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Monday Morning Q: Favorite Season 8 B&B Moment?


Hello and Happy Monday around the world, Bones fans!

I was thinking of doing Monday morning posts for the continuation of this hiatus, just to make the time go a little faster (all students on summer break say nooooooo! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), so here’s a little something to get the conversation started:


What’s your favorite Season 8 B&B moment?


The comments are open, discuss!





26 thoughts on “Monday Morning Q: Favorite Season 8 B&B Moment?

  1. Just going with the episodes I watched, I’m torn between Booth’s “rare and beautiful” compliment to Brennan in “Tiger” and her butt slapping the interns in “Patriot.” Both were great.

  2. P.S. Yay! Sarah’s back….. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. “I love you, I’m willing to do irrational things to prove it.”

  4. Season 8 had some many great B&B moments!
    -Kiss from Partners -“rare & beautiful” from Tiger -Washing machine scene & reunion kiss at the hotel from Future- B&B&C dancing to Hot Blooded, -Booth mistaken for a stripper in Party-Brennan catching the bouquet, -B&B dancing in Doll and kissing in the closet-Booth’s teary video to Christine- Brennan kissing Booth at the crime scene “I don’t care, I love you”. “You are not allowed to die” and Brennan proposing to Booth in Siege.. “yes, of course. yes.”

    I’m sure I’ll think of more!
    All the kisses, hugs & “I love you’s” were amazing!

  5. B&B in the jewelry store, “Are you going to ask me to marry you?” Kissing in Brennan’s office “you can kiss me at the red lights”. Kissing at the hospital in Shot, Brennan telling Booth “we’re going to be fine.” the end of Corpse.

  6. I have been rewatching and really enjoying many of the rewatches so much! I really really love the end of the Parters in the Divorce, with Booth drinking solo and then their conversation as she arrives home. The first part especially, where they aren’t really talking about much. I loved Brennan’s hair in pigtails and her impetuous hug of Booth when he is taping his video for Christine (just after he made one for Parker, as we KNOW he did). I loved Booth wheeling Brennan into surgery in Shot in the echo of Cabernet and TRUSTING her to know what she was doing, that she would be okay. His trust is magnificent. And finally (although I know there are more) I love love love it when she tells him he cannot die. Sigh. Michele

  7. Brennan’s beautiful marriage proposal.

  8. “Everything I want or need is here. Right now”

  9. Brennan running to find Booth in Siege. “He’s my partner”.
    B&B running towards each other and into each others arms. That beautiful hug in the street with them safe in each others arms.

  10. Upon further research, my top romantic quotes of Season 8:

    Brennan: It’s clearly irrational, but I feel I could never find a better man to spend my life with. And I’m…
    Angela: Happy.
    Brennan: And I thought that should be recorded for the world.
    Booth: [to Bones] We’re smarter than he is. Well, you’re smarter. You’re the smartest person in the world. Ever. I mean, since the beginning of time.
    Bones: [to Booth] You are not your father.
    Bones: Oh, I had a brilliant idea.
    Booth: You always have a brilliant idea.
    Booth: If you could travel through time where would you go?
    Bones: I’m already there. Here.
    Booth: What?
    Bones: Here. The difference between past and future is nowhere to be found in the laws of physics. Everything I want or need is here. Right now.
    Bones: My IQ is quantifiably higher than yours.
    Booth: You know what, you’re the brains of the outfit.
    Bones: You have your strengths, Booth.
    Booth: Well, I try.
    Bones: Trying is one of your strengths.
    Bones: I know exactly why I love you.
    Booth: Okay, why don’t you give me your top three reasons.
    Bones: First, you love me. Second, you love Christine. Third, you….Third, your physicality is remarkable.
    (haha you think he’s HOT, Brennan!)
    Bones: I’ve spent so much time trying to control my life. I thought it meant that I was strong, but I was just afraid.
    Booth: Afraid of what?
    Bones: I dug out remains from the rubble at the towers. For two weeks, I was methodical. A scientist. I did what was asked of me. I did my job. I never shed a tear. I was proud of that. All these years, I’ve never let myself deal with it.
    Booth: Bones, we all deal with things in our own way.
    Bones: I could avoid it all before. I had no one in my life. But now I think of those people, and I think of you. Any one of them, it could’ve been you.
    Booth: You know, Bones, I wouldn’t vote for you, but I would definitely encourage other people to vote for you.
    Bones: That’s irrational.
    Booth: So is politics. And love.
    Brennan: Can I start buying you things now?
    Booth: No, you can’t. But, hey, I’ll tell you what, you can buy Christine stuff.
    Brennan: I know you’d like a new grill.
    Booth: Christine would love a new grill.
    Brennan: A desk job? It would be like caging an animal. You’re meant to run free, Booth.

  11. When Brennan ran and tackle-hugged Booth at the end of his video to Christine. The way he caught her and held her back. Hands down.

  12. I must say that picking only ONE of the WHOLE season is the hardest. Can I have one per episode? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I’ll go with:
    – end of Partner in Divorce – the best BB line ever for me: “I love you and I’m willing to do irrational things to prove it”
    – Brennan’s proposal – the jerky, and “I want you to be my husband” and “yes. of course”
    – all the scenes in Blood in the Stones (especially the little one at the beginning with Brennan giddiness over the corpse and Booth’s pure happiness at her joy: “you really are excited about this, aren’t you?”)
    – “Everything I want or need is here. Right now.” – another amazing line from Bones
    – “No, don’t do that, not the sad eyes” “Please?” “Come on, I’m not looking, I’m driving. You were never able to do this look before the baby, what did the baby do to you?” ๐Ÿ˜€ and well, all the scenes from the episode, especially Brennan’s quiet, knowing attitude to Booth’s supposed promotion and the ending scene with “who would take me to the crime scene?” and “because you are a man of action who will rot behind a desk?” and of course “baby girls needs grills” “And a tool set” ๐Ÿ˜€
    – the ones when Sweets moves in (and then every teasing of Sweets at their house) but I love the scene with Fisher and Sweets in a towel the best I think, Booth’s “Now I have to go and clean the tube, thanks to Sweets!” and Brennan’s “Sorry” in that scene is so hilarious and ganging up on Booth’s is funny and BB are so at ease with each other…
    – Mixed tape and “every couple has a song!” (and “it’s ok to cry Temperance!”)
    – the look Booth’s gives Brennan after she admits she wants to dance to the top because she texted everyone (not exactly the dancing per se, although it was very sweet and well, cheesy thing) but that look that says “for you i’d do anything” *puddle*
    – I’ll add the ending of the Tiger episode, while the rare and beautiful comment is very sweet, I love their playfulness at the end sooo much.
    – the dvd for Christine scene although the fact that Booth’s can’t sleep without Brennan beside him is even more “squee-worthy” too me (Survivor in the Soap) – and adorable Brennan in braids…
    – and …I’ll add the butt slapping scene from “Patriot in Purgatory” too

    Sooo I think that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ (…for now) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Booth going sniper on Pelants ass and taking out half his face. The look on Booths face after was so damn hot!

    I also loved Arastoo’s speech to Finn in Patriot.

    Ooooh, and the ‘you are SO getting laid’ look from Booth to Brennn when she stabbed the dude in the neck with the fake virus. Plus, Brennan was FIERCE in that scene.

    …..okay, one more. Beef jerky. She proposed to him with BEEF JERKY! (Plus, they got me, the girl that never wanted them engaged/married to root for the engagement….and then cry when it all went to hell. That takes some serious skill!)

    • I forgot the “you are SO getting laid” look from Pathos in Pathogens! Good spot on! I like the CDC guy’s crush on Brennan plotline too. I wonder if it will be playing any significant part next season?

      and the beef jerky proposal… ah, that’s just so hm, them. Her proposal brings tears to my eyes and makes the ending even more so heartbreaking. Beef jerky (heck, beef alone!) will always make me think of BB from now on.

  14. Oh, and I forgot…..YAY for a new BT post. Damn, I’ve missed this place ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. -“You know what? If you’re happy, I’m happy. It’s our vacation.”
    -Booth in uniform in Patriot
    -“This is my partner Temperance Brennan.” “I’m also his mate. We have a daughter together.” ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Booth praying in Ghost.
    Brennan proposed with beef jerky because Booth said “this stuff lasts forever”.

    • Interesting observation about Booth’s proposal. I always felt it represented Booth’s happiness and Brennan willing to indulge in it, because in the end it doesn’t matter she’s opposed to meat or marriage. In the end what really matters is Booth’s happiness because it brings out her happiness. She’s finally willing to truly give in the independent part of herself to form a full unit with him because it will only enforce their mutual joy at being together. She’s truly ready for this. I just realized what a huge step in her character’s development this is.

  16. Thinking about this for a while, and really, there were so many great things about this season (last five minutes of finale notwithstanding), that it’s hard to come up with specifics. I would have to say that her proposal with the “I’ve been stubborn” and his happiness when he tells Sweets about it would be tops, along with the amazing hug they shared when they were surrounded by all that traffic. And the dancing in Party, along with Booth’s smile when she catches the bouquet made me bubble up inside.

    But honestly, the mere fact that we got one entire season of them together, looking so in love, living in their home with their kid, sharing big and little things is one great big special moment all rolled into one for me. There are very few shows that have allowed us such an in depth, prolonged viewing of our ships’ domestic lives, that I’m beyond happy we’ve seen it here, especially given how long we had to wait for it. I still can’t believe our luck because the whole time I thought it would never be on camera for us to see, just in fan fiction stories.

  17. “this one is my personal little dream come true, I wanted a scene like this so much!”
    This! “You okay? Yeah, I’m okay”

    What a great scene!

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