.

  28. Another reason Booth cannot tell Brennan about Pelant…from imdb board:

    …if he tells her in private, Pelant will still know, because he’s read all of Sweets’ files on them. So, he knows what the fall-out should be. If he doesn’t see them having a reaction, like being tense and not focusing on their cases, he’ll know Booth cheated. They can’t be happy. Pelant has eyes everywhere, so if he sees them happy, he’ll be suspicious.

    He couldn’t tell her because Brennan is a terrible actor. She could give it away in a dozen different ways.

    Remember the Gormogon vault when she was supposed to act natural and talk about the transport of the vault? She talked very loudly into the microphone and gave away it was a setup.

    How about Wanda at the bowling alley? “This is Wanda, the bowler, at the bowling tournament; bowling.”

    There’s no way Brennan could act like she’s upset over a fake broken engagement. She’s just not that good of an actress.

  29. I am sorry, despite reading all the discussions and analysis, I still feel “icky.” That’s the only word to decribe it. One of the great reasons I’ve invested in watching Bones is the characters. It isn’t just another crime dramedy. It is well written and has lots of heart. Through last night’s finale I feel as though they have manipulated the characters, and us, just to get ratings. Booth and Brennan have come too far to have it end the way it did last night. Perhaps too, in light of all the real tragedies that have occurred around us over the past few weeks, it would have been nice to escape for just an hour and enjoy happiness and bliss through our favorite couple, B&B. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even want to watch the reruns on daytime tv or the dvds over the next five months. Of course I will tune in next season, but just a little part of me won’t feel the same.

    • You are not alone with the “ickiness”. Maybe I just need time to mourn, but I’m not able to put a positive spin on it all. “Oh it wil be fixed” “They’ll get Pelant & then get engaged” Whatever. Their moment of perfect happiness *Angel reference* was ruined by that SOB. You don’t get those moments back.
      Right now, I have no inclinication to watch them be awkward and uncomfortable with each other all over again like in season 6. That made my stomach turn every week. The fact they are living under the same roof doesn’t really change anything. I’m sure they’ll be back to their “polite” stage with each other.
      According to SN Pelant is supposed to be resolved in the first part of the season. What does that even mean? November sweeps? February sweeps? Half a season of seeing Booth & Brennan broken. That’s depressing and doesn’t really make me want to tune in each week to see it.
      If Pelant is captured/killed by November sweeps I can probably stand that-otherwise I’m just not sure I’m in it for the season.

      • This finale made me sort of feel like the 100th episode did. Like that they will never catch a break, like it’s hopeless. And I could not stand season 6 much of the time.

  30. I agree with most of whats been said. i can understand why booth did it the way he did. im upset because i feel like we – the fans – care more about the characters than the creators. to paraphrase miley cyrus – its not the destination its the climb. and i want their climb to be pleasant. also the ratings havent been so great this season – barely 7 million. castle usually gets almost double their numbers and ncis gets almost 2.5x. now being that this finale wont bring new viewers why not at least make the current viewers happy? i cant imagine a season 10 and i doubt they think theyll get it so why cant they make a season where theyre happy? i dont mind drama but leave them alone already! If we wouldve gone into the summer with them happy they wouldnt have lost viewers for next season.
    And i know its (only) a show but its still my favorite even though hh and sn r trying to ruin it for me. i was so sad by last yrs finale. i want them to be happy. is that too much to ask?

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about the ratings. Bones is still one of Fox’s highest rated scripted shows. It also airs in a really difficult time slot against both Dancing With the Stars and The Voice. Castle doesn’t have that kind of competition and not much (except maybe Big Bang Theory) can compare to the number of viewers NCIS pulls in. I think they’re still pretty safe.

    • Every single show is down in the ratings, even Fox’s American Idol is way down. Bones is actually very steady and one of Fox’s reliable scripted shows, doing relatively well against very tough competition on Monday nights.
      As for this episode, so this one had a sad ending but will that erase all the great and happy moments from the season and all the great and happy moments we could be getting in season 9? Not for me. The truth is out there and it’s just a matter of time before they’re back to that place. Booth knows Brennan is head over heels for him and wants him as her husband. Nobody can take that away from him. They will have to work through things to get their happy ending but we all know Bones doesn’t do straight up angst and drama for too long. We might get a few episodes where things are tense but they have to go back to their quirky, happy formula soon enough.

      • I think you are spot on. I also think this is not the worst finale we’ve had. At least they are together, even if Booth did break Brennan. 😦 Booth will fix this. I know he will.

      • I agree Mar, This does not erase all the great B&B moments we got in season 8.
        And this finale does not even compare to Season 5 B&B being sent to opposite ends of the earth.

    • They’ll make them truly happy in the final season, whenever that is. Bones will only end in the next couple of years if David and/or Emily has had enough. They look like they have a lot of fun making it, the cast is close off-screen as well from my watching of all the tweeting, photos and larking about they do, so I think they seem to all enjoy coming to work. David and Emily are banking six figures each an episode, as an actor that is a rare luxury and I’m sure neither of them take it for granted in such a fickle profession. They both probably have one leading man/lady role left after this (David is 44 next month and yes, in great shape, but another show after this and he’ll be 50ish If it lasts 4-5 seasons; Emily has longer at 36) – all that aside, it’s a safe banker for Fox with a very steady viewership (as Stephanie pointed out).

      You know what I think is likely to ultimately end it? Either (a) (not in anyway meaning negatively, as a mother of two under-eights myself) is if Emily decides to have another baby (or two) – I could see her taking a career break for a while – from various interviews she has given she’s mentioned several times about finding hard to be away from her son, or (b) David gets bored and decides he wants to end it before they do start to lose viewers or the show fizzles out.

      I think how the second half of season 9 plays out will depend hugely on whether they get a 10th season (that’s probably a fairly obvious statement. ;))

      What I guess I’m saying is let’s enjoy it whilst we have it and remember – everything happens eventually! HH and SN may be evil bastards for taking away from us just when we though we had everything, but ultimately they ship BB and both Booth, Brennan and us fans WILL get our happy ending in the end.

  31. And my gosh, we’ve had sooo many awesome B&B moments in the last 2 seasons! More than I dreamed of considering how season 6 started. They have been happy together, solid as a couple and family. And all the kisses & “I love you”s we’ve had.

    It’s been an amazing ride!

  32. Dang can’t reply uptop: to the person comparing viewers that’s not how the ratings works. DEMO is KING not viewership. That’s how a show like New Girl with 3-4M viewers but has 2.2+ demo is considered a hit….Monday Bones finale, with a 2.1 demo, was the 2nd most watched drama on network tv after The Following. It was a good night for FOX they were happy……also let me just say if we want to compare viewers S5 of Bones was hitting over 10m viewers and a high 2s demo regularly which is something that Castle S5 can’t claim demo wise anyway… Network viewership is down year after year due, partially to the growing beast of cable, plus daylight savings, which hits the shows starting at 8pm the worst……Bones has to compete with the most watched show, The Voice, on TV, bar TBBT, the fact that it isn’t hitting mid 1 demo is a miracle….proud of 8yr old Bones

  33. RE; controversial finales. Yes every season, bar I think S1, had online backlash due to the finales…some went like this…. S2: Angela is soooo stupid that she didn’t remember she was married, lame set up to pro-long Hodgela… S3; Zack serial killer apprentice RAGE!!!!!!!!!!! *added bonus: Zack left the show RAGE!!!!!!* S4: The sex was fake and Booth doesn’t know who Brennan is? RAGE!!!!!! *added bonus: 100th episode B&B will never be together RAGE!!!!!!* S5: B&B go their seperate ways to different parts of the world RAGE!!!! *added bonus: S6 Hanniator RAGE!!!!!!!* S6: B&B are having a baby? WTF they didn’t have a sex scene, they never showed us! RAGE!!!!!! S7: Brennan lied, ran away, broke Booth’s heart and stole their baby PELANT RAGE!!!! S8: Booth broke Brennan’s heart, took back the engagement and lied PELANT RAGE!!!! …..FYI just having fun, and not diminishing anyones valid complaints with regards to those plots/finale storylines, heck I had some problems with them all too at different levels but without you know the foot stomping: I will never watch Bones again RAGE!!!!! :p

    • That’s a pretty perfect summary, Amy πŸ˜‰ the only thing I’d change is Hannah’s name to “Kabul Barbie”…

  34. After a rewatch and I still wished we didn’t have another finale dictated to by Pelant and B&B hearts getting broken by an outside influence out of their control….that said, that is what happened and I still don’t see how Booth could of done anything different..His hands were tied….Esp when you rewatch the park scene, Pelant only listed 4 people to murder and not a 5th as the 5th person could be anyone; Brennan, Christine, Parker, Squints, family…anyone that Pelant wants that is the evil implication imo…. And Booth is a good moral man to him it doesn’t really matter who the 5 innocent victims are, he will chose saving them over his own personal happiness…and I wonder if Pelant had specifically threatened one of our characters to kill in that list, lets say Hodgins, would the same fans be so gung ho that Booth should risk it and tell Brennan that Pelant was behind them not being engaged, even when he was told if he did they/Hodgins would be killed?…doubt it… whether it’s believable to us or not, it is establΓ¬shed as canon: that Pelant has eyes & ears EVERYWHERE, Pelant manipulates & kills in a whim, Booth is a selfless protector, Brennan is a terrible actress & wouldn’t be able to fool anyone that she wasn’t engaged for X amount of time, esp since she was so happy being so. I doubt Booth could fake it either… All it would take is one slip up and lets not forget that Brennan is FAMOUS if she was married/engaged the internet media would know in a heartbeat.

  35. It was a good finale. I’ve watched enough Bones to know that we weren’t going to get a happy, ‘B&B are engaged and happy’ end scene. I was terrified that Sweets would be killed, and then when it became obvious that Booth was going to have to push Brennan away, I was worried that Pelant would make him break up with her. A postponement of the wedding I can handle – he really did it in the gentlest way possible, with feasible reasoning.

    Booth can’t tell Brennan the truth for the exact reason Pelant said – he’d never put his personal happiness above the lives of 5 innocents.

    Even if he could find a way to secretly tell Brennan, he won’t, because it risks the lives of those people. He has no way of knowing how Pelant would find out – but it’s obvious so far that Pelant has the upper hand, so he’s not going to risk it until he knows it’s not going to result in innocent people dying.

    Thanks to Sweets’ work (not his fault), Pelant knows Booth’s Achilles heel – selflessness.

  36. I know, we need Gordon Gordon Wyatt to help fix this mess! Please Stephen Fry come back! Quick!!! πŸ™‚

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