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Bones: Season 8 Haikus


Hi Everyone, and HAPPY PREMIERE DAY!


Courtesy of The TVMouse

FYI…I’m looking to give the site a little makeover. Nothing big, as I want to keep a lot of the format as is (including that each post’s author is prominently listed at the top of the post), but things may change over the next couple of weeks, until I decide what I want as a final product. I did the header myself, LOL, which is why the seams aren’t perfect. But I wanted to have it done before the premiere. I will probably keep working on it. Open to feedback!

On with the show.

Okay, in an effort to talk about something that won’t be spoilery, I decided to put together haikus about season 8. I had done that for Seasons 1-5, but so much about seasons 6&7 made me crazy that trying to go back and do them just makes me angry! And well, I avoid that.

But chatting about season 8 these past few days has reminded me that I really liked that season!

So, here are the ones I came up with, but the comments are open—feel free to add your own. They can be episode specific, or ones that discuss the season as a whole. Be creative!


The Future in the Past

Brennan as a blonde

Booth and the team track Pelant

Washing Machine, y’all


The Partners in the Divorce

Who makes the breakfast?

Divorced couple of killers

BB hug it out


The Gunk in the Garage

New Agent Sparling

On a case re: twin brothers

Christine wants a grill


The Tiger in the Tale

Sad captivity

And Daisy and Sweets break up

Bug rapture, baby


The Method in the Madness

Baby Duck moves in

Organic Applesauce Store

Brennan’s Anthro-Dance



The Patriot in Purgatory

Noble case victim

Squinterns get competitive

Booth is Brennan’s mate


The Bod in the Pod

Body on the Beach

Arastoo’s secret revealed

Farsi poetry


The But in the Joke

Artist on a corpse

Angela gives him a kiss

Booth does some stand-up


The Ghost in the Machine

Avalon is back

A spirit longs to move on

Hot Blooded’s their dance


The Diamond in the Rough

The Moosejaws are back

So You Think You Can…Murder?

Sweets needs to move out


The Archaeologist in the Cocoon

Bugs on Brennan’s face

Brennan/Clark competition

Publisher killer


The Corpse on the Canopy

Pelant’s back again

Hodgins loses his money

And, slow your roll, Booth


The Twist in the Plot

Death doulas R’Us

Sweets makes really good coffee

B&B write wills


The Doll in the Derby

Booth helps with NF

And Angela kisses Booth

Smackie Kennedy


The Shot in the Dark

Double victim case

And Brennan sees her mother

…But comes back to Booth


The Friend in Need

Mid-teenage victim

Sweets takes care of Kat Miller

Finn tells Cam the truth


The Fact in the Fiction

Brother kills brother

Brennan has all that she needs

New squint, Oliver


The Survivor in the Soap

A serious case

And Camastoo goes public

Vacay compromise


The Doom in the Gloom

The Doomsday Preppers

With Dr. Apocolypse

Sweets gets his own place


The Blood from the Stones

Wife kills her husband

J-team documentary

Kisses at red lights



The Maiden in the Mushrooms

Courtroom drama case

Some legendary hot sauce

Christine likes to bite


The Party in the Pants

Booth is amazing

Please throw Mama from a train

But keep the bouquet


The Pathos in the Pathogens

Biohazard case

But who has the antidote?

Arastoo is saved


The Secret in the Siege

Intricate murder

And then Pelant strikes again

Broken hearts abound



7 thoughts on “Bones: Season 8 Haikus

  1. I am so impressed with this website you have created. I look forward to exploring further – and I look forward to the observations and commentary. So glad to be aboard 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity xo

  2. Please throw Mama from the train. And then run her over again and for good measure, send a herd of buffalo to stampede the tracks.

    Love the new photo at the top!!

  3. I love Haikus! I’m inspired to write some character-based ones!

    Heart of a lion
    Ready to be a husband
    Coming for Pelant

    Rare and beautiful
    Intelligent and caring
    Don’t know what that means

    He’s the baby duck
    Just wants to find happiness
    Maybe with Daisy?

    Tough and hard as nails
    Will it work with Arastoo?
    I still hate her hair.

    Still King of the Lab
    Lost money but still happy
    Wish he’d killed Pelant

    A restless spirit
    Kissing artists; not like work
    She gets on my nerves 

    Shipped off to England
    Parted from dad and new sis
    Why, Rebecca, why?

    Kind of shady guy
    Con man who hurt his children
    Is a good Grandpa

    I ship her with Max
    I love how she flirts with Booth
    She steals all the scenes

    All are so unique
    Bring new thoughts to the cases
    I like them a lot

  4. HA! I love this. Oh my gosh do I love this. I wanna play! Here’s one for Pathos in the Pathogens:

    Here have a needle
    In your neck you rat bastard
    This team is badass

  5. No haiku for #BONES / Though I have one for website / Love the new header

    Also, hurrah for new season!

  6. Terrific! I love it here. Thanks Sarah:)

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