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Premiere Week Q: Favorite Season Premiere Moment?


Rats, I meant to post this on Monday, and I am not sure how it is Wednesday already (not complaining)! But YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for premiere week!

There will definitely be a post-episode discussion and a Morning After Q, and I’m hoping to post each day the rest of this week as we lead up to the premiere.

Today’s question—- What is your favorite season premiere moment?

Can’t wait to hear what you say!

PS… Shameless Plug section:

I recently did a scene study for a New Girl episode, and since this site is Bones only, Kelly from TVMouse was very generous and let me post it there. If New Girl is also your jam, check it out!

Also, I know some of you are X-Files fans, and in honor of its 20th anniversary, GMMR pal Marisa is doing a series on the show. She is interviewing several current showrunners, asking how X-Files influenced their work and TV today. Her first post is with Hart Hanson… Here’s the link to that, if you’re so inclined as well!

14 thoughts on “Premiere Week Q: Favorite Season Premiere Moment?

  1. Not sure why the font is so weird, will try to figure that out later! 🙂

  2. The look on Booth’s face in Harbingers (Season 5) when he hugs Brennan for the first time. The naked emotion on his face is almost painful, but it’s also so sweet. Just a fantastic moment.

  3. I think my favorite premiere moment is from “Harbingers,” too, when Avalon tells Brennan that Booth is dazzled by her. I love that.

  4. Yea! Bones Theory is back. 🙂

    My favorite season premiere moment has to be the scene where Booth and Brennan meet up again in Harbingers. She sits on him. He looks all scruffy (“If you were reinstated why are you dressed like a furniture mover?”). Angela busts both their chops about Brennan being pregnant in the coma dream.

    Sigh. Perfection.

    Now off to watch Harbingers…

  5. I think Harbingersvis the best season premiere of Bones ever. I love both moments mentioned here so far. But also the way Booth holds Brennan after she is stabbed. He kisses the top of her head and calls her baby. He’s so scared! I love that.

  6. When Brennan and Booth hugged at the beginning of Season Five. She sat on him and they hugged. No asking like with Cam, just an embrace and the looks on their faces. Loved it.


    So much to love about Harbingers, MJ and NatesMama, I agree. I also love and adore Memories in a Shallow Grave. So much kissing! And the look-over Booth gives Brennan in the kitchen, like, “You are so beautiful, let’s make out right now” is brain-melting.
    Booth: “No, no! It’s not that you’ve grown bigger… It’s that you’ve grown out. You’ve gotten larger. You know, like, you’ve just expanded. You know… You look great, by the way.”
    Brennan: “What you see is the manifestation of your own virility, which fills you with a sense of pride and power. It’s natural to confuse that with attraction.”
    Booth: “You look great.”

    Or this gem:
    “Are you asking me to marry you?”
    Brennan: “What?! No. No! You’re the one who believes in marriage. I’m not going to bring it up.”
    Booth: “Wow, you just did!”
    Brennan: “Are you saying that you aren’t going to ask me to marry you?”
    Booth: “You are going to ask me to marry you.”
    Brennan: “That’s ridiculous.”
    Booth: “It’s not ridiculous. It’s gonna happen!”
    Booth: “I’m never going to be able to survive this pregnancy…”

    “Booth took a picture of me. But, since I have a picture of him cooking an omelet naked, he agreed never to show it to anyone.”
    Booth: “No!”
    Sweets: “No what? You don’t even know what I was going to say!”
    Booth: “No, are you kidding me? You’re kidding me right now. Your voice, it just gets all sensitive. It’s irritating.”

    “I also did some research on the Internet, and I found about 20 tribes that say you would have to move in with me. And one where I actually get to shoot you in the leg with an arrow.”
    “Look, Bones. I love you.
    “I love you too, Booth.”
    “She’s having that baby so the next generation will have someone to make them feel dumb.”
    Booth: “Why did I think this was going to be easy?”
    Brennan: “That’s what you like about me. I’m not easy.”
    Booth: “Not all the time.”

  8. Oops, I couldn’t think of just one…haha. I love “Memories” so much!! I was fretting all that summer about what happens after Brennan’s “I’m pregnant” in the finale. How are they going to this? Will this be good or bad to write the pregancy in the show? After Memories aired, I was on board! 🙂

  9. Harbingers. Brennan sitting on Booth and then THAT HUG. Forgetting themselves. Letting loose. No self consciousness. Heartwarming.

  10. First, it’s great to have you back!

    To the post: so many good times; but Harbingers-all of it-is tops. Booth’s uncertainty throughout the whole story, and the scene between Avalon and Brennan are just two of the many great things about that episode-and I like that he’s still wearing the shirt with Brennan’s blood on it when Caroline comes to talk to him-creepily romantic. Also love the look on Booth’s face in Memories when they’re in the kitchen-he looks Brennan up and down after the virility comment, and you know he’s thinking “how cute is she and she’s all mine.”

    And as much as Mastodon makes me wince, I can’t get over that hug right after they first see each other; Brennan looks so overjoyed, and you can tell that no matter what he says about Hannah later on, Booth’s heart is right back where it was before they left. That he pulls back awkwardly from her when he realizes what he’s doing just breaks my heart every time.

    And then there’s the washing machine from last season…

  11. I am with BB in that my favorite premier moments are from Memories. All the ones she mentioned above. My head still explodes over that episode. After the loooong wait between “I’m pregnant” and seeing them together as a couple, kissing and saying “I love you’ was just amazing!! And Booth kissing her belly at the end was the icing on the cake.
    -Second favorite premier would be Harbingers. All the above mentioned scenes, Cam tells Booth he is love with Dr. Brennan and Booth decides to tell her how he feels. When Booth told Brennan for the first time ever, “I love you” I about fell out of my chair over that. The way Brennan looked at him. Too bad it took another 2 years for him to say it again. But it was worth waiting for “I love you. That’s not rational” “I love you too, Booth”. First time Brennan told him that.

  12. Okay, so I’m all about the underdog. I LOVE Harbingers and how Booth believes Avalon when she tells him to go to her RIGHT NOW (in that strangely compelling robotic cyndie lauper voice) and then he does and then there is an evil doctor and scalpel and AHHHHH!…and then the holding the kissing of the head and the saying of the “Baby”. Sigh.

    But that said, I must mention these redeeming moments from other premieres:

    1. Yanks in the U.K. – I know, not great in some ways but the whole thing where Booth is parallel parking in the tiny car and then calls Brennan “special” is awesome.

    2. Pilot. “Stalk me, Oliver, and I will kick your ass.” and also when she doesn’t want Booth to be nice to her because she got him in trouble. And when Booth says, “forgive the assumption”.

    3. Titan on the Tracks. Distinguished in my mind by the fact that it has a scene that I always think is the scene where Booth tells Cam he is with Bones all the way, but of course that is in a different episode.

    4. Widow’s son. Now this one has some great moments. Booth following Brennan around, trying to figure out why she won’t go in the field with him, and various people offering possibilities and the then, maybe them figuring it out, and then her showing up in his office and the look on his face and his body language when he surges out of his chair, and we are the center. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

    5. I also like all of the other moments mentioned, but won’t repeat them here.

    Fun thread!

  13. -Memories, of course, all the moments mentioned, but also when Booth dashes off to the Jeff (siren blaring) to rescue her, and the look on his face when she says that he’s helpful emotionally, what was second?, and sexually. Also, that, once he knows she’s ok, he has to take a pic of her all stuck like that. And, that Brennan thinks he took a long time to get there.
    I also like the interaction with Sweets when Sweets uses the Chinese food to map out the situation right before Booth gets the help call from Bones. Sweets may be using the food to build his map, but Booth just keeps right on shoveling it in.
    As some have noted, I love “rub a da belly.” Also, “here come the tribes.”
    Also, the tree house, Bones won’t have a TV in the bedroom because it interferes with a couple’s sex life.
    I also like when Brennan discusses the housing thing with Angela and Angela tells her that the baby is expecting to have both parents there. Is this also the one where Angela brings Michael Vincent to the lab and Hodgins shows him the spiders. That baby seems to say “oooo” when he’s looking at the spiders. And, I love how Cam tells Angela to tell Michael not to look at her like that.
    -Harbingers is close second. Key moments:
    Booth busting down the door and killing the bad doctor, then holding Bones, kissing her head and that “baby.” Also, with Caroline in the next scene.
    I think that the single saddest moment in the show ever, in some respects, is when he tells Brennan he loves her – because he realizes he has to back off it. The look on his face just tears me up and makes me tear up every time.
    As previously mentioned, when Brennan sits down on Booth and they come together for the first time in months. Booth is so-o-o happy. Also, I love how he reacts when Sweets gives him his badge and gun back. “Seeley Joseph Booth….”
    -If I go to a third, it would be the premiere of premieres, S1, Ep1. It’s still a great ep, and it’s amazing to see them then and how far both the characters and the actors themselves have come. That early Brennan is very hard to like sometimes. And, Emily esp has grown tremendously as an actor. B&B are already so B&B.

    It’s been so long since there’s been a BT post to comment on, I guess I just can’t help but go on and on. ;-D

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