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Top Five Thursday: Season 8 Moments


Hello, hello!

Well, it’s not Tuesday, but I thought I would do a little list of my favorite moments from season 8, and then, as always, the comments will be open for you to share yours!

So without further ado, let’s get to it. My favorite five S8 moments, in no particular order…..

1.  The Method in the Madness:  Admission, Cleansing, Celebration



This might end up being one of my all time series moments– I just loved, loved, loved it. I’m feeling a scene study possibly! I loved how Sweets wanted to be there, how Brennan was so confident and gorgeous, and Booth was just as confident NOT participating. And that he knew everything about it makes me think Brennan has performed that ceremony on him.



2.  The Ghost in the Machine: the B&B POV.




I loved this episode, very, very much, because it gave us true one-on-one time as the audience with each character, and that was very special. And I loved seeing B&B in their home, at night, and their interactions. And it was special, the way each one resonated with the skull of the boy.


3. The Shot in the Dark: B&B 4 Life.

s87 s88 s89

I love the little moment when he kisses her forehead, and I love the end scene, where they tease each other and kiss with happiness, but I really love the moment when she is being wheeled in for surgery, and he can’t quite let her go, despite her reassurances that she will be fine. I love the mirror to the Critic in the Cabernet there.  So good.

I also love that this scene could be anywhere in the series. Not with kissing, of course, but the intensity of them is the connection they share and have always shared. Not to fanfic on you, but I’ve read before that idea of how B&B might have given into their attraction for one another because at the end of the day, nothing would change about how they felt about one another. There was too much to lose, and so much at stake, but that wasn’t going to change, whether they were together or not. Glad they are, but this ep reminds me of the intensity Booth feels for Brennan–and that’s nothing new.


4. The Patriot in Purgatory: The Squinterns Go America on Everybody’s A**


Sorry to refer to a crude allusion on this one (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, if you’re wondering)! There is so much good in this episode, and the writers and acting staff did a great job of keeping it just this side of cheesy. I loved the B&B interactions, but also enjoyed seeing the scenes between these guys here, and later when Arastoo goes off on Finn about religion. Well done, show.



5. The Party in the Pants– Alluring, Alluring…

s811 s813 s814 s812


I love this little conversation between them because, again, like earlier, this feels like a conversation they could have had at any point in their partnership. I love that Brennan tells him he has an alluring personality and an excellent physique, and that she confesses to doing a burlesque act with fans. Booth gets all tight in the collar about it and just wants to focus on the case and everything else. But I gotta believe that in private, he likes her little fan routine.  Good times.

Okay, so that completes my list of 5. There are other moments I also enjoyed very much, but now it’s your turn. What were your favorite 5 (or more) moments from season 8? The comments are open, so sound off!


8 thoughts on “Top Five Thursday: Season 8 Moments

  1. My Top moments (in random order):

    1. B&B at the end of Booth’s mom’s wedding. Their happiness together. Brennan’s hair and dress!

    2. The end of “Diamond in the Rough”. Cheesy? Perhaps. But I loved it all the same. Also B&B in the closet, making out. Also, Brennan’s “sexy dancing”.

    3. Brennan’s flying hug into Booth’s arms during his Christine video. And her braids. And her pajamas.

    4. B&B’s reunion- (and the washing machine later)

    5. B&B proposal scene (w/jerky…w/BROWN SUGAR!!)
    From “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken”: “Next time, call me,” Brennan offers. “You like brown sugar on everything.”

    • Yes, the scene from Booth’s mom’s wedding! They both looked so happy!

      I loved you #3 not only because it was a great scene but because they seemed to be wearing an normal amount of clothes (in my memory anyway). In the washing machine scene and in others they are wearing full PJs plus a robe on top. Who does that in their own home? I live in the DC area and it doesn’t get that cold here. Even in the dead of winter I don’t walk around in that many layers when I’m dressed for bed.

  2. Great picks, all. Some others that stand out for me:

    !.Booth and Brennan’s hug in the middle of the street after Booth saves Sweets’ life in Secret. Like Sarah said, these two bring a level of intensity to emotional scenes that is hard to describe. Also when she tells him he’s not allowed to die. Swoon.

    2.Brennan stabbing the guy in the neck with the syringe and Booth not batting an eye. You go girl!

    3.Booth’s message to Christine. It shows how much he loves his family, and how he worries about Brennan’s wellbeing, especially if he’s not around to look after her anymore.

    4. The scene where the refugee walks into the art gallery in Survivor and recognizes the villain from the pictures. It has an incredibly honest quality to it that still gives me goose bumps.

    5.Brennan catching the flowers and the little shrug and smile Booth gives her. It’s fate, baby!

    6.The raw emotion in Partners in the Divorce, as well as in Party in the Pants. There’s hard moments in those two episodes for us viewers, but the acting is top-notch and the sadness and anger bleeding through are palpable. One of my favorite scenes is in Partners, when Booth goes to look for Brennan at the lab after their fight, and he just looks at her longingly, wondering if they can ever fix the mess their relationship’s in. And from Party, when Brennan tells Marianne (no fan of hers, btw) that Booth is the strongest person she knows, along with the scene in the park when Booth explodes at his mother when he hears about Marianne’s replacement family. That he showed up at her wedding willing to forgive and forget shows what a truly decent man he is.

    7. Booth taking out Pelant’s face at the end of Canopy; also, Hodgins’ awesomeness throughout the entire episode.

    8. Brennan admitting how much she needs Booth in Patriot. Emily did a wonderful job in that scene.

  3. Yay BT board is back!!

    Everything above, PLUS-
    -One of my very favorite scenes is from Siege where Brennan is trying to find Booth in traffic, hears a gunshot, yells “Booth!” . They both start running towards each other and embrace. Booth tells her “I’m okay”. Just look at their faces!
    -Also from Siege- the “You are not allowed to die” scene
    -Kissing in Brennan’s office at the end of Blood in Stones
    -B&B at the jewelry store in Stones “Are you going to ask me to marry you, Bones? Love the look Booth gives her as she thinks of what to say.
    -The yummy kissing reunion scene from Future
    -The washing machine scene!!
    -B&B&C dancing to Hot Blooded. “Every couple has a song”
    -Entire kissing scene from Partners
    -Closet scene from Diamond and B&B dancing in Diamond

    I could go on & on, but I’ll stop for now! 🙂

  4. Brennan’s Proposal!! – Secret in the Siege.
    Brennan searching for Booth in traffic after the gunshot – Secret in the Siege.
    Kissing in the closet – Diamond in the Rough.
    The squinterns talking about 9/11 together – Patriot in Purgatory – good timing.
    Brennan telling Booth he can’t die – Secret in the Siege.
    Arguing – The Partners in the Divorce.
    Brennan stabbing Thorne(?) & the CDC Dr. – The Pathos in the Pathogens.
    And many others moments and I miss Flynn. He’s a plus for Booth at the FBI.

    • -Max telling Booth about Pelant “He needs killing, Booth”
      -Booth mistaken for a stripper and the ladies pull his pants down as Brennan looks on.”I told you you were alluring”
      -Anytime Booth wore those aviator sunglasses, shoulder holster or had a big gun. 🙂

  5. What everyone said.
    S8 was full of wonderfulness. I think that Patriot and Ghost in the Machine are two of their finest eps, if not the top 2.
    Here are some that have been mentioned and some that have not.
    -Not previously mentioned: In Patriot, when the guy from the Pentagon comes into Booth’s office and Brennan introduces herself as Booth’s “mate.” The look of pride and happiness on Booth’s face is wonderful. He’s trying to contain it, but he just can’t.
    -In Ghost, Booth doing the soldier’s prayer because he’s mostly a soldier, and dancing with Christine to Hot Blooded at the end. NOT PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED: Also, when Brennan starts crying at the lab and Booth takes her in his arms and says, “It’s ok to be sad, Temperance.” I had been waiting since, (what?) S2, for him to call her Temperance again. He does it in that husky voice, and I turn to jelly.
    -Booth’s last words to Christine, Brennan’s reaction and her running and jumping into his lap.
    -Not previously mentioned: Sweets’s dad is hot.
    -Not previously mentioned: This may be one of the my favorite lines of all time: Paradise: mass graves for me and a beach with liquor for you.
    -Secret in the Siege: the proposal, Booth running over the cars and Bones screaming for him after the gunshot, the two of them rushing into each others’ arms. Been waiting 8 years for that.
    -All the sweet moments between them in Shot in the Dark, and Booth telling her to stay with him as they run into the hospital.
    -Washing machine sex and a kind of shirtless Booth. More, please.
    -Booth with guns: chasing Pelant and shooting him — and when they’re “storming” the bunker. Not sure of the name of the ep.
    -I actually enjoyed the arguing in Partners, especially at the construction site, and how they came together at the end.
    -Also, loved the end of the Booth’s mom’s wedding ep.
    -Not previously mentioned: any time Brennan got competitive about Christine, esp the one about peek-a-boo.

    As usual, I’ve run off at the mouse.

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