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Premiere Week: Happy Birthday, Bones!


Hi all!

On September 13th, 2005, Bones premiered! Whoohoo! Aren’t we happy it did? I know I’ve talked before about how Bones has made a huge impact in my life, and it’s really true.

And a big part of that has been you all, most of whom I have never (and likely will never) met in person, but it’s been amazing getting to know you!


A lot of times, when it is someone’s birthday, they are encouraged to close their eyes and make a wish before they blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

What wishes would you make for the show BONES as it blows out some metaphorical candles?

What other birthday traditions do you have in your family?


Quick Note: As the premiere gets closer…spoilers abound! We’ve never had an issue here of people giving spoilers, and I’m asking for that to continue. Thank you so much!


15 thoughts on “Premiere Week: Happy Birthday, Bones!

  1. I, for one, am glad I had the chance to meet you in person, Sarah. You’re just as lovely and warm as I expected from reading BT!

    Thank you for “Bones Theory,” for creating an inviting, welcoming, nonjudgmental place for fans to discuss the show and interact with each other. This site and your 100 Days of Bones site is my “happy place” when I need to remember why I fell in love with “Bones.”

    Well done.

    • Pretty much what MJ said except I haven’t actually met either of you … yet!

      My wish is for Bones to have a season 10 and 206 episodes. That would just totally rock!

      The only birthday tradition in our family was using a small windup cake stand that plays Happy Birthday.

    • Bones Theory is my happy place too. Not just for when I need to remember about Bones but anytime I need a happy place for any reason.

      Thank you so much Sarah for this wonderful place and all you’ve done.

  2. Happy Birthday to Bones and may you have many more!!!

  3. Well, today is my sister and step-sister’s birthday! Good ol’ Friday the 13th! They looove sharing a birthday together…not! 🙂 I will have to tell them they also share it with Bones! 🙂

    *I wish for Angela to find contentment and find peace for her restless heart (and stop doing things kissing other guys!)
    *I wish that Caroline and Max get together (started shipping them in the coma dream–Caroline as Brennan’s mom and Booth’s mother-in-law?!?!?! I mean, come on. Perfection.)
    *I wish for Booth and Brennan to “make it official”, have a couple more beautiful babies, and retire somewhere (you know, years and years, and many seasons from now) safe and happy together. They deserve it!
    *I wish for Sweets and Daisy to get together again. They are B&B-lite, and since B&B can make it work, I want those crazy kids to work as well! I have a soft spot for them.
    *I wish that Cam would reunite with Paul. I thought he complemented her very well. Not feeling Camastoo.
    *I wish that all inhabitants on “The Island of Misfit Toys” would be able to overcome their traumatic life experiences and find happiness.
    *I wish that Bones at least gets a season 10. If the principal characters want to stay, and we still love the show, I say go for it!

    • As far as my family’s birthday traditions… we have one of those numbered candles that we use for everyone’s birthday, no matter what. But all we have is the number zero (0). Years ago, we just got out the “zero candle” as we call it, for someone’s birthday cake- it must have been the only candle had. But instead of buying more numbers, or the skinny stick candles, we just get out the same 0 candle regardless of your age. (I have four sisters, so with seven people, its just easier to use one number!) Sadly, the original zero candle has burnt down the middle too far…so we went out and bought another one! haha Long live the 0!

    • I agree with your lovely wishes. I feel the same way. I wish some things would be said but other than that I can’t think of anything else to add at the moment. Happy Birthday Bones:)

    • I also agree with all your wishes, bb.

  4. My #1 wish for Bones is to see B&B get married. Beyond that, I’d like to see the show make it to 10 years…with the core cast intact.

    So…crazy family birthday traditions…my mom insists on putting one candle per year on our birthday cakes no matter how much she gets teased for doing it. My dad turned 60 last year…ever seen a cake with 60 candles on it? My sisters and I offered to buy her a set of numbered candles for Christmas a couple of years ago. I think she was offended. 🙂

    Seriously though, Sarah – thanks for the awesomeness that is Bones Theory! No one in my real life understands how much (or even why) I enjoy (over)analyzing the lives of fictional characters [apparently it’s because I’m an introvert, but that’s a conversation for another day]. I feel like everyone here gets that – and it’s so nice. In fact, I was just telling my husband the other day that I needed you to start a “Shatter Me Theory” blog so I could geek out about my newest literary obsession. Because, you know, it’s a thing now. 🙂

  5. I’m glad the Bones Theory is back. I really missed your amazing insight about every moment of all the characters mostly Booth & Brennan. Bones taught us so much on 8 years. Love this show and we made great friendship around the world. My Birthdays tradition weren’t elaborated just blow candles and stuff. But we love Bones traditions. Booth & Brennan traditions. Meet on the coffee cart, burn wishes notes,throwing parties on lab with some lab moonshine. Only Bones can give us that. I just hope we keep getting all these amazing Bones things. Adorable moments.Sometimes heartcrushing moments but hope from now on most og them happy than sad Bones moments and all them shared here. Between the fans that truly love this show.

  6. As I said before, I agree with everyone else’s wishes, especially that B&B get hitched and have more beautiful babies and that we get a season 10.

    Family traditions: birthdays are a pretty big deal in my family. Usually we go out to dinner at a “nice restaurant” with family and close friends. We also have major parties for big (0 and 5) birthdays, particularly from 40 or so. I remember big parties for my dad’s 70th and 75th and big parties when my maternal grandparents hit those 0’s and 5’s. Gag gifts (bottles of Geritol and such) were a very big deal. I had a big party for my 50th. Hey, I never had a wedding, and in my day there were no bat mitzvahs. Furthermore, Oprah had just thrown herself a seriously major 50th birthday party.

    For my grandfather’s 80th, they had a catered sit down dinner at my parents’ house. Because he had a lot of siblings, most of whom made it into their 90’s (and his sister got to 100), and some very close friends, my mom put them all in the dining room which had a huge table. The “kids’ table” was in the living room. The “kids’ table” included my parents and my mom’s first cousin and her husband, all of whom were over 60 by then. My sister and her husband and I brought that age down a bit, but the only person under 30 was my sister, so the average age at the “kids’ table” was over 45. Of course, the average age in the other room was about 75.

    One more birthday anecdote. It’s kind of sad, but it is also embarrassing and funny. My dad died 2 days before my birthday. One of my cousins, who couldn’t make it to the funeral, came in the day before just to hang and went with us to dinner. It wasn’t exactly a birthday dinner. We would all have gone out for dinner that night even if it hadn’t been my birthday. (My mother had long since stopped cooking.) The usual suspects were there: me, mom, sister who is 2 years my junior and her son, and my 9 years younger sister. She was there with husband number 2, husband number 1 and his second wife, and the child from her marriage to husband number 1. She and husband number 2 are best friends with her husband number 1 and his second wife. I admire them greatly for this.

    Anyway, my cousin was also with us. This cousin is barely 5 feet tall. She is the world’s smallest cardiologist, and she plays the bagpipes. At one point, she went to the ladies room, and before I knew it she came back into the dining room blasting Happy Birthday on the bagpipes. The room had a very low ceiling so the music was lou-ou-oud. Now, my immediate family know that I hate having Happy Birthday sung to me in a restaurant. I took it gracefully, but apparently my face was bright red. Unfortunately, when Nancy gets it in her head to play her pipes, there’s no stopping her. (For a while after 9-11, she couldn’t take them on planes, so we were spared for a little while.) Turned out there was a birthday at the next table, and they asked her to play for them too. Everyone had a very good laugh.

    There are many more Chase birthday stories, but I will stop there.

  7. I want to watch “Invasion of the Mothersuckers.” ;-D

  8. Sarah –
    I love the new photos!!!

  9. I love the new photos too. Especially the kiss. My favorite kiss:) Beautiful collage!!

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